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CBC VideoGuard Encryption Devices - Spoliated Evidence of Matrix 5 Pay-Per-View Transactions - Piggy’s Palace Good Times Society - Greek Life

The Abel Danger White House Group to those whom it may concern

October 13, 2011

Were Carole Taylor cannibal Greeks at the pay-per-view pig farm feasts?

We believe Crown Agents’ Sister Carole Taylor procured CBC VideoGuard encryption devices to spoliate evidence of Matrix 5 pay-per-view transactions laundered by Piggy’s Palace Good Times Society for Greek Life guests at cannibal feasts at a B.C. pig farm.

Lionsgate As a Front - Greek Life Production Companies - VideoGuard-Encrypted Images of Cannibal Feasts - B.C. Pig Farm - America of Fahrenheit 9/11

Public policy at Greek Life pig farm

Taylor’s VideoGuard-encrypted spoliation of Crime Scene Investigation - Charges stayed: ‘Pickton tapes - CBC News’

See # 62
Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

Greek Life mortgage on cannibal pig farm!

Taylor’s CBC and VideoGuard spin

“62. Carole Taylor (nee Carol Goss) [Revised October 13, 2011. Matrix 5 wife of allegedly extorted man-in-the-middle Art Phillips who was Greek Life mayor and police board chair in Vancouver from 1973 to 1977; she was an Independent member of Vancouver City Council from 1986 to 1990; she and her husband allegedly worked with Linda and David Pickton on the pig-farm development when the women began to disappear from the Downtown Eastside; she allegedly extorted her husband's former business partner, Gordon Campbell, who was a Greek Life (?) mayor and police board chair in Vancouver from 1986 to 1993 and who therefore had the same position with respect to civic (?) responsibilty for the wrongful deaths of the missing women as that formerly held by her husband; she allegedly procured CBC VideoGuard encryption devices to spoliate evidence of pay-per-view transactions laundered through the Piggy’s Palace Good Times Society by sponsors of Greek Life cannibal feasts at the Pickton pig farm; she allegedly attempted to extort Port Coquitlam city councilors who had been guests at the pig farm to allow her Greek Life co-investors to develop the farmland as part of the larger Riverwood community and get their property removed from the Agricultural Land Reserve to make huge profits for Greek Life pension funds; the proposal was finally approved in 1986; she was chair of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation from July 16, 2001, until March 14, 2005; she was the Greek Life custodian of VideoGuard-encrypted .tv images allegedly broadcast by the CBC as man-in-the-middle propaganda during the ‘Ballistics 9/11’ attack on America; she graduated from Weston Collegiate in 1964; she graduated from Victoria College at the University of Toronto with a BA in English; she was Miss Toronto 1964; she was co-host of CFTO-TV's After Four, a show for teenagers; she appeared on several other CFTO shows, including Toronto Today, Topic, and her own Carole Taylor Show; she and Percy Saltzman were the first co-hosts of Canada AM when the show premiered on CTV in 1972; CTV would, in 2010, broadcast a documentary “The Pig Farm” making Willie Pickton the cutout for Matrix 5 murder for hire; she was a former host of W-FIVE and Pacific Report; her career in journalism lasted for over 20 years; she served as chair of the Vancouver Board of Trade from 2001 to 2002 through 911; she resigned from the CBC in order to seek the nomination of the British Columbia Liberal Party in the province's 2005 election; on May 17, 2005, she was elected to Legislative Assembly of British Columbia as the member representing Vancouver-Langara; on June 16, 2005, she was named Minister of Finance; she signed up 100% of all BC public sector contracts before they were set to expire, allegedly by offering potential strikers a share in the revenues collected through a Greek Life pig farm pension plan from the first carbon tax to be applied anywhere in North America; as Finance Minister, she ended the corporate capital tax on banks and then joined a fellow Greek Lifer, Frank McKenna, on the TD Bank board; she allegedly extorted McKenna as a CAI Greek Life Equity investor in MDA’s MindBox debt-recovery service and the ex-chair of CanWest Global Communications; she allegedly extorted McKenna to support the false charge and incarceration of Conrad Black in order to silence a prospective whistleblower who threatened to expose her role in the Pig Farm Pension Carbon scam; Taylor was pushing her Greek Life husband to file applications for rezoning for subdivision on the land that was being examined when Willie Pickton was arrested in February 2002, allegedly as a cutout for Matrix 5 community groups; since June 17, 2011, Taylor has served as the Chancellor of Simon Fraser University where she has allegedly corrupted Greek Life faculty into supporting the pig-farm pension carbon scam; she was B.C. Minister of Finance from 2005 until 2008 in the government of Liberal premier Gordon Campbell; she and fellow Greek Lifers including Nancy Campbell and Linda Pickton, allegedly pulled lines of credit for Willie’s legal fees forcing the government to borrow from the pig farm pension fund (bcIMC) and thereby compromise its unwitting members including the police; she resigned from the B.C. Legislative Assembly in 2008 after accepting an appointment to a federal Ministry of Finance advisory panel; she is allegedly arranging kickbacks into Greek Life pig-farm pension schemes from the $71 trillion Carbon Disclosure Project run through the Treasury Solicitor’s bona vacantia accounts by alumni of the Bullingdon cannibal dining club; she allegedly sponsored the CTV .tv documentary “The Pig Farm” in 2010 as a limited hangout to maintain Willie as cutout for Greek Life pay-per-view transactions at cannibal feasts; she is allegedly protecting Matrix 5 banking, anglophone, francophone, lesbian and pedophile communities with VideoGuard-encrypted images of cannibal oaths of loyalty to the Carbon Disclosure Project and a Greek Life enforcement of a pig farm tax on breath]”

Semper Fi Sorors – The Marines have left their base.

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