Friday, June 1, 2012

McConnell Links Harper’s Virtual Global Taskforce to RCMP’s Kitty-Porn Fugitive

Presidential Field McConnell has linked a graphical interface – allegedly built by Laureen Harper for Virtual Global Taskforce members led by the RCMP – to the spoliation of images of crime scenes associated with kitty-porn fugitive Luka Magnotta and the murder of Chinese national Jun Lin in Montreal.

McConnell claims that Harper began working on a graphical interface to an RCMP-FBI Joint Automated Booking Station (‘JABS’) in 1996 and had developed a phony social-media crime-scene investigation service for the launch of the Virtual Global Taskforce in 2003.

See #59:
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“Body parts sent to Canadian political party”

“Luka Magnotta - Serial Kitten Killer - Reward Offered”

“Luka Magnotta Cannibal Porn star Shocking News Report & Details!” ... Toronto Sun ... Magnotta linked to white supremacist site QMI AGENCY FIRST POSTED: FRIDAY, JUNE 01, 2012 10:41 AM EDT | UPDATED: FRIDAY, JUNE 01, 2012 11:02 AM EDT .. He's been accused of being a murderer, a decapitator, a cannibal, a necrophilic and a kitten killer, and now a report has surfaced suggesting Luka Magnotta may be a white supremacist. If not, he certainly had some white supremacist fans. Xtra!, Canada's gay and lesbian newspaper, describes a series of posts about Magnotta - the Toronto native accused of murdering, cannibalizing and dismembering Chinese national Jun Lin in Montreal - on a white supremacist forum. On StormFront, described as a "white-nationalist" website, a user under the names reddragon1 and arcangel9 writes Magnotta's praises, but does so in a style similar to how Magnotta writes on his own site. "The writer breaks suddenly into capitalization, demonstrates similarly poor grammar, links to Magnotta's website and photographs, and refers repeatedly to the 'slander' and 'bullying' he faced at the hands of animal rights activists," Xtra! reports. Animal rights groups have long been hunting for the man - who now appears to be Magnotta - shown in numerous online videos killing kittens. "(Magnotta) says he is not advocating killing different races, he simply does not want to communicate, live, work or associate with different races. The media is brainwashing all the youth of today’s society that being multicultural is normal and we should all accept it," reads a September 2011 post from arcangel9. On May 1, 2011, RedDragon1 wrote: "Magnotta has been forced to leave North America and relocate to Russia for his views on White Supremacy." Another site in August 2011 that appears to show Magnotta in Moscow. He wrote that non-white residents of primarily white countries are "parasites," that he wishes "Jews should just get lost" and that Chinese people should "get their own countries." The victim in the grisly Montreal killing has been identified as a Chinese student at Concordia University. StormFront users have since turned their bigotry on Magnotta, calling him gay slurs and implying his alleged crimes are connected to his sexual orientation. "Typical homosexual behaviour," writes one man from Columbia Falls, MT, in a post titled in a post called, "Gay porn star suspect in body parts in mail to Parliament case in Canada," Magnotta, while romantically linked to a number of women, was a gay porn actor and had stripped at a gay bar.” International Law Enforcement working together to protect children. Background The Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) was formally launched in December 2003. It is a multi-national law enforcement body that focuses on identifying, locating and rescuing victims. The VGT also aims at targeting and diverting those who attempt to use the Internet to abuse and exploit children. Although an engaging and valuable resource for most of us, the Internet has become a tool that some use to exploit and abuse children. The Internet is a public place and the VGT’s goal is to have it policed as such; not to allow it to be an anonymous refuge for offenders to continue harming children. VGT Website Please visit for more information on the VGT. VGT partners: Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre US Immigration and Customs Enforcement The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Australian Federal Police Interpol Italian Postal and Communication Police Service The Ministry of Interior for the United Arab Emirates [Russell Williams at Camp Mirage] New Zealand Police Europol

“Harper Government Monitoring Social Media: Redefining Truth April 2, 2012 By admin Harper government monitoring online chats about politics: Correcting what it calls ‘misinformation’ Sheila Scott | May 23 2010 | 1130 OTTAWA (NEWS1130) – The Harper government has been monitoring political messages online, and even correcting what it considers misinformation. One local expert says the government is taking things too far. Under the pilot program the Harper government paid a media company $75,000 to monitor and respond to online postings about the east coast seal hunt. UBC Computer Science professor and President of the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association, Richard Rosenberg, says it seems unnecessary for the government to be going this far. “The government has a lot of power, that it feels the need to monitor public bulletin boards, or places where people express views and then to respond to that, seems to me going beyond a reasonable action the government should be taking.” Rosenberg says knowing that the government is monitoring certain topics online could result in people being more careful with their identities when they’re posting about political issues on the internet. He says it’s the first time he’s heard of this happening in Canada. Bureaucrats monitor online forums May 23 2010 | CBC The next time you post an opinion in an online forum or a Facebook group message board, don’t be surprised if you get a rebuttal from a federal employee. The government is looking for ways to monitor online chatter about political issues and correct what it perceives as misinformation. The move started recently with a pilot project on the East Coast seal hunt. A Toronto-based company called Social Media Group has been hired to help counter some information put forward by the anti-sealing movement. The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade has paid the firm $75,000 “to monitor social activity and help identify … areas where misinformation is being presented and repeated as fact,” Simone MacAndrew, a department spokesperson, said in an email.”

[Spoliation inference that the co-perpetrators of Pickton pig farm murders and Air India bombing are using the RCMP’s graphical interface to Virtual Global Taskforce to shelter the guilty and frame the innocent with phony allegations of sexual abuse] Catherine Galliford B.C. Mountie alleges years of sexual harassment CBC News has learned that one of B.C.'s highest profile Mounties says she's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after years of sexual harassment. Cpl. Catherine Galliford was the face of the B.C. RCMP for years. During her tenure as the RCMP's spokesperson, Galliford announced the arrest of Robert William Pickton and revealed charges had been laid in the Air India bombing. But in an internal RCMP complaint, Galliford makes serious allegations about misconduct inside the RCMP. She shared the complaint with CBC News and spoke with reporter Natalie Clancy about her claims. "Everything that came out of his [a supervisor's] mouth was sexual," Galliford said. "If I had a dime for every time one of my bosses asked me to sit on his knee, I'd be on a yacht in the Bahamas right now." Galliford says she faced constant sexual advances from several senior officers from the moment she graduated from the RCMP Academy in 1991.”

“59. Laureen Ann Harper (née Teskey) [Revised June 1, 2012. Matrix 5 principal and wife of allegedly extorted man-in-the-middle Stephen Harper, Canada's 22nd Prime Minister who was formerly a computer programmer and systems integrator, first in the Alberta oil fields and later with Imperial Oil in Calgary; she allegedly began working on a graphical interface to an RCMP-FBI Joint Automated Booking Station (‘JABS’) in 1996; she allegedly developed a phony social-media crime-scene investigation service for the launch of the Virtual Global Taskforce in 2003; she allegedly used the interface for the spoliation of images of crime scenes associated with kitty-porn fugitive Luka Magnotta and the murder of Chinese national Jun Lin in Montreal; she "made a pilgrimage" (a quote by husband) through 13 countries in Africa with a six-month trek in the mid-'80s; she allegedly secured safe passage on this one-woman (?) pilgrimage with guerrilla soldiers by helping them to produce snuff films for entrapment and extortion of victims of the SOS Children’s Villages pedophile trade; she is an expert with her husband on the vulnerability of the Federal Bridge Certification Authority to man-in-the middle propaganda attacks; she allegedly designed a graphical interface to support a web-based man-in-the-middle attack on the bridge of the USS Cole through a cell of traitors at HMCS Trinity, Halifax; in 2000, she allegedly used Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates’ MCOIN III system to backdoor the Trinity Federal Bridge Certification Authority; she allegedly configured MCOIN III to trick the USS Cole bridge commander into sailing to an ambush in Aden Harbor; she allegedly helped to generate and distribute a propaganda video for ambush of the USS Cole, best entitled ‘Wag the OBL Dog’; she allegedly used the Trinity Federal Bridge to track Piggy Palace Good Times Society assets (including EW pilot Russell Williams and victim DNA), through crime scenes associated with police entrapment and extortion at the Pickton pig farm in British Columbia; she allegedly integrated VideoGuard encryption with decoy graphics to sell footage of pre-insured death-by-plane events including Operation Nanook during August 2011 and Global Guardian / al-Qaeda war games of 911; she allegedly worked with Harper strategist and University of Calgary political scientist Tom Flanagan, on a graphical-user interface to the Carbon Disclosure Landlord Game, apparently played by Carlton Bartels before the snuff film made of the demolition of WTC#1 on 9/11; she is an alleged accessory – before or after the fact – to the development of Southern Alberta’s century-old pedophile trade by polygamous wives of leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons); she is an alleged accessory – before or after the fact – to the development of a fifty-year old pedophile trade by the ‘Aunties’ and ‘Mothers’ of SOS Children’s Villages sponsored by Canadian Governors General including the late Jeanne Sauvé and her ‘bearded’ kickboxing partner, Michaelle Jean; she was born in Turner Valley, rural town south-west of Calgary, Alberta; her parents were ranchers who owned an electrical contracting company; parents divorced in 1991; she graduated from Oilfields High School; she dumped journalism and focused on photography at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology with emphasis on computer-generated graphics; she was married to New Zealander Neil Fenton – met on trek – from 1985 to 1988 in Canada; she was a graphic artist for GTO Printing, but Fenton wanted to own a restaurant; children were not in the plan and they split in 1988; she allegedly infiltrated the Calgary Progressive Conservative Party through MP Jim Hawkes; she allegedly infiltrated the Reform Party of Canada in the late 1980s; she allegedly generated propaganda graphics for party, including poster for Reform MP Deborah Grey who had taken Stephen Harper to Ottawa as her assistant; she met Harper at a Reform Party assembly in Saskatoon in 1990; she helped him with graphics for his M.A. thesis; they were married in 1993 by a justice of the peace in their house in Calgary's Scenic Acres neighborhood; she has gender-identity issues; she was a wild high-school rabble rouser; she was a down and dirty Chick Flick dirt bike owner; she was allegedly disarmed by Grade 12 boys in a chainsaw incident; she operated a blowtorch while spot welding a gala chandelier; she acts the part of radical feminista and gets last word with her husband even inside G8, G20; she covertly directs CSIS/RCMP monitoring and security through Entrust backdoor into .tv; she models herself on the militant Maureen McTeer and the control-freak wife Aline Chrétien; she allegedly uses Blackberry to text messages to gay male friends about cute male air stewards [and pilots?] she encounters while traveling; she ran a successful graphical user interface design company from 1989 to 2002; she became the breadwinner for her family while Harper honed his political skills; she allegedly hijacked the REFORM party and its Canadian Alliance offshoot; she used her business to extort her ‘nerdy’ husband as a "kept man” in 2002; she funded Harper’s challenge to Stockwell DAY for leadership of the CANADIAN ALLIANCE, the offshoot of Reform; she designed signs for Harper that violated party specs; she rejected family’s Progressive Conservative agenda for gender-identity schtick; she rejected her family’s roots in United Church; she forced Harper to make formal apology to Chinese community for head tax levied on Chinese workers in late 19th century; her radar is all attuned to optics; she arrived in Ottawa as Laureen Teskey, a folksy, motorcycle-riding Albertan, joked about "mucky-mucks" and drank beer from the bottle; post-2006 election, she's been retrofitted; she is informally called "first lady" by PMO; she was a booster for the proposed North American Free Trade Agreement to strengthen Matrix 5 power over the sovereign state of CANADA to the benefit of the 100+ Livery Companies; when the new leader of the Opposition and his family relocated to Ottawa, her sister, Diana, took over remaining contracts and she allegedly continued to use a video camera for sexual entrapment of members of the ‘patriarchy’ by her Chick Flick friends; the perception among staffers is that the couple have been scheming their way to 24 Sussex for the last 15 years; she recently extorted husband into appointing SOS patron David Johnston as governor general while sweetening the pot for his wife Sharon with free rides at RCMP stables; she allegedly forced Johnston to host Aga Khan – sponsor of Crown Agents – and promote SOS / Matrix 5 propaganda for the indoctrination of young children between birth and 3 and even prenatal; she allegedly forced Johnston to authorize burning of Russell Williams uniforms and is inferred guilty of spoliation of evidence of a Privy Council pedophile trade through the SOS; she is allegedly party to the spoliation of evidence of the contract killing of two alleged witnesses to the SOS pedophile trade, Jessica Lloyd and Marie-France Comeau; she allegedly used Blackberry/Entrust devices to order RCMP/Military Police to drop crime scene investigations into SOS-generated child and snuff-film pornography on EW pilot Russell Williams .tv computer files.]

McConnell invites Virtual Global Taskforce members to join him inside Mrs. Harper’s OODA loop and see if they can track the kitty-porn fugitive through the VGT kiddy-porn trade.

Presidential Mandate

Abel Danger

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