Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Queen Bess and the Stranglers Scarf - Chapter 16


Attention Pelosi, Soetero, Roberts: STAND DOWN
Abel Danger Declares 14 February INDEPENDENT’S DAY

America to become independent of COL, VC, and SES
Soros PSR Trio exposed in Operation Dead COCKBLOWER

(Chapter 16 begins to ‘wrap it up’ and ‘ramp it up’ as urged to do by U S Navy Intel)

Warning to FAA, DOJ, ALPA

He Who Never Lost Battle Stands by Me, capeche?

Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)(Pro Se) leads to Global Pedophile Network, Chicago Cabal

Abel Danger Quadruple Agent Tango Whiskey reminds investors to GO LONG in: nitroglycerine heart pills, Kao Pectate, Imodium AD, Maalox, Charmin, Genuine Hemp Rope as those listed below go shopping, en masse, before being indicted, en masse, in a Citizen’s Grand Jury with a Runaway Pro Se Litigant, or 100?

Jane Garvey-Ben Sliney-Randy Babbitt-John Prater-Rob Plunkett-Tim Campbell-Ken Hylander-Peter Moore and perhaps two more nominees as Civil Case rests and........oops, gotta go, Fanny Galore found a tin of Smoked Oysters and she assures me my CENTERLINE GUN is lubed, loaded and ready for a little ‘shootin’ in the weeds’ reminiscent of world’s lowest plug in the weeds, capeche?

Low air refueling video

Big Iron of Final Shootout at the F-M, U.S. District Court, Fargo, North Dakota

Back in Chapter 15 Fanny Galore and Agent Chips were playing hide the salami when Agent Vani knocked on the door of Room 463 at the Richmond Hill Hotel, near Kew Gardens. As she was proven up by Chips she recounted a brush with death in the pub next door.

”Just prior to the hit Hamish had given me a handwritten note which, impersonating you, he delicately placed in the left bay of my 44D over the shoulder boulder holder.”

“Do you recall what it says Vani, I don’t want to pull out just to read a note from Hamish, especially if his has croaked.”

"No pull-out is authorized Chips but planning ahead, for security purposes I tucked it under left 44D titty-flopper.”

Chips retrieved Hamish’s hand written message where minutes before his rendezvous with a Forensic Medical Examiner with City of London shields on the car that sported no liscense plates had ended with 2 shots being fired, just like Liberty Valance and one less than JFK ( see Frank Sturgis, St. John’s Benedictine Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota). Chips determined that the City of London, Vatican City and Senior Executive Service knew they were cornered after being hacked by Abel Danger, Promis and Salman. Chips anticipated a rapidly spreading wave of civil unrest as college students in England, the government of Iceland, the citizens in Greece, air travelers in Spain, common workers and agents provocateur in Egypt and the veterans of Watts in South Los Angeles would be buying gasoline, matches and ropes looking for the genocidal elitists that were planning global food shortages in 2011, a technique used in 1937 in the Ukraine. Chips was laying the lumber to Fanny with his nose in Vani’s business……….

1937 Ukrainian famine (genocide) engineered by Anna Louise Strong

1962 silent spring as Chicago Cabal and European interests kill birds, bugs, fish

1962-71 Agent Orange:

1987-89 NASA WB57 caused USSR grain crop failure

2011 FEMA false flag food fiasco? New Madrid Quake? Haarp Tsunami Hawaii?

As was knee deep in Fanny he had his nose in Vani’s business and was wondering if Hamish would find someway to interrupt this double enduro involving the Wee One who started primary school at Langside where they had long desks.

Chips realized that Wee One must have been learning something after school that did not involve long desks such as the one he pictured as his Clipper Squirt Gun played the Ramistella song that Fanny had suggested when Chips had mentioned he’d have to leave for Chicago prior to termination of OPERATION BROAD BONER and the ramp up to OPERATION DEAD COCKBLOWER, a FEMA exercise that Chips would block with CORONET TURGID MARINE, an intel display that would make Julian Assange look like a school boy such as Barry Soetero was in 1967 when he was in Kindergarten at Punahou School in Honolulu where Chips was a senior. Few outside Abel Danger knew that if you removed the JESUS letters from Julian Assange the remainer left Lian Aang, hence the code name that Gareth Williams and Chips had encouraged MI6 and FBI to employ before the intentional LIAN AANG Wikileak was ordered by a SES plankowner in the 132 nation Pedo Pharm Operation disguised as SOS Children’s Village. The 132 nation Pedo Pharm and the secrets lying deep inside St. Johns Benedictine Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota linking the Vatican to demonic pedophilia is buried so deep and protected so earnestly that one would almost have to understand how a movie, THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE, fingered Frank Sturgis, the man who shot JFK in November, 1963 while Agent Chips was at Antilles Army Base in Puerto Rico fixing to play a very much ‘under the radar’ part in the Ramey Bombers Football domination of the Antilles team who thought the Bombers were a bunch of bummers. Impossible, bummer had not become part of the American vernacular in 1963 just like AMERICAN IDLE was not wasting the time of daydream believers warming couches in living rooms all over America in the 14 months preceeding the JFK hit by three shooters. Pay attention to the lyrics here and even a 10th grade kid with a C minus average should be able to see the link while Agent Vani attacks a saugage link, so to speak, or perhaps a kielbasa for our friends in Poland, capeche?

Ystyriwch yr amgylchedd - oes angen argraffu'r e-bost hwn mewn gwirionedd?

As Agent Vani gobbled and Chips stroked, hopefully the reader, that’s YOU, recognized the dynamic at 2+20 when an UNSEEN SHOOTER shot Liberty Valance played by Lee Marvin, some would say drunk Marine not to be confused with Ira Hayes, who others would recall as a drunk Marine failing to recall he hoisted the stars and strips at the top of Mt. Suribachi only to die at 32 in a drunken stupor on a Pima Indian Reservation, alone and forgotten. The significance? Knight of Malta Judge Roberts and CUKC passported Soetero are about ready to stare into the teeth of another that some would call a drunk Marine. You candy ass school boys with JD’s behind you surnames need to understand that Drunk Marine 0116513 USMC, who has JC behind his name, can out drink you, out think you, out fly you and out Phuc you, capeche? Phuc you, you hapless perverts sent by Soros-Strong-Kissinger and some other dolts to do a man’s job. (PHUC; Pilot Has Ultimate Control)

I suggest all the Defendants of Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 read Matthew 18:5/6 right now.

The United States may have dropped the napalm that caused this terror but these innocent kids, God’s Little People, were not targeted by the United States any more than the brave and loyal US military personnel in Afghanistan are not serving the interests of the United States but rather the Global Genocidal and Pedophilia intoxicated perverts who also ‘arranged’ the Treason of 9/11. There were corrupting elements of Canada infiltrating the US effort in Vietnam and sometimes ‘false targets’ were attacked to discredit the US military for the benefit of Vatican, City of London, and perverts later to authorize Senior Executive Service in 1978 under the watch of an Annapolis ‘47 draft dodger and deployed in 1979 by a French speaking Master of Foreign Service, or Master of American disservice, who worked for a draft dodger named McConnell who controlled the cyber security for Clinton-Bush 2-Soetero before DoD joined Abel Danger in GRABBING THE FOOTBALL on 2 Oct, 2010. While the alien occupant was in China hoping no WHITE HOUSE PRESS would ask the fatal question(*), a mystery missile signaled to both Hu and Soetero that the militaries of China and the USA would not engage and decimate each other just to please the NEW WORLD ORDER perverts ( Soros, Strong, Kissinger, Gore, Clinton (2), Soetero (2), and the B&B twins [ Brezinski and Buffett ]) planning agricultural genocide to achieve global population reduction goals. In 1937 MGen Smedley Butler USMC told the world that WAR IS A RACKET. Rackets were outlawed under RICO in 1970. The Treason of 9/11 was planned in Chicago in 1996 (* email Hanley ) and deployed by City of London, Vatican and Canada against America in 2001. RICO applies, see the defendants of Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 and if you name is included, expect a RICO knock knock at your door. And Agent Chips knows a lot about knockers, just ask Ginger Cookie.


This photo shows a Smedley Butler banner from 1937, the sword is my own. However the Sword that WILL KILL perps of 9/11 is explained in Ephesians, specifically Ephesians 5:11. I was recruited in Psalms 94:16 at 1535 hours 4 December, 2006. I informed ALPA on 11 December, 2006 and it is my EXPERT OPINION that FAA, ALPA and SES ( Senior Executive traitors Service, aka SESPIT), need to be put in receivership until THE TREASON OF 9/11 is addressed ( Senior Executive Service and a few twisted sisters ) and a remedy is deployed that will prevent any future WRONGFUL DEATHS (FAA and ALPA) generated out of Chicago and involving airliners beginning with ( the Watergate ‘hit’ that would cast the ‘die’ for Korean 007, TWA 800,,Egypt 990, AA11, UA175, UA93, AA77, Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Colgan 3407, and Air France 447. See Civil Cases 3:07-cv-24 and 1:08-1600 (RMC)(Pro Se). See senators and congressman involved in ‘air safety’ turn tail and get outta dodge: Dorgan, Oberstar, et. al. Randy Babbitt, this is your wake up call, smell the coffee? You and John Prater have failed the traveling public while you were making monkeys of yourselves in Chapter 9.

Vani was trying to figure out how to call switch with her mouth full when a knock on the door caused Vani to disengage while Fanny and Chips reached for their Sig Sauer P226s and Chips placed a surprise item in Vani’s moist and willing receiver to stabilize and calm her. Fanny, seeing that Chips was engaged walked to the door and retrieved a message left by Muhammed at the front desk, one our ours. Chips was about to ask what it was when his mouth was covered, effectively silencing him in a way ALPA, FBI, FAA, DOJ and SES couldn’t. Well, actually Abel Danger Agent Lemon Meringue could, and did ofter after losing her job as an ALPA paralegal about the time of Chips’ Solving of 9/11, say 3 March, 2007, give or take. The movie produced on 4 March, 2007, Captain Sherlock Solves 9/11, shows Agent Chips in his Northwest Airlines uniform ( at and the movie is free and can be copied. Abel Danger Lemon Meringue had met Chips in a Georgetown bar while he was enjoying a Max Lager.

She was dressed in a Lemon Chiffon shift and looking for a tubesteak and some intelligent conversation. Chips had mentioned in a phone call from his layover hotel that if she could deliver Exhibit 49 from the ALPA fraud involving Captain WOW of Delta, he would buy her dinner and provide what ever else she might desire. Because it was a LENGTHY layover it was legal for Chips to get hammered as she did also. After an enduro with the Master Swordsman she learned the joys of the JACKHAMMER technique not to be confused with the TAGTEAM technique where Jesse Ventura would stun DHS with a suit while Chips would slip in the back door of DOJ and deliver a Qui Tam capable of bringing down the Pelosi-Soetero-Roberts fraud regarding citizenship. For security purposes all 3837 Abel Danger Agents (global) refer to this FRAUD as PSR or pisser for short. Speaking for all American servicemen, active or veteran, when Pelosi, Soetero and Roberts deployed the private Oath of Office for someone who has no birth certificate and whose passport is CUKC ( Citizen of United Kingdom and Colonies ) they awoke a sleeping giant…Agent Chips, as well as the Abel Bodies and Dangerettes. The pisser trio will find what it’s like to be pursued by those US Marines who have been RICO RACKETTED in Korea, Viet Nam, Panama, Grenada, Desert 1, Desert 2, and now Afghanistan as well as all the other military adventures for benefit of Globalists wishing to create genocidal losses for their PHUCing new world order, profits for City of London sponsored military industrial complex corporations and pedophile perversion providers of the Vatican (look at St. Johns Benedictine Abbey). If the Pisser Trio thinks Agent Chips is going to be silent they need to talk to a Marine and see what BIOYA means to an American fighting man, past, present and future.

Seems while the Pisser Trio was watching a Devil Dog in civilian attire show them that they could BLOW IT OUT YOU ASS, a gathering Corps ( Obama, that is pronounced CORE) of uniformed DEVIL DOGS were preparing to take a bite out of crime before DHS, FEMA and the Senior Executive Service SES-PIT could cause MADRID FAULTLINE, Hawaii Tsunami, or FEMA False Flag Food Fraud. Lot of Fs there you Pissers, I almost included an F U and that does not stand for FighterPilot University, capeche?

Finally Fanny called switch ending the mustache ride that had silenced Chips and as Chips probed Fanny, Agent Vani read a note from Muhammed, the Pakistani Reception Staff member who was ‘one of ours’ having been working for Abel Danger since the extraction of Ramzi Yousef from Lajore, Pakistan during the first gulf war while most people thought Chips was a Northwest Airlines DC10 co-pilot and flying F16s for Fargo’s ANG unit, The Happy Hooligans rather than flying a blacked out P3 Orion without a flight plan and without a clearance. The note contained a fax of some evidence used in trials of Wayne O. Witter and Newton Dickson that DOJ errantly thought would ‘go away’. They can blow it out there asses also especially Peter Janhunen who has been sitting on the illegal modifications of Boeing airliners since 11 December, 2006. See MISPRISION OF FELONY.

Chips was laying the lumber to the Wee One while Agent Vani took an incoming immediate from Mitch Stack, who once was an insider of Lloyd’s of London which got more than hurt by the ASBESTOS REUSE.

Royal Crown Agent Mitch Stack to Chips, Dr. Nano, Umbrellaman, Banzai Pipeline, copy Gravedigger and SuzieQ: We just got another VNN (virtual news network, like CNN and BBC complete rubbish) Our insider at BBC Abigail Chopsticks and Yellowhammer have both gotten copies of VNN ‘releases’ to be distributed before the February event being ‘stick handled’ by EVL Labs and we are checking on 2 Sandors, a Bienen, and the Rammer. If you recall, Dohrn and Ayers were on that Gaza relief ship where shootings took place. (Naturally, those two weren't among the victims....)
If you missed that, study it as background for these 3 VNN falsehoods to be released by City of London and SES:

(1) US-UK Destabilization Rampage Targets Egypt

(2) Makow: Egypt is Another Soros "Color" Revolution


4) After reading all 4 stories you will see how the VNN puts out three times as much fiction as responsible journalists put out truth. The template is cut and just like when BBC was 20 minutes early announcing WTC7 had fallen, and just like US response to Haiti’s earthquake was arriving in Haiti BEFORE THE EARTHQUAKE (Sec of Snake Hillary, Special Enjoy WJC and HAARP which is not Irish Lager beer) these pantywaist perverts exporting terror and causing terror domestically will be hoisted on their own (queer and evil) petards. Mitch ‘Pegleg’ Stack, Lone Star Abel Danger.

“Chips, I know you have your hands full but I have taken a call from a Lemon Meringue at ALPA who asked me to print a page you requested, Exhibit 49. Lemon Meringue also said if you could slide by The Tombs in Georgetown she will give up the files on Witter, Dickson, Stipetich, Hanley and The World’s Most Potent Fighter Pilot. She added that it wasn’t a gift and you’d have to get her in the rotation of Operation Broad Boner and make her in the top 3 or 4 in Coronet DEAD COCKBLOWER. She mentioned she had the information and film requested regarding Janhunen, whoever he is.

I have called for a private car, can you be in the lobby in 30 minutes?”

Chips nodded to Vani who made the call to Muhammed. Fanny, knowing time was tight, as was she, announced QUICKIE AUTHORIZED and Chips commenced operation pile driver to finish her off in a right proper English Congress, google it. Chips was picturing Janet Napolitano and Elena Kagan to forestall exploculation. As Fanny ejected the Minnesota Viking tubesock from her mouth and commenced post coital quivering (PCQ not PDQ..capeche?) Vani attacked the prostate Chips and his prostate as she assumed the pole sitter position and once her funbags were stabilized at 540 rpm, the PTO speed of Chips IH284 yard tractor with the 28 horse gas Mazda engine, he maneuvered her relatively quickly into a ‘side oiler’ position and she gushed out “Chips, pretend you are an F4D with 5 guns pods and I am the legal staff at ALPA…” quitting talking in time to stuff the Minnesota Vikings tube sock into her mouth just in case she went off early and did her signature Maria Muldaur orgasmic war cry from the 1974 megahit Midnight at the Oasis where there were great linguistics but not cunning linguistics for which are affable but never flappable cunning linguist is known for around the world and he isn’t just wagging his tongue, capeche?

Head’s up for those we track, the shot that will take you out if BVR, check nose door.

Fanny turned to the second page of the message and read “Chips, FYEO, you are now reassigned to Coronet DEAD COCKBLOWER and you are to report to BIKECAB 316 to expose the 4 cities involved in the 2011 Genocides to kick off in Egypt, LA basin and [ redacted ] two months from GUY FAWKES DAY.”

Fanny stopped reading and as Chips finished off Agent Vani with a TSSE ( tightly spaced sequential exploculation) he asked if the message had a security code.

“Yes, you are to meet Abel Danger Agent Pastel Pink Panther at Brize Norton for the translant to KADW or if you and Pink Panther can hack it onwards to the Lone Star state.

There is a picture of an F4D with a SUU-23 gun on the starboard wing station at an airport, but it is black and white and old, sort of like a mulatto with a Social Security card claiming a birth in Connecticut in 1973. Of course Kenya and Connecticut begin with a “KA” sound for those who know about phonetics and fellatio.”

“Can you see the tail number and does it end with 7478?” asked Chips as he took a Marine Corps shower and stuffed the semi-turgid purple tipped red champion in an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Pink to match his cel phone seen in this file photo of Agents Red Panther and Courtly Stonewall, both drivers of Agent Chips be it the 36 Stud or the Purple Limo.

Link"Yes Chips, and it also says the Happy Hooligans on the tail flash and Capt Field McConnell on the front canopy.

"OK Fanny, I know what you are looking at. It is the F4D that won 40% of the profiles in William Tell 1986 and it is the only F4 from the Hooligans that is stored at AMARG in flyable condition, perhaps because it was the newest. Or perhaps of the ‘day job’ of the pilot that flew it in October of 1986. Or perhaps because of the paperwork attached to the CSD on the #1 engine which as you may recall ran with a funny sound hence the naming of the aircraft SWEET TALKIN’ WOMAN.

The Crew Chief was TSgt. Jimmy Mohr but the pilot shall remain nameless, you know how shy I am. And by the way, this is the ‘real’ 66-7478 whereas the one on display at Fargo ANG is actually a DC ANG jet whose real ID is 66-7679, but the painted ID can be changed but what really matters is what’s behind the paint. Just like what’s behind a name. Behind the name Obama is Davis, Soetero and Gash Gourmet. Behind the name of the World’s Most Potent Fighter Pilot is something more straight forward:

Chips heard the Abel Danger tap on the window and he looked out and saw a rappelling type rope made of genuine hemp. He kissed Vani’s lips and Fanny’s…well let’s just say he kissed Fanny Galore goodbye in the way she preferred . He took his signature Mumbai leather carryon bag he had purchased prior the General Jones of Georgetown leaving his calling card at the Oberoi Hotel in Bombay on Thanksgiving 2008 and grabbed the rappelling rope with his left hand as Vani stuffed two Grolsch porcelain stopper (GPS) bottle in the lower two leg pockets of his nomex blaze orange flight suit. Fanny, helping herself to a six pack of McEwan’s handed Chips his signature CSM glass and whispered “This is to wet your whistle so you can whistle when you want me to wet your other whistle you studly whistleblower you. Fare thee well 36 Stud, please take me on the long desk next time we merge in Scotland.”

Chips gave 3 short tugs on the genuine hemp and the Puma helo lifted off in the direction of Brize Norton. As Chips was dangling on the line he thought of someone so lovely that his line departed the dangle mode and went to the turgid position. He thought first of Ginger who had ‘entertained’ him at the NCO Club at Tyndall in 1978 before she became Ginger Cookie because Chips misread her steganographic clue, Ginger; nookie. It was after the NCO Club closed and the F4 mechanics named Stuhr, Barsgaard and Myogeto had gone back to there quarters to watch Buck Ackerman and Jesse Perala duel with quart of Windsor whiskey that Ginger took Chips back to his BOQ and showed him some melons that were not of the variety grown in a truck patch. That night in 1978 Chips had to take his mind off the melons and think back to his militia training in Oklahoma that took place somewhere between the False Flag at Waco (Reno-Gorelick-Marcy) and the False Flag at Murrah (Reno-Gorelick-Marcy) before the False Flag enabled by the SES who suppressed both FAA and NorAD on 9/11 to enable the Treason of 9/11 (Clinton-Gorelick-Marcy).

In 1978 when Abel Danger’s Ginger Cookie and Chips were launching Smoked Oysters and going through Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters like they were popcorn Chips had not yet met Abel Danger Red Panther who was in intel with the 147th FIG in Houston’s Ellington FIELD, a unit that would latter send her to Tyndall AFB in 1986 where Agent Chips would fire two missiles in Profiles 1 and 2 that were launched quickly, lethally and without a clearance. While Chips was grounded allowing 1Lt Jeff Aafedt the chance to fly in his place, Chips and Agent Red Panther were working undercover day and night for the next two weeks as Fargo’s 178th Fighter Interceptor Squadron taught the Air Force and Canadian Air Force that their ‘kiddie jets’, F15s and CF18s, were no match for some old Pharts in old Phantoms. In the 5 profile competition Fargo took Profiles 1, 2, and 5 and Chips took note of Red Panthers pastel IOC. He like it. A lot. She once commented while quivering “Chips, your nametag says Cargo but I would suggest LOADMASTER.”

Chips, never slow with a come-back, affably responded with “Please pass the Smoked Oysters and in 30 minutes I will share them with you.”

While Lt. Aafedt and L/C Bob ‘Weedman’ Wedberg were filling in for Chips in the air, Chips was filling in the insatiable Agent Red Panther whose 147th FIG would be brokered or triaged in Amalgam Virgo 01 as a participant in the practice for the Treason of 9/11 where the ROE had been changed 1 June, 2001 by VAdm Scott Fry, USNA ’71. Chips always had an eye for ladies and snakes. Consider our soon to be retired Secretary of Snake who did not look happy, engaged or well made up during the swan song of the Black Swan during a certain State of the (soon to change vastly Republic, oh, excuse me, that’s privileged information), Union.

Dress rehearsal for Treason 9/11 to vilify Muslims:

(Canopies read: Captain Bernie Kring, WSO Captain Field McConnell, A/C )

As Chips was dangling on the genuine hemp rope he noticed that the helo was no longer tracking for Brize-Norton where, in 1953, Major Glenn Alexander McConnell was in position with a hot-cocked B47 at Brize Norton. For those of you not knowing what hot-cocked means go back to watching AMERICAN IDLE while Abel Danger saves Republic using Abel Bodies, Dangerettes, Marine Intel, Navy Intel, 5th Column FBI and a few other God-fearing, oath keeping RED BLOODED AMERICANS as elistist blue bloods who tend to pee when they get cornered. Start peeing.

As Chips finished off the 32 ounce CSM, Captain Sherlock Martini, he saw the hangar at the southeast end of Gatwick’s Runway 08R come over the horizon. With his drinking hand he harvested a Grolsch from his BLAZE ORANGE NOMEX and popped the stopper to further whet his whistle as he would soon be rejoining Agent Red Panther at the hip; well not exactly but near the hips just like Knight of Malta John Roberts administered, allegedly, the oath of office to Barry Soetero nearly correctly in the LAST ATTACK OF COL AND VC against the Corporation of the United States run by COL, VC, and Senior Executive Services prior to the publication of this Chapter 16 on or before 11 Feb 11. The boneheads that targeted the Chicago building on 23 Jan 11 and then PUSSIED OUT when Abel Danger warned FIFTH COLUMN FBI at 1653, 20 Jan 11, probably did not know of the relationship between the Bangladesh born structural engineer, Barry Soetero and Agent Chips.

"The technical man must not be lost in his own technology; he must be able to appreciate life, and life is art, drama, music, and most importantly, people." Fazlur Khan (Engineering Legends, Richard Weingardt)(Matthew 18:5,6)(25:40)

"Khan has come up with innovation upon innovation that cut costs while simultaneously pushing buildings higher." (Engineering News-Record)[17]

Khan was honored by President Barack Obama during his speech at Cairo University in 2009, referring to how he "built our tallest building," the Sears Tower. [18]

What the CHESHIRE KAT FROM KENYA was communicating was that Khan built it but the Kenya-Chicago-COL-VC Cabal would destroy it. On 23 Jan 11. Between 1200 and 1830. Fat chance FAT HEAD. We have been tracking you boneheads and now that you have AWAKENED THE SLEEPING GIANT you can prepare to meet your JEALOUS GOD who will not be mocked. Take that from the World’s Greatest Mocker of those who would mock God. Deadly, you ill read wussies with JD behind your name. I have JC behind me and my name.

As the Puma gently hovered at the extreme northwest corner of Gatwick by where the historic aircraft are displayed, Chips waved the helo off and strode towards a waiting Dassault Falcon 7x with tail number N007HT, written in red, near the tail. He noticed a shipment on a Menzie’s baggage cart heading to Tunisia and Cairo and thought back to Obama’s visit in 2009. Just as all roads lead to Rome through City of London and Senior Executive Service, the only road leading to salvation and peace on earth is routed through the attoning and innocent blood of Jesus Christ who was slain to save us from the deadly pestilence which is now attacking each other instead of God’s Little People. They, the global genocidal perverts, have lost and Jesus has gained the Victory as foretold in Proverbs 21:31

And forward to the rapid improvements in England, USA and China as they don’t fall for the France-Scotland Auld Alliance mullarkey favoring the Vatican and City of London to the detriment of China, USA and Russia. Hu, Boehner and Putin are not afraid of twirps like ‘shorty’ from France, and ‘fancy pants’ from Scotland whose pet Dolphin observed a Tricky Massive Attack that was Fatal…to the perps who did it, see the list of Twisted Sisters and their limp-wrist arranged husbands in the defendant list at Civil Case 3:07-cv-49. It is as if these perverts were not aware of the St. Germain’s Trust established in 1729 or the principle of compounding interest. What dolts.There are plenty of dolts to run the evil empire and that is not a misprint. The evil empire includes Universities that may have LOOSE TIES to the Rockefeller family’s avowed purpose to take the sovereign USA down and roll it into what Bush 1 might have called a NEW WORLD ORDER or 1000 years of Reich. The University of Chicago and Northwestern University are near the center of evl, which is the also near the Electronic Visualization Laboratory which has some interesting names associated with it, see also Sandor but not Helen. Perhaps Helen is in Troy. Perhaps 9/11 used a Trojan Horse utilizing Hillary Clinton’s QRS11 GryoChips. Perhaps Chips will explain it in Chapter 17 if anyone wishes to here the details of AMALGAM SHVD BVR which, obviously, is Soetero’s Homicidal Virtual Deception Beyond Visual Range. (look for Wrigley Building and consider 1/23/11)

While the sheeple in Chicago stand in a daze caused by some red and blue images evoking memories of MINDBOX software, the Sandors have some artistic connections to Chicago and some that are not considered art involving Al Gore’s CCX, Isle of Mann and a man named Richard, see also Dick, but not Cressida Dick, one of the Twisted Sisters nor Dick Bent of RCMP.

Here is a brief‘modern tactical art’lecture that should put you to sleep:


Name and background

PHSCologram is a registered trademark for barrier-strip and lenticular autostereograms made by Chicago-based art collective (art)n laboratory.

The barrier strip technique is similar in principle to lenticular printing, but with the use of a black line grid instead of a lenticular lens to select which image is seen.

PHSColograms at the National Museum of Natural History

The name PHSCologram is a sort of acronym for:

• Photography

• Holography

• Sculpture

• Computer Graphics

The term was originally coined to refer to larger sculptural installations that included actual holograms as well as barrier-strip autostereograms, but in later years the name was taken to apply to digital autostereographic panels alone. PHSColograms may be seen in permanent installations at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, the Hope Diamond exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Chicago Midway International Airport, and in the collection of Elton John[1].

Notable PHSCologram collaborators:

• Ed Paschke

• Dan Sandin

• Tom DeFanti

• Donna Cox

• Miroslaw Rogala

• Charles Csuri

(what, no mention of HS?)

External links:

• (art)n Website [2]

• U.S. Patent 5113213 [3]

• U.S. Patent 5519794 [4]

• Description of the PHSCologram process [5]


[1] http://www. artn. com/ bibliography/ ARTNJOHN. pdf

[2] http://www. artn. com

[3] http://www. google. com/ patents?vid=5113213

[4] http://www. google. com/ patents?vid=5519794

[5] http://www. artn. com/ about_us_more. cfm?ID=12

Now that the Sandor, Gore and Clinton families have put you to sleep with their side show, lets consider Obama’s new “Don’t ask, Don’t swim with the fishes” policy.

When Chips was a senior at Punahou in 1967 Barry Soetero was a little boy. He is soon to be a very old man as for the first time in human history almost all of humanity is politically activated, politically conscious and politically interactive. The resulting global political activism is generating a surge in the quest for personal dignity, cultural respect and economic opportunity in a world painfully scarred by memories of centuries-long alien colonial or imperial domination using the TRIAD of Vatican/City of London/US Senior Executive Service. The worldwide yearning for human dignity is the central challenge inherent in the phenomenon of global political awakenin. That awakening is socially massive and politically radicalizing. The nearly universal access to radio, television and increasingly the Internet is creating a community of shared perceptions and envy that can be galvanized and channeled by demagogic political or religious passions. These energies transcend sovereign borders and pose a challenge both to existing states as well as to the existing global hierarchy, on top of which America still perches just as Chips is soon to perch above Agent Red Panther.

The youth of the Third World are particularly restless and resentful. The demographic revolution they embody is thus a political time-bomb, as well. Their potential revolutionary spearhead is likely to emerge from among the scores of millions of students concentrated in the often intellectually dubious “tertiary level” educational institutions of developing countries, or like Princeton or Georgetown where Quigley and Alinsky idiots were chain smoking doobies in the late sixties while Chips and Chic Burlingame were at Annapolis. Depending on the definition of the tertiary educational level, there are currently worldwide between 80 and 130 million “college” students. Typically originating from the socially insecure lower middle class and inflamed by a sense of social outrage, these millions of students are revolutionaries-in-waiting, already semi-mobilized in large congregations, connected by the Internet and pre-positioned for a replay on a larger scale of what transpired years earlier in Mexico City or in Tienanmen Square. Their physical energy and emotional frustration is just waiting to be triggered by a cause, or a faith, or a hatred and only the calming influence of Chips of Plum City is causing these young people to KEEP THEIR POWDER DRY while the OLD MARINES complete a bloodless coup. Think back to MYSTERY MISSLE 8 Nov 10. And the threat window that Chips’ Abel Danger had forwarded to FBI, FAA and ALPA.

Major world powers, new and old, also face a novel reality: while the lethality of their military might is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historic low, advantage Abel Danger. To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people.

Zbigniew Brzezinski tried to warn NOSEPICKERS #1 and #2 but they were too busy digging for diamonds. And they thought they could use a Knight of Malta Judge and a moronic handler of a Kenyan to destroy America in the TREASON OF 9/11. Just who is Judge Roberts, who is Barry “my mommy lost my passport’ and William Jefferson “still checking DNA”? Let’s do some reading.

Search Results:Link
JESUIT'S AND 911 WTC He was Roman Catholic, and a Knight of Malta. The Knights of Malta are a .... when he was asked if he thought 9/11 was an inside job, he said "There is that ... - Cached

Search Results:

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...of any recognized Masonic body in the United States or - Cached

NOTICE that this report - from SEPTEMBER 23,2010.....CITES a NAZI RE-INFORCED STRUCTURE PENETRATION WEAPON FROM 1944 - the MISTEL WARHEAD....does this type weapon STILL EXIST in a "modern version" - and has it ALREADY BEEN DEPLOYED AT THE PENTAGON on 9-11-2001 to have REASON to be mentioned in this report ?
Mistel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the definitive Mistel warhead was a very large shaped charge, of nearly two short tons in weight, and fitted with a copper or aluminium liner, ... - Cached
Link - Luftwaffe Resource Center - Mistel ... The definitive Mistel warhead was a shaped charge around a core of copper or aluminium. When detonated, the explosion would create a penetrator made of the ... - Cached

911 Pentagon Conspiracy The definitive Mistel warhead was a shaped charge around a core of copper or aluminium. When detonated, the explosion would create a penetrator made of the ... - Cached

Presentation by Gordon Thompson IRSS & Clark University - Public ... File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML 23 Sep 2010 ... Shaped Charge Warhead, 1943 ... The Mistel Shaped Charge. Delivery System, 1944. Page 9. Bunker Busting with Clustered. Shaped Charges, 2008 ...

Shaped Charge Concept, An Overview - Walters.pdf - An Overview of ... File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View by W Walters - Related articles The largest known shaped charge was the German MISTEL. The MISTEL (mistletoe) concept used a fighter aircraft mounted piggyback on the top of a large bomber ... /Shaped%20Charge%20Concept,%20An%20Overview%20-%20Walters.pdf

From: Field McConnell
Subject: C16 A-3 SKYWARRIOR
Received: Tuesday, January 25, 2011, 3:09 PM

The Truth has been deployed after a 48 hour 'curing' of the NO CHICAGO STRIKE threat window expires tonight at 18:30.

The Court wished to have 48 hours to think about it, time up in 1+24 or for JDs 84 minutes from now.

When the oath keepers get the warrants ready I can verify the MISPRISIONers of Treason. They know I know.

218 329 6190

If ALPA doesn’t settle in the next 84 minutes Chapter 16 goes to FBI for approval.

Enjoy Michelle Bachman's Victory prognostication tonight and rethink Proverbs 21:31

Chips head was about to explode as he processed all the information for God’s Little People wishing he could be processing Smoked Oysters with Agent Red Panther, whom he was about to learn had changed her Pastel Prove Up code due to a recent promotion at Abel Danger but not like the promotions at the 99th Lodge in Germany. As the Puma departed northwest towards Nottingham not far from Kelmarsh ( where Agent Suky Slicer and Chips often exchanged precious bodily fluids, Chips saw Agent Stone Kohl filling up the backlit frame of the forward boarding door of the recently painted, in Little Rock, Arkansas, Dassault Falcon 7x. Also in Little Rock, patent attorney’s at Rose Law were wishing Hillary Diane Roadhog had never used her bogus JD to help Soros, Kissinger, City of London, Vatican City and Senior Executive Service Lesbo-SOWs participate in the Treason of 9/11. As Chips boarded the jet he saw that Agent Buck Naked was dozing for dollars in the left seat and that Mary Anne MATS and Marquis d’Cartier were the only two in the business class conference center. They had numerous files open before them and there were 4 laptops plus the Cray Super-computer better than the one the Clinton’s gave to China in 1995, containing DEADFOOT, Salman and other ‘crawlers’, displaying reams of information as Abel Danger Global looked for some trace of Hamish Charles Watson who had been on the ‘short list’ with JPW, Chips, Gareth Williams, The Arizona Judge and the general, who pointed Abel Danger to Buckley ANGB which was re-named after Shriver. who had 4 stars and resented saluting queers brandishing flags with 13 stars. Chips was pulling up a seat at the conference table as Stone Kohl was performing a rolling takeoff on Runway 08R, downwind with opposite direction traffic at the marker cleared to land 26L. Before Chips was seated Agent Red Panter appeared at the door of the Crew Rest facility wearing nothing but a Minnesota Vikings tube sock on each foot and smiling as she pointed to a tatto, temporary tatto, that appeared to be a bicycle. Chips, ever interested in security, closed the door to the CRF to get a closer look. As the Falcon got a clean wing Chips was removed from his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot in Pastel Pink Panther and took a cautious look at the lampshade however there was not a GUIDE-ON. In his exuberance to assume the BICYCLE position, he failed to recall that in Operation DEAD COCKBLOWER all level 2s were to hoist their GUIDE-ONs on the TV, not the lamp shade. Checking his own 6 visually he saw that there was a Pastel Pink Panther IOC draped delicately over the TV that had the sound muted but was running an update on the civil unrest that Murdoch’s media and Soros’ Queers couldn’t stop. Agent Pink Panther guided Chips ‘cruiser’ into a safe harbor where it was to set sail to an Austin, Texas favored position as he kept Chips’ mind on his mission as the Love Cruise started out slow, ladie’s choice:

Don Williams - Listen To The Radio:

As Chips got in sync with Agent Pink she whispered a secret in Chips’ good ear as she grabbed something relating to nerve, think Brass, think plural, think sized like cocoNUTS. Chips heard the secret and promised he would never repeat anything in text of a chapter but Pastel Pink Panther had not suggested he was ‘gagged’ from attaching as an ADDENDUM to Chapter 16 just as so far DOJ had not suggest Chips should be gagged in his $10,954,500 claim against ALPA in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)(Pro Se). Chips was filling in Agent Pink as she desired when she reached for the rolled up Minnesota Vikings tube sock just 7 minutes into the slow paced enduro while up at the conference table Marquis d’Cartier showed Mary Anne MATS his peni-cam used in difficult cases like when he had to video tape the performance of the Ode to DOJ Pride Queers in Chapter 17 of Book 2 while Chips was in and out the pants of the Pastel Green teams so fast they thought his steely interceptor was a cervical donut. Recall it was Abel Danger that took down Al Gore-Sandors-Chicago CCXs faster than a prom dress.

Ode to DOJ Pride Queers
(By Hamish the missing and Chips the turgid)

The Lizard and the Hornet went to see
About a lesbian surety loan,
They took some money, and plenty of honey,
Stuffed up in a hub zone phone.
The Lizard looked up at the parts above,
To bang through a small cuissart,
'O lovely Pussy! O Pussy my love,
What a beautiful Pussy you are,
You are,
You are!
What a beautiful Pussy you are!

Pussy wiped on a towel; said, 'You flagellant Cow!
How smarmingly sweet you sing!
O let us be married! Too long we have tarried:
But what shall we do for a ring?'
They male-d away, as a pair for the pay,
To the bank where the Boinky-tree grows
And there with a woody a Piggy-wig stoody
With a ring at the end of her hose,
Her hose,
Her hose,
With a ring at the end of her hose

'Dear pig, are you killing to sell for one shilling
Your ring?' Said the Piggy, 'I will.'
So they stole it away, and were married for pay
By a Hillary stuck on a Bill.
They fined all the men, and sliced at least ten,
Which they ate with a runcible spoon;
And hand in hand, with a hedge on the land,
They pranced in the sight of the loon,
The loon,
The loon,
They pranced in the sight of the loon

Chips had tried to pull out to save Agent Pastel Pink Panther the embarrassment of a seven minute exploculation. However, Chips the Turgid wasn’t as good as pulling out as he was at pushing in and he was too late and she was too early. Though this horizontal dance was over it would not be the last waltz for the young and lovely Trance Dancer not to be confused with TANGO DANCER one of the planners of the failed flying operation of the TREASON OF 9/11.

As the svelte Trance Dancer from Texas looked sheepishly shy she assumed a position called BVR Shot where Chips approached from the stern and hammered away BEYOND VISUAL RANGE, hence the fighter pilot brevity BVR and beaver shot is the phonetic equivalent. For modern fighters like the A-12 and F-14 BVR shots could be taken in the face but in the F4 Phantom that Agent Chips had been BEYOND LETHAL flying with the only unobserved or BVR shot option was unobserved from the rear, usually with a ‘skinny little wingmen’ as Phantom Phlyers and Phantom Phixirs called the AIM-9E/F such as the one Chips shot down a PQM102 in April ’82 or ‘killed’ a QF100D during William Tell, 1986 in this particular jet, the SWEET TALKIN’ WOMAN, crewed by TSgt Jimmy Mohr who will crew it again if the Good Guys beat the EVIL CABAL as was suggested , in Proverbs 21:31, to be distinctly possible, depending on Egypt’s response to the Secretary of Snake.

Seems like every time the Happy Hooligans had trouble they’d call for the Sweet Talkin’ Woman and her trigger happy pair of aces.

I look forward to the time when American Veterans put at risk by Thunder Thighs and Peronie’s balony can salute them back, economizing on fingers, I affably suggest.

--sidebar to Hillary Roadhog, how is Lavendar Merkin at Boston’s State Street Bank?

“Marquis, I see there is an Immediate Clipper for Chips in queue on the color monitor there is a musical link but the text is in French, like French kiss, French Fries or horseshit military cowards who like to pull their bonaparte. Please read the French to me in English as I select the music supporting it”.

As they listened to the musical attachment Mary Anne MATS began sudsing like a Maytag as Marquis read verbatim, translating perfectly the letter from Agent Lemon Chiffon to Agent Chips, Global Commander.

“Pastel Lemon Chiffon, Overnight Security, Abel Danger, Global, dated 06 November, 2010. Agent Chips, I was expecting you to throw me a bone last night and I even had Fluffy laying near your spare clothing so she would be as accustomed to your manly scent and wouldn’t bark to alert my father to your presents not to be confused with my gifts or your prescience, both legendary. I just got my lemony IOCs out of the drying and had them run on the extra fluff cycle hoping that might trigger some extra frosting. In regards to your associate, Hamish, tell him not to over react to moisture index and turgidity index, remind him that the first alludes to external threats and the second to our cyber suppression of those external threats. Hope you can stop by tonight for some TSA Groping and Coping drilling, I say again drilling. If you bring some frosting for my baked item I will reward you in two ways; one being a 32 oz Captain Sherlock Martini. Wet as always, Agent SuzieQ, Dangerette 44-DD, Pastel Lemon Chiffon, Dripping Springs, Texas.”

As Marquis and Mary Anne MATS began a study in comparative anatomy, back in the CRF Trance Dancer called for a switch at the ETP ( equal time point ) 2 hours into the enduro and presented Chips with her favored position ‘bicycle’ for which she preferred his jackhammer treatment such as Prince Phartingham had arranged for his illegitimate daughter Quickie Vicky who came to love the sound of a pile driving jackhammer not to be confused with intel operations like WOODPECKER or Northwoods.

Mary Anne MATS was impersonating ALPA paralegal Lemon Meringue when a FLASH CLIPPER from Umbrellaman came in addressed to Chips, FYEO.

Mary Anne entered Chips’ cyber key PIN 0116513-PS9416 and read the Flash Clipper aloud to Marquis who was enjoying a whisker biscuit.

As Mary Anne MATS gave Marquis a tutorial on MASHing, she dreamed of young Nihilists in an orgy of vandalism and arson and pictured the Egyptian president, a former fighter pilot like Chips, fighting back

The color revolutions of the Buffett, Strong, Soros, Clinton, Kissinger years are over as the Impotence of the US Queer Diplomats is rejected in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and Kazakhstan. They all need immediate wage hikes, food and fuel price rationalization, debt moratorium, IMF ouster and a new deal involving an infrastructure championing science, math and honest jobs that support a family while in the USA a discussion on the repudiation of odious debt is about to go center stage.

We tend to forget that well over a year ago, political actors in America and allied nations had full knowledge that Egypt's Hosni Mubarak was terminally ill. Certain that his reign was coming to a close, they devised a plan to compensate the inevitable loss of Mubarak's unconditional support. A plan was put into motion to assist orchestrate an uprising which would benefit their interests. The idea was to support the uprising so that an ally could be placed in Egypt without raising suspicion. Not only would America be seen as a benevolent force acting in good faith, contrary to its hypocritical policies, but perhaps more importantly for the decision makers, Israel's interests would be served - again - at the expense of the Arab world. Chips had wanted to ask Trance Dancer if she thought that either Soetero or Roberts had a prayer of having a second chance to TF America. Trance Dancer laughed so hard her contracting cervix was sending Agent Chips to rock n’ roll heaven or in proper English a ‘congress’, capeche. Trance Dancer did not answer other than to stick her invasive hot tongue into Chips bad ear which made it better. All better.

Up front Stone was wishing one could stack empty Grolsch porcelain stopper bottles while Buck Naked was dozing for dollars and in the conference room Mary Anne MATS had just tried something novel with Marquis d’Cartier’s peni-cam, perhaps Marquis took a ‘sneak peak’ like the sneaks that Mary Anne and Chips had seen in the summers of ’63 and ’64 as she blossomed and was deflowered, so to speak, not to tell tall tales, besmirch her pristine reputation or elevate my prowess as a swordsman to previously unachieved heights.

Mary Anne had just poured herself a 3rd Ramey Rimshot and a Pinot Noir for the Peni-cam operator from a city just west of where the Smacsonic insulation was installed by Cascade Aero in Abbotsford, at least that the best intel that ALPA has received beginning on 11 December, 2006 before Colgan 3407 ended Dorgan’s Senate charade and sent Oberstar, Pomeroy and Conrad packing. Tim Pawlenty may be the ‘next up on deck to be dicked’ and I refer not to Cressida Dick of London or Dick Bent of RCMP although they both know that Abel Danger knows how to ‘drop a dime’. As Mary Anne leaned over to serve Marquis he gasped “They are huge”.

“Funny you should say that Marquis, that what Chips said in August of ’64 when he came collecting for his paper route while my parents were playing golf just before her showed me a long shaft putter that made my heart flutter.”

Marquis realized the confusion because he was reading BBC scripted news to be promulgated on 14 February, 2011 during an upcoming Global Guardian Genocide event such as New Madrid False Flag Fault, Hawaii Haarp Tsunami or the always lovely False Flag FEMA Food Fraud that worked so well in 1937, 1962, 1969, 1987 so the rotten bastards like Rockefeller, Soros, Buffett, Brezenski, Clinton (party of 2) and their dimwitted Canadian cousin Maurice Strong thought they could do one more time for END GAME NOW.

Along comes Abel Danger, just like in Liberty Valance, and delivers a fatal shot from BVR, Beyond Visual Range, One Fatal BVR shot. And Chips loves BVR shots.

“Sorry Mary Anne, not your bodacious knockers, but rather the implications of these developments are huge. Some of what has transpired seem to be good news at this early stage. Including the clear expression of the power of the people and their loss of fear of manufactured terror such as the floods in Australia set for December or the Mayhem planned by the Vatican, City of London and SES, or SESPIT (senior executive service pussies in trouble, capeche?), the people's refusal to accept a token change in government as brokered by Soros and the 13 Stars, the non violent presence of the Egyptian military inviting back the vacated police, which will be precedent setting for every other quarter where God’s little people are oppressed, US Secretary of snake calling for reform and democracy, the US calling for turning the internet and other communication systems back on, Egypt is showing the way and our politicians see the writing on the wall, they are losing confidence in their ability to maintain power as well as having to reevaluate their own plans for how to deal with unrest in the US knowing that Chips commands the 8th largest standing Army in the world. History is unfolding at lightning speed! God is at work. Of course they don’t read the Bible but if they were to start Proverbs 21:31 would probably make them go flaccid in a heartbeat. That nose picker Kissinger would probably call them birthing pangs but he doesn’t know jack shit. It is the last gasp of a dying GENOCIDAL CABAL centered in three cities: Vatican City, City of London and Chicago all to be killed by he who wields the Sword in Plum City, Wisconsin, capeche, look at this archived Clipper from Dr. Nano to Hamish and Chips from two years ago?”

Blabbermouth Dr. Nano al-Umina Routine Clipper to Hamish, Marquis, Banzai Pipeline and Chips: Here is an excerpt of a piece that's been around for a good long while: There are three cities (city-states) across this planet that share striking similarities and play a crucial role in the global governmental system we have long been living under. The three city-states (along with the role they serve) is as follows:

City of London


Washington DC


Vatican City

(false religion). The link is attached but what is not known to this TRIAD OF EVIL is that there is a fourth city that will expose them according to Ephesians 5:11 after the MUSTER CALL of Psalms 94:16 and that the 3 evil cities labor in vain to oppress God’s Little People as the fourth city, Plum City, will be the herald announcing God’s triumph over evil as his Only Son steps on the head of the serpent, capeche? Nano

"Marquis, I see there is an Immediate Clipper for Chips in queue on the color monitor there is a musical link but the text is in French, like French kiss, French Fries or horseshit military cowards who like to pull their Bonaparte then sign 45 year accords with some lame dick from Scotland temporarily in a position to abuse England and the United Kingdom. Please read the French to me in English as I select the music supporting it”.

As they listened to the musical attachment Mary Anne MATS began sudsing like a Maytag as Marquis read verbatim, translating perfectly the letter from Agent Lemon Chiffon to Agent Chips, Global Commander.

“Pastel Lemon Chiffon, Overnight Security, Abel Danger, Global, dated 06 November, 2010. Agent Chips, I was expecting you to throw me a bone last night and I even had Fluffy laying near your spare clothing so she would be as accustomed to your manly scent and wouldn’t bark to alert my father to your presents not to be confused with my gifts or your prescience, both legendary. I just got my lemony IOCs out of the dryer and had them run on the extra fluff cycle hoping that might trigger some extra frosting. In regards to your associate, Hamish, tell him not to over react to moisture index and turgidity index, remind him that the first alludes to external threats and the second to our cyber suppression of those external threats. Hope you can stop by tonight for some TSA Groping and Coping drilling, I say again drilling. If you bring some frosting for my baked item I will reward you in two ways; one being a 32 oz Captain Sherlock Martini. Wet as always, Agent SuzieQ, Dangerette 44-DD, Pastel Lemon Chiffon, Dripping Springs, Texas.”

As Marquis and Mary Anne MATS began a study in comparative anatomy, back in the CRF Trance Dancer called for a switch at the ETP ( equal time point ) 2 hours into the enduro and presented Chips with her favored position ‘bicycle’ for which she preferred his jackhammer treatment such as Prince Phartingham had arranged for his illegitimate daughter Quickie Vicky who came to love the sound of a pile driving jackhammer whenever Agent Chips performed his Derrick Pumper act to honor the oil industry that would be going down when the Dinar and Dollar are ‘reset’ and new technology is rolled out shafting the Seven Sisters and the Octopus Banksters.

Mary Anne MATS was impersonating ALPA paralegal Lemon Meringue when a FLASH CLIPPER from Umbrellaman came in addressed to Chips, FYEO.

Mary Anne entered Chips’ cyber key PIN 0116513-PS9416 and read the Flash Clipper aloud to Marquis who was examining a whisker biscuit.

Crown Royal Commander Umbrella to Global Ops Chips, FYEO: Chips, we have brokered the deal with DoT, DoD and the Squatter. The Squatter is willing to vacate the premises by high noon, 14 Feb 11 if Abel Danger, Boehner, DoT and DoD will allow he and his alleged family SAFE PASSAGE to the place of his birth, or UK, at the discretion of the UK. He will finger Roberts and Pelosi for 3 sheckles of silver if we don’t mention the dead choir boy, Robert Wone, Larry Sinclair, or as the FATAL QUESTION. Expect to see three signs of Victory. In respect to your Smoked Oyster gaffing of the Octopus he will say SMOKEd SALMON at 0 +54 in the State of Confusion speech. As requested by DoTreas he will send his envoy to a 30 Jan 11 ‘emergency meeting’ of all living Sec Treas to determine how to handle China, Saudi and the UAE lenders. He has acknowledged that your Qui Tam will be sent from Plum City Post Office from a Purple Limo or Fargo Post Office with a Black Presidential Limo at your discretion. See you at Griffiss AFB, your new destination. We have stocked a gross of thongs, a semi of Grolsch, a case of Ukrainian Vodka and a case of Absolut, and your standard shoe horn and KY jelly if you need to get in, or out, of a tight spot. Such as Ginger Cookie. Umbrella

Marquis asked Mary Anne if they should relay to Chips immediately.

“I would never interrupt Chips during a 4 hour debriefing if I were you Marquis. The last guy who did wished he’d been a diner at the Pinkton Pig Farm or a passenger on the Dorgan affected Colgan 3407 silencing Beverly Eckert whose husband Sean Rooney was murdered at Cantor Fitzgerald on 9/11, capeche. Now get back to a brief digital exam of my target area while I enjoy this Ramey Rimshot. With your other hand google [ Ramey Rimshot + Chips + Dark n Stormy + Thong ] and see if anything pops up, including your woody.”

“My goodness, you Abel Danger guys are the only intel game in town. The top hits are all you, or us. I think we have Buffett, Brzenski, Soros, Strong and the Squatter by the balls. Add Roberts if he doesn’t uphold his oath by proving he administered one to a citizen of the United States as opposed to a CUKC passported Marxist loser from Chicago married to a disbarred JD. Let’s get it on.”

“Well we could do each other to that song by Marvin Gaye, but I’d rather something a little softer, like the song Chips plays when we needed to be quiet and not arouse the interest of others in our consensual salami slamming, capeche?”

Mary Anne entered Chips’ cyber key PIN 0116513-PS9416 and read the Flash Clipper aloud to Marquis who was examining a whisker biscuit.

As Mary Anne MATS gave Marquis a tutorial on MASHing, she dreamed of young Nihilists in an orgy of vandalism and arson and pictured the Egyptian President, a former fighter pilot like Chips, fighting back. The Color revolutions of the Buffett, Strong, Soros, Clinton, Clinton, Kissinger, Brzenski years are over as the IMPOTENCE of the US Queer Diplomats is rejected in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Kazakhstand and Plum City. Global commoners need immediate wage hikes, food and fuel price rationalization, debt moratorium, IMF outster and a new opportunity involving infrastructure championing science, math, honest jobs and the REPUDIATION OF ODIUS DEBT; which would include a majority of fraudulent mortages written in the US in the last 20 years, give or take. Get away from the TV and the couch and discover mortgage, mort gage, is DEATH GRIP.

Mary Anne was getting the screen door-hurricane treatment from Marquis d’Cartier while in the CRF Trance Dancer was peddling a bicycle in her mind while Derrick Pumper was doing the old pile driver technique, holding off the jack hammer until he would see her go for the Minnesota Vikings tube sock. Trance Dancer was just about to call ‘switch’ at the 3 hour point when she say a red banner scrolling across the bottom of the flat screen monitor in the Crew Rest Facility. It was a notice from the COCK PIT, not flight deck, but COCK PIT that the destination was no longer Griffiss AFB where on 9/11 the NEADS hammer cleverly told the FAKIR MONITOR to stop putting up false returns as the exercise had gone live, live and lethal. Chips was thoroughly engaging his double breasted mattress thrasher so she kindly kept him aBREAST of the situation. Griffiss was cancelled as the destination as Suzie Q had smelled a rat and decided to have the Abel Danger charter King Air get her up to Bangor, Maine so that Ginger Cookie and Suzie Q could ensure the Lemon Merinque didn’t not become a threat to Chips’ overnight security. As Ginger Cookie was synchronizing in Maine and SuzieQ was looking at all the knobs in the BE200 cockpit, Chips complied with Trance Dancer’s switch call and rolled over without disconnecting. Now Abel to see that the time enroute was less than 3 hours he decided to make the most of it and reached over to his Clipper Squirt Gun and selected a song that always made Trance Dancer issue quivering multiples, even before she relocated to Austin when her music industry led her to TUNESMITHING while Chips, whom she first met as a 15 year old girl in Beeville, Texas, home of Chase Field Naval Air Station, met her at a BOQ party and believing she was 18 when she said it they found themselves slowdancing, in a manner of speaking. As a female tunesmith she admired the ‘wordsmith’ or cunning linguist as she always called him.

As Marquis and Chips were getting some hay for their donkeys, up front Stone Kohl released that they’d been off-line for a while when 15 Clippers came in from all over the Abel danger world. See that his father had the 'do not disturb' but pushed, he opened the classified messages with his father’s pin: 0116513-PS9416.

Blabbermouth Kui Longboard to Hamish, Chips, Bean, Agent MoLes and Dr. Stained Glove: Your information has been confirmed. Former Hawaii elections clerk Tim Adams has now signed an affidavit swearing he was told by his supervisors in Hawaii that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate existed for Barack Obama Jr. in Hawaii and that neither Queens Medical Center no Kapi'olani Medical Center in Honolulu had any record of Obama having been born in their medical facilities but that if any White House journalist were to contact them they were to STONEWALL by order of a Knight of Malta Judge who thinks he won’t get caught. Kui, Hickam Forensic Mortuary Lab

Royal Crown Agent Hamesh FLASH CLIPPER to Nano, Banzai, Marquis, Umbrellaman and Chips, copy Trance Dancer: I have gone into deep cover in the Spanish section of Adelaide. I have infiltrated the bad guys and though I appear to be just another dog that doesn’t bark, I’ve got them mystified with my footwork. HameshChips had tried to pull out to save Agent Pastel Pink Panther the embarrassment of a seven minute exploculation. However, Chips the Turgid wasn’t as good as pulling out as he was at pushing in and he was too late and she was too early. Though this horizontal dance was over it would not be the last waltz for the young and lovely Trance Dancer not to be confused with TANGO DANCER one of the planners of the failed flying operation of the TREASON OF 9/11.

Royal Crown Agent Bravo Hotel Routine Clipper to Hamish, Banzai Pipeline, Sluggo and BAM Mad Bax: FAA and ALPA demand that TSA execute CODE PINK as John G. Roberts Jr, who has bent over frontwards for the gay community has the support of the President, and his pal Ken Melman , Karl Rove (Miss Piggy) and California queer Congressman….well aren’t they all, in effect if not in fact. I am examining the intel. Bravo Hotel.

Agent Stone Kohl chuckled as he saw in person what his dad had always told him, that most disinfo agents give themselves away such as this bonehead has, by spelling Hamish’s name in correctly. Compare that sloppy work to Abel Danger Slade Lane/MI6 Gareth Williams/NSA Helen Sandor who was sneaky enough to change DEADFOOT into DEADFOO7 before the network that links SES controlled SOS-Children Village Pedo Pharms to the Vatican. Read cafefully, not the Catholic church, not the Catholic believes, not very many priests, but the upper tier at Vatican City and St. John’s Benedictine Abbey in Collegeville, it could be argued. Give me 5 minutes to google Collegeville, Minnesota + Jacob Wetterling.

Royal Crown Agent Rocketman Priority Clipper to Corazon Dulce, Chips, Boss Hawk, Stevie R. Gowray and ‘el Muerto’, copy ‘los jovenes’: Chips and Abel Danger, I’ve uncovered an operation in Costa Rica but I don’t speak Spanish. Help!! “
"Ivette estaba envuelta en una chaqueta, pero Stephanie fue vestida como una versión pequeña muñeca de una prostituta, en rojo, pantalones cortos y una camiseta sin mangas. Las chicas dicen que han estado trabajando como prostitutas por un año, ya que fueron 11 y 12.Incluso entonces, no eran los más jóvenes en la esquina. Eso sería de 9 años de edad, Iliana, que fue de la casa después de haber sido varias veces objeto de abuso sexual por un tío. Ivette y Stephanie ver su materia de trabajo de manera casual. Ivette dice que ella ha estado con'' n montón" de los hombres en el último año.'' Estoy feliz? Bueno, los hombres son felices después. Yo, s olo lo hago por el dinero, para ayudar a mis padres." Al preguntarle qué tipo de trabajos de sus padres tiene, lla sponde en voz baja:''Me".”

Rocketman, Abel Danger missionary to Costa Rica

Stone looked around the instrument panel and saw all was well in the cockpit of the brank new $40 million dollar jet his father would fly when the banksters are rounded up and dealt with by the patriots of America who were awakening with the Egypts and others. Stone thought of the 6 videos his father had sent to Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, UAE and Egypt, and to the movie production university in Jordan. He closed his eyes and prayed that his prayer would be heard for the sake of those lacking the protections of Matthew 18:5 as they are abused and killed by those who haven’t realize that the promise of Matthew 18:6. He went back to the stack of inbound Clippers while in the CRF his father was putting on his hipwaders, redi whip and the ‘massager’ready for the next switch.

As he continued scanning the messages and marking those he’d recommend to his father, knowing fully well that his father would read them all as Chips understood he message of Isaiah 55:11: so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent Stone prayed that his father’s words, some 10 Books, some 250 Chapters, some 18,000 pages to FBI, and some 23,400 pages to Fifth Column, Navy Intel, Marine Intel and loyalists in DoTreas would accomplish the purpose for which his father had written full time for more than 4 years. Stone also recalled that sometime Chips was tempted to go down a ‘rabbit trail’.

Stone new the line between facts and fiction and he remember had Chips had used the expression IT’S ALL IN THE MOVIES which he’d sing them to bed at night with when they were young, not wanting his 5 kids to learn the horrors of their own government and some family member’s involvement in true terror; not the kind BBC, VNN and CNN ‘create’ to keep us afraid while sending raging Lesbians to save us. Give me a break, they can’t even do hair and makeup.

As Stone had grow n older and spent two tours in BOGUS BANKER WARS he understood what caused his father and Jesse Ventura 'match wits'on 4 Jan, 2010 to determine how a Minnesota Tag Team could take down the Bankers starting with DHS, FEMA, Femme Comp, TSA and the BIGFISH: Senior Executive (treason) Service. If Chips were to be on active duty as a 5 star officer his first two orders would be (1) show me the birth certificate or these two Marine Sergeants E-5 with missing limbs will arrest you immediately and (2) remove SES personnel from every military office and base around the world in 72 hours. The Senior Executive Service employees who identified the BLOCKERS would be put in similar pay positions at other Federal Agencies following the take down of the Federal Reserve (private corporation), the IRS (private corporation) and the immediate secession of payments due on any debts that could be proven to be NON-ODIOUS. L/C Lankin and other patriot prisons would be released in one hour, and every officer senior to each falsely imprisioned patriot would have to identify the BLOCKER or face TREBLE SENTENCING in light of a RICO crime.

Jesse Ventura had 30 minutes of the video tape Chips had shot at Brainerd Public Library on a cold night in the first week of January, 2010. After working with Pilots For Truth 9/11 Jesse took it public on 24 January, 2011 knowing that Chips had taken it 'private' on 20 January, 2011 when he alerted FBI, FAA, ALPA, and DoD of a Threat Window involving Chicago between 1200-1830 involving a tall building designed by a Bangladesh immigrant who Soetero praised in Egypt in 2009 when he signaled to the Black Pope and the City of London that he would ensure Secretary of Snake Hillary Clinton would create CIVIL UNREST in Egypt using the same QUEERS she used in Chicago in 1968, Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorhn. Hey Bill, you step on an America flag in Wisconsin and I will shove the flag pole up you ass, capeche?

As Stone thought about how his father, a US Marine son of a career Air Force man and a World War II Army nurse, hated those who disrespected veterans, Stone could understand the rage that would evolve if Judge Roberts, Nancy FACE DROP Pelosi and Barry Soetero were not ‘removed’by 1800, 14 February, 2011.

Stone laughed as he recalled, in minute detail, how his father had told him how the Russians treated traitors:

The methods used against defectors were later changed. The defected GRU agent Viktor Suvorov described in his book "The Aquarium"(Yekaterinburg, 1993, pp. 4-6) how the GRU after the Second World War used to burn unsuccessful or treacherous agents alive. They were drugged and brought in diplomatic bags, as was the case with Gareth Williams, from the West to Moscow to be burnt to death in blast furnaces. Films of the executions were shown to newrecruits so that they would have no illusions about what happened to thosewho failed in their missions or betrayed the organisation. One such traitor was the GRU Colonel Oleg Penkovsky. The British allowed the KGB toarrest him. Penkovsky admitted everything and was sentenced to death. On the 16th of May 1963, he was burnt ALIVE before the eyes of a group of high-ranking officers.

Stone realized that what allowed Chips to do the work he did starting in February, 1967 was because his father had total recall and more than total faith as he understood the message, and Promise, of Matthew 21:21.

21 Jesus replied, “Truly I tell you, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and it will be done.

Stone marveled at the way Jesse Ventura created a distraction so that his father Chips could slip something in the back door at USDOJ, FBI, FAA and ONI where 5th Column Patriots were thankful that at least 4 Brass Balls existed in America which evoked a pleasant flashback to a bed time story Chips would tell Stone every night after watching MASH reruns and have a snack plate.

The once was a man from Madras,
Whose balls were constructed from brass,

When jangled together, they played Stormy Weather

And lightning shot out of his ass"’

Stone looked at the latest METAR report and saw some stormy weather up ahead for Pelosi, Soetero, Roberts ( PSR Trio) and anyone owing loyalty to the United States of America who was aware of the Fraud of the Teleprompted Imposter and did not report it.

Don’t back up so fast Harry Reid, you ghoul, the Phantom Spook and his Phantom Phriends has one question for you, and a cigarette, and some genuine hemp.

To the same school of chum I wish for you to see a response solicited from me by the main stream media, an investigative reporter on the west coast surname REDACTED.

Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate

To the same school of chum I wish for you to see a response solicited from me by the main stream media, an investigative reporter on the west coast surname REDACTED.

“To the media outlet who recently called 218 329 6190: It was Monday, 4 Jan 10, that I spoke for 3 hours in Brainerd MN and the entire event was videotaped. Jesse Ventura only got the first 30 minutes but in the first 30 minutes the flying events of 9/11 were made simple enough where a C- sophomore in high school could understand:

1) Decoy and Drone
2) Strangler's Suite ( BUAP, QRS11, SMACsonic, KU Band)
3) Rose Law Patent perversion QRS11
4) Laser targeting of AON Corporation, Cantor Fitzgerald and Captain Gerald De Conto's office
5) The Defendants of Civil Case 3:07-cv-49

If Jesse doesn't share his tape, see CAPTAIN SHERLOCK SOLVES 9/11 at:

and notice I was wearing a Northwest Airlines uniform and ID and was traveling as a current employee of Northwest Airlines. If FAA-ALPA-DHS can be cleansed and restaffed I will return to active flying. Until FAR 121.533 is respected I deem it unsafe but am willing to 'administer cleansing' of US commercial aviation.

Jesse Ventura is only THE WRESTLER. The Senator from Virginia is the PUGILIST. Congresswoman Bachman is the TELLER. The MECHANIC and TANGO DANCER planned the flying events. And the MASTER SWORDSMAN brings this into Criminal Court.

Read all about it in Chapter 16, or Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)(Pro Se) or listen to the Abel Danger Radio Interview tomorrow at 1 PM Fargo Time.

218 329 6190

SHOT ACROSS SOME BOWS: FBI Atlanta, Houston and Minneapolis takin' notes, NAVY INTEL kickin' ass, you are forewarned.

Agent Stone Kohl was so immersed in the mastery of the elder swordsman that he failed to see an area of code three turbulence that was showing up on the horizontal display. As the Falcon 7x hit the chop at .88 mach, the jet bounced around enough to caused both IDGs to open up pitching the jet into total darkness except in the COCK pit.

Stone grabbed a frosty Grolsch thinking the thunderstorm lights may also go out and then with beer in hand compared the ECAM to the COM hoping to restore ships power while his father restored justice in the Republic and security for God’s little people globally, WHO ARE NOW WIDE AWAKE.

As Mary Anne MATS put some clothing on and fumbled looking for her 4 D cell maglight, Marquis d’Cartier knew what it felt like to be Chips while in the Crew Rest Facility Trance Dancer gushed ‘switch’ while reaching for the Minnesota Vikings tube sock in case the shit was hitting the fan in the COCK pit like it would hitting the fan in Washington DC 12 hours from this KEYSTROKE.

Chips’ legendary turgidity had drooped to 93% during the inflight emergency that he knew Buck Naked would sleep through and the BLOCK OFF THE OLD CHIPS was probably pickled on Grolsch. Trance Dancer looked for Smoked Oysters or Extend-o-peters, but hampered by darkness she reached in the hamper and withdrew and IOC and hit the ‘thunderstorm lights’. One look at her ‘battle standard’ and the old Marine was rigged for running and good to go as Abel Danger would officially announce Security Level Pastel Pink Panther as the battle raged on in the CRF with a safe climax assured.

****** Chapter 16 now ends the charade of one TWISTED SISTER ******

We honor the memory of a true Patriot Fighter Pilot Hero, who bled red for the United States of America, not for the City of London, Vatican and SES (1979-2011)

Let Freedom Ring

By David Rose, Contributing Editor
San Diego, California

For sure, Lance was an all American type kid; a good friend to those he grew up with, student, footballer, class president and popular with the ladies. His tenacity, dedication, faith and patriotism would later prove him to be much, much more than just a good all around American kid. Lance would become an inspiration to all who might come to know his story.

Lance won an appointment to the Air Force Academy and went on to pilot training after graduating. Then, and like many of his 1965 Academy graduating class, he soon found himself in South Viet Nam.

The F-104s which had been operating out of Da Nang throughout 1965 were pulled out in Operation Cross Switch on November 21 of that year. One of the squadrons moved in near that time was the 366th Tac Fighter Wing’s 480th squadron, commanded by Lt. Col. John Armstrong and flying the venerable F-4. Lance would be one of his pilots.

On the night of November 9, 1967, Lt. Col. John Armstrong was flying a bombing mission near the Ban Loboy ford on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos. In the backseat was 25-year-old Capt. Lance Sijan, flying his 53rd combat mission.

It is suspected that a fuse on one of the bombs malfunctioned and detonated the bomb as it came off the wing. Whatever happened, the aircraft was destroyed, Col. Armstrong was killed and Lance grievously wounded. Lance survived the landing with a fractured skull (a piece of the skull was actually loose), a compound fracture of his left leg and a right hand so badly mangled it was rendered useless. With the bone of his leg protruding through the skin, and working only with his left hand, Lance was somehow able to reset the bone sufficiently to allow him to crawl away from the area of his landing, as he realized the North Viet Namese troops would be searching for the downed pilots.

Without his survival kit, with only the water available to him in the jungle, suffering not only his numerous grievous wounds but also several frustrating rescue attempts, he would never-the-less evade enemy forces an incredible 46 days.

When we flew road reccy over North Viet Nam, so extensive was the surveillance it was commonly understood that anything on the roads in daylight must be considered friendly. Fully aware of this, Lance knew he must somehow evade capture and find a main road on which to expose himself to the marauding fighters in daylight.

After excruciating days, literally dragging himself through the jungle, he did make it to a main road and awaited daylight. At the first rays, he crawled out on to the road and lay waiting, confident that at last, the fighters would find him.

One of the great ironies of war was to play itself out that day, and Lance would be it's victim. The President had called a Christmas bombing halt and North Viet Nam was well aware of it. Understanding they would be safe from the attack of fighters even in daylight, the Ho Chi Minh trail was alive with North Viet Nam vehicles. The first to discover Sijan’s near lifeless body were North Viet Nam regulars. They simply threw him in the back of a truck and delivered him to a holding compound in Vinh, North Viet Nam. There, emaciated and with his wounds untreated, he still managed to overpower his guard and escape, only to be recaptured soon there after.

Sijan would eventually be transfer to the Hoa Lo Prison (The Hanoi Hilton) where in his weakened state, he would contract pneumonia and die on January 22, 1968.

But the story of Sijan’s heroic struggle to survive and escape his captors must never be related in part. His epic journey through pain and suffering, urged on by raw courage and the determination to free himself from his captors, is so inspirational that even today all new cadets at the Air Force Academy are required to learn it. The Lance P. Sijan Award, recognizing individuals who have demonstrated the highest qualities of leadership in their jobs and in their lives, has become one of the U.S. Air Force’s most prestigious awards.

Sijan Hall at the Air Force Academy now honors it’s first graduate to receive the Medal Of Honor awarded posthumously by President Gerald Ford in March 1976 and presented to his parents, Jane and Sylvester Sijan.

You will thank me after reading his story. He fought to escape against all odds and died a free man in his heart. His life is meant to inspire us and it does.

“Into The Mouth Of The Cat” is the gripping story of Lance’s 74 day journey to freedom written by Malcolm McConnell and currently available at

By David Rose, Contributing Editor

***** Addendum to Chapter 16, this is not part of 16 so don’t blame Hamish*****

This will be reviewed by Banzai Pipeline, Agent Bean, Uncle Ray, Marquis d’Cartier and Dr. Nano al-Umina. Althought the ‘author(s) provided PROFUSE DETAILS, Chips had his doubts that they were sent from Hamish C. Watson for two elementary reasons:

1) Hamish did not study the history of the Catholic church from 1000 AD to the time of the Anabaptist movement and:

2) Hamish also would work a CHEESE word into each legit communiqué when held captive. Because there were no Edam, Muenster or Fromunda notations, Hamish may well be dead and I certainly would not have the BRASS BALLS to run this up the flagpole without the CHEESY ONE to cling to, capeche?

Detained or Dead Hamish FLASH Clipper to Chips, FYEO: KNIGHT of MALTA/OPUS DEI SUPREME COURT JUSTICE JOHN G ROBERTS If You liked What Earl Warren Did You’ll Love What John G. Roberts is Programmed to Do A critical biography Peas of a Pod

The people controlling Roberts are those who are destroying the United States, and are installing Orwellian operatives dedicated to a New World Order.
By G. Richard Arnold

In this year of 2005 … the only politicos who aren’t aware of the poisonous purpose and crimes committed by Council on Foreign Relations operatives (CFR) are the puppets whose strings they pull within their managed mass media. And academ-idiots who are taught to teach and preach the gospel of globalism in the public schools … where never a question is raised nor an independent thought is given a mark of excellence.

Even amongst of the multitude of morons who remain under the control of the media’s mind manipulation … some will awake to what’s going on behind the closed doors of deception. They are beginning to see the big picture. But most will only see mere degrees of culpability in the CFR’s design to dissolve our country and create a New World Order.

" The Council on Foreign Relations is the American branch of a society which … believes national boundaries should b obliterated and one-world rule established." Senator Barry Goldwater in his book With No Apologies.

Many CFR members have great personalities and say things with which many good folk would agree. A CFR Republican is better than a CFR Democrat. A Skull & Bones Bush is better than a Skull & Bones Kerry. Or visa versa … so naive people think.

Skull & Bones (S& B) membership and influence was virtually unknown until a cache of their secret papers were released by undercover work documented in Dr. Anthony Sutton’s book America’s Secret Establishment.

There is no space in this article to build a foundation for your understanding of the Hegelian techniques used by this one hundred and sixty year old power grabbing elite. They are designing and implementing a New World Order to be imposed over the ashes of our Constitutional Republic. For over a hundred years ago Skull & Bones was accurately referred to the Brotherhood of Death.

Agents of this evilarchy have gravitated to the Department of War, and Intelligence agencies which equips them with funds and excuses for covert activity. They use the positions to promote themselves and those people who are obligated to them. Now the judicial branch is being put thoroughly under the control of the conspirators.

Three people on the Supreme Court are members of the Council on Foreign Relations … Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sandra Day O’Connor and Steven G. Breyer most of the others were appointed by CFR presidents.

You may get a sense of how they work by reading the article "All in the Family" at

The following information will make sense to those grounded with the above "facts of life" concerning American politics and power. Part or all of the information may be used by giving credit to

Skull & Bones is a branch of a secret mechanism organized in New Haven Connecticut in 1832. This cult uses human remains in their rituals and have been instrumental in war making and death since it’s founder Alphonso Taft secured his position in the war department. Skull & Bones first real exposure was documented by Dr. Anthony Sutton in his America’s Secret Establishment whom the author of this article was renting at the time. Sutton received a batch of secret papers. Sometimes the cultists are referred to as the Brotherhood of Death. Its membership is small, powerful and deadly. But it has become vulnerable because of exposure and has stepped up its agenda putting them in a precarious position as they rush their plans for a New World Order.

The Men Behind John Roberts Devoted the Whole of Their Lives for the NWO

In the early 50’s, Skull & Bones Robert Lovett replaces George Marshall as Secretary of Defense. And Skull & Bones Averell Harriman is named director of the Mutual Security Agency. Harriman’s business partners were Allen Dulles (CIA) and John Foster Dulles (Secretary of State) both Council on Foreign Relations incorporators.

One of Harriman’s senior banking partners was Prescott Bush (Skull & Bones) grandfather of George W. Bush (Skull & Bones).

Averell Harriman under his Mutual Security Agency appointed CFR member Gordon Gray to head the Psychological Strategy Board.

Gordon Gray was incredible powerful. His brother, Bowman Gray Jr. (naval intelligence) "founder of operational intelligence" was the chairman of R. J. Reynolds tobacco. Gordon Gray was a political ally of Prescott Bush. When the U-2 was flying over the Soviet Union Gray was one of only three people in the Whitehouse who knew of the operation.

Gordon Gray was the intelligence operative providing a "layer of deniability" to protect presidents when assassination or elimination of opposition was on the table. Castro, Rafael Trujillo, Lumumba.

Gordon Gray produced a book titled Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare. He suggested hiring professional criminals "to cause" martyrs in order to fuel emotions thus implementing the Hegelian mechanism of conflict to fuel their climb to power.

Even the Contra leader Edgar Chammoro under the attack by the Communists in Nicaragua couldn’t stomach Gordon Gray’s immorality of killing people on your own side in order to create martyrs. Chammoro had those pages torn out Gray’s "Warfare Manual" play book.

One fact we do know is that Gordon Gray (CFR) has no problem killing ones own countrymen for a cause.

The theory that 911 was an inside job is supported by the previous actions of Gordon Gray (CFR) and Henry Kissinger (CFR). The proof is irrefutable that a super majority members of The Project for a New America are also members of the CFR. Their own published papers claim their "wish" for a "Pearl Harbor" type event in order to push through Homeland Security and scores of other bills centralizing power and in effect nationalizing local police.

Henry Kissinger who had been for years a director of the Council on Foreign Relations was a consultant to Gordon Gray. And we all know that George W. Bush’s first choice to head the 911 cover up was Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger is trusted to fuel and act on both sides of the Hegelian formula for world control and has cut deals with any dictatorship be it "Communist" or the "Right wing". History shows that Communism is not the people overthrowing the banking establishment but the banking establishment enslaving the people.

From the book Gentleman Spy … Gordon Gray , whose own interventions had confirmed Allen on the course of assassinations. "Nobody wants to embarrass a President of the United States by discussing the assassination of foreign leaders in his presence.", said (Richard CIA) Helms (CFR) long afterward. "We’re hired out to keep those things out of the Oval Office." P505 Gentleman Spy Peter Grose Houghton Mifflin company CFR member Gordon Gray served 6 presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford. That is 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats. Only the boobs and dopes play the party boss games. But for … we folk … political action still necessitates engaging in "their" political primaries It is the Invisible government made up of the CFR which runs the show leading to a NWO.

Gordon Gray was instrumental in recruiting Earl Warren to head the Commission investigating the assassination of John F. Kennedy … the desired result was a massive cover-up.

Gordon Gray groomed his son C. Boyden Gray to follow in his cagy footsteps. C. Gordon Gray went to work … clerking for Chief Justice Earl Warren.

C. Gordon Gray today is the point man for the executioner of the U.S. Constitution. Chief Justice Earl Warren put the Constitution on it’s death bed and Junior Roberts … like Nurse Ratchett intends to extinguish it.

C. Gray worked for the biggest cover-up artist in history Earl Warren.. If you believe Earl Warren you will support and believe John Roberts Jr.

C. Gordon Gray Hegelian Specialist Psychological Warfare Operations. After interning under Earl Warren … C. Boyden Gray joined the law firm of Wilmer, (Lloyd) Cutler and Pickering.

Lloyd Cutler was a counselor to both Trilateralist Jimmy Carter and Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton.

Wilmer, Cutler and Pickering Law Firm an Arm of the NWO

C. Boyden Gray’s law firm has paved the way for the New World Order. On the law firm’s own website under it’s section called "history" … they proudly take credit for the Pro Bono work done in helping to stop Senator Joe McCarthy. The Senator was pressing an investigation of the State Department recently headed by George C. Marshall. The invisible government coordinated Skull & Bones Senator Stuart Symington, CFR members, and their controlled Communist Party to end the investigation.

We learn that Senator Everett Dirksen stated that … "Senator Stuart Symington(Skull & Bones) made a phone call to Secretary Stevens on March 8th 1954 three days before the Army made …allegations of inappropriate acts by McCarthy’s staff supposedly nine months earlier.

During those times their conspiracy appeared as random independent thought. Today we have the Skull & Bones secret membership list and it includes the traitor Senator Stuart Symington (Skull & Bones). Their con job is over for those who inform themselves.

The NY Times June 10th 1953 reported Gus Hall, the head of the American Communist Party urged "Communist Party members and all anti-fascists to yield second place to none in the fight to rid our country of the fascist poison of McCarthyism."

Obvious and interesting …you won’t find the controlled Communists attacking the CFR … the very core of the banking establishment and multinational corporations they pretend to hate. Communists are a killer corp … designed to wipe out the middle class.

Communism is not the people overthrowing the banking establishment but the banking establishment enslaving the people.

The recently released Venona Papers proved Joe McCarthy while aiming for the bull’s eye of betrayal had missed the target.

Senator Joe McCarthy totally unaware of the Skull & Bones agenda to establish a one world government. He mistakenly took these acts of high treason as being Communist directed. When in fact the acts of subversion is an inside job orchestrated out of Manhattan rather than Moscow.

The fear of Bush Family’s Brotherhood of Death was not that McCarthy might discover crooks from the Kremlin but might accidentally discover evil eliminated from the Council on Foreign Relations at 58 East 68th Street in NY City.

Lloyd Cutler

South Africa Turned over to Marxists

Wilmer, Cutler, Pickering and Gray was right in step with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace with their call to overthrow South Africa. The Carnegie Foundation was headed by Alger Hiss (CFR) and Hiss became the first acting head of their United Nations in San Francisco in 1945. And the land for the UN was donated by the Rockefellers. That is why Skull & Bones George Bush and John Bolton (CFR) frequently praise the ideals of the founders of the UN.

What does all of this have to do with John G. Roberts Jr.? Let’s start linking just some of the dots of deception that connects with Bush the Skull & Bones (Brotherhood of Death) and the deluge of deception that has been going on to subvert this country for dozens of decades.

The key to this is not black and white but Gray … C. Gordon Gray.

Communist Nelson Mandela and Communist Slavo giving Communist clenched fist salute … "human rights and their new constitution"

Boyden Gray’s law firm has a congratulatory note from Communist Nelson Mandela which reads "Thank you for your support for the struggle for human rights and a just constitutional order in South Africa."

Iraq is being introduced to the same "Liberation" a la Gray’s law firm, Kissinger and Associates and Skull & Bones and the Project for a New America.

The U.S. here at home can expect nothing less than the same "human rights" and "constitutional order" after John G. Roberts, Jr. is on the Supreme Court.

Now that the International Community has induced chaos in the formerly stable countries of the Congo, South Africa, and Rhodesia

This is so the World Government "International Community" has an excuse for establishing a standing army of 75,000 troops. And Skull & Bones George W. Bush did it.

The destabilization and lawlessness was so carefully nurtured by Alger Hiss’s Carnigie, Cutler, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Committee on the Constitutional System

Attempt to Destroy

Lloyd N. Cutler, C. Boyden Gray’s partner hates America so much he co-chaired the Committee on the Constitutional System . More correctly called "The Committee Against the Constitution.

They wanted 1) to allow the President to dissolve Congress and call for new elections. 2) Permit Congress to vote a "no confidence " in the President and force new elections. 3) allow the President to propose certain types of legislation that could be adopted by popular referendum instead of by congress. 4) Allow easier passage of Treaties requiring much less than the 2/3ths vote 5) Place congressional leaders in the President’s cabinet, thereby further eroding the separation of powers 6) require voters to vote by party only and prevent the splitting of votes for various offices … total bossism. Something the point man C. Boyden Gray’s law firm and the International Community love.

As usual with these Orwellian operatives … War is Peace. What is Constitutional is Un Constitutional. Operation Freedom is Operation Slavery. Operation Just Cause is Operation Rape, Rob and Real Estate.

Funding for this treason comes from American Express whose board of directors includes a partner from Wilmer, Cutler and Pickering … the law firm of the Hegelian C. Boyden Gray. American Express board of directors includes CFR, Trilateralists and Bilderbergers.

Others providing funds to convert the "U.S. so it can comfortably merge with the Soviet Union" was the Ford, Hewlett and Rockefeller Foundations. No surprise to the American people there.

We find that Koch Industries also financed this "study" to disembowel the Constitution. Along with Archer Daniels Midland, General Electric and Exxon and the tobacco company Philip Morris.

Atlantic Council

Putting Countries Under the Yoke of the NWO

C. Boyden Gray is a director of the Atlantic Council that was formed in 1949 to support NATO and cause regionalization of the planet at the behest of Dean Acheson (CFR).

David C. Acheson, Dean Acheson’s son was president of the Atlantic Council organization from 1993 to 1999. David Acheson went through the occult rituals of selling his soul to the Devil and is a member of Skull & Bones … the Brotherhood of Death. It is all about the New World Order and the destruction of the U. S. Constitution.

The Christian conservative community hasn’t got a clue. Too many are entertained by Harry Potter and snookered by the crystal roots of a purpose drive life designed to feather them in with the NWO. A they are being used like toilet paper by the Neo-Con-Nazi’s who are nothing but then the old guard Trotskyites who wear the mask of moderates. In fact, the ones who are supporting John G. Roberts, Jr. are obviously the snookered.

We read from Christian Communication Network dateline Washington 27, 2005 Saying that even Lloyd Cutler and Seth Waxman call John Roberts a man full of "integrity and fair-mindedness." What this Christian Network didn’t say … is that it was Seth Waxman who successfully sold the court on the Campaign Finance Reform laws written by Feingold and Council on Foreign Relations member John McCain that prohibit free speech especially during elections.

The German Marshall Fund

Extracting Money for Use by the NWO

C Boyden Gray is a trustee of the German Marshall Foundation. The German Marshall Fund extorted a huge gift from the German taxpayers in 1972 to fund this NWO front.

Its two co- chairmen Marc E. Leland and Guido Goldman are members of the cryptic Council on Foreign Relations

Lee H. Hamilton (CFR) trustee of the German Marshall Fund is also vice chair of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks 2002-2004. There is a plethora of facts that fit the theory that 911 was an inside job. Lee Hamilton is an "inside player".

Ken Melman

America’s Pink Swastika

It is unfortunate that there is a large segment of the Christian community fair-minded and well meaning, have been ignorant of the evil intentions to destroy everything they stand for. They haven’t a clue to what’s going on and actually believe Bush and his Brotherhood of Death is both Christian and conservative. Rather than solve the problem they perpetuate it.

John G. Roberts Jr. who has bent over backwards for the gay community has the support of the President, and his pal Ken Melman , Karl Rove (Miss Piggy) and California queer Congressman

Congressman DAVID DRIER (CFR) Homosexual leader of the whole Republican California Delegation.

Roberts Went Pro Bono for Gays and Against States Rights

In a landmark decision in 1996 Roberts worked behind the scenes to nullify the voters initiative in Colorado. Lesbian Jean Dubofsky, (Colorado Supreme Court retired ) said ... "Everyone said Roberts was one of the people I should talk to." His advice was "absolutely crucial".

Homosexual activists said this was the movements most important legal victory. Smith head of the pro bono department said "Roberts didn’t hesitate. " He said, "let’s do it."

John Roberts Jr. support comes from Republican Congressman Kolbe (CFR) (Ripon) who received the gay and lesbian award during a gala attended by former Republican majority leader Newt Gingrich’s (CFR) lesbian sister. Dick Cheney (CFR Trilatereral Commission) daughter is an "in your face lesbian".

John Roberts Jr. law firm claims it has "long been committed to recruiting, retaining and promoting attorneys with diverse backgrounds … gays and lesbians." "We are proud to continue to preserve and promote that diversity."

John Roberts Jr. is no normal Orwellian . He has the double think, double speak and double cross down. President Bush called John Roberts "one of the best legal minds of his generation."

John Roberts Jr. Attack on Bill of Rights

The Robert’s firm used their lawyers to attack retail gun sellers because criminals abused their guns. Their purpose was to make it impossible for Americans to protect their homes. In effect they want to bring about the abolition of the 2nd amendment and make individuals totally dependent for protection on the national police under their control.

By putting Roberts in the Supreme court you can kiss the Constitution good bye. Considering Roberts is the protégé of C. Boyden Gray, the Skull & Bones point man akin to Kissinger and Rasputin and Robespierre.

John Roberts Jr. has already … decided for dictatorship … and against the American people with his decision on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, July 15th 2005, giving the Skull & Bones hierarchy the power to designate any individual as an "enemy combatant." Thereby the President total power to set up secret tribunals not subject to judicial review. This is what despotism is all about. John Roberts and C. Boyden Gray are clearing the path for the NWO.

World Federalists

The World Federalists were established in 1947 by CFR members Norman Cousins and James Warburg.

Joseph Sill Clark Politician 21-Oct-1901 21-Jan-1990 Senator from Pennsylvania 1956-69
Alan Cranston Politician 19-Jun-1914 31-Dec-2000 US Senator from California 1969-93 William O. Douglas Government 16-Oct-1898 19-Jan-1980 U.S. Supreme Court Justice 1939-75
Claude Pepper Politician 8-Sep-1900 30-May-1989 Congressman from Florida 1963-89 Ronald Reagan Head of State 6-Feb-1911 5-Jun-2004 40th US President, 1981-89

John Roberts Jr. shared the DC. Circuit with James L. Buckley (Skull & Bones). Buckley was put there by Ronald Reagan who himself was for 13 years on the letterhead of the United World Federalists.

World Federalists

Ronald Reagan was very much for the goals of Skull & Bones. His first choice to replace him if something happened was Skull & Bones George H. W. Bush. Reagan appointed as his secretary of state the president of the Council on Foreign Relations … George P. Shultz.

The middle initial for George Shultz is "P" for Pratt of the Standard Oil fortune. The very headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations is called the Pratt House given to the CFR as a place to carry out their "treason".

As a U.S. Senator, James Buckley (Skull & Bones) wrote to a constituent that there was no such think as a Bilderberger. James Buckley stint with intelligence and propaganda agencies was with Radio Free Europe. New York congressman entered into the Congressional record June 20, 1956 that Radio Free Europe "helps rather than hurts communism." We read … "in reality, the Free Europe Committee and its subsidiary organizations constitute another propaganda front for the Council on Foreign Relations."

James Buckley’s brother, William F. Buckley, Skull & Bones, is a Bilderberger and former CIA operative.

Early in the career of John Glover Roberts, Jr, Roberts was chosen by Attorney General William French Smith to be his "special assistant."

William Buckley, William French Smith, Henry Kissinger, Newt Gingrich and George Shultz all belong to the Devil worshiping Bohemian Club. Here at the entrance to the Bohemian Headquarters in San Francisco is their idol Molock with it’s talons penetrating a human skull.

This Satanic ritual takes place annually in Monte Rio California.

At a special luxury camp they perform a ritual burning called "Cremation of Care" before the 40 foot occult owl Molock to eliminate any trace of a conscience that might be left.

John Roberts Jr, worked for Wm French Smith and C. Boyden Gray worked for Earl Warren both worshipers of the Owl requiring symbolic death rituals. Truly a brotherhood of death ties these evil people together.

Question: Is protégé Roberts’ job at the Supreme Court to sit on a dead Constitution with his penetrating talons? Is John Glover Roberts Jr to preside over the destiny of the United States? Although, Roberts didn’t take the Satanic oath of Skull & Bones while lying nude in a coffin he still serves the American Illuminati faithfully.

John G. Roberts Jr law firm Hogan & Hartson serves the Manhattan money mob of the Rothchilds and Rockefellers where consolidation and takeovers never ends.

We see that the Alger Hiss (CFR) story is repeated in the person of C. Boyden Gray. At the recommendation of Felix Franfurter (CFR), Alger Hiss was made law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

We find in the book Invisible Government by Dan Smoot (the biggest whistle blower of the last century) on pages 28 & 29 …

Felix Frankfurter "excusing Bolsheviki" and "encouraging traitors"

The Plan of "Felix Frankfurter and Paul Warburg is to promote a "planned" or socialist economy in the United States, and to integrate the American system into a worldwide socialist system. Warburg and Frankfurter (early CFR members) were among the many influential persons who worked closely with Colonel Edward M. House, father of the Council on Foreign Relations."

Theodore Roosevelt wrote a letter to Frankfurter … "you have taken an attitude which seems to me to be fundamentally that of Trotsky and the other Bolsheviki leaders in Russia an attitude …frought with mischief to the country." "You are engaged in excusing men precisely like the Bolsheviki in Russia, who are murderers and encouragers of murder, who are traitors to their allies, … to civilization, as well as to the United States …" Reds in America p63 R. M. Whitney Beckwith Press 1924

Roosevelt had harsh words for both Fabian Inter colligate Socialist Society organizer Felix Frankfurer and Skull & Bones E. H. Harriman, whom he called an "enemy of the Republic."

J.P Morgan, Rockefeller and Skull & Bones E. H Harriman shown here angry because Theodore Roosevelt keeps bobbing up.

Skull & Bones E.H. Harriman being pan roasted by Roosevelt.

Alger Hiss (CFR) was recommended to the Roosevelt Administration by Fabian Felix Frankfurter

C. Boyden Gray, Skull & Bones point man, was law clerk to Earl Warren.

Warren Commission

Let’s look at the Warren Commission’s investigation of JFK’s assassination. This fix, fraud and joke on the American people is similar to the phony 911 investigation.

Members of the Warren Commission included:

1. Allen Dulles, an incorporator of the CFR, former chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations whom JFK had recently fired.

2. John S. Cooper (Skull & Bones) need we say more. Cooper, like George Bush and John Kerry crawled into a coffin and dedicated his life to Satan and the NWO.

3. Gerald Ford, a Bilderberger and member of Bohemian grove. This former football star worships the owl Mollock and world government and appointed to Nelson Rockefeller to be his vice president. He appointed George H.W. Bush (Skull & Bones) to head the CIA. Nelson Rockefeller had been part and parcel of the intelligence apparatus, wrote the book The Future of Federalism the year before Kennedy was killed. In that book we find Rockefeller’s real goal. I quote .." I think the answer is some free-super-national political being with the power to tax." Rockefeller’s whole family has manipulated the country for a hundred years. They have mind bending programs for the dumbest kid selling UNESCO cards to the recruited Nuevo rich like Bill Gates and Julia Packard … mere putty in the hands of the master. A century of experience using propaganda, force and rewards paves the road with the next stop being the elimination of the middle class. Ford appointed Skull & Bones George H.W. Bush to head the CIA.

4. John J. McCloy, CFR was like John G. Roberts Jr. a career dependent on Skull & Bones. Skull & Bones Henry Stimson appointed McCloy to be assistant Secretary of War. McCloy was chair of Rockefeller’s Chase bank, High Commissar of Germany extracting money from those people to promote World Government through the German Marshall Fund.

5. Hale Boggs missing in an airplane over Alaska and never found. His wife testified … MS. BOGGS: "I think that when they read all the testimony that came to them each night that they felt a great deal of information had come their way. However, there were obvious feelings of wanting to know more about certain areas of the investigation, wanting to have filled in some of the unanswered questions, …"

6. Richard Russell told of his conclusion about the Warren Commission report on WAB –TV Atlanta January 1970 … "I think someone else worked with Oswald. Too many things cause me to doubt that he planned it all by himself." Russell originally refused to sign the report until they ganged up on him and convinced him to go for a conclusion based on "best information at the time".

What does all of this have to do with Bush’s appointment of John B. Roberts Jr..? It was Gerald Ford who appointed George H. W. Bush 41 to head the CIA. It was Earl Warren where C Boyden Gray first interned because of his CFR father Gordon Gray’s power.

Satanic Worshiper Earl Warren is pictured on the far left at the foot of the Molock Owl.

7) Earl Warren was California’s attorney General and then Governor for 14 years. "He was initially a hard-fighting enforcer of anti-Communist and anti-crime laws. However, following the mysterious and never solved murder of his father, Earl Warren had suddenly changed, almost as if he had been Blackmailed …" From The Elephant that Brays (Gary Allen 1971)

In 1948 Thomas Dewey (CFR) choose malleable Earl Warren as his vice presidential running mate. Dewey (CFR) and (CFR) incorporator John Foster Dulles began in 1950 a group called Republican Advance backed by Skull & Bones Henry Luce. It was to organize and support Republicans dedicated to a NWO. It was replaced in 1962 by the Ripon Society. If you go to the Ripon website you will find 10 unflinching Republican U.S. Senators dedicated to the NWO.

Earl Warren

The year Earl Warren won the election for State Attorney General in 1938 his father was murdered and the killer never found. Earl Warren’s "manager" was Murray Chotiner. Between 1949 and 1952 Murray and Jack Chotiner handled several hundred mob cases. Chotiner became associated with Nixon in 1946 … Chotiner was called to testify before the McClellan crime commission in 1966. Gangster Mickey Cohen said Chotiner got money from him for Nixon.

The criminal crowd used by the conspiracy included Murray Chotiner and Jack Ruby (Rubinstein) the man who "silenced Oswald". Ruby fearing for his life, and the life of his family told the Warren commission...."Well, you won't see me again. I tell you that a whole new form of government is going to take over the country, and I know I won't live to see you another time". We see that according to the 1947 FBI dislcosure that Jack Rubinstein (Ruby)..." ... is performing information functions for the staff of Cong. Richard M. Nixon, Rep of California. It is requested Rubenstein not be called for open testimony."

Earl Warren, the head of the commission to investigate the assassination of JFK may well have permanently compromised … if his father’s unsolved murder … was mob related. Seven years after Kennedy’s assassination Chotiner became Nixon’s "special counsel" and Richard Nixon pardoned Jimmy Hoffa.

Arlen Spector was one of the Warren Commission’s counsels and had to figure a way that to explain how in 6 seconds an additional seven wounds in two people occurred … because the other two bullets were accounted for. Spector’s scam on the American people is referred as the "Magic Bullet". Spector is a member of the Ripon Society.

In George Orwell’s 1984 … Truth is what the Party deems it to be. The lead character Winston was very uncomfortable having to produce propaganda that he knew were lies and for a while struggled against it. The Party eventually succeeds in erasing Winston’s conscience. "Newspeak" was the official language devised by the Party to control thought. To control thought is to control action.

This is where War is Peace … Freedom is Slavery … and Ignorance is Strength

Time-Life magazine was founded by Skull & Bones Henry Luce. Luce shared mistress Mary Bancroft with Allen Dulles (CIA) (incorporator of the CFR) (Warren Commission member)

Time vice president C. D. Jackson bought the Zapruder film of Kennedy’s assassination causign it to disapear and be manupulated. Jackson was with the Psychological Warfare Branch and Radio Free Europe.

Time/Life published only individual frames of the Zapruder film with the apparent intent to deceive the American people. It was not until 12 years after the event in 1975 that they showed Kennedy’s violent backward and leftward motion. Time magazine like so much of the media has been manipulated under Operation Mocking Bird … an internal intelligence operation to control the American people.

CIA director Walter Bedell Smith asked C.D. Jackson to help him recruit members for the Bilderberger organization. See Sinister Forces p121 by Peter Levenda, Trine Day

Both C. D Jackson (CFR) (Bilderberger) and Gordon Gray (CFR) were special assistants to Eisenhower. C. D Jackson together with Henry J Heinz (Skull & Bones) were on the Bilderberger steering committee. Heinz (CFR) was part of the Committee for the United Nations. No doubt Skull & Bones Heinz would support Bush’s (Skull & Bones) appointee John Bolton (CFR) as well as conspirator John G. Roberts for the supreme court.

I’m told by a friend watching television that he had recently seen this brilliant man John Roberts Jr. refer to our country as a Democracy. Could he be so ignorant … no. Roberts is a willing conspirator ready to slit America’s throat and tag those against the NWO and label them as an enemy combatant to be sent anywhere in the world to be tortured and killed with no judicial review.

Westbrook Pegler & Eleanor Roosevelt whom he called "la boca Grande"

Westbrook Pegler told the truth and his career ended.

Westbrook Pegler and Jerry Voorhis (the Congressman Nixon (CFR) defeated in 1946) had something in common. They were both very vocal about the Federal Reserve System.

We already mentioned Felix frankfurter, the Supreme court judge spawning communists and NWO advocates. And we mentioned that Col Mandel House was considered the father of the CFR. Col House wrote a book titled Philip Dru Administrator. This book was the Mein Kamp or Manifesto of the NWO operatives..

Westbrook Pegler was a Hearst columnist and he was dropped by the big city newspapers shortly after this paragraph appeared in his column.

"One of the institutions outlined in Philip Dru is the Federal Reserve System. The Schiffs, the Warburgs, the Kahns, the Rockefellers and Morgan interests put their faith in House. The Schiff, Warburg, Rockefeller and Morgan interests were personally represented in the mysterious conference at Jekyll Island. Frankfurter landed on Harvard law faculty, thanks to a financial contribution to Harvard by Felix and Paul Warburg, and so we got Alger and Donald Hiss, Lee Pressman, Harry Dexter White and many other protégés of Little Weenie."

The connection of Warburg to the Communist Spy ring was too much truth and Pegler was cancelled …the truth had to be blocked. The simple truth is Communism is not the people overthrowing the banking establishment but the banking establishment enslaving the people under a NWO.

Westbrook Pegler also had it right about Democracy … 1951 … "Did I say "republic?" By God, yes, I said "republic!" Long live the glorious republic of the United States of America. Damn democracy. It is a fraudulent term used, often by ignorant persons but no less often by intellectual fakers, to describe an infamous mixture of socialism, miscegenation, graft, confiscation of property and denial of personal rights to individuals whose virtuous principles make them offensive."

John Roberts, Jr. repeatedly refers to our country as a Democracy. And Roberts fits one of the descriptions above … we don’t think he is "ignorant" so "intellectual faker" is more appropriate. A good number of people think "traitor" is the most appropriate.

In the book 1984 … Newspeak eliminates not only unnecessary words form society but history itself … narrowing awareness and thought.

History Destroyed Like the Soviet Union

In the 1930’s The Army Manual 92000-25 November 30 1928 containing the following definition of Democracy … the definition was ordered to be destroyed


A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of "direct" expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic--negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether is be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. Results in demogogism, license, agitation, discontent, and anarchy.

In the novel 1984 … the main character, Winston is required to create a speech about someone who has never existed … so the Party can have a hero. What the Cutlers, neo cons, Hegelian operatives are doing is creating an image to mask John G. Roberts, Jr. He is no conservative or liberal … He is New World Order all the way.

Back to Jerry Voorhis who was defeated by Nixon in 1946. Voorhis wrote a book Beyond Victory attacking the Federal Reserve … he did not want the gang of private bankers to have the power to create money. Voorhis also opposed the Bank for International Settlements which was the World bank of that time …

Prescott Bush (Skull & Bones), Grandfather of George W. Bush(Skull & Bones) literally groomed Nixon (CFR)

The gang of bankers that replaced congressman Jerry Voorhis, the major critic of the Federal Reserve and the Bank of International Settlements, included Skull & Bones Prescott Bush.

Historian Carroll Quigley called the Bank of International Settlements … a system designed for … "nothing less than to create a world system of financial control, in private hands, able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole." Tragedy and Hope Macmillan, 1966

The World Bank is headed by Neocon Wolfenson (CFR. ) (member Project for a New America) which desired a Pearl Harbor like event as the cause to present their long awaited plans for a NWO. 911 provided just the excuse they wanted to launch a war in Iraq which was prescribed years earlier. The vast majority of the members of the Project for a New America are members of the CFR.

With a little help from the "bankers" Nixon defeated Voorhis and Voorhis opposition to the Federal Reserve. The bankers attacked Congressman Lindberg for the same reason.

Congressman Lindbergh stood up to oppose the Federal Reserve Act.

" This Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this bill, the invisible government by the Monetary Power will be legalized. … Wall Streeters could not cheat us if you Senators and representatives did not make a humbug of congress."

The first chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was Pierce Jay. At the time nobody knew he was a secret member of Skull & Bones. There is no more excuse for you or anyone to be ignorant but you are stupid if you don’t investigate these facts.

Congress Lindberg stood up and spoke up to the Conspirators.

Nixon once in congress supported the Atlantic Union Committee Resolution calling for World government.

That group changed their name to the Atlantic Council.

From the Encyclopedia we find that Herter (CFR) "Participated in the 1919 meeting that resulted in the US Council on Foreign Relations. He married Mary Pratt of the Standard Oil fortune. The building given to the CFR for its headquarters was given to it by the Pratt family. "Herters lifetime reputation was as an internationalist." The incorporator of the CFR John Foster Dulles appointed Herter Under secretary of State and took Dulles’s place after his death as Secretary of State in 1959.

The present chairman of the Atlantic Council is CFR member Henry Catto. For most of the 1990’s Skull & Bones David Acheson was in charge. This is why C. Boyden Gray is a director as is Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger Wesley Clark Alexander Haig, Brent Scrowcroft and the very conservative George Pratt Shultz, and Thomas Pickering. All devoted to World Government on the ashes of American sovereignty once the constitution is thoroughly destroyed.

CFR Fred Thompson

And finally former Senator Fred Thompson has been assigned by skull & Bones Bush to work (bribe, cajole?) the Senate, for John Roberts Jr.’s nomination. Fred Thompson already betrayed the American people when he joined the Council on Foreign Relations.

They are encouraging you to support Dr. Jekel … when in fact you are supporting Mr. Hyde.

In 1999 John Roberts Jr. served under Bob Dole and George Mitchell (CFR) sponsored by The American Enterprise Institute AEI. The American Enterprise Institute is supported by NY banks, big oil, and CIA assets.

C. Boyden Gray was an AEI scholar.

UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick (CFR) (Trilateralist) was the wife of OSS Evron Kirkpatrick Director of the Office of Intelligence Research.

Jeanne Kirkpatrick is the Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. MS. Kirkpatrick was for years on the letterhead the Fabian Socialist League for Industrial Democracy. The Fabian Society is honest among themselves about their dishonesty. Their emblem is a sheep in wolfs clothing.

The shield above the world globe has a sheep in wolf’s clothing signifying their commitment to deceit. Their name Fabian is from the General who exercised extreme patience and using the technique of gradualism to have their way.

The Kirkpatricks fashioned the candidacy of Hubert Humphrey (CFR) and later Ronald Reagan (United World Federalist) Reagan paid his dues by appointing globalist Socialist Kirkpatrick to be Ambassador to the UN. John Roberts Jr. is as deceitful as Jeanne Kirkpatrick’s organization the League for Industrial Democracy.

American comic strip writer exposed Trilateralist Jeanne Kirkpatrick and her cronies Starr calls them the P.C.A.

Lil Orphan Annie cartoonist Starr didn’t last too long after he exposed the Trilateral Commission. For more on Orphan Annie see The powerful national news papers ended the cartoonist’s career just they ended that of Jerry Voorhis and Westbrook Pegler.

Senator Barry Goldwater in his book With No Apologies wrote the Trilateral Commission … "is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial, and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States.

Your Rushs, O ‘Reillys and Savages and Frankins, Colmes, and Goodmans … they haven’t the knowledge or fortitude to expose the members of the CFR, Ripon society and the Satanic oath takers of the Skull & Bones … get yourself a shortwave and listen to those who do.

Better act before their planned execution of the United States of America.

John Roberts law firm Hogan and Hartson has been "connected to Skull & Bones for a century. Frank Hogan called in Skull & Bones William Howard Taft as a character witness to protect a banker client of his.

Frank Hogan was the attorney for oil millionaire Doheny in the famous Teapot Dome scandal. The Doheny web site calls Hogan’s law work "a questionable strategy."

In 1939 Frank Hogan addressed the Pilgrim Society. It’s members are close to the center of the conspiracy

Jane Sullivan Roberts

We Americans can be assured that should John Roberts Jr. ever comes to the point where he needs little urging to do the right thing … and make the right decision we can take comfort in knowing his wife’s background. Jane Sullivan Roberts has for years been with the firm Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw & Pittman.

Members of the law firm have included Justice Felix Frankfurter whom Teddy Roosevelt thought was such a fine fellow. Also skull & Bones Henry L. Stimson, who was twice Secretary of War. The Brotherhood of Death is such an appropriate title. Skull & Bones William Howard Taft was a member of this Skull & Bones law firm.

The Spanish American War ignited by an explosion inside the battleship Maine in the Cuban harbor. Taft ended up in charge of both Cuba and the Philippines and eventually being president and Supreme Court Justice.

Amazing how explosions when blamed on another country permit Skull & Bones operatives to attack a country and parlay power and wealth to themselves and their buddies. 911 & the Maine

Jane Sullivan Roberts law firm is especially proud of a law firm member … John A. Sutro … who chaired the San Francisco conference that hosted the world and formed the United Nations.

Jane know where the money is coming from. Their clients include American Express which funded the attack on the Constitution by Cutler, John Robert’s partner. The Committee on the Constitutional System mentioned above.

So both John and Jane Roberts law firms are intimately involved in destroying the Constitution.

Jane’s company also represents big drug companies, banks, big oil … J.P.Morgan/Chase, General Electric, Chevron, Lehman Brothers, Stanford University and Apple.

John Roberts Jr. is not being appointed to defend the Constitution … He is appointed by a member of Skull & Bones to murder the Constitution.

Look at the fools and so called leaders supporting John Roberts as a "conservative " or "constitutionalist" and chart out a new course … investigate … and think for yourself.

Visit TheMuckra

Cartoon by Robert Minor 1911 has Wall Street embracing Karl Marx. Communism is not the people overthrowing the banking establishment but the Banking Establishment enslaving the people.

Communism is merely one tool.

============= Detained or Dead Hamish FLASH Clipper to Chips, FYEO

Ok, folks and brothers. I had already told to you that the Jesuit Order was the first in history who put in practice the Tesla technology to control the climate and natural disasters through the Manila University and Observatory.

It was only in 1951 when the Observatory was able to resume its post-war operations in Baguio, initially confining its research to seismology and the study of the ionosphere. In 1963, the Manila Observatory transferred to the Loyola Heights campus of the Ateneo de Manila University where it continued its seismic, geomagnetic and radio physics research while expanding into solar physics as well.

We also know that the current Black Pope, Adolfo Nicolás Pachón S.J., was the Director of the East Asian Pastoral Institute at the Ateneo de Manila University, in Quezon City, Philippines, from 1978 to 1984. Just after this technology was perfectioned.

Now, notice the following:

In the book "The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla : Haarp - Chemtrails and Secret of Alternative 4" we read:

""HAARP publicity states that the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program is mainly an academic project with the goal of changing the ionosphere to improve communications for our own good. However, other U.S. military documents put it more clearly - HAARP aims to learn how to "exploit the ionosphere for Department of Defense purposes."

The patents described below were the package of ideas which were originally controlled by ARCO Power Technologies Incorporated (APTI), a subsidiary of Atlantic Richfield Company. APTI was the contractor that built the HAARP facility. ARCO sold this subsidiary, the patents and the second phase construction contract to E-Systems in June 1994.

E-Systems is one of the biggest intelligence contractors in the world -doing work for the CIA, defense intelligence organizations and others. $1.8 billion of their annual sales are to these organizations, with $800 million for Black Projects.

E-Systems was bought out by Raytheon, which is one of the largest defense contractors in the world. In 1994 Raytheon was listed as number forty-two on the Fortune 500 list of companies. Raytheon has thousands of patents, some of which will be valuable in the HAARP project.

The twelve original patents are the backbone of the HAARP project, and are now buried among the thousands of others held in the name of Raytheon.""

So, E-Systems owns the HAARPS patents. Now, ¿who owns E-Systems?

James "Jimmy" J. Ling was the founder and head of Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV).

In 1964 Ling started a holding company and established three public companies, LTV Aerospace, LTV Ling Altec, and LTV Electrosystems (later E-Systems, then part of Raytheon IIS, and since 2002 part of L-3 Communications-Integrated Systems (L-3/IS)).

Ling was the son of a Catholic convert who, in the climate of anti-Catholic bigotry during World War I, killed a fellow railroad worker and later entered a Carmelite monastery. Ling's mother died when he was young, and he lived for a time with an aunt. He failed to graduate from his Jesuit high school but became a master electrician after training at a US Navy school in Mississippi.


End of Addendum which Abel Danger did not write while Hamish was missing but we have many investigators nailing this down while at Fresh Kills 1 and 9 the Gallows have been delivered.

PS Roll the Stone away, let the guilty pay, it is Global Independence Day, 2-14-11

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