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General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout - Chapter 15

Vladimir 1 Considers ALPA role in Sukhoi FADEC hits
Harper Virtual Global Taskforce hides the kitty-porn fugitive Vladimir 2

In the last chapter, Chips dealt with Agent Stone Kohl after he had selected TOGA while Agent 80W chose D8, C30 and cooed “do it to me one more time”. Chips now meditates on the 40th anniversary of the photo “Napalm Girl”. He thinks back to June 8th, 1972 and the discretionary private wars that enrich bankers and kill and maim global commoners. He remembers Bill Clinton, who while governor, harvested contaminated blood and plasma from the Cummins prison farm near Grady, Arkansas. Chips launches Operation BONER. He solicits input from Russia concerning Operation CZECH MATE wherein Russia joins FIELD MCCONNELL and a doppelganger at a gathering at Sokol to prepare a MAGICK landing at Pounds Field, Tyler, Texas. He notes the Czech Festival in Ennis, Texas has a graveyard with a headstone of an ancestor of Agent Chips next to a headstone of a Hawkins. Royal Crown Agent Candygirl sends Immediate JASPAR to Agent Chips asking him to check out Ron Paul family background for Nazi links to Fourth Reich and ODESSA. Royal Crown Global Hammer Grapevine sends FESTUS to Agent Chips on the graphical interface allegedly built by Laureen Harper for Virtual Global Taskforce members led by the RCMP. The interface serves to spoliate of images of crime scenes associated with kitty-porn fugitive Luka Magnotta ( a.k.a. Eric Clinton Newman, a.k.a. Vladimir Romanow ) and the murder of Chinese national Jun Lin in Montreal. Abel Danger tails Magnotta back through Gio’s, Winnipeg’s oldest LGBT club to meet Karla Homolka in Toronto around the time Mary Elizabeth Harriman and Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams competed with Bernardo in RAPEFEST 1990. The 4 Czech Mate participants speak brief toasts to each other. Agent 80W presses ‘record’ on her Clipper Cattle Dehorner. Sergei speaks first. “Chips and 80W, Vladimir sends greetings and thanks for work on the Sukhoi Superjet hit as it pertains to both NSAWW and City of London”. Vladimir boycotts Olympics in London, G8 in Chicago, Vladimir invites Chips to visit Embassy in Washington DC in June and consider trip to Moscow re offer to demo Superjet. Russians are appalled at the lack of responsibility of ALPA which allowed 9 FADEC-Thales hits to occur since the letter of 10 December, 2006. The families of the 45 victims may communicate re class action lawsuit, perhaps MCCONNELL & SUKHOI v. ALPA. Nikolay selects F4 and C5 on Russian FESTUS PDA. Country Joe and the Fish sing for 300,000 fuckers at Woodstock. Nickolay quietly turns over 5 cards of a deck of 51 marked Operation PAYBACK. Chips and 80W see the Russians have full understanding of which rogue players in Vienna joined ‘the Judge’ and GLAMOURBOY’s beard in the ‘opening round’. What sounds like automatic weapons fire drowns out the song from Country Joe as the Army 6X lurches to a halt.

As we approach the 40th anniversary of the photo “Napalm Girl” we need to think back to June 8th, 1972 and speak with one voice in demanding an end to discretionary private wars that enrich the bankers and kill and maim global commoners. See second photo of a US Marine and ask if that one stripe of a Marine Private First Class (PFC) is reward enough for the grievous wounds this Marine suffered at the hands of City of London Banker wars be they for Iraqi Oil, Afghani Heroin, Libyan water, or Syrian independence from the meddling of Hillary Rodham Clinton whose Arkansas Tainted Blood ended thousands of lives prematurely as servicemen returning from Viet Nam were transfused with a toxic Clinton and Connaught Cocktail, Capeche?

Briefly stated, Bill Clinton, while governor, knowingly authorized, protected, and was in some manner paid off by, an appalling scheme by "Friends of Bill" to harvest and sell contaminated blood and plasma from Cummins prison farm near Grady, Arkansas. The scheme continued throughout his governorship in defiance of sound medical practice, numerous warnings and flagrant violations of FDA regulations. Tainted blood from Cummins infected literally millions of people with HIV (the AIDS virus) and potentially lethal Hepatitis C (20%-25% fatality rate) all over the world -- Canada, Japan, England, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Africa and not least, the United States. Clinton and his partners netted millions from it annually. Vincent W. Foster is thought to have been the Clintons' "bagman," and there is evidence that the tainted blood disaster played a direct role in his still mysterious death. Free Republic broke this story world-wide, in August, and maintains a complete archive of the now-mountainous, and damning, evidence at: Budge's Tainted Blood Scandal links ."


Consider that the Obamas, plural, were invested in Connaught at the time he was installed as ‘executioner’ of the US Constitution and Republic. As you view the needless suffering below I ask you, Where Have All the Flowers Gone? A young girl, a young man, an old tragedy. End war. Expose Obama, expose Romney. Limp wrists.


In Flanders FIELDs

In Flanders FIELDs the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders FIELDs.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders FIELDs.

Agent Chips heard the three dings and realized Stone needed some fatherly advice in the cockpit, yes Courtney Banks and Deb Brown treason experts at NSAWW, COCK PIT. As Chips left, Agent 80W was toying with the idea of putting on her Pastel Turquoise FCT but realized Chips may be able to invoke a delay airborne for further security debriefing as he was very thorough in his undercover work and she was hoping to receive a deep probing in the interests or national security and world peace.

“Stone, you rang?” queried Chips as he waltzed through the flight deck door to the COCK PIT. Chips could see the blinking green EFOB warning associated with a low fuel state and the look on his son’s face indicated he’d like to ‘get this french pig on the ground’ with no offense intended for Lena Trudeau, Laureen Harper or Jay M. Cohen, the three little french pigs who had been feasting at the trough of treason delivered their swill by George Soros, David Cameron and a few other misled boneheads now causing the Bilderbergs great angst as the three Pelindaba Pickles need to go boom but Chicago was stifled, Queen’s Jubilee was stifled, and the San Madras HAARP strike and the London Olympics are likely to be aborted. The three little pigs were oblivious to how the Big Bad Wolf was preparing to blow their houses down. The house of NAPAWASH, the house at 24 SusSEX and the house of ghouls at 1950 Old Gallows Road, Vienna, Virginia not to be confused with Vienna sausage which brings us back to Bill Clinton whose beard has a Boner Vacantia problem since Huma Albedin dumped her for something a little younger, more svelte with less greasy hair.

Chips leaned down and put in KTYR for the destination in the FMGC selecting Runway 04, therefore Stone saw KTYR04 in the next waypoint as Chips had selected ‘direct’ and as the aircraft turned direct to Pounds Field near Tyler, Texas, Chips and Stone both saw solid green EFOB of 1.2 at arrival time. Stone was more relaxed knowing that the shorter flight to Tyler resulted in a small cushion of EFOB, estimated fuel on board, arriving at KTYR, Pounds Field, an Army WWII training FIELD now used as a fuel stop for private, corporate and military jets and also served by two rinky dink airlines, no offense to dinks, see also Jay M. Cohen. Agent Stone felt a little ‘surge’ in the Falcon 7X as if something had approached from the starboard side. Looking towards the right wingtip and the flashing green nav light, he saw that Czech Mate 39 had joined in formation. Stone noticed an AQM37 slung on the port hard point and asked his father what “that orange thing” was.

Chips responded that it was a AQM37 Jayhawk supersonic drone capable of Mach 4 at 100,000 feet and had endurance for 113 mile target track at altitude. He went on to say that on the Czech Jet it was probably to distract controllers or interceptors intent on discovering who might be in the back of Czech Mate 39; a man named Nikolay if Chips’ hunch was correct. Chips mentioned that his old F4 64-0965 had flown with AQM37s out of Mojave Airport while on loan to BAE and Tracor at Flight Systems Inc., 1434 Flightline Building58B, Mojave, CA 93501-1666, Tel. 661-824-6210. Stone selected ‘steady’ on the Nav lights and turned off his ‘anti-smash’ as the Czech settled in for a formation landing on Runway 04. Chips reached into the Red North Face Holdall and grabbed a frosty Grolsch as he repaired to the CRF just as Stone and the Czech were turning base and extending the flaps. Chips got a free shot of a ‘brownie’ and noticed Agent 80W was sucking on a Shiner Bock long neck but not as long as some, capeche?

Chips handed 80W her FCT in Pastel Turquoise as the sound of the landing gear locking into place indicated to them both that the next quickie or enduro would be on the ground, not in the air. Bummer. As the two jets were flaring in formation over the threshold (REIL) lights, an incoming Immediate from Agent Candygirl came into Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun from Arlington. Could be Massachusetts, Minnesota, Virginia, Kansas, South Dakota, Georgia or Texas. Lots of Arlingtons in the United States of America not yet given over to the increasingly impatient and paranoid Bilderbergs.

Royal Crown Agent Candygirl Immediate JASPAR to Agent Chips, copy Rooster Cogburn, Hamish, Bean, Mensa, MacCheese and Switchblade Cross: Chips, I just read the chat log from yesterday's show, May 30. At [2:09] you stated "Muslim, Mormon or Marine" and I also read a few book chapters ago where I think you were referring to Ron Paul as the LAST MAN STANDING? I know you are checking the others' backgrounds extensively. Have you checked RP's? Here is some info on his father's family background, coming out of Germany, including his great-uncle Oswald Pohl who was hung as a Nazi criminal at the trials (he was not able to escape with the help of ODESSA). On his mother's side, his great-grandfather was a Free Mason and Knights Templar and possible illuminati. Also, speculation that his fraternal great great grandfather, Johannes Paul (or Pohl) was a spy for Germany and may be buried in the family cemetery under the name Casper Paul; two Caspers are buried there, but only one Casper should be (Johannes' son). The family name changed from Pohl to Paul. Here is a link documenting RP's background, including Liberty Lobby and Spotlight newsletter, which is where he got his mailing list for his newsletters that have recently been in the news again. It is a little hard to follow RP's quotes as the author sometimes uses colons instead of quotation marks. This includes info on ODESSA, which I saw on the Presidential Field radio chat log for May 26 when Mensa at [2:36] mentioned the Fourth Reich and ODESSA. Scroll down the page for easier read. More later via face to face at Sokol. On the road today enroute Odessa to Arlington, will be wearing a Czech-Mate T-shirt in red on Saturday. Candygirl.

Agent Chips and 80W checked their watches, 0447/25May12, and referred briefly to the Briefing Guides for Operation CZECH MATE 2012. Chips understood there would be an Army 6x6 awaiting them for transfer from Pounds FIELD to a hotel not too distant from Sokol Hall in Ennis, Texas. As they drained the beers they gave each other a TI and MI check finding both to be satisfactory but by no means ‘eye watering’. The Falcon 7X was parked in front of the FBO whereas Czech Mate 39 was shutdown outside a darkened hangar and then pushed in by 6 large males all wearing DON’T MESS WITH CZECHXAS T-shirts.

Stone handed his father a pair of Red Holdalls as 80W and Chips egressed the jet and ingressed the six-by Army Truck. As 80W seated herself she gave Chips a clear view of the Pastel Turquoise target area. As the truck was driven in ‘granny gear’ over to the hangar, Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun took an immediate from Agent Grapevine who was handling Global Hammer issues with Rooster Cogburn at the underground bunker at Molly’s on Main, Plum City, Wisconsin, population 599.

Royal Crown Global Hammer Grapevine Immediate FESTUS to Agent Chips, 80W and Candygirl on Operation Czech Mate and Bean, MacCheese, Mensa, Ginger, Atomic Betty and Hamish on Operation Royal Dump: Rooster Cogburn and I just sent this message to Harpers, Soetoros, Camerons, Clintons as well as the ‘three little pigs’ at NSAWW: Presidential Field McConnell has linked a graphical interface – allegedly built by Laureen Harper for Virtual Global Taskforce members led by the RCMP – to the spoliation of images of crime scenes associated with kitty-porn fugitive Luka Magnotta ( a.k.a. Eric Clinton Newman, a.k.a. Vladimir Romanow ) and the murder of Chinese national Jun Lin in Montreal. McConnell claims that Laureen Harper began working on a graphical interface to an RCMP-FBI Joint Automated Booking Station (‘JABS’) in 1996 and had developed a phony social-media crime-scene investigation service for the launch of the Virtual Global Taskforce in 2003. McConnell invites Virtual Global Taskforce members to join him inside Mrs. Harper’s OODA loop and see if they can track the kitty-porn fugitive through the VGT kiddy-porn trade. Abel Danger is ‘tailing’ Magnotta with a Winnipeg Agent, Agent Cheater, who once tracked him into Gio’s, Winnipeg’s oldest LGBT club. He is a cross dresser who has made snuff films and is being hunted in a murder investigation. He is alleged to have dated Karla Homolka in Toronto around the time Mary Elizabeth Harriman and Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams were competing with Paul Bernardo in RAPEFEST 1990. Laureen and her loose lipped LBGT girlfriends have exposed Julian Fantino’s relationship to doctored photos by Jane Pellerin which now casts long shadows on Project HatFIELD, see also David Orchard, Pellerin, Reeves, Crowley, Foulkes, Beatty, Johns, Fantino. Grapevine, Molly’s on Main, The Plum

Agent Chips had just consumed the update from Global as 80W gave him another quick shot of Pastel Turquoise. The Army 6X stopped at the dark hangar and two gentlemen climbed aboard to brief Chips and 80W on Operation CZECH-MATE. Chips recognized Nikolay as he carried the proper credentials, a liter of Russian Standard Vodka and a liter of Ukraine’s premier vodka sporting the kelly green label and 80 proof punch. Chips showed the Russian and the Czech his gold signet ring with GMCC. The four crawled into the soundproof briefing suite and discussed the pace of their operation to run concurrent with the Czech Festival in Ennis, Texas on the weekend when the Abel Danger SIXPACK would be prepping the WestFIELDs Marriott for the Bilderbergs who would occupy all 374 rooms of the hotel wired for sound, thrice.

Chips pulled out 3 red solo cups and one blue solo cup. He put a 50/50 mix of the two Premiere Vodkas in each cup, then added one ice cube and two stuffed queens speared on red plastic toothpicks not to be confused with Arkansas toothpicks like those carried by MacCheese and Switchblade Cross on the Royal Dump package in Virginia. As the 4 Czech Mate participants spoke brief toasts to each other, Agent 80W pressed ‘record’ on her Clipper Cattle Dehorner as Sergei spoke first.

“Chips and 80W, Vladimir sends greetings and thanks for work on the Sukhoi Superjet hit as it pertains to both NSAWW and City of London. Based in large part to your insights he has assigned GRU to consider the event of 9 May, 2012, an industrial sabotage event knowing full well that Abel Danger believes it to be perpetrated for benefit of Bombardier, alone, who stands to fail if all Bombardier Regional Jets are not to be allowed in US Airspace as they can be replaced one for one with the Superjet products which just entered scheduled service today, 25 May, on routing Kazan-Moscow-Kazan.

Chips, from your many flights between Astana and Moscow surely you know what industry is centered in Kazan. In addition to boycotting the Olympics in London and G8 in Chicago, Vladimir invites you to first visit the Embassy in Washington DC in June and then consider a brief trip to Moscow regarding your offer to demo the Superjet. Vladimir as well as all Russians appreciate Abel Danger’s speed and open communications. We, too, are appalled at the lack of responsibility on part of ALPA that has allowed 9 FADEC-Thales hits to occur since your letter of 10 December, 2006 that you briefed Rob Plunkett (ALPA Attorney ) and the NWA ALPA Security Rep in a face-to-face briefing in the Minneapolis FIELD Office of ALPA at 7900 International Drive, Suite 875, Bloomington MN 55425 on 31 January, 2007, the day ALPA allowed a non-FAA physician to give you a physical you didn’t need. The families of the 45 victims are communicating regarding a joint or class action lawsuit, perhaps MCCONNELL & SUKHOI v. ALPA to be filed about 20 August, 2012, if not sooner. Nickolay, over to you, comrade.”

Eighth Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft of Aeroflot performs first commercial flight

Vladimir Putin to snub London 2012 Olympics
Exclusive: Russian president will send Dmitry Medvedev to Games instead, emphasising Kremlin's displeasure with Britain

Nikolay selected F4 and C5 on his Russian FESTUS PDA and turned the volume up to max. As Country Joe and the Fish sang for the 300,000 fuckers at Woodstock, Nickolay quietly turned over the first 5 cards of a deck of 51 marked Operation PAYBACK. Chips and 80W could see that the Russians had full understanding of which rogue players at 1950 Old Gallows Road, Vienna, Virginia needed to join ‘the Judge’ and GLAMOURBOY’s beard in the ‘opening round’. The first five selected included three alleged females and two limp males serving an oath prior to their Oaths of US Office. Payback is a mother whether you spell it KGB or GRU, capeche?

As the song ended, what sounded like automatic weapons fire drowned out the song from Country Joe as the Army 6X lurched to a halt. A loyal oath keeper dressed in civvies flashed a FEMA Region 6 ID at the truck driver as the firecrackers set off by a stalled car have left a cover of smoke for the Army Six By truck. The loyal oath keeper said nothing but handed the driver a note, then directed him in a 180 degree turn to drive away from Ennis. Agent Chips crawled through the back window of the cab to get an update as the Russian, Czech and 80W had turned off Clippers for briefing.

The driver handed Chips the note. “FEMA and DHS looking for Czech Mate players. We have sent in 4 doppelgangers to be ‘arrested’ and arranged for Czech Mate party of four to switch conveyances and disguises/IDs at the Cowboy Church parking lot between Ennis and Rice on I45. At that location Agent Bucky Badger will update briefing as Royal Dump players in Vienna report all is not well with Bilderbergs. Rooster, Molly’s.”

Chips went back through the cab rear window and found that Agent Bucky Badger had joined them by dropping from an overhanging Live Oak tree. Chips could see in the face of 80W that something big was in the works and also noticed Sergei and Nikolay pouring a second Vodka Martini so wishing not to be an ugly America, see also Hillary, Elena, Janet, Michelle and Reno, he passed he Red Solo cup to the Russian speaking tandem for a liquid peace offering.

“Chips, I will be leaving this truck in 2 miles, but in a nutshell, Field, excuse me, Chips since the beginning of the Iceland volcano all of Abel Danger predictions of what these sickos next moves would be have come true implicating the Evil Parties or in several cases they have aborted the plans in the face of Abel Danger exposure. Most AD posts were placed on FB and I have archived all of them. What is happening today is similar to the events of April 2010. G8, nuke summit, Deepwater Horizon , Polish Air Force One etc. We warned of a nuke event then and then in March Fukushima bullshit story came out and the real story suppressed. Fetzer’s buddy Gordon Duff is spewing something, what do you make of this article? Abel Danger interviewed Jim Stone after he did that great piece in June 2011 about the Dimona Dozen being murdered, see at Hope to see you at Nigs before your Moscow trip. Gotta run.”

Agent Bucky Badger left the briefing facility and crawled out the back of the Six-by Army truck just before it turned on to I45. Very shortly thereafter the signature sound of a Bell Jet Ranger approached from the Terrell direction as three parachute flares lit up the early morning sky and the Huey landed in front of the 6 x 6 blocking the road in the flare lit morning. Six men in black SWAT type uniforms deployed from the Huey to set up a defensive perimeter Nikolay, Sergei and Chips found their side arms while Agent 80W flashed Chips a ‘sneak peak’ of Pastel Turquoise. Chips saw a FLASH IM from Rooster Cogburn at Global on his Clipper Squirt Gun. “Remain calm, remain seated, resolution in 30 seconds or less. Rooster”.

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