Tuesday, June 26, 2012

General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout - Chapter 19

Chips Meets Sherlock Pilot Coming to Take Them Away
Mormon Oneworld Management Company in a Man-in-the-Middle Attack

In the last chapter, Chips ruminated on who ‘THEY’ might have been who came for Princess Diana and Alexander Litvinenko and possibly, now, for himself unless Abel Danger blocked the scuttling of the USS Enterprise scheduled for summer 2012. He asks which pilot should be trusted save America – Air Force Captain Sherlock .. Marine Captain Sherlock .. A Navy Captain Sherlock. He draws attention to the story of six little children murdered by their parents. He is reminded of Jerry Sandusky – under the bus in Pennsylvania – and Eric Holder – under the bus in Washington – while Bombardier, Wells Fargo and City of London watch. He poses a question to the Turks – Would your nation be upset if a U S launched QF4D was programmed to appear to penetrate Syrian airspace? Royal Crown Agent Atomic Betty sends a FLASH FESTUS: ‘Chips, be alert to an interloper – a Bell Jet Ranger lifted off Ellington four minutes ago with ETA of 0027 for rendezvous with Mr. Ed, NASA 927, the oath keeper FBI guy from Houston, and yourself .. When it comes to any supposed Dangerette, look but don’t touch.” Chips looks at his ten dollar WalMart which says 2358. The boat docks with the yacht anchored at the center of the lake. He climbs over the transom. He greets Mr. Ed. Mad Bax retreats to an anchorage and stands by with 6 SEALS to be deployed in a defensive perimeter if a threat is recognized. Chips sees a bottle of ESCADA MARINE GROOVE. He adjusts himself to the left. He turns the illuminated glass globe on from standby; the image of Agent Hamish’s head is visible to all four men. Hamish gives a brief: “Gentlemen, Field McConnell has linked Moya Greene, the head of Royal Mail, to a Montreal-based extortion racket where Luka Magnotta allegedly sent a head through Canada Post to Warren Buffett or a NetJets' company director to secure an order for up to US $9.6 billion worth of Bombardier jets. Bain Capital, Sidley Austin, Bombardier, Obamas (plural) and Romney are exposed.” Atomic Betty – lead Dangerette (Canada) – appears and pours herself another Barrelita Cuba Libre, leaving only 4 of the 8 lime quarters left of the table. Chips understands and explains how New World Order perverts are competing with the USSR to gain total control by shrinking number of major airlines from 14 to two. “ONEWORLD, Sky Team and Star Alliance also to reduce to two. Nickolay, over to you.” He gets an input from Hamish: “He (Hamish), Mensa, MacCheese and Rooster have linked Anne Romney’s Mormon family and its Bain & Company control of the One World Management Company to Bombardier FlexJets’ main-in-the-middle attack..” Hamish is now looking at a 3rd Captain Sherlock – Lyn D. Sherlock – and her links to a new employer, NSAWW, and the Sukhoi Superjet hit of 9 May, 2012. Chips notes that Romney, Sherlock, Darleen Druyun had Bain & Company agents embed the Stranglers Suite of weapons in US Military and/or civilian flying vehicles (cf. Sukhoi SuperJet FADEC). Agent Hamish offers loyal oath-keepers at MacDill AFB, Florida to the Agent Chips who lived at 12 Garden Drive from 1951 to 1959 to help him determine who was the U.S. Transportation Command Liaison to U. S. Central Command and U. S. Special Operations Command at MacDill a year either side of the Treason of 9/11. Chips enters the swimmer’s station and sees a Maudite beer twelve pack with eight sailors descending into Hell. He sees Satan smiling – another 8 souls to torment. Chips sees an empty bottle of Barrelita Rum and a giant Cuba Libre next to a 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini. Atomic Betty selects F4 and C30 on her Clipper JASPAR phone. Chips realizes they have thirty minutes of play time next to the transistor radio – just like at the Destin Reunion of October, 25th, 2009. Chips and Atomic Betty settle into synch and miss Clipper call that didn’t satisfy their JASPAR filters but a consensual heterosexual pile-driving jack hammer is about to satisfy them – as it should be in a natural world. He sees his nation are great peril as Hillary is cornered by Holder and Soetoro.

Which pilot would you trust to save America?

An Air Force Captain Sherlock / A Marine Captain Sherlock / A Navy Captain Sherlock

3200 hours experience / 23,000 hours experience / 3000 hours experience

All academy graduates, all Captains Sherlock, who do you trust?

Please read the story of six little children murdered by their parents:

Six little coffins, six stolen lives: Poignant tributes from family and friends to brothers and sister killed in house fire

As Jerry Sandusky gets thrown under the bus in Pennsylvania, Eric Holder gets thrown under the bus in Washington despite the Squatter’s invocation of Quo Warranto Executive privilege, six little souls wing their way to heaven in England, and children injured by radiation are disfigured near nuclear incidents caused to happen; when are the perpetrators of these international crimes against children going to be exposed and stopped? If organizations such as Bombardier, Wells Fargo and City of London think to themselves, ‘never’, they are obviously not familiar with Ephesians 5:11, Matthew 18:5,6 and Romans 8:28-31.

Meanwhile, back in Chicago where a Man’s Country tail gunner runs the Chicago Crime Cabal, the RICO nature of the transgressions are finally being acknowledged and heads will be rolling as Barry Soetoro is proven to have been fully advised of FAST AND FURIOUS dating back to 2009. Surely the ghoul-gals at 1950 Old Gallows Road will be protecting themselves by continuing to leak information out that ties Barry Soetoro to Fast and Furious to keep ‘plausible deniabilty’ for a Banks, a Cohen, and a Marcy. Only one party at the ghoul-gal clubhouse has footprints at Raytheon ( Pentagon weapon, 9/11), Lockheed Martin ( http://www.abeldanger.net/2012/04/presidential-field-links-lockheed.html ) who had 2 ‘plants’ in PEOC on morning of 9/11, Assistant for Global Terrorism at DoD and has been a Feral Scholar at US DoJ where another Georgetown Judge suppressed the Truth of 9/11 in the dismissal of Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC).

RICO Suit Against Powerful & Politically-Connected Chicago Teamster Bosses Moves Forward

Proof Obama and Holder knew about gun walking in 2009? Unfortunately, NO.

Another Chicago miscreant who is an alumnus of the former Catholic Treason Mill at Georgetown is currently trying to ‘stir the pot’ in the area near Tarsus where some two thousand years ago Saul became Paul on the road to Damascus. As Thunder Thighs tries to scare grown men into doing something foolish, I pose the question to Turkey, a nation that is 99.99% muslim but very friendly to Christian pilots flying for Muslim Airlines, like Agent Chips: would the nation of Turkey be upset if a U S launched QF4D was programmed to appear to penetrate Syrian airspace?

Syrian pilot defects to Jordan with plane

If any one at Turkey’s MIT wishes to contact me the can find me at Abel Danger. Or we could meet at the Russian Embassy or Arlington National Cemetery at 1200, 28 June, 2012. At a time when USAF F-22 pilots are realizing that civilians can ‘snatch’ their jets, airline pilots have found that to be the case also in regards to the Sukhoi Superjet taken down on 9 May, 2012 just prior to Warren Buffett’s $9.3B purchase of Bombardier manned drones. If anyone wishes to ‘get their head around’ the Buffett Bombardier Drone buy, this may help, something I threw together last night while Agent Bean and I were in the Jacuzzi.

As the ghoul-gals on Old Gallows Road keep exposing the Obama mis-administration’s errors, by this time next year if anyone asks what BHO stands for the most common answer may be ‘Badfinger Hold On’ as the Marine sends the Mormon and the Muslim running for cover to conceal their participation with Warren Buffett-Bombardier-Net Jets-RAF Northolt-Sidley Austin-Bain tainted Treason of 9/11. Google the items above, I dare you. The result will be 6 items, all of them from Abel Danger. What does that suggest regarding the capabilities of FBI, CIA, MI6, MIT and BVD? Time will tell.

Well enough about current events, let’s get back to fiction as Agent Chips meets at midnight on the water with an FBI oath keeper from Houston, a Russian aviation envoy, and a Dangerette to die for, capeche?

Life is not a race – but indeed a journey. Be honest. Work hard. Be choosy. Say “thank you”, “I love you”, and “great job” to someone each day. Go to church, take time for prayer. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh, Let your handshake mean more than pen and paper. Love your life and what you’ve been given, it is not accidental – search for your purpose and do it as best you can. Dreaming does matter It allows you to become that which you aspire to be. Laugh often. Appreciate the little things in life and enjoy them. Some of the best things really are free. Do not worry, less wrinkles are more becoming. Forgive, it frees the soul. Take time for yourself – plan for longevity. Recognize the special people you’ve been blessed to know. Live for today, enjoy the moment.

Bonnie L. Mohr

While God intends beauty and grace to be abundant, verminous PFers, see also NSAWW, U S Department of Injustice, United States Senior Executive Service and MacDonald Dettwiler join the Windsors, Rockefellers and Desmarais in planning for us a hand-me-down world. Enter Agent Chips and the leaderless Abel Danger network now involving 22,384 Agents world wide; and that includes Turkmenistan and that hard to pronounce region of Pakistan that Obama wants under the control of the global wanker bankers who tell him when to tap dance and how high to jump, capeche? Perhaps the Rockefellers want natural gas under their thumb just like fossil fuels and nuclear power. Oops, hope I don’t lead incite a quest for a Royal-Rocky head on a plate in exchange for the Jun Lin head on a plate that may have made stops at Berkshire Hathaway and a Canadian solicitor named Marc Labelle in the last fortnight, capeche? Seems like Marc Labelle is the guy who got Kara Homolka off. Homolka, Magnotta, Mary Elizabeth Harriman, gee, is it me or will the goose stepping geriatric married to Prince Phartingham become upset with Johnston and Harper for their Project HatFIELD DNA screwups involving Jessica Lloyd and Colonel Russell Williams, Canada’s ‘rising star’. And if the head of Jun Lin were to go to Berkshire Hathaway first and Marc Labelle second one could anticipate a $9.3B investment in Bombardier by Buffett’s Buffoons and a ‘no thank you’ from Marc Labelle when asked if he’d like to defend Luka Magnotta who exposed the ghoul-gals including 3 red heads and a ‘frog face’. Any suggestion the names are Ferguson, Wade, Banks/Spaeth or Trudeau would be just tongue-wagging and should be dismissed just like the man behind the curtain in Wizard of Oops.

Police tracked Magnotta weeks before Lin killing - 'I think they were on to this guy,' ex-superintendent says of murder suspect

Burton Cummings - Hand Me Down World

Anybody here see the noise, see the fear and commotion? How bout the love and hate emotion? Let’s give Hillary the bum’s rush as well as her perverts at 1950 Old Gallows Road in Virginia. Speaking of Virginia and Hot Beavers, suggest we all consider what is written about at 4840 WestFIELDs Boulevard, Suite 500, Chantilly, VA, 201515, capeche? If the address seems familiar, go back a chapter or three and search for WestFIELDs Marriott where three teams of Abel Danger infiltrators ‘sampled the fare’ at the recent Bilderberg collapse which triggered a worried gathering at Kimble Castle, in Colorado. But first, see if you can find the bottle of Extra Hot Beaver Horseradish in this image:

Aha, just as I surmised to myself, you cannot see the extra hot Beaver. I will bring a small bottle of it to your neighborhood with the Abel Danger AFTER ACTION tour kicks off which may come anytime after Romney and Obama are tied to Bombardier-Warren Buffett trashing of the Sukhoi Superjet. Gee, I hope my journey to Moscow and Kazan and back doesn’t result in my having a RUSSELL WALKER experience. As American Airlines has tried to keep a lid on the Flight Attendant smuggling operation in Miami and three other crew bases, some big bad monster wanted Russell Walker to go HUSH-a-BYE, and good night. Try playing ball with Agent Chips and you can expect to have the bat stuck up your ass, capeche?

Why Was American Airlines Pilot Russell Walker Murdered in Pompano Beach?

When we left Agent Chips in Chapter 18, he had looked at his fluorescent watch and seen the time was 2345. He knew that he’d have to finish off Agent Bean soon to make the Midnight on the Water rendezvous with Mr. Ed, Agent NASA 927, and Nickolay from Russia. As he considered his various obligations he heard Agent Bean gush, “side oiler, jack hammer” and as he rushed to please her, an errant AMRAAM fired from a 147th FW Falcon near Ellington’s warning airspace landed not 1500 feet from the 1936 Stud setting off secondary fires of dry combustibles in the nearly midnight Whispering Pines, Texas. Agent Bean, always in focus, cooed “Jack Hammer, Pile Driver, Quickie Authorized” as Agent Chips rose to her gambit and finished her off as an errant FLASH JASPAR lay in queue. If one wishes to review the 147th FW please take a look on page 6 of this flying exercise which was the only ‘dress rehearsal’ for the Treason on 9/11. Once on page 6, look directly under “Amalgam Virgo 00-2 for a pair of F16s.

Fortunately for Agent Chips and those seeking world peace, not to be confused with whirled piece, a specialty of Agent 80W of Texas and an as yet unnamed Canadian Dangerette who was monitoring the Abel Danger JASPAR/FESTUS facility near Embarrass, Minnesota while sharing some suds with an Agent from Bad Axe. Agent Eve la Zouche, Pastel Code Razzelberry, 44D, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan had emigrated there from Regina after Regina lost the population race and became the second city of Saskatchewan, capeche? Originally from Scarborough where the three Canadian faggots were conscripted, she traveled west to be part of the cast of the 1977 movie “WHO HAS SEEN THE WIND”.

Canadian Film Encyclopedia - Who Has Seen the Wind

To escape the austere surroundings of Arcola and Estevan where the filming was done, Agent Eve la Zouche, not to be confused with Irma la Duce or Lyndon LaRouche, frequently would spend weekends in Minot, North Dakota with a certain young 1st Lt. who flew for the North Dakota Air National Guard. They spent endless hours debriefing each other at the International Inn where Davey Bee and the Sonics played a killer cover of TELL ME originally done by Dick and Dee Dee.

Originally from Bismarck and later from Minot and Fargo, Davey Bee & The Sonics made waves in 1961 with “Linda Lee” (a Dave Berdahl composition). Davey’s father, Arch Berdahl, produced the disc on his Pearl label, with Bill Velline providing his patented lead guitar licks as a session guest. One of the finest early rock and roll records to come out of North Dakota, “Linda Lee” earned significant airplay in the Dakotas, Montana, Minnesota and parts of Canada, often reaching the Top Ten on local charts.

To keep their liaisons out of the public view, they often spent time at 105-D Shawnee Road, Minot AFB, ND where years later Kelly Flynn would be the first nuclear delivery pilot to be hypocritically skewered for boinking a married enlisted man. More later but I have to take an important Clipper/JASPAR.

Royal Dump Agent Eve la Zouche IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agent Chips, FYEO: Chips, up here in northern Minnesota me and Bad Axe have been eavesdropping on U.S. Fleet Cyber Command communications enabled by Tenth Fleet at 9800 Savage Road, Fort Meade, where Gareth and Chips met enroute to the Rams Head Road House at 1773 Generals Highway Crownsville. We just picked up a PROMIS/JABS mix indicating that Jun Lin’s head has been FESTUS tracked to Berkshire Hathaway and on to Marc Labelle an attorney who is ‘expensive’. The American Airlines Flight Attendant smuggling ring may expose the ASAP problem that has been covered by MSM including CNN. Dead pilots and a few other employees have been found or are missing as more information is poised to come out by August. Am catching a C-21 at Fargo in two hours for a ‘highball’ to Ellington. There a BJR will take me to Whispering Pines. Eve la Zouche, MI 93%

Chips needed to get to the rendezvous and as he heard the inflatable boat come ashore, he kissed Agent Bean while she slept, took a sneak peek of her target area, splashed a little Jade East on the pillow and he left the 1936 Studebaker trunk as Agent Mad Bax waited to whisk him to meet with Mr. Ed at midnight on the water. As Chips ambulated in an erect fashion towards the boat, he thought of Pastel Razzelberry and pleasant nights spent at Minot, North Dakota long before the heist of 6 nuclear AGMs that would prompt a series of untimely deaths, capeche. As he boarded the boat, his Clipper Squirt Gun took a Flash FESTUS from Agent Atomic Betty on duty aFIELD near Houston’s Hobby airport. As he ‘selected’ the message he thought back to a night spent with Atomic Betty aboard his private yacht on Troubled Guy Lake, Wisconsin, in July of 2011.

Royal Crown Agent Atomic Betty FLASH FESTUS to Agent Chips, copy Rooster Cogburn, Umbrellaman and Hamish: Chips, be alert to an interloper, a Bell Jet Ranger lifted off Ellington four minutes ago with an ETA of 0027 for the rendezvous with Mr. Ed, NASA 927, the oath keeper FBI guy from Houston, and yourself. Your Dangerette who was supposed to be aboard the chopper is sending an ELT from the trunk of a 1996 Fleetwood heading east towards New Orleans. Give me 5 minutes to determine who was ‘exchanged’ for Eve la Zouche but until you hear from myself or Rooster, when it comes to any supposed Dangerette, look but don’t touch. Acknowledge. Atomic Betty

Chips looked at his ten dollar WalMart and saw 2358 as the boat docked with the yacht anchored at the center of the lake. He climbed over the transom and went forward to greet Mr. Ed as Mad Bax retreated to an anchorage where he stood by with 6 SEALS who would be deployed in a defensive perimeter on the chopper was within 3 minutes of the rendezvous. Chips saw a bottle of ESCADA MARINE GROOVE so he adjusted himself to the left and accepted a Grolsch stopper top from Mr. Ed, the Canadian.
"Chips, the copper will be here shortly, our folks have the dining room set on the western shore. Per Rooster Cogburn there are four identical dining rooms set up, all in Pastel Razzleberry. Can you share with me the identity of your PWA assigned to this Operation?"


“Actually, no. It appears that my intended security escort has been taken hostage in Houston. A recent FESTUS Clipper from an informed party has warned me not to ‘engage’ the ersatz Dangerette as she may not be ‘one of ours’. I would ask that if she tries to get me to ‘go ashore’ you aggressively suggest another round of cheer while I await her ID and suggested strategy from Rooster Cogburn who will be consulting with Agent Bean, Chief Dangerette America and Atomic Betty, Chief Dangerette, Canada. Also, per Abel Danger Operation PIANO briefing guide, if you sense IMMEDIATE DANGER please illuminate the green rotating beacon on the keel of your yacht so the ‘real seals’ can defend us from any RENT-a-SEALS such as those deployed by Barry Soetoro, aka Squatter 2.”

“Understood Chips. I hear Nickolay stirring down stairs, let’s join him for an eye opener prior to the chopper’s arrival.”

Mr. Ed led Chips down a spiral staircase to a lavishly appointed bar where a pitcher of Martinis was being prepared with Russian Standard Vodka and Ukrainian Vodka from a 1.75 bottle with a green label. Chips recognized Nick from the Abel Danger Briefing guide for Operation PIANO ( pilot intel agent neutralizes Obama) which had been distributed by Rooster Cogburn, Atomic Betty and a snitch at Sidley Austin. Chips noticed that a recent Ann and Sasquatch News update was being played on a flat screen TV with the audio muted but that subtitles to the audio were in Russian. He checked his watch and realized that within 7 minutes the BJR would be landing on the water to transfer two or three clients to Mr. Ed’s yacht. He was harking back to a night spent on the beach at Ramey AFB with a sultry siren from the Gatineau area when an IMMEDIATE FESTUS broke thru the filters on his Clipper Squirt Gun.

Vino Valley Agent Atomic Betty IMMEDIATE FESTUS to Agent Chips, Rooster Cogburn, Agent Bean, copy Hamish, Hoss, Stone and Eve la Zouche: Chips, I have confirmed that Eve has been taken hostage and is being held at the Huntsville State Prison and scheduled for air transfer to the McConnell Unit at Beeville where you once flew missions at NAS Chase FIELD while posing as a Marine. The Houston FBI Marine has deployed Operation CROSS COUNTRY based on your intel and we have a snatch planned but for security reasons I can only communicate face to face regarding snatch. Your incoming chopper flown by Hoss and Stone will be trailing a ‘skyhooked’ Northface Holdall in Pastel Mint Green. Need I say more? Atomic Betty

Chips was enjoying the last few gulps of his Captain Sherlock Martini when he heard the signature sound of an approaching Bell Jet Ranger chopper. He consumed the two stuffed queens than climbed the spiral staircase to arrive in the wheelhouse. As Mr. Ed and Nickolay waited at the transom with a mooring line, Chips went forward to the bow in time to see the Pastel Mint Green Holdall be released from it’s tether as the helo slowed into a hover. Once the Holdall was away, the chopper moved to the stern of the boat and settled on his pontoons as Hoss and Stone reprogrammed the FMGC to arrival at the proposed ‘snatch point’ on US-59S 49.2 miles northeast of Beeville where strong arm security would be handled by Bandy, a rodeo clown, and his attack bull ‘Pumpkin’.

Ann and Sasquatch news, 25 June, 2012:

As Agent Atomic Betty climbed the rope ladder and arrived on deck, Chips noticed an “Ann and Sasquatch” news show being played on the flat screen TV amidships. He noticed the volume was muted but the subtitles were in Russian. He directed Atomic Betty to the ‘dive center’ and as she quietly went to recline, Chips joined Mr. Ed. Nickolay and NASA 927 from the Houston FBI Office that have recently cooperated in Operation CROSS COUNTRY. Agent Chips selected “JASPAR FLASH ONLY” on his Clipper Squirt Gun and motioned for the other three men to take seats around the card table on the deck just forward of the fantail. Mr. Ed of Canada and Agent Chips of Wisconsin where Obama’s Criminal Cabal had their asses whacked by Scott Walker in the June recall ‘failed attempt’ had set the table to look like a poker game in case any uninvited guests would penetrate the six SEAL defensive perimeter which was active from 0001 to 0059 central.

Agent Chips sat with his back to the fantail at a place setting with a quart of Ukrainian Vodka, in the bottle with a green label. To his right sat Nickolay, next to a bottle of Russian Standard Vodka. Across from Chips sat NASA 927, the former Marine aviator who was a FIELD agent at the FBI FIELD Office by day, and a 147th FW flight commander on weekends. His seat was set with a quart of Jack Daniels and a dirty glass. To Chips’ left sat Mr. Ed and his seat had two quarts of Wiser’s Deluxe, a blended whiskey generally not available in the United States. Poker chips and $1200 in bills of assorted values were at all four poker seats. Between Chips and Mr. Ed was a bottle of Barrelita Rum, a can of RC Cola, and two limes, each sliced in quarters. It appeared to Chips that the 5th ‘set up’ was causing some concern with the Canadian, the Russian, and the FBI Agent who all had understood there would be only four men in attendance. Knowing he needed to address this issue Agent Chips selected F4 + C55 to give him 55 minutes of the Happenings singing their killer hit, See You In September, filmed at Lake Calhoun which was on the final approach to Runway 12L upon which Agent Chips landed from 1978 to 2007 when his truthful revelation of the technology used on 9/11, Air France 447 and Sukhoi Superjet of 9 May, 2012, caused him to be a ‘persona non grata’ by the lesbos infesting United States Department of (in)Justice, including the one who set up an asset forfeiture fund which held the $400M Saudi-BAE payment, the $456M KPMG payment and the $615M Boeing payment, capeche?

As the music began, Agent Chips pointed at the Barrelita Rum bottle and explained that a French speaking domestic would be serving them. He briefly touched on the French houseboy’s name, Pardo, and said that Pardo had been Romney’s domestic in the summer of 1968 while he luxuriated in splendor of a Paris castle while his non cultist peer American men where being killed, injured or maimed in the jungles of Viet Nam.

“Does Pardo speak Russian or English?” asked Nickolay.

“No, Pardo speaks very little, remains mostly silent, but understand French and Arabic only. One thing we all need to be aware off. If Pardo squeaks his Zeppo Marx horn three times that means ‘take cover’. Any questions?”

There were no questions so Agent Chips turned the illuminated glass globe on from standby and the image of Agent Hamish’s head was visible to all four men. Chips introduced Hamish to Mr. Ed, Nickolay and NASA 927 and suggested that Hamish refresh them all with the current status and tempo of Operations following the Bilderberg Meeting of 2 June, 2012 and the subsequent damage control panic session at Kimble Castle Colorado where Rocky’s authorization of 13,000 casualties planned for the London Olympics was rubber stamped by B1 and the Hungarian jew killer.

Gentlemen, Field McConnell has linked Moya Greene, the head of Royal Mail, to a Montreal-based extortion racket where Luka Magnotta allegedly sent a head through Canada Post to Warren Buffett or a NetJets' company director to secure an order for up to US $9.6 billion worth of Bombardier jets according to published reports of 12 June 12, 34 days after the Sukhoi hit in Indonesia [ Tue Jun 12 2012 Warren Buffet buys up to US $9.6 billion worth of Bombardier jets MONTREAL - Bombardier Inc. shares (TSX:BBD.B) NSAWW and RAF Northolt will be in the spotlight following a major deal with one of Warren Buffett’s companies, which is poised to buy up to $9.6 billion worth of business jets and services if all options are exercised. Marine Field offers support to those who wish to enter Magnotta and the Royal Mail head’s OODA loop to discover the reality behind the Sukhoi SuperJet crash of May 9. Bain Capital, Sidley Austin, Bombardier, Obamas (plural) and Romney are now exposed due to their arrogance and ignorance as well as the leaks involving Paula Reed and Valerie Jarrett of the WH and a sissy at 1950 Old Gallows Road. In a multi-year partnership with Missing Children Europe, our Brussels team helped harmonize service delivery throughout the EU by developing a widely-adopted guide for hotline operators and creating centers of expertise. Oxford. Orit. Clit. Refer to SPADE FLUSH briefing guide and note [Cisco prime contractor + NSA spy + data center + mormon control center + Bluffdale Utah] in post New Madrid Western States of North America’s Denver capitol//Eastern States of North America’s Atlanta Capitol, see also Coca Cola, Ft McPherson and Delta Airlines. Keep in mind that Northwest 188 and Northwest 253 were ‘PROTECTED’ by Abel Danger. Those days may be over. Obama and Romney will neither make it to November 6, 2012 still candidates Hillary cannot attack Syria fast enough to PROVIDE COVER unless the Russians sink both HMS Daring and USS Enterprise. That being unlikely according to DEFATTRU, the Chicago Cabal must false flag the attacks such as the QF4 that recently was blown out of the sky by Syria. The Road to Damascus converted a soul two thousand years ago. Expect more conversions as Russia and Turkey demonstrate restraint and détente forcing the Hand of Hillary. Hamish the Hammer

“Thank you Hamish, I will leave your mic and headset ‘on’ during the next 50 minutes, we need to go once around the table with national and global concerns represented here on the lake. Mad Bax reports all clear below the surface. Agent Hoss reports same from downlinks from drone overhead. First report from NASA 927 who has studied Ron Paul and the Mormon Cultist, G-Man, over to you”.

BSO seeks help solving murder of pilot found in Pompano home

“Thank you Chips. Gentleman the Republicans have a big problem. Ron Paul has been exposed as a charlatan with Nazi relatives in his not to distant ancestry. So he will not be the ‘relief valve’ when Romney goes down. Mittens is a job cremator, not a job creator I have learned from TWU President James Little who gave me this quote: “He made a fortune snatching up companies, closing factories and laying off workers workers” Now AMR Corporation has hired Bain & Company—which still lines Mitt Romney’s pockets with their profits—to axe the employees of AMR and it’s affiliate airlines. AMR must walk a fine line between behaving for the Bankruptcy Judge, and keeping a lid on the Flight Attendant drug smuggling ring centered at the Miami Base which appears to have caused the death of Russell Walker, the Miami pilot murdered at his own front door. If the linkage between ONE WORLD, American, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, QANTAS and Air Canada, and pedophilia promoted by radical lesbians is proven by Abel Danger, the pedophile network whip sawing England, Canada, Australia and the United States will bring down not only the heads of state in those four nations, but also the ‘shadow government’ positioned to replace them when Tony Blair is declared President of Europe following the 12-8-12 ‘Pelindaba Pickle Attack’ authorized by Rocky on 2 June, 2012. When I say the Republicans have a problem, suffice it to say that the democrats have the same problem as Bain and Obama converged at Sidley Austin which is tied to Bombardier-Warren Buffett at the hip. And it wasn’t too ‘hip’ of Warren Buttocks to be caught hosting a Goldman Sachs Treason celebration at Offutt AFB on the morning of 9/11. Gentleman, in the Election of 2012 it looks like the Marine will take down the Mormon and the Muslim. Here is a photo of recent activity at the Republican National Committee. Chips, Operation CROSS COUNTRY is the tip of the iceberg. What lies ‘below the surface’ will take us back to 1989 and Ted Gunderson’s work that I believe you were associated with in 2007.”

“Thank you G-Man, next let us hear the view from Canada’ great white wasteland, Mr. Ed, over to you.”

Mr. Ed selected I-1 on the control panel for the illuminated globe and all parties could see a tall building where ONE WORLD was headquartered during the MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates enabled False Flag Failed Treason of 9/11 due to the imputation of a 41 minute delay in the departure of Captain Jason Dahl’s United 93. When each man at the table nodded, Mr. Ed cancelled I-1 and the image of Agent Hamish’s face was visible at poker table center. Next he selected C6 on Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun as he had had enough of the Happening singing “See You in September” the song that was playing on Chips’ transistor radio that lovely night in August, 1965 when Chips first set his eyes, and hands, upon Agent Beans impressive accoutrements, capeche? As a pop standard from 1964 began playing to cover the discussion, Mr. Ed began briefing.

“Chips, Nikolay and G-Man, as south of the 49th parallel Eric Holder and Jerry Sandusky are thrown under the bus driven by the ghoul-gals including Courtney, Kristine, Hillary and Jay M, all working for Rosemary M. Collyer’s handler, Thomas Smolich, the Windsors are afraid that a bigger fish will be gaffed. I will put up a slide here for a moment, pardon me Hamish, but earlier today in this lake our SEALS targeted a very large gar. Yet even this record fish is chum compared to our 5 targets.”

“Based on surveillance of both the Bilderberg ‘blow up’ of 2 June at WestFIELD’s Marriott and the 21 June ‘panic party’ at Kimble Castle, Colorado, those we oppose fully understand our targets are Barry Soetoro, David Cameron, Stephen Harper, the lesbo from down under and (redacted). The leakers who are most prolific include 3 red heads and a ‘frogface’ named Trudeau. They are wetting themselves like little sissy girls, not to bring up long forgotten Al Gore. We loyal Canadians are working closely with the calm Russians and GRU, the Turks and MIT as well as SNPL and BEA in France regarding the Strangler’s Suite of illegal modifications exposed by Agent Chips on 11 December, 2006. While Judge Rosemary M. Collyer may have been pressured into a poor decision, that does not satisfy the Russian, French and Turkish angst over the suppressed information that has resulted in the loss of Air France 447, Sukhoi Superjet, and an alleged Turkish F4 justifiably dropped by Syria. We believe that Thunder Thighs will be exposed as the motivator behind FAST AND FURIOUS and she, along with the fully informed Barry Soetoro and the thoroughly bewildered Eric Holder will be brought to justice. This is some serious shit, gentleman, and I am going to ask Chips to summons Pardo, the domestic, to provide some libations as we review two documents from Phoenix where Bean and Mensa are inside the OODA of the retired, but oath keeping, intel professionals that proliferate in Biltmore/Phoenix and Eli’s bar east of Phoenix,
Chips, can Pardo serve us please?”

As Chips pressed 274B on his Clipper Squirt Gun, he heard two honks on ‘Pardo’s’ horn indicating that Pardo would be up immediately. The four men reviewed a cartoon pointing out, correctly, that Hillary Clinton had ‘hoodwinked’ both Soetoro and Holder as Hillary, Janet and some other grotesquely ugly apparent females made a serious ‘bad move’. As Thomas Smolich’s Georgetown Ghoul-gals started to turn on each other, Bill Clinton became aroused at the prospect that his beard known as Thunder Thighs may well be doing time at Leavenworth before the Charlotte Convention could begin searching for a second dummy to replace George Soros puppet who was inconveniently wedged between ‘under the bus’ Hold and ‘below the radar’ Thunder Thighs, well below the radar only until Abel Danger authorized this ‘timed release’ facilitated by the red head on Old Gallows Road:

Breaking: new evidence shows Hillary a mastermind behind Gunwalker

Pardo appeared and poured 32 ounce eye openers for each of the gentlemen at the table before mixing a 16 ounce Barrelita Cuba Libre for ‘himself’ before retreating to a deck chair on the bow as Cameron-Obama-Harper and Prince Phartingham were rearranging their deck chairs on the Titanic, in a manner of speaking. Before Mr. Ed could resume speaking, Nickolay asked Chips a compelling question.

“Chips, pardon my interruption but the domestic Pardo. Is he a she? I have a good nose and I am certain that I just got a whiff of Escada Marine Groove, a female cologne well known in the honey-pot world of Russian and German espionage.”

“Sorry not to have straight forward early however she was a late add on to the mission after our Agent Eve la Zouche was taken hostage near Hobby Airport and stuffed into the trunk of a Fleetwood Stretch. Three DPM, defensive passive monitors, detected the heist and the attempt to replace Eve with a Russian female of the Anna Chapman variety who appears to have been bought by Bombardier and Embraer, as directed by Valerie Jarrett who is the handler of Barry Soetoro. It is believed that the ‘paid for’ Russian gal was not to be working in the best interest of Russian aviation or my continued existence. However, the Russian subversive was given the Osama-Carl Vinson treatment and Agent Atomic Betty, of Gatineau, was a late add on to the mission. Any objections to having her present for the last two briefings?”

“Nyet” from Nikolay was followed by an OK sign and an affirmative head nod. Agent Chips pressed 274A on his Clipper Squirt Gun and Atomic Betty reappeared dressed as herself, a Canadian bombshell with an hour glass figure ready to join the SEALS if any subsurface threat materialized in the 18 minutes remaining before ‘adjournment’ at 0059.

Atomic Betty, lead Dangerette (Canada) appeared and poured herself another Barrelita Cuba Libre, leaving only 4 of the 8 lime quarters left of the table. As she purposed leaned forward in front of Chips, he saw that her miniature JASPAR was in the left bay of her 44D knocker holder not to be confused with the ‘under the bus Holder’ who would be taking Hillary, Barry, Courtney, Donna and Kristine along with him. Chips understood where her FESTUS must, therefore, be hidden.

“Gentlemen and Atomic Betty, I can now continue, thanks for the sociable beverage. When the New World Order perverts were competing with the USSR to gain total control, the deregulation of the airlines was necessary so Kennedy and Kahn, working for the Russian sympathizers like Carl M. Marcy and Admiral Noel Gayler, see also Kristine Marcy and NSAWW ( the gal-ghouls of Old Gallows Road ). Kennedy and Kahn were directed to shrink the number of major airlines from 14 to two. Now, 34 years into deregulation, it appears that Continental and Delta may be the two survivors if attempts by Bain’s Romney achieve the removal of American Air Lines. We Canadians, also with a ONE WORLD airline componet, Air Canada, see a huge problem. If ONE WORLD, Sky Team and Star Alliance need also to reduce to two, doesn’t that open the door to continued intentional corporate sabotage amongst the alliances themselves compounded by the sabotage between Airbus and Boeing, as well as Embraer/Bombardier vs. Sukhoi. Recently during the Jubilee our gay prime minister was told to make the ‘Mary Elizabeth Harriman’ secret go away, or the Phartinghams would redistribute North America into a Western and Eastern array, eliminating Canada. Harper’s sloppy work so far as evidenced the the ‘ticking time bomb’ of Russell Williams ‘known DNA’ and Jun Lin ‘where’s Waldo’ head have the Canadians in a ‘wedgie’. Having heard the concerns of we Canadians, let me turn it over to Nikolay who has come to discuss Sukhoi with Chips after our global quartet, now a quintet with the recent upgrade of my fellow Canadian, Agent Atomic Betty. Nickolay, over to you.”

Agent Nikolay took a modest sip of his RSVM and looked into the eyes of Agent Chips. “Atomic Betty, G-Man, Mr. Ed and Agent Chips, it is good that we level headed people can join unofficially to privatize peace as those unloyals of all nations have privatized war for benefit of the City of London Banks, and their Central Banker vermin in Brussels, France, Holland, Vatican City, Germany and Italy. We must prevail. We will prevail. Russia is willing to expose Valerie Jarrett for who she is, who she is controlled by, and her mission. Her mission was never for benefit of the United States. Before I continue, I propose a toast. Let us all drink to the innocent victims of all banker wars, as well as False Flag attacks intended to create chaos such as Smolensk 2 and the Turkish F4.”

As the four men and one woman lifted there glasses high, Atomic Betty sampled Chips’ TI, finding it doable, but unworthy of her anatomical gifts. As they sat down to hear Nickolay continue Chips sample her MI and found it splendid, making him hard back to their time on a Wisconsin hilltop when they enjoyed splendor in the grass. And in the pond. And on the hood of his pickup truck. And over a fallen oak.

“Our sovereign nations need our cool heads to prevail and derail Hillary’s plans for Syria. We understand that both the Bilderberg and Kimble Castle meeting were tumultuous. Paranoia is rampant. Fingerpointed was endless. Methane was abundant. Failure was being considered for the first time. If we, representing 4 different populations can agree to impose call through 12 August, 2012, the global cabal is defeated and Danny Casolaro’s death will not have been in vain. In Russia we thank Agent Chips for his exposure of the WB57F deployment that caused the draught which ended the USSR. However, more recent and more valuable were his explanation of the Sukhoi Superhet hit and his offer to demonstrate our aircraft to customers in North America, and Eurasia. Here’s to Agent Chips and Abel Danger. Agent Chips, over to you.”

Chips attempted to stand but realized that would make the placement of Atomic Betty’s right hand obvious to the other gentleman. He looked as his watch, 0056 and his wrist mounted JASPAR repeated flash yellow four times. He looked toward the darkened Bell Jet Ranger bobbing on the lake. He heard the electrical system react as Agent Hoss turned the batteries on, anticipating night action, as was Atomic Betty. He saw Agent Mad Bax slip of his command raft and into the water. On the wheelhouse monitor he saw the underway beacon go from green, to alternating red-green and saw the additional comment COCKED PISTOL, 7 v. 2. He realized his opportunity to speak was short. Relieved of Atomic Betty’s crank grip, he rose and spoke in a somber tone.

“We are on the cusp. Hillary and her queers are hacked. The Georgetown Quigleys know they are dead meat either way. The Russian can only suppress a Turkish reaction for another 36 hours. If we cannot escalate the exposure of the Muslim and the Mormon both sent by City of London to be the closing act of the American Republic which was laid waste, unofficially, in 1871, we, our children and grand children will grow old slaves to the ultimate winner in the last battle, the battle of Good versus Evil….”

Before Chips could close his remarks the helo became airborne and flew at wavetop level towards an advancing pair of surface contacts. Agent Atomic Betty dove into the water from the fan tail after grabbing a net bag full of ‘water toys’. Six SEALS led by Mad Bax propelled themselves toward the east as a pair of ‘unknown riders’ were making 30 knots directly towards the yacht arranged by Mr. Ed to host the MIDNIGHT ON THE WATER summit. From the Global Ops remote site below Molly’s on Main Rooster Cogburn and James Crosby signaled “target two, engaged, global”

As Agents Hoss and Stone received their ‘clear lane’ message they broke to the south. Underwater, Mad Bax and his six SEALS got the same clear message on their wrist mounted JASPARS, Agent Chips reached for his Clipper Squirt Gun, selected JASPAR, selected three up, one down and waited like a perched cat for an unsuspecting prey to walk, swim or fly into the kill zone. As he waited for the exact moment, he calmed himself by recalling that, unlike fighter pilots, drones will not be late to briefings, start fights at happy hour, demolish officer’s club, seduce other’s dates, spill flaming hooks, purchase huge watches, insult other service, sing O’Leary’s Ball, dance on the tables or yell ‘show us your tits’, be misled by LGBT bullies, or do the other things Russian, Canadian, German, American, Australian and New Zealand military men know wins wars. He saw his JASPAR timer started the 20 second countdown to ‘press’. Atomic Betty alone was deployed to engage from below, Chips was temporarily commanding the UAV snatched from Creech Control via KU band JASPAR. He had hoped to get positive ID but as the offending surface craft approached the FEBA and max ranges of known weapons, he pressed ‘kill’ with 7 seconds to go. As a HELLFIRE departed the predator the two offending whatever craft foolishly started a cross turn where 90 degrees into their turn into each other they presented a situation where the lethal range of the warhead accomplished two kills of the lightly armour attack vessels marked IDF. A supporting ground battery highlight the MQ1-A whereupon an auto launch of the second HELLFIRE removed the offending ground battery. Immediately thereafter, Hoss turned his BJR into the fight and flew directly to the ground battery, turning the chopper over to Stone as he leapt from the starboard pontoon with an Arkansas tootpick in his teeth and a smile on his face. Agent Stone saw the fluorescent glow of Atomic Betty’s signal and hover low to allow her to grab the pontoon for the short lift back to the yacht provided by Mr. Ed.

As the all clear was received by all players in concurrent Operations CROSS COUNTRY and SPADE FLUSH, Agent Chips received the late JASPAR from Hamish regarding the ‘source of original’ of the thwarted attack. As he began reading the update, he noticed Atomic Betty heading quickly to the swimmer’s station below the wheel house. Bikini had apparently been ripped off by the concussion of the HELLFIRE impacting of the two IDF boats. She had that ‘come hither’ look.

Mr. Ed, NASA 927 and Nikolay joined Chips at the card tabled to debrief. Chips noticed the time 0107.

“Gentlemen, this just in from Agent Hamish. He, Mensa, MacCheese and Rooster have linked Anne Romney’s Mormon family and its Bain & Company control of the One World Management Company to Bombardier FlexJets’ main-in-themiddle attack, we are now looking at a 3rd Captain Sherlock, this one a potential Ghoul-gal from Old Gallows Road. Hamish seems to see a link between Lyn D. Sherlock’s new employer and the Sukhoi Superjet hit of 9 May, 2012. It appears that Romney, Sherlock, Darleen Druyun had Bain & Company agents to embed the Stranglers Suite of weapons in US Military and or civilian flying vehicles ( cf. Sukhoi SuperJet FADEC) SEEN AS A THREAT TO A Mormon One World omonopoly and therefore any such hardware would need to be destroyed in a manner that would support pilot error or a design failure. Agent Hamish has loyal oathkeepers at MacDill AFB, Florida, where Agent Chips lived at 12 Garden Drive from 1951 to 1959 determine who, exactly, was the U.S. Transportation Command Liaison to the U. S. Central Command and U. S. Special Operations Command at MacDill a year either side of the Treason of 9/11. He suggests it could be Trish Beckman, Captain John Cox or another pesky red head such as Sarah, Courtney or Rebekah. He expects a call back from MacDill or Trinity within five minutes. I see a red flare has just been launched from the ‘kill zone’. I need to go to swimmer’s station to join Mad Bax in searching for Atomic Betty. Excuse me gentleman”.

As he entered the swimmer’s station he saw a Maudite beer twelve pack with eight sailors descending into Hell. He saw that Satan was smiling to have captured another 8 souls to torment. But Chips also saw an empty bottle of Barrelita Rum and a giant Cuba Libre next to a 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini. He noticed the Astro Glide personal lubricant from babeland.com had its seal unbroken. As Atomic Betty selected F4 and C30 on her Clipper JASPAR phone, he realized they had thirty minutes of play time next to the transitor radio, just like on the beach at the Destin Reunion of October, 25th, 2009. As Chips and Atomic settled into a sychonicity, both their JASPARS missed an incoming Immediate Clipper call than didn’t satisfy their JASPAR filters while their consensual heterosexual pile driving, jack hammer was about to satisfy them both, as it should be.

Spade Flush Agent Hamish Immediate Clipper to all players in Operations CROSS COUNTRY and SPADE FLUSH: Pay dirt, we have IDed to party at MacDill spanning the Bain-One World operation on 9/11. A woman pilot now employed at NSAWW at 1950 Old Gallows Road was in position to made it happen on the morning when Maurice Baril was at NoRAD, Charles Bouchard was at Tyndall and Warren Buttocks was in the former SAC Command Post with 300 Goldman Sachs bankers. The low time, transport pilot apparently extorted into Treason by Hillary, Kristine and Fog Horn Leghorn is…..”

“Switch” called Atomic Betty and as Chips aggressively repositioned for ‘heat seeker, side oiler” her thrashing legs kicked both Clipper phones off to wear the three red LED lights could not be seen by the two security professionals engaged in Operation BONER. ( barak obama nears early removal )

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