Monday, May 14, 2012

McConnell Links Obama’s Lesbian Bodyguard To a Leaky Underwear Bomb

Presidential Field McConnell has linked Michelle Obama’s Secret Service lesbian bodyguard Paula Reid, to the alleged White House leak which disrupted an al-Qaeda plot involving a sophisticated underwear bomb.

McConnell Links Obama’s Secret Same-Sex Service To Illinois Pedophile Bridge

“CIA Thwarts New Al-Qaida Underwear Bomb Plot - Alex Jones Infowars Nightly News”

“Author: John Hudson Whoever Leaked the Underwear Bomber Story Ought to Be Nervous The heat is on a U.S. official responsible for leaking details of al Qaeda's disrupted bomb plot to the Associated Press. On the Sunday talk shows, high-ranking officials in both chambers of Congress across both parties called for investigations and the prosecution of the man or woman who leaked details about the infiltration of al Qaeda's Yemen branch. Unlike previous situations, where government crackdowns on leakers has been criticized, this appears to be a fairly clear-cut case of improper leaking. The mission, which resulted in the recovery of a sophisticated underwear bomb, was leaked to the AP before it was completed, according to members of Congress sitting on intelligence committees. Because successfully infiltrating al Qaeda is so rare, leaks can be especially damaging for undercover agents who risked their lives to gain the enemy's trust. It was a case powerful members of Congress were making loud and clear yesterday. Senator Dianne Feinstein. On Fox News Sunday, the California Democrat and chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee called for a prosecution of the leaker. “This leak was serious,” she said. “It certainly jeopardizes our ability to relate to other countries and for other countries to help us, and it gives a tip off [to al Qaeda in Yemen] to be more careful about who they use as their couriers, as their bombers.” Feinstein said the leak "did endanger sources and methods, and the leak I think has to be prosecuted.”” The Telegraph 10 May 2012 … CIA launches inquiry into media leaks over 'underpants' double agent US spy chief James Clapper has ordered an inquiry into leaks to media outlets that exposed how the CIA foiled an al-Qaeda plot using a spy who infiltrated the terror group, officials said Wednesday.”

Presidential Field reminds you that you have a moral obligation to think hard.

Presidential Mandate

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