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General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout - Chapter 16

Detail Man’s Cressida Dick Whistle in Rebekah Intel Sweep
Luca Magnotta yellow kitty-porn Burmese python eats the Sun’s snuff-film script

In the last chapter, Chips dealt with what sounded like automatic weapons fire which drowned out the song from Country Joe as the Army 6X lurched to a halt. In this gripping chapter, filled with intrigue and dripping with human pathos, six BEAVERHEADS establish a secure perimeter and a white SUV with Blue ‘Federal Police” pulls up followed by 4 black SUVs with G-plates, three of them with Dunkin’ Donuts boxes and blue TSA fondling gloves and one with an empty box from Tim Horton’s with several surnames scribbled upon it: Foulkes-Pellerin-Fantino-Jessica Lloyd-Harriman-Alban Garon-Foulkes. A detail man blows three times on a police whistle harvested from Cressida Dick’s office desk during a Rebekah Wade like nighttime intel sweep. A second concentric ring of riflemen stood up, each with an M249 SAW with tactical spotter. A Jubilant Queen selects WestFIELDs Marriott to put Barry Soetoro on notice that his failure to collapse the US on schedule didn’t play well at Windsor Castle where Prince Phartingham would be if he wasn’t in hospital. Two goose stepping and ungainly geriatrics, on named Angela, miscalculate re the releasing of an 82 page document to sweep Canadian and British media no later than 15 June, 2012. Chips ruminates on Reg Foulkes and Courtney Banks re Nortel-Russell Williams attack of 9/11 involving EJs from 5th Wing at Goose. Hoss opens a grape Nehi from his Idaho State athletic bag and said “your chopper Stone, we are cleared direct to the G-spot transfer point between Palacious and Victoria. Stone hauls up on the collective after selecting climb power. He enters KRBD/172/239.3 and flies directly towards the G-spot some 252 miles, or 405 km, to the south. Royal Dump Agent Bean sends Immediate FESTUS/Clipper to Chips; ‘JASPAR surveils completed in 371 Rooms in advance Bilderbergs. Queen has been made aware of Russell Williams protection racket FIELDed by Darrell Foulkes’ and code named Project HatFIELD. Agent Diehard suggests popular google search to be Reg Foulkes + Thomas Barnett + Courtney Banks + Jay M. Cohen + Darrell Foulkes. Rooster arranges for a yellow two seater to land on the RV that Agent Aunt Maudie is driving. Royal Dump sniper Switchblade Cross Immediate FESTUS-Clipper to Chips; ‘The June 21st meeting is due to take place at the Kimball Castle in Colorado .. As you correctly noted the B57B 53-3918 has now been designated 63-13295. Royal Dump tells Chips that if both NASA 927 and U-2R 80-1076 are in a vertical stack over Kimble take that as a sign both the New Madrid and London Olympic False Flags have been hobbled by Abel Danger. He adds by way of PS that Mr. Banister will participate as planned.

Agent Bucky Badger left the briefing facility and crawled out the back of the Six-by Army truck just before it turned on to I45. Very shortly thereafter the signature sound of a Bell Jet Ranger approached from the Terrell direction as three parachute flares, all greenish, lit up the early morning sky and the Huey landed in front of the 6 x 6 blocking the road in the flare lit morning. Six men in black SWAT type uniforms deployed from the Huey to set up a defensive perimeter, all six wearing BEAVERHEAD tactical headgear supplied by SAS. Nikolay, Sergei and Chips found their side arms, chambering rounds and selecting ‘unsafe’ while Agent 80W flashed Chips a ‘sneak peak’ of Pastel Turquoise. Chips saw a FLASH IM from Rooster Cogburn at Global on his Clipper Squirt Gun. “Remain calm, remain seated, resolution in 30 seconds or less. Rooster”.

Minutes after the six BEAVERHEADS established a secure perimeter a white SUV with Blue ‘Federal Police” pulled up followed by 4 black SUVs with G-plates, three of them with Dunkin’ Donuts and one with an empty box from Tim Horton’s. The Canadian box had surnames associated with the Foulkes enabled coverup of Russell Williams DNA with some names sure to raise the Queen’s ire at the sloppy police work done by Johnston, Fantino, two Foulkes and a Pellerin. As two crewcuts from the white SUV attempted to walk towards the Army 6x6 truck, the six BEAVERHEADS rose in unison and leveled automatic weapons at the short, pompous ass who had been the passenger in the SUV not to be confused with recently ousted French powderpuff ‘what’s his name’ ending in OZY. A seventh figure emerged from the Live Oak treeline nearest the Army truck and the 6 foot 4 SAS trained ‘detail man’ had a brief and pointed conversation with the Kansas City faggott with the white Stetson and the 4 bit cigar. ‘Chief’ didn’t really ‘get it’ the first time so the detail man blew three times on a police whistle harvested from Cressida Dick’s office desk during a Rebekah Wade like nighttime intel sweep and a second concentric ring of riflemen stood up, each with an M249 SAW with tactical spotter. A pair of Abel Danger snipers were dialed in also as Agent Stone Kohl and Agent CandyGirl had the Tim Horton’s SUV driver and person riding ‘shotgun’ targeted knowing that just as NATO selected Chicago to put CME on notice, the Jubilant Queen with the aging pedophile baggage had selected WestFIELDs Marriott to put Barry Soetoro on notice that his failure to collapse the US on schedule didn’t play well at Windsor Castle.

“Shall I blow my whistle again or are you knuckleheads aware you are in a trap with no way out except for amicably RIGHT NOW or in body bags in 45 seconds. I don’t chew my cabbage twice” suggested the Aussie from Tasmania as his canine pal Madame Screu Fait sniffed at the pompous ass’s derrierre then gave the Abel Danger canine paw signal indicating recent flatulence, high in roughage content with a hang-time of 6.

The Kansas City faggot held up his right hand with four fingers pointing straight out, level to the ground. In turn the 4 Black SUVs turned their headlights off and did 180 degree turns, parking lights only as Agent Bucky Badger, directly over the Aussie in a branch of the Live Oak tree watched with his Taser, with anti-felon confetti which would have implicated Reg Foulkes, and piano wire at the ready. Shorty and his driver returned to their Federal Police vehicle, white with blue letters, and followed the four black SUVs from whence they’d come. Any hopes of concealing the Reg Foulkes linkage to Courtney Banks and Kristine Marcy was lost as ten red tail lights disappeared in a fashion suggested by Elton John’s 1972 killer hit ‘Daniel’ as the ‘red tail lights’ indicating Miriam Clegg’s effluence being returned to Spain as Merkel and Queenie reassert themselves over CME and Bilderbergs.

However, what the two goose stepping and ungainly geriatrics miscalculated would be the releasing of an 82 page document that would sweep the Canadian and British media no later than 15 June, 2012 early enough to destabilized the 21 June meeting at the Soros hangout west of the Front Range. While very few in world politics are aware of Reg Foulkes and Courtney Banks on the day that Scott Walker maintains governorship of Wisconsin in a 68% favorable vote, by the Ides of June the world will see the relationship of Foulke’s Northern Telecom to Russell Williams and his ‘carte blanche’ to rape and kill but not to divulge his participation in the attack of 9/11 involving EJs from the 5th Wing at Goose, capeche?

The BEAVERHEADS called for their transport to pick them up and take them to Sokol Hall for the Czech Festival that would span the day Saturday, 26 May, 2012 in Ennis, Texas. While Agents assigned to Operation CZECH-MATE infiltrated the Czechs and Czechxans assembled for the beer fest, the six Agents assigned duty in Operation ROYAL DUMP had left JASPAR listening devices in 371 of the 374 rooms of the Marriott Hotel where on 27 May the long faced Bilderbergs would gather to discuss how to switch from ‘offense’ to ‘defense’ without losing their grip on the economy of the United States as the George Soros puppet had failed to establish martial law after the false flag hits on Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Willis Tower had been ‘blocked’ by Abel Danger Global, not to mention BIG JOHN, see also Hancock. If the planned HAARP Quake was needed to push the US into Martial Law the Bilderbergs would need to find some way of ensuring that Abel Danger could not monitor the whereabouts and weapons status of U-2R 80-1076, the Beale jet that participated in Haiti-HAARP 2010 from it’s ‘not so secure’ hangar at Borinquen Coast Guard Air Station where Dutch MD11s flew flowers in and narcotics out according to a phone conversation taped in room 274 of the Marriott Aguadilla Hotel and Casino located at the corner of 200th West and Belt Road on the old Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. If any readers of this paragraph ever drive by the Marriott in Aguadilla, note the antenna array on top of the building and do the math.

The Honeysuckle Rose tour bus pulled to a halt just off the shoulder of the two lane highway as Agents 80W and Bucky Badger received simultaneous ‘flash clippers’ from Rooster Cogburn at Global.

Global Hammer Rooster to all players in Operations ROYAL DUMP and CZECH-MATE, copy Marquis d’Cartier and Corazon Dulce: Whoever can get to Agent Chips first please hand him this message: Sokol is intended to be your KZ. Immediately repair to G-spot with Agent CandyGirl, your Ron Paul contact has DOUBLECROSSED. Rooster, Global.

Activity in both FIELDS of operation sprang into action with the G-spot diversion of Agent Chips and a second doppelganger to be disguised as Chips and paraded into the Sokol KZ, kill zone, to take a bullet for the gipper, in this case, the chipper. Agent 80W removed her FCT in Pastel Turquoise and folded the IOC around a single yellow rose. She approached Chips from behind and whispered in his good ear: “Rooster has detected a KZ at Sokol, you and CandyGirl are to divert to the G-spot immediately, take this memory maker of our time together can come back soon as the DOPPELGANGER HIT has taken place. I wish to be debriefed in the interest of national security and world peace as the shit hitting the fan in Chicago, WestFIELDs Marriott, and Ottawa will be jumping across the pond no later than 15 June, 2012. God speed Chips.”

Agent CandyGirl approached also and motioned towards the Bell Jet Ranger now idling in LSGI with the rotating beacon blinking out its warning of imminent departure. Agent Stone held the hatch open as CandyGirl and Chips crawled into the pax compartment while Stone joined Agent Hoss in the co-pilot seat, aircraft left. As Hoss opened a grape Nehi from his Idaho State Broncos athletic bag he said “your chopper Stone, we are cleared direct to the G-spot transfer point between Palacious and Victoria. Let ‘er buck.”

Stone hauled up on the collective after selecting climb power and pushing the cyclic slightly forward. As the chopper lifted into the morning sun, Stone entered KRBD/172/239.3 and flew directly towards the G-spot some 252 miles, or 405 km, to the south.

As Hoss dozed in the HAC seat and Agent Stone concentrated on finding the highway where the tractor and empty flatbed were supposed to be, Agent Chips sought the pastel prove up code to indicate that this lovely blond Texan was really Agent CandyGirl who once had spent a star struck night in a 38 foot Beaver Marquis RV in an empty parking lot of the 1481 Grille in Arlington, South Dakota with the director of the Fargo branch of Abel Danger Global Intel. The 1481 Grille is named after two famous US Highways. Highway 14 begins next to Soldiers FIELD in Chicago, and is known as the Black and Yellow Highway in recognition of the Black Hills and Yellowstone Park, where it ends. Highway 81 is best known as the Pan American Highway. The highway runs from Winnipeg, Canada to Panama City, Panama, with the American portion called US Highway 81 which passes through Fargo immediately west of the Fargo airport where Agent Chips’ drone buster 64-0972 stand sentry at the old gate of the NDANG base on Hector FIELD .

Babe Land

As Chips searched the area for the Pastel prove up code his attempts were hampered by the fact that this lady longhorn was not sporting an IOC under her tight fitting jeans. Chips did detect that the MI was beyond pleasant as his TI elevated in a gentlemanly response. Agent CandyGirl gave him an indication that his attention was welcomed but that they’d have to wait until the transfer to the southbound flatbed which would occur within the next 30 minutes or so. She then opened a copy of the Abel Danger Operation CZECH-MATE briefing guide to ‘alternates’ and selected G. She and Chips reviewed the protocols for the transfer and they both wondered why the DOUBLECROSS by Ron Paul’s goons. Was he not really what he was presented to be by the fringe elements of the conservative servants of Satan? Was his surname really Pohl, as in Casper Pohl, a member of the 3rd Reich? Was it the intention of the Globalists to have him ‘ready to go’ should both Soros’ puppet and the vain Bain business wrecker be exposed as having been born in Canada and Mexico as Abel Danger waits until 96 hours before Tampa and Charlottte to ‘drop a dime’ on both Soetoro and ‘the beaner’. Agent CandyGirl placed Agent Chips right hand on something warm and willing as Agent Stone made a slight lineup correction to the west and awoke Agent Hoss for the UNREP planned to transfer the clients to the JB Hunt tractor pulling the empty flatbed painted khaki and having G plates indicating it was assigned to the Ellington based 147th FW at Houston where the WB57Fs were based during the time they deployed to Fargo to work on Operation UKRAINE DRAUGHT, 1987 which was the same summer that LCdr Moon Rivers flew the last RF8G Crusader mission from Cold Lake, Alberta to KIAD with a fuel stop at Fargo’s Hector FIELD. As Hoss took over control of the chopper Chips harked back to the B57F being assembled at Davis-Monthan in March, 2010, and wondered if that would also be a ‘W’ model, perhaps to be called NASA 927 and finished off in Colorado where the western half would be governed if the New Madrid HAARP Quake hadn’t been foretold by Abel Danger and specifically the driver of the 36 Stud. Chips’ mental wonderings were terminated with an incoming Immediate Clipper from Agent Bean at the WestFIELDs Marriott.

Canadian cannibal porn star 'almost certainly' hiding out in France as video of him feeding kittens to snakes emerges

Royal Dump Agent Bean Immediate FESTUS/Clipper to Rooster Cogburn, Grapevine, Hamish, Marquis d’Cartier and Chips, copy CZECH-MATE players: JASPAR surveils completed in 371 Rooms in advance Bilderbergs. Have monitored plans to have the gay porn star arrested in Merkel’s nation to take attention away for Prince Phartingham’s no show at the Jubilee on the Thames. The Queen has received a 41 page dossier printed on both sides. The Queen has been made aware of the Russell Williams protection racket FIELDed by Darrell Foulkes and the elusive Denny Turcotte’s witness of the Canadian Stallion window peeping of Jennifer Lloyd’s home the night before her attack and murder.

We are now listening to conversations relating to G20/Libya with key figures 604M and 1M as it relates to the Foulkes-Fantino bilking of the Crown’s budget to provide security for Soros’ puppet for two days of G20. Agent Diehard suggests popular google search for Tuesday, 12 June 12 to be: [ Reg Foulkes + Thomas Barnett + Courtney Banks + Jay M. Cohen ] as Kristine Marcy has now been afforded protection ala Russell Williams’ beard Mary Elizabeth Harriman, see also Averill Harriman, see also Hillary Rodham Clinton. Rooster has arranged for a yellow two seater to land on the RV that Agent Aunt Maudie is driving. Your transfer to G-spot is set for hack plus 03, ready, ready, hack. Bean.

Chips and CandyGirl saw the yellow taildragger land on the RV and could see the empty flatbed being pulled by the J B Hunt tractor. As Hoss and Stone focused on their running rendezvous, Chips and CandyGirl ensured that their red North Face Holdall was provisioned with a weeks supply of Pastel IOCs, Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters and Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-0-peters as they prepared to determine what Ron Paul’s Victoria, Texas secret was. As CandyGirl lowered her head, Chips reviewed the photo sent from a Palacious, Texas email account purporting to be a photo of one of Ron Paul’s 4th Reich goose steppers. CandyGirl started to hum a low note as Chips reviewed the photo mentally while being pleasured by a ‘yet unproven’ Dangerette whose pastel code was still a mystery to him, not to be confused with the Loving Spooful song, “She is Still a Mystery”.

Agent Hoss had the Bell Jet Ranger resting on the flatbed as Chips and CandyGirl stepped out the left side and walked, bent over low, towards the fifth wheel plate behind the elevated tag axle. As briefed in the Czech-Mate briefing guide, the sliding back window of the cab was fully open and as CandyGirl crawled in first Chips got a sneak peak at the target area, still sans IOC. And he liked that, a lot. Crawling in behind her Chips saw Agent Diehard was driving the tractor while Agent Aunt Maudie was riding shotgun. Chips handed Diehard a pound of Tigermeat and Diehard adjusted himself and grunted. Aunt Maudie was wearing her Pastel Lavendar Jubilee disguise an sporting a large handgun. As the Bell Jet Ranger took off from the flatbed to continue it’s journey to the G-spot south of Dallas on the 172 degree radial, Agent Aunt Maudie read an Immediate Clipper that had just come in from Agent Switchblade Cross at Chantilly, Virginia in Operation ROYAL DUMP.

Royal Dump sniper Switchblade Cross Immediate FESTUS-Clipper to all players in Royal Dump and Czech-Mate, copy Name Dropper and Umbrellaman: Our team in Chantilly had the meeting with Banister. We understand that the cabal that illegally seized power in the Western world and attempted to set up a fascist world dictatorship known as the New World Order is trying to negotiate a peaceful transition to a saner planet as Bush 1 is wheelchair bound and Prince Phartingham is about to pull a Robin Gibb. Although there is much we cannot discuss except in face-to-face pastel prove up settings so as not to endanger ongoing negotiations, the talks are focusing on how to smoothly carry out a transition away from fossil fuels and nuclear energy and how to arrange a harmonious rapport between East, West, North and South, aka THE MCCONNELL PLAN. The June 21st meeting is due to take place at the Kimball Castle in Colorado and will consist of people like the Bushes who give orders to the flunkies attending the Bilderberger meetings. Anticipate a robin egg blue Gulfstream to be parked at Front Range Airport with U-2R 80-1076 flying overhead anchored at FL550 and ‘saunter’. Previous gatherings there have featured human sacrifice. As you correctly noted the B57B 53-3918 has now been designated 63-13295 and left Davis Monthan 17 months after you saw it partially assembled. It will become NASA 927 and the modifications done in Colorado recall the modifications done there to the two (2) Raytheon Sky Warriors deployed on 9/11, see also Darrell Skurich. Standy for intel briefing from MacCheese and Bean. Switchblade.

Royal Dump listening analyst Bean Immediate JASPAR-Clipper to Umbrellaman, Name Dropper, Global and National Hammers and all players in Czech-Mate and Royal Dump: I have a certain song playing in the background as it relates to paranoia sweeping both the Bilderbergs and the upcoming Soros-Bush Kimble Castle meeting by which time it is entirely possible Prince P and Son of Prescott could both be gone leaving Camilla’s tampon and Bush 2 holding their bags. If both NASA 927 and U-2R 80-1076 are in a vertical stack over Kimble take that as a sign both the New Madrid and London Olympic False Flags have been hobbled by Abel Danger, as was the G8 Scuttlegate set for Hancock’s Big John and the CME. The Queen will await the progress report from Kimble before prosecuting the Foulkes-plural and Russell Williams ‘protection rackets’ designed to conceal Mary Elizabeth Harriman’s place in the 9/11 failure brokered with Abel Danger’s imputing a 41 minute delay on Captain Jason Dahl’s UA93. White Dragon and Pentagon White Hats to signal Agent Chips during his upcoming visit with additional Russians at both G-spot and Arlington. Bean, WestFIELDs. PS to Chips, Mr. Banister will participate as planned.

Diehard grunted 3 times, adjusted himself to the left and burped twice to signal the upcoming client transfer from the J B Hunt flatbed to the 1940 Studebaker for the rendezvous with Agent Adam of the Ron Paul ersatz patriot front. Chips noticed a black 40 Stud trailing the flatbed as Diehard guided the J B Hunt truck to a stop at the roadside rest. Chips also noticed an IOC in Pastel Lavendar signaling that Aunt Maudie would like to be probed at earliest opportunity. Chips’ proboscis detected MI of approximately 93% as his TI arrived midway between blue steel and tungsten. If he became any more aroused he felt he was at risk of being recruited at the ‘totally bullshit’ TSA as seconded by Congressman Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee who probably was the woman told to avoid the Tea Party Event Chaired by Sarah Palin in February, 2010 at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel prior to it being flooded, capeche? As Chips was being delivered eye candy of two varieties, he intentionally considered how a 68% victory by Scott Walker in Wisconsin on 5 June, 2012, would signal the end of the Soros-Soetoro ‘blown assignment’, see also Larry Sinclair and or Donald Young.

Congresswoman: TSA Hiring Pedophiles To Conduct Pat Downs

Agent Chips followed the Texas Dangerettes to the 1940 Studebaker and as the ladies took the rear seat with a handsome Russian, Chips sat up front with Courtly Stonewall for the side trip to the G-spot alternate for a face to face with Tacticus, a Russian ‘detail man’ party to the ongoing Abel Danger-Sukhoi-Russia Air Attache dialogue, if any.

Chips picked up the scent of a woman at the same time he picked up the scent of a Shiner Bock beer, recently opened via convenient twist off cap. He took two Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters just in case Agent 80W was hiding in the boot of the 40 Stud. He knew that both 80W and Agent #9 were interested in the upcoming ROYAL DUMP of Barak Obama as it looked like the Pelindaba Pickles were going to be a little hard for Cameron-Zuma-Harper and Soetoro to dispose of prior to QE 2’s line in the sand of 27 August, 2012. Chips now saw the 36 Stud fall into trail position 2600 feet behind the 40 Stud as an incoming from Agent Hamish or Atomic Betty came in the form of a Flash FESTUS with a side of JABS.

Royal Dump Mindbender Hamish FLASH FESTUS to Texas players in Czech-Mate, copy Name Dropper, Umbrellaman and Global HQ Plum City: ‘Chips, we have advised DOJ Pride, the Bilderbergs,NSAWW, the Queen and the Queer Canadians that we have discovered Luca Magnotta’s yellow kitty-porn Burmese python ate the snuff-film script developed by Rebekah Wade for Murdoch’s Sun and the Obama-Romney election campaigns. The Prince may be in hospital and the PM may be naked on a couch stroking a grey cat, but Abel Danger has seen the 82 page report linking Magnotta to Fantino-Johnston-Pellerin-Foulkes-second Foulkes and Courtney Banks. Bilderbergs baffled, deploy PQRMG- Charlene as per Czech-Mate. Hamish, WestFIELDs

Chips took another look over his shoulder and he saw that the Russian had a playstation like device and was intently looking at the view seen by the remote Quad Rotor deployed at Sokol where Chips’ doppelganger was to be in the KZ of some Region 6 detail men. Revelers in Sokol Hall didn’t detect the silent Quad Rotor as it approached the designated shooter from dead astern. The Russian in the middle of the back seat spoke softly “Chips, I am locked onto the shooter, awaiting your call”.

“Smoke ‘em, comrade” at which time Tacticus pressed ‘launch’ and a trio of poisoned flechettes were fired into the skull, neck and back of the shooter prepared to kill the doppelganger. Though the shots were silenced, an accomplice saw the Quad Rotor so Agent Dwarf ‘darkened ship’ as the Czech Festival went on unabated was the Polka Band including a Mollie continued dancing in the dark.

The Czech Festival in Ennis was still well underway as the 36 Stud took the lead of the 40 Stud as Chips, Tacticus, CandyGirl and Aunt Maudie looked forward to a debriefing 123 miles due south of Tyler, Texas. Chips detected the faint hint of clover just as a pair of blown tires from a semi rig just ahead seem to bear down on the pair of Wisconsin Studs.

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