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General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout - Chapter 9

Utah Archives – Pedophile links Romney – Whitechapel 1888
Doppelganger offers Sukhoi demonstration flights as remedy for FADEC sabotage

In the last chapter, Chips had harked back to 1967 when he was at Punahou School: this was well before Barry Soetoro’s handlers became aware of a contingent lawsuit filed at Quentin Burdick Courthouse in Fargo, North Dakota, as of May Day, 2012. Chips and Mensa check the common ancestors of Field McConnell and General George Patton and then digress onto a brief conversation regarding KAL007. Agent 80W gives Chips a view to another form of briefs, this form in Pastel Turquoise. Mensa mines some genealogical data from the Mormon archives in Utah: he links Miles Romney to the pedophile trade based out of Whitechapel, England in 1888 which preceded the Bountiful BC-Utah-Texas racket. Mensa Max crawls out of the aft right window, checks the strength of the Kevlar ladder and climbs into the chopper. Agent Aston Martin exits second. Chips is clever enough not to let Bean catch him taking a ‘sneak peak’. Aston Martin is safely in the helo as Bean gave Chips a clear view of some heaving monster fun bags; she blows him a kiss and whispers ‘seminal win’ in his good ear. Switching to serious, Chips asks his doppelganger, Captain Field McConnell, to offer help re the FADEC sabotage of the Sukhoi 100 Superjet. McConnell writes to Mikhail Pogosyan, General Director of the Sukhoi Aircraft Company in Moscow with a cc to Colonel Nikolay V. Blednykh, Russian Embassy, Washington, DC 20007. Chips’ doppelganger offers to speak to the Sukhoi engineering/test pilot/safety personnel with a representative of the Russian Embassy in attendance. McConnell will expose the role of FADEC and BAE technologies in the sabotage of Turkish 1951 / AMS, Speedbird 38 / LHR, Adam Air 574 / Indonesia, Kenya 507 / Cameroon, Air France 447 /Atlantic, CF18 / Lethbridge, Canada and F18 / Oceana, Virginia. McConnnell offers to become a ‘demonstration pilot’ for Sukhoi internationally and especially in North America and Eurasia. Atomic Betty opens her pink attaché with the image of a pink pussy cat outlined in Mint Green and explains to Chips their change of destination. She tells him that the Mill Creek Ranch Resort is crawling with FEMA goons so they will go to Lefty Frizzell’s home town, the long way around. She gives Chips a status report from 5 minutes ago concerning: “Your posting of McConnell’s Linage of Obama’s Secret Same-Sex Service to the Illinois Pedophile Bridge, has emboldened the Russians and caused the Chicago Queers to pee like little girls, see also Al Gore.” Atomic Betty puts her head down but Chips determined it wasn’t because she was tired. The limo arrives in Corsicana. Agent Stone slows down and plays a Lefty Frizzell standard in honor of the man who influenced Willie, Randy, Roy and Merle. Chips proves his skill as a cunning linguist to the satisfaction of Agent 80W. He misses a Clipper from Agent Hamish. Chips hands Agent 80W a NAPAWASH as Atomic Betty did likewise for Chips.

AD boys will be boys (Agent Chico and Kid Kenya)

Agent Hamish in pastel for Operation Royal DUMP

Abel Danger Agent dead-eye Dick

When we last monitored the PLUM 1 Fleetwood Stretch it was in the company of two Texas DPS Crown Vics doing 100mph+ on the LBJ Parkway, not to be confused with El BJ, the perfect forerunner to an enduro or in case of pressing national security up tempo operations, a quickie, capeche? Chips and Mensa had been checking the common ancestors of Field McConnell and General George Patton when they digressed onto a brief conversation regarding KAL007 as Agent 80W gave Chips a view to another form of briefs, this form in Pastel Turquoise. Chips found himself paying more attention to the Pastel Turquoise candy wrapper knowing what was just BVR ( beyond visual range, fighter pilot talk ) than Mensa’s generalogical data ‘mined’ from the Mormon archives in Utah where a new NSA building will not be able to conceal the Miles Romney involvement in pedophile trade dating to Whitechapel, England in 1888 which preceded the Bountiful BC-Utah-Texas pedophile issue that threatened the erection of the first Mormon-pedophile linked candidate to oppose a Newsweek Gay President linked to the Red Market body parts trade linking to Chicago hospital, Hull House and a disbarred sasquatch. As Agent 80W gave Chips a ‘clear view’ of her whisker biscuit, an incoming Immediate Clipper from Marquis d’Cartier, Canadian Hammer in Surrey BC, briefly took his eyes off the target area. As Chips looked forward to some Badfinger, he was preempted as Agent 80W gave him a ‘flutter shot’ of Pastel Turquoise as she selected F4 in her Clipper Cattle dehorner while Mensa and Chips scanned the incoming Immediate Clipper. Agent 80W looked forward to dehorning the world’s leading authority on underwear bombers, or is it underwear and bombers, let’s check with Hamish poste haste.

Royal Crown Agent Marquis d’Cartier Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Rooster Cogburn, Agent Bean, Name Dropper, Umbrellaman and Atomic Betty, copy Chips: Canada Hammer agrees with Global Hammer Rooster Cogburn that time is right to release the first salvo regarding Sasquatch’s lesbian bodyguard. It appears that Jarrett, Reid and Sasquatch may have used Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) to conceal an Osama bin Laden identity theft during the phony mission to kill his doppelganger on May Day, 2011. Rooster and I agree that doppelganger and gangbanger are probably not understood by ‘he who has no birth certificate’ any more than he understands the difference between spandex bidette and Spandau Ballet, true? Marquis

Mensa caught Chips getting a ‘sneak peek’ of a brownie, not yet frosted, as they could hear the signature sound of a Bell Jet Ranger, not to be confused with Walker, Texas Ranger or Scott Walker the conservative Governor of Wisconsin who is postured to help make the vermin from Chicago disappear if the Windy City skyline loses Big John, Willis or One Dearborn in timeframe 2020/19May12 to 0340/22May12 while Agent Chips will be standing by with Wisconsin license 65229. As Agent 80W ached to have some frosting on her brownie, Chips got a flash of Pastel Turquoise simultaneous to an incoming Flash Clipper from Rooster Cogburn hunkered down in the basement of Molly’s on Main in Plum City, Wisconsin.

Global Hammer Rooster FLASH Clipper to Agents Stone, Mensa, Chips and 80W, copy Bean Atomic Betty and Aston Martin: When passing the Terrell, Texas exit on I20 eastbound, watch for Texas Army Guard chopper to join for a running rendezvous and ‘unrep’ involving Mensa, Bean and Aston Martin going up and Agent Chips going down. Five minutes later you will rendezvous with a black Harley Power Glide which will come along the left side of the Fleetwood Stretch prior to the Canton exit for Trade Days Boulevard. In the sidecar is Agent Atomic Betty. She has the file linking Alban Garon’s killer to David Johnston’s errand boy Julian Fantino and the DNA sexpert named Rowley. Atomic Betty will brief you while you debrief her to ensure she is not an UNDERWEAR BOMBER, code Pastel Mint Green. She may also have time to discuss the FBCA Chicago Pedophile Bridge if you don’t get a power woody on your PRTC (purple tipped red champion). Rooster, Molly’s on Main

Chips briefed Mensa, Aston Martin and Agent Bean on their underway transfer to the Texas Guard chopper monitoring 243.0 and 121.5 as Agent 80W discretely removed and IOC in Pastel Turquoise and prepositioned 3 NAPAWASHs on the Limo bar’s ice bucket top so they cool her down after the Fireman got her smolderin’ hot. Stone had the limo slowed to 75 mph for the underway transfer as the chopper stabilized just overhead and to the right of the super trick, piss wicked LT1 speed limo and extended a semi rigid ladder as Chips was extending something also preparing for knight action with the Lone Star Lass, in the interest of national security to prevent underwear bombers such as Chips had done on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on a recent Christmas Day.

Mensa Max, always the gentleman especially at Bobby Q’s in Phoenix or Eli’s just down the road a fair piece, not to be confused with a fur piece, crawled out the aft right window, checked the strength of the Kevlar ladder and climbed into the chopper. As Agent Aston Martin exited second Chips was clever enough not to let Bean catch him taking a ‘sneak peak’ like he did to her in the Warner Theater at Ramey AFB on a Saturday night in August of 1964 while they were novices in the 72C4ISR Wing commanded by General Dacey who lived at FO1.

Aston Martin was safely in the helo as Bean gave Chips a clear view of some heaving monster fun bags, blew him a kiss and whispered ‘seminal win’ in his good ear. Chips later realized she had meant Seminole Wind, her favorite song for Piledriver Jackhammer, which was her third favorite position following gold digger, hi ho silver and down south, capeche? As she climbed up the ladder Chips harked back to Leslie Nielsen’s signature comment ‘Nice Beaver’ which may cause one’s frank to dribble. Chips closed the window and raised the divider so that the driver, Agent Stone Kohl, could resume 100+ mph and Chips could go down south with the svelte cowgirl from Katy, Texas, or those environs. Agent 80W had known for a month or two that Agent Chips was a Cunning Linguist and she realized that would be the only way to stop Soetoro from blowing Chicago, which gave her a good idea.

To keep her mind in the game while the muffin munching was occurring, she took out a crossword puzzle and five minutes later saw something disturbing in 1 across and 5 down. She had been with Abel Danger long enough to see a subliminal message to Japan that involved Kilts, linkage back to David Cameron’s Scotland, the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the Geddes Safe and 3 missing PELINDABA NUKES ( Chicago/Olympics/Japan) However, she didn’t want to distract Agent Chips from his security work proving to her satisfaction that she was not an underwear bomber. As the gobblenasty ensured national security was not being back doored the ‘three minute’ call came from Agent Stone Kohl so Agent 80W suggested Chips take his nose out of her business and finished her off right proper and added two significant words: quickie authorized. As Chips saddled up, he called her Grapevine and the bucking commenced not to be confused with Bucky Badger, the FADEC Expert in the world’s most dangerous chatroom, capeche?

Chips was hanging on for dear life as the 100 pound hunk of Texas female reminded Chips of the ‘red eyed cows’ in Ghost Riders in the Sky. Chips had his ‘piggin string’ in his teeth and hung in there until he could sense that exploculation was imminent whereupon he prepared for a rim shoot at the buzzer. After the double volley, the hyperventilating Texas lass said “well kiss my country ass” whereupon Agent Chips, always the compliant gentleman, did so, and she liked it cause he was a little off target if you are familiar with the neighborhood. Speaking of neighborhoods, strange that Wisconsin is linked to the search for 5 kiloton nukes having located the 2-3 KT Pelindaba Pickles. If Chicago gets pickled around May 22 and London gets pickled on 12-8-12 don’t blame Wisconsin’s own Plum City Pickle Penetration expert. On the other hand if Abel Danger blocks both Chicago and Olympic Pelindaba Pickles we can get pickled at the Pickle Factory in Pepin. Needless to say, with three we get eggroll so lets save Japan as well, capeche?

Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control
1701 K Street, NW, Suite 805 Washington, DC 20006
tel: 202-223-8299 fax: 202-223-8298

Wisconsin, for those of you ignorant of pickles, cucumbers and other useful items, has an interesting K Street link to privatized nuclear weapons but groups like City of London Magic Circle Jerks and NSAWW prefer that I don’t share the details until 1400 EDT on Wednesday, 18 May, 2012, so that [ Courtney Banks + Jay M. Cohen + Marcy ] can tender their immediate resignations or be tied to the failed British powerplay that Agent Chips and Vladimir Putin find to be rather faggy. Oh, and then there is the upcoming cover of Newsweek.

Chips felt the limo slowing so he stuffed his junk and handed Agent 80W the NAPAWASHs, not to be confused with the washed up Treason brokers at 1950 Old Gallows Road where diversity rules and Treason is cool, am I getting warm? Three Blind Mice [ Courtney Banks + Jay M. Cohen + Marcy ] will be blinded by the light when the Truth of Daniel 2:21,22 will be a viral google search after the McConnell-Sukhoi letter is understood by Anna Chapman’s friends in Moscow.

Agent Aa the Jackal, Astana KZ 11 April, 2009

Captain Field McConnell
N3572 CR S
Plum City WI 54761
United States of America

Mikhail Pogosyan, General Director
Sukhoi Aircraft Company
23B Polikarpov Street
Moscow , 125284, Russia


Colonel Nikolay V. Blednykh
Russian Embassy
2650 Wisconsin Ave., NW
Washington , DC 20007

12 May, 2012

Director Pogosyan,

My deepest sympathy for the loss of crew and passengers of the Superjet 100 in Indonesia .

I am a retired Delta Airlines pilot and retired USAF F4 and F16 pilot. I have 23,000 hours of incident free flying. I would like to speak with someone with authority to speak for Sukhoi and I would like to speak to the Sukhoi engineering/test pilot/safety personnel with a representative of the Russian Embassy in attendance.

My military career includes being deployed from NAS Keflavik in April, 1982 to intercept Soviet Bear and Badger bombers. My civilian career includes having a retired Bear pilot in my cockpit on a flight from TSE to SVO.

In addition to a 39 year flying career, I have also been an attentive student of aircraft crashes that involve both FADEC and Thales technologies. I feel strongly the the incident involving the Sukhoi Superjet bears the same ‘footprint’ as these incidents: Turkish 1951/AMS, Speedbird 38/LHR, Adam Air 574/Indonesia, Kenya 507/Cameroon, Air France 447/Atlantic, CF18/Lethbridge, Canada and F18/Oceana, Virginia .

If Sukhoi and the Russia Embassy see merit in my becoming a ‘demonstration pilot’ for Sukhoi internationally and especially in North America and Eurasia I would be most happy to prove to the world that your products are safe, efficient and reliable. I have included a link to a demonstration of the world's lowest jet-jet air refueling at bottom of page.

My flying background speaks for itself. More important is the true history that on March 2, 2007 I was forced to retire early from Delta ( then Northwest ) after I relayed safety sensitive information to FBI, FAA, Northwest Airlines and NoRAD. The safety information includes specific illegal modifications to Boeing/Airbus glass cockpit and FADEC/Thales equipped aircraft. I next flew in Kazakhstan for 18 months with copilots who were Kazakh or Russian. I have 3750 hours in command of A319/20/21 aircraft in addition to type ratings in CV580, DC9, DC10 and A330 aircraft.

The Chief Pilot of the Astana Pilot Base is Captain Sergei Alexandrovich and he administered my last line check during my 18 months flying in Kazakhstan . If you contact him he can attest to 3 significant issues:

1) My being the first Air Astana pilot to score 100% on the English proficiency
2) My saving an A320 from being destroyed on 13 December, 2008
3) My productivity and teamwork in that on my last day of flying for Air Astana
I completed 5 segments when the current ‘agreement’ was 2 segments maximum
per duty day.

In the United States some military pilots are becoming aware of some issues that I have raised in three federal lawsuits. Had those lawsuits been responded to appropriately, the Speedbird 38, Turkish 1951, Air France 447, CF18 and F18 incidents may well have been prevented as well as your recent event.

Fighter Pilots Claim Intimidation Over F-22 Raptor Jets

I look forward to your response and am free to travel ( at no cost ) MSP-JFK-SVO or to Washington DC or any other major city in North America if your aircraft company, and Russia, see merit and value in having a person with my background demonstrating the quality and performance of the Sukhoi Superjet.

Best Regards,

Field McConnell
Retired Captain/Delta
Retired Lt. Col/USAF

N3572 CR S
Plum City WI 54761

+001 715 307 8222

Demonstration flight F4D July, 1985:

Agent Stone had the limo slowed to 55 mph and Chips delayed lowering the left aft window until ‘brownie’ was hiding behind a Pastel Turquoise candy wrapper. As the window went down, Agent Atomic Betty boarded the super trick, piss wicked LT1 limo and Agent 80W knew there was a new mare in the stables when Atomic Betty came in feet first while wearing a short shirt and sportin’ Pastel Mint Green. Atomic Betty tossed 5 pounds of Tiger Meat and a Banana Bread beer to Agent Diehard who adjusted himself, grunted twice and accelerated away from the world’s most dangerous Limo which was configured as a mobile OB-Gyn lab where Atomic Betty was hoping to be bred by a banana, in a manner of speaking.

In the interest or eliminating the chance that she might be a panty bomber, Agent Chips pretended he was an old time photographer and pulled the skirt over his head as he administered a Standard Naval Intelligence Profiler, Human test on the delightful Canadian siren shaped like and hour glass but generally preferring 4 hours if you get her drift and Chips ensured she was not ‘wired’. Agent 80W grabbed Chips by the scruff of his neck and pulled him away from his intel probe for an update just as an Immediate Clipper from a Philippines IP came into her Clipper Cattle Dehorner which could also be used to carry a bunch of ‘toys’ for those rare moments when Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend o peters didn’t do the trick.

Royal Crown Drinker Switchblade Immediate Clipper to Stone, Hamish, Chips, Umbrellaman, Name Dropper, copy Marquis d’Cartier and Rooster Cogburn: Chips and whoever is still in the limo, unknown rider, two miles behind you closing fast, ready Dwarf and Sluggo. I’m engaged, give me a steady 80 mph. Switch

AD Ted Nugent and Field McConnell Chicago Skyline Patrol, ARDENT SENTRY

Stone had the LT1 limo on cruise control doing 80 as he reached for a Grolsch widebody and noted the time 0511. He thought to himself “I’m eleven minutes late, but it’s past 5 o’clock somewhere” harking back to the days when he and his dad had snack plates and watched old Mash episodes in a living room where the clock battery was removed and the little hand on the 5 and the big hand on the 12, capeche?

Agent Switchblade descended his PT13 to a position directly behind the offending white SUV with a C on the side. Thinking this was a FEMA region 6 Chemical unit he allowed the shooters in the limo trunk to kill if with their M249 SAWs which were sticking out where the back up light lenses had been removed. Switch counted down “3, 2, 1” and then illuminated a vertical green laser so the shooters had their azimuths solved while Agent Atomic Betty was having her azimuth prelubed with Astro Glide and Chips’ magic fingers. His thumbs had their place too if you know where my head’s at.

As the green laser illuminated a staccato of twin M249s removed the trailing threat and Agent Stone accelerated back up to tactical speed as the last Canton exit flew by on the right. Switchblade dropped back to ‘support/trail’ position and took a long pull on his quart of Crown Royal as the Crown Vics peeled away replaced by 4 more Harleys with Louisiana plates.

Atomic Betty opened her pink attaché with the image of a pink pussy cat outlined in Mint Green and explained to Chips their change of destination.

Chips, some disgruntled former member of our leaderless organization must have squealed. The Mill Creek Ranch Resort is crawling with FEMA goons so we are going to Lefty Frizzell’s home town, the long way around. Here’s a status report from 5 minutes ago.

“Your posting of McConnell’s Linkage of Obama’s Secret Same-Sex Service to the Illinois Pedophile Bridge has emboldened the Russians and caused the Chicago Queers to pee like little girls, see also Al Gore and Nanny Piloti. The lesbian body guard and the US FBCA are now under review regarding Wells Fargo and Ardent Sentry. Those intended to be pedophile entrapment victims have sprung a trap on 5 key players in the failing British plans for mass mayhem in Chicago and later at the Olympics. The Queen, the Secret Service and the Seals are all supporting Chips and Abel Danger Global, which now may include Sukhoi and Russia, perhaps Pakistan, Indonesia and Kazakhstan. If there is one hint of FALSE FLAG during the Chicago Summit between 2020/19May and 0320/22May you are authorized to employ Switchblade and Name Dropper against the players with these birth dates during the first hour of Operation ROYAL DUMP as they have not been playing fair.

1- 10/26/47
2- 03/31/48
3- 03/26/40
4- 07/27/47
5- 08/29/36

Chips had been administering brief digital exams to both of his Dangerette ass sets in the interest of National Security. As the trio of heterosexuals cavorted like teenagers, Chips could see Agent 80W getting that look in her eye and it started to worry him as he thought she might reach for a crank, in a manner of speaking and he was at a rather lack luster 103% TI well short of full battle strength.

Agent Atomic Betty opined that based on her foreknowledge of Chapters 9 through 25 of book 8 and the full texts of books 9 and 10, she felt that Chips was giving Putin something big to stick under the kilt of the Scottish guy related to Geddes who started the Chicago Fire of 1871. Vladimir would be savvy enough to have decipher the KILT STICKER metaphor: Kenyan Induced Lesbian Terror and that would embolden both Putin and Russia to say “nyet nyet” to entering the circular trap set for Chicago. When the trap is sprung will it capture the global blowhards or their intended Illinois victims. Strange that Illinois is the only state in the FBCA that linked Wells Fargo to billions of profits on 9/11 in the form of ‘pass through certificates’ on WTC 1 and 2. Anyone wishing to know who has the ‘pass through certificates’ on WT7 or in Chicago, Willis, Big John and One Dearborn, don’t hesitate to call 715 307 8222. If a woman answers, hangup.

Atomic Betty posed a question that neither Chips nor 80W could answer. “Do you yanks find it odd that the Secret Service failed to keep their servicings secret?”

While Agent 80W googled, Agent Chips responded “Yank this, sweet cheeks” to which the blonde bombshell who was once approached by Paul Bernardo did, in a soft and caring manner, which Agent Chips liked, a lot. As Chips elongated and his TI passed 121%, he harked back to a romp on a beach in Puerto Rico with the fair lass with a firm grip and a nice rack. On that day Agent Chips had so much Barrelita Rum that he was seeing double while she was acting single.

Agent Atomic Betty knew that if she wanted Agent Chips to increase to full battle strength, she’d have to bait him with some precise intel relating to 9/11, FADEC, BAE, NSAWW or Russell Williams. She thought hard as he did similarly, so to speak, at least with his little head.

“Chips, did you know why Alban Garon had bequeathed $200,000 of his estate to a friend’s teenage daughter and how that Truth may lead to the identity of his killer regardless of the gags that Mary Jane Boinks and Jennifer McKinnon slap on the very slapworthy Mary Elizabeth Harriman?”

Chips started to droop under 100% at the mention of The Canadian Stallion’s beard and her relationship to, and with, Laureen Harper, the beard of the staid economist not to be confused with the oft laid forensic economist. Chips closed his eyes and pictured Agent 80W as she appeared to him the first time they met no far from Carswell AFB where the movie THE SAC STORY was filmed. As Atomic Betty restored his battle staff she suggested that before the cowardly FALSE FLAG of 22 May 11 could occur, the story of Michelle Obama’s lesbian body guard and the Truth of Hull House would cause the 2nd Gay President to hit the road to tin-buk-tu with his Pal Kenn leaving Sasquatch to pursue Hillary’s Huma the humpee.

Chips harked back to his 39 year flying career and recalled that in all the underwear he ever preflighted or post flighted he never once found anything explosive other that his own PRTC. However, in his quest for ZERO DEFECTS in military and civilian aviation he wondered when or if the Queen of England would hold someone accountable for losing track of Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION’s DNA sample, meager as it was. Atomic Betty had put her head down but Chips determined it wasn’t because she was tired. To prevent an airburst Chips reviewed the faces of MARY ELIZABETH HARRIMAN and the Judge who was murdered to conceal the truth of an Airbus bribe to a certainly Mulroney, notice we didn’t say Brian, who probably didn’t think that all that BAE technology could cause a CF18 to crash and burn when put into a FADEC FADEOUT by a group of unhappy lesbians, pardon the redundancy.

As the limo arrived in Corsicana, Agent Stone slowed down and played a Lefty Frizzell standard in honor of man who influenced Willie, Randy and Merle. Almost forgot Roy Orbison, my bad. As Atomic Betty had her mouth full and was totally focused, Agent 80W pulled up a long, black veil and asked Chips if other ladies thought that he was a cunning linguist. He made his reply self evident as he enjoyed the classic sandwich not aware of the plans that FEMA Region six had for Whistleblowers and other studly Americans as the US was soon to be under attack by Femme Compe Inc, NSAWW, US SES, Clinton Rubin and Serco’s red headed step child, BAE.

As Chips was proving his skill much to the satisfaction of Agent 80W, he missed an Immediate Clipper from Agent Hamish as the Limo pulled up to a hotel one mile off I45 not far from the Czech Festival Sokol Hall where he would be planning Operation CZECH-MATE to honor the crew and passengers of the Sukhoi Superjet that was taken down to protect market share of Embraer and Bombardier. As Atomic Betty finished off Chips and Chips finished off Agent 80W, an incoming Clipper seemed likely to finish off the City of London Bankers, BAE and NSAAW before 2020 on the 19th of May, 2012. Chips handed Agent 80W a NAPAWASH as Atomic Betty did likewise for Chips.

Abel Danger SCUTTLEGATE Blocked

Royal Crown Agent Tugboat Twins Immediate Clippers to Hamish, Name Dropper, Umbrellaman, Global Hammer Rooster Cogburn, Copy Chips if you don’t have you hands full: Magic Circle Barristers and One Canada Square have been ‘listened in upon’ and we believe that it is the benevolent side of Murdoch. Sounds like some major players have seen your analysis of Sukhoi. Now that Russia is blowing off Chicago, we understand the ‘spread betters’ have decided any attack on Chicago guarantees a total boycott of the planned Pelindaba Nuke Event on 12-8-12. If Sukhoi comes around to thinking in terms of WRONGFUL DEATH the bean counters in London see the Olympics being shut down fearing Russia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Indian and Kazak reprisals and curtailment of certain agreements involving Uranium. Gut check for Cameron, NSAWW and BAE. They have gone to the playbook one too many times. Watch for early retirements at 1950 Old Gallows Road, One Canada Square and………”

Suddenly what seemed to be grazing, flanking, interlocking and fusillade FIELDS of fire opened up all around the PLUM 1 Limo. To ensure national security both Agent 80W and Atomic Betty lifted their skirts displaying the proper pastel security codes and proving they did not have underwear bombs going off as the tensile strength of an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster with extra humongous pound in Pastel Manly Mocha restrained the monster .

Agent 80W, Operation TURGID WATCHMEN, 2012

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