Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lesbian Cults, Pedophile Oaths and Guild of Patented Hits - Chapter 8

Tainted Blood – Devil's Advocate – Treasury Solicitor
A Star is Born? Could Gays, Lesbians or Grays send Soetero to Uranus?
Bona Vacantia VideoGuard Livery hides SOS pedophile snuff film trade

Segue: Chips missed a message during Red Rooster/TOP COCK about the foreman whose radio decoyed the attack on the Twin Towers for Tony Mann, president of E-J Electric, Long Island City, and left 3,000 innocent victims to fry. The compliant septuagenarian exploculates and authorizes James Crosby and Brumhilde to block; all parties hear the same Flash message on 121.5, 243.0 and 2828 mHz. Chips is reminded how his insiders at the United States Navy Pacific Range tracked missiles on Monday, 8 November, 2010 after his THREAT WARNING at 1435 CST same date. He determines that Sugarbush has found the TI to her liking and thinks about the North Dakota State University located next to Alien Technologies in Fargo where the RFID chips are purchased. Chips is copied with Clipper from Outraged Gay Agent Herculean Spyglass who warns that Global Gays are informed of the Special Virus patented in 1971 and will likely deploy to remove agents behind the ARKANSAS TAINTED BLOOD sent north of the 49th parallel. A German Airbus lands fairly firmly and Ginger Cookie is more or less impaled on the Purple Tipped Red Champion. Chips stuffs his junk and checks a flash message on his Clipper Squirt Gun; he notes that Abigail Chopsticks Agents Good Copper, Kneel and the Tugboat Twins might attend Operation SEA CRUISE shakedown. Hoss warns; ‘10 seconds to drop, watch for cut lights, 3, 2, 1, execute’. Agent Sugarbush propels herself and Chips out into the predawn darkness and watches her wrist-mounted altimeter for 300 feet AGL; she pops the main chute; it deploys and slows their descent. Sugarbush uses parachute risers to do a quick three sixty to watch for the first muzzle flashes from the 3 Cigarette boats sent by Cameron, Obama and Zuma. Chips sends letter to Soetero, Zuma, Harper, Cameron and Foghorn Leghorn, the girthy Mrs. Clegg: ‘To whom it may concern, August 29, 2011. Abel Danger believes Crown Agents Sisters Louise Di Mambro, Elisabeth Murdoch and Kristine Marcy (‘DiM3’) procured murder of Captain Charles ‘Chic’ Burlingame III and others on 911 as alleged decoys to the Treasury Solicitor’s crony auctions of Bona Vacantia – ownerless goods – used to finance Matrix 5 propaganda and patent-pool contract hits’. Chips feels the wind noise reduce as the QB17 slows and Sugarbush descends for a HOOK and SWOOP transfer to the swift boat. Both consensual heterosexuals think they are having the mother of all exploculations until they realize the QB17 has been taken out in a manner consistent with the Rockeller hit on Kenney on 12 August, 2012. Knowing that the SWIFTBOAT has deployed two more frozen Osama-sicles, Sugarbush cuts the FULTON EXTRACTION cord while Chips gives her a free falling BDE. And she likes it. Royal Crown Agent Crusher clippers Chips’ crew on the M/V Balliol; ‘A case for the Devil's Advocate? Plaintiff claims Treasury Solicitor is using Bona Vacantia and VideoGuard in a joint venture with City Livery Companies and SOS Children's Villages to finance and conceal pedophile entrapment networks. Can anyone find a lawyer to draft the case or do we stick with Court of Public Opinion?” Sugarbush and Chips check TI and MI but fail to see a large dorsal fin approaching from the Liverpool coast; they mistake a subsurface detonation for a mate’s exploculation while, on a wharfish Quay, a non-barking Portuguese water dog prepares to retrieve TWO DEAD COCKS.
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Olive Branch #1

Olive Branch #2

As Abel Danger has delayed the illicit action against Syria and mitigated the intensity of Hurricane Irene to save the tunnels in New York, Virginia and Boston we extend olive branches to targets of genocidal TWISTED SISTERS and MAD COWS, pardon the redundancy. Listen up, Twisted Sisters, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules The World, GOD. Time to bring that ship into the shore and throw away those oars forever, capeche?

Agent Brumhilde LBGT C4ISR and Agent James Crosby, S-2, Joint Stars, Robins AFB GA 2010

As a compliant septuagenarian exploculated, or shall I say ‘fired away’ with the power of the AMEC tac nucs in Old Faithful and the Willis Tower in Chicago, both Sugarbush and Chips were ‘seeing stars’ as an EMP was aimed at the German Airbus. As James Crosby and Brumhilde were authorized to block, all parties heard the same Flash message on 121.5, 243.0 and 2828 mHz and the transgender C4ISR operative and the aging rock star impersonator terminated the EMP’s KU band trigger just as they had done on November 8, 2010, when they reacted to an EMP that blocked the second stage ignition command on the Raytheon THAAD launched from Vandenberg AFB that was to intercept an ICBM launched 15 minutes prior from the Phoenix, Arizona area where good forces are close to Biltmore and bad forces are close to Anheuser Busch. The Pentagon and MURDERoch media characterized it as a MYSTERY MISSILE even though to Abel Danger it was no mystery at all as our insiders at the United States Navy Pacific Range tracked both missiles and determined that some entity blocked the ignition of the second stage booster with an EMP on the day where Barry Soetero, sans teleprompter, was having a TAFFY PULL with whoever appeared to be running China on Monday, 8 November, 2010 when Agent Chips posted a THREAT WARNING at 1435 CST. Although DISINFO PROS have ‘muddied the waters’ what is known is that some entity blocked the second stage booster so that the defensive Raytheon THAAD was blocked from intercepting the ICBM launched from Phoenix area which had flown west, reversed course and commenced a simulated Chinese attack on the US mainland. Barry Boy was in position in China to celebrate but both CHOP SUEY and Barry Boy had long faces after Loyal Oath Keepers ‘dropped the incoming’ much like Dangerettes do in the company of Agent Chips the World’s Most Potent Fighter Pilot, capeche?

“SYGADYL, execute”.

As all electricity was removed from the ADGs, APU and batteries similar to 9/11 event where wireless (not Weinerless) igniters required for Clinton's saboteurs in the Lehman HQ Onion Router war room to create the isentropic hot-spot signatures seen above for incendiaries embedded in WTC #1, #2 and # 7 , Sugarbush called ‘switch’ which caused Agent Chips to remount and miss the longer message from Agent Good Copper while Sugarbush was receiving a Lengthy Portion of Fish and Chips, hold the Fish, but extra tartar sauce if you’d be inclined.

Somewhere near White Plains Hillary was still missing the Withdrawn Weiner, capeche?

Meanwhile, the withdrawn Weiner woman (WWW) was helping the global gays, lesbians and grays (GGG) determine which Canadian corporations and individuals participated in the intentional infecting of United States veterans with Hepatitis-C at the same time gay males in North America were targeted with tainted blood from the Arkansas prison system that that been ‘tinkered with’ in Canada, the same Canada that deployed the Avian Flu toxic cocktail, the same Canada that attacked the United States of America on 9/11 (google Maurice Baril + Rick Findley + Charles Bouchard + Russell Williams + Robert Marr + Agent Chips) and the same Canada who sent a wench to roll over and play dead for John McCain while encouraging him to lend A 3 Sky Warrior expertise to the Vigilant Guardian Exercise that the canucks ‘went rogue’ with on September 11, 2001, causing the death of Captain Chic Burlingame when American 77 was vaporized in W386 airspace under the control of NEADS/Giantkiller [Robert Marr + delay + NEADS + 9/11 =]. While the withdrawn Weiner woman was talking to Agent Asswipe Jones, not to be confused with Alex Bullhorn French sellout Jones, Abel Danger’s Canadian intel chief Atomic Betty had established a tight relationship with Agent Herculean Spyglass, a gay man in his 50s from the ‘prairie provinces out west’ and Spyglass and Betty were encouraging Global Gays and Global Lesbians to IGNITE FLASHBACK against the Evil Globalists who wished them all dead. Herculean Spyglass had suggested that when the patent for HIV was shared with the global gay community the outrage would become ‘uncontainable’ therein igniting RIGHTEOUS OUTRAGE. It is assumed that Hillary Rodham Rockefeller will be furious, briefly when she reads the Chapter that Abel Danger put out over three years ago acting on tips from WINROCK, Tyson Chicken and a former Border Patrol Officer who stopped a certain company’s TAINTED CHICKEN semi with a bad reefer in south Texas one night several years ago. Even Jim Croce and Seals and Crofts would never tangle with a bad reefer, capeche? Perhaps the time has come for MORE LOVE and less hate.

Clintons’ BAD REEFER

As Chips was keeping the tempo up in pile driving, jackhammer, sidewinder, Agent Sugar Bush reached for the Minnesota Vikings tube sock and selected F4, C240 on her Clipper Aasvoel and as the melodic Smokey Robinson started singing about more love, Chips got the hint and repositioned for an unobserved stern shot not to be confused with BVR shot which of course means BEYOND VISUAL RANGE which is from whence the military attack against America was launched on the morning of 9/11 when AA11, AA77, UA175 and UA93 where swapped out with two Boeing drones and two Douglas drones leading to the death of Chic Burlingame, the US Naval Academy Classmate of Agent Chips. Just like the 5 dead Raytheon executives, Chic Burlingame had vast academic knowledge of the exercise that was corrupted so like Captain Gerald DeConto he had to be silenced. Captain Chic Burlingame’s relationship to Agent Chips was so concealed that Chic’s superior officer at the Pentagon, BGen Paul Knox, was not aware that Chips and Chic were ‘peers’ and that Agent Chips and Agent MELTIN’ MUFF were taking the MAD COWS, TWISTED SISTERS, Soetero, Blair and Cameron out to the woodshed. Even though Al Gore projects the image of southerners as ‘dullards’ that is simply not the case. Huntsville, Alabama and Shreveport, Louisiana have assets, in the image of Judge Roy Moore, who know the Constitution, know the Justice Department, know the Bible and KNOW NO FEAR, capeche? Hilary step down, the TAINTED BLOOD is on your hands. Chips could sense that Sugarbush was tightening so he simulated weiner withdrawal as an incoming Immediate was handled by Banzai Pipeline in the underground command post at Molly’s on Main where the 36 Stud is often parked.

Global Hammer Banzai Pipeline Immediate Clipper to James Crosby, Brumhilde, Hamish, Chips and Umbrellaman, copy Agents Viagra and Sugarbush: Our plant at Disney just came clean regarding the voice splicing of Todd Beamer’s LET’S ROLL deception. Seems the SBA 8(a) folks shuffled some cash towards Hollywood in 1993 to ensure that Disney, and others, could create deceptive videos like FORREST GUMP. Note that Forrest Gump interacted, seemingly live, with LBJ who is LSD, not later day saints nor Timothy Leary LSD but rather Long Since Dead. [Forrest Gump is a 1994 American comedy-drama film based on the 1986 novel of the same name by Winston Groom. The film was directed by Robert Zemeckis, starring Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, and Gary Sinise. The story depicts several decades in the life of Forrest Gump, an Alabama simpleton who travels across the world, meeting historical figures, influencing popular culture, and experiencing firsthand some of the historic events of the late 20th century. Extensive visual effects were used to incorporate the protagonist into archived footage and to develop other scenes. An extensive soundtrack was featured in the film, and its commercial release made it one of the top selling albums of all time. It sold 4.42 million copies.] Agents Bean and I have determined that the 1994 Forrest Gump preceded the illegally modified B747-400 that were crammed down Lufthansa’s throat in 1995. Agents Bean and John Galt point out that Disney’s 2000 statement regarding using actors LSD they can create new videos with dead actors. That preceded 2001’s 9/11. Agent Spyglass suggests Chips impersonate THE MAN WITH NO FACE IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT and encourage Gays, Lesbians and Muslims into the tent. Banzai, Molly’s-on-Main, Plum City

Chips’guard dog Muffin near Troubled Guy Lake

As Chips was pile driving Sugarbush in what she called BOERBOEL, not to be confused with Barrack Obama’s ‘cornhole’ or Agent Chips’ legendary technique “ F-pole”, ( ) Chips pictured Sasquatch to delay exploculation as an Immediate Clipper came into his Clipper Squirt Gun.

Royal Crown Agent Dr. Stain Glove Immediate Clipper to Agents Bean, Moles, Marquis d’Cartier, Atomic Betty, Dwarf, Rico Gambolino, Hamish, Lady Viagra and Herculean Spyglass, copy Chips: Assuming that Abel Danger has blocked the attack on Syria by exposing Hillary’s relationship to ARKANSAS TAINTED BLOOD, we will roll out the GAGLM FM Posse in Operation TOP COCK/SYGADYL. Recall Dr. Robert Strecker’s story regarding AIDS. Like Agent Chips’ Shipmate, Boyd Ed Graves, who now lies in one, he is certain that AIDS is man-made disease, it is not a homosexual or venereal disease, it can be spread by mosquitoes and there can never be a vaccine. Although decades have passed and untold billions have been spent in research, cancer is still with us, the second major cause of death in America. The most dreaded fear that all oncologists (cancer doctors), virologists and immunologists live with is that someday cancer in one form or another will become a contagious disease, transferable from one person to another. AIDS has now made that fear a reality, and if you think you're safe because you're not gay or promiscuous, or because you're not sexually active, then you had better watch Dr. Strecker’s video very carefully until you fully understand what Dr. Strecker is telling you as he takes you step by step and shows you how this dreaded disease was actually man-made. Condoms can't prevent it and there won't ever be a vaccine. Suggest Herculean Spyglass, Atomic Betty, Agent Chips and the FARMER have a face to face following Operation TOP COCK, perhaps on a Monday-Monday on the farm out west. Dr. Nano al-Umina, Austin Posse.

Two dead cocks

Please review
The Strecker Memorandum

As Chips was doing his utmost to pleasure comely Sugarbush, she reached for the Minnesota Vikings tube sock and spoke like the former boom operator she was and said “disconnect, disconnect, now”. As Chips withdrew his probe she rolled over, draped her knees on his shoulders and gushed ‘let ‘er rip, potato chip’ and Agent Chips graciously complied as he thought back to the longer message he had missed regarding Operation Red Rooster/TOP COCK and surmised that the Clinton twins might both become furious if the Strecker Memorandum, Boyd Ed Graves’ research and the true history or Arkansas Prison system blood would someday be jointly laid at their feet. Someday, like 31 August in the year of The Lord 2011, just in time to allow Abel Danger to derail the Soros Shutdown of Wall Street penciled in for 17 September, 2011 after the proposed flooding of New York and Boston Tunnels, see also HAARP and D.U.M.B. but the genocidal maniacs such as Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Rockefellers, Soros and Kissinger underestimate the collective knowledge, energy and will of the Global Gays, the U.S. ‘grays’, the non-genocidal lesbians, the peace loving Muslims and the ubiquitous and nearly omnipotent Abel Danger,capeche?

As Agents Chips and Sugarbush had suffered coitus-interuptus by the non-fatal EMP overcome by Abel Danger Agent Stella Werke’s deployment of SYGADYL, Sugarbush had performed a TI survey of Chips and found it ‘insufficient’ so she calmly applied the Dutch/South Africa Suikker Bossie technique to the PRTC and his battle standard became ‘sufficient to complete the act’ according to UCMJ’s definition of boinking, specifically Article 120.

(a) Nature of offense. Rape is sexual intercourse by a person, executed by force and without consent of the victim. It may be committed on a victim of any age. Any penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense.

Punitive Articles of the UCMJ - Article 120—Rape and carnal knowledge

Chips was diligently continuing Operation Boner ( Barack Obama Needs Early Removal ) and from his position ‘on top’ he had a clear view of his Clipper Squirt Gun as a priority Clipper came in from Atomic Betty in the Ottawa squad car parked a half block from #24 not far from the Gatineau-Ottawa bridge where she enjoyed taking the high road with Chips as they enjoyed a ‘split’ and some Barrelita Rum from Aguadilla, PR.

Atomic Betty receives ‘update’ from Chips.

Weinermobile Pictures, Images and Photos
Mrs. Weiner and Mrs. William J. Clinton, Operation TUBESTEAK, May 2011

Atomic Betty Priority Clipper to Abel Danger Canada, copy Doctors MoLes, Stain Glove, Nano al-Umina, Trance Dancer, copy Tugboat Twins, Sugarbush, and Chips: Knowing that the evil parties have canceled the 27 August attack planned for Syria, Umbrellaman now authorizes Operation SEA CRUISE (57 nations + Abel Danger) to occur prior to the 17 September financial chaos planned by George Soros, Warren Buffett and Hilary who is still furious at the withdrawn Weiner and the missing ‘l’ in this reference to Thunder Thighs. Umbrellaman has recalled Agent Stella Werke from her office at 212 Baker Street, Plum City, Wisconsin. Agent Stella Werke is to tour gay, lesbian and Muslim conventions and share the truth of the ‘Special Virus Program’ that operated from 1962 to 1978 before being displaced by the skullduggerers in Arkansas with ties to Canada and the proposed Tyson Chicken Option. Stella will attend OUTRAGE BAG DRAGS which may, or may not occur simultaneously on 25 September, 2011 in Montreal, St Paul, Brussels, San Francisco, Paris, Soho and New Orleans. Stella will wear her GRAY PUMPS to express solidarity with the Angry Grays who have arranged the Arizona Sheriff Joe to go after the Gay Manchurian deployed by City of London wankers, pardon the redundancy. The 177 acre City of London to be brought down by Grays, Gays, Lesbians, Muslims and the Pastel Packers from Wisconsin (*). Stella Werke to caucus with Agent Herculean Spyglass and Allis Chalmers after global distribution of the truth of the US Special Virus program revealed at the Boyd ‘Ed’ Graves website. Keep in mind that David Icke, Agent Chips and Stella Werke will be in Cleveland, Ohio in November as Operation TOP COCK is upgraded to Operation RIGHTEOUS RESPONSE. Atomic Betty, Pastel Mint Green, MI 92%.

(*) Pastel Packers of Wisconsin pack parachutes, and Runaway Grand Jury Trials

Abel Danger Triple Agent Stella Werke near Sheraton Pretoria Hotel, 14 February, 2009, Operation CLAMSAUCE Snatch

Hours prior Agent Sugarbush had found the TI to her liking so she presented Agent Chips with a clear view of the target area, which he sampled for MI, finding ‘doable’ but lacking in the MI preferred by the septegenarian thong-slinger, which left him salivating, fortunately, as saliva is a viscous lubricant at least according to the Polymers Lab at North Dakota State University located next to Alien Technologies in Fargo where RFID chips were purchased before the GARLIC ROOTER was reported to be backdoored into each CHIP, see also Barry Soetero but see also CHIPS.

Agent Chips’ LONGER BLACK BEAST, 28 August, 2011

After a short episode of numming the area, Sidewinder was recommenced at 540 rpm, the low speed PTO setting on Agent Chips’ 1984 model IH 284 with the 28 horse gas Mazda engine which has only 896 hours on the tachometer and all original paint and decals, capeche? As pleasure was enjoyed in the CRF, up front Agent Stone reset both IDGs and left the APU running as a backup against any more EMP attacks similar to what occurred on 8 November, 2010, when the MYSTERY MISSILE fired from the LA BASIN was shut down by an EMP after the second stage ignition signal was corrupted on the same day the teleprompted Kenyan was enjoying consensual delights with the President of China, although the delights had no relationship to Delight, Arkansas, hometown of Glen Campbell who may have early stage ‘old-timers’ but can play a guitar just like a-ringin’ a bell, capeche?

Bathroom of Room 603 reserved for Agent Chips if Pelindaba visit required after Victory Day in Oxford

As penetration was achieved, not slight however, think roughly the size of a 16 ounce beer can, Chips noticed his Clipper Squirt Gun Flashing in alternating red and pastel green LED lights indicating a FLASH priority message from the Global Gay, Gray, Muslim and Lesbian Justice Troopers being recalled for active FLASH CROWDS (*) in Canada, USA, England, France and “location #5” somewhere close to Flanders FIELD where the poppies grow and US vets killed in WWI lie row by row thanks to the genocidal effluence in City of London who make money on arranged tragedies such as Air France 447, the Oslo massacre, Ft Hood Massacre, Murrah, Waco, Deepwater Horizon, Haiti HAARP, JFK and 9/11.

Agent Sugarbush was looking forward to receiving a large batch of Smoked Oysters again just like she had in Room 603 of the South African Sheraton where she and Chips had enjoyed while listening to SOUL COAXING while encountering FAULTY TUBBIES, not to be confused with Fawlty Towers, when the two consensual adults had participated in Amalgam CLAMSAUCE SNATCH where they were monitoring the activity of Barry Soetero, Jacob Zuma and David Cameron prior to PELINDABA PENETRATION that Sugarbush described as “not slight, however” as opposed to the UCMJ definition including ‘penetration, however slight’. As Chips repositioned into piledriving side oiler, he read the Clipper from Agent Herculean Spyglass of Canada who he had not worked with since 22 June, 2005 when the U2 was brought down in UAE due to a crew oxygen anomaly imputed by Agents known only to Chips, Umbrellaman and Stone Kohl not to be confused with Helmut Kohl or the very horse like Angela Merkel who may, or may not, sport a MERKIN.

Friday, June 24, 2005 - U-2 crash in UAE

Chips was strokin’ Sugarbush, much to her pleasure, as he read the incoming Immediate Clipper from Spyglass. Sugarbush could read his mind and cooed “when you get done packing, how about diving” as she knew that the U2 pilot killed on 22 June, 2005 was Duane Dively and she also knew that Chips was a MUFF DVR (Marine Uncovers False Flags , Digital Virtual Reconnaisance).

Outraged Gay Agent Herculean Spyglass Immediate Clipper to Atomic Betty, Umbrellaman, Marquis d’Cartier, Global Hammer Banzai Pipeline and Agent Bean, copy Chips, Chuck Roast Rantoul and Red Rooster/TOP COCK assets: As the Global Gays learn of the Special Virus patented in 1971 there will be hell to pay as the Global Gays deploy RIGHTEOUS OUTRAGE and gay men in 5 cities will be TAKIN’ IT TO THE STREETS (TITTS) on 25 September, 2011. The largest fraternity in the world, gay men, will pick up where the Agents Provocateurs in London and Tripoli have left off. If global gays agree that HIV and Hep-C were added to ARKANSAS TAINTED BLOOD that was sent north of the 49th parallel, those who were in power in Arkansas in late 70’s to early 80’s will learn that the chickens (including tainted chickens written about three years ago in Book Four) ( are coming home to roost. Ever been underneath a chicken roost? Hillary the Furious, step down by 25 September and do not allow Syrian escalation for monetary influence of COL banks or the dim witted DiM3 dimes, not to be confused with dames, capeche? If the Weiner withdrawal caused you to become furious, think of what 10 million angry gay men can do to you and GADGET BENT when TAINTED BLOOD falls at your feet. Herculean Spyglass. PS, Hilary read this

Agent Chips could see that Sugarbush was reaching for the Minnesota Vikings tube sock and he felt the shudder of the rollback of the V2500 engines as the German Airbus had reached the TOD ( top of descent ) point of the Flight Plan inserted by Stone while Agent Chips had been inserting something else into a delighted Suikerbossie in the CRF. As Sugarbush climaxed at the top of the descent Agent Chips returned volley and after exploculating ambulated in an erect fashion to his kit bag where he got three super absortent ORIGINAL GERMAN SHAMMYS and placed them by where the target area exploculation had occurred. A satisfied, hyperventilating and grateful Agent Sugarbush thanked the always affable and seldom flappable Agent Chips for not using the lousy NAPAWASH wipes that the genocidal MAD COWS at Femme Comp, SES and DLA-Piper use for after action hygiene, capeche? Speaking of Femme Comp, if JFK was not killed by CIA but rather by persons loyal to the two groups that would be created later [US SES and FEMA in 1979?], is it possible that the Tainted Blood and Tainted Chicken from Arkansas could be re-routed to United States Senior Executive Service, Femme Comp, FEMA, DHS and the law firm which Mrs. Nick Clegg (foghorn leghorn) used to work? I would mention DLA-Piper but I may be tempting fate by being so ‘troubled’. I wonder if shill Janhunen has learned that Agent Chips’ father was the AC of TROUBLEMAKER, a B24D that made lots of trouble for enemies of America and peace. Simple Peter and ALPA may have some TROUBLE when the FRAUD UPON THE COURT in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) is reviewed by French BEA, Airbus, Air France and SNPL. If Abel Danger can spring DSK, we can hose ALPA, capeche?

Chips gave her a little privacy as she attended to herself and he found his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster Full Combat Thong with Extra Humongous Pouch, in Pastel Ginger Snap, and stuffed his junk prior to taking a Marine Corps shower and putting on foo-foo juice so that Agent Ginger Cookie and he wouldn’t clash during a quickie in the descent. He handed Agent Sugarbush her patriotic bikini with the 28 inch waistline and melon sized ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’, not to bring up thoughts of shill AG Eric the faint-harded, so that if the Airbus were to be taken down in a manner such as Air France was on 1 June, 2009 any one to find her, dead or alive, would not know that she was a South African with roots in Pretoria and England as that might allow rogue elements such as Bullingdons or Mad Cows to defeat Abel Danger Garlic Rooter that was ‘inside’ the Onion Router, capeche? As Chips reached for the door, a routine Clipper was forwarded by Hamish who was still in the car park outside the Kings’ Arms Pub in Oxford where he was enjoying his signature double mineral water with lime slice.

Agent Sugarbush Operation CLAMSAUCE SNATCH, Pelindaba, February, 2009

Agent Viagra Immediate Clipper to Umbrellaman, Dwarf, Abigail Chopsticks and all deployed players in Operation Red Rooster/TOPCOCK: I was out spoliating evidence here in Resolute Bay when the TSol Qadaffi connection was made but saw this link: and thought that because Agent Chips had been in Crawley on father’s day, 2010, he should have EXTRA PROTECTION in Operation SEA CRUISE. I was called by Agent Stella Werke and he/she/it/they suggested that those plundering Libya were the Cameron SAS hit teams discovered June 21, 2010 as it pertains to Jamie Gorelick, Deepwater Horizon and the DiM3 Sows. It appears the privatized militaries are paying their operatives over 6 figures to kill enemies of the WANKER BANKER. David Cameron’s wife has a second tattoo unless my eyes deceived me on 15 November, 1999 at the Metropole in Brighton. After SNIPHing around her tattoo, (Standard Naval Intelligence Profiler Human) I went through her Smytheson purse while she cleaned up with a NAPAWASH. It appears there is a connection between David Cameron and Chancellor Norman Lamont running 1990 to 1993. Research Treasury Solicitors.

Cameron helped TSol restructure its centuries-old "Wills, Wives and Wrecks" revolving fund so that a parasitical cadre of barristers and solicitors could launder kickbacks to their global warming clients from confiscated tyrant wealth according to the WANKER MANIFESTO of 1993. TSol insiders get Qadaffi to open an offshore Pan Am 103 (Wreck) account with his lesbian bodyguard, declare him a target for snuff-film production and ensure he dies intestate (Wills) thereby allowing them to confiscate the money and launder kickbacks to SAS hit teams, the Windmilista, Mrs. Clegg (Wive) and a covey of Bullingdon shirtlifters directed by Sam Cam (Wive) and her Darling Daddy. However these insignificant examples of effluence have failed to see God’s Hand in their exposure occurring now, consider the TIM PAWLENTY MISPRISION OF TREASON. Just as the last thing Captain Gerald DeConto saw on 9/11 was a Raytheon owned, Ft Collins modified, former Navy EA3B sticking its refueling probe between his eyes, if Hillary, Cameron, Zuma and Soetero don’t step down in a fortnight, they do so at their own jeopardy. Agent Viagra, Abel Danger Resolute Bay. PS, I snagged the part from the C54 that crashed in 1951 for the Troubled Guy Lake Memorial for Blueberry Boy, RIP.

Agent BAM Mad Bax places Blueberry Boy memorial in Troubled Guy Lake, Wisconsin

The last thing Captain Gerald 'Fish' DeConto saw at the Pentagon on morning of 9/11

Chips saw the STERILE COCKPIT LIGHT illuminate indicating they were passing ten thousand feet MSL so he checked his status, finding it sufficient but not impressive, harked back to the time he and Agent Viagra had splashed around a heart shaped tub in Niagra Falls in Operation Niagara Falls/Viagra Balls, not to be confused with England’s Ed Balls who has none, and suddenly his TI increased impressively. He gave the Pastel Ginger Snap ‘love call’ and the door was opened and quickly latched by Agent Ginger Cookie whose MI was visible. She whispered SYGADYL in his good ear as she helped him get out of the stressed Slingshot Rumpmaster Full Combat Thong in Pastel Ginger Snap. She handed him a short note from Banzai Pipeline, Chips nodded in Agreement and placed a transparent bb sized gel shot, known as the RANTOUL BUZZER, in the end of his PRTC. Ginger was doing her impersonation of a BOERBOEL in heat and Chips inserted as Ginger selected F4-C3 on her Clipper device indicating Chips had 3 minutes to exploculate the gel ball into her birth canal, if you will, to inject some third parties DNA into the BLOODSTREAM. As the Guess Who sang the Abel Danger Briefing Song, Ginger Cookie cooed “Quickie authorized”.

Chips and Ginger were in a consensual and synergistic 540rpm pleasure effort when the landing gear was dropped indicating they were less than three minutes from landing

“Switch” called Ginger Cookie as she always liked to finish off on the top side, a tactic she learned from Atomic Betty the ‘bridge topper” from Gatineau where Les Sauve was harking back to his eco-banana business that preceded the Tomoye-McConnell International TREASON while in CRF number two Agent Ginger Cookie was thinking of a Banana Cream pie, for whatever reason, go figure.

As Chips rolled over but did not play dead, Ginger Cookie settled down and got the point. Now it was her turn to cycle at 540 rpm and as Chips saw her grimace and prepare for blastoff he urged calm, in Issue #3 of the UK Column printed in there story about Cameron and Obama urging both the English and Americans to “KEEP CALM, CARRY ON, Understand and Act”.

“Ginger my juicy cumquat, not yet, we haven’t landed and it takes at least 60 seconds after they stow the reversers before they can shut down these V2500 engines. Never waste a boner, as Old Mother Hubbard came to learn, capeche?”

As Ginger got back in the groove, as did Chips, a priority Clipper came in from a Canadian Prairie Province.

Righteous Outrage Sextagenarian Allis Chalmers Priority Clipper to Operation Red Rooster/TOPCOCK, Hamish, Banzai Pipeline, Atomic Betty, Agent Viagra and Marquis d’Cartier, Copy Chips: Sorry I’ve been so quiet, was out at the farm most of the summer but the harvest draws near and the workers are many. Thought you should read this piece by Royal Navy Commander Brian Gerrish who I believe you know well, it concerns private police, XE and Cameron’s SAS. Abel Danger Canada will be in Toronto in force next month ( ) on 9/11 to support the Victory Party in Oxford and Operation SEA CRUISE. Suggest Abel Danger Global attend a Thanksgiving Observation following Operation SEA CRUISE. I assume you still have a copy of the 5 November, 2010 Brian Gerrish meeting at the Cutty Sark Pub. If Agent Herculean Spyglass concurs we will be aboard the Balliol and would request 2 bunks in Cabin B. Very sorry they killed Chic Burlingame, Boyd Ed Graves and Blueberry Boy. Be safe as you travel in accordance with Psalm 91:11-14. Allis Chalmers.

Young Dan or Grandpa Dan’s 1939 B

As the German Airbus landed fairly firmly, Ginger Cookie was more or less impaled on the Purple Tipped Red Champion causing her to exploculate a little early. Agent Chips, ever the gentleman, closed his eyes and pictured Agent Viagra of Resolute Bay causing himself to finish her off with a rimshot at the buzzer. As Ginger Cookie dismounted, with the Bulgarian judge giving her a 7, Chips ambulated in an erect fashion to the lav or lou, attended to the PRTC and grabbed 3 NAPAWASHes for the heaving and happy Ginger Cookie two years his junior gasped “Chips, when will I see you again?”

As Chips was stuffing his junk and checking a flash message on his Clipper Squirt Gun, he responded “Sooner than later apparently Sugarbritches. According to Abigail Chopsticks, Agents Good Copper, Kneel, Brendan B. Hand, Dirty Driveway and the Tugboat Twins may attend Operation SEA CRUISE shakedown. Umbrellaman has ordered 8 Dangerettes to be aboard, as well as Homi, Dwarf and Sluggo who will hide in the engine room. Your name is on the crew list.”

Ginger was so excited she pretended to be licking an ice cream cone as if to express her joy and being assigned PWA duty for Operation SEA CRUISE.

“Chips, the boat has 8 beds and there are 8 Dangerettes, where will you be sleeping, if I might be so “QUAY-like’”?

“Ginger, that’s classified but your SMEAC briefing should arrive shortly so check you Clipper after you do the NAPAWASH routine, you sweet thing you, nice wax job.”

Chips could feel the parking brake being set as he unlatched the door and ambulated in an erect fashion towards door 1L. He heard an Abel Danger whistle and a call “Turn around, look at me” and as he turned around her saw a juicy cumquat walking behind him with that ‘come hither’ look on her face.

As he walked toward the rear of the short Airbus he saw no VPLs in the LSG catering uniform. He noticed she had a raincoat on her shoulder. As he turned to his right to follow her out door 2L to the scisscor lift catering truck, he noticed it was a dark day. He noticed also another two caterers enter the Airbus from door 2R as his caterer caused to roll down door to roll down. He deduced that this, in deed, was the PROPER STRANGER noting the blue shade of gray on her face.

Chips, I am a late FM to Operation Red Rooster/TOP COCK. I have been assigned also to represent Abel Danger at the Toronto Event of 9/11/11. However, as long as you arrived here at Isle of Man early, we are sending your body double to downtown Douglas and you and I will be put in a catering cart for secure transfer to Glasgow to join Agents Fanny Galore and Dirty Driveway for a pre-Oxford skull session. Hey, that gives he an idea, as long as we are stuck in this catering scissor truck, what is your preference regarding skull sessions?” As the caterer removed her LSG coverall Chips notice she was wearing only a FCT IOC in Pastel Placid Blue Ice. Because she was busy, Chips, ever the gentleman, selected F4 and C15 to let her know that her signature song would only play for 15 minutes as he needed to debrief her, for security purposes.

As this lady had proven with the raincoat, dark day, and Pastel Placid Blue Ice IOC that she really was Agent Viagra from Resolute Bay, it wasn’t until she gave three short blasts on the ship’s whistle that Chips was 99% sure. As the song ended he lifted her up, positioned her in a reclined posture on a catering cart, ensure all four wheels were locked, then selected C6 and C120 hoping to provide a half-enduro if she liked his selection of music to follow “I Won’t Back Down”. As the music started the young Agent Viagra relaxed and whispered ‘cleared to plug’ obviously aware that Chips had a Guinness World Record Air Refueling to his credit.

“Oh Chips, you are reading my mind. When I graduated from a Buffalo NY area High School in 1969 this was the last song they played at my prom. My boyfriend was in ’67 and had a super trick, piss wicked ‘62 Super Sport (SS) 409/409 and he called me his little Super Sport because we spent more time in the back seat than the front, and more time on the hood than in our classrooms. This really takes me back” gushed the mostly original young lady from Resolute Bay who appeared to never have had children but on the other hand Chips could tell this was not her first rodeo, capeche?

“Not quite Agent Viagra, currently I am taking your front, but at the next ‘switch’ call you can ask for UNOBSERVED STERN BVR shot and then I will be takin’ you back, it you get my drift.”

Chips was being easy on the much younger Super Sport not wanting to scare her off on her first Abel Danger Global mission in deference to her melons to die for. While the US-UK mission Operation Red Rooster/TOPCOCK involves mostly anglosphere players, the broader, I say again BROADer mission involving the Grays, Gays, Hep-C Vets, non-genocidal Lesbians, peace loving Muslims and military concerned with the PAT TILLMAN TREATMENT, was going to be a little difficult for the MURDERochs to avoid reporting on, not so much the red-headed Murdoch and her DNA source, but rather Elisabeth, one third of DiM3. As Chips was thinking of the grotesque Thunder Thighs still furious at the Withdrawn Weiner Woman he saw a Clipper coming in from Banzai Pipeline at the Global Headquarters in Plum City just 4 miles east of the site of the Victory Party penciled in for 20 July, 2012. It is called Vino in the Valley and is 55 miles east of Moscow on the Mississippi. As Chips attempted to read his Clipper Squirt Gun, Agent Viagra barked out ‘Switch, pile driving jackhammer, hit it’ and as he reversed positions he mentally reviewed the training flick for Operation OSAMA #8, an upcoming dumping of another long since dead Osama body double into the Rush River near Maiden Rock, Wisconsin wherein Agents RPM and Chips will open the trunk of the Presidental Longer Black Beast and allow two ladies to run free as they drown Osama to secure his 8th death so that Barry Soetero’s flubbed bull-shit regarding Osama as well as the SNOOKERED CHINOOK decoy SEALS is not ‘critiqued’. As the video played, he was rockin’ the maiden who was not in distress and was also not in her Pastel Placid Blue Ice IOC FCT which was drying on the TV rabbit ears.

Global Hammer Banzai Pipeline Immediate Clipper to Umbrellaman, Hamish, Agent Viagra, Chips, Agent Bean, copy Herculean Spyglass, Atomic Betty and Allis Chalmers: All players in Operation Red Rooster/TOPCOCK or those on crew list of M/V Balliol. We are seeing an INTENSE UPTEMPO in disinformation spewing from MURDERochs, especially Elisabeth, as well as the Hollywood and TV News dummies who appear to sing out of the Zionists Hymn books. Until Hillary, Cameron, Zuma, Harper, Soetero and Foghorn Leghorn (the delightful Mrs. Nick Clegg) step down, or do the unthinkable and incite the mother of all False Flags, WWIII, we now have them over a temporary barrel as evidenced by the removal of Tim Pawlenty [google: tim pawlenty + treason + mccain + field mcconnell], the interception of the NUC device in the D.U.M.B. tunnels and the HAARP ( Operation IRENE MITIGATE) tweak that spared the targeted tunnels in Boston and New York as Abel Danger weakened Irene sparing the east coast while Agents Chips continues to spear the delightful Agent Viagra. We are checking out this report attached below to see what team they are on. Until the MAD COWS ‘fade out’, Umbrellaman invokes PASTEL RAINBOW and orders 8 Dangerettes to accompany the men on the BALLIOL. For security purposes, Agent Chips is to be moved between the 5 boats on an hourly basis occurring at 6 BELLS. Further, Umbrella wishes at least one Dangerette from US, Canada, England, Scotland, South Africa and the upcoming REPUBLIC OF TEXAS, perhaps Agent MoLes. Banzai Pipeline, Molly’s on Main, the Plum.

Chips was doing the pile driving jackhammer and saw there was still 27 minutes to go on the countdown counter on his Clipper Squirt Gun when he felt the hydraulic scissors start the catering body down as Chips was catering to another body while he was still up, in so many words. Agent Viagra selected LA on her Clipper Key Fob with SS on it for Super Sport, and all doors were locked.

“Chips, don’t worry, this is standard protocol. I have secured all doors except the top hatch and we have three minutes before Plan B. However, your TI is impressive and our time is short so read my lips, the two on my face not your 4 favorites in the target area, “QUICKIE AUTHORIZED.”

Even though absent a switch call, Chips elected to roll her over for an unobserved stern shot and, ever the gentleman he prepositioned three NAPAWASHs near the target area so she could use them as stocking stuffers as soon as Chips finished stuffing her lack of stockings, capeche. Chips heard first the sound of an approaching Bell Jet Ranger and then a voluminous “OH CHIPS” screamed in fluent Inuit prior to collapsing in a satisfied heap of happy and heaving womanhood. Chips honored her gambit with a rimshot at the buzzer and, being a gentlemen, turned his head away as he went to dress. As he stuffed his junk he saw a 4 red flash message and from Agent James Crosby, his fellow HAARP infiltrator, in Joint Stars.

“SYGADYL, SYGADYL, Chips and Viagra, hunker down, first chopper is a Cameron SAS privatized XE group bunch of CHINOOK SNOOKERERS. They are rapelling down now, we have them targeted, take cover. SYGADYL, SYGADYL”

Chips, ever the gentleman, stuffed Viagra’s head under his kilt and braced for what ever came next. Agent Viagra was calm as she commenced Abel Danger Security Profile ADS. The young lady from Resolute Bay heard three explosions in rapid succession: the take down of the Jet Ranger, the Jet Ranger falling off the catering body, and then an exploculation that would make AMEC proud of the TAC NUCS they have placed at Yellowstone and the Willis Tower to simulate a Muslim attack on America, no doubt planned and controlled by the thrice dead Osama Bin Patsy. As Viagra swallowed hard, Chips stuffed his junk and noticed another Immediate from James Crosby.

“Mission accomplished, Agent Hoss in 30 seconds, Balliol Option, execute”.

"Chips, follow me, hurry” urged Agent Viagra as she covered herself with only a McGill University t-shirt in Pastel Pallid Blue Ice, she pointed to her kit bag and Chips as she ascended the metal later to the top hatch. Chips placed her small kit into his larger kit and looked up the ladder which effectively put his nose in her business, and he liked that. As she hit RTH on her Clipper SS Key Fob, the top hatch opened electrically as a Super Puma was resting it’s left skid on the catering body. She crawled in the left door that Agent Hoss had opened, and as Agent Viagra crawled in, Agent Chips was reminded of Leslie Nielsen’s best line.

Chips lifted his kit bag into the helo and then hopped in and shut the door behind him. Agent Hoss pointed to a Minnesota Vikings cooler and lipped “Grape Nehi”. Chips opened the cooler and passed a frosty cold Grape Nehi to Hoss as Hoss had the chopper climbing at 90 knots and turning directly for Oxford, as a feint in case they was being tracked. Agent Viagra hiked her T-shirt to give Chips a view of the target area causing Chips to ask Hoss the time enroute as Chips and Viagra were hoping to debrief each other, in the interest of Global Security of God’s Little People.

"Chips, NO TIME, check the parachute packing bag next to your kit. Suikerbossie and you are going to do a silken descent in 3 minutes, let her out of the bag without letting the mission bunking details out of the bag.”

Agent Viagra had seen three cold drinks precooled in the Minnesota Vikings cooler so as Chips let Suikerbossie out of the bag, she found a Vodka/Redbull for Sugarbush, a 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini with two stuffed Queens for Chips, a Barrelita Bridgetopper for herself. Suikerbossie looked at her Breitling watch, and saw 75 seconds to drop zone. She handed Chips a torso harness as she slid open the hatch onaircraft right and positioned herself with her bare feet on the right skid.

“Chips, piggy back on me and be alert for a free fall from 40 above the water. On Hoss’s hack” Suikerbossie checked her belly pack chute and spare while Chips checked her ample bossoms, to calm her and give her something to look forward to in the descent.

Agent Viagra helped Chips stuff the two drinks and Chips helped Suikerbossie feel like a natural women. Agent Sugarbush could see the green centerline lights on the spine of the S-4 minisub as well as the trailing red ‘cut lights. She got three purple flashes from the S-4 hatch signaling that Agent BAM Mad Bax was ready for the drop, she also noticed 3 cigarette boats converging on the drop zone. She squeezed Chips’ PRTC as if to say 'request enduro'.

Hoss said “10 seconds to drop, watch for cut lights, 3, 2, 1, execute”. Agent Sugarbush propelled herself and Chips out into the predawn darkness and watched her wrist mounted altimeter for 300 feet AGL. She squeezed the PRTC as a signal for Chips to hang tight. As she popped the main chute it deployed and slowed their descent as Sugarbush used the parachute risers to do a quick three sixty to watch for the first muzzle flash from the 3 Cigarette boats sent by Cameron, Obama and Zuma. Cameron’s SAS crew opened up first whereupon Sugarbush released from the main chute and deployed the spare by pulling the PHAT DADDY with her right hand while not losing her grip on the other fat daddy. All three boats observed the fleshette penetrate and slice through the parachute risers, or were they seeing things. Agent Sugarbush saw the red cut lights as she observed 30 feet AGL as she released the spare. As she and Chips hit the water in the prebriefed fireman’s leap, Agent BAM Mad Bax secured them to the S-4 mooring lines and handed them their 5 minute oxygen apparatuses.

Agent Loverduck at the helm accelerated at flank speed while diving the S-4 to avoid the Cigarettes. As the S-4 proceeded at 8 knots the USS Annapolis took position 200 feet below and 300 yards forward to the S-4 as Agent Jam prepared the S-4 for self destruction utilizing SMACsonic. As the S-4, now on autopilot, maintained 8 knots on a course direct Liverpool, BAM Mad Bax saw the propelled swimmers approaching from forward and below. Each swimmer then handed Mad Bax and Jam mooring lines that led to The Annapolis and handed Chips and Sugarbush their extraction balloon and tether line. Sugarbush noted only 2 minutes of oxygen left and received a signal that the Cigarettes had retreated after finding two cut chutes and two bodies, both frozen, appearing to be Osama #4 and Osama #5. As Cameron, Zuma and Soetero were briefed by a furious and ‘weinerless’ Thunder Thighs that Agent Chips had again escaped their evil plans, Sugarbush squeezed Chips’ PRTC to signal an imminent inflation.

Chips was hoping she’d use the oral inflation techniques however due to the large size of the balloon she opted for the CO2 cartridges that Sandor of Chicago/Isle of Man, Blood and Gore were hoping to tax via CCX and Isle of Man bank prior to the Abel Danger take down of fat Al. The red lights on Sugarbush’s oxygen bottle blinked red and fast indicating 30 seconds breathing time. She could here the concussion of the four engines as a B17 from the RAF Museum at Cosford approached from west to east at 133 feet AGL. After three tugs on the Captain’s tiller, she blew the CO2 wishing it were something else. As the illuminated balloon filled and ascended to it’s 300 foot lanyard limit, the QB17 saw the reflective 3M tape in its landing light beam. Its Uninterruptible autopilot made a last check turn to center up the reflection. As the Fulton Extraction was completed, an incoming Clipper from Hamish was missed as Chips was giving Sugarbush a BDE in the retraction towards the MEMPHIS BELLE, at least that’s how it was painted but recall whatever hit the Pentagon was painted in American livery.

Meanwhile, off shore from Liverpool just one half mile, the Tugboat Twins waited in a Vietnam era surplus SWIFT boat idling and waiting for the Memphis Bell to release Agents Chips and Sugarbush before their body doubles would be dropped in parachutes just prior to making landfall 5 miles due south of the SWIFT boat where the Tug Boat Twins were enjoying a six pack of London Pride and looking forward to receiving their Molly’s shirts at the Kings’ Arms Pub on the 10th anniversary of the City of London-U S Senior Executive Service-FEMA-Canada ‘inside outside attack’ on the morning of 11 September, 2001 when Agent Chips’ Classmate was murdered in W386 airspace under control of Colonel Robert Marr, NEADS and Giantkiller. See this google set of players [Maurice Baril + Charles Bouchard + Russell Williams + Rick Findley + Robert Marr].

As Chips and Sugarbush had removed their wet clothing, Chips noticed another item that was pleasantly wet, and he liked that. In the noise of the slipstream behind the QB7 neither Chips nor Sugarbush caught the FLASH CLIPPER from Agent Hamish who finally had found the missing photo of the EKA 3 rectangular fuselage section that FBI workers failed to conceal just like David von Kleist had expressed to Chips in a phone call in April, 2007.

Felony removal of evidence; see also SPOLATION ( EA3B fuselage section)

Raytheon owned EA3B, gee what if it were painted in American livery?

Blabbermouth Hamish FLASH CLIPPER to Umbrellaman, Tango Whiskey, Skymaster, Agent Bean, all Hammers, Uncle Ray and Red Rooster/TOP COCK players: After locating the 4th photo I sent this letter to Soetero, Zuma, Harper, Cameron and Foghorn Leghord, the girthy Mrs. Clegg: To whom it may concern, August 29, 2011, DiM3 murder of Captain Chic decoys Treasury Solicitor patent-pool hit Abel Danger believes Crown Agents Sisters Louise Di Mambro, Elisabeth Murdoch and Kristine Marcy (‘DiM3’) procured the murder of Captain Charles ‘Chic’ Burlingame III and others on 911 as alleged decoys to the Treasury Solicitor’s crony auctions of Bona Vacantia (“ownerless goods”) to finance Matrix 5 propaganda and patent-pool contract hits.

See # 71, 64 and 1
Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

Shows the ‘al-Qaeda’ war-game plan – allegedly created by DiM3 women, Louise Di Mambro, Elisabeth Murdoch and Kristine Marcy – to camouflage murder of Captain Chic and serve as a decoy for TSol patent-pool contract hits of 911

DiM3 victims; one of murder for hire, the other of TSol fraud

DiM3 agents removing Captain Chic’s patent-pool decoy from the Pentagon lawn

Treasury Solicitor allegedly auctions Bona Vacantia (“ownerless goods”) derived from Wills, Wives and Wrecks to finance centuries-old Matrix 5 propaganda and patent-pool contract hits

TSol's VideoGuard patent-pool devices synchronize Matrix 5 decoy propaganda and DiM3 pay-per-view contract hits

DiM3 bought rights to QRS 11 gyroscope for TSol patent pool to guide & control the 911 decoy and drone maneuvers used in the murder of Captain Chic

Here follows some I/O (Intake/Outtake) clues with pics and clips buried in chaff

Matrix 5 = Banker + Anglophone + Francophone + Lesbian + Pedophile propagandists

DiM3 decoy TSol patent pool VideoGuard: 9/11 Family Member Slams Obama's Ground Zero Trip ..
9/11 Family Member Slams Obama's Ground Zero Trip

DiM3 decoy TSol patent pool VideoGuard: 'Explosion at the Pentagon'
'Explosion at the Pentagon'

DiM3 decoy TSol patent pool VideoGuard: Fox News 9/11 Coverage: 10:53 a.m. - 11:08 a.m.

DiM3 decoy TSol patent pool VideoGuard: Fox News 9/11 Coverage: 12:53 p.m. - 1:08 p.m.

DiM3 decoy TSol patent pool VideoGuard: Fox News 9/11 Coverage: 1:08 p.m. - 1:18 p.m.

Judicial Committee - Issuing a 'Patent' For Use of VideoGuard Pay-Per-View - Encryption Devices - Synchronized Matrix 5 Images - Princess Diana

[CSI spoliation inference suggests DiM3 – Louise di Mambro, Elisabeth Murdoch and Kristine Marcy – procured the 911 murders of Captain Chic Burlingame and others as a decoy to the Treasury Solicitor’s alleged sales or auctions of Bona Vacantia (“ownerless goods”) to finance Matrix 5 propaganda and patent-pool contract hits] Shortly Before September 11, 2001: Pilot on Flight 77 Only Signs Up for Flight Shortly before 9/11 One of the pilots on American Airlines Flight 77—the third plane to be hijacked on 9/11—is not originally booked to be on that flight, and only accepts it shortly before September 11. American Airlines pilot Bill Cheng is originally due to fly Flight 77 on 9/11. But in late August he applies for that day off, so he can go camping. “When another pilot signed up for the slot, Mr. Cheng’s application was accepted.” Whether his replacement is Charles Burlingame, the plane’s captain, or David Charlebois, its first officer, is unstated. [New York Times, 9/13/2001] Pilots on two of the other aircraft hijacked on 9/11 are also not originally scheduled to fly that day, but are booked onto those planes shortly before September 11 (see Shortly Before September 11, 2001 and Shortly Before September 11, 2001). 8:51 a.m.-8:54 a.m. September 11, 2001: Hijackers Take Over Flight 77 Charles Burlingame. [Source: Family photo / Associated Press]The 9/11 Commission says the hijacking of Flight 77 takes place between 8:51 a.m., when the plane transmits its last routine radio communication (see 8:51 a.m. September 11, 2001), and 8:54 a.m., when it deviates from its assigned course (see (8:54 a.m.) September 11, 2001). Based on phone calls made from the plane by flight attendant Renee May (see (9:12 a.m.) September 11, 2001) and passenger Barbara Olson (see (9:20 a.m.) September 11, 2001), the commission concludes that the hijackers “initiated and sustained their command of the aircraft using knives and box cutters… and moved all of the passengers (and possibly crew) to the rear of the aircraft.” It adds, “Neither of the firsthand accounts to come from Flight 77… mentioned any actual use of violence (e.g., stabbings) or the threat or use of either a bomb or Mace.” [9/11 Commission, 7/24/2004, pp. 8-9; 9/11 Commission, 8/26/2004, pp. 29 ] People who knew Charles Burlingame, the pilot of Flight 77, will later contend that it would have required a difficult struggle for the hijackers to gain control of the plane from him. [Washington Post, 9/11/2002] Burlingame was a military man who’d flown Navy jets for eight years, served several tours at the Navy’s elite Top Gun school, and been in the Naval Reserve for 17 years. [Associated Press, 12/6/2001] His sister, Debra Burlingame, says, “This was a guy that’s been through SERE [Survival Evasion Resistance Escape] school in the Navy and had very tough psychological and physical preparation.” [Journal News (Westchester), 12/30/2003] Admiral Timothy Keating, who was a classmate of Burlingame’s from the Navy and a flight school friend, says, “I was in a plebe summer boxing match with Chick, and he pounded me.… Chick was really tough, and the terrorists had to perform some inhumane act to get him out of that cockpit, I guarantee you.” [CNN, 5/16/2006] Yet the five alleged hijackers do not appear to have been the kinds of people that would be a particularly dangerous opponent. Pilot Hani Hanjour was skinny and barely over 5 feet tall. [Washington Post, 10/15/2001] And according to the 9/11 Commission, the “so-called muscle hijackers actually were not physically imposing,” with the majority of them being between 5 feet 5 and 5 feet 7 in height, “and slender in build.” [9/11 Commission, 6/16/2004] Senator John Warner (R-VA) later says “the examination of his remains… indicated Captain Burlingame was in a struggle and died before the crash, doing his best to save lives on the aircraft and on the ground.””

[CSI spoliation inference suggests DiM3 – Louise di Mambro, Elisabeth Murdoch and Kristine Marcy – procured the 911 murders of Captain Chic Burlingame and others as a decoy to the Treasury Solicitor’s alleged sales or auctions of Bona Vacantia (“ownerless goods”) to finance Matrix 5 propaganda and patent-pool contract hits] 20th Century Progress By the time of the Second World War, the Treasury Solicitor's Department was recognised as being one of the largest and best organised legal concerns in the country. War brought additional work in the form of compulsory acquisitions, matters relating to the Defence of the Realm, and claims of all kinds by and against the authorities. The Bona Vacantia Division claims to be the oldest part of the Department. Bona Vacantia means "ownerless goods" and accurately describes what the Division deals in. The concept of bona vacantia goes back to the old feudal theory brought over by William the Conqueror that all property ultimately belonged to the Crown. The Treasury Solicitor is the Crown's nominee in England and Wales (except the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall) and Northern Ireland to exercise the Royal Prerogative of collection of assets and making grants by way of the royal Bounty. Nowadays there are two main areas of collection. Firstly the estates of people who die intestate with no kin entitled to inherit under the Intestacy Rules. The second area is much more recent, though now very active and important, namely the assets of dissolved companies and other corporate bodies. There is a long historical link between the office of Treasury Solicitor and that of Procurator General. The Procurator General is appointed by the Royal Warrant and acts under the direction of the Attorney General as solicitor for the Crown in matrimonial issues and, in time of war, in maritime causes of prize and prize bounty. Legend has it that William the Conqueror was the first Procurator General and from his time, if not before, all bastards' estates were considered the first prerogative of the Crown until 1926. More recently ... In 1970 some new large Government Department's were formed. Some parts of the new departments had their own legal staff, while others relied on the Treasury Solicitor. Sir Edmund Compton was asked to report on what should happen in the future and in 1971 his report recommended that litigation and conveyancing were centralised under the Treasury Solicitor, who would be head of a legal career service. The Law Officer's Department was to remain as a small secretariat, staffed largely by secondments from other departments. Compton recommended that in departments where legal advice was of continuous importance lawyers should be members of the departmental team, whereas in departments where legal matters where not of continuous importance, advice should continue to come from the Treasury Solicitor. This forms the basis of the present arrangements. From 1st April 1991, most of the Treasury Solicitor's activities were placed on a repayment basis. Since that date, the Department has been required to recover its full costs by billing other Government Departments. On 1st April 1996, the Treasury Solicitor's Department became an Executive Agency. On the 1st January 2003 the Office of Government Commerce Legal Advisors transferred from the Treasury Legal Advisors team to the Central Advisory Divison. This also brought the procurement work in the Treasury Solicitor’s Department together. Currently the Agency is organised into the following Divisions; Litigation and Employment Group, Central Advisory Division (CAD), Culture, Media and Sport Advisory Division, Children, Schools and Families Advisory Division [alleged lesbian/pedophile entrapment and extortion service], Treasury Advisory Division (TLA), European Division, Bona Vacantia [allegedly this is a centuries-old banker, anglophone and francophone service which funds patent pool contract hits using ultra vires authorities delegated through HMG], Government Legal Service Secretariat (GLSS), Corporate Resources Directorate. In the past 20 years, an explosion in the amount of public law litigation, and in particular judicial review, has led to an increase in the amount of litigation conducted by the Treasury Solicitor's Department. The enactment of the Human Rights Act, devolution in Scotland and Wales, and the ever increasing importance of European Community law, as well as the continuing development of judicial review, means that lawyers in the Treasury Solicitor's Department, be they litigators or advisors, find themselves at the centre of a rapidly changing legal world.”

Those who may be concerned have a moral obligation to think hard.

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 34 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out response teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigations

As the Tugboat Twins saw and heard the approaching QB17, the set a course for the beach. In their ‘trail position’ Chips and Sugarbush were a tad apprehensive regarding Operation QUAYROCKER, a classified shadow operation to support Operation SEA CRUISE if the lamestream media covers the recent meeting of 57 nation’s finance ministers, the US DoD, supported by Abel Danger.

“Chips, I am confident we will survive the drop, but just in case I am wrong, would you do that to me one more time in the interest of Global Security and fair treatment of all children, all free men everywhere, all Gays, Grays, Muslims and Lesbians? In other words, not to speak like the evil lawyers, could you do some Pro Bono work?”

As Chips exerted himself to do the lady’s pleading, he felt the wind noise reduce as the QB17 slowed and descended for a HOOK and SWOOP transfer to the swift boat. As the drop point approached, Sugarbush cooed “Quickie authorized” as she exploculated followed immediately by a rimshot at the buzzer as her bare toe reached the surface of the water as they were pulled along side the SWIFTBOAT. Both consensual heterosexuals thought they were having the mother of all exploculations until they realized the QB17 had been taken out in a manner consistent with the Rockeller hit on Kenney on 12 August, 2012, i.e. remote detonation of preplaced explosives. OK, let’s start a list; Kennedy’s BQ8, WACO, Murrah Building, 9/11, London’s 7/7, Gorelick’s Deepwater Horizon, Clinton’s Haiti HAARP and the Dimona Dozen at Fukushima.

Sugarbush saw the red flare from the Tugboat Twins as the pickup was aborted. Knowing that the SWIFTBOAT had deployed two more frozen Osama-sicles Sugarbush cut the FULTON EXTRACTION cord as Chips gave her a free falling BDE. And she liked it, Chips didn’t mind at all. In her ecstasy and his focus on the mission, at hand, they both missed an incoming Immediate Clipper from Agent Crusher from the land down under whose government in no way supports or represents the will of the Australian people. We could name the country but Julia Gizzard, or whoever the COL plant in AU is, might get her boxer shorts in a bunch, not to evoke thoughts of Barbara Boxer, Nancy Facedrop or Diane Finejew.

Royal Crown Agent Crusher Immediate Clipper to Skymaster, TOP COCK players and those on the M/V Balliol, copy Hamish, Huntsville and Shreveport: A case for the Devil's Advocate? Plaintiff claims the Treasury Solicitor is using Bona Vacantia and VideoGuard in a joint venture with City Livery Companies and SOS Children's Villages, to finance and conceal pedophile entrapment networks in sovereign states and a global trade in snuff films and child pornography. Can anyone find a lawyer to draft the case or do we stick with the Court of Public Opinion? I have been a late add on to TOP COCK and will be in the S-3 mini trailing the 6 canal boats. Crusher, enroute

Agents Sugarbush and Chips were checking TI and MI and failed to see a large dorsal fin approaching from the Liverpool coast, as the black dorsal fin passed the 15 foot defensive threshold standard in Abel Danger security briefings, Sugerbush called ‘switch, pile driving stern wheeler’ as a plum colored laser circle illuminated them and a 10 foot safety ring on both sides. As a subsurface detonation occurred, both Chips and Suikerbossie mistook it for their mate’s exploculation and returned volley, in keeping with Abel Danger Protocols.

On Liverpool’s wharfish Quay, a Portuguese water dog did not bark as it prepared to retrieve TWO DEAD COCKS.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

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