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The Fourth of July – Celebrating America’s Newest Holiday... Interdependence Day


The Fourth of July – Celebrating America’s
Newest Holiday... Interdependence Day

By Si Contino
Bucks County, PA

I recently finished Dr. Michel Chossudovsky’s book, The Globalization of Poverty, which has given me pause to contemplate the economic plight of America this Fourth of July holiday.

In his book, the Canadian economist and professor of economics (emeritus) explains the origins of the economic mess that’s not only been fostered here in America, but around the world as well. He demonstrates that the financial chaos created in the world today has been orchestrated, intentionally, as a means to institute global governance, through conformance to a well-established, multifarious recipe of:

1) creating massive sovereign debt vis-à-vis globalization and participation in Free Trade

2) instituting free market based economic policies – especially deregulation (remembering that, in globalist terms, deregulating free markets means converting from the American economic model, where people are free and regulate the economy via government; to the current Chinese model, where business functions freely and people are regulated by industry through government – The First Global Revolution, The Club of Rome)

3) launching domestic austerity measures – as a way of reducing the massive deficits spurred by IMF and World Bank policies of deregulation, globalization and Free Trade

4) selling-off public assets and infrastructure, at discount, to globally connected players to pay down the unremitting debt generated by: plunging wages, contracting tax receipts, unemployment, off-shoring, outsourcing and plant relocations

5) refinancing all original sovereign debt with new foreign aid loans, containing even more stringent terms and conditions than originally existed – which serves only to increase indebtedness and hardship domestically

6) promoting even more austerity – spurred by a lack of debt reduction from the first round of austerity measures, new austerity programs are implemented, which mean: more privatization; more plant closings; more layoffs; still lower wages; rampant unemployment; currency manipulations; runaway inflation; governmental confiscation and sale of natural resources; open borders and the unrestricted migration of foreign workers; the liberalization of foreign investment policies and banking laws; the elimination of domestic agricultural and industrial production; the programmed bankruptcy of domestic producers through trade liberalization; the collapse of social safety networks and healthcare programs; the Balkanization of national sovereignty through regionalism; the introduction of multinational agribusinesses into domestic farming operations; the seizure and sale of private property for public purposes; induced bank failures; the supplanting of national governments by global entities in providing social services; private savings stolen by governmental decree; and domestic laws and statutes being written by foreign consultants, offshore corporations and global consortiums

7) installing global technocrats, supplanting nationally elected representatives, to run the intentionally devastated economy: a) to ensure that the true nature of the fiscal problem is never exposed; and b) to guarantee that the IMF and World Bank policies of Free Trade and globalization are always moving forward unabated

8) never conceding that the financial collapse is being caused by Free Trade or globalization; and always referring to austerity measures positively, using ambiguous superlatives like “transformative”

9) the ultimate goal: creating a neofeudal state – where citizens are enslaved in an endless cycle of poverty and unserviceable debt owed to the London banking cartels and the Bretton Woods Institutions; who not only receive taxpayer bailouts, but simultaneously become government creditors who profit from this cycle of public indebtedness in perpetuity

The truly ingenious part, however, is how these machinations are sold to naive domestic audiences as cost cutting and debt reducing measures meant to restore economic prosperity; when in reality, they’re a planned downward economic harmonization being implemented so that at some point, the domestic economy can be emulsified and assimilated (by the IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve, ECB, or some other transnationally connected organization) into the lesser economies of the world. The object being, to force a contrived interdependence between sovereign nation-states and international directorates controlled by the global establishment.

It’s a tried and true archetype that’s been used successfully throughout the world: from Brazil and Peru in South America, to India and Bangladesh in Asia, to the former Soviet Union and Greece in Europe; and now the Globalization of Poverty has found its way to the shores of America.

In the United States, having laid the groundwork for America’s economic downfall through the “thirdworldization” of our economy (while at the same time co-opting and eviscerating our Constitution and Bill of Rights), the attendant sociopolitical objective is to deter any internal political dissension by an armed populace. Hence, the creation of the Department of Homeland Security; US Northern Command; the NSA’s new Data Mining Center in Utah; America’s ubiquitous Fusion Centers; SWAT teams deployed by the Department of Education and the FDA; armed rangers patrolling your local community parks; and of course, the omnipresent TSA. All of which serve as a control grid to insure your individual liberty, economic freedom, and most especially, your domestic tranquility....

So, have a great Fourth of July everyone... and happy Interdependence Day, America!

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  1. People have a hard time believing this only need to listen to Ted Turner openly admit at the most recent Bilderberg meeting his elitist plans. "CNN Founder Ted Turner Supports Population Reduction To 2 Billion". One kid for every family in the next 100 years. What about your 5 shitbag kids? The fact you are the largest landowner in the U.S. and you're saving that for bison?

    A post the world needs to read as it crumbles from these pigs.


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