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General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout - Chapter 7

Allen & Overy Pedophile SLUT – Lady Meyer Devil’s PACT
Chips learns of NATO plan to punish Obama’s Chicago lack of a 350 carbon cap

In the last chapter Chips’ doppelganger was dismantling the Federal Diversity Bridge before a false-flag bombing attack on the NATO summit in Chicago. Chips had heard four dings as Atomic Betty observed one dong. He now picks up the story with a Muslim Situation review of how far America has fallen since 1981 – Allen and Overy’s SLUT is perhaps the last attorney standing tall. Chips ruminates on Latin "method of study” where Jesuit schools and colleges obscure the moral supremacy of the Holy Bible. He wonders if Abel Danger can stop the Willis-Big John-One Dearborn NBC operation on 19-21 May, 2012. Royal Crown Agent Belfast Lagan clippers Chips; “Upon arrival at Bong AFB ‘Grolsch Package’, redeploy for cross talk with Cressida Dick and Catherine Meyer (half Russian, half French) and her PACT with the Devil. Can Common Purpose, NSAWW and United States Senior Executive Service be far from her? She seems interested in a threesome with Cherie (low forehead) Blair and Thunder Thighs”. Chips finds it difficult to concentrate on a message from Agent Yellowhammer: Agent 80W has her tongue in his ear and her hands on his gear. He consumes Oysters and EOP. He feels a burgeoning below which makes him hark back to Captain Stud’s orders to his two pirates to ‘head due south’. A Clipper comes in from Agent Dirty Driveway of Richmond-on-Thames. DD is inside Cressida Dick’s comm. Suite. He recalls that in 1966 a group named Cyrkle sang “It’s much too groovy a summer day to waste running round in THE CITY”. Royal Crown Agent Dirty Driveway copies Clipper to Chips; “50 agents face DNA tests over spy-in-the-bag killing as coroner brands death 'unlawful' and puts MI6 in the frame. Cressida Dick and Tony Farrell appear to agree the Gareth Williams crime scene was controlled by Marcy’s JABS prior to infiltration by McConnell’s FESTIS on 24 September, 2010”. Royal Crown Global Hammer Rooster Cogburn clippers Chips; ‘”We have the FAA thinking you will be landing at Perrin Field or Lakeport Regional when you get to Texas. Mensa and Bean get a cryptic message from Juan Arroz con Pollo. Royal Crown Agent Hamish FLASH CLIPPERs Chips; “ I need to brief you on the ‘Auld Alliance ’ agreement between David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy to bomb or threaten to bomb Chicago during NATO Summit of May 20-21. French Metis Agent Kilo Mike points to joint-command strategy on Wells Fargo’s Federal Bridge to punish Obama’s failure to secure 350 ppm cap in CO2 emissions. KM reminds Global of nanothermite signatures of WT buildings 1,2,4,5,6,7. Clipper me via JASPAR or FESTIS, JABS is now backdoored by Mssr Hollande, comprende? Hamish”. Aft CRF of a blacked out Frogjet Agent, Chips gets cleared for ‘Pile driver, Jackhammer, Texas style’.

Situation: A Muslim

A short review of how far America has fallen since 1981 to this point where Allen and Overy’s SLUT is perhaps the last attorney standing tall. Well, okay, laying straight may be more accurate.

A polar opposite to West Point or Annapolis would be Georgetown University where reprobates ( see scum ) such as Clintons, Collyer, Marcy, James Jones and their ilk drink the venom of Carroll Quigley and then using Jesuit chicanery; this is what is known as 'ratio studiorum': Latin "method of study;" the educational process by which the Jesuit schools and colleges obscure the moral supremacy of the Holy Bible and secure tacit obedience to the will of the black papacy not to be confused with the half-black lunacy running loose currently until he is smacked on the nose with a Chicago newspaper if Abel Danger cannot stop the Willis-Big John-One Dearborn NBC operation on 19-21 May, 2012. However, while the Jesuits like Thomas Smolich SJ, Louis Freeh, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have handily deployed their wicked judges and twisted sisters, the Global Operation Director of Abel Danger is placing his FAITH in the committed compassionate mind of man and Children of God who serve the Most High. In the election of 2012 you may join with us or continue to place false hope in the Muslim or the Mormon Misfits both whom have direct connections to pedophilia dating back to 1878 in Whitechapel, England and Chicago, and 2012 in Hull House (Chicago) and the NSA facility in Utah. As the Marine takes down the Mormon and the Muslim feel free to join our side as we oppose this slime crawling around earth raping and sodomizing children and bull dikes in the Shadow Government, and Kagan, Napolitano, Thunder Thighs and Sasquatch cast HUMONGOUS shadows, destroying civilization. Notice I didn’t include Sonia Sotomayor? The Twisted Sisters and Wicked Judges are errantly thinking we will bow to those evil women who see themselves somehow 'superior' to the rest of us. If the Twisted Sisters sent by Vatican City, City of London and Chicago’s Cabal are to be stopped, it will be by DETERMINED WARRIORS such as Jocko Clark and Agent Chips ( determined native Americans ) or KP Cebu and Rooster Cogburn (determined and enlightened veterans), or by Hamish Charles Watson and Mensa Max (immeasurable intelligence) joined by the Hearts prepared by God to oppose evil with Victory being as foretold in Proverbs 21:31.

The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord.

Cross references:

Proverbs 21:31: [Ps. 20:7; 33:17; Isa. 31:1]
Proverbs 21:31: Jer. 3:23

Mission: a Mormon

Allen and Overy’s SLUT suggest foreknowledge of 9/11 at Magic Circle and Wall Street, see also Warren Buffett/Goldman Sachs at Offutt AFB. In an excerpt from SLUT Deidre Dare, aka Abel Danger Agent Madam Ovary, in Chapter 18 of the 5th book, she communicated the steganographical truth: “Stone and Buck Naked re-energized jet; threat of an EMP attack ‘frying’ the systems was gone. Nano’s message was brief: EMP AIR PATROL. KSM Witness Banzai Pipeline notified Chips that Mrs. Miriam Clegg (Foghorn Leghorn) and Kristine Marcy ( Queen Hornet) planted one of their 13-star SES cronies Clapper in NIMA for the hit on Ilan Ramon in the shuttle and the clean up of patented devices at the FC-KU crime scene. KSM Witness Marquis d’Cartier told Chips of some evidence to suggest Isherwood and Auden played a role in Anglo-Nazi development of Lustmord [Sexual Murder] set to music and filmed with cameras licensed through the Magic Circle patent pool. He noted that the early version of the DVD/AVD patented devices used at the Bullingdon Buscot Park orgies may have been embedded in an RCA/NBC camera. KSM Lead Defense Witness Hamish mentioned rent boy and girl prostitutes and how they sold precisely what the audience wants to buy. VD Chatterbox Clippered for relay to Chips: Walter Leonard, son of the famous German singer Lotte Lenya, was himself a fugitive from the Nazis before becoming involved with the Basque children, he supervised a Basque colony housed in a cottage on Lord Faringdon's estate at Eaton Hastings, Oxfordshire.”

In real life she also wrote a sexy novel that begins on the evening before 9/11, when investment banker Tabitha Mackenszie, the daughter of a charismatic and womanizing poet, suffers a series of catastrophic set-backs that eventually lead her to Sydney and into the arms of her married lover. It is narrated by the would-be next generation: Tabitha and her lover’s unconceived twins. The twins are eager to be born as they have important work to do in the world. They follow Tabitha as she mingles with attorneys and bankers both in Sydney and on Wall Street and as she attempts to complete her deceased father’s play about the summer Lord Byron met Percy Shelley. Byron wrote: “travel and turmoil, or there is no existence” and Tabitha encounters much of both in the pages of SLUT.

A Deidre Dare Update: Allen & Overy Lawyer Turned Sex Columnist Makes Controversial Claims About Rape

The Solution, a Marine

As Chips walked towards the cock pit, yea, that’s right, COCK PIT, Agent Atomic Betty heard the sound of four engines go quiet as a FADEC FADEOUT was apparently being attempted or achieved. Atomic Betty was well aware that FADEC FADEOUTs had been used in Speedbird 38, Turkish 1951, the CF18 at Lethbridge in July, 2010 and the ‘payback’ F18 on 6 April, 2012 at Oceana. She knew from spending time with Agent Chips that it was imperative for pilots or sex participants to have thrust they can trust.

Knowing it would be dark as the engines unwound therefore kicking the generators offline, she ran to the CRF door, whistled for Agent Chips in standard Abel Danger protocol whistle technique and shouted “Don’t bother Agent Stone and Buck Naked, come bother me as I am all hot but not bothered and my groin yearns for your Pastel Manly Mocha mast of happiness, capeche?”

Chips repaired to the aft CRF he finding it difficult to walk as his TI inched past 113% and the weave of his FCT in Pastel Manly Mocha was strained by the PTRC. As his FCT was half masted by Atomic Betty, she noted he was not half masted, not in the least. Chips heard four dings as Atomic Betty observed one dong. Chips noticed a message on his Clipper Squirt Gun with two green LED lights indicating a Priority Clipper. He noticed it was from Agent Sugarbush regarding the 4th Pelindaba Nuke as he buried a bone, in a manner of speaking. Chips and Betty got into a synergistic rhythm as Chips tried to figure out the first line of Sugarbush’s message.


Chips recognized the PFC in pink while his PRTC was also in pink. Knowing that the message was from someone familiar with Agent Chips ancestor who was in Marine Intelligence during the Grover Cleveland presidencies, he reached over to his Clipper Squirt Gun and selected F4 so that he could think like a South African and mentally solve the alphabet soup sent by Sugarbush who was always up for a batch of Agent’s Chips high nutrition essence, if you know where her head was at.

Speaking of head’s at, where were the heads of MI6 at when Gareth Williams was missing from work for a week after returning from a meeting with Agent Chips at the Annapolis Ramshead at 1773 Generals Highway, Crownsville, Maryland where Gareth and Chips enjoyed several pints of Copperhead Ale while seated in the booth nearest the ladies’ latrine not to be confused with lesbian lawyers like those involved in the International Pedophile ring ‘busted’ by Gareth Williams who was Abel Danger Agent Slade Lane until he was slain apparently by one of the 50 MI6 counterparts having their DNA samples taken now to make up for sloppy work by Cressida Dick in time frame August to October, 2010.

50 agents face DNA tests over spy-in-the-bag killing as coroner brands death 'unlawful' and puts MI6 in the frame

Abel Danger had caused MI6 to call in FBI on the weekend of 24 September, 2010 as Agent Chips delivered a speech in Austin, Texas noting that in video above at 1:07 APPLE appears and of course Al ‘Hot Air’ Gore, a director of Apple, may be a de facto custodian of Marcy’s falsely marked Nortel JABS and 9/11 VoIP patent pools. During that trip to Austin, Texas Agent Chips raised the alarm concerning the possibility that Romney’s Bain C4 networks may have wish to have Gareth Williams ‘silenced’ after the Welsh spook and brilliant mathematician hacked the Federal Bridge Certification Authority used to monitor missing children in Europe using Nortel system and perhaps had identified Bain clients as the perps behind Maddy McCann’s abduction. Perhaps Abel Danger can shame Scotland Yard, Cressida Dick, and the Royals into determining the link, if any, between Allen and Overy and Bain and Company’s hot number 116 000.

The same weekend as the campus shooting in Austin, Texas, Chips had delivered several videotaped briefings on the Twisted Sisters and the City of London. As Chips probed Atomic Betty he observed that the ‘fit’ was such that the pleasure was reaching uncontrollable so to forestall and early exploculation he tried to remember if their were 20 or 21 black men in white shirts who were singing the ‘pacemaker’ song in Afrikaans. As Chips kept in sync with the all male choir he recalled how a half black kid named Soetoro was 12 years behind him at Punahou and wondered at which pointed he changed his name to Obama which Chips found odd as his DNA and appearance both suggest a surname of Davis. Chips understood that this half-Obama, half-Soetoro hybrid may be on the ‘down low’ as he had started wearing a gold wedding band in 1986 six years prior to his arranged marriage with Sasquatch. As Chips ruminated on the encoded message he was delighted to think that Hillary Roadhog Thunder Thighs is probably still livid at the Withdrawn Weiner as Huma Abedin had jilted her for someone who resembled Merle Haggard less and of a lesser tonnage, to borrow a term from my nautical background, capeche?

Is Obama on the Down-Low?

Atomic Betty called ‘switch, doggie style, pile driver’ and as Chips repositioned as directed, he caught another glimpse of the coded message from Agent Sugarbush who had given him the info on both the Pelindaba nuke snatch by Thatcher and David Cameron and a Judge in South Africa named Cameron who got high marks from diverse males who find other diverse males attractive, if you are paying attention.


Chips was dishing out all Betty desired and thought he’d broken the code. He knew from the three pink letters that it was regarding either a Private First Class, a Primary Flight Control, or a message in Playfair Cipher. He leaned towards the third option and was thinking it may be ALL HANDS ON DICK, perhaps a reference to Cressida Dick who had been forced into a position at Metropolitan Police so she could suppress the issue of the Catherine Meyer , Michelle Obama, Hillary Roadhog and Kristine Marcy PACT network and the Marbella trip to confer on how best to pitch Gareth Williams’ murder. Cross referencing the letters a second time she realized it could not be DICK just as a Clipper came into his Clipper Squirt Gun before he could realize it was DECK.

Royal Crown Agent Belfast Lagan Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Chips, Bean, Mensa, Salsa and Corazon Dulce, copy 80W: Upon arrival at Bong AFB ‘Grolsch Package’ to redeploy to Soulman’s at location India 20. Grolsch package via PA to Ennis for a Czech beer. While in Ennis you will be Clippered to myself and Mister BG for a cross talk involving Cressida Dick, Catherine Meyer ( half Russian, half French ) and her PACT operation. As the short frog is ejected, Cameron and Foghorn Leghorn are terrified and need a second Chicago Fire such as the one in 1871 involving the Geddes Safe. Note her dwelling is in same section of London where Robin Gibb awoke around the first of May. This 57 year old female thinks she is untouchable as did Wells Fargo before Field McConnell revealed FBCA to Mike Heid. Our Agent Madam Ovary had infiltrated Allen and Overy before they ‘inserted’ themselves into Australia where Agent Crusher’s ‘close relative’ Agent Philip S. Fox is hawking their every move. Abel Danger will ‘pop her balloon’ and cause her to tremble. She has made a PACT with the Devil so can Common Purpose, NSAWW and United States Senior Executive Service be far from her? She seems interested in a threesome with Cherie (low forehead) Blair and Thunder Thighs. With a Russian mother and a Frog father she doesn’t ‘convince’ as a non-German with a French accent. Note it was a pair of Frog Navy perverts who drove the HMS Astute aground. ALL HANDS ON DECK! Belfast Lagan

Atomic Betty called ‘Switch, mattress thrasher, side oiler, finish me off’ to which Agent Chips reverted from the poodle technique to MTSO, a favorite of Atomic Betty, Agent Bean and Agent 80W as well as heterosexual women of breeding age globally as well as some ‘hip’ NSA Agents. As Chips prepared to complete the act, the lights flickered as the first of 4 generators came on line as the windmill starts of ‘all four’ had commenced in the descent thru 10,000 feet just east of the Petty Intersection which feeds O’Hare traffic. At Bong AFB a Blacked out French jet was idling at the transcient alert position as Agent J Jones had his men ready for a ‘fast swap’. Chips could sense Atomic Betty’s signature ‘clamp down’ move so he knew that exploculation was close as he grabbed her fun bags for extra pleasure. When she moaned “Cohen” Chips returned volley knowing she was thinking of Leonard Cohen, a success, not Jay M. Cohen of Old Gallows Road a peer of the draft dodger who screwed up the mission on Y2K, capeche. 1950 if you are loading a GPS. It is thought that his urologist conceived the Vienna Sausage, capeche?


Chips removed himself from herself and offered the hyperventilating heap of real Canadian woman with knockers, and then some, three NAPAWASHS so she could execute post coital operations in keeping with Abel Danger Protocols prescribed by Agent Bean who was an expert on hygiene not to be confused with hijinks such as Sasquatch or Thunder Thighs. He took a Marine Corps shower, sprayed himself liberally with Jade East cologne knowing his next mount may well be Agent Bean whose favorite position was LITTLE HONDA. He selected a full combat thong with EHP, Oscar de La Renta Slinghot Rumpmaster, in Pastel Jade Green but with a transchrome feature to become Pastel Turquoise if he SNIPHed a different sample. Ask any fighter pilot about search, sample, sort and sniff but keep in mind SNIPH (standard naval intel profiler, human) is different from sniff in the air intercept business. In deference to USDOJ-Pride we offer this pastel version of the driving beat to which Agent Bean prefers to be driven.

Chips put his hand on the CRF door know as he observed a pair of 44D knockers getting delicately placed in an over the shoulder boulder holder in Pastel Mint Green. As he exited into the cabin, Agent 80W handed him a message from Umbrellaman who had just authorized Operation PHUC EWE to overlay Operation TURGID WATCHMEN as the Cameron-Thatcher-Soetoro-Zuma ‘pukes of Pelindaba’ realized their plans for John Hancock, Willis Tower and the Sidley Austin property at One Dearborn in period 19-21 May, 2012, may not able to be prosecuted due to BLOWBACK from Abel Danger. Cameron was sweatin’ icecubes while Soetoro was looking for a Donald Young type to take the place of Kal Penn and provide comfort such as he and Rahm the Rammer had enjoyed at the gay boinking emporium before George Soros trotted him out as a dark horse, more like seahorse, in 2004. Now that George Soros is having Miriam ‘Foghorn Leghorn’ Clegg do the diebold dirty work in Spain, perhaps Barry Soetoro will become a GAY CABALLERO. What ever happened to real men, capeche?

Chips found it difficult to concentrate on the message from Agent Yellowhammer who lived just a ‘stone’s throw’ from the RAF Dumfries in Scotland as Agent 80W had her tongue in his ear and her hands on his gear, to speak in pilot like diction, capeche. As she did some digital magic on the twig and berries, Agent Chips read what Yellowhammer had learned using PACER and FESTIS software.

Royal Crown Agent Yellowhammer Immediate Clipper to Agents Hamish, Rooster Cogburn, Bean, Mensa, Salsa, Corazon Dulce and whoever is doing Chips, copy Name Dropper: Chips, I wouldn’t interrupt you during an in depth security probe however recall that Eddie the cadaver dog and Keela the blood dog BOTH alerted in the McCann’s Apartment at the same location, behind the sofa. Eddie also alerted to cadaver odour in the McCann’s bedroom. Someone died in Apartment 5A which is the apartment in which Maddy McCann disappered. Who died? Prior to 28 April, 2007 no one died there. However, according to Agent Belfast Lagan....

Chips could sense the first increment of leading edge devices extend as the manipulation of his bits and pieces was causing another hydraulic extension as Operation POWER WOODY was underway at the hands of a Texas Agent whose PPC is Pastel Turquoise. In the interest of national security and the solving of McCann’s and Williams’ murders, Chips let the lovely Agent 80W continue as he realized she was given him ‘morse code’ messages on his concealed secure communications tool. In an attempt to reduce the engorgement of the world’s most famous PRTC, he pictured a pair of old grumps married to a pair of limp chumps. As a weiner that was not withdrawn took the dits and das of morse code, Chips asked the lovely Agent from Ennis, Texas if the message was interrupted as it ended at ‘according to Agent Belfast Lagan……

“Yes Chips, when the 4th generator dropped of line in the FADEC FADEOUT the ACARS printer stopped the message. We didn’t want to disturb you as you were data mining Atomic Betty and probing for intel relating to national security so we responded for you once all 4 generators were on line. We are to land in 7 minutes. That is more than enough time for a quickie seeing as you are already at TI of 115% which should be sufficient to complete the act.” As an IOC in Pastel Turquoise was half masted to knee level, Agent Chips, who was not halfmasted, did his part in Operation PROVIDE PLEASURE. As Agent 80W leaned over the navigation table she thought about one of the most lethal Pirate Captains who have ever plied the Caribbean with a 4 masted vessel full of seamen.

To ensure he did not exploculate before the 3 minute point, Chips pictured the faces of the Four Horsefaced Women of PACT, NCMEC and Common Purpose. Blair, Clinton, Marcy, and Catherine Meyer seen here playing the grieving mother all the while concealing her past work with USDOJ-Pride in time from 1984-2001, capeche?

Agents Low Forehead and Withdrawn Weiner?

Chips and 80W both heard the metallic ‘clunk’ of the main gear locking into place, down and locked, so 80W tightened up and fired a multiple as Chips returned volley before disconnecting and handing the lady three NAPAWASHs not to be confused with Frogface Trudeau, Courtney Brooks and Kristine Marcy, Old Hags on Old Gallows with the expectation of new gallows if the ARDENT SENTRY FALSE FLAG isn’t aborted as they should have been also, it would appear. As he applied a loading dose of Jade East and ensured the Pastel Jade Green side of his FCT was on the outside, he stuffed his junk and watched, in delight, as Agent 80W put her assets undercover awaiting the next mission which would probably occur on the black French jet used as FRA, Field Recon Aircraft. As Chips approached the lounge seating aft of the cock pit, yes you FEMME COMP and NSAWW traitors, COCK PIT, he was handed a 32 ounce CSM, two tins of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters and an ACARS Clipper by an abel bodied deck hand.

Royal Crown Agent Aunt Maudie Immediate Clipper to Chips FYEO: On board the FRA at Bong. Bean, Mensa, Salsa and I informed the crew it will be yourself and 80W only. Agents Hamish, Atomic Betty and the ‘thinkers’ will maintain the appearance of surveillance of thee three targets; Willis, Big John and One Dearborn. All three secure under a KU umbrella as we will have E4B support and Upset KC135Rs from the Milwaukee Guard. We are confident the N of NBC is curtailed. We have identified a chemical facility and have the remedy ‘at the ready’. Skymaster, Rooster Cogburn and Tango Whiskey were to block the B channel but Tango has gone missing. Skymaster will be airborne in the PT13 as briefed in Operation LEON REDBONE which overlies ARDENT SENTRY while TURGID WATCHMEN is monitoring communications at NSAWW, USSES, One Canada Square, the Georgetown Thomas Smolich SJ office and Rosemary M. Collyer’s sweetheart deal with Wells Fargo, Operation Cashhawn. Now that the Chicago NBC defenses are arranged, consume some Smoked Oysters and a pair of Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters and get ready to understand how GBT, how God Blessed Texas, which is a far cry from LBGT which is how Satan cursed America, Maudie, Pastel Lavendar.

Chips dutifully consumed the Oysters and EOP and he felt a burgeoning below making him hark back to Captain Stud’s orders to his two pirates to ‘head due south’. As Chips was looking forward to a trip to the south, say area code 903, give or take, an Immediate Clipper came in from Agent Dirty Driveway of Richmond-on-Thames where Agent Chips had stayed during his penetration, I say again, PENETRATION, of City of London on 5 November, 2010. Dirty Driveway and the Tugboat Twins had gotten inside Cressida Dick’s comm. suite and also had a former Metro cop named Agent Good Copper who was in the MI6, Scotland Yard, GCHQ OODA loop, at well as Allen and Overy with the ‘leaker’ in the not so Magic Circle. Having their OODAs breached, DLA-Piper, Motley Rice, Sidley Austin and Vogel Law of Fargo, but mostly Allen Overy, were about to have a turn down day and that doesn’t refer to a 5 star hotel where they fluff pillows on demand. Recall that in 1966 a group named Cyrkle sang “It’s much too groovy a summer day to waste running round in THE CITY”. While you ponder the red beret on keyboards, note the Cyrkle Jerk on drums acting like a David Cameron or Boris Johnson type Bullingdon wanker.

Royal Crown Agent Dirty Driveway Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Rooster Cogburn, Umbrellaman, Name Dropper and the Dangerette PWA assigned to protect Agent Chips, copy Chips: 50 agents face DNA tests over spy-in-the-bag killing as coroner brands death 'unlawful' and puts MI6 in the frame. Our wires indicate they have 2 prime suspects and the other 48 are ‘chaff’. Recall that in 1997 GCHQ had an LGBT cram down which followed the USDOJ-Pride cram down of 1994. Marcy drove both initiatives to achieve her dreams of a virtual lesbian matrix of organized crime. Cressida Dick and Tony Farrell appear to agree that the Gareth Williams crime scene was controlled by Marcy’s JABS prior to infiltration by McConnell’s FESTIS on 24 September, 2010. Suggest new gallows for Old Gallows. The leaker at 1950 Old Gallows, Vienna suggest you PLAYFAIR CIPHER this link [ ]. Please have Agent Ginger Cookie of BANGME explain the Ron Paul effect in Maine which caused the Hollande effect in France and foretells the Nobama effect NLT Halloween. Cheers, Dirty Driveway.

Nightwatch 12, 1 May, 2012

Chips and his fellow Abel Danger Assets felt the E4B, built as an E4A but upgraded in 1985, ‘roll on’ to the unfinished SAC runway at Bong AFB not too far from the Playboy Club at Lake Geneva. On Lake Geneva, Abel Danger Abel Bodies patrolled in a copy of the Russian catamaran COMRADE TOUROV URANUS. It was stationed north of Chicago to allow gay persons destroying America from the inside out to play games of ‘drop the soap’ without the pesky press taking photos such as a pair of others in this chapter that would lead on to believe that the ‘squatter’ is on the down low. In the FRA black Dassault Falcon, Skymaster and Dwarf had the jet ready for a direct flight to a private airport north, or is it east, of Canton Texas. As soon as the E4B was stopped with the parking brakes set, Chips and 80W said goodbye to the ‘thinkers’ and took their overnight bags filled with cocktails, Shiner beers, smoked oysters and EOPs, along with some Pastel FCTs to the waiting FRA jet. As they took a seat in the club seating cabin. Agent Aunt Maudie handed Chips a Clipper that had just come in from Rooster Cogburn who along with Agent Grapevine was holding down the fort both on the hilltop hideout, and occasionally in the blast proof bunker below Molly’s on Main, Plum City, Wisconsin. As Chips took the package to read, Maudie adjusted her posture and a flash of Pastel Lavendar competed with the Abel Danger Briefing for Chips’ attention. Meanwhile Agent 80W continue practicing her morse code on a secure comm. tool.

Skymaster did a ‘roll around the corner’ takeoff and as the nose wheel came off Dwarf raised the gear allowing the jet to arrive at VMC + 15 to allow a turn to the south but of a different nature than the south course discussed in Captain Stud featuring JC and the Mighty Carson Art Players.

Royal Crown Global Hammer Rooster Cogburn Immediate Clipper to Skymaster, Name Dropper, Umbrellaman and Hamish, copy Chips and Aunt Maudie: Chips, we have the FAA thinking you will be landing at Perrin Field or Lakeport Regional when you get to Texas. However, Mensa and Bean got a cryptic message from Juan Arroz con Pollo, the former secret service fellow with roots in Puerto Rico. The upset in France, the friction in Greece and the need to make squatter pay for not performing on the 350ppm issue in Norway in 2009 makes it increasingly likely that something big is scheduled for Willis, Hancock and Dearborn in 19-21 time frame. After you read the post we sent out from Plum City in your absence, know that yesterday’s events in Maine are making it likely that Romney will fall too fast. We need to conceal the Paul-Palin-Bachmann-McConnell matrix until no earlier than….”

The message was corrupted due to an electrical attack that also silenced the thrust of the Dassault Falcon jet as it had just passed 18,000 feet south of Carol Stream, Illinois (CSI) not to be confused with Crime Scene Investigations or Captain Sherlock’s Intel, capeche.

As Skymaster and Dwarf did that pilot stuff up front in the cockpit, Aunt Maudie took out her girl scout flashlight, and led Chips to the aft CRF as her MI increased to ‘very pleasant’. As Chips settled onto the bunk in the CRF, he realized he and Maudie were not alone as someone with a Clipper Medical Bag selected F4 and C120 as a song from 1964 caused Chips to think Jade East was a good choice for cologne. In October, 1964 Agent Chips and Agent Bean had found, in the darkened hallway of the E Street Elementary that they had similar taste in……music.

Meanwhile, in Lake Geneva, Agent Hamish was reading the full text of the truncated message interrupted aboard the blacked out Dassault Frogjet while he sucked down his third double mineral water with signature lime slice wondering if he would ever get a Candy Girl. He felt compelled to interrupt Chips as he felt strongly that the Auld Alliance and Crown Agency control of Canada would interest Chips when he is knee deep in an intelligence probe of vital interest to exposing the Muslim and the Mormon before George Soros’ Miriam Clegg clones can manipulate the erection of 6 November, 2012 if the proposed FALSE FLAGS in Chicago and the London Olympics don’t cause both Cameron and the squatter to make some very bad choices thinking foolishly they will avoid the New Gallows, not to be confused with the Old Hags at 1950 Old Gallows Road. The three old maids, Courtney, Kris and Jay are probably getting long faces he opines laconically to himself under his lime laden breath.

Royal Crown Agent Hamish FLASH CLIPPER to Agent Chips, copy Marquis d’Cartier, Dirty Driveway and Sheila M. O’Grady, Chicago Leaker extraordinaire: Chips, I need to brief you on my views of the ‘Auld Alliance ’ agreement between David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy to bomb or threaten to bomb Chicago during the NATO Summit of May 20-21. French Metis Agent Kilo Mike says that they will use a joint-command strategy on Wells Fargo ’s Federal Bridge to punish the City for Obama’s failure to secure a binding 350 ppm cap in CO2 emissions at the Copenhagen conference in December 2009 where Hot Air Al no showed as he was running like a little sissy girl before the illumination by Abel Danger. Kilo Mike understands Willis Insurance and Larry Silverstein’s lust for cash but a link will be posted at AD regarding the Willis Tower in Chicago, how the company was founded in 1828, changed name of Sears Tower to Willis in 2009 and Agent Kilo Mike reminds Global that the nano thermite signatures of WT buildings 1,2,4,5,6,7 in a report dated 16 September. Kilo Mike notes with interest that a Crown Agent from Liverpool, England, Clive Willis, just happened to be an expert in the field of nano-technology at a time the science was more or less in its embryonic/infancy stage. In the mid-late 1980`s, Willis made his way into a most prestigious position as Vice-President of the National Research Council, a Crown Corporation in Ottawa. KM finds is odd that there were no Canadians qualified for this position – so much so that a Crown Agent had to be parachuted in from England, eh. If you are not busy debriefing 80W, Bean or some other red hot chili sprout, Clipper me via JASPAR or FESTIC, JABS is now backdoored by Mssr Hollande, comprende? Hamish

Meanwhile, in the aft CRF of the blacked out Frogjet Agent Aunt Maudie pulled seniority on Bean and Chips was cleared for ‘Pile driver, Jackhammer, Texas style’.

As Chips saddled up as directed by the wonderful woman from Texas, he harked back to another Texas Lass from area code 903 who was once married to a Boom Operator who always like to slow things down, towards the end, with a certain Ray Price song.


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