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Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) Assets - U.S. Small Business Administration - BBC/Aljazeera .TV Show - Matrix 5 Propaganda Attack - 9/11

June 30, 2011

Did Lagarde Small Islands .tv show Marcy's Small Business of 911?

Abel Danger believes that Crown Agents’ Sisters Christine Lagarde and Kristine Marcy used the assets of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) and the U.S. Small Business Administration for a BBC/Aljazeera .tv show of the “first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history” in what we allege was a Matrix 5 propaganda attack on 911 which followed the rejection of the Kyoto Treaty on global warming by then-U.S. President George Bush.

OASIS .tv timing error exposes SBA 911
Christine Lagarde named new IMF director

Crown Sisters’s BBC propaganda .tv

Lagarde .tv to attack the sovereign state
Christine Lagarde named new IMF director

Entrust Keys - Open A Verisign Backdoor - Continuity-Of-Government Exercise - HRH Prince Philip Authorization - Ottawa: You Have A Problem!

See #1 and 61
Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

Got him by his Sidley shorts and IMF curlies?

BBC – Aljazeera backdoor – AOSIS Verisign .tv – SBA Entrust 911

Every family has an OODA loop

Christine Lagarde, then Chairman of Baker & Mackenzie, ran OASIS (Tuvalu) .tv snuff film program through 911

Kristine Marcy ran SBA (Tuvalu) loan and 8(a) liquidation program on 911

“[Evidence AOSIS was set up in 1990 to extort a carbon disclosure landlord tax from sovereign states] Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) is an intergovernmental organization of low-lying coastal and small Island countries. Established in 1990, the main purpose of the alliance is to consolidate the voices of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to address global warming. AOSIS has been very active from its inception, putting forward the first draft text in the Kyoto Protocol negotiations as early as 1994. Many of the member states were present at the December 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15). Democracy Now! reported that members from the island state of Tuvalu interrupted a session on December 10 to demand that global temperature rise be limited to 1.5 degrees instead of the proposed 2 degrees. AOSIS has 42 members and observers from all around the world, of which 37 are members of the United Nations. The alliance represents 28% of the developing countries, and 20% of the UN's total membership.”

Field McConnell & David Hawkins: June 2011

Source:, hawkscafe,

29 June 2011—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

22 June 2011—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

15 June 2011—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

8 June 2011—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

1 June 2011—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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National Electrical Grid: Changing The Frequency - Dismantling The National Power Grid - 'Pre-Emptive Measure Before Attack' Or Paper Trained Idiots?

Source: James Stone, Independent Journalist

June 29, 2011
by Jim Stone


See the update, which answers a question about DC connected main lines below this report.

A recent AP report states that there is a proposal in place to change the frequency various parts of the national electrical grid run at. The frequency differences will be minor, but will force an end to the national grid as we know it. The only way frequencies can be different at all in separate locations around the nation is to not have a grid at all.

They are attempting to childishly play this down as something that will mess up clocks. But what it really means is that they are going to dismantle the national power grid entirely.

And now I will dissect and shred this article.

First of all, they are saying that this is going to be a "year long experiment". It won't be. Since dismantling the grid amounts to an act of war, once it is dismantled we will not get it back. This "experiment" is exactly what you would want to do to a nation as a pre-emptive measure before attacking it. When destroying a nation, the basics have to go. You need to destroy the water, electrical, and food supplies to force people to surrender. By running different frequencies in different parts of the grid, the laws of physics clearly dictate that it has to be run in sections, all isolated from each other.

Many readers know that one of the strengths of the internet is it's distributed data paths, which make it very difficult to take down. If a line gets cut, you can just re-route through a different line, and all is well. Our interconnected power grid, which has been in place and running synchronously with perfect phase and frequency matching across it's entirety since 1930, is an electrical equivalent of the internet, and is a marvel of the world.

Entrust Keys - Open A Verisign Backdoor - Continuity-Of-Government Exercise - HRH Prince Philip Authorization - Ottawa: You Have A Problem!

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

June 29, 2011

Marcy-Trudeau Entrust key to Verisign backdoor and Prince Philip 911

Abel Danger believes Crown Agents’ Sisters Kristine Marcy and Lena Trudeau used Entrust keys to open a Verisign backdoor into the continuity-of-government exercise which allegedly allowed HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, to authorize the 911 production of the “first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history” on BBC and Aljazeera .tv.


Matrix 5 - DOJ Pride Colleagues - Entrust Public Key Infrastructure - Attorney General Eric Holder: A Cutout For Plausible Denial - Gunwalker

See #1 and 61
Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

"Human population growth is probably the single most serious long-term threat to survival. We're in for a major disaster if it isn't curbed...We have no option. If it isn't controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war." - HRH Prince Philip, interview "Vanishing Breeds Worry Prince Philip, But Not as Much as Overpopulation", People Magazine, Dec. 21, 1981 Philip, Prince of Eugenics "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation." The above statement, reported by Deutsche Press Agentur in August 1988, presents in the most concise manner, the commitment of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, to genocide against the world's population. World Wildlife Fund (WWF, now the World Wide Fund for Nature) Prince Philip recruited a card-carrying Nazi into the leadership of the WWF, notably Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Bernhard had returned his Nazi Party membership card in a letter to Hitler when he was given the opportunity to marry the Dutch Queen Wilhemina, but betrayed his ongoing sentiments by signing the letter "Heil Hitler." Bernhard was the first head of the WWF-International, while Philip presided over the U.K. branch. As head of the WWF, Philip openly called for population control, calling human population growth "the single most long-term threat to survival." Prince Philip is a grandson of Queen Victoria (Opium Drug Queen). Charles, Prince of Eugenics Charles' views on Malthusianism, environmentalism, and mysticism are very much the same as his father's, and he has used his royal wealth and prominence to promote this genocidal ideology. As you can see from Charles' very public and continuous advocacy of environmental frauds such as sustainable development, global warming, and population control. Charles has been called the "green" prince, and has given special attention to combatting high technology in the area of farming - a surefire policy for ensuring mass death. The British Monarchy, Crown Bankers and Nazis The British monarchy, and the City of London's leading Crown bankers, enthusiastically backed Hitler and the Nazis, bankrolled Hitlers's election, and did everything possible to build the Nazi war machine, for Britain's planned geopolitical war between Germany and Russia. Support for Nazi-style genocide has always been at the heart of House of Windsor policy, and long after the abdication of Edward VIII, the Merry Windsors maintained their direct Nazi links. Prince Philip and His Family's Nazi Connection The husband of Prince Philip's sister Sophie, Prince Christoph, was embraced by the Nazis. Joining the Nazi Party in 1933, by 1935 Prince Christoph was chief of the Forschungsamt (directorate of scientific research), a special intelligence operation run by Hermann Goring, and he was also Standartenfuhrer (colonel) of the SS on Heinrich Himmler's personal staff. The Forschungsamt used electronic intelligence-gathering methods to police the Nazi Party, while working with the Gestapo against the Catholic Church, the Jews, and labour organizations. The eldest of Prince Christoph and Sophie's children was named Karl Adolf, after Hitler. Later, Prince Philip would promote his education. Prince Christoph's brother, Philip of Hesse, married a daughter of the King of Italy, and became the official liaison between the Nazi and Fascist regimes. In fact, one of the central figures in the 1930s Nazi-British back-channel was Philip's uncle and sponsor, Lord Louis Mountbatten (originally, Battenberg, a branch of the House of Hesse). Until he was forced to abdicate, King Edward VIII enjoyed the full backing of "Dickie" Mountbatten. Through much of World War II, secret channels of communication were maintained between the British royal family and their pro-Hitler cousins in Germany, by Lord Mountbatten, through his sister Louise, who was crown princess of pro-Nazi Sweden. Louise was Prince Philip's aunt. Three of Prince Philip's sisters - Sophie, Cecile and Margarita - became members of the Nazi party. Prince Philip's four brothers-in-law, with whom he lived, were all German who all became high-ranking figures in the Nazi Party. Prince Philip was trained in the Hitler Youth curriculum, Nordic and Aryan myth, and eugenics [Note D2 Banking's genomic maps are stored at HSBC HQ Canada Square, Canary Wharf]. Prince Philip was born Prince of Greece and Denmark on Corfu in 1921, the youngest of five children and the only son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Princess Alice of Battenberg. All four of his sisters married German princes and three - Sophie, Cecile and Margarita - became members of the Nazi party. Sophia's husband, Prince Christoph of Hesse, became chief of Goering's secret intelligence service and they were frequent guests at Nazi functions.”

Given that Lena Trudeau would/should have advised Prince Philip – a member of the Canadian Privy Council since 1957 and Grand Master of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators from 1952 to 2002 – of the risks of Entrust identity theft during the phony war games of 2001; we can only conclude that .....

Ottawa; you have a problem!

Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

Matrix 5 - DOJ Pride Colleagues - Entrust Public Key Infrastructure - Attorney General Eric Holder: A Cutout For Plausible Denial - Gunwalker

June 28, 2011

Is Eric Holder an Entrust cutout for Marcy, Pride and Gunwalker contract hits?

Abel Danger infers Crown Agents’ Sister Kristine Marcy and her Matrix 5 colleagues in DOJ Pride are using Entrust public key infrastructure to set up U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder as a cutout in support of plausible denial of their roles in the Gunwalker contract hits.

Onion Router Encryption Devices - Gunwalker-Mexico - Trade In Drugs, Patented Weapons and Pedophile Snuff Films - DOJ Pride - JPATS (ConAir)

The Gunwalker story

Eric Holder as Gunwalker cutout
AG Holder grilled on ATF "gunwalker" controversy

Entrust Nortel

Matrix 5 Sisters
Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

Thomas Jefferson: I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.

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AD Forensics: Pike River Coalmine - Worshipful Company of International Bankers - Worshipful Company of Fuellers - Sabotage At Pike River Coalmine?

Murder at Pike River Mine?

The incestuous collusion between corrupt, fascist, international corporations, banks, global mining companies and compliant politicians – And how the inexorable love of money by those who run them supersedes everything else.

What was the real truth behind the Pike River coal mine disaster in New Zealand killing 29 men? Was the tragedy simply an “accident” or was it premeditated murder? – Involving people at the highest level of the New Zealand Government and international business and banking community? Does this case have implications for the world?

Dr Jacob Cohen

This book is copyright ©. However, as it is written in the public interest, it may be freely reproduced or used by whoever may wish to use it without contacting the original author or publisher. First published in New Zealand on December 24, 2010, this new Second Edition includes a Postscript first published on January 21, 2011. All underlining or emphasis is the author’s unless otherwise stated.


The Pike River Mine disaster occurred at a location 46 km north-northeast of Greymouth on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Commencing on Friday, 19 November, 2010, it resulted from a huge methane gas explosion in the mine tragically leaving 29 people trapped and presumed dead, and was followed by subsequent explosions and a fire. It was arguably one of the greatest mass media’s globally publicized disasters of 2010.

Now that the dust has largely settled after the tragedy, and the plethora of chief City of London-controlled global mass-media propaganda spin-doctors have had their say – and all the controlled mainstream TV stations, newspapers, aligned government officials, big business leaders and their subservient puppets have added to the litany of lies – this author shall add a few home truths of his own that these supposedly shining, outstanding paragons of human integrity have deceptively not told to the world public!

Although a difficult and complicated subject, (which many may simply find overwhelming), because it involves extremely complex commercial collusion and conspiracy at the highest level largely by extremely wealthy, educated men – for the sake of urgency and brevity, while the event is still fresh in people’s minds, this book has been written and published little more than one month after the event and is only 50 odd pages long. It is certainly far from being a complete work on the subject, but hopefully, at least for the average reader it shall be provocative enough to at least set forth an alternate view other than that provided by the controlled media.

Before any attempt is first begun to outline what has happened and why it has happened, it is important to first comprehend the basic, historical, incestuous, highly corrupt relationship between global big business and the government in the mining industry, particularly the coal mining industry.

City of London Corporation

Although a very esoteric subject indeed, and difficult for many to fully understand, over the last 800 years or so, all global business, banking, and commerce has gradually been transferred from the control of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome to come under the control of the British Sovereign in London. Now when the author refers to the “City of London” in the UK, he is not referring to the “Greater City of London” itself that most people normally identify with – he is referring to the City of London Corporation which is entirely different. The City controls the global financial world today and is a separate, giant, Protestant, religious, Masonic, Fabian Socialist, banking kingdom inside the old Roman walls of ancient London. The City governs itself and is not responsible to the British Parliament.

The Sovereign controls the City through his or her control of the Lord Mayor, who is elected each year and officially heads the Corporation. In this way the Protestant Sovereign rules the world. At present Queen Elizabeth II heads the City. Some people controversially believe St. John prophesied she would do so (Revelation 18:7) and subsequently he also prophesied that she finally would be judged, removed from power and made desolate in one hour according to Revelation 18:10,17,19. Time will tell.

Guildhall: Worshipful Company of International Bankers
Within the Corporation itself are Twelve Great Companies and their many subsidiary companies domiciled at Guildhall that control the commercial and political world. Amongst these many subsidiary companies, for example, and one of the most recently established is The Worshipful Company of International Bankers. It was incorporated by Royal Charter of Queen Elizabeth II on 10th December 2007 and now controls, either directly or indirectly, every major bank in the world, including those in the Commonwealth, EU, USA, China, India, Japan, Russia etc. Although many of the Twelve Great Companies have been operating for over 800 years or so, the Worshipful Company of International Bankers is a relatively new one. It has only recently been formed, because it wasn’t fully considered that until 2007 the City truly controlled the whole global banking world – as it does now.

Guildhall: The Worshipful Company of Fuellers

Most of the other companies are either very old or have grown out of much older companies. Amongst these is The Worshipful Company of Fuellers. The Fuellers, or coal traders, were originally members of the Woodmongers’ Company in the 14th century, which ceased in the 18th century. Its Royal Charter was granted by King James I in 1605. Today the Company controls all of the global energy industries including the major oil giants and corporations dealing in coal, oil, and gas like BP and Shell. Because it originated in the coal industry, its Latin motto is; In Carbone Robur Nostrum’ ‘Our Strength is in Coal.

For about the last 400 years the coal companies held under the jurisdiction of The Worshipful Company of Fuellers, owned by the British aristocracy, headed by the British Sovereign, have been amongst the most corrupt, devious, inhuman, murderous organizations on earth. Under Queen Victoria, during the Victorian era till the 1840s, children as young as five were forced to work underground in the coal mines for up to 12 hours per day in horrific, dark, wet, noisy, poorly ventilated, hazardous conditions. It wasn’t just dark, filthy, and noisy or rat infested working in the mines. Children often became severely deformed from their back breaking work, developed crippled legs, curvature of the spine, skin irritations, heart disease, lung cancer, asthma, bronchitis and rheumatism. Fatal accidents and disasters were common. Many died from roof collapses, poisonous gas, flooding, methane explosions and fire. Maximum life expectancy for miners then was about twenty-five.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bourgeois Science Fascists - 'Comfortable Origins' - Carbon Emissions Is An Elitist Thing - Making Life Difficult For The 'Ignorami' - Reactionaries

George Soros, a man who makes billions from speculating on the stock markets, is a key funder of (as it were) 'pro-Global Warming' research. According to the Global Warming campaign newsletter, aka The Guardian, he is planning to create an organization to 'advise policy makers on environmental issues', which will receive an annual stipend of $10 million over the next 10 years.

Source: Philosophical Investigations

A collection of young, (middle aged really) British reactionaries and wannabe-intellectuals, centred around London.

But what motivates them?

Several things are notable. First of all, the bourgeois origins of these 'science fascists'.

Many of them have privileged backgrounds, proceeding smoothly through the British private school system to the 'elite' colleges, particularly Oxford, Cambridge and (to a lesser extent) London Universities. This is a the path followed by most of the editors and columnists (but not of course the reporters) for the London-based newspapers and the BBC.

Their comfortable origins have encouraged them to assume a kind of 'intellectual superiority' over the rest of the world, which results in them pontificating 'out of area' on matters they know little about and conducting long-running campaigns for their hobby-horses. Mind you - they make sure they get paid for it!

But do they deserve to be called 'Fascists', after the 20th century political movement? The term is bandied about carelessly elsewhere. But we use it very, ah 'scientifically', as these reactionary thinkers share with the original fascists:

a superficial and ideological commitment to Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection, which they attempt to adopt for political ends
• an inappropriate and dangerous reverence for scientific 'progress', coupled with an unwillingness to accept an ethical dimension to science
• an objectionable version of the history of science
• an even more objectionable distinction between 'Rational Man' and 'irrational deviants', with an often vicious antipathy towards the latter.
• hair on their arms and legs

Many of them current crop write for the Guardian newspaper. Through their media links, they have exerted a disproportionate influence on the public perception of science.

Here are some of the most ubiquitous ones, with their particular hobby horses:

Chris French

motto: I’ve no wish to take comfort and hope away from people, but science is about what’s true. 1

London University's Chris French is a Professor of Psychology who co-edits the Skeptic magazine (founded by Wendy Grossman, a misguided New York hippy), and imagines he is on a virtuous crusade against 'pseudoscience'. In an article for... (where else) The Guardian, he trots out merrily the usual scientifically ignorant and politically dangerous call for 'rational' thought to eliminate 'emotional' biases.

...where will this new found scepticism end? Are we on the verge of a new age of enlightenment? Or is the rise in scepticism just another Hush Puppies fad that will have its moment and pass? Human beings are in many ways inherently irrational and almost certainly always will be. But we can only hope that the sceptical message continues to spread more widely and grow in influence for at least some time yet. Rationality is not our natural mode of thought. We are ruled by our emotions and by self-serving cognitive biases. But it is not overstating the case to say that our very survival may depend upon our ability to rise above that and to think differently' 2

Regular on TV shows like 'Haunted Homes'.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Henry Bienen: Alleged CIA Handler - Michelle Obama - Entrust PKI's - Matrix 5 Virtual Armies and/or Identities - Al-jazeera, al Qaeda and The BBC

June 25, 2011

Obama handler’s Matrix 5 key for Aljazeera, al-Qaeda and the BBC

Abel Danger believes Henry Bienen – alleged CIA handler of Crown Agents’ Sisters – taught Michelle Obama how to use Entrust public keys to create Matrix 5 virtual armies, parties and/or identities for propaganda broadcasts by Aljazeera, al Qaeda and the BBC.

CIA Bienen in Aljazeera’s Qatar

Example of the Devil’s Double

Entrust Nortel - Key to Matrix 5

Matrix 5 Sisters: Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

Check this out: Motorola, Clinton and the Red Gestapo

Matrix 5 In Africa - The Source

The men who hope and the women who matter

Propaganda .tv

Need we say more?

“20. Michelle Obama (nee Robinson) [Revised June 25, 2011: Michelle LaVaughan Robinson was allegedly recruited in 1984 at Princeton for a career as a Matrix 5 sextortionist by Henry Bienen, a Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] handler and future president of Northwestern University; she was recruited in a period when the CIA has enough professors under Agency contract to staff a large university; she is now the wife of Barack Obama, an allegedly-extorted man-in-the-middle Citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies and the 44th President of the United States; she helped Weather Underground terrorist boss Bernardine Dohrn build NU’s matrix of five community groups (‘Matrix 5’) using Entrust public key infrastructure provided by Bienen to authorize contract killing, sabotage and virtual deception; she was born 1964 in Chicago, Illinois to Marian and Fraser Robinson III, a Chicago city pump operator and a precinct captain for the mobbed-up Democratic Party machine; she graduated as a francophone from high school in 1981; Bienen guided her in sociology and African-American studies at Princeton where her 1985 thesis titled "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community” shows her focus on the community organization of ethnic conflict; Bienen showed her how he had channeled Crown Agents’ funds to alleged Mau Mau pedophile oath taker Idi Amin and Milton Obote while Bienen taught at Makerere College in Kampala, Uganda (1963–65); how he had organized the assassination of Tom Mboya while he taught at the University College in Nairobi (1968–69); how he had organized student radicals at Columbia University (1971–72); how he had hired Francophone mercenaries to destabilize Nigeria while he taught at the University of Ibadan (1972–73); Bienen sent her to study law at Harvard where she started ‘rubbing raw the sores of discontent’; she helped to sponsor the crony hiring of professors who belonged to SBA 8(a)-listed minority groups; she launched libelous attacks on landlords using phony complaints from ‘virtual’ low-income tenants; she graduated from Harvard Law School in 1988; Bienen arranged for her to join Chicago law firm Sidley & Austin to develop expertise in intellectual property law and marketing; she was assigned to work in a ‘dual-use’ Sidley team to represent Union Carbide Corp. in its 1990 legal fight to complete a sale of a chemical business unit to Arco Chemical Co. AND to spoliate evidence of Matrix 5 sabotage of Union Carbide’s Bhopal plant in India where 47 tons of water was injected into a bath containing 42 tons of methyl isocyanate; she was also assigned to work on a ‘dual-use’ Sidley team to represent AT&T Corp. in its 1990 hostile takeover bid for NCR Corp AND to spoliate evidence of AT&T’s development of the Clipper chip and PKI with Entrust in Ottawa to monitor targets for Matrix 5 sabotage, assassination and virtual deception; she was also assigned to work on a ‘dual-use’ Sidley team to represent marketing and IP associated with Barney the Purple Dinosaur AND to spoliate evidence of investments by the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers in propaganda broadcast of BBC snuff films as virtual news over PBS; Obama and Dohrn allegedly equipped a Women @ Sidley group with key-escrow encryption protocols stolen by Bienen’s CIA colleagues from Ron Brown’s office; Obama and Bienen allegedly used drug money confiscated through Kristine Marcy’s DOJ Pride to build iCAIR for Matrix 5 sabotage, assassination and virtual deception; she allegedly designed and developed IP and patent protection for Unabomb devices trademarked with initials ‘FC’ standing for Femme Comp Inc; she was transferred in 1991 to work as mayoral assistant with Valerie Jarrett, then chief of staff to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley who became an easy target for Matrix 5 extortion; she was transferred in 1993 to head up a new Chicago office of Public Allies to create Matrix 5 training groups for young revolutionaries; Bienen showed Obama how to manipulate Canadian and American pension and insurance funds to capture control of a Bombardier Master Trust and to modify Bombardier aircraft to support EW/ELINT attacks on U.S. airlines during an ongoing Unabomb campaign; she was assigned as associate dean of student services at University of Chicago to radicalize students; she was assigned as executive director of community affairs at University of Chicago Hospitals to promote late-term abortion in a corrupt collaboration with churches and community groups; she was rewarded with a pay increase from $122,000 to $316,000 a year and promotion to a vice president at the University of Chicago Hospitals for use of Entrust PKI in helping her husband win a U.S. Senate seat in 2004; in 2008 she allegedly worked with Bienen to sabotage Bear Stearns; in July 2008, she was awarded an honorary membership to radicalize the 100-year-old black sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha; she uses Entrust PKI to extort support from Matrix 5 community groups for her husband's policy priorities such as the Pay equity law and lesbian penetration of U.S. military forces; each success with Entrust PKI buys more support from Matrix 5 insiders; she pushed the credit-default stimulus bill to take control of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and United States Department of Education; Michelle Obama is always at the other end of her husband’s teleprompter and has reminded U.S. Cabinet-level agencies of the power of Matrix 5 to generate spectacles through D2 Banking Chicago Council on Global Affairs including spectacles such as snuff-film images of the 911 attacks and the Mumbai Massacre.”

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lesbian Cults, Pedophile Oaths and Guild of Patented Hits - Chapter 4

Rabbits on the Run from a Fat-Fingered Lena Trudeau
Operation HUMPTY DUMPTY Exposes Obama/Entente Bestiale on Al Jazeera .tv
Umbrellaman Escalates to Operations BONER and WET BEAVER as Syria is Next

Agent Fox joined Braveheart to keep Cameron-Harper-Obama as ‘rabbits on the run’ on MayDay, 2011 while the world saw HAARP in a different light Fukushima for what it was, odius debt as property of the cabal and a young lady prepared to BLOW TAPS for the TUNA TRAP. Chips was told not to respond because the SKYCAM showed he had a lady in waiting and Greg Dyke had just phoned from Richmond Hill regarding the Hutton-David Kelly Intelligence fiasco where he had been FAT FINGERED by Lena Trudeau. He wonders why the United States DoD was contracting with Brits for both the Humvee and Black Hawk parts and equipment. Agent Vani presented a rear aspect replete with high moisture conditions as Agent Chips was resumed yeoman’s work in the Piledriving Jackhammer series. An immediate Clipper came in to Lil Red, you know, one of those Fergie dolls with electronic features unrevealed until the Dimona Dozen were fingered on Abel Danger Radio by Jim Strong, a freelance from Project 661 which revealed that Agent Baker Street had noted OODA-interlopers reminds us the Fed won't go be bankrupt and Rothschild's will be the world central bank - and gold rather than federal reserve notes will be the money base for all credit unless Abel Danger’s OPERATION WET BEAVER can stop them. They remind us not to turn our back on humanity to worship the golden calf and if you would enjoy some good sax, come to Baker Street, capeche? Agent Ginger Cookie understood the thrust of Chips point but refused to be redressed, at least not in the ensuring 4 hours as Operation BONER and Operation WET BEAVER replaced Operation HUMPTY DUMPTY. Chips thought a little country music would help keep him from an early exploculation and got into the groove in a manner most welcome by an Agent who was EASY AS PIE, although Chips would never be so crass as to rub it in. World’s most lethal google search revealed as [ Stuxnet + Dimona + Twisted Sisters + Obama + Field McConnell ] Field McConnell re-sent a copy of allegation of treason by Senator John McCain against the United States in the form of an open e-mail April 6, 2008 for attention: In the State of Minnesota: Governor Tim Pawlenty, Chief Justice Russell A. Anderson, In the State of North Dakota: Governor John Hoeven and Chief Justice Gerald W. VandeWalle with copies for reference: US Vice-President, Richard Cheney, Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper and Kristine Marcy, McConnell International LLC amongst others. Jamie Gorelick’s future became tied to the Deepwater Horizon and her promised ascension to Director of FBI was cancelled to lure Patrick J. Fitzgerald out of Rezko’s Chicago to protect Rahm’s teleprompted puppet and Fukushima’s al Jazeera .tv as Agent Chips announces Souris River flood designed to stress Calhoun NUC will be stopped by Abel Danger or GOATBOY may ruin the Christmas Recital planned for (redacted) in December, 2011.

Agent Fox had joined Braveheart in scanning the audience as a young lady was preparing to BLOW TAPS for the TUNA TRAP which had been set in Tuvalu cyberspace and had netted Lena, Laureen, Rona, Michaelle Jean, Jamie Gorelick, Kristine Marcy and Agent Q.

AMAZING GRACE Sung by 4 Men Beautifully!

Braveheart spoke into his lapel mic with a sense of urgency while overhead Duxford N007HT orbited with Agent Crusher flying the jet as Banzai Pipeline and Tango Whiskey operated Defensive and Offensive weapons systems aboard N64QS flown in ‘fighting wing’ by Agent Skymaster. Mods to N007HT were not dissimilar to the array of weapons available for the two Skurich-Raytheon Sky Warriors registered as N870RS and N874RS according to wiretaps on some encrypted messages monitored at Tuvalu by the young woman assigned to the Teskey-Trudeau file,, code name TUNA TRAP, which would shake up some things at NAPAWASH, Number 24 Sussex and MI5 where an outbreak of Cressida dick was reducing turgidity to pre World War II levels as faithful Muslims waged their war of procreation over both England and France causing the Cabbage Patch Twins to bend over and accept ‘shorty’s’ Entente Cordiale which many believed would evolve into Entente Bestiale. Chips was recalling Bonapartism and the Auld Alliance when he felt a tap on his left shoulder and it was Dr. Nano al-Umina pointing Chips towards a dowdy looking woman with a frumpy face who was standing by the side exit. Chips understood that this woman was older than Cressida Dick so he ambulated in an erect fashion to join the dour party by the side exit. As they stepped into the cool air a heavy mist was evolving into a light rain causing ‘frumpy’ to open her MI5/QineticQ umbrella and select ‘record’. Chips felt the monster go completely flaccid for the first time since he had reviewed a Navy Intel photo of Thunder Thighs Rodham in a swimsuit, thankfully a one piece.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

'Vampire Squid' - An Act Of War: Your Future Is Destroyed - American Industry Intentionally Destroyed - Death Knell of America After Kennedy

Source: James Stone, Freelance Journalist

Jim Stone -

"Federal government" BUSTED for forcing American nuclear industry to become a ticking time bomb

This report has been rushed and is in preliminary form. This message MUST BE SPREAD ASAP. Like the Fukushima report, this report will expand as facts are dredged up and added. This is possibly the biggest scandal in American history, and it may well destroy your future.

The enemy is inside the gates and has been for a long time. This expose', which contains shocking testimony from an American nuclear engineer, clearly indicates that the U.S. Federal Government has intentionally sabotaged the American nuclear industry in a horrible frightening way, which has turned it into a weapon to be used to destroy us. TIME IS SHORT IF NOT ALREADY OVER. WE MUST ACT NOW AND DEMAND AN END TO THE INTENTIONALLY MANDATED MENACE NOW THREATENING THE EXISTENCE OF THIS NATION.

You have been told the nuclear waste must go somewhere. You have been told it needed to be stored inside a mountain in the desert, where it will sit as a threat and menace to the world for millions of years. You have been told there is nothing we can do about it. But what if you have been told a lie? What if that "spent fuel" was not spent at all? What if a technology existed which allowed the same fuel to be used over and over, twenty times in fact? Think any "spent fuel pools" would be full? What if foreign nations, (France was one) offered us hundreds of billions of dollars for our "spent fuel" only to have the U.S. Government refuse the offer for no reason at all? Would that not solve the problem of getting rid of it? And the final question, WHY would the Fed want so much nuclear material sitting around the country, only to become a menace? Could it be that we do not have a government, and instead have a band of usurpers in power who have intentionally set us up for a fall? After reading this report, I believe you will be inclined to think so.

This report consists of hard scientific fact, and even harder answers In my journey of discovery in my investigation into the Fukushima disaster, I interviewed a nuclear engineer who worked for GE and was responsible for winning them over 100 patents. He was one of the engineers who designed Fukushima, so naturally when conducting a real investigation into such a disaster a responsible journalist would want that type of reference. I was surprised when my prior study of the reactor systems there was so thorough that he had no information about Fukushima I did not already dig up, and he was very surprised when I told him details about the inner workings of the reactor he never expected anyone in the media to know.

When I started to think I was going to walk away with nothing, he dropped a bombshell on a totally different subject. He opened his new direction of the discussion with the phrase "My team succeeded in closing the nuclear loop, and Carter banned our miracle with an executive order"

Here is what followed that introductory line, and the reason why we need to oust the FED and start over.

The following is a re-write of what he said, based on memory:

I started in the American nuclear program all the way back at the time of the Manhattan project, and have been involved in reactor design and nuclear engineering my whole life. There was one answer we all searched for, and it was how to close the nuclear loop.

When a reactor such as a boiling water reactor uses fuel, the waste products, which are highly radioactive isotopes that have a different fission characteristic than the fuel, build up in the fuel and poison the nuclear reaction. A reactor such as a boiling water reactor can only use the fuel until it gets contaminated by these isotopes enough to change the nature of the nuclear reactions taking place. The reaction environment inside a boiling water reactor is only one such environment that will work to trigger a chain reaction, and if that spent fuel is put into a reactor made from different materials, those materials can favor the burning of the poisonous isotopes, and use the isotopes as fuel until the fuel is purified of them, and therefore had it's original radiological characteristics restored. Once that is accomplished, the fuel can go back into the boiling water reactor, and used as new.

We perfected the second reactor design, which used liquid sodium as a coolant, and the reactor ran much hotter - 1100 farenheit as opposed to 550 in a boiling water reactor. The liquid sodium circulated inside the reactor in lieu of water, with the heat of the reaction being removed from the system by a heat exchanger which boiled the water outside the reactor for use in producing electricity. The temperature difference and coolant characteristics facilitated the burning of the isotopes, and you got to use both sides of the reaction - one side produced electricity while poisoning the fuel, and the other side produced electricity while burning the poisons out. This process can be repeated 20 times, and when it is finished the fuel is DEAD and no longer hazardous because all of it's radiological potential has been used up. It was a dream come true, and Carter banned it by executive order!

Authorization of Matrix 5 Saboteurs - Stuxnet Virus - Bombs Triggered in Fukushima Nuclear Plant? - Al Jazeera .TV Spin - Support Phony Green Agenda

June 22, 2011

Sam-Cam Lauvergeon Matrix 5 and the Fukushima Stuxnet bomb

Abel Danger believes that Crown Agents’ Sisters Samantha Cameron and Anne Lauvergeon authorized Matrix 5 saboteurs to use a Stuxnet virus to trigger bombs in the Fukushima nuclear plant and ‘spin’ associated al Jazeera .tv news to support a phony ‘Green’ agenda.

Matrix 5 Sisters
Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

Destruction de Fukushima à l’aide d’armes nucléaires? – séisme de magnitude 6,67 non pas 9,0 – attaque sous fausse bannière délibérée

Stuxnet phony simulation on al Jazeera .tv

“[Spoliation inference from the use of Entrust PKI indicates Crown Agents’ Sister Samantha Cameron has extorted her husband in his man-in-the-middle position to make an ultra vires delegation of power over HMG Armed Forces to a traditional enemy - France] Security Industry [The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals] Britain, France to bolster defense pact Published: Jan. 7, 2011 at 7:03 AM PARIS, Jan. 7 (UPI) -- The defense ministers of France and Britain are to meet in Paris next week to look into closer defense cooperation between the two countries. The French Defense Ministry said the meeting was designed to "put into effect" treaty agreements signed recently between the two countries in the field of military cooperation. Among the treaties is the creation of an Anglo-French rapid reaction force of around 6,500 troops from both countries, intended for missions ranging from humanitarian relief work to full war-fighting operations. The force is due to include units from the Parachute Regiment, the Royal Marines and Special Forces including the SAS, as well as their French counterparts [Delegated through Entrust PKI with responsibilities for the phony mission to kill the Osama bin Laden doppelganger in Abbotabad and stage it to look like a success for Barack Obama]. The agreement was the centerpiece pact signed by British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy at a meeting two months ago. The security cooperation will include potential air and naval assets and an operational alliance based on sharing aircraft capabilities. British Defense Minister Liam Fox and his French counterpart will discuss details of the pact at their meeting next Thursday, the French Defense Ministry said. Officials said the defense deal would also coordinate work on nuclear weapons and raising the prospect of ultimately developing a joint deterrent [such as the Thales QRS 11 flight boxes used by Matrix 5 saboteurs on 911 to guide decoy and drone maneuvers, destroy strategic targets and extort concessions from the United States]”

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Schlumberger Director Jamie Gorelick - ‘Entrust’ Public Key Infrastructure - Delegation, Authorization and Coordination - Acts of Sabotage - Matrix 5

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

June 20, 2011

Gorelick's Entrust, Twin Tower Cutter and Deepwater Cat Bond Bomb

Abel Danger believes that Crown Agents’ Sister and former Schlumberger director Jamie Gorelick, used ‘Entrust’ public key infrastructure to delegate, authorize and coordinate the following acts of sabotage by Matrix 5 community organizers:

1. ‘Chemical Cutting’ of World Trade Center Twin Tower box columns on 911
2. Triggering of Deepwater Horizon drilling-rig incendiary bombs in April 2010
3. Staging BBC-Aljazeera productions of snuff films for live broadcast on .tv
4. Spoliation of evidence of 911 and DH cat-bond frauds on Lloyd’s of London.

Graphics Interface - Entrust PKI - Fukushima Martec Bomb? - Lloyd’s Register and Martec Saboteurs - Cat Bonds - Fukushima - Matrix 5 Man-In-The-Middle

Dial a yield for snuff film .tv

See # 14
Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

Procured by Gorelick through Deutch, Martec and MIT

Gorelick and Trudeau's Deadfoot 007 license to kill

Gorelick's Solid Wall in Entrust Virtual War Room

Disgraced and extorted former CIA director, John Deutch

Gorelick filed cat bond claim a few days later

Monday, June 20, 2011

'Entrust' Authorities - Corporal Marie-France Comeau - Snuff-Film Contract Hit - Pedophile Pilot Russell Williams - Financed From KPMG

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

June 20, 2011

Why Harper’s Governor General hid Corporal Comeau contract hit

Abel Danger believes Crown Agents Sister Laureen Harper procured (?) the appointment of David Johnston as Canadian Governor General to position him with the ‘Entrust’ authorities needed to hide evidence that Corporal Marie-France Comeau was killed by the pedophile pilot Russell Williams, not in a random act of torture, rape and murder, but, in a snuff-film contract hit, allegedly financed from KPMG's abusive tax shelters and RCMP pension funds.

Graphics Interface - Entrust PKI - Fukushima Martec Bomb? - Lloyd’s Register and Martec Saboteurs - Cat Bonds - Fukushima - Matrix 5 Man-In-The-Middle

KPMG 911 contract hits
Pattern of the Times

See # 59
Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

“Laureen Harper persuaded Governor-General’s wife into role JANE TABER From Saturday's Globe and Mail Posted on Friday, October 15, 2010 9:25PM Stephen Harper did the asking but it was Laureen Harper who closed the deal. The Prime Minister really wanted David Johnston to serve as the next governor-general and the university president and long-time academic was receptive. His wife Sharon, however, was reluctant. So Mr. Harper dispatched his wife, Laureen, with instructions to work her magic. It was a trip to the RCMP stables, just down the road from Rideau Hall, that helped convince Mrs. Johnston, an avid horsewoman, that life in official – and very public – Ottawa would not be too bad. “She did some fast-talking with me,” Mrs. Johnston admitted Friday as she and her husband, Canada’s 28th Governor-General, sat down for an interview with The Globe and Mail. “She’s so much fun. She is just a breath of fresh air.” Her reluctance, though brief, was born from a desire to really settle down on their horse farm in southwestern Ontario after a peripatetic life as the wife of a successful academic [and Special Investor in the CAI Private Equity Group and Entrust PKI for FC-KU crime-scene spoliation]. But she describes herself as a person who is “very engaged.” And after a “chat” with her husband, who was excited at the prospect of serving Canada in this way, and discussions with her daughters, she was convinced. It helps that she will be riding four times a week at the RCMP stables.”

[Evidence victim - a prospective whistleblower - would have been a witness to or aware of the SOS pedophile snuff-film trade driven through the EW/ELINT facilities at Camp Mirage by her killer] Victim's father asks why suspected killer wasn't detected Ingrid Peritz Montreal— From Wednesday's Globe and Mail Published Tuesday, Feb. 09, 2010 10:22PM EST Last updated Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010 1:58PM EDT The call came Sunday night to Ernest Comeau's home near Ottawa: Police had arrested a suspect in his daughter's murder. Then came the shock – the suspect was his daughter's own base commander. For Mr. Comeau, the distress went deep. He had been a career soldier who served in the Canadian Forces from the age of 17. His father, Maurice, had been a decorated Spitfire pilot who had served overseas in the Second World War. The pain at losing his daughter, a third-generation soldier, came with a sense of betrayal. Mr. Comeau considers the military his extended family; the arrest of Colonel Russell Williams, commander of CFB Trenton, left the grieving father asking whether the Forces had adequately screened its own personnel. “This has broken my confidence,” said Mr. Comeau, 61, who has retired after 42 years in uniform. “This is a man in a position of authority, a base commander. You ask yourself: How did he get that far? How come he wasn't detected?” “The Forces are like a big family. The base commander is like a father. He's supposed to take care of his men and women. This hurts, and it will hurt for a long time.” Corporal Marie-France Comeau, 38, was born in Quebec and lived on military bases around the world as her family moved. Following in her father's footsteps, she joined the army, worked at bases across Canada and in Afghanistan, and last year became a flight attendant with CFB Trenton's 437 transport squadron, a job that dovetailed with her love of travel. Her job meant she worked on VIP flights, and in September she was assigned to Governor-General Michaëlle Jean on her trip to Afghanistan. With Cpl. Comeau's upbeat personality and wide smile, she was easy to notice, and friends say she may have been assigned to flights that also carried Col. Williams [whereafter she was allegedly about to blow the whistle on a pedophile oath taking and snuff-film trade with victims abducted from or to SOS Children’s Villages]. Her last assignment took her with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on his three-day trip to India in November. When she returned, she was in high spirits. “She had found her calling. She had no worries, and everything was going well,” said Alain Plante, a basic-training instructor who had lived with Cpl. Comeau for four years and remained a close friend. Three days after their conversation on Nov. 22, Cpl. Comeau failed to report to work. Her new boyfriend, a fellow soldier currently assigned to security duties at the Vancouver Olympics, came to her bungalow on Raglan St. in the town of Brighton and discovered her body. Her death left her extended family of aunts and uncles in Quebec and New Brunswick reeling. At her funeral in Ottawa in December, family members recalled in their eulogy a woman they called “our beautiful angel,” who was both kind and charismatic, had refinement and joie de vivre. “They've taken away your dreams,” the service heard. “For the family, it was a catastrophe,” said her aunt, Lilianne Guitard. “We didn't know how she died or what happened, just that they found her dead in her apartment.” News of an arrest in her murder brought a sense of relief. “But there's also consternation,” Ms. Guitard said, “that [the suspect] is a high-ranking member of the army [Fast tracked in his career by Laureen Harper’s Governors General]

“[Our spoliation inference is that GG Johnston ordered Williams uniform destroyed to remove evidence of child victims’ DNA and thereby protect Canada’s SOS ‘Pedophile’ Villages trade] On Oct. 18, 2010 Williams appeared before Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Scott in Belleville Ontario and pleaded guilty to all charges against him. After more than three days of submissions, Justice Scott formally convicted Williams of the charges on Oct. 21, 2010. He was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 25 years. Under Canada’s system of government, the governor general of Canada is also the commander-in-chief of the military. The day after Williams was convicted, Governor General David Johnston in his capacity as commander-in-chief approved the administrative release of the convicted killer and revoked his military commission. Military Retrieved Williams’ Military Property On Nov. 17, 2010, military personnel went to the Tweed cottage that Williams lived in while working at CFB Trenton and retrieved property that had been issued to him. This property included uniforms, equipment and publications that had been in his possession. The next day, the items of clothing taken back from Williams were burned. The uniforms had the former colonel’s name on it [and allegedly the DNA of child victims of a pedophile snuff film trade with SOS Children’s Villages] and the destruction was to prevent the items from falling into the hands of people who would exhibit or sell it [or use it in court as evidence of snuff-film contract killing]

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Destruction de Fukushima à l’aide d’armes nucléaires? – séisme de magnitude 6,67 non pas 9,0 – attaque sous fausse bannière délibérée

Source: Infoguerilla

Le Japon n’a donc pas été frappé par un séisme de 9,0 ? Un rapport revendique qu’un false flag d’armement nucléaire a en fait détruit Fukushima.
Posted 16 juin 2011 — by Phardos

Category Crises, dissidence, guerre de l'information, nouvel ordre mondial

Note : nous avons choisi de publier une traduction de cet article de Natural News dans le but principal de remettre en question la version officielle relayée par la presse mondialiste, en plus de démontrer la pertinence du raisonnement qui suit.

dimanche 12 juin 2011, par: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

Pour en savoir plus:

(Natural News) Et si le méga tremblement de terre présumé de 9,0 + qui aurait frappé au large des côtes du Japon le 11 mars n’avait jamais réellement eu lieu, et le tsunami qui en a résulté qui a détruit l’usine nucléaire de Fukushima Daiichi a été en fait une attaque sous fausse bannière délibérée à l’aide d’armes nucléaires ? Le journaliste indépendant Jim Stone présente des preuves convaincantes que l’histoire officielle qu’on nous a tous raconté concernant la catastrophe est une dissimulation bidon pour une attaque concertée contre le Japon, peut-être pour son offre d’enrichir de l’uranium pour l’Iran.

Un réel méga-séisme 9,0 + aurait nivelé le pays tout entier du Japon

Considérons d’abord l’impact massif d’un véritable séisme de magnitude 9,0, qui aurait été environ 100 fois plus puissant que le séisme de magnitude 6,8 de Hanshin en 1995 qui a détruit une grande partie de la ville de Kobe, située à environ 12,5 miles de l’épicentre, et qui a tué plus de 6 400 personnes. Si le tremblement de terre du 11 mars au Japon en était en fait un [de magnitude] 9,0, il aurait tout dévasté dans un rayon de 1 000 miles à partir de l’épicentre – et pourtant la ville de Sendai, par exemple, qui n’est qu’à environ 48 miles de l’épicentre, n’a subi pratiquement aucun dégât structurel.

À vrai dire, les seules zones qui ont véritablement subi des dommages importants étaient les secteurs touchés par le tsunami, qui comprenaient la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima. Outre les dégâts immenses qui se sont produits à l’usine nucléaire touchée par le tsunami, il n’y avait pratiquement pas de dommages sismiques dans les autres villes ou villes à proximité de l’épicentre qui n’ont pas été touchées par le tsunami, ce qui suggère que le séisme aurait été loin d'atteindre une magnitude de 9,0. D’après l’étude de Stone, la dimension du tremblement de terre qui a frappé au large des côtes du Japon avait seulement une magnitude de 6,67, selon certaines lectures, alors que le tsunami qui a suivi fut l’équivalent de ce qui se serait produit lors d’un véritable séisme de magnitude 9,0.

Les agglomérations et des villes frappées par le tsunami sont même apparues étrangement inconscientes qu’il arrivait

Un autre facteur à considérer est que les villes touchées par le tsunami semblaient être largement ignorantes du fait qu’il arrivait, et ce même juste quelques instants avant. Si un tremblement de terre de 9,0 avait réellement frappé comme cela est prétendu, ces zones auraient non seulement connu une destruction monumentale avant, mais les gens qui y vivent auraient déjà évacué la région entre le moment où le tremblement de terre a soit-disant frappé, et environ 40 minutes plus tard, lorsque le tsunami est effectivement arrivé.

Différents clips vidéo et des photos dans les villes et agglomérations sur le point d’être touchées par le tsunami qui approchait révèlent que les activités se déroulaient largement comme à l’habitude juste quelques minutes avant que le séisme ne frappe. Les gens sont montrés se baladant, les bâtiments sont intacts, et peu de choses semblent différentes, en dépit du fait qu’un méga-séisme venait soi-disant juste de se produire. Jugez-en par vous-même en étudiant ce que Stone a publié, ainsi que les photos et les vidéos capturées, et jugez par vous-même si oui ou non l’histoire officielle a un sens à la lumière de ce qui a effectivement eu lieu (…).

Les dommages à Fukushima, et en particulier au réacteur 4 non opérationnel, n’auraient tout simplement pas pu se produire par une inondation ou un tremblement de terre

Selon l’analyse de Stone, les dégâts qui ont eu lieu sur l’installation nucléaire de Fukushima ne pouvaient pas avoir été seulement le résultat d’inondations ou même d’un tremblement de terre de 9,0, en supposant qu’il se soit réellement produit. Les images aériennes de haute résolution de la centrale endommagée prises le 24 mars montrent non seulement un réacteur 3 complètement absent, malgré des rapports continus selon lesquels il était toujours là, mais aussi un réacteur 4 complètement démoli.

Rappelez-vous la gigantesque explosion qui a eu lieu au réacteur 3 seulement quelques jours après que le tsunami ait frappé? ( Attribué à l’accumulation d’hydrogène, ce désastreux événement n’aurait pu se produire en raison des dommages causés par un tremblement de terre ou un tsunami, car une pile spéciale d’urgence à hydrogène conçue spécifiquement pour faire face à l’accumulation d’hydrogène avait été installée à Fukushima après le désastreux accident de Three Mile Island. Cette pile à hydrogène spéciale n’a pas besoin d’électricité pour fonctionner, de sorte qu’elle était pleinement opérationnelle pendant le temps de l’explosion et aurait atténué toute accumulation d’hydrogène.

Maurice Strong - Deepwater - Fukushima - Cat-Bond Bombs - Copenhagen Conference - 350 Kyoto Cult - Depopulation

June 19, 2011

To whom it may concern

A Kyoto Cap for Maurice Strong or Deepwater, Fukushima cat-bond bomb

Maurice Strong – a Canadian Privy Council colleague of HRH Prince (‘I wish I was a virus’) Philip – was not happy at the failure of delegates to the 2009 Copenhagen Conference to agree to an enforceable 350 ppm cap in atmospheric CO2 under the Kyoto Protocol.

The beginning of the 350 Kyoto Cult

Canada's genocidal depopulationist

Strong and his fellow Privy Councilors have begun to punish Copenhagen’s ‘Delegates in Denial’ for their failure to agree to a legally-binding ‘Kyoto Cap’ of 350 ppm CO2.

On April 20, 2010, Strong’s Privy Councilors allegedly used Entrust PKI to authorize Matrix 5 saboteurs and extortionists led by Crown Agents’ Sister Lena Trudeau to trigger cat-bond bombs on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig and broadcast al-Jazeera .tv propaganda.

Al-Jazeera .tv Deepwater propaganda

On March 12, 2011, Strong’s Privy Councilors allegedly used Entrust PKI to authorize Matrix 5 saboteurs and extortionists led by Crown Agents’ Sister Lena Trudeau to trigger cat-bond bombs at the Fukushima nuclear plant and broadcast al-Jazeera .tv propaganda.

Al-Jazeera .tv Fukushima propaganda

“The Kyoto Protocol is a protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC or FCCC), aimed at fighting global warming. The UNFCCC is an international environmental treaty with the goal of achieving the "stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.” The Protocol was initially adopted on 11 December 1997 in Kyoto, Japan, and entered into force on 16 February 2005. As of April 2010, 191 states have signed and ratified the protocol.”

“For those of you who aren’t particularly familiar with what ensued at the recent December 18, 2009 Copenhagen climate change conference, it was unequivocally unsuccessful. The initial goal of the conference was to discuss and hopefully prescribe a pragmatic solution to the globally increasing levels of man-made greenhouse gas emissions; particularly for China and the United States as the number one and two emitters of fossil fuels worldwide. However, without being able to collectively agree on a legally enforced emissions reduction blueprint, Copenhagen’s accomplishments were limited to two things: China reiterating their unwillingness to join the U.S. in accepting legally binding carbon targets, and an acknowledgement that the European Union’s carbon trading market is nothing but inefficient. Reason magazine views this lack of success at Copenhagen as a positive, as science correspondent and climate science watcher Ronald Bailey comments: The good news for the rest of us is that the Copenhagen collapse provides the world with an opportunity to step back, reassess the political and scientific solutions, and find a better way than the deeply flawed Kyoto Protocol process to address problems associated with a warming planet.”

Abel Danger’s research indicates that Strong Privy Councilors and Crown Agents Sisters are planning a Matrix 5 .tv propaganda attack on the London Olympic Games of 2012 in a continuing effort to extort a 'Kyoto Cap' agreement with participating sovereign states.

Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

Entrust Public Key Infrastructure - Authorization Matrix 5 Contract-Hit Teams - Target: US Government - OKC ATF Offices - Brian Terry (ATF Agent)

June 19, 2011

To whom it may concern

Marcy-Trudeau’s Entrust public key to Murrah and Gunrunner hits

Abel Danger believes that Crown Agents’ Sisters Kristine Marcy and Lena Trudeau have been using Entrust public key infrastructure to authorize Matrix 5 contract-hit teams to attack U.S. government targets, including the ATF offices in the Murrah Building (OKC), destroyed by bombs in 1996, and Brian Terry, the ATF agent killed by ‘Gunrunners’ in 2010.

See #1 and #60
Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

.tv Matrix 5 propaganda attack on ATF

.tv Matrix 5 propaganda attack on ATF

Lena Trudeau developed Entrust PKI in Ottawa in the mid-1990s for Canadian Privy Councilors such as Maurice Strong (godfather of the UN Oil-for-Food and Kyoto global warming scam), and for Kristine Marcy’s Matrix 5 community organizers in the United States.

The two women allegedly used Entrust PKI to authorize contract-hit teams to kill Matrix 5 enemies, apparently including United States citizens and top government officials.

“[Spoliation inferences suggest that NAPA colleagues Trudeau and Marcy used Entrust to authorize associates of ADT and the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals, to bomb the Murrah Building in 1996 and use 'Gunrunner' weapons to attack and kill ATF agents attempting to secure the U.S.-Mexican border] PROTGT S.A. De C.V. Value Added Reseller Partner - Select PROTGT S.A. of C.V., is a Mexican based company, consisting of a team of professionals certified in the area of Security and Protection of Information Technology. Its goal is to be the leading Security Service Comany in Mexico by supplying world class Internet security solutions and integration services to its customers. PROTGT S.A de C.V has a solid relationship with Entrust. Together we provide world class security solutions in Mexico. PROTGT S.A de C.V has been an Entrust Trusted Partner since 2003. Its consultants are trained on Entrust solutions, along with its technical staff who provide planning, installation and implementation services. Together, PROTGT S.A. De C.V. and Entrust enable customers to: Protect the Information Technology resources of customers Deploy secure portal solutions Protect information and transactional applications Protect network contents and mail systems against attacks, virus, worms and disclosure concerns. Develop applications using Digital Certificates and Digital Signatures”

“[Evidence ATF security has been compromised by Lena Trudeau and Kristine Marcy’s Matrix 5 community organizers embedded – for example – with SBA 8(a), SES, Femme Comp Inc, DOJ Pride and Con Air or JPATS] Tuesday, November 16, 2010 Who Is Andrew Traver? Note: Much of this was written two months ago. Yesterday, Obama nominated Traver to be the Director of ATF. With the pressure from the Brady Campaign along with editorials in the New York Times, the Obama Administration is being pushed to name a permanent Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. ATF has not had a permanent Director since Carl Truscott who resigned in 2006. The leading candidate seems to be Andrew Traver who is currently the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the ATF's Chicago Field Division. (Traver was nominated yesterday). I've printed speculation about Traver being the leading candidate here and here. According to my tracking software for this blog, I have had numerous visitors from the Department of Justice doing a Google search using "Andrew Traver ATF". I even had a visitor about two weeks ago (now two months ago) from the Executive Office of the President searching for what was being said about ATF and a new Director. A screen shot of that visit can be seen here. Traver has also been mentioned frequently on the dissident ATF insider's website CleanUpATF as being the defacto candidate for Director. (And now is the actual candidate.) So who is Andrew Traver and why should we care? As noted above, Traver is the SAC of the ATF's Chicago Field Division. He is an Illinois native and a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a degree in Criminal Justice (summa cum laude). After college, he was commissioned as a Naval officer through Officer Candidate School and served as a gunnery officer on USS Benjamin Stoddard, DDG-22. Upon leaving the Navy in 1987, he joined ATF as a Special Agent. His ATF career to date is as follows: 1987 - Chicago Field Division, Criminal Investigator and a member of the Entry Control Team. 1993 - Philadelphia Field Division, Group Supervisor 1998 - Assigned to ATF Headquarters, Washington, DC 2000 - Assistant Special Agent in Charge, New Orleans Field Division 2002 - Assistant Special Agent in Charge, San Francisco Field Division 2004 - Special Agent in Charge, Chicago Field Division 2006 - Promoted to Senior Executive Service, still SAC, Chicago Field Division Personal Life .. From a story about his work with ZERO: Andrew’s personal and professional relationships with Congressmen Mark Kirk and Jesse Jackson Jr., and Ken Bennett, state director to then-Senator Barack Obama, figured heavily into his recovery. All three men closely followed Andrew’s ordeal from initial diagnosis through the first post-RRP follow up visit to Mayo. He received telephone calls from Congressmen Jackson and Kirk themselves while at Mayo and while recuperating at home. Just prior to and again shortly after his surgery, Andrew and Mr. Bennett met for morale and spiritually uplifting lunches. Connections to Joyce Foundation Traver has significant connections to projects of the notoriously anti-gun Joyce Foundation. The Joyce Foundation provided $675,000 in funding for the International Association of Chiefs of Police - IACP - to put on the 2007 Great Lakes Summit on Gun Violence. Traver was a participant in this meeting along with such gun control notables as Gary Wintemute, Director of UC-Davis' Violence Prevention Research Program, Nina Vinik and Robyn Thomas of the Legal Community Against Violence, and David Hemenway of the Harvard School of Public Health. There were also a number of representatives from some of the local gun control organizations and a selection of anti-gun politicians and police chiefs including Mayor Richard Daley. It is important to note that Traver was not a mere attendee at this meeting, he is listed as an advisor to it along with others like Tom Diaz of the Violence Policy Center and Nina Vinik of LCAV. The acknowledgments thanks the advisers who "worked tirelessly to help us design and accomplish a powerful policy summit by attending many meetings and events and by voicing their invaluable counsel as we moved forward with this important initiative." Out of this conference came a report entitled Taking a Stand: Reducing Gun Violence in Our Communities. Contributors to the report included Tom Diaz mentioned above and Kristen Rand of the Violence Policy Center. The report made a number of recommendations which, to put it mildly, are anathema to those who believe in gun rights. Included in the recommendations were:

Riots Reveal Canada's "Repressed Psychotic Nature" - Canadians: Individually Are Marvelously Decent And Honest - As a Group: Self-Duplicitous Cowards


Riots Reveal Canada's "Repressed Psychotic Nature"

June 17, 2011

"As individuals, white Canadians are marvelously decent and honest, but as a group, we're sniveling, self-duplicitous cowards who shudder at the thought of saying no to the Emperor."

by Kevin Annett

"The only irredeemable sin of a people is for them to be unaware of their own nature." -- Benjamin Franklin

"There is only one evil worse than violence, and that is cowardice." -- Mahatma Gandhi

Poor Canada. Just when we had cleaned up that untidy mess of Indian residential schools and aspersions of mass murder, that was so damaging our international credit rating, along come some hockey hooligans in Vancouver to make us look bad again to all those fat tourists and offshore investors we so lust after.

The world used to think Canada was an affluent dream world of smiling Mounties, happy Indians and majestic forests hewed by Jolly Pierre the Lumber Jack. But the fantasy is fading, thanks to events like this week's hockey rampage, which wasn't the work of a few atypical hooligans, like the Vancouver Mayor claims, but of very ordinary and typical Canadians. Their rage and violence was an unusually honest depiction of mainstream Canada, and its repressed and psychotic nature.

Yes, I said, our repressed and psychotic nature.

I've always appreciated the Americans for a single virtue that we lack in Canada: their deep realism about themselves and their own history. They don't share our dissociation, and our well-bred capacity to lie to ourselves about ourselves. No American ever seems surprised or shocked when I share with them the murderous facts of genocide in their own land - unlike Canadians.

My fellow Euro-Canadians - the kind of people who overturned cars and smashed windows and bones this week in Vancouver - are deeply angry about themselves and their country, but they cannot say why, or even recognize their own condition. We aren't supposed to get angry and smash things. But I'd say most of us know we're living a lie, that the British notion of "law, order, civility and good government" that supposedly guides our nation is a crock designed to guard the corrupt interests of a very few people, starting with that silly fiction calling itself "the Crown".

As individuals, white Canadians are marvelously decent and honest, but as a group, we're sniveling, self-duplicitous cowards who shudder at the thought of saying no to the Emperor. That's why part of me rejoiced when I saw the smash-up on the streets of Vancouver. Somehow, the mob of Canucks had lost their fear of authority - for a moment.

Of course, the same men and women who rampaged so freely after the hockey game are once again the kind of repressed, tax-paying, dissociated people who keep the whole mess going. And that fact I find more terrible and alarming than all the broken windows and burning cars.

Pierre Berton once wrote too perceptively that your average Canadian has the mind of a Scottish banker and the heart of an Irish saint, and can't decide which person to be. That certainly describes my own family to a tee.


My people came to this land in search of a liberty but also a transformation that the Old World could not provide. But the land was vast and strange, too vast really, and in fear we held onto the Old World symbols of authority, Crown and Pulpit, and tried cramming our searching spirits into them. We are forever yearning to break free from that false mold into a new identity, but until then, we must remain utter strangers to ourselves.

I know that can change. I've seen it begin. But as in any deep shock therapy, it will take a few good smash ups before the mental fetters can start to snap enough to let something new start to flow in us.

We've always needed a really good civil war in Canada, and the last ones we tried, in 1837 in the east and then among the Métis sharpshooters of Riel and Dumont, went down to a physical but not a moral defeat. Canadians are actually born rebels. We still carry the heart of a searching mystic, determined to be free of every convention and oppression, to breathe the air of liberty that sweeps across our great and beautiful land. We're just terrified of embracing that heart.

Perhaps when we do so and reclaim our soul, we can relate to the original men and women of this land with something more than a cowardly condescension and a self-serving fear. For the indigenous people have always been our natural blood allies, and they welcomed our first ancestors here not out of pity or ignorance, but because they recognized us as mutual People of the Land.

Frankly, it's time white Canadians had their own "Truth and Reconciliation Commission", but one into themselves: a true Caucasian Healing Circle where we can put away forever our false self-image as nice and proper people.

I've suggested the idea whenever I speak to my fellow white Canadians, and nobody seems to know what the hell I'm talking about, any more than they can accept the fact that under the toxic influence of Religion and Empire, our people slaughtered and rampaged against the Indians as brutally as any Conquistador.

We cannot yet accept what we did to get this land, and what we acquiesce to, to keep it. Not really. It's still an abstraction. For how else could we pretend to apologize for the worst slaughter in human history? How else, indeed, do dissociated people act?

All of this absurdity screamed out at us during the Vancouver hockey riots the other night, as is proper: for hockey is our national pulse, a gliding ballet of courage and skill that we alone brought to the world, a beauty born anew in countless small towns and backyard lots where kids learn the art that only we know how to do best.

Like in any family torn apart by its own psychosis, Canadians express their paradox and grapple towards the light we have lost in the midst of that which is most sacred to us.

We are not a lost and angry mob. We are a proud and noble people who have forgotten who we are. For we long to fly again across that majestic, pure ice which is Kanata, a land of eternal promise and freedom where all the wrongs and all the blood can be washed clean.

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