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General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout - Chapter 18

Gareth Murder, Luka Member Point to Global Pedo-Net
Mary Elizabeth Harriman’s Pilot – Spread Bettors 9/11 – 33 Canada Square

In the last chapter, a breast-heaving Agent from Gatineau . Doggy feces got briefed in Ottawa , Hollywood , Windsor and Old Gallows Road . Chips suggests all within City of London, Vatican City, NSAWW and US Senior Executive Service, and Chief Justice John Roberts, along with Windsors, proxies and squatters at #10, #24 and #1600 read a Sermon from EnFIELD. They have knowingly stood by as a Global Pedophile Network involves at least 132 nations. Matthew 18:5/6 5 ‘And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.’ Causing to Stumble 6 ‘If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.’ Back at Operation ROYAL DUMP, Chips nears Whispering Pines in a 1936 Studebaker to pounce on the Global Pedophile Ring exposed by deaths of Gareth Williams and Luka Magnotta’s dismembered sex partner whose head was served on a plate to bring attention to ‘coverup’ for Baril, Findley, Bouchard, Johnston, Buffett and Marr in the False Flag attack of 9/11. He muses that in Queenie Breath’s great frozen wasteland, perverted men are putting her iron grip at risk as Justice flies from the Crown Offices in Ottawa in the wake of Project HatFIELD which reveals Mary Elizabeth Harriman’s history. They think her secret is safe. Wrongo yak lips. Chips knows the Sukhoi Superjet was scuttled to attract the $9.3B from Warren Buffett to Bombardier and away from the Sukhoi. Back in Whispering Pines, heterosexuals are prevented from reading message. A loud staccato sound indicates ‘extremis’. A Blue Light is extinguished. Atomic Betty whispers, “I’m nervous, please rebrief me on Operation BONER ( Barak Obama Needs Early Removal ). Chips understands she wants to be serviced on a tree over the open water. He mentally reviews SkyWiper, Flame and Flamer software. The City of London tries to eliminate links back to Cisco office at 33 Canada Square and ‘spread bets’ during 9/11. Royal Dump Maestro Marquis d’Cartier Clippers Chips. He advises Common Purpose knew Bullingdon family abandoned an 8 year old girl in a Pub toilet and that Lions Gate Films was founded by a Canadian Uranium snatcher who raped Kazakhstan in 2005 while Tango Whiskey alerted listeners to Sandusky Illuminati Pedophile ring. Due to exertion of keeping Agent 80W satisfied with his zucchini, Agent Chips is partially confused regarding timing at 33 Canada Square, City of London, where Citibank and Wells Fargo spread their bets in the year of THE LORD 2001. Chips considers the empty seat between Colby and Ingersoll. He may have been holding the camera and had history with a sister who got a Law Degree when the Jesuit entrapment university went secular in days after Quigley programmed Thunder Thighs and Gadget Bent. He reflects on who ‘THEY’ might be. ‘Then they came for Princess Diana and I did not speak out because I was not Princess Diana! .. they came for Alexander, and I did not speak out because I was not Litvinenko! .. Tomorrow they will come for me unless Abel Danger blocks the scuttling of the USS Enterprise set to occur in summer 2012.’

As Abel Danger and Agent Chips continue their journey into the center of the minds, if any, and OODA loops of Evil Perps involved in Global Pedophilia Agent Chips suggests that all within City of London , all at Vatican City , all at NSAWW and US Senior Executive Service, and Chief Justice John Roberts, along with the Windsors, their proxies and the squatters at #10, #24 and #1600 read this Sermon from EnFIELD , Connecticut , 8 July, 1741 , and run to escape the WRATH OF GOD. It is not the enduring frauds perpetrated upon citizens of the United States for which you may be at eternal jeopardy but the fact that in your collective lustful pursuits of power and wealth you have knowingly stood by a Global Pedophile Network involving at least 132 nations. Several murders have taken place as you, the abusers of children and vulnerable adults, have done nothing to protect God’s young and most fragile. In the case of a Windsor , you have a 15 September, 2012 deadline from men; specifically ITCCS. God may not be that patient. You are all on a very slippery slope, capeche? You are forewarned.

Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758)
Enfield, Connecticut
July 8, 1741

And from ‘birthplace’ of Abel Danger, Fargo-Moorhead this effort for your victims:

Matthew 18:5/6

5 And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.

Causing to Stumble

6 “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

Matthew 19:13-15

The Little Children and Jesus

13 Then people brought little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuked them.

14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

15 When he had placed his hands on them, he went on from there.

Meanwhile, back to Operation ROYAL DUMP we find Agents Chips near Whispering Pines, Texas, and a 1936 Studebaker ready to pounce on the perpetrators of a Global Pedophile Ring that has been exposed in the deaths of Gareth Williams and Luka Magnotta’s dismembered sex partner whose head was served on a plate to (redacted) to bring attention to the ‘coverup’ in Project HatFIELD of Russell Williams’ connection to Maurice Baril, Rick Findley, Charles Bouchard, David Johnston, Warren Buffett and Robert Marr in the False Flag attack of 9/11, effectively a chink in the armour of Glamourboy, but as Glamourboy exposes Bombardier ‘dirty laundry’ to Abel Danger and Abel Danger forwards to our ‘comrades’ in Moscow, Kazan and the Russian Embassy, the Zionist Muslim and the Zionist Mormon, Obama and Romney are on a slippery slope and the Christian Marine is pouring hot oil on them from the mountain top. While heaping hot coals on their heads, our man Chips thinks inwardly ‘who am I that God would trust me and our group to take down the evil built up City of London, Vatican City, Chicago, Montreal and those unhappy persons of ill-defined gender on Old Gallows Road.

Speaking of False Flags, it seems Queenie Breath and Glamourboy are hoping that a currently planned scuttling of either, or both, the USS Enterprise and HMS Daring might take place on 12 August 12 ( see also USS Liberty, 1967 ) to cover for their elimination of the 3 ‘Pelindaba Pickles’ without blowing the London Olympics SKY HIGH. Perhaps by sinking 4 nuclear reactors on a Navy ship ( USS Enterprise) the defense department could accomplish three objectives according to this Clipper from Agent NASA 927 at Houston ’s Ellington ANGB, hence gaining operational efficiency in their perverted small minds; see also the PAT TILLMAN TRIO.

The Wings of Lyra

Czech-Mate Leaker Agent NASA 927 Immediate Clipper to Agent Chips, Umbrellaman, Name Dropper, Hamish and Global Hammer Rooster Cogburn, copy Dangerettes assigned ROYAL DUMP, SPADE FLUSH and CZECH-MATE: 12 August 12 –the planned [radiation event] for the [gulf of persia, and the indian/southern oceans] may be shot down on 21 June at Kimble Castle Colorado. In the cabal's on-going war (by proxy through US and other navies/militaries) against their 7 billion enemies here on earth, their plan is to get a ‘three fer’ (3 for 1 hit) by having some fake iranians (actually the mossad agents or Obama’s RENT-A-SEALS) to come out of 'no where' and sink 4/four USA nuclear reactors into the persian gulf. This will be done by the mossad agents pretending to be Iranians or ‘rent-a-seals’ actually hitting the target painted on the ‘round down’ of Enterprise. This is planned to be [mission accomplished] while they think we will all be watching their head games in THE CITY (london) for the [financial records destruction,( see also Wells Fargo, Citibank, FBCA banks related to 9/11)] angle to their upcoming events. Shit don't work well for these heartless humps as ‘we the people’ humans all know. NASA 927, Ellington

Canadian Q1 was given a private audience with QE2 whereupon she most likely pointed out his mishandling of Project HatFIELD has given the goose-stepping geriatric a black eye. As the ITCCS has given ‘fair warning’ to Vatican and Windsors regarding the protection of Canadian rapists including Colonel Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams and the Priests who savaged the native children, proven back to 1964, watch for escalations of False Flag attacks as the Ides of September draw closer. If one were to google [ Thatcher + Cameron + Obama + Zuma + pelindaba pickles ] one would find that Abel Danger Global Intel appears to be the “only game in town”. Somewhere in Washington a Feinstein and a McCain are getting their boxer shorts in a bunch as the New Gallows are being planned for 1950 Old Gallows Road and those ‘sworn servants’ of America against all enemies, foreign or DOMESTIC, see the writing on the wall.

Many in Washington are seeking ways out such as the Vatican Banker gained in May, 2012. Soon the lights may gone on ‘all over the world’ and English speaking troops can ‘come home’ and participate in family life and the pursuit of happiness instead of propping up Kew Garden’s opium supply or satisfying Thunder Thighs Hillary’s distorted view of world power. Buzz off Thunder Thighs, Huma Weiner found someone younger and less pungent, get over it.

Interview with Kevin Annett and Alfred Lambremont Webre

( listen at 6+28 for NEW WORLD ORDER )

If the Queen, Good Queen Bess of Book 7, wishes to find out who has given her Jubilee a black eye, she can think back to the knighting of General Henry Shelton and wonder how the verbose leaker aboard the Speckled Trout, USAF EC-135C 61-2669, is related to CAI Private Equity Group and how that relates to Denny Hastert, Speaker of the House during the Abel Danger blocked TOPOFF of 9/11 and this quote from a google search for [ General Henry Shelton + knighthood ] : He has been decorated by 16 foreign governments and, in 2001, General Shelton was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. We all have a duty to ‘think hard’ for instance, over how many ‘colonies’ does Prince Phartingham’s black eyed bride rule ? ( hint from Global Ops… try 16, capeche?)

One more thing regarding Hugh Shelton who signed, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, an agreement surrendering SOVEREIGNTY OF U S AIRSPACE over to the ratfink Canadians. Shelton the charlatan has a textiles degree from some land grant university in the south. Why do we have 5 service academies if the leadership of the world’s most powerful, and most over deployed, military is to be led by effective seemstresses. And is it me or has Obama now twice rubbed poop in the face of the US Navy and Marines when Annapolis Midshipmen were not allowed to have fixed bayonets when they marched in his bogus inauguration of 20 January, 2009 and then this month he interrupts the performance of the THUNDERBIRDS at the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2012 at the US Air Force Academy. No shit, Sherlock.

Early Flight

In Queenie Breath’s great frozen wasteland, perverted men are putting her iron grip at risk as Justice has flown from the Crown Offices in Ottawa in the wake of Project HatFIELD which pits the revelation of Mary Elizabeth Harriman’s history against the future of Elizabeth, the black eyed bride of Prince Phartingham. A few days after QE2 gave QC1 strict orders to make the Laurie Massicote lawsuit ‘go away’ the fix was in and Mary Jane Boinks and Judge Jennifer McKinnon think that Mary Elizabeth Harriman’s secret is safe. Wrongo yak lips, not to suggest in any way that the Yak-54 in which THEY killed LtGen David McCloud was rigged by THEM as was JFK Jr’s light aircraft or Mike Connell’s light aircraft or Paul Wellstone’s light aircraft or the Sukhoi Superjet that had to be scuttled to attract the $9.3B from Warren Buffett away from the superior aircraft offered by Sukhoi. Who are THEY? They are THEM, the evil parties who are about to be delivered into the Hands of an Angry God.

Canada ’s MISS LEADERSHIP 2012

Canada ’s MISS MAY 2012

Canada ’s MISS JUNE, 2012

Meanwhile, back in Whispering Pines, Texas, heterosexual and offspring producing Agents Chips and Atomic Betty were prevented from reading the entire message as a loud staccato sound indicated ‘extremis’ and the Blue Light was extinguished. Atomic Betty whispered, “I’m nervous, please rebrief me on Operation BONER ( Barak Obama Needs Early Removal ) and let’s do the ‘ Puerto Rico deal’” as she struck a pose reminiscent of a ‘rabbit eared’ TV antenna.

Agent Chips understood that Atomic Betty wanted to be serviced on a tree over the open water such as they had enjoyed doing near Crash Boat Beach between Aguadilla and Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico during Operation Dead Stallion/Cooked Goose in May, 2011. At that time GCHQ and CIA did not understand the link between Canadian Stallion and the Goose Stepping Geriatric to Project HatFIELD’s attempt to forestall the revelation of Russell Williams, Canada and City of London and their relationship to the False Flag Attack of 9/11 involving Bombardier, Bain Capital, Sidley Austin, Mitt Romney and Barak Obama with the common bond of international pedophilia, see also Sandusky, Santorum and the Jesters of the Shriners who may have lost billions but at least they got their rocks off in a FIELD TRIP to Brazil where their victims were alleged to be ‘at least 13 years old. See Matthew 18:6 you impostors.

This followed Operation SPADE FLUSH when Abel Danger was tasked with finding the Ottawa leaker that had implicated the network involved in the ‘bag snuffs of GCHQ’s math whiz Gareth Williams and Luka Magnotta’s suffocated pussies’. As Chips recalled Lena FROGFACE Trudeau, his legendary turgidity dropped below 100% prompting Atomic Betty to provide a pleasant remedy in the form of a viscous vacuum action accompanied by ‘bass note’ humming for added pleasure resulting in the hydraulic extension of a certain cylinder in laconic aviator parlance, capeche?

This followed Operation SPADE FLUSH when Abel Danger was tasked with finding the Ottawa leaker that had implicated the network involved in the ‘bag snuffs of GCHQ’s math whiz Gareth Williams and Luka Magnotta’s suffocated pussies’. As Chips recalled Lena FROGFACE Trudeau, his legendary turgidity dropped below 100% prompting Atomic Betty to provide a pleasant remedy in the form of a viscous vacuum action accompanied by ‘bass note’ humming for added pleasure resulting in the hydraulic extension of a certain cylinder in laconic aviator parlance, capeche?


Atomic Betty’s oral cavity was vacated and Chips advised her that there was no tree nearby that could be used for the ‘ Puerto Rico deal’ then asked her for a second favored position as he eyed the round presentation between the rabbit’s ears.

“No problem Chips, let’s try that position you and Svetlana enjoyed during Operation FADEC FADEOUT when you were over in Kazan, Russia on the Sukhoi Superjet issue two weeks ago explaining the relationship of Bain Capital, Sidley Austin, Bombardier, Warren Buffett and Wells Fargo Pass Through Certificates to the Russian GRU and encouraging them to ‘show some nuts’ in the face of the Weinerless Hillary. I will pretend this spare tire is the station wagon tail gate and straddle it while you straddle whatever appeals to your ‘heat seeking skinny wingman’” in reference to his ‘purple tipped red champion’ which is not a Studebaker model, capeche?

As Chips assumed the position he added “and I will deliver an unobserved stern shot” a reference to a fighter pilot’s launching of a heat seeker missile against a target that has not detected the presence of the ‘stern shooter’. You know, the AIM-9 Sidewinder is that ‘skinny little wingman’ that seeks the heat source of the target’s tailpipe and then ‘flies up the bum’ not to start a discussion involving Rahm Emmanuel, Barry Soetoro, Larry Sinclair, Donald Young, Robert Wone or the rest of the butt pirates, yuk, see also Glamourboy, Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams and Miss Canada June 2012, Luka Magnotta, the pussy killer not to be confused with Full Service, Mission Ready Dangerettes who tend to have….oops, gutter alert!

As synergy was achieved by the consensual heterosexuals who between them had 8 children, Atomic Betty selected F4 and C+4Q which led Chips to believe she was calling for going ‘up tempo’ in a 4 minute quickie. She found his good ear and gushed “That’s the way I like it”.

Agent Chips was dishing out what the well knockered , i.e. hour glass figured, blonde bombshell, most desired, but to keep from an early exploculation, he mentally reviewed the SkyWiper, Flame, Flamer software that those in City of London were trying to eliminate, recall, scrub or put distance between them and it so that Abel Danger and other less capable Intel organizations could not find the office at 33 Canada Square where the ‘spread betting’ had occurred during the attack of 9/11 at which time the only banks on the FBCA ( Federal Bridge Certification Authority) were Wells Fargo and Citibank, the same two banks who foreclosed Field McConnell’s property at 9223 50th Avenue S, Glyndon, MN 56547 in a Sheriff’s Sale at 0900 on 11 June, 2012. Bad move Wells Fargo and Citibank, check six. A sidebar to Fat Boy Buffett; Mike Heid’s office isn’t doing you any favors, for instance, Bridgit Kasik.

Mike Heid, Bridgit Kasik and a never ending parade of Wells Fargo creeps had exposed Warren Buffett’s bum to Agent Chips’ seeker head and payback for the Goldman Sachs ‘voyeur fest’ at Bellevue, Nebraska’s Offutt Air Force Base on the morning of 9/11 has not been overlooked by the World’s Most Potent Fighter Pilot.

Chips could sense that Atomic Betty was about ready to do her signature Maria Muldaur like mega-moan multiple, MMM not to be confused with Minnesota’s 3M which is Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, so he doubled his stroke to finish her off in a right proper fashion, just like the man from Eau Claire in the state that just sent Obama’s goons running and delivered Scott Walker as the FIRST GOVERNOR IN U S HISTORY to survive a recall election not to be confused with a repeat erection or a real tall Texan, capeche?

There once was a man from Eau Claire,
Who serviced his wife on the stair,
The banister broke, he doubled his stroke,
And finished her off in mid-air.

As the blonde teutonic titwillow collapsed in a pile of satisfied ‘heterosexual and mother of three’ womanhood, Agent Chips felt his Clipper Squirt Gun take an immediate Clipper with JASPAR backdoor indicated by alternating green and amber LEDs.

Royal Dump Maestro Marquis d’Cartier, BC Hammer, Immediate Clipper/JASPAR to Hamish, Global Hammer, Chips and all players in ROYAL DUMP and SPADE FLUSH, copy Umbrellaman and Fanny Galore: Lions Gate Entertainment ( NYSE LGF ), or dobbelgangers posing as them, got film of the PM’s 8 year old daughter unattended in a public Loo at a pub yesterday, Sunday, 10 Jun 12, 48 hours before the same buffoon left UK in the hands of the Khazar married to the Beaner, see also Foghorn Leghorn. We have taped an interview with the film crew and sent a snippet to the UK Column, or was it London Today, or Russia Today RT, or all three, asking that Common Purpose be advised. Asian buyers would pay lots for the tape of the abandoned 8 year old girl in a Pub toilet while Bullingdon Buggerer Cameron (BBC) and Tricky’s punch were in separate cars and not paying attention to their progeny; google this combo [ Mic Haelson + Gerry Dunne + Larry + Tom Tasse + Robert Pickton + Dick Bent ]. Lionsgate bankrolled Fahrenheit 9/11, the false story that benefited the Clinton’s plural. Lions Gate Films was founded by the Canadian Uranium snatcher who raped Kazakhstan in 2005 before Agent Chips was called over to pose as an Air Astana pilot and finger Frank Guistra after the brother of Kazakhstan’s President was exiled to London (cement frauds against K-stan) and Frankie Baby donated $31.3M to Bill Clinton’s sleight of hand foundation, see also Haiti Earthquake + Borinquen CGAS + U-2S 80-1076 + Arecibo HAARP. Google this at AD Search engine: He remembers a visit to Warner Robins, Georgia and photos in the hotel that lodged the ground and maintenance crews for the U2-S (80-1076) aircraft. Tango Whiskey sends CLIPPER; 'Sandusky Part of Illuminati Pedophile….. Suggest that the Cabal is getting real sloppy as Justice is getting real close. The Vatican Banker has fingered the RAT-SLINGER, aka ‘Pope on a rope’ think TIGHTROPE. Marquis d’Cartier, BC Hammer

Agent Chips asked Atomic Betty to communicate with three journalists in Canada and check on the release of the 82 page document that was to occur during the week 11-15 June, 2012. Atomic Betty gave him a ‘flash’ of Pastel Mint Green as she egressed the trunk of the 1931 Studebaker to go place a call to a loyal oathkeeper in OPP and at The Star.

Agent 80W, not one to miss a trick, or treat for that matter, appeared from behind a Live Oak tree and quietly approached the trunk of the 31 Stud. Chips, studying the Ops Plan for Operation GET HOLDER, picked up the sweet scent of clover so he quickly changed into his Oscar de La Renta Slinghot Rumpaster Full Combat Thong, in Crimson and Clover, with extra humongous pouch and lifted the trunk an inch or 8.

One hundred and five pounds of beer drinking, ice cream eatin’, pelvis gyration’ Texas Dangerette slipped into the trunk for an in depth security probe, which Agent Chips would show her, over and over, capeche? The scent of clover became more pronounced as Chips did a digital search for the perceptively active Skene’s gland. A small hand directed him to the proper location and the undulating began slowly as Agent 80W selected F4 and C240 on her Clipper Cattle Dehorner with full FESTUS authority unlike the ‘lacky JABS’ antiques used by Courtney Banks’ GHOUL GROUP, soon to be GHOST TROOP at 1950 Old Gallows Road where a Roberts or a Clinton may be ‘contestant #1’ in testing new ropes on new gallows if Jay M. Cohen continues leading Abel Danger from Y2K to 9/11 to DHS to NSAWW. He’s the rabbit, Abel Danger’s Agent Chips is the greyhound.

Chips took advantage of the blue backlit trunk to see 80W was sportin’ a pony tail as surely as he was sportin’ a woody, but don’t call him Shirley, or Leslie Neilsen might roll over in his grave with the unique LET ‘ER RIP epitaph not to be confused with EPT, early pregnancy tester.

As several IOCs were removed for more thorough security probes, all in the interest of enhanced national security and domestic tranquility without a hint of regard to the raging libidos of the Texas Tornado and the Wisconsin Union Exposer, Agent 80W whispered in Chips’ good ear: “Chips, lets start with SLOWHAND while you check this incoming Clipper from the Tugboat Twins in Portsmouth , England ”. Chips saddled up in ‘canter’ as the wily Texas lass demonstrated her anatomical gifts much to the pleasure of Our Man Chips, who at 62 and a half was fully rigged and ready for running, in a manner consistent with a cunning linguist who had exposed the FRAUD UPON THE COURT in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) to Sukhoi Aircraft, Russian Air Force, BEA of France, Airbus, Air France and the survivors of those murder in AA77, AA11, UA175 and UA93.

Royal Crown Agents Tugboat Twins Immediate Clipper to all players in Czech-Mate, ROYAL DUMP and evolving Operation QE2/QC3, copy Yellowhammer and Brendan B. Hand: Chips et. al.: this will be truncated and vague so the guys who did Gareth Williams cannot pick up all that we are laying down. Murdoch described a relationship with Gordon Brown - whose political career effectively ended when he lost an election to incumbent Prime Minister David Cameron ( see also Geddes Safe, Chicago Fire of 1871, Corporatization of United States) in 2010 after his motorcade was almost taken out when Speedbird 38 was ‘SNATCHED’ in a FADEC FADEOUT - that included meals which their wives attended and conversations on topics ranging from charity to the war in Afghanistan where US Servicemen get killed for profits of City of London Bankers and Kew Garden wankers; see also PAT TILLMAN TRIO (Stanley McChrystal, Philip Kensinger, David Petraeus and Panhead Panetta..oops make that a Quartet almost forgot the Queer.. Brooks told the Leveson inquiry she formed a friendship with Sarah Brown and that they had had a "pyjama party" at the prime minister's official country residence, Chequers, with Murdoch's daughter, Elisabeth, and his wife, Wendi. Apparently they, the jammy fondlers, thought that MUFF DVR stood for something other than Marine Uncovers False Flags During Virtual Recon. But Murdoch said their relationship worsened after his media companies opposed Brown ahead of the 2010 election and three of the ‘girls’ developed vaginitis during their last FOUR PLAY. We hear from Windsor that ‘Jubilee 60’ is tired of getting black eyes due to the unrestrained libidos of those she installed in power in three of her colonies: Harper’s Fairy, Soetoro’s Barry and Clegg’s Beaner, see also Foghorn Leghorn of Dechert Law which is now causing angst at Sidley Austin, Motley Rice, BLBG and the Magic Circle Jerks in the COL. . UK Column and 3 non Murdoch dailies have the package and the intentional SHADES OF GREY will become as clear as Black and White, or is it Ebony and Ivory? Twins, Tugboat, Portsmouth

Chips had just responded to Agent 80W’s first ‘switch call’ when she requested ‘Derrick Pumper’ and as Agent Chips laid some pipe better than any J R Ewing ever thought possible while he was putting up with a wino wife Sue Ellen played by Linda Gray, he noted an Immediate Clipper IM from Agent Bean, Distaff Chief of Phoenix/Biltmore office of Abel Danger which is deep in the heart of SPOOK RETIREMENT CENTER, Arizona.

Agent Bean of Phoenix/Biltmore Office, the confluence of 44D and .40 cal

Royal Dump/Spade Flush Agent Bean Immediate Clipper/JASPAR to Agent Chips, FYEO: Chips, I wish to remind you that we have an appointment at SIX O’CLOCK with Mr. Ed, i.e., Midnight On the Water. Relating to Mr. Ed’s issue consider Agent Hoss’s recall that while growing up in the Chicago area his mother was a friend of the Morton salt heiress and some of the conversation he heard was about the salt mines that were around the southern part of Lake Michigan . It dawned on him a few minutes ago that atomic underground tests were conducted in the salt beds north of Las Vegas long before Creech deployed privatized DRONES against privatized targets in Pakistan or Hillary’s belligerent behavior caused Russian (justifiably) to bring attack helicopters, drones and a subsurface threat INTO RANGE of STO, Syrian Theater of Operations. . Putting two and two together it makes perfect sense that low yield tactical nukes would give similar RAD counts after a test. He was trained to take rad counts during the war in Viet Nam while flying a C7A Caribou for a company that didn’t exist while Westmoreland’s White Whale was hauling drugs to make the four star generals a little extra ‘combat pay’ (Westmoreland/Army, Hunter H. Harris/AF) . Rumor had it that tac-nucs were used in Laos in the 60s. Air America pilots like Harry Bartels or Chuck Waldron(*) may have been able to testify if they were not LSD Pilots ( long since dead ). Agent Hoss’s Caribou flew several Rad Surveys during that time frame. It makes sense to him, with the fragile state of our Union , with the proximity of the salt mines to Mich-Ind area and the up coming election, and the Chicago nuke from Pelindaba, it would make sense to test low grade weapons to be ready to deploy them in a state of martial law if the resistance to the Cabal’s plans develop into Operation ENDGAME as foretold in the Banker’s Manifesto of 1892 and leaked by Charles Lindberg Sr which resulted in the ‘child snatch’ of the son of Charles Lindberg Jr. The hazmat operations always followed tests in the past and there is no reason for things to be different with the tests today. The proximity to Argon National Laboratory in the suburbs of Chicago and the salt beds of Indiana and Michigan puts a logistical convenience to testing, in that area, of low yield tactical weapons, with the resultant high Rad readings in the area. If Agent Chips happens to stick his nose into your business please brief him while he debriefs you. Agent Hoss, Grape Nehi/Idaho State Broncos

Due to the exertion of keeping Agent 80W satisfied with his giant zucchini, Agent Chips was partially confused regarding the timing. Mr. Ed had mentioned ‘midnight on the water’ and here comes Agent Bean suggesting Six O’Clock. As Agent 80W called ‘switch, pile driver, jack hammer’ Chips went up tempo and recalled that London and Texas are 6 hours off due to Greenwich Mean Time so Chips understood that the Tugboat Twins would be Clippered to Mr. Ed, Chips and Agent Bean at midnight Texas time, which is 0600 at the Cutty Sark Pub across the River Thames from 33 Canada Square, City of London, where Citibank and Wells Fargo had the spread betting going on between 1403 and 1806 GMT on the morning of 9/11 in the year of THE LORD 2001. Warren Buffett and Mike Heid of Wells Fargo may correct me if I misspeak. Chips kept the pile driver deal going and texted Agent Bean to bring extra Smoked Oysters and a 3 tab bubble wrap of Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-0-peters to her upcoming debrief and project insert.

As Chips was asked to do ‘wood splitter’ by the 105 pound Texas Tornado, he had to picture FROGFACE TRUDEAU to keep from exploculating all over himself. As the enduro went into the second hour and the Texas tornado was hotter than a pepper sprout, Chips harked back to the ‘missing man’ photo taken of some ‘mal hombres’ back in 1975 while Agent Chips was on a Cross Country from VT-25 at NAS Chase FIELD, Beeville, TX ( which is now the MCCONNELL UNIT of Texas Prison System) with a Singapore Air Force student pilot surnamed Meta. The TA4J Sky Hawk had a total electrical failure on short final to KADW 01L and things went south in a hurry, as Chips would be doing as soon as Agent Bean got her time up and her Pastel Jade Green down, in the batting order. When Marine Captain McConnell took command of the blacked out and quiet TA4J he asked Meta to check which runway that the bi-directional arresting gear and Singapore Student Meta flunked the question by answering 01L. As the crippled TA4J landed on 01L dragging it’s tailhook for 5000 feet with an awesome displays of sparks in the dark night of DC, Captain McConnell had no choice but to ‘go around’ and set up for an arrested landing on the correct runway. The tower operators and crash crew were impressed by what they characterized as a ‘display of balls’, routine behavior for all Marines but generally unheard of in mere pilots with the possible exception of Jim Kasler, winner of three Air Force Crosses, the only guy to do it.

James H. Kasler

First let us consider who left the empty seat between Colby and Ingersoll. Hint; he may have been holding the camera and he has history with GWU, George Washington University where his sister did 2 years of undergrad college and then got a Law Degree to go with a Master’s of Foreign Service from Rosemary M. Collyer’s Jesuit entrapment university which was secular in the days after Carroll Quigley programmed Thunder Thighs and Gadget Bent, not to be confused with Dick Bent of RCMP or Cressida Dick of London’s Metropolitan Police Farce.

Second, let us reflect on who ‘THEY’ might be as per below:

First they came for Admiral Jeremy Michael Boorda
and I did not speak out...
because I was not Admiral Jeremy Michael Boorda!
Then they came for General David McCloud,
and I did not speak out...
because I was not General David McCloud!
Then they came for Vince Foster
and I did not speak out...
because I was not Vince Foster!
Then they came for William Colby
and I did not speak out
because I was not William Colby!
Then they came for Princess Diana
and I did not speak out
because I was not Princess Diana!
Then they came for Anna Politkovskaya
and I did not speak out
because I was not Anna Politkovskaya!

Recently they came for Alexander ,
and I did not speak out
because I was not Alexander Litvinenko!
Tomorrow they will come for me
and alas, there will be no one left
to speak out for Agent Chips of Plum City...unless Abel Danger can block the scuttling of USS Enterprise set to occur in summer 2012, after 12-8-12 and before 15-9-12, capeche?

Hormuz Attack Story – UPDATED

USS Enterprise 14 January, 1969

Chips knew things were getting closer to a climax as Agent 80W grabbed her riding crop, raked his buttocks with her spurless and bootless ankles and broke into a non Broke Back Mountain gallop as she made a ‘run for the roses’. To keep from going off early Chips reviewed the airliners that have been ‘hit’ since 11 December, 2006 and kept in stride with the Texas Tornado until, after her signature cervical ‘stranglehold’ she began howling at the moon to which Chips responded with a rimshot at the buzzer.

Agent 80W said “Tell me just one more time the reason you must leave tell me again but don’t think you’ll convince me” as she used 3 NAPAWASHs offered by the World’s Most Potent Fighter Pilot as he stuffed his junk in an FCT in Pastel Manly Mocha.

Agent Chips looked at his watch, took a Marine Corps shower and applied a liberal dose of foo-foo juice in Agent Bean’s favored flavor, Jade East, which always reminded Agent Bean of when Chips helped her over the fence returning from Survival Beach at 4 in the morning on 2 October, 1965 when she gave a birthday present to him she could only give to one male, ever, her. Chips, ever the vigilant intel agent, had probed her for security purposes before helping her off the fence, as any heterosexual 16 year old American Male would in 1965. Of course now, 11 years after the False Flag of 9/11 that was neither an inside job nor an al-Qaeda operation nor a Israeli operation but in fact an operation sponsored by those with Certification Authority as per FBCA. Grab your ankles, Warren Buffett, when Wells Fargo plays ball with Chips they’ll take the bat up their ass in video or print format, their option, same result, capeche?

9/11: A Decade Later, A Whole New Ballgame

Chips laid a yellow rose along side Agent 80W as she lay sleeping with a smile on her face and a trickle of (redacted) from her (redacted). He crawled out of the trunk of the 1931 Studebaker and egressed towards the 1936 Studebaker with Wisconsin Marine Veteran Plates 36 Stud while pressing #3 on his electronic remote security device to electronically open the trunk deck. He got three green flashes from Agent Bean in response and as he crawled into the trunk at 2202 local Texas, or 0402 GMT, he noticed an IOC in Pastel Jade Green lying next to a small bottle of Astroglide.

As two sturdy hands lowered his FCT, Chips pressed #3 again to lower the trunk deck to provide cover as Agent Bean provided clover, if you know anything at all about Skene’s Glands. Agent Bean sampled his TI and found that while 107% was doable, she thought that she’d like more TUNGSTEN so she handed him two Extend-o-peter gel tabs and a 4 ounce shot of Absolut to ensure he was absolutely ready to provide pleasure or in the parlance of Air Defense Command Pilots prior to the fall of the USSR, COCKED PISTOL. As Chips swallowed, so did Bean, in anticipation of a security probe in the interest of exposing the fact that Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79, was trotted out as a ‘black horse’ Presidential Plant in Moscow in 1992 according to Chips’ 2nd favored Russian swallow tail and I refer not to a butterfly, capeche?

Regarding the 1992 trotting out of a dark horse candidate, in 2012 a ‘horse’s ass’ candidate has been trotted out by the same STINKY STABLE. By 15 June 12 this google search will be viral: [ Bain + Romney + Sidley Austin + Bombardier + Obama ].

Chips’ COCKED PISTOL finally passed muster with the demanding Agent Bean of Biltmore AD where Puerto Rico’s finest Agent Juan Arroz con Pollo served as IT Chief and he was allowed to mount the Queen not in dissimilar fashion to how a Drone bee mounts a Queen Bee in the animal kingdom which God put under human control, capeche?

Agent Bean had come prepared as Chips found out when she selected F4 and C240 on her Clipper Medical Bag where upon Richie Rosato and the Duprees sang HAVE YOU HEARD which applies not only to smut but also to international illegal snatching of aircraft including 9 jets since Agent Chips of Abel Danger first warned FAA, FBI, ALPA and Northwest Airlines. Randy Babbitt ignored him, Robert Swan Mueller III ignored him, ALPA’s Suzanne Kalfus, John Prater, Duane Woerthless, Lee Moak, Rob Plunkett, James Johnson, Pete ‘the jerk’ Janhunen and Rosemary M. Collyer all ignored him. Fortunately GRU, BEA and Sukhoi didn’t ignore him.

Agent Bean offered a presentation that demonstrated to Agent Chips’ satisfaction that she would prefer a little personal attention and the soothing of a precise area of her anatomy that Agent Chips first pleasured on 2 October, 1965 at Survival Beach across the fence and down the cliff across from FO3 Cliff Road, Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. As Chips was reminding the voluptuous and heavily knockered Agent Bean of the SPADE FLUSH protocols sponsored by Moscow, she held him by the ears which caused him to miss and incoming FESTUS FLASH Clipper from Agent Hamish whose attention to detail was legendary as in non-existent.

SPADE FLUSH Maestro Hamish Charles Watson FLASH FESTUS Clipper to Agents in SPADE FLUSH, ROYAL DUMP and QE2/CQ1, copy Chips and whichever Dangerette you may be probing: Plum City – ( – June 12, 2012. Presidential Field McConnell has linked Moya Greene, the head of Royal Mail, to a Montreal-based extortion racket where Luka Magnotta allegedly sent a head through Canada Post to Warren Buffett or a NetJets' company director to secure an order for up to US $9.6 billion worth of Bombardier jets. “ … Tue Jun 12 2012 Warren Buffet buys up to US $9.6 billion worth of Bombardier jets MONTREAL - Bombardier Inc. shares (TSX:BBD.B) will be in the spotlight following a major deal with one of Warren Buffett’s companies, which is poised to buy up to $9.6 billion worth of business jets and services if all options are exercised. Presidential Field offers support to those who wish to enter Magnotta and the Royal Mail head’s OODA loop to discover the reality behind the Sukhoi SuperJet crash of May 9. Bain Capital, Sidley Austin, Bombardier, Obamas (plural) and Romney are now exposed due to their arrogance and ignorance. In a multi-year partnership with Missing Children Europe, our Brussels team helped harmonize service delivery throughout the EU by developing a widely-adopted guide for hotline operators and creating centers of expertise. Oxford. Orit. Clit. Refer to SPADE FLUSH briefing guide and note [Cisco prime contractor + NSA spy + data center + mormon control center + Bluffdale Utah] in post New Madrid Western States of North America’s Denver capitol//Eastern States of North America’s Atlanta Capitol, see also Coca Cola, Ft McPherson and Delta Airlines. Keep in mind that Northwest 188 and Northwest 253 were ‘PROTECTED’ by Abel Danger. Those days may be over. Obama and Romney will neither make it to November 6, 2012. Hamish the Hammer

Chips looked at his fluorescent watch and saw the time was 2345. He knew that he’d have to finish off Agent Bean soon to make the Midnight on the Water rendezvous with Mr. Ed, Agent NASA 927, and Nickolay from Russia. As he considered his various obligations he heard Agent Bean gush, “side oiler, jack hammer” and as he rushed to please her, an errant AMRAAM fired from a 147th FW Falcon near Ellington’s warning airspace landed not 1500 feet from the 1936 Stud setting off secondary fires of dry combustibles in the nearly midnight Whispering Pines, Texas

Agent Bean, always in focus, cooed “Jack Hammer, Pile Driver, Quickie Authorized” as Agent Chips rose to her gambit and finished her off as an errant FLASH JASPAR lay in queue.

Post Script to GHOULS OF OLD GALLOWS ROAD, according to Russia and Sukhoi, BEA, and others discovering the STRANGLER’S SUITE and FADEC FADEOUT, you belong to me. Agent Chips

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