Saturday, May 12, 2012

General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout - Chapter 8

Sukhoi pilot Chips’ Doppelganger – FIX FADEC FADEOUT
Rebekah Wade’s Blackberry hack is linked to Gareth Williams’ Apple lap

In the last chapter, KM had reminded Global of the nano-thermite signatures of WT buildings 1,2,4,5,6,7. Chips had been cleared for ‘Pile driver, Jackhammer, Texas style’. In this chapter, he decides to deal with Vladimir Putin’s ‘pull out’ of the G8 by offering up his doppelganger, Field McConnell, as replacement Chief Demonstration Pilot for the Sukhoi 100 Superjet. McConnell can take care of the FADEC FADEOUT and the doorknobs loyal to Mo Strong, Al Gore and other sworn genocidal perverts, see also Clintons, plural. Chips hands the wee lass from the lone-star state three NAPAWASHs and a cucumber. He sees the next song, C6, is about to put Agent Bean into ‘autodrench’. He takes a seat next to Mensa Max and accepts the 32 ounce CSM that Mensa had stirred, not shaken when the aircraft experiences a noticeable yaw. “Chips, WTF, over?” Chips reassures Mensa that it was, ‘nothing but a mild yaw upset’. He reaches into his pink attaché and withdraws two photos of F18s: a Canadian CF18 and a Navy F18 at Oceana. Both planes had been put into COFFIN CORNERS. Royal Crown Agent Buck E. Badger sends him an Immediate Clipper with a copy to Comrade Vladimir. ‘ Sukhoi and Russia may invite Field McConnell, 583 09 9001, WI CCW 65229 and FAA ATP 3053346 to bring his 23,000 hours of safety over to Russia as Chief Demonstration pilot for Suhkhoi’. The Clipper is signed Bucky. A Dassault Falcon is parked at the transient alert line of Joint Forces Base Carswell. A woman from seemingly from Field McConnell’s past is waiting there for him leaning against the 1963 Abel Danger Aston Martin. To prove herself to Chips she flashes her leather jacket to show a pair of melons with tattoo GM and CC on either lobe. Sonny Spanner of the Holland AD office tells Chips that NAS JRB Fort Worth originated in 1941 as Tarrant Field Airdrome and then became Fort Worth Army Air Field on January 2, 1942, after Lord Mountbatten had arranged the attack on Pearl Harbor. The 96 Fleetwood exits NAS JFB Carswell by going out the in gate. A FLASH Clipper from Agent Rooster Cogburn is missed by both Chips and 80W. Royal Crown Global Hammer Rooster Cogburn sends Chips a FLASH CLIPPER regarding Operation STUFFED BVR .. ‘as of 1239,May 12, 2012 am preparing to publish the following. Presidential Field McConnell has linked Rebekah Wade’s hacking of suspected or framed pedophiles with BlackBerry encryption devices, to an Apple laptop found in the flat of murdered GCHQ spy, Gareth Williams … I will send this at 1300 unless………”. Two Crown Vics and an LT1 Fleetwood pass 100 mph. Agent Hamish Charles Watson has a brainstorm while watching a video of Slade Lane and connects the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to the wench with the dolphin tattoo. Agent Aston Martin, or whoever she really is, reaches for her Clipper Banana to send a musical message to Agent Chips. She opines that if their in-depth security debriefing and probe is forestalled, it just would be fair, no fair at all. Chips harks back to 1967 when he was at Punahou School. He realizes it would be no fair at all if Barry Soetoro and his handlers were not made aware of a contingent lawsuit already filed at Quentin Burdick Courthouse in Fargo, North Dakota, as of May Day, 2012. FIELD McCONNELL Punahou 1967 v. BARRY SOETORO, Punahou 1979.

Keep Calm and Carry On and Sniff as the Man With BIG GREEN BALLS saves USA

After My Election I have More Flexibility


When Vladimir Putin ‘pulled out’ of the G8 hours after receiving a suggestion from Field McConnell, 583 099001, 001 715 307 8222, was it because he knew the plans in place for Willis, Hancock and One Dearborn? Perhaps. Or was it because he was in dialogue with a replacement Chief Demonstration Pilot to reinvigorate sales of the Sukhoi 100 Superjet. Field and Vladimir had not be at ‘arm’s length’ since April of 2009 when photo below was snapped from the cock pit, yea, that’s right Hillary, COCK pit of an Air Astana A320 at UACC/TSE. Fortunately on the flight of the A320 in April of 2009 we didn’t suffer a FADEC FADEOUT or a corruption of our Otto Pilot but if we had, we would have known the remedy, capeche? Of course manual inflation of any pilot is best done in a secure location as the night has a thousand eyes, according to Bobby Vee, nee Robert Velline, Fargo Central High School Class of 1967, now being ravaged by early onset of Alzheimers, a condition that may be triggered by doorknobs loyal to Mo Strong, Al Gore and other sworn genocidal perverts, see also Clintons, plural. Speaking of global perverts perhaps little Davy Cameron will no long be sucking on France’s tit now that the short guy got his marching orders and Comrade Vladimir tells Barry Soetoro to stick it up his birthday suit.

Fair warning to ‘body parts candidate’

Fair warning to Chicago’s “body parts candidate” and Utah’s ‘pedophile history to 1888 candidate’ who at present time appear are PRESUMPTIVES for the faux election of 2012, the manufactured results of which will be counted in FOGHORN LEGHORN’s Spain, in the colony of England that has existed since 1871 when Cameron’s Geddes ancestors burned down Chicago the first time. If a ‘second Chicago fire’ occurs between 2020 19 May, 2012 and 0411 22 May, 2012, hark back to this chapter and try and figure who the ‘leaker’ is in the Illinois Army National Guard S-2 shop. However neither ‘body parts’ or ‘pedophile’ may be in the running when Operation STUFFED BVR is loosed and the opening action in STUFFED BVR caused Comrade Putin to pull out of a visit to Chicago during Operation ARDENT SENTRY which has been bested by Abel Danger Operation TURGID WATCHMEN whose resolve was stiffened during Operation HOT MIC. Sidebar to Jay M. Cohen at 1950 Old Gallows Road(, WATCHMEN is plural. For dimwits at Femme Comp, NAPAWASH, and USDOJ-Pride STUFFED BVR is below phonetically similar to blow.

[ Studly Tactician Uncovers False Flag Encrypted Demolition, Beyond Visual Range ]

A ‘harbinger’ to Cohen, Marcy, Obamas and your fellow vermin, read Psalm 94:16 to see who your enemy is, then turn to this quote when you realize that you ARE HACKED. NKJV Ps. 94: 20-23 Shall the throne of iniquity, which devises evil by law, Have fellowship with You? 21 They gather together against the life of the righteous, And condemn innocent blood. 22 But the Lord has been my defense, And my God the rock of my refuge. 23 He has brought on them their own iniquity, And shall cut them off in their own wickedness; The Lord our God shall cut them off.

So to Femme Comp Inc, US SES and NSAWW, I suggest your come clean and reach out and take the hand of my Lord, he will lead you to lie down beside still waters. Blowing up Willis, Hancock, or One Dearborn may lead to NEW GALLOWS, capeche?

When we left Agent Chips at the end of Chapter 7 he was in the aft CRF of the blacked out Frogjet as Agent Aunt Maudie pulled seniority on Bean whereupon Chips was cleared for ‘Pile driver, Jackhammer, Texas style’ and Agent 80W had taken a cucumber out of her ‘deployment kit’ six-pack. As it was legend that everything was bigger in Texas, Agent Chips whammoed two Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters, two tins of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters and prepared for Knight Action knowing that if QE2 was willing to knight the dense general from North Carolina with a degree in textiles she would surely be willing to knight a man of Annapolis if said man could provide her cover from the naked stupidity of David Cameron and Barry Soetoro in their sophomoric destruction of any Pelindaba nukes that were swiped by Thatcher and Cameron prior to the statistically unlikely deaths of Christopher Shale, Robin Cook and Dr. David Kelly. Watch this brief video clip for a photo of one of the missing Pelindaba nukes ( at 1:01 ) and I can swear, under oath, that the photo was taken at neither Minot nor Grand Forks AFB in the only state in the US that was not properly attached to the United States, but we will remedy that after we save Chicago and Sukhoi.

Chips saddled up as directed by the wonderful woman from Texas and harked back to another Texas Lass from area code 903, which is in FEMA region 6 according to NSAWW/DHS Jay M. Cohen who still has a LEAKER in the ladies room at 1950 OGR. The boom operator’s wife enjoyed Chips’ prowess at air refueling and other practices involving a stiff probe, not to be confused with the A 3 Sky Warrior air refueling probe found at the Pentagon on 9/11 and hastily spoliated by FBI goons who had a killer of a job like Robert Swan Mueller III, Princeton Grad, see also Michelle LaVaughan Sasquatch, David Betrayus and Henry Bienen. Swan had run a black market in VietNam during his first disservice to America as a Faux US Marine, capeche? Having been married to a Boom Operator, BO, not to be confused with BS, Barry Soetoro, she felt certain America would smell better if both BO and BS were sent packing. Agent 80W always like to slow things down, towards the end, with a certain Ray Price song unless she was having a Straight Tequila Night in which case she preferred something called ‘rodeo’ sex where a cowboy mounts and then calls the lady by some other lady’s name. Generally speaking any Texas cowgirl from 18 to 88 can buck ‘em off in 8 seconds or less, hence the term “I’ll be looking for 8, when they pull the gate” which occurs around 1+12 into this monster hit from George Straight the Texas singer, not the black news reporter on TV, capeche? Note the Texas flag and the US flag in the opening scene and then ponder where Chips may be speaking on Memorial Day, capeche?

Ask any Texan or fighter pilot about rodeo sex. For optimal performance, find a Texas fighter pilot, there are a few of us around. Speaking of ‘straight eight’ don’t have your head in the gutter, could refer to a Buick engine or a variety of cucumber with ‘warts’ or ‘speed bumps’ which of course brings us back to ‘don’t ask her’ if you think about it. Chips was getting into the ‘end game’ of “Pile Driver, Jackhammer, Texas Style” when the lights flickered as Agent Skymaster had the engines respooled and as the N2 speed became sufficient, the ADGs came on line providing 115 VAC power at 400 hertz to power all the AC and DC busses of the Dassault frogjet. Agent Aunt Maudie, not being familiar with FADEC and ADG exploculated early and Chips, ever the gentleman, returned volley so as not to cause her embarrassment, as ladies in Texas generally are still rather modest which is a quality the rest of the ladies in America would do well to emulate, whatever emulate means. I presume in Clinton’s Arkansas it may be an inquiry into the timeliness of a menstrual cycle, which is different from a Honda motorcycle. Or Harley for that matter, which brings us back to Laureen Harper’s main squeeze in RCMP.

Chips handed Maudie 3 NAPAWASHs, see also Lena Trudea and Kristine Marcy, and took a Marine Corps shower and splashed on some fu-fu juice, stuffed his junk, and left the CRF to repair forward to the cock….sidebar to NSAWW, Femme Comp Inc, USSES, NAPAWASH and other traitors…pilots sit in a cock pit, not a ‘flight deck’. Buzz off.

Chips was midway forward when Agent 80W, facing aft on the forward jumpseat, provided Chips a clear view to a Pastel Turquoise battle standard and held up an ice cream pail holding 6 cucumbers. Chips understood the steganographic message and the Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Manly Mocha was receiving increased tensile pressure as a hydraulic ram was increasing in system pressure, in a manner of speaking, if you know where my head’s at. Chips thought back to nights spent in Room 1307 of the Okan Intercontinental Hotel in Astana, Kazakhstan where he and Agent 80W had cavorted like teenagers during a period when Chips had encouraged President Nursultan Nazarbayev to consider getting aircraft from Russia rather than Brazil for reasons relating to a COFFIN CORNER on Thales FMGC aircraft. If such a jet is put in an ALPHA FLOOR condition and a FADEC FADEOUT is commanded by the Twisted Sisters in a FADEC FADEOUT attack, see also Speedbird 38, Turkish 1951, Lethbridge CF18 July, 2010 or the F18 at NAS Oceana on 6 April in the year of our Lord, 2012. See also Russian Superjet crash on Russian Victory Day, 9 May 12, whereupon Agent Chips immediately signaled Putin to stay Put In, get it…put in + Putin, Russia rather than be anywhere near the targeted cities in the US on 20/21 May, 2012. The city with the martial law red ring of cowardice is Chicago. The other one is…oh wait, that is classified until 2020 on 19 May, 2012.

It was during this time while Field McConnell, the real intel agent hiding out undercover as Agent Chips, was in Kazakhstan while a former RAF Harrier pilot named Tim was the chief pilot of an FBO owned by the daughter of the President of K-stan and a French pilot in his late 50s was in Astana providing instruction in a Super Puma chopper to Nursultan’s staff pilots, pilots also of Air Astana, of which Agent Chips was one. Agent Chips, who is really Field McConnell, 583 09 9001 and WI CCW 65229, and available 24/7 at +001 715 307 8222, did, however, have the only perfect score in the English proficiency test ever registered with Air Astana as of 9 February, 2008, in Almaty, Kazakhstan by the company he flew for after USDOJ-Pride threatened Northwest Airlines to ‘shut up McConnell’ or put the NWA-Delta merger in jeopardy, capeche?

Astana Airport Code [ TSE / UACC ] - Location Map, Lat & Long, Current Time

Kazakhstan’s President’s residence was just off the north east end of runway 04 at Astana airport, code UACC or TSE for short, and Chips had dutifully avoided the airspace over his residence unlike the FEMA E4B which had penetrated, I say again, penetrated airspace over P56 on the morning of 9/11. Sidebar to General Henry Shelton….did you know there was a crewmember named McConnell on board TROUT 99 on the morning of your disservice to the citizens and Constitution of the United States of America. Did Venus 77, Word 31 or Vivi 36 have any evil voyeurs aboard on the morning that Jacoby was in the back seat of Gibney’s F16B while Derrig, Eckman and Borgstrom were denied entry to W386A airspace by GIANT KILLER? Oh, and one more thing General Shelton, how does a textiles degree prepare a military officer to save America. I suspect that you and Robert Marr have a little secret you are hoping the 4 queers in Canada ( Baril, Bouchard, Williams, Findley ) don’t expose or Judge Jennifer McKinnon might get her panties in a bunch as opposed to Chips who gets in a bunch of panties. You queer traitors have my undivided attention at this point.

Chips was hoping to penetrate the Pastel Turqoise ‘candy wrapper’ and perform some DATY with the woman from Katy, Texas, however, as he passed the first row of First Class seat he noticed a pair of whoppers listening to a song that Chips had loved since 1969 when he drove a new Camaro off the lot of Thorp Chevrolet on West Street, Annapolis, on 20 May, 1969 which would get it’s first scratch when a pretty girl named Sandi drove it into a gate, take that you ‘gatekeepers’. Chips realized he was now torn between two lovers as he had been given a free shot of Turquoise and a glimpse of two melons. As his PRTC was exceeding 118% TI, he found a way out of the dilemma; he called himself on his Clipper Squirt Gun from his BVR pink cel phone with 715 307 8222 as the trigger. His Clipper Squirt Gun took his self generated incoming, allowing him to not frustrate either Agent Bean of the melon department or Agent 80W or the rodeo club.

As Chips answered his own call, he was surprised to see there was a coincidental Clipper IM from Agent Marquis d’Cartier of the Surrey BC meat department.

Royal Crown Agent Marquis d’Cartier Immediate to Hamish, Rooster Cogburn, Slade Lane, Atomic Betty and Mensa, copy Chips and his PWAs aboard the southbound frog: Hamish, be aware that KP Cebu has sent this video to Santorum, Freeh and USDOJ-Pride to arrive after 1700 on 11May12 now that Natalya Antonov has served, or is it serviced, Putin: In this video Field McConnell, SSN 583099001, USMC 0116513, links his sister to an apparent Pedophile Clipper Trap deployed by Valerie Jarrett who apparently tells the dummy what to say and do. We may safely allege the use of the Clipper Chips to monitor pedophile traps set by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). Hamish will craft a message wherein McConnell claims Marcy and Jarrett used NCEMC CyberTipline Clippers to entrap Edward de Sear -- the Allen & Overy whistleblower who was apparently trying to expose the role of DOJ Pride's pedophile pimps in the extortion of a $400 million fine from A&O's client BAE. Gareth Williams and Maddy McCann have not been well served. Marquis, Surrey. or

Having had time to TWR, think while reading, Chips had a plan to keep both Agents moist as he heard the double ding signaling the TOD or top of descent to Airbus or Thales pilots, or would the more proper term be potential victims. Chips mentioned to Agent 80W and Bean that the CRF was now vacant and perhaps a party line call could be arranged in the descent. Bean jiggled as she ran to the CRF and as 80W strode there ahead of Chips he could see no VPLs, and he liked that a lot and his power woody became even more engorged. Chips wondered why Eric Holder’s memorial to Brian Terry, the US Agent killed in Fast and Furious, had not been given more media attention. Chips couldn’t think about that at present as he was thinking about an upcoming Operation STUFFED BVR. Chips’ eyes adjusted to the darkened CRF and noted a Pastel Jade Green IOC on the left side of the bed and a Pastel Turquoise IOC on the right side so he did what all heterosexual women of breeding age like best, he slipped right into the middle. He reached over Agent 80W’s body and felt around her cucumber bucket while she fumbled with his twig and berries. From behind Chips a pair of monster melons were pressed into his linebacker like shoulders not to be confused with the Vietnam Linebacker offensive involving B52 bombers flown by men like the father of Chips, honored here in a video made by Agent KP Cebu, who like Field and Glenn McConnell had been born in America, pledged allegiance to America, and served in the military, and or in intelligence work, while serving both the Constitution and the citizens of their native land while bearing no malice towards persons born in other nations, globally. It should be noted that during the 1970s decade Glenn flew KC135A tankers and his progeny flew F4D fighters while his lesser DNA issue worked to destroy America. Sometimes low self esteem is warranted.

Chips found the ribbed cucumber and passed it to Agent Bean. He selected F4, C6 03 on his Clipper played the Rodeo song which pleased Agent 80W who loved rodeo sex almost as much as the Twisted Sisters of City of London loved dining at the Y. As Chips was allemande-ing left and right he wondered when the Fucking Jerks of the Muslim and Mormon persuasion would get off the global stage and allow a Marine to save America. Agent 80W fired a triple to which Chips responded with a courtesy blast saving some of his Smoked Oysters for the Melon dealer from the Biltmore area of Phoenix who was well built just like the Auburn automobiles put together in Auburn, Indiana prior to their City of London invoked demise after the 1937 model year while nearby Studebaker continued making Stud-mobiles but dropped the Dictator model due to British Agent Hitler who like the photo at the beginning and in the Rodeo Song was a ‘one ball man’, capeche?

Chips handed the wee lass from the lone-star state three NAPAWASHs and a cucumber as he saw that the next song, C6, was about to put Agent Bean into ‘autodrench’ so he harked back to his 1935 Auburn as he prepared to penetrate an area replete with auburn follicles if you can follow the logic, capeche. It was in the back of his ’35 ragtop that Agent Chips had first seen Agent Bean demo her favored position, the ‘twirler’. As the music began he took the bottom duties as Agent Bean assumed the pole position while handing him the redi-whip and maraschino cherries. Penetration sufficient to complete the act was achieved by a Marine always ready to stand up, or lie down, when a lady ‘presents’ herself for service, i.e. to be served, ask any cattle breeder. As the 3 minute point was reached Agent Bean whispered ‘quickie authorized’ just before she started her signature repeater technique as Agent Chips returned volley like any gentleman would, or wood, or woody, capeche? English is such a great language, pass the Redi Whip please as Operation Powdered Milk has now now completed while back in Chicago Little Black Sambo is being chased by a Tiger that intends to turn him into Buttermilk, no offense to Dale Evans or Trigger, capeche? For serious military or intel researchers consider that Every Man a Tiger was a USAF program that took piston bomber pilots (B29) and prepared them to be jet bomber pilots (B47) back before Little Black Sambo was being prepared to orchestrate the destruction of the LAND OF MY BIRTH.

Chips was handing the svelte and well-knockered Agent Bean three NAPAWASHs, see also Valerie Jarrett, Lena ‘Frogface’ Trudeau and Kristine Marcy, as he visualized the red headed former Princess Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of Pork, to allow his battle staff to fit into the EHP of his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster Full Combat Thong in Desert Camo. Chips accepted the help of Agent 80W in stuffing his junk while a FLASH clipper came into his Clipper Squirt Gun from Agent Name Dropper from the panhandle office. Panhandle of Florida, not Texas. Meanwhile, Agent 80W grabbed Agent Chips’ manhandle, as it were, or ‘tiller bar’ for you nautical types.


Royal Crown Agent Name Dropper FLASH CLIPPER to Rooster Cogburn, Hamish, Chips, Ginger Cookie, Sugarbush and Bean, copy Umbrellaman and Corazon Dulce: Abel Danger Global leaders, the fellow who Chips met at the 2009 Paris Air Show, where the Sukhoi Superjet made its premiere flight, while Hungarian national carrier Malev Airlines signed a statement of intent to purchase 30 Superjet 100 for €710m, it is good that Chips suggested to the President of Kazakhstan that he hold off and perhaps go with the Embraer product as Airbus would not like any more crowding of the DRONE AIRLINER market in the NPR airline operations which were first made capable in 1995 and the subject of Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 and Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) both including FIELD MCCONNELL v. ALPA. Field McConnell experienced a ‘hit attempt’ on 13 December, 2008 at Atyrau Airport where Russia had trained their military pilots before the WB57s deployed from Houston to Fargo prior to the collapse of the USSR had their desired effects. Vladimir has signaled he would enjoy a face to face with FACEMAN. His 20 Russian soldiers can brief you at Fort Carson, Colorado late May, or he may provide you a visa for your trip to Moscow MSP-JFK-SVO Name Dropper PS, Agent Libya says she misses you QB

AD Agent Libya

Chips could see from the ground lights that the French jet was descending into eastern Texas and he thought back to the young woman he met in Blechtley Park, England who thought he said labia instead of Libya during his Father’s Day trip to Milton Keynes on Father’s Day, 2010 when he meet with Air Afriqiyah representatives to curtail any more Airbus crashes being triggered by the City of London Twisted Sisters, miserable wenches one and all, most overweight and some with poor complexions, but all sporting excess flatus which saves electricity as they can blow bubbles in the Jacuzzi without offending Al HOT AIR Gores Green Agent, i..e. greenbacks in his pocket, what a jerk. It would have been ungentlemanly of Chips not to rise to the occasion so he invited the young lady back to Room 420 of the Arora International in Crawley, England and, after checking to see that she was 18 or older, he proved to himself that she was not an underwear bomber as he probed her with his PRTC as suggested, and monitored, by Agent Bean of the Biltmore Office of Abel Danger inside Phoenix where a lot of spooks are retired. She, not an avid swimmer, had gained an appreciation for the American Crawl and breast-stroke, in a manner of communicating like a real cunning linguist. Chips took a seat next to Mensa Max and gladly accepted the 32 ounce CSM that Mensa had stirred, not shaken while the aircraft experienced a noticeable yaw.

“Chips, WTF, over?” queried Mensa who was not queer nor prejudiced against queers unless the queers were lesbos trying to destroy America, see also Sasquatch, Thunder Thighs, Elena, Janet, Reno, and the rest of the kettle of fowl smelling fish.

“Mensa, that was nothing but a mild yaw upset as we descended through a wind shear where the air flows in different directions depending on altitude as measured AGL, above ground level. However, that was an example of what pilots in these four aviation hits experienced at the hands of the City of London bankers who can control aircraft engines through FADEC FADEOUT attacks. Speedbird 38 at Heathrow, CF18 at Lethbridge Canada, F18 at Oceana Virgina and the Polish Payback attack of Sukhoi Superjet which was Poland’s way of saying Phuc Ewe to Russian for the Smolensk hit on the 70th anniversary of another Smolensk event, capeche? In all four cases the engines could have been, or were, manipulated and the proof is in these pictures”. Chips reached into his pink attaché and withdrew two photos of the F18s. Both had suffered complete loss of thrust on the left, or #1 engine, as is evidenced by the closed variable exhaust nozzles. The Canadian CF18 had been demonstrating slow flight when it was put in a COFFIN CORNER, and the Navy F18 at Oceana appears to have suffered engine failure at the retraction of flaps, putting it also at COFFIN CORNER. Any pilots with good eyes and big balls could see this at first blush. Here, look at this Clipper from Bucky Badger, native son of the Recall Walker state”

Royal Crown Agent Buck E. Badger Immediate Clipper to Agent Chips and Comrade Vladimir: I can't stop thinking about the Praetorians in the Sandra Bullock movie The Net. The security software has a backdoor access that only the Praetorians (DOJ Pride) know about. Bullock has a colleague whose plane crashes because the instruments have been hacked. The amount of news coverage that plane crash into Superstition Mountain received on Fox had me asking why that story? It was miraculously caught on on a computer camera that was pointed in exactly the right spot like the Naudet and Toronto cameras on 9/11. The pilot was very familiar with the area and yet he flew right into the side of the mountain. Test runs for the Russian crash? Sukhoi and Russia may invite Field McConnell, 583 09 9001, WI CCW 65229 and FAA ATP 3053346 to bring his 23,000 hours of safety over to Russia as the Chief Demonstration pilot for Suhkhoi. Bucky

“Chips, are you aware that an eye witness to the Sukhoi Hit mentioned what is quoted here in the IM from Name Dropper?”

"It was veering a bit to one side, the engine roaring, it seemed to be heading toward Salak, but I didn't hear an explosion or anything."


“Of course Mensa, as Global Operations Director of Abel Danger and potential Chief Demonstration Pilot (International) for Sukhoi, I am aware of everything, including the fact that Agent 80W just passed MI of 93%. According to the witness, it was yawing to one side with the engine roaring, note he said engine, not engines. This Sukhoi was probably put into an unsurvivable COFFIN CORNER. Remember, when it comes to Witness or wetness, I am Captain Stud and as a MOUND, Marine Officer Uncovering National Deceptions, capable Agent I once shared my essence with Mona Mound, which caused Mona to moan, capeche?"


Chips, Mensa and the Dangerettes felt the ‘thud’ as the landing gear were locked down and Agent 80W gave Chips a flash of Pastel Turqouise as she held up a Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffin mix envelope. Chips understood that she was volunteering for an in depth security probe involving DNA and how the DNA spoliation in Operation BLUEBERRY MUFFIN delayed justice in the Jessica Lloyd and Marie Frances Comeau murders and rapes performed by the pride of the Canadian Military, Colonel Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams whose beard enjoyed DATY with GLAMOURBOY’S BEARD. In Project Hatfield, Julian Fantino and David Johnston may have wished to conceal any linkage between Mary Elizabeth Harriman and Laureen Harper, both allegedly having very hairy varmints, or is it hoary marmots.

Operation Blueberry Muffin

Operation BLUEBERRY MUFFIN was a psy op campaign by Abel Danger to remind the Judge of Russell Williams that an attorney named David Ross could eat the lunch of the Canadian Courts when it came to the DNA of Williams, who knew it and when, capeche? Seems the RCMP may have had a bone to pick with OPP. Chips had oft reminded Stephen GLAMOURBOY Harper that eavesdropping is a two way street as well as reminding OPP that the RCMP, beginning in the 1940s during World War II, and continuing for decades, had conducted surveillance of women’s auxiliaries connected to left-led unions. They also know who Laureen’s ‘biker lesbo’ is unlike more mundane times in the 40s when the Mounties reported on all events such as charity raffles, rummage and bake sales, teas, and Tupperware parties. Apparently believing that fundraising activities for charitable organizations required close attention, the RCMP had separate files with the title, “Subversive Activities in (location)”. The police did not attend women’s auxiliary meetings. They depended upon citizen informants to provide information on such matters as discussions of strike support, which, to the police, indicated leftist activism.

Chips had in January, 2012, reminded Stephen Harper that a google search for these random words might be productive:

[ CL1, DNA, Rob Scott, falsified affidavit, agreed statements of facts, Marie France Comeau’s pajamas with 3 DNA traces, FIONA, Brighton, Nancy Ludwig, blood justice, Field McConnell and Buttfinger ]


Field McConnell had spoken with a Nick Chrisolas, at least I think it was Nick Chrisolas, who claimed to be lead investigator Russell Williams during Operation Blueberry Muffin in the 3 months following the completion of Troubled Guy Lake. It was during the time of MI6/Abel Danger Operation OPTIC TAP which involved the transatlantic fiber optic line that the US Navy submarine, the USS (redacted), had tapped which caused a hurried trip to Marbella for a bunch of overweight women who didn’t appreciate the U S Marine known to be a cunning linguist.

Abel Danger Agent Blueberry Boy, Operation BLUEBERRY MUFFIN, Chicago 5/19/12

Operation Optic Tap

Agent Chips shared with Nick Chrisolas his opinion that for the courts in Canada to ignore the DNA spoliation proves that when it comes to justice for women and girls in Canada, the Courts are just horsing around to protect Laureen Harper and Mary Elizabeth Harriman, a pair of Lesbian beards. Abel Danger Operation MOUNTIE will encourage Julian Fantino and David Johnston, along with OPP, to bone up on DNA evidence linking Fantino to Johnston to Jessica Lloyd’s unnecessary death after the DNA of the Canadian Stallion was identified as early as 11 May, 2006, capeche?


Whilst some in Canada’s vast wasteland do not detest the pedophilia encouraged by Magic Circle Banker Wankers, pardon the redundancy, instead of the Civil War encouraged by Valerie Jarrett’s puppet and the Mormon pedophile undescended descendant, Abel Danger, a Global VIRTUAL FLOATING INTEL FORCE with no leader, would bring Truth to the forefront for the benefit of God’s little people.

The Dassault Falcon was parked at the transient alert line of Joint Forces Base Carswell, and a woman from Field McConnell’s past was waiting there for him leaning against the 1963 Abel Danger Aston Martin that would provide comfort during his 4 day visit to Texas. Chips was alone as the Dangerettes and Mensa had attended to the portable bar and Red Holdalls stuffed with Smoked Oysters, Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters and Pastel IOCs so to prove herself to Chips she flashed her leather jacket open, whereupon Chips viewed a pair of melons with tattoo GM and CC on either lobe, if that is appropriate terminology for a pair of 44D bra-busters, capeche?

According to Sonny Spanner of the Holland AD office, not to be confused with Hollande who just sent ‘shorty the frog’ packing and Angela the Hun worrying, NAS JRB Fort Worth originated in 1941 as Tarrant Field Airdrome,not to be confused with Field who was born in Tarrant. The airdrome became Fort Worth Army Air Field on January 2, 1942, following the Lord Mountbatten arranged attack on Pearl Harbor. The airfield was renamed Carswell Air Force Base in 1948, to honor Fort Worth native Major Horace S. Carswell, Jr. Carswell Air Force Base was one of the first Strategic Air Command bases and was also the site for filming the James Stewart classic "Strategic Air Command.

As Chips approached the car, she opened her purse and revealed two packages of Keep Calm Carry On and Sniff items sending Chips the signal that she wish to be debriefed ASAP in the city where JFK had his final night of sleeping alone which was 21 November, 1963 whilst Chips was a freshman at Ramey AFB High School and a selectee for the 72nd C4ISR wing which would save America some 49 years hence. Chips, who was born at Tarrant County Hospital on 2 October, 1949 hoped that this woman would not blow his cover and put Field McConnell, SSN 583099001, USMC 0116513, or Navy ID 715656, at further risk after two death threats relating to Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) but on the other hand he had his mind on his mission. And his mission was tangentially related to his prowess as a Kiltsticker, i.e. stick something under his kilt into her cargo bay, in a vague reference to Precious Cargo.

The svelte lady signaled her anxiousness to be serviced by adjusting her posture to reveal an open weapons bay, as it were. Chips realized she was signaling him that the time has come for Lockheed Martin to be linked to the attack of 9/11 as USAF pilots of the F22 are in dialogue with Lt. Col. Field McConnell USAF (ret.) regarding the privatization of military aircraft consistent with the privatization of all NPR airliners as revealed in Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 and Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) (Pro Se). Chips, always caring towards damsels in distress whispered to her that he’d like to remove her from ‘dis dress’ as soon as possible. She signaled her approval by pointing towards a Harley Electra Glide not to be confused with personal lubricant ASTROGLIDE.

As they were eyeing the Harley as the perfect escape vehicle to hasten their arrival at the Radisson Hotel in Fort Worth near the Flying Saucer Brew Pub, a 1996 Fleetwood Stretch approached and the driver wearing a Burkha remotely opened the trunk. As Mensa and Stone were putting the red Holdalls in the woman driver handed Chips a 32 ounce CSM, shaken not stirred, while giving the lady that was in prelube her favored drink, a Charles Wells Banana Bred Beer which was a hint to Chips that the lady would like to be bred by his banana, in a manner of speaking, capeche?

As Agents Bean, 80W and Aston Martin settled in the rear facing middle seat of the super trick, pissed wicked speed limo with the PLUM 1 liscense plates, Mensa and Chips sat in the third seat and shared some discussion of genealogy as the three ladies were treating the boys to some eye candy in Pastel Jade Green, Pastel Turquoise, and Pastel Baby Blue. The attention of Chips and Mensa to the pastel vapor barriers was snapped by the sound of a jet aircraft striking the ground at full power in a 70 degree nose down attitude. As Stone placed the Limo in drive and floored it, private security forces descended upon the blacked out Frogjet as Agent Aston Martin applied a liberal dose of Astroglide her ‘home entertainment center’ which according to Chips’ visual assessment was somewhere between MI 93% and pleasant.

The 96 Fleetwood exited NAS JFB Carswell by going out the in gate as a FLASH Clipper from Agent Rooster Cogburn at the Global Command Post in Plum City was missed by both Chips and 80W.

Royal Crown Global Hammer Rooster Cogburn FLASH CLIPPER to Umbrellaman, Name Dropper, Chips and all PPWA/Dangerette Ass sets on Operation STUFFED BVR: Regarding Operation STUFFED BVR, as of 1239,May 12, 2012 am preparing to publish the following. Presidential Field McConnell has linked Rebekah Wade’s hacking of suspected or framed pedophiles with BlackBerry encryption devices, to an Apple laptop found in the flat of murdered GCHQ spy, Gareth Williams. McConnell claims that Rebekah Wade ordered her BlackBerry and Apple JABS hackers to track Gareth Williams during his GCHQ assignment to MI-6 and then ordered him killed when she discovered he was using his Apple laptop to monitor the NDS pay-per-view child pornography coalition which she allegedly set up with Rupert and Elisabeth Murdoch . I will send this at 1300 unless………”

The truncated message went into queue as a pair of Texas State troopers with lights flashing took point and trail positions on the ‘world’s most dangerous Fleetwood’ as plans were imminent in the Illinois National Guard ‘switchplay’ planned for 19 May, 2012. Think around 2020, Saturday night. As the two Crown Vics and the LT1 Fleetwood passed 100 mph, Agent Hamish Charles Watson had a brainstorm while watching a video of Slade Lane. He now could connect the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to the wench with the dolphin tattoo.

“Inside Gareth Williams' flat [Apple laptop at 1:08]

Agent Aston Martin, or whoever she really was, reached for her Clipper Banana and sent a musical measure to Agent Chips opining that if their in depth security debriefing and probe was forestalled, it just would be fair, no fair at all. As Chips harked back to 1967 when he was at Punahou School, he realized it would be no fair at all if Barry Soetoro and his handlers were not made aware of a contingent lawsuit already filed at Quentin Burdick Courthouse in Fargo, North Dakota, as of May Day, 2012.

Civil Case 3:12-cv-69

FIELD McCONNELL Punahou 1967 v. BARRY SOETORO, Punahou 1979

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