Sunday, March 20, 2011

ConAir (JPATS) - Phony CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - JonBenét Ramsey - Prison-Based Snuff-Film Trades - PKI/Onion Router Encryption Devices

March 20, 2011

Dear Nigel Farage and Lord Pearson:

Governor General’s Equity of Canada in CSI Marcy JonBenét

Abel Danger believes Crown Agents’ Governor Generals used the ‘Equity of Canada’ in revolving funds in the custody of Crown Sister Kristine Marcy to launch a prison-based pedophile snuff-film trade with ConAir (JPATS) assets and a phony CSI: Crime Scene Investigation into the murder of JonBenét Ramsey on December 25, 1996.

The Elite - Court TV - November 7th, 2002

Stun gun mark is an alleged signature for CSI production by pedophile snuff-film crew where victim has to be silenced

Patent pool device consistent with fraudulent conversion of Equity of Canada

Kristine Marcy i/c ConAir, Passport and 8(a) Patent Pool

Bio restated in notes (i) .... 1. Kristine Marcy (nee McConnell) [President and CEO of National Academy of Public Administration, Washington D.C.; used 911 virtual deception with office of Lord President of the [Privy] Council to have FBI and Interpol to drop crime-scene investigations into pedophile entrapment, oath-taking and extortion and the RICO patent-pool snuff-film trade; re-focussed public perceptions on FBI arrest of pedophile decoys and BOP socio-sexual rights while incarcerated; proof of spoliation i.e. use of PKI/Onion Router encryption devices to remove Equity of Canada’ signatures at CSI: JonBenet; auctioned off SBA 8(a) CDOs before 911; sold liquidation rights in patent-pool devices to Canary Wharf-based D2 Banking and KPMG and their clients including 108 Crown Agents’ City & Guilds Livery Companies, QinetiQ/MI6, HSBC and the 13-Family Office; placed Robert Hanssen as head of FBI counter-terrorism to conceal al-Qaeda 8(a) pedophile trade through SOS Children’s Villages; launched DOJ Pride in 1994 as a sexual-social network to eliminate 'Mindless Breathers - Useless Breeders' in heterosexual families; launched Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System, or J-Pats (ConAir) in 1995/6 to move pedophile assets for the likes of Krayleigh Enterprises and/or decoys such as Theodore Kaczynski, Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh; allegedly integrated ConAir with Canadian SOA revolving funds in 1996 to finance prison-based pedophile snuff-film trade; spoliated Waco, Murrah, 911, Fort Hood and Fukushima crime scenes with MI6 or QinetiQ and 8(a) SWAT teams; launched U.S. Senior Executive Service 1979 with pedophile information technologists at Femme Comp Inc (FCI); entraps and extorts pedophile top officials to control man-in-the-middle communications between White House, FBI, DEA, ICE, USIS, DNS, ICE, SBA, DOD and Marines; theft of PROMIS from owners to spoliate data bases of RICO prosecutors; translated PROMIS into French for Francophonie and Canadian Governors General on 911; in 1969, the Kray Twins received a life sentence for murder and she started her career by setting ‘sextortionist’ traps for Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Frank Carlucci in Office of Economic Opportunity; forced Office of Personnel Management to issue ‘Paperclip’ passports to hide Barack Obama’s status as a CUKC alien and pedophile entrapment expert who was allegedly ‘groomed’ by Frank Marshall Davis; ordered White House CyberCzar Bruce McConnell, to set up PKI/Onion Router encryption links to conceal intergovernmental coordination of phony ‘Wag the Dog’ crime scene investigations into pedophile snuff-film trade; used 8(a) loans and FCI C4 system to finance worldwide contract hits with patent-pool devices assigned to Crown Agents’ City & Guilds, MI6-QinetiQ and JPATS SWAT teams; taught her NAPAWASH pedophile colleagues how to use PKI/Onion Router, Unabomb, QRS11 gyroscope, Smacsonic and Uninterruptible Autopilot patent pool devices for 911 decoy-and-drone maneuvers unwittingly developed by Field McConnell – the character called ‘Chips’ in the Abel Danger fiction but Ms. Marcy’s Marine brother in the CSI fact!]”

“The [Canadian] SOA initiative was first announced in December 1989, and the first group of SOAs was established in the spring of 1990. By 1993, enough experience with SOAs had been gained to warrant a general study, and the Canadian Centre for Management Development (CCMD) and Consulting and Audit Canada (CAC) began work on this subject. The scope of the project was expanded as the Office of the Auditor General became involved in response to interest expressed by members of Parliament (the Public Accounts Committee) who were aware of the Executive Agencies initiative in Britain and wanted information on similar developments in Canada.” .. “How wide is the variation in Parliamentary interest [in Britain’s Executive Agencies set up by David Cameron and Norman Lamont of NM Rothschild after Balck Friday]? .. As shown in Appendix 1, the cumulative total for 1995-98 overwhelmingly supports our preliminary conclusion based on 1995 data (reported in Judge, Hogwood and McVicar, 1997): A few consistently attract more questions, and supply more answers directly from their chief executives than others. In the ‘pondlife’ of agencies half-a-dozen can be identified as the ‘big fish’ swimming in the waters closest to parliamentary view and interest; at an intermediate level are a further half-dozen which are subject to lower levels of parliamentary questioning, and in the murkier depths are a host of agencies which attract very few, or in some cases, no parliamentary questions .. Our findings point to caution about any analysis or prescriptions which assume a standard agency, or which are based on what turn out to be extremely untypical agencies such as the Prison Service and the Child Support Agency .. An examination of the agencies with the highest scores in WPQs and letters tentatively suggests that for the highest scoring agency, the Prison Service, it was a self-feeding chain of events linked to prison escapes and their aftermath which led to the high level of interest. For other high scoring agencies, casework or constituency matters dominated, though in the case of the Child Support Agency, the scale and nature of the casework led to the issue being elevated to an organisation-level crisis.”

“SOAs funded through appropriations are normally included in the same parliamentary votes as other components of the department, in which case there is no parliamentary restriction on transfers between SOA appropriations and other departmental appropriations. Similarly, there are no Treasury Board allotment controls on the SOA component of departmental appropriations. Departments are free to transfer money back and forth between the SOA and other components within the same vote [money laundering], without reference to Treasury Board .. Revolving Fund A revolving fund is a continuing or non-lapsing authorization by Parliament to make payments out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF), up to a stipulated limit, for specific purposes such as working capital, capital acquisitions, and temporary funding of accumulated operating deficits. As part of this authorization, the expenditures made for these purposes are to be offset, to the extent possible, by generated revenues ... However, the profit motive that drives private industry is an important motivational tool, one which can apply equally to the SOA environment. For SOAs that are self-sufficient, achieving positive results on the bottom line is a source of pride, and striving for this goal becomes part of the culture .. Implementation of a revolving fund will require the SOA to purchase or develop a financial system that can meet this need. To date, little in the way of shared solutions has taken place: SOAs with revolving funds have typically created or purchased their own financial systems, at costs ranging upwards from $200 thousand. However, these costs should decline significantly with the development of shared systems _ the Common Departmental Financial System (CDFS), for example, has a revolving fund module .. In deciding market prices, international clients often set the standard for the pricing. For example, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has a strong incentive to charge the international going rates for patents and trademarks (assuming that the levels of service are equivalent), since over 90 percent of its clients are international. If the price is set below the international level, then CIPO is missing out on revenues that could easily be obtained from non-Canadians. If the price is set substantially above the international levels, then this is a disincentive to register in Canada and to make the technology available here .. Treasury Board Accounting for Revolving Funds .. The accounting is done on the principle that the Government of Canada is the sole shareholder for each revolving fund, and that all surpluses (and deficits) belong ultimately to the Government of Canada. The bottom line for each of the funds is shown as the ‘Equity of Canada’ [In the custody of the Governor General].

“In 1990, Passport Canada underwent a major transformation - it became a Special Operating Agency (SOA). It is one of the first five Special Operating Agencies set up by the Government of Canada to improve services to Canadians. While Passport Canada is a government institution, an agency of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, it operates much like a private sector enterprise. Passport Canada finances its operations entirely from the fees charged for passports and other travel documents and must generate sufficient revenues to meet expenditures. There is no annual parliamentary appropriation, and the service is supported by applicants rather than taxpayers. Passport Canada operates under a revolving fund which allows it to accumulate an annual surplus (or deficit) of up to $4 million. Passport Canada can also carry over surplus revenues from year to year to offset future shortfalls [sells passports; allegedly sold passports to the members of Crown Agents Sisters and SOA SWAT teams who carried patent pool devices used to kill JonBenet Ramsey and backhaul snuff-film images for subsequent extortion of CSI – Crime Scene Investigators]”

“CORCAN is a Special Operating Agency (SOA) within the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) that has the mandate of contributing to the successful reintegration of offenders. By providing employment training and experience and employability skills to offenders in federal correctional institutions and employment services in the community, CORCAN helps offenders find employment and successfully reintegrate into the community, thus reducing the risk of a second offence. CORCAN also provides opportunities to observe offenders in a “real-world” work environment and to assess how well other programs, like anger management and substance abuse, are working.

Offenders can be employed and trained in agribusiness, construction, manufacturing, textile production and a range of services. CORCAN products/services are primarily sold to federal government departments with lesser volumes sold to other levels of government, educational and health care facilities and non-profit organizations.

The operational environment in which CORCAN conducts its business is shaped by four principal drivers. The CSC legislative framework and mission influence all aspects of the work done by CORCAN. Everything CORCAN does must be in compliance. CORCAN’s mandate, established by the Treasury Board in 1992 when CORCAN was designated an SOA, and its strategic direction more specifically shape how we do business and help define the results we expect to deliver to Canadians.”

“The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), a Special Operating Agency (SOA) associated with Industry Canada, is responsible for the administration and processing of the greater part of intellectual property in Canada. CIPO's areas of activity include: Patents cover new inventions (process, machine, manufacture, composition of matter), or any new and useful improvement of an existing invention; Trade-marks are words, symbols or designs (or a combination of these), used to distinguish the wares or services of one person or organization from those of others in the marketplace; Copyrights provide protection for artistic, dramatic [pedophile snuff films], musical or literary works (including computer programs), and three other subject-matter known as: performance, sound recording and communication signal; Industrial designs are the visual features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament (or any combination of these features), applied to a finished article of manufacture; Integrated circuit topographies refer to the three-dimensional configurations of electronic circuits embodied in integrated circuit products or layout designs.”

“The company was founded in 1991 (under the name Air Taser) by brothers Rick and Tom Smith. The Smiths were upset when two of Rick's former teammates in high school were murdered in a road rage incident in a resort parking lot in Scottsdale. In 1993, they began working with Jack Cover on a non-lethal weapon; eventually Cover first developed an early version of the Taser. Taser takes its name after a fictional weapon: Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle .. In June 1994, a non-firearm version of the Taser was developed, allowing it to bypass federal and state laws that only apply to firearms, and a tracking system (the "anti-felon identification" or "AFID" system) was created. This enables the Taser to disperse confetti with serial numbers when it is fired and links the specific Taser to the scene where it is used. In 1998, the company adopted its current name, intending to emphasize the company's international expansion. In the same year, the company began marketing the weapon to law enforcement agencies and police departments, in addition to the private buyers who had bought Tasers for personal self-protection in prior years. In 2001, Taser International developed its "Advanced Taser Electro-Muscular Disruption" system. In May 2001, they filed for an initial public offering and began trading NASDAQ under the stock symbol TASR. In May 2003, the company released its new Taser X26 model.” .. “TASER 34000 Limited to Non-Law Enforcement

Shortly after the launch of the AIR TASER 34000 in 1994, AIR TASER Inc. was sued by Tasertron, the remainder of the original TASER company from the 1970s. Tasertron asserted that it had exclusive rights to the underlying technology for use in the law enforcement and military markets in North America. To avoid a costly legal battle, AIR TASER Inc. signed a non-compete agreement that recognized this exclusivity and precluded AIR TASER Inc. from selling to law enforcement or military agencies in North America until the patent in question expired in 1998.”

Taser International said they had finished developing a long-range wireless electro-shock projectile called XREP (eXtended Range Electro-Muscular Projectile), which can be fired from any 12-gauge shotgun. It contains a small high-voltage battery. Its range is currently 100 feet (30 m), but the U.S. Department of Defense, which has funded development of the technology, expects delivery of a 300 feet (91 m) range projectile of this type from the company in 2007. An XREP projectile was controversially used by British police during the 2010 Northumbria Police manhunt It subsequently transpired that the XREP has never been officially approved for use in the United Kingdom and the weapon system was provided unrequested to the police at the scene directly by the civilian company which distributes Taser International's products in the UK. The company's license to provide Taser systems was afterwards revoked by the Home Secretary Theresa May

“Evidence for a Stun Gun Forensic Evidence. The strongest case for a stun gun was made by Lou Smit, a retired detective hired by Boulder DA Alex Hunter. Transcripts of interviews with Lou Smit and companion photos making the case for a stun gun are available at Webbsleuths for Court TV (November 7, 2002) and 48 Hours (October 4, 2002). No Apparent Struggle by JBR. "Because it is logical to assume that JonBenet would struggle against an attacker she did not already know, the use of a stun gun helps to explain why no evidence of a struggle was found in any of the bedrooms in defendants' home. (SMF P 143; PSMF P 143.)" (Carnes 2003:98). Marks Inflicted on Christmas Night. "defendants {John and Patsy Ramsey} have presented photographs of JonBenet taken Christmas morning that clearly reveal the absence of any marks on her neck. (See Defs.' Ex. 33 attach. To Summ. J. Mot. 68.) Yet, the autopsy report clearly shows reddish, burn-type marks on JonBenet's neck and back. (See Autopsy Photos attach. as Defs.' Ex. 27-30 to Smit. Dep.)" (Carnes 2003:98).

Expert Opinion. "Moreover, defendants have presented the testimony of Dr. Michael Doberson, a forensic pathologist who examined the Boulder Coroner's autopsy report and autopsy photos, and who concluded that the injuries to "the right side of the face as well as on the lower left back are patterned injuries most consistent with the application of a stun gun." (Report of Michael Doberson, M.D., Ph.D. at 5(A) attach. as Ex. 3 to Defs.' Ex. Vol. I, Part A.)." (Carnes 2003:98). "Defendants' evidence that a stun gun was used, then, stands unrebutted. In other words, plaintiff has failed to produce evidence that creates a material dispute of fact on this point or that offers an alternative explanation for the origin of these marks, other than a stun gun. Accordingly, the Court concludes that the undisputed facts indicate that a stun gun was used in the commission of the murder." (Carnes 2003:98-99). Spacing of Marks Consistent with AirTaser .. [ ] has done comparisons using photos to demonstrate the marks on the back were 3.5 cm apart, which is consistent with an AirTaser”

Governor General’s Equity of Canada in al-Qaeda, pedophile and snuff-film passport trade

Samantha Cameron ‘Mistress of Pedophile Raves’ Smythson Passport Service for victims, prisoners and aliens cf. Tricky

Patent pools 911

Julian Assange uses PKI/Onion Router to hide assets moving through the pedophile-operated prison-based snuff film trade

Adrienne Clarkson’s Equity of Canada pilot re pedophile snuff-film trade and the decoy and drone maneuvers of 911

CSI virtual / real snuff film crime scenes compromise pay per view

In re our allegation of pedophile-operated prison-based snuff-film trades, we infer the guilt of Crown Agents' Sisters (see notes i) including Ms. Marcy and former Canadian Governor General Adrienne Clarkson, from proof of spoliation i.e. use of PKI/Onion Router encryption devices to remove ‘Equity of Canada’ signatures at CSI: JonBenet.

Note (i): List of Crown Agents’ Sisters who allegedly use pedophile extortionists and snuff-film patent pools to support man-in-the-middle attacks on leaders with an M.O. of command, contract hit and spoliation crews that dates back to the 1629 foundation of the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers: 1. Kristine Marcy (nee McConnell) [In 1969 – when the pedophile Kray Twins received a life sentence for murder – she allegedly became a ‘sextortionist’ aide to Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Frank Carlucci in Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr.’s Office of Economic Opportunity; she allegedly went on to extort Dr. David Finkleman (Onion Router relay messages via ALPA pilots to al-Qaeda gyroscopes and ordered stand down of U.S. Air Force on 9/11 with the faked Entrust authority of Gen. Ralph E. Eberhart, Commander in Chief, NORAD and Commander USNORTHCOM in Cheyenne Mountain); Lynn McNulty (Encryption Committee of the President's Export Council, 1999-2001); Rear Admiral Gordon Piché (former Director of Personnel management for Coast Guard); Robert Mueller (Director FBI); Bruce McConnell (former White House Onion Router and currently PKI Czar); and, Robert Hanssen (former FBI counter-intelligence chief); in 1979, she founded U.S. Senior Executive Service with pedophile information technologists at Femme Comp Inc C4; evidence of her ongoing [wo]man-in-the-middle extortion of top officials in FBI, ICE USIS, DNS, ICE, Reduction in Recruitment (RIR) and the National Academy of Public Administration etc; evidence of her organizing the theft of PROMIS from owners and translation into French for Sûreté du Québec and Francophonie 9/11; evidence of her psychopathic tendencies with a recent 'Mindless Breathers - Useless Breeders' comment to her brother, Field McConnell; evidence of pedophile trade and snuff-film joint venture between her associates in the U.S. Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System and Krayleigh Enterprises; evidence of her use of SBA 8(a) military-industrial patent pool devices including Unabombs, QRS11 gyroscopes, Smacsonic and Onion Router at Waco, Murrah Building and 9/11 crime scenes; evidence she auctioned off SBA 8(a) CDOs with patented-device liquidation rights to D2 Banking and KPMG clients at Canary Wharf; evidence she launched LGBT and pedophile extortion of Justice through DOJ Pride; evidence she exfiltrated U.S. Marshals from Murrah Building OKC; evidence she executed Timothy McVeigh as a decoy patsy; evidence she blackmailed Office of Personnel Management custodians of ‘paperclip’ passport files which show Obama’s status as CUKC alien and victims of pedophile abuse by Frank Marshall Davis and his grandparents; evidence she forced U.S. patent office to re-assign liquidation rights in patent pool devices to Crown Agents’ Spectacle Makers] 2. Lynne Ann Cheney (nee Vincent) [PEOC on 9/11 where she disrupted communications between U.S. Vice-President Cheney and U.S. President George Bush; custodian of Lockheed Martin and Access Graphics patent pools used from 1994 to 9/11; her Sisters novel portrays rape and depictions of lesbian sex] 3. Hillary Clinton (nee Rodham) [Takes a village to raise a child; pedophile sexual entrapment and extortion of a Rhodes Scholar and POTUS man-in-the-middle, Bill Clinton; sexual extortion of Joseph Giroir Jr. (former boss at Rose Law Firm), John Huang (former Commerce Department), John Riady (family partly owns Indonesia’s Lippo Group) and various directors of Tyson Foods Inc., Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and BEI Technologies, Inc; as a patent lawyer, she assigned BEI micromachined GyroChip sensor selected by Honeywell and Boeing for use in a modification of the rudder system of the current model Boeing 737 airplane; Inertial Sensors use in Aircraft Flight Control, Helicopter Flight Control, Missile and Projectile Guidance, Unattended Guided Vehicle Navigation for Commercial and Military markets; Linear Accelerometers and Angular Rotation Sensors provide guidance and control capability for everything from missiles to commercial light and heavy aircraft; Junior Senator from(disbanded) [allegedly to create the core team for the 9/11 attack] .. Honorary Air Commodore of the Royal Air Force Lossiemouth; Personal Aide-de-Camp to Her Majesty The Queen; 1993-1999: Lieutenant-Commander, Captain, HMS Cottesmore; Senior Pilot, 815 NAS at RNAS Portland; Directorate of Naval Operations, British Ministry of Defence; 1999-2005: Commander, Diplomacy Section of the Naval Staff .. As the United Kingdom's special trade representative, Prince Andrew frequently travels the world to promote British businesses .. revealed in the United States diplomatic cables leak [via Julian Assange Onion Router and pedophile network] Prince Andrew .. discussing bribery in Kyrgystan and the investigation into the Al-Yamamah arms deal and alleged kickbacks a senior Saudi royal had received in exchange for the multi-year, lucrative BAE Systems contract to provide equipment and training to Saudi security forces .. Prince Andrew also tours Canada to frequently undertake duties related to his military role there. Rick Peters, the former Commanding Officer of the Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada stated: "[Prince Andrew]'s very well informed on Canadian military methods” ... Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights] 6. Mary Harron [Born in Ontario, Canada, in a film and theatre family; St Anne's College, Oxford University; dated Tony Blair; moved to NYC into 1970s punk scene; first interview of Sex Pistols; 1980s drama critic for The Observer in London; executive producer The Weather Underground, directed TV episodes of Oz, Six Feet Under, Homicide: Life on the Street, The L Word and Big Love; currently developing film based on book Please Kill Me which details the 1970s New York punk scene; first movie, I Shot Andy Warhol 1996, story of Valerie Solanas who shot Andy Warhol and wrote SCUM Manifesto, a book detailing her ideas for ridding the world of men; second movie, American Psycho 2000 graphic descriptions of torture and murder by Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), wealthy broker working at the fictional mergers and acquisitions firm Pierce & Pierce; The Notorious Bettie Page 2005, about 1950s pinup model a cult icon of sexuality who popularizes pornography] 7. Theresa Emerson (nee Yeuk-Si Tang) [Husband is David Emerson, former Canadian foreign minister; "son-in-law of China"; he was director of MDA, the co-developer with SBA 8(a)’s Femme Comp Inc of the Onion Router for MCOINIII attacks on Allied naval ships and Final Approach to attack aircraft and co-developer with Countrywide of MindBox debt recovery software used through D2 Banking 9/11, Fannie Mae and BP-Deepwater Horizon bordereaux insurance frauds] 8. Linda Wright (nee Pickton) [former Kerrisdale realtor mortgage bordereau on Piggy's Palace Burns Road site; brothers served as sextorted men in the middle; allegedly used Burnaby AirPatrol / ADT security network to track killers and victims and transmit snuff film content from FC-KU crime scenes (Femme Comp Inc on Ku band)] 9. Vicky Huhne or Pryce (nee 1952) [Possibly illegitimate Greek-born daughter of Prince Philip, Patron of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators and an unknown, underage mother; Master of Worshipful Company of Management Consultants; UK Government Economic Service; LSE Fabian; KPMG 'abusive' tax shelters and credit-default swaps in City & Guilds supply chains, driven by KGEN lesbians through D2 Banking at Canary Wharf; tScheme / DEADF007 authorities for Jardine Fleming Auld Alliance families; Company Voluntary Arrangements with "bordereau" insurance cover for liquidation of extorted borrowers, Exxon Valdez, Military Bank, Williams & Glyn's Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Department for Trade and Industry, FTI; cuckolded by Chris Huhne Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change for the bisexual Carina Trimingham; reviewer of Internet Watch Foundation dual-use child pornography monitoring and Onion router distribution service] 10. Miriam Clegg [Partner and head of international trade practice for multi-national law firm DLA Piper; Left Foreign Office in 2006 as expert Middle East peace process and UN Oil-for-Food arbitrage under Robin Cook who was allegedly murdered 6 August 2005; Cook was Lord President of the Privy Council 8 June 2001 to 18 March 2003; job now held by Nick Clegg; she’s cool at husband’s "no more than 30 "sexual encounters” and serves as a man-in-the-middle Spanish citizen to extort him; he studied for a year 1990 the genocidal Deep Green child-killing movement at University of Minnesota; he interned in New York under homesexual entrapment expert Christopher Hitchens; he moved to Brussels into G24 co-ordination of airline supply chains to former Soviet Union and Transport Corridor for Europe, the Caucasus and Asia; he took a second master's degree at the College of Europe in Bruges when he and his wife, Miriam González Durántez appear to have been targeted for Dutroux pedophile entrapment; his great-great aunt Moura Budberg was mistress of Sir R. H. Bruce Lockhart, a double-agent for both the Soviet Union and British intelligence serving at least two Odd Fellows, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, who decided to nuke Hiroshima] 11. Baroness Sue Garden (nee Button) [Wife of late 9/11 war-game maestro Tim Garden; he was Director of Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House, London; from mid 1998, he undertook projects for the British Government [Crown Agents], the US Department of Defense and NATO; he was Visiting Professor at the Centre for Defence Studies at King's College London from 2000, engaged in research projects on improving European defence capabilities, Defence Diplomacy, interoperability for NATO forces and counter-terrorism; he was military advisor on BBC television series Crisis Command and his publications include: Can Deterrence Last? and The Technology Trap; he gave [allegeldy false] evidence to Defence Committee on the new threats after 11 September 2001; she set up Financial Services Group of Livery Companies; House of Lords EU sub-committee for Home affairs report on cyber attack; Volunteer Citizens' Advice Bureaux, welfare counsellor, military caseworker; 1988 - 2000, advisory until 2008 in City & Guilds vocational qualifications for Oddfellow Security Professionals and other illegally-bonded (?) users of Onion Router encryption; member World Traders' Livery Company since 2000, Master 2008-09, spokesperson in Lords for Children, Schools and Families] 12. Cherie Blair (nee Booth) [Her MitM husband Tony Blair placed lesbian onion ring in GCHQ in 1997 to monitor pedophile trade; Oracle-LSE For You, Matrix Terrorists, Law of the European Union, European Convention on Human Rights] 13. Jamie Gorelick [Oracle-Fannie Mae, David Emerson, MindBox, DOJ Pride, Vince Foster, Waco, Promis, 9/11 Onion Router Wall, Schlumberger, Transocean, BP Cancelled Cement Job, Sabotage] 14. Annabel Lucy Veronica Astor, Viscountess Astor (nee 1948 Jones) [CEO of OKA Direct, a home furnishings design company; former owner and designer of Annabel Jones jewellery business in London; daughter Samantha wife of British Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader David Cameron; she is daughter of Timothy Angus Jones and his wife Patricia David "Pandora" Clifford; her mother married secondly in 1961 to Michael Astor, based in London when the Metropolitan Police and House of Lords was controlled in a pedophile protection racket by the Kray Twins; paternal grandparents were Sir Roderick Jones, the Chairman of Reuters, and the novelist Enid Bagnold; Her mother Pandora Clifford was the daughter of the Hon. Sir Bede Edmund Hugh Clifford (son of William Hugh Clifford 10th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh, a descendant of King Charles II of England) by his wife Alice Devin Gundry] 15. Dame Stephanie "Steve" Shirley [First Master Worshipful Company of Information Technologists; funded City base to the tune of £5 million; alleged sponsor of DK Matai and D2 Banking digital data archives of pedophile snuff films; head of Shirley Trust; patron of think-tank Tomorrow’s Company; radical feminist; born 1933 during the last (?) year of Lustmord and hyperinflation in Weimar Republic allegedly orchestrated by Crown Agents; parents sold (?) five-year-old as unaccompanied refugee, vulnerable to pedophile abuse to England; researcher at Post Office in Dollis Hill, London; resigned from ICL; launched Flexible Information (FI) for women at home] 16. Cressida Dick (nee Dick) [Sextortion of police with LGBT groups; Entrapment Bullingdon Club, Oxford; Metropolitan Police; Metronet and Sohonet integration; Airwave, TETRA; My Range; Walled Garden radios; man-in-the-middle crime scene of threats to life, contracts to kill, kidnap, hostage, organised drug dealing; other criminal networks, gun supply, shootings and gun crime homicide; Specialist Operations surveillance of Ministers, VIP's and Royal Family; opportunity to use Boston Brakes in alleged 1997 assassination of Princess Diana; Common Purpose extortion of leaders] 17. Eliza Manningham-Buller [Oracle-MI5-CIA, Airwave; Money laundered with Net1, CRYPTOCard and Entrust technologies; Amec-Spie TETRA, Serco, Promis, K-Branch, IRA, Pan Am 103, NetJets 9/12, 7/7, RAF Brize Norton, Rendition, Waterboarding, Daughter Reginald Manningham-Buller of Bodkin's Dope Inc. case] 18. Paule Gauthier [Chair of SIRC 1996-2005 through the development of CANARIE and alleged use of Piggy's Palace as Crown-registered charity for sexual extortion of top officials] 19. France Desmarais (nee Chrétien) [Daughter former Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chrétien. Husband Andre Desmarais; Special Assistant, Minister of Justice of Canada; Power Financial Corp; Groupe Bruxelles Lambert S.A.; Great-West Lifeco Inc. and Great-West Life Assurance Company; Pargesa Holding S.A.; Bertelsmann AG; Seagram; Director of Bombardier Inc.-Metronet, until 2004; Vivendi; Canada China Business Council; Chief Executive's Council of International Advisers of The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; CITIC International Advisory Council; Canadian Executive, United States Executive, Canadian Investment and Credit, United States Investment and Credit and Corporate Management Committees] 20. Michelle Obama (nee Robinson) [Oracle- AT&T CIA Henry Bienen, Princeton, Sidley Austin, Union Carbide Bhopal] 21. Bernardine Dohrn [Oracle-Northwestern University, Unabomb, Weather Underground, Rwanda Genocide, Torture Paradigms and Practice] 22. Charlotte Bryan [Oracle-Serco FAA Contract Towers FC-KU crime scenes of 9/11] 23. Lucy Adams [Director/sponsor of LGBT quotas and 'Diversity Dividend' in Serco and BBC; Women in London's Economy conference; Government must provide incentives and penalties for procurers to commit to diversity; Ascension Island transmission towers used to broadcast snuff films on 9/11 and 7/7] 24. Alison Woodhams [BBC World Service COO since 2004; BBC Group Financial Controller 2001-04; used AT & T Istel and Net1 to reward special weapons and tactics and propaganda teams deployed through BBC World Service Ascension Island in 43 languages] 25. Nancy Pelosi (nee D'Alesandro) [Speaker U.S United States House Representatives; Appropriations and ^ Committees. Son Paul Pelosi Jr.; Cisco Urban Development for Metronet tracking of victims; NASA Ames Research Center, AirPatrol Corporation; Bank of America Securities, Bank of America; Countrywide MindBox loan-recovery bordereaux for contract hits on 9/11 et al and JP Morgan] 26. Anna Chapman (nee Kushchenko) [Sextortionist and organizer of sex tourism at Barclays (Banker for Rebekah SOS Children’s Villages), NetJets and Navigator Asset Management in the City of London and for various mortgage bordereaux brokers in New York; KIT-Fortis in Russia and Belgium; Pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government; deported to Russia July 8, 2010 in Russia-United States’ crony prisoner swap on Con Air and covert NetJets aircraft] 27. Mila Mulroney (nee Milica Pivnički) [On the Take, decade of crime, greed and corruption at 24 Sussex Drive; husband former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney; opening ceremony Canada Square; shoe fetishist; Balkans War. Alleged sextortion of husband and Yves Fortier, his former boss at Ogilvy Renault, Oxford University Rhodes Scholar (1960), Security Council (October 1989); London Court of International Arbitration Development through the 9/11] 28. Julia Middleton (nee Morland) [Common Purpose; French lycee; Economics degree LSE. CP supporters; BBC business editor Robert Peston, Metropolitan Police Assistant Deputy Commissioner Cressida Dick and many TOPOFFS; Uses Civilia FRS8 exemption to launder money for members in central and local government, Houses of Parliament, police, military, legal profession, BBC, NHS, church, 8,500 quangos, education, social services, civil service, and regional development agencies; Founder DEMOS with Obama and Rockefeller Brothers Fund; $64 trillion Carbon Disclosure Project, Media Standards Trust with Salz of Rothschild), Good Governance Network, Impetus Trust, and Alfanar] 29. Anne Elizabeth Sikorski (nee Applebaum) [Husband Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, a Bullingdon 'Blood and Steal' Club member with David Cameron and Boris Johnson; supports Roman Polanski, snuff-film producer and pedophile rapist; Father is Harvey M. Applebaum, Covington and Burling partner with A-G Holder; Marshall Scholar, London School of Economics (1987); St Antony's College, Oxford; Warsaw, Poland 1988 for The Economist; former editor at The Spectator; Former columnist for Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph ergo spins for The Stationers] 30. Jana Clemmow (nee Bennett) [Husband owner of Juniper peer to peer media production company andOxford buddy of Blair. She linked to U.S. Discovery Communications; Director Vision BBC Fiction, Knowledge, Children's and Entertainment, in-house TV and multi-media content through BBC Vision Productions; claimed £4,862 in expenses for taxi fares in 3 months to make confidential calls "in private”] 31. Laura Liswood (nee Liswood) [Women and Power - Mechanisms to Advance Women's Leadership; SCREAM pay-per-view; Council of Women World Leaders, Managing Director, Global Leadership and Diversity for Goldman Sachs; Abacus extorts men to allow a woman President of the United States; former GM Pacific Northwest and TWA; Boston Consulting Group; author 'Serving Them Right’ and ‘ The Loudest Duck’; Seattle's Women's Commission; Seattle Woman; May's List; In 2000, three-year term on Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS); reserve police officer in Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department after 9/11] 32. Brenda Stewart [Senior V-P Net1; extorted (?) control of Dr. Belamant patents in COPAC (Chip Off-Line Pre-Authorized Card) and Net 1 universal electronic payment systems (or UEPS) for saboteurs, assassins and pedophiles based in unbanked or underdeveloped economies in South Africa, Europe, Asia, and Latin America] 33. Hanne Strong (nee Marstrand) [Maurice Strong; man-in-the-middle pass officer position in Identification Unit of the U.N. Security Section; CalTex job as front 1953-1954 for Mau Mau oath taking rituals; torture-film pedophile with Obama grandfather; Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) 1966-1970; United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Nairobi, Kenya 1973-1975; depopulationist death sentence for babies who exhale CO2!; ran Manitou Foundation near Baca Ranch for sexual entrapment and extortion of pedophile guests, forced later to pay genocidaires through Net 1 for the contract killing of families with children and heterosexual parents; Fellow of the Royal Society (U.K.) and Royal Society of Canada] 34. Winnie Mandela (nee Madikizela) [Sexual extortionist, pedophile and kidnapper; ex wife Nelson Mandela; used young men and children as personal bodyguards in Mandela United Football Club; rubber tyres filled with petrol, ignited as "necklaces”; used Net 1 (?) to pay killers of 14-year-old Stompie Seipei; 1983 ANC car bomb of military headquarters in Pretoria; 1988 BBC World Service propaganda rock concert Wembley Stadium; Harry Belafonte, Whitney Houston, Roberta Flack, Stevie Wonder; smuggled message from Mandela read out, watched by 72,000 spectators, 200 million viewers in 60 countries. 35. Franny Armstrong ( ), Spanner Films, indie pop group The Band of Holy Joy, McLibel; Drowned Out; Narmada Dam Project; 10:10 No Pressure snuff film of exploding kids; ‘We 'killed' five people to make No Pressure – a mere blip compared to the 300,000 real people who now die each year from climate change’ The Age of Stupid in New Orleans; Passion Pictures client of Sohonet showed special effects of UNDEX after Hurricane Katrina 36. Dame Julia Charity Cleverdon DCVO, CBE [Late husband John Garnett, was director of the Industrial Society. She is Vice-PresidentBusiness in the Community; was Chief Executive from April 1992 – March 2008; sponsors Age of Stupid linkage of environmental impact, diversity, workplace practice and ethical operations in the wider marketplace; Teach First; National Council for Educational Excellence; Prime Minister's Talent and Enterprise Taskforce Advisory Group; 'In Kind Direct'; Helena Kennedy Bursary Scheme; World Wildlife Fund; former Director Industrial Society's Education and Inner City Division; industrial relations British Leyland] 37. Charlotte Beers [Uncle Ben's; J. Walter Thompson first female vice president in firm's 106-year history; Tatham-Laird & Kudner CEO; Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide Chairman and CEO (1992-1997); handed over to Shelly Lazarus; J. Walter Thompson Worldwide chairman; 2 October 2001 sworn in as Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs (at the US Department of State); assigned, amongst other things, to sell so-called War on Terrorism [WTF?] to [Stupid Men and Women in] public] 38. Shelly Lazarus [CEO and chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide; branding for American Express, Dove, Ford, Kraft, Kodak and IBM; ‘I've always believed that a brand is a relationship. And like all good relationships, it is built on trust .. we established Neo@Ogilvy, our digital media, direct response and search marketing unit two years ago. Mobile marketing also has a lot of potential .. mobile devices have become the "third screen," and in some cases, the primary screen. We've formed digital innovation labs in five key markets around the world ... Gaming [event arbitrage and bordereau insurance fraud?] is another hot area in which our digital labs are innovating’] 39. Condoleezza Rice [66th United States Secretary of State; President Bush's National Security Advisor during first term; political science Stanford University Provost 1993 to 1999; chaired Millennium Challenge Corporation; Met CIA Director George Tenet July 10, 2001 in "emergency meeting" on impending al Qaeda attack; in PEOC with Lynne Cheney when Sisters disrupted 9/11 response by Dick Cheney and George Bush] 40. Heather Boyles [Director Partner Relations Internet2; Non-US networking initiatives; US federal research networks; US-based advanced regional networks; Oversaw Internet2 International Relations program from its first partnership in 1997 with Canada's CANARIE organization to over 45 partnerships today; Director of Policy and Special Projects at Federation of American Research Networks (FARNET); Master's Degree International Affairs: International Economic Policy, American University in Washington, DC and a Bachelor's Degree in International Studies and German from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 41. Lily Safra (nee Watkins) [Daughter Wolf White Watkins, British railway engineer; At age 17 husband 1, Mario Cohen, an Argentine hosiery magnate; 1965 husband 2 Alfredo Monteverde, leader in the Brazilian household appliance distribution business after establishing Ponto Frio brand; suicided by two shots from a revolver in his bed; all his assets to her and his former banker, Edmond Safra cut off the rest of the family; 1972 husband 3, Samuel Bendahan; 1976 husband 4, Edmond Safra, founder Republic National Bank of New York [and founder investor in Canary Wharf Group] who was killed in a fire that was determined to be arson security camera tapes from the night went missing; French examining judge claims trial "fixed in advance"; couple had no children together] 42: Joanne Ellis [Group General Counsel at Sohonet Limited London, United Kingdom; Motion Pictures and Film; tScheme encryption for FC-KU crime scene management; former Commercial / Legal Director at BT Global Services; former Senior Legal Counsel at 02 (Airwave) Telefonica; former General Counsel, EMEA at Hitachi Data Systems] 43. Jill Knesek [Chief Security Officer BT Global Services; responsible for all security matters globally including Strategy, Security Policy & Compliance, Physical Security, Information Security, Travel Security, Regulatory Compliance and Investigations; former Director of Reactive Operations for the Cable & Wireless Managed Security Services group; in 1998 joined FBI as a Special Agent in Computer Crime Squad in the Los Angeles field office; Kevin Mitnick co-case agent; Mafiaboy FBI case agent with Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Montreal, Canada; case agent for first FBI undercover operation that infiltrated the hacker community to support many criminal investigations in the U.S. and abroad and National Infrastructure and Protection Center (NIPC) during Kosovo bombings; CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional); CISM (Certified Information Security Manager). Office El Segundo, CA; routinely travels to London, New York and Washington DC area; monitored movement of Gareth Williams] 44. Darleen A. Druyun [Former Principal Deputy Undersecretary of the Air Force for Acquisition and Boeing executive; Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; United States Air Force tanker contract fraud; plan to speed up payments by Air Force to McDonnell Douglas; guilty of inflating price of contract to favor her future employer and passing information on competing Airbus A330 MRTT bid (from EADS); nine months in jail for corruption; transported by Marcy’s ConAir; Boeing paid D2 Banking 8(a) investors $615 million fine for involvement including sale of QRS11 for nuclear weapons guidance; guilty in award initial Small Diameter Bomb contract to Boeing. Donald Rumsfeld [former boss of Kristine Marcy in 1969] "what she did was acquire a great deal of authority and make a lot of decisions; very little adult supervision”] 45. Kristin Franceschi [Partner DLA Piper; January 1987 – Present (24+ years); Baltimore, Maryland Area; Industry Law Practice; issuers; credit enhancers, portfolio managers, and sponsors re public and private offerings of municipal and corporate debt securities; derivative transactions, including swap transactions integrated with municipal securities; incorporates hedging documentation into credit structure of the bond issue [bordereaux receivables; IRS arbitrage rules to permit transactions that might not otherwise be possible] 46. Angelina Jolie (née Angelina Jolie Voight) [With SOS Children’s Villages named Nathalie Nozile as first Jolie Legal Fellow to protect Haiti’s vulnerable children; “Nathalie has .. unique perspective of growing up in an SOS Village .. returns to help strengthen Haitian judicial system .. a force…just wait and see”; father's side, Czechoslovak and German descent; mother's side French Canadian and Iroquois; eleven years old at Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute; at 14, dropped out of acting classes; dreamed of becoming a funeral director; black clothing, purple hair; moshed with live-in boyfriend; ‘punk kid with tattoos’; "I collected knives and always had certain things around. For some reason, ritual of having cut myself and feeling the pain, maybe feeling alive, feeling some kind of release, it was somehow therapeutic to me”; estranged from father Voight who claims she has "serious mental problems"; trophy abductions of children from SOS orphanages; baby tattoos with heavy bruising show geographical coordinates detailing where her four children, three adopted, were plucked; Maddox (Cambodia); Zahara (Ethiopia); Shiloh (Namibia biological) and Pax Thien (Vietnam); ongoing corruption and extortion of Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR; est. December 14, 1950)]

"(Note ii) With Sexting, Sexcam sessions, and Indiscretion, Comes Sextortion It was inevitable that the number of sextortion cases reaching the public's attention would climb as the spread of sexting and sexcam sessions continues unabated. Sextortion - the combination of the words "sex" and "extortion" isn't a web phenomenon, extortionists and blackmailers have used their knowledge of other's infidelities, or possession of compromising images, videos, phone calls, and letters since close to the dawn of man. Perhaps the most recent public example was when a former CBS producer threatened to disclose David Letterman's history of affairs unless Letterman paid him $2 million .. The photos may be used for blackmail or sextortion as in the cases listed above. The photos may be classified as child pornography, and the image taker, the image recipient, and any other recipients may be charged and registered as sex offenders - a label that will follow them through life. "Sexting" Leads to Child Porn Charges for Teens, 'Sexting' Teens May Face Child Porn Charges" .. “In cryptography (Man in the Middle - MITM) is a form of active eavesdropping in which the attacker makes independent connections with the victims and relays messages between them, making them believe that they are talking directly to each other over a private [Entrust or tScheme authorised relays using the U.S. Navy's patented Onion Router for pedophile-controlled WikiLeaks] connection, when in fact the entire conversation is controlled by the attacker.”


  1. I was wondering when you would get around to mentioning Fukushima.

  2. I am new to these reports and find them both disgusting and scary as hell. Normal people can hardly fathom the horrid things that human monsters can do to an innocent child.

    Having said that, I cannot understand how anyone could defend the Ramsey's or think they were innocent victims. The coroner reported Jon Benet showed signs of sexual abuse that had been ongoing. They found child porn on the computers at John's company and naked pictures of his other children as teens. His older daughter died in a car crash before she could spill the beans. I think they were involved in child sex themselves and it is just too bad Patsy died before she got the electric chair. Hopefully, she is burning in hell.

    What kind of decent parents would dress a six year old child up like a tiny hooker and have her parade around in a suggestive manner for any pervert who wanted to see? That is pure child abuse and those people are not innocent little godly christians. They are devils.


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