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crown sisters operating from Beijing? - eyes off the Anglo sphere for a moment - 'Sinoleaks': an essay - best prostituted brains money can buy

Source: Populism and Social Credit

Note to Future Historians
by Dick Eastman

There is a well-known quote of a Rothschild mother who said something to the effect that "if my boys don't want a war there won't be war."

Forbidden City, Beijing

China is at war with the US, fighting with subversion because when the war began the US was unquestionably more powerful in air power, sea power, atomic weapons to win land wars, and industry and economics. Stalinist Russia, Zhou behind Mao in China, and Trotskyite Israel wage this war together and the US elites – easy sell-outs – help. The US Eastern Establishment have always participated as part of the United States on the assumption that freedom from the British Crown did not and should not imply freedom from City of London Merchant Banking and other European bankers tied to the Rothschild interests; and those banking interests have always been part of international drug trafficking, once called "the opium trade." Zhou Enlai is descended from the Mandarins who were liaisons between the Chinese Emperor and the Banker-backed opium traders who grabbed Hong Kong.

Henry Kissinger, Zhou Enlai, Mao Zedong

The week after Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger (whom Nixon thought to be one of those exceptions to the supposition based on many established instances that at the moment of truth, most Jews will betray the US to serve the Rothschilds and Rothschild-Trotskyite Israel) "opened China" – breaking down the bamboo curtain that had been maintained since the Korean War (which war never ended). The week following Nixon's visit, David Rockefeller, Zhou Enlai and Kissinger held meetings for a week. David Rockefeller loved the absolute power of the ruling class of China – whose authoritarian rule is so complete that people were "re-educated" with "socialist self-criticism" if they dared suggest that Mao and his dictatorship were not the will of peasants and workers – total submission firmly proven by the circus dog obedience to the unnatural commands for the "great leap forward" and the "great proletarian revolution" that swept away all thought but Mao thought as written in Mao's little red book of sayings. This is just the kind of power that Rockefeller always knew that his Rockefeller oil, railroading and banking wealth and superior genetics entitled him to have – and of course other bankers felt the same way.

And so the banks began to suck the wealth of the United States from the US and provide it to China – just as a big black hole becomes binary with a huge (in volume) start and sucks the star's content of hydrogen and helium etc. into the black hole through a long funnel cyclone reaching from start to event horizon. American knowledge and industrial capital were sucked in, even as a program to destroy American culture and degrade its institutions and degrade its people in every way for easy control and conquest was undertaken. This building up of China and breaking down of the American republic fits with both China's tendency to always be "unifying" the central kingdom and the Rockefeller-Rothschild-Zionist etc. ambition for world government under, as David Rockefeller puts it, "bankers and intellectuals" under credit money (monopoly and the best prostituted brains) – endless unification of China expansionism – which they go about with much concealment. (In China it is said that the Chinese discovered America. Rupert Murdoch's media in China, just like the Chinese government, reinforce that view while Americans are portrayed to China by our horror movies and super-action sociopath movies – not by re-runs of Ozzie and Harriet.)

China is at war with the US. We have been prepared for easy conquest by communist subversion (which is really Zhou-Trotsky subversion of the alliance of ruling elites who don't really believe a word of Karl Marx – whose sociological system is also a propaganda scam against true liberalism (Jefferson etc.) used to build up Rothschild (Zionism and power through monopoly) controlled communist dictatorships.

Which is all background for something I want the Chinese to think about after their well-executed defeat and conquest of the people of North America.

That you have accomplished this victory – which Sun Yat-sen would never have undertaken – proves that the government of your great country, your great people is allied with the families of China's defeat and humiliation in the opium wars, with the financiers and master subversives, conspiratorial Jewish power who imposed on you a state which crushes the family, the commune, the farmer, the worker – even as it uses the wealth provided by the Jews to bribe enough people with a pittance of extra benefits to serve them against the people. The bankers have given China industry – but not a system of freedom, not a lifestyle that seeks a prosperous and intelligent and free household sector for its own sake, for the good of the people. Always – even in the conquest of the United States – all that the Chinese people receive is a dictatorship by families that view the Chinese people as labor inputs to be sold to western corporations, that serves not the people – but which oppresses and uses them and does so in consultation and joint control with the most selfish and tyrannical and anti-social and murderous ruling secret combination of the West – the Rothschild-Rockefeller globalist empire – and mutual protection syndicate for unspeakably evil people who have gained unspeakable power over our lives through unspeakable crimes.

After China's great victory – the Chinese people will really come to see that far from overthrowing wicked capitalism, they have handed wicked capitalism the planet and locked in a foreign-raised "Maoist" government for perpetual domination by bankers and men who have betrayed China to serve bankers.

Any Chinese who doubts me is free to correspond and learn the truth – ending any cheerfulness in his life for a very long time. But at least your eyes will be opened to the true danger that threatens the Chinese and their country. You have not simply defeated the evil policies of the United States – rather you have murdered a slave in order to take his place in doing the bidding of international finance which has been the author of those evil policies for centuries.

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  1. Now Abel Danger may be getting somewhere. Dick Eastman is a no holds barred kind of guy. Let the chips fall where they may.


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