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Marine Links a Mormon Bluffdale Contract Hit to Gareth Williams MI-6

U.S. Marine Field McConnell has linked a Bluffdale-based Mormon contract hit team to the August 2010 murder of Gareth Williams, the GCHQ code breaker who appears to have discovered that MI6 was falsely attributing LIBOR insider-trading frauds to Barclays and the 9/11 NetJets attack to the Bin Laden Group.

McConnell claims a Mormon hit team tortured and murdered Gareth Williams during his visit to a MI6-NSA Bluffdale surveillance center in Utah, placed his body in a North Face hockey bag of the type used to carry sedated children (cf. Maddy McCann) and sent the corpse back to London on a NetJets aircraft, allegedly operated by MI6 out of RAF Northolt.

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MI6 allegedly flew Gareth Williams body in a North Face hold back to RAF Northolt from the Bluffdale Mormon community in Utah.

“The Telegraph .. Secret meeting between MI6 and police hours after discovery of spy Gareth Williams's death The head of MI6 met Britain’s most senior policeman hours after the discovery of the body of a spy inside a locked holdall. By Patrick Sawer and Gordon Thomas .. 7:30AM BST 22 Apr 2012 .. It has also emerged that the US State Department asked MI6 to ensure that no details of Mr Williams’s work should emerge at the forthcoming inquest. US officials asked SIS to raise the matter with the Foreign Office. Sir John, who attended Mr Williams’s funeral, is understood to have discussed the matter with William Hague, the Foreign Secretary. Mr Hague subsequently signed a public interest immunity certificate authorising the withholding of details from the inquest about Mr Williams’s secret work and joint operations with the Americans. .. it is understood that as a result NSA and FBI officers who would have been called as witnesses at the inquest will no longer be asked to attend. Mr Williams had been working at NSA shortly before his death, where he was helping to develop a joint GCHQ-NSA defence against cyber attack’s on the west’s computer infrastructure, particularly in the banking [MI6 LIBOR spread-bet frauds attributed to Barclays] and transport sector [MI6 NetJets 9/11 attributed to the Bin Laden Group]. At one stage during his work at NSA, shortly before he returned to London, Mr Williams was given security clearance to visit its facility in the Utah desert [allegedly operated by Mormon death squads at Bluffdale], which the agency classifies as “above top secret”. Mr Williams also spent several months at Menwith Hill, the secret listening station in Yorkshire used by the United States to intercept coded messages, and Fort Meade in Maryland, the home of the NSA. Police told the interim hearing that experts were agreed it was impossible for Mr Williams to have locked himself in the holdall before his death. Mr O’Toole said that if he had not locked the bag himself, there was “a high probability that there was a third party present in the flat” at the time. He suggested that “the unknown third party was a member of some agency specialising in the dark arts of the secret services, and perhaps evidence was removed from the scene post mortem by an expert in those dark arts”. Outside the hearing, Mr O’Toole said the family did not know whether the “third party” might have belonged to a British or foreign agency. An intelligence source said: “Given the sensitivity of the situation, both Hague and Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, would have been kept informed after the claims made by the Williams family barrister. … SVR, the Russian foreign intelligence service, is understood to have around forty spies in this country. They are either working under diplomatic cover at their embassy or with trade missions. MSS, the Chinese foreign intelligence service, is believed to have staff of over three thousand based in every country, including a number of 'hit’ teams.”

“When Hofmann sold his forgeries the Church aranged to buy them - without any question of authentication. Is is obvious that they did so because they felt that they were the actual documents that have been long rumored in the Mormon Church to have existed. This is especially true of the "Salamander Letter" that is purported to show Smith using black magic before he 'discovered the tablets'. If you were to take any similar document to a real Church - something on Luther, Calvin or Peter, to the Lutherans, Presbyterians or Catholics for example, they would say go ahead and publish it. What finally brought Hofmann down was the volume of material that they were willing to buy was so great that he couldn't keep up with producing them with old paper and inks, he simply couldn't match production with demand. His solution was to throw some bombs at the patsies that the President's office had put him in touch with to handle the financing of purchsing, get this, a multi volume diary that would expose all of the lies of the Mormon Church. The Churh was willing to pay, sight unseen. (for the record I am a descendent of the second longest serving President of the Mormon Church, the first Mayor of SLC and a distant cousin of Senator Bennett. No one in our extended family has maintained any ties with the LDS based in part of the same kind of cynicism that many who, like Hofmann, descend from Mormon roots with family stories of Mormon deception being handed down by family elders.”

More to follow from research into MI6's apparent use of pedophile pimps, Anna Chapman and Luka Magnotta, to move blackmail victims on NetJets aircraft operated out of RAF Northolt.

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