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Every breath you take - oxygen will be taxed - 'unbelievable bastards' - sustainable development is de-population - are you beginning to understand?

Source: Black Listed News

Waiting To Exhale: Climate Criminals Want To Tax Every Breath You Take
Michael Vail - Chief Editor of BLN

“It is generally accepted that one of the functions of taxation should be to redistribute incomes and wealth. It is often assumed that this function requires incomes to be taxed directly. A shift away from taxes on incomes and profits will run counter to that assumption.” --Club of Rome, Towards an EU strategy for sustainable development

“Revenue from global taxes and putting a new global currency into circulation could then provide a stable source of finance for UN expenditures including international peace-keeping programs. Some of the revenue might also be distributed to all nations according to their populations, reflecting the right of every person in the world to a "global citizen's income" based on an equal share of the value of global resources.” --Club of Rome, Towards an EU strategy for sustainable development
The rabid religious environmental zealots are wild-eyed and completely mad but many of them are well meaning fools. They have been sucked into a pipe dream through persuasion techniques and beautiful imagery. These poor fools are worshiping at the alter of the green god pledging their undying loyalty and resources. Behind the elaborate smoke and mirrors is a trillion dollar engine funding this ruthless gambit for all the wrong reasons. The earth is not their concern, the people are not their concern, they want to be the ultimate global control freaks using their religion to be a means to a Malthusian end.

“The World State in this ideal presents itself as the sole landowner of the earth, with the great local governments I have adumbrated, the local municipalities, holding, as it were, feudally under it as landlords.The State or these subordinates holds all the sources of energy, and either directly or through its tenants, farmers and agents, develops these sources, and renders the energy available for the work of life. It or its tenants will produce food, and so human energy, and the exploitation of coal and electric power, and the powers of wind and wave and water will be within its right. It will pour out this energy by assignment and lease and acquiescence and what not upon its individual citizens.” --H.G. Wells, A Modern Utopia
Governments around the world have stripped away at not only the rights of its citizenry, their inheritance by right of birth and any lingering dignity. They levy taxes on everything imaginable and even the intangible. Previous generations would be up in arms literally if their governments tried taxing rainwater and private water wells. There are new tax 'schemes’ being discussed every day such as the 'fat’ tax and the robin hood tax and many others. Now these blood sucking parasites want to tax the very air we breath!

“Like oil, oxygen is a fuel. Our fuel. The only difference between oxygen and oil is that you can see oil, as Alaskans will testify. But, as any foreigner in Mexico City will also testify, you can certainly feel the lack of oxygen. As such, it can be argued that its producers may have a right to join the markets for coffee, grains, oil and metals--on the commodity exchanges. That's how we should treat it. As a commodity.” --Bill Manson, Tax the Air to Save the Amazon

“Ever since you were born, you’ve been breathing oxygen for free, Right? Well the masters of mundane marketing agree that it is time for you to adjust your thinking. Yes, you can breathe air for free; but how lame is that? Naturally occuring oxygen is just so 10,000 years ago. It’s time for you to begin breathing more pure, more refreshing oxygen.” --Canned Oxygen Could Be the Next Bottled Water
What unbelievable bastards is the only thing that comes to mind as I am literally trembling in anger. Our lives are in the hands of psychopaths with an army of propagandists and ivy league intellectuals. They have attempted to tax every thing under the sun so it doesn’t surprise me. They will give us a wonderful song and dance about using the tax money to plant trees but they will funnel that money to the UN and various non-government organizations to come up with the next scheme. If you are farmers or pet owners your taxes will be doubled. At this point why don’t you just take all our money and give us back what you think we should have.

“Environmental taxes are now being used for several purposes. For example, a number of cities are now taxing cars that enter the city center. Some governments are simply imposing a tax on automobile ownership. In Denmark, the registration tax on the purchase of a new car exceeds the price of the car by 180 percent. A new car that sells for $20,000 costs the buyer $56,000. In Singapore, the tax on a $14,200 Ford Focus, more than triples the price, pushing it to $45,500.

Cap-and-trade systems using tradable permits are sometimes an alternative to environmental tax restructuring. The principal difference is that with permits, governments set the allowed amount of an activity and let the market set the price of the permits as they are auctioned off or given away. With environmental taxes, in contrast, the environmentally destructive activity’s price is incorporated in the tax rate, and the market determines the amount of the activity that will occur at that price.” --Environmental Taxes, Better for the Planet & Economy
The austere measures have been implemented on all of humanity. A tax on oxygen or carbon dioxide is a tax for merely living. The attack on carbon is an attack on life as we are carbon life forms. It is the perfect weapon to use against the population and sadly there are so many who are cheerleaders for their own demise. The silent encroachment on our fundamental human rights will not be taken lightly or forgiven. We are all interconnected on this earth regardless of distance or differences. In the core of each one of us there exists something that we cherish and something that we instinctively protect, our own survival.

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  1. I joked about taxing oxygen on my website some years ago. I claimed, every citizen must go to a local oxygen tax office to buy a oxygen tax plaque. The response was that so many idiots wrote back to me, asking for the adress of the oxygen tax office.


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