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General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout - Chapter 12

Harper’s Trident and the Limo driver’s Butt Pirate
Rainbow Coalition launched in 1984 with Chicago three-finger saluter

In the last chapter, Chips had swallowed hard as a low flying DC7B flew over the cuckoos nest. Abel Danger decides to bring the heat to the Edomite infested Chicago Criminal Cabal run at direction of the City of London Edomites and Vatican Jesuits. On 18 May, 2012, it was said “What a FIELD day for the heat”. Edomite Harper was exposed in Canada , Edomite Tool Soetoro was exposed in 1991 literary guide and the linkage between Sam Cam and the MASS SNUFF FILM was stood down by a trident, capeche? Chips ruminated on their success in holding off the attack on the Vancouver Olympics prior to exposing Russell Williams to the staid economist with the diminutive spear. Similar to 4 days prior to the Cameron-Obama FALSE FLAG scheduled to destroy evidence in Willis-CME. He realizes people do not understand where ‘O’ was born – Surrey or White Rock BC . He also notes that According to a Limo driver named Sinclair, Soetoro is a butt pirate. Dwarf and Telstar see the rogue DC7B turning on the final approach vector. Then Tanker 66 rolls into a support/trail position while maintaining zero overtake with running lights out. FESTUS detects the rogue DC7B had energized the dump tank boost pumps. Dwarf stands by to detonate the gasoline/jelly mix before they would be over the hotel, google [ Kennedy + BQ8 + Roosevelt + 12 August, 1944 ]. Chips checks Rebkah with Rooster at Molly’s on Main to confirm the ‘kill’ had been authorized as it was in 1888 when Myles Romney’s lesbian assassins were deployed in Whitechapel, London 114 years before the movie The Whitechapel Vampire was aired. The murder for hire hits such as the torture murder of Jon Benet Ramsey date back to the 1979 Unabomber launched by Weather Underground’s 3 finger saluter and her limp beard Bill Ayers who are now compromised and controlled by the pedophile ring that sits ‘inside’ USDOJ, especially the Paste Pride perverts handled by the office at 1950 Old Gallows Road. Umbrellaman sends FLASH CLIPPER to Abel Danger Global Hammer; ‘It is reported in Chicago circles including Sheila M. O’Grady that Field McConnell has linked Michelle Soetoro’s same-sex associates to Rainbow PUSH Coalition and pedophile traps set up by Hull House legal advisors prior to its FORCED CLOSURE .. Have thinkers study this article and consider Hamish dress in Tina Turner mode to try and expose Cameron. Umbrellaman. Chips reviews the Canadian Stallion’s beard named Mary Elizabeth Harriman and linkage or relationship to Laureen Harper and Averill Harriman. A simultaneous exploculation shakes the hotel, Chips sings a love song to Pastel Turquoise as she falls asleep in his arms having found out that her knight would not last forever.

Possible engine problem delays U.S. rocket launch

Abel Danger has bringing the heat to the Chicago Criminal Cabal run at direction of the Edomites in City of London and Vatican Jesuits when on 18 May, 2012, it was honestly said “What a FIELD day for the heat” ( at 1:19 ) as Harper was exposed in Canada, Soetoro wasexposed in 1991 literary guide and the linkage between Sam Cam and the MASS SNUFF FILM to be filmed in the Abel Danger Threat Window [ 2020/19 to 0340/22 ] is stood down by Abel Danger, Sukhoi and Medvedev in a three pronged attack reminiscent of a trident, capeche? Speaking of Trident, which is a maritime spear, note the diminutive spear on the staid perhaps never laid economist who wonders about the leaker at Trinity in Halifax, or is it Mill Cover, give me 5 minutes to drop a dime.

Based on the success of the Abel Danger formula where we held off until 4 days before the Vancouver Olympics prior to exposing Russell Williams to the staid economist with the diminutive spear and a beard with an RCMP Harley straddler ‘good friend’, who it appeared had been counted on to facilitate a false flag aviation event in February, 2010’s Whistler Olympics, Abel Danger held off until 4 days prior to the Cameron-Obama FALSE FLAG scheduled to destroy evidence in Willis-CME during the threat window posted at Abel Danger. Abel Danger on 18 May, 2012 authorized the exposure of a 1991 publication 36 pages in length that may cause Barry Soetoro to be a ‘no show’ at Chicago as well as Camp David, as well as the ballot in Arizona, Oklahoma and ( red acted). Good luck, Bart. Seems when Barry “it’s all about me” Soetoro was trying to translate his accurate but unenviable and regrettable history into cash in 1991 he had his bio include a comment about his birth in Kenya which is not clearly understood when he was actually born in Surrey or Whiterock BC. Either way, ‘Long legged mac-daddy’ is toast..but not dark toast for bread aficionados or masters of the English language to include quadroons, octaroons and bullshit lawyers, pardon the redundancy.

On the same day we authorized the reminder that in 1990 the ‘gay murderer’ married to the ‘princeton princess of late-term abortion’ had planned to divorce, in retrospect Sasquatch should have stuck a rice grinder between her enormous thighs and done a thunderous runner as envisioned here. According to a Limo driver named Sinclair, Soetoro is a butt pirate but more discriminating than to be attracted to a butt the size of Texas, capeche?

Abel Danger was assured at 1118 CDT on 18 May, 2012 that the intentional demolition of Hancock, Willis and either the CME or 1 Dearborn had been taken out of the playbook for contingent False Flag attacks due to revelation of KESHE TECHNOLOGY, see also South Africa, Pelinda Pickles and Abel Danger Agent Sugarbush. Financial meltdowns in Greece, Spain and (redacted, to be announced 29May12) will be accelerated as US, UK and Russian ‘white hats’ have exchanged list of rogue players serving globalists elitists according to a heterosexual convert at 1950 Old Gallows Road, Vienna, Virginia, where he/she/it/they may be known as the ‘non lisping leaker’. Meanwhile, somewhere in East Texas Operation ROYAL DUMP was being managed from a FIELD office somewhere in the Terrell, Bardwell, Corsicana Triangle. Keep in mind that Mr. Boo’s and Soulman’s BBQ are both in that small circle. Perhaps during a canvas of that area a Harry Busch will be found which may lead to a google search for [ Hieronymus Bosch + Mickey Haller + Terrell McCaleb ] which in turn leads to the Texas governor in attendance at the Kennedy assassination.

Agent Chips and Ginger Cookie heard an Abel Danger knock on the hotel room door so Ginger Cookie took a quick peek through the security peep hole while Agent Chips ( born in ’49 ) took a peek at a nice caboose, to borrow from railroad jargon. Ginger Cookie saw that it was Atomic Betty, Mensa and Agent Bean so she allowed them entry like she hoped to do with Chips as she was wearing Pastel White to signal surrender, such as she had done in Annapolis, Maryland during the third week of July of 1970. Chips knew he was into something good as Ginger Cookie’s battle standard was Pastel Ginger Snap.

Due to heightened security protocols Atomic Betty and Bean proved with their pastel IOCs that they were in fact Atomic Betty and Agent Bean. Agent Mensa showed his ‘good old boys club’ card and gave a secret hand sign but not like the ones used by Ron Paul and GWB, capeche? Atomic Betty seemed shaken while Agent Bean seemed stirred. That gave Mensa and Chips some good ideas and a Mensa poured as Brandy Manhattan for himself. Chips noticed Agent 80W was sucking on a Shiner Bock so he walked up behind her and gave three pats on her mound de venus signaling he’d like a Captain Sherlock Martini as fellatio would be inappropriate in a public setting, or so thought the cunning linguist.

Agent 80W gladly poured him a 32 ounce CSM and said “One stiff one deserves another” and sampled his TI which was near his normal resting turgidity index of 97%. At the touch of her little hand it elevated and Chips was wishing he had on his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster FCT as his ‘security probe’ was making his Molly’s T-shirt look somewhat like a pup tent, with only one pole not to evoke memories of the Smolensk TU-154 sabotage that occurred on the 70th anniversary of the 1940 killing of 22,000 or so Poles including military officers, intelligentsia agents and police officers.

Agent 80W approached Chips from behind and reached her arms around his torso to provide ‘hold down’ services on his PRTC so that he did not cause the other three Dangerettes, Atomic Betty, Ginger Cookie and Agent Bean to initiate ‘auto-drench’ procedures that would trigger the need for service if you know anything about cattle breeding or Maytag front load sudsing machines, top loaders also, come to think of it. Agent 80W gave the PRTC three short and two long squeezes indicating to Chips that she’d be expecting a 5 minute quickie at first opportunity. He wiggled up and down twice to respond in the affirmative, similar to nodding one’s head but on a smaller scale.

Speaking of smaller scale, what’s the deal with Canadian Prime Minister Glamourboy’s nude artwork now retitled SHRIMP DICK, as suggested by a private detective in Halifax who investigated Shrimp and other items undercover.. And why did he promote Julian Fantino as it will not suppress exposure of the HatFIELD Project perversion of justice in the time-date issues swirling around Russell’s Williams’ DNA and the role that his unconsummated beard played in the murder of Alban Garon in a failed attempt to deny justice in the Brian Mulroney bribe or suppress its relationship to the Sukhoi SuperHit of 9 May, 2012, in Indonesia, where Barry Soetoro had a crossdressing nanny named Turdy.

Agent Mensa received a Clipper call from Rooster Cogburn at the Global HQ in Plum City indicating that on Saturday, 19 May, 2012, the Global Command Post would relocate to the basement of Molly’s on Main at 601 Main Street, Plum City, WI 54761. He added that Grapevine would be in the command bunker and also that Agents Dwarf and Sluggo had been recalled to active status to provide electronic surveillance of NSAWW, US SES, Femme Comp Inc, NAPAWASH and Serco in the hours leading up to President Mededev’s ‘line in the sand’ regarding the missile ring around Russia that prompted Agent Chips to order a yellow ‘crime scene’ tape to be wrapped around the RED SQUARE in Chicago but also expanded to include the CME and the Willis Tower.

Rooster mentioned that Hamish was apparently quite busy with Agent Tiffany Malakoff in Room 348 but he was curious as to whether his pre-crash clipper had been read and consumed by the team deployed on Operation ROYAL DUMP. Only Chips and Rooster understood that DUMP was both a verb and a noun in the context of the psy op. The weapons aimed at the May 20 missile sites included Depleted Uranium Military Projectiles, capeche? Having flown DC10 Chips smiled while remembering that flights from Minneapolis to London Gatwick on Northwest DC10-40s went so senior for Flight Attendants that the jet was called ‘the menopause missile’. At Western Airlines the DC10 was nicknamed the Spaceship and is referred to in this John Denver classic at the 0 + 24 mark as he tells the story of leaving Colorado for Los Angeles. How many of you budding crime solvers knew that John Denver’s father was the first USAF pilot to be ‘mission ready’ in the B58A Hustler, set three speed records and is in the Air Force Hall of Fame? I thought so, Americans read so little history no wonder a gay president born in Canada is now squatting at 1600.

Mensa prepared his Clipper Genealogical Tool to broadcast the previous Clipper via his TALK PDA configured with FESTUS software. Mensa was assigned to the Phoenix/Biltmore listening post which no longer had military Navajo code talkers as only two of the WWII vets are alive today and they have reservations about speaking while allegedly are still good listeners.

A prominent veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps' Navajo Code Talkers, who confounded enemy combatants in World War Two by using the Navajo language as a battle field cipher in the South Pacific, has died at age 89, officials said on Friday.

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Mensa was well acquainted with the Mormons who had replaced the Navajos and he understood that many Mormons reject Romney as a ‘false mormon wannabe’ just like Khazars, such as Foghorn Leghorn’s limp husband Nick Clegg, have ‘false jew’ Khazar blood. If ‘false jew’ offends anyone, replaced it with Edomite, i.e. false jew. Mensa was surprised that Mormon intel practicioners had not linked Field McConnell’s FESTUS software to certain ‘leaks’ at National Security Associates World Wide but he assumed they had not stumbled across the special cookies that allow a reader to see the relationship between the PLAYFAIR CIPHER of 1888 and the modern Marine Field Cypher that was spun up when the Navajos were put to pasture and some young Mormons were misled by a vain Bain moneygrubber who parked $254M in the Grand Cayman tax hideout.

Mensa signaled for Agent Bean to provide some loud music to cover the TALK version of Hamish’s Clipper so Bean selected F4 and C10 on her Clipper Medical Bag. It was understood that whenever TALK software was utilized that the same song, Try A Little Kindness, would be the cover music to honor Glen Campbell who, like Bobby Vee of Fargo and Saint Cloud, was experiencing early stages of Alzheimers. Speaking of dementia, when Mo Strong and George Soros created Barry Soetoro to be the closing act of the Republic for which I stand perhaps, they underestimated the legions who stand with Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin in his epic political gunfight with the mystery man from Chicago and his Marxist perverts, see also Edomites, while in the mainstream media hints of an OBAMA DIVORCE are being raised for the third time since 1990 when he got of the cocaine or hemp long enough to realize what he had become BEARDED to. Thank Allah for Petri dish artificial insemination, he thought, knowing that he could have had to have coitus with Sasquatch if the medical folks in Chicago couldn’t have done it. Or perhaps he would thank Jeremiah Wright, his fake pastor for 20 years who is best known for 3 words. GOD DAMN AMERICA. Perhaps Pastor Wrong and Sasquatch should catch a slow boat to Senegal, capeche? Where do these mulattos come off being so anti American. What next, revenge of the gay quadroons?

Mensa pressed play and the three minute mp3 began with Hamish’s boring monotone that is often used as a sleep aid by adult women in British Columbia who have not found the online catalog at Chips, Rooster and our heterosexual convertee at 1950 Old Gallows Road recalled the converted DC7B was modified at Loveland/Ft Collins, Colorado just like the two Darrell Skurich supervised super modified Raytheon A 3 Sky Warriors deployed on the morning of 9/11. There was a second DC7B modified at Abbotsford’s Conair and it was configured 90% the same but more importantly painted exactly the same, a doppelganger as it were, just like the corpse tossed off the Carl Vinson after the fake snatch, see also inflatable sheep, in Islamabad that lead to the murder of Seal Team Six by a small band of MFers that may include the Pat Tillman Trio and Clipper Panetta. Perhaps Kensinger, McChrystal, Petraeus and the beaner don’t know the statute of limitations on murder or treason. Meanwhile a Convair 580 brings back memories of what Chips was doing on 6 November, 1978 before he was assigned to track and remove the Edomite riffraff.

When Dwarf and Telstar had seen that the rogue DC7B was turning on the final approach vector, our Tanker 66 rolled into a support/trail position maintaining zero overtake and running lights out. When FESTUS detected the rogue DC7B had energized the dump tank boost pumps, Dwarf was standing by to detonate the gasoline/jelly mix before they would be over the hotel, just as Elliott Roosevelt did to Joe Kennedy Jr on 12 August, 1944 when a BQ8 loaded with Torbex blew up short of the target. Mensa was supporting from Room 303 with MacCheese and Bean. As Mensa recognized the PlayFair cipher keyword, Rebkah, he disabled the rogue DC7B ‘purge pumps’ which caused the gasoline laden DC7B to fail to dump gasoline on the hotel where it would have been ignited by the flickering hurricane lamps ringing the hotel pool area not to be confused with cock-ring or dead ringer, capeche? Having checked keyword Rebkah with Rooster at Molly’s he confirmed a ‘kill’ was authorized as it had been in 1888 when Myles Romney’s lesbian assassins were deployed in Whitechapel, London 114 years before the movie The Whitechapel Vampire was aired. After the rogue DC7B had failed to torch the hotel it flew to the north and once it cleared I45, Dwarf and MacCheese simultaneously pressed ‘kill’ completing the ignition sequence for the belly tank and the DC7B was blown just as Janet Reno had blown Branch Davidian, Murrah, WTC in 1993 and some other targets of the group organized in 1979 when a consultant, now at NSAWW, began the infiltration of FBI and other justice bureaus with Femme Comp pedophiles to remove or plant evidence during CSI (crime scene investigations) not to be confused with Captain Sherlock Investigations. The murder for hire hits such as the torture murder of Jon Benet Ramsey date back to the 1979 Unabomber launched by Weather Underground’s 3 finger saluter and her limp beard Bill Ayers who are now compromised and controlled by the pedophile ring that sits ‘inside’ USDOJ, especially the Paste Pride perverts handled by the office at 1950 Old Gallows Road. They eat their young, when threatened, such as they did when they turned on Robert Hanssen whose bedroom peephole let his male neighbor watch as Robert attempted to push a rope with his wife whose ungainliness rivaled the worst appointment Bill Clinton made during his first term of Treason before Operation BLUE DRESS SPOT arranged by Hillary nearly ended his treasonous weakening of the US military accomplished by the short ugly son of a Waffen SS officer and disgraced CIA traitor John Douche of MIT where Dr Thomas Hale spoke Navajo long enough to get 9/11 accomplished before suffering the same condition as Willie Card, John Parsons Wheeler III, Dr. David Kelly, Christopher Shale and Robin Cook.

Following Promis and French Promise the Pastel Perverts (Edomites) thought they had the perfect CSI control mechanism in JABS, however Abel Danger’s FESTUS and JASPAR both sit ‘inside’ JABS while conversely no targeted buildings sit inside the RED SQUARE in Chicago. Comments amongst those in the room, I am busy pumping Tiffany Malakoff, the burlesque dancer from Paris, for more information. Hamish.

While Chips and the Texas force were deployed to the south, things were heating up in Chicago and a nude Agent Provacateur who was a dead ringer for Hillary Rodham Diane Clinton expressed her disapproval of all things foreign as she parade her uncovered vulva over Agent Gray-Dort’s undercover Volvo. Gray-Dort is the recently retired patriot who was in the Adjutant General’s office in the Illinois National Guard, at least via remote encryption. His regional branch manager in Carol Stream, Illinois is constantly updating RTI with the Global Hammer in Plum City while Gray-Dort drives his 1924 Dort during undercover Operations such as ROYAL DUMP.

AD Hamish adorns his undercover Volvo

Mensa and Dwarf had all Abel Danger Offices monitoring Chicago, Trinity and Moscow and when Agent 80W saw the image of the svelte Hillary impersonator she resorted to a play out of the Agent Chips old playbook. She dialed his cel number 715 307 8222 knowing it was set to vibrate while resting on his lap. The vibrating achieved two desired effects, one of them his answering. She sent him an image of herself when she was a graduate student at Baylor at about the time of the first meeting in the 60s.

AD Agent 80W, 1963

Chips took a quick look then apologized to Mensa saying that he just had taken a FLASH CLIPPER that a survivor had been found at the crash site and that he and Agent 80W were required to identify the body. Mensa wished them well and pushed a magenta button on his Clipper Generalogy Database where upon Agent Vani and Agent Skymaster came out of the closet to man the consoles and lap tops vacated by 80W and Chips.

Chips went to the lobby while 80W went to his room to prepare for knight action knowing he’d be back to deliver some Abel Danger knocks which she in turn would reward with some Abel Danger knockers. Chips saw a gardener by the front of the hotel so he had a brief conversation, handed the man $40 and the keys to his Avis rental car with bogus Wisconsin Plum 1 liscense plates and went back up to stick his nose in 80W’s business, in a manner of speaking, all in the interest of national security. His three Abel Danger knocks were answered as the Room door was open and he was regaled with a view of two Abel Danger knockers and another item down south. She had placed a CSM and two tins of Smoked Oysters on the bedside table as she grabbed her lariat and reclined wearing nothing at all but a pair of cowboy boots, a turquoise kerchief around her neck, and a smile. Placing his FCT IOC in Pastel Manly Mocha along side his Martini glass, he pushed F4 and C240 on his Clipper. Gene Autry began a 4 hour closed loop of a fitting song for a pair of geriatric Texans as Chips saddled up, as she desired according to her presentation which was hard to resist, key word not resist.

While 80W was rockin’ too and fro’, Chips pictured Elena Kagan to forestall an early exploculation but 80W was enjoying her position she called ‘squeezeplay’ so Chips needed to add Janet Napolitano to his imaginary American Kennel Club parade of bow wows as the excitement factor was pushing his TI past 122% and the risk of exploculation was high. Chips was holding up his end of the bargain when his Clipper Squirt Gun took an incoming Immediate from Marquis d’Cartier who was doing the archive work at Vancouver Public Library whilst Chips was doing a pubic inventory, of sorts. Chips knew he needed to take the call so he handed 80W a Wisconsin straight 8 and walked to a stuffed chair, woody and all.

Miss A W Jones of Baldwin Wisconsin

Royal Crown Agent Marquis d’Cartier Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Rooster Cogburn, Umbrellaman and Mensa, copy Chips: Now that the NBC option have all been blocked in Chicago by Abel Danger, Medvedev and your cooperative leaker at NSAWW, the globalist may intend to create social race and class based friction in Chicago. Those protesting a meeting of US allies correctly see that NATO is no longer a defensive force as the USSR’s demise have left no natural enemies reminiscent of the introduction of the Mongoose to Hawaii to rid the islands of snakes. Where they lack a true mission, they create revenue generation by deploying what was once a MUTUAL DEFENSE network into a ‘for hire’ mutual offense force. NATO has overstepped in Balkans, Afghanistan and Libya. Suggest Hamish disguise himself as a Pastel Pusher and walk the streets of Chicago to counterbalance Jesse Jackson’s latest mind fart, this disguise would work:

Agent Hamish in Pastel for Operation ROYAL DUMP

American and UK military are very tired of trading US and UK blood for Opium. Suggest a two pronged attack on 19-22 May in Chicago, Virginia and City of London. Infiltrate military protests in Chicago while deploying psy ops via JABS and Festus that lets MI2g know we have hacked and tracked the blackmail material and implication network ‘magic circle’ that keeps the corrupted insiders and less compromised outsiders in competitions such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, see also bullshit. In a nutshell CDP constitutes a technocratic, resource rationing racket via which insiders cannibalize less compromised competition, such as the Airbus hit on Sukhoi 10 days ago. Thomas Smolich’s Jesuit dopes have engineered articifical cults via trauman-based programming and communal sexual/power based appetites. While Hamish, Sluggo and Diehard are boots on the ground in Chicago, Dwarf and Switchblade will launch a cyber attack via JASPAR to expose the Edomite rich mi2g, CDP and the Jesuits, exposing them and raising their paranoia quotients so high that they suspend FALSE FLAG operations until the June 11th event near Wolverton Mountain, or is it Weather Mountain. With the exception of the Airbus Sukhoi attack, a majority of the enforcement actions are BVR and do no longer include sabotaging rivals operations or invading their territories but has morphed into a subtle, BVR, archived-snuff blackmail-based model. The grabbing hands have gone well beyond just ‘carbon’ so that clean energy companies can flourish only if selected to be governed by a centralized, compromise circle of elitist jerks, pardon the redundancy. Abel Danger group code CIRCLE JERKS based in City of London, Brussels, Montreal and Vienna, Virginia. Marquis d’Cartier.

Chips regretted having taken the call and returned to Agent 80W who had a song cued up with a slower groove in mind. As she placed her Clipper Dehorner to C180 and C6, Chips looked forward to three hours of undisturbed, in depth security probing, and he like that.

Chips kept time with the BM song not to be confused with Baltimore, Maryland home of Nancy Pelosi’s mafia beard or Bruce McConnell draft dodging son of a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff. To trick his twig and berries from an early exploculation he thought about the KESHE FOUNDATION and their claim that the new technology had the ability to promote Peace, see also end war. The aircraft carriers of the US will become nothing but floating bathtubs, with the exception of USS JFK, if KF Magravs technology is used effectively, and the runways full of F22, F35 F16s and F18s and so on will be nothing but runway museums of iron birds, as these craft will not be able to fly if their electronic systems are once touched by Magravs space technology. The recent issue of F22 pilots ‘singing like canaries’ should be a harbinger. The same is true of all ‘electric’ jets such as all models of the Airbus. These aircrafts and combatant warships would have to be rewired from A to Z before they could ever operate again. Chips recalled the South African Agent Sugar Bush who had participated in the secret negotiations at Balliol College in Oxford during the evening of 10 September, 2011 when Whistleblowing cop Tony Farrell was a no show perhaps suffering from a bad case of Cressida Dick. Agent Sugarbush suggested to Chips that when Soetoro, Harper, and Cameron are fully exposed, Barry Soetoro’s replacement would be brought up to speed in hopes she would understand this technology capable of forcing WORLD PEACE.

US Presidential Decree and Keshe Foundation response

Chips had stayed in the saddle for fifteen minutes when 80W called ‘switch, side oiler, snake charmer’. Chips complied by backing out, so to speak, and assuming the position. Meanwhile, back at Molly’s on Main, Agents Rooster and Grapevine received a sobering message from Umbrellaman.

Umbrellaman FLASH CLIPPER to Abel Danger Global Hammer, Otto Pilot and Uncle Ray, copy ROYAL DUMP players: It is reported in Chicago circles including Sheila M. O’Grady that Field McConnell’s linkage of Michelle Soetoro’s same-sex associates in the Rainbow PUSH Coalition to pedophile traps allegedly set up by Hull House legal advisors prior to its FORCED CLOSURE by Abel Danger 4 months ago after we linked Kristine Marcy Missing Children To Michelle Obama Blood Organ Trades at the same time we informed the world of Romney’s pedophile issues. Please have Hamish and Marquis d’Cartier take a GOOD LONG LOOK at [ Jesse Jackson + gay man lawsuit + steven proctor + rainbow push + Andrew Davis ]. Have the thinkers study this article and consider having Hamish dress in Tina Turner mode to try and expose Cameron. Umbrellaman

Agent Hamish in Chicago Infiltration Disguise

Back in Room 348 Hamish was enjoying a post-coital double mineral water, with signature lime slice, as Tiffany Malakoff attended to the target area with 3 NAPAWASH DNA collectors. Hamish took a long stiff pull and wondered at which point Canada’s SHRIMP DICK would be held accountable for the CANADIAN STALLION’S DNA debacle which, if OPP had taken appropriate and timely action, would have spared the life of Jessica Lloyd who probably would reject someone as limp and lame as the exposed recliner and his fluffy gray partner at 24 Sussex. As he watch Tiffany strap down her knockers, he looked back a month and reviewed the 20 April offering:

Abel Danger: General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout ...Apr 20, 2012... Mary Elizabeth Harriman + David Johnston + Julian Fantino + Project HatFIELD + Judge Alban Garon ]. Chips knew that Pellerin's photos had been manipulated and Williams' DNA had been known to OPP in 2006 but if the ...

Agent Chips was reviewing the Canadian Stallion’s beard named Mary Elizabeth Harriman’s relationship to Laureen Harper and Averill Harriman and the protection afforded by Judge Jennifer McKinnon and attorney Mary Jane Boinks when Agent 80W hollered ‘switch, pile driver, jack hammer’ signaling the race was soon to be over.

Moments later as a simultaneous exploculation shook the hotel, Chips sang her a love song as she fell asleep in his arms having found out her knight would not last forever.

Chips stuffed his junk knowing that 80W was a cat napper so he’d only have about 15 minutes to spend helping Agent Bean bone up on PUSH and Wells Fargo. He stuffed his junk, took a Marine Corps shower, two tins of Smoked Oysters and 3 Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters.

As Chips walking to the room three doors to the right he marveled at the naked felonies of Wells Fargo regarding ‘uncontainable market share’ in the MERS MESS for which Mike Heid and Warren Buffett will be give equal portions of blame and sentencing.

Chips, a 4.0 Economics major at Annapolis found it unlikely Wells Fargo would hog 33% of the commercial and residential mortgage business where the other 4 mega bid corrupt banks averaged 2.5% each. Warren Buffett and Mike Heid’s dot com accounting would hit a brick wall on 11 June, 2012 when Field McConnell’s property at 9223 50th Ave S, Glyndon MN 56547 goes to a Sheriff Sale on the same day as the civil case filing FIELD MCCONNELL v. WELLS FARGO.

How Wells Fargo cooks its books - "A poster child for accounting fraud"

Chips saw the 1968 RHS tassel hanging on the door knob of Bean’s room so he let himself in quietly as suggested by the 1971 monster hit by the Bells.

Because Chips’ Clipper was off, he missed an Immediate FESTUS from Hamish.

Royal Crown Agent Hamish Immediate FESTUS IM to Umbrellaman, Gray-Dort, Rooster Cogburn and Mensa, copy Chips and the Dangerette du jour:“Jesse was the front man for the launch of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition in 1984. Back room (butt) girls were Queen Hornet and the 3-finger saluter. They taught Michelle the power of small-business snuff production with images of the stabbing of Sharon Tate caught on a B&H Zoomatic stolen from NBC. Michelle built the Rainbow snuff-film portfolio. She extorts the white heteros with shots of late term abortion at U of C Hospitals. Also pics of JonBenet and Maddy McCann. She scares the hell out the NATO spouses in Chicago . Pure Alinsky of course. Line in the sand time. Hamish.”

Chips and Bean SNIPHed each other to ensure national security was not being jeopardized by Paula Reid of the Secret Service Lesbo branch.. Having both passed the prove up process, the lady assumed her favored positon ‘rabbit ears’ whereupon the Marine smelling of Jade East penetrated the OODA loop of someone who was not the owner of the Pastel Jade Green battlestandard, fully drenched and hung up to dry. As Bean and Chips were making up for the 44 years between her high school prom and his ‘re-introduction’ of the PRTC, the two adult heteros missed a daily blast from KP Cebu in the Phillipians who was also SWITCHBLADE CROSS during operations to prevent Topoffs such as Royal Dump.

by Roger Hathaway, 1125 Goldfinch Lane, Jewell Ridge, Virginia 24622 March 21, 2004 Spring Equinox, beginning of the end

To the Jews,

First, know that this is not a hate letter, nor do I hate you. You Edomites are brothers to Israel, making you my brother, and hate is not acceptable in Jesus' Israelite sheep. But, I deem that the truth stated in this letter will be difficult for you read, especially since it is from one who does not hate you.

Jesus said to John, "I know those who call themselves Jews and are not, but lie; they are the body of Satan." (Rev. 2:9 & 3:9) God said in Malachai 1:2, "Was not Esau Jacob's brother? saith the Lord; yet I loved Jacob and hated Esau." (and Romans 9:13) The prophet Obadias spoke: "the house of Israel shall take for an inheritance those that took them for inheritance. And the house of Jacob shall be fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau shall be stubble; and Israel shall flame forth against them, and shall devour them, and there shall not be a corn-field left to the house of Esau; because the Lord has spoken."

At Jesus' trial, your ancestors called for Jesus' blood to be on them and on their children. And it has been so, for nearly 2,000 years. It was you Edomite Jews who killed Christ, and that guilt is forever. You have had your centuries of dominion over true Israel, and your time is nearly at an end. The end times have arrived, and your beastly civilization of World is about to end in a great catastrophe. The children of God are mostly silent, confidently awaiting that great day of God when we are avenged and you are overthrown

As a quivering and undilated Agent Beans quivered, clenched and screamed “Smoke Me”, three doors down an alert Agent Mensa recognized a voice, a technique and drew the proper conclusion. Mensa made a mental note to ask Chips the significance of his F16 callsign Smoke, believing it to be ‘smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em’ and Abel Danger has ‘em, whether it is Edomites, Mormons, Muslims, Jesuits or any other cultist foolish enough to do battle with the One. The great I AM. Jesus. I rest my case. Meanwhile, three doors down, a 100 pound pile of Texas woman stirs in her sleep recalling and Earl Thomas Conley song from the days when Chips had her bent over the trunk of a 1974 Eldorado outside the HEB Grocery in Beeville, Texas, where once was Chase FIELD but today is the MCCONNELL UNIT. Agent 80W had a soft spot for the MCCONNELL UNIT, in a manner of speaking.

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