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Sister dick - Krayleigh pedophiles? (alleged snuff-film racket) - building alibis for killers - fake news - investigators: dazed and confused

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October 14, 2010

Dear Lord Pearson and Mr. Farage:

Did Crown Sister Dick build Sohonet for Krayleigh pedophiles?

Hawks CAFE is asking UKIP to investigate Crown Agents' Sister Cressida Dick and her colleagues' (see notes) roles in building a Sohonet post-production community to serve former clients of Krayleigh Enterprises, an alleged pedophile snuff-film protection racket set up inside the U.K. prison system by family associates of the late Kray Twins.

Our KSM agents have evidence that Crown Agents' Sisters led by Ms. Dick in the early '90s, converted the Krayleigh prison-based protection racket into a Serco operation which allegedly produces Sohonet snuff films to silence or confuse crime-scene investigators.

KSM also has evidence that Dick's Crown Agents' Sisters equipped City & Guilds' livery companies including Security Professionals and Stationers and Newspapermakers with Sohonet post-production devices needed to build alibis for killers out of fake news reports mingled with images of fake evidence backhauled from fake crime scenes.

"[Evidence Crown Agents Sisters have access to Sohonet-style command centers needed to create fake news of snuff-film murder of potential whistleblowers] .. Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick, QPM (born 1960) is a senior officer in London's Metropolitan Police. Before 2005 she attracted little media attention, but became well-known as having been the officer in command of the operation which led to the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes. In June 2009, she was promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner, the first woman to hold this rank substantively. She holds the Queen's Police Medal for distinguished service Early life The officer is third and youngest child of Cecilia Dick (née Buxton), an Oxford historian and Marcus William Dick , Senior Tutor at Balliol College Oxford and later Professor of Philosophy university of East Anglia [Home of the AGW scam]. She was born and raised in Oxford and educated at The Dragon School (Oxford), Oxford High School and Balliol College, Oxford. Before joining the police force, she had worked in a fish and chip shop and in a large accountancy firm [KPMG?]. Police career In 1983, she joined the Metropolitan Police as a Constable. In 1993, she joined the staff of the Accelerated Promotion Course at Bramshill Police College, and in 1995, joined Thames Valley Police as a Superintendent. She was Superintendent Operations at Oxford, and later, as a Chief Superintendent, served as Area Commander in Oxford for three years. She completed the Strategic Command Course in 2000 and was awarded a Master of Philosophy degree in Criminology from the University of Cambridge, in 2001, with the highest grade of her class. In June 2001, she returned to the Metropolitan Police as a Commander where she was head of the Diversity Directorate until 2003. She then became the head of Operation Trident, which investigates gun crimes within London's black community. In the immediate aftermath of 21 July 2005 London bombings, she was the Gold Commander in the control room during the operation which led to the death of the Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, mistakenly identified as a suicide bomber, on 22 July 2005. In September 2006, the Metropolitan Police Authority announced her promotion to the rank of Deputy Assistant Commissioner Specialist Operations and on 30 June 2009 the Metropolitan Police Authority announced her promotion to Assistant Commissioner in charge of Specialist Crime. According to a BBC radio documentary, she is a supporter of the charity Common Purpose UK."

"[Evidence Crown Agents Sisters have access to Sohonet-style command centers and security professionals with alibis for being present at the snuff-film murder of potential whistleblowers] The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals (WCoSP) is one of the Livery Companies of the City of London. The company is a charitable organization providing education and health services to members of the security professional community. Formed in 1999 when the, now Past Masters, Steve Neville and John Purnell GM QPM DL registered The Guild of Security Professionals with the City of London Chamberlain's Office as The Guild of Security Professionals. On 18 November 1999 Twelve Principle Founder members met to plan the creation of a working Guild. The first meeting with Sixty-two Founder Members took place on 27 March 2000 with Sir Neil Macfarlane being elected Founder Master and with Sir David Brewer, CMG LL(Lord Lieutenant) of Greater London and Mr Deputy Philip Willoughby as Sponsors. Progression to a Company without Livery occurred on 6 January 2004 when the Petition for recognition as a City Company without Livery was recognised by the Court of Aldermen. On the 15th January 2008 the Court of Alderman was petitioned and the Court declared that the Company became the 108th Livery Company of the City of London on the 19th of February, 2008. The 108th ranking is by Order of Precedence, under which guidelines the Company is also classified as a Modern Livery Company. Membership of the Company is drawn from the Security Industry in its widest sense and includes leading security professionals from the industrial and retail sectors, serving and retired members of the police and armed services, security consultants, academics, heads of security for corporate businesses, investigators and electronic surveillance companies. The Company are proud supporters of The Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers Magical Taxi Run to Disneyland Paris each Year for children with life threatening illnesses."

"[Evidence Crown Agents Sisters have access to corrupt security professionals to neutralize police or media investigations into pedophile man-in-the-middle leaders] Sohonet-style graphics and CCTV technologies needed to create fake news and snuff films of the murder of potential whistleblowers] The postcard that exposes pervert Tory peer's lies that Ronnie Kray was ever his friend By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 10:03 AM on 11th August 2009 Recently discovered letters between Ronnie Kray and a Tory peer provide new evidence about an establishment cover-up. The 1960s correspondence shows that the perverted Lord 'Bobby' Boothby and the gay gangster Kray knew each other long before the Conservative grandee admitted. He went on to sue a newspaper after it revealed the relationship between the men and forced it to pay [pounds] 40,000 in damages. The paper's editor was also sacked. Close relationship: Lord Boothby and Ronnie Kray were better acquaintances than previously thought But the never-before-seen letters prove Boothby lied and show how close the pair were. They also highlight how Boothby was later proud to defend the criminal Kray twins in the House of Lords. Boothby and Kray had shared rent boys and their sexual antics were too base to be revealed in detail. When the Sunday Mirror published the story in July 1964 it was beneath the headline 'Peer and Gangster: Yard Probe.' Other newspapers were also on to the story and though at first the revelations didn't name the men it said the pair were engaged in a homosexual relationship. Their identities soon emerged. Boothby threatened to sue and stated that he was not homosexual and had only met Kray three times in the line of business, and only at the gangster's request. It was in the interests of both the Labour and Conservative parties that the scandal was hushed up. And so it was. The letters between Ronnie Kray and Lord Boothby have recently emerged. These new letters prove Boothby and Kray knew each other at least a year before the peer had stated, and that they were meeting socially rather than for business. In a postcard from June 6 1963, Boothby writes to Kray: 'If you are free tomorrow evening (Friday) between six and seven, do come round for a drink and a chat...' It is clearly a reply to earlier communication between the two, which takes their relationship back even further. And it proves that Boothby lied in a letter to The Times in which he made a spirited defence in reaction to the Mirror story. He wrote that he had only met Kray at the gangster's invitation - but this evidence proves that was not the case. After the damages were paid and Cecil King, chairman of IPC that owned the Mirror newspapers, issued a grovelling apology, Fleet Street steered away from the story. The police had also dropped its investigation into the affair and the scandal that had been exposed came to nothing. After winning the damages, Boothby wrote a note to himself, which is also among the new papers. The postcard from 1963 reveals the pair seemed friendly with Lord Boothby inviting Ronnie Kray around for 'a drink and a chat' The aide memoir states: ' of this moment both R.K. and myself have emerged from the incident with flying colours and to the entire satisfaction of the country as a whole. 'Scotland Yard are happy about it, and do not want any more muck raking. In fact this thing has done far more good to R.K. than to myself. 'There is, at present, no stain on his character.' It ends with this sickening boast: 'The Mirror newspapers are prepared to call it a day; and it is a good one for both of us.' Boothby's support for Kray even led him to make a speech in the house of Lords in defence of the twins after they were arrested in 1965 for demanding money with menaces. In one of the newly discovered letters Boothby boasts of his intervention in the chamber. He wrote to Kray: '... I have had a great many letters congratulating me on the stand I took in the House of Lords on your behalf and that some of their Lordships are now a bit ashamed of the treatment they gave me...I think that they will now leave you alone. 'And you can never say that I haven't done my best!' And he adds cryptically: 'The enclosed poem is not a very good one; but it shows what I believe to be the general feeling. 'Tear it up when read...' The poem no longer exists. Another letter on House of Lords headed paper is written on behalf of Boothby to the Krays' parents, thanking them for their birthday wishes. Boothby was a wild philanderer and had an affair with Prime Minister Harold MacMillan's wife - even fathering a child with her. He lived at the exclusive address at 1, Eaton Square and entered parliament at 24 and was tipped to be a future Prime Minister. He was later sacked by Churchill for lying, but was then to sit in the Lords. He died in 1986. The documents, which came to light after a house clearance, are now to be sold at Mullock's auctions in Ludlow, Shropshire, on August 13. They are expected to fetch several thousand pounds. 'It was in the interests of both Conservative and Labour parties to keep the scandal under wraps. 'The Conservatives were still reeling from the Profumo scandal the previous year and the Boothby-Kray relationship risked exposing a Labour homosexual and rent boy user, Tom Driberg, who was also a suspected Communist spy.'"

"[Evidence Crown Agents Sisters have access to corrupt security professionals to neutralize police or media investigations into man-in-the-middle leaders suspected of pedophile or snuff-film crimes] Evidence Crown Agents Sisters have protection-racket opportunities to entrap and extort pedophiles in man-in-the-middle leadership positions] Gangster Ronnie Kray and top politician Lord Boothby in 1963. Lord Boothby was close to all the top people from Churchill to Tom Driberg. Reportedly, Ronnie once said to a boy: "You will go home with Lord Boothby. You will do exactly what Lord Boothby wants. Or I will hurt you" (De Personen Encyclopedie) The Kray twins, Ronnie and Reggie, were mafia-style British gangsters. They had intimate connections to top people in the political world. They were gay. They were friends with a young boy called Brad Lane who has since died. According to this source - Archives - the Krays had links to a paedophile ring. "What was involved was the systematic abuse of ten-to-twelve-year-old boys, one of whom subsequently became fairly well known as a singer. "Another, rather less fortunate, wound up in six pieces in two suitcases... "The paedophile ring in question had links to the Kray twins." More information is found here -Archives "The police uncovered a large-scale juvenile pimping operation centred on a house in a Suffolk village (Tattington) owned by Ronnie Kray (the twins had huge property interests in EastAnglia). "Some of the boys were obtained via a close friend of Britten's in London, who named him as one of the beneficiaries of the 'service': other'customers' included Lord Boothby (who frequently shared boys with Ronnie Kray himself) and the record producer Joe Meek. "At least two other people died in the aftermath of Bernard's murder as the twins sealed up the leaks.""

"[Evidence Crown Agents Sisters have access to corrupt security professionals in the U.K. prison system to neutralize investigations into protection rackets] Evidence Crown Agents Sisters have protection-racket opportunities to entrap and extort pedophiles in man-in-the-middle leadership position even while the principals are incarcerated] BBC Tuesday, 4 April, 2000, 23:10 GMT 00:10 UK Gangster Charlie Kray dies Infamous gangster Charlie Kray has died aged 73 in hospital on the Isle of Wight. Friends and family including common law wife Diane Buffini were at his bedside in St Mary's Hospital. Brother Reggie had visited him earlier on Tuesday. He was serving 12 years for his part in a drugs plot. The elder brother of gangster twins Ronnie and Reggie, Charlie was seen as the quiet one of the trio who brought terror to London in the 1960s .. Kray was jailed for 10 years in 1969 for helping his brothers get rid of the body of McVitie. Protection rackets after coming out of prison, in 1975, he lived in Benidorm and tried to build a property development business. Police believed, though, that he was a lifelong criminal, and that he was linked variously to amphetamine production, counterfeit videotapes and fake pound coins, while underworld whispers connected him to protection rackets. In June 1997, he was found guilty of masterminding a ?39m cocaine plot and jailed for 12 years."

"[Evidence Crown Agents Sisters have access to corrupt security professionals in the U.K. prison system to neutralize investigations into a global (?) protection rackets] "How the Krays ran a protection business for Sinatra and Co from behind bars By Vanessa Allen Last updated at 1:50 AM on 2nd January 2010 The Kray twins ran a lucrative bodyguard and 'protection' business for Hollywood stars from behind bars which prison officials were powerless to stop, secret documents reveal today. The gangland crime lords controlled the business from their cells while Reggie was in jail and paranoid schizophrenic Ronnie was in Broadmoor high-security hospital. The brothers boasted on their business card that their clients included 'Hollywood stars and Arab Noblemen', such as singer Frank Sinatra, adding: 'We have never lost a client.' The Krays, who had been jailed for life for murder, said their services included bodyguards, security and 'house protection' - a chilling echo of the protection racket they ran in the East End. Sinatra was said to have recruited an 18-strong team of bodyguards from the firm, Krayleigh Enterprises, before his June 1985 visit to the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Before they were arrested in 1968, the Krays mixed with many stars of the era, including Sinatra, Judy Garland, Diana Dors, and Barbara Windsor. Some even visited them in prison. Officials at Broadmoor raised the alarm to the Home Office in July 1985, after finding one of Ronnie Kray's business cards. Frank Sinatra was said to have hired 18 bodyguards from the twins' company Krayleigh Enterprises in 1985 But amazingly they claimed they were powerless to ban the fledgling company, which the twins ran with their brother, Charlie, and another man who was not in prison. The memo to the Home Office questioned whether the Krays should be allowed to run the business, but warned there were no provisions to stop Ronnie as he was held under the Mental Health Act. The memo, written by an unnamed Broadmoor official, said: 'As far as I know there is nothing in the Mental Health Act to prevent people setting up companies but I know less about the regulations relating to prisons and the law relating to companies. 'Clearly, however, I do not want the Krays to be seen to be using Broadmoor and it may well be that if he is well enough to be the director of a company he is too well to be in Broadmoor.' The memo, on headed Broadmoor paper, was contained in a prison dossier on the Kray twins released under Freedom of Information legislation. The dossier did not include the Home Office's response to the memo, although an unnamed civil servant has scribbled 'Advice please!' on the top of the letter. The file contained a photocopy of a Krayleigh Enterprises business card, which listed all three brothers as directors and added: 'Personal aides to the Hollywood stars and Arab Noblemen.' The Kray twins were both held at Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight after they were convicted of the murder of Jack 'The Hat' McVitie and sentenced to life in 1969. Ronnie was also convicted of the murder of George Cornell, whom he shot dead for calling him a 'fat poof'. A decade later he was transferred to Broadmoor. He was never released from the high security unit, and died in 1995 Reggie was released on compassionate grounds in 2000 after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, but died a month later. The file described Ronnie as an 'active and predatory homosexual' in jail, and said officers had once found him in bed with another inmate. His bed-mate was threatened with solitary confinement, but on other occasions prison officers appear to have turned a blind eye to Kray's relationships to keep him calm before his transfer to Broadmoor. They said the paranoid schizophrenic's prison relationships were a 'stabilising' influence on him. Kray was plunged into fits of despair when his prison 'passions' were thwarted and often became violent, according to his jailers' notes."

"[Evidence Crown Agents Sisters have access to corrupt security professionals in the U.K. and U.S. prison system to neutralize investigations into protection rackets] Introduction This study centres on several aspects of the initial privatisation of prisons in the UK, announced by the then Home Secretary, Michael Howard in 1993, and now well underway. The first section examines the record of an American company, the Wackenhut Corporation in some depth; outlining its connections with the 'military industrial complex' the US intelligence establishment .. The second section examines other companies (particularly Serco and The Corrections Corporation of America) engaged in prison privatisation, their secret agreements with the Home Office; outlining the ownership of these companies in some detail, in the case of Serco outlining its range of activities and relationship to several sensitive areas of privatisation. The third section examines the UK company Securicor with some brief notes on the integration of the intelligence services into the business world. The fourth part focuses on the Private Finance Initiative, its role in promoting new forms of privatisation and the background of how it came into existence .. In 1994, Wackenhut and a company called Serco were given a contract to run Doncaster prison, and jointly formed a company called Premier Prisons to do so. The details of the Home Office contract were kept secret in the UK until the Prisons Reform Trust obtained them from the Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington. What was revealed was that Premier Prisons, "will not suffer any financial penalties if less than 77 prison staff and 148 prisoners are assaulted within the first year." (8) They are also allowed two escapes from the prison itself and eight from vans. The contract further shows that the jails certified level of accommodation - the maximum level it can safely hold - is 770, while an 'over-crowding option' allows the management to take up to 1,169 prisoners. The Home office is obligated to pay the management more money as and when over-crowding occurs. Furthermore the staff which run the prisons are not members of the Prison Officers Association nor have they received anything like their level of training: many of them are ex-miners recruited at job fairs held in the town high street. The Prison Reform Trust also unearthed another contract, which highlighted details of secret payments of ?3.6m by the UK government to a company called United Kingdom Detention Service (UKDS), who planned to pass a sizable portion of it to an American Company called the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). UKDS holds the contract for Blakenhurst prison, near Redditch, in a seemingly joint venture with the CCA. The money, intended for start-up costs, was handed over - according to UKDS - because of the CCA's 'expertise' in running private prisons. UKDS themselves are a consortium of two large construction companies, Sir Robert Mc Alpine & Sons Ltd and John Mowlem & Co. Plc. Together both had built the Wolds Remand Centre on Humberside (which is run by Group 4) and they wanted to move into building and running prisons - a growth area - hence their hasty consultation with the CCA. The CCA is a corporation with a comparable record to TWC, being similarly founded by ex-FBI agents. They have gained notoriety in the US by being linked to possible corrupt practices over their relationships with state and local officials in their home state of Tennessee. The US attorney in Nashville investigated charges of bribery or kickbacks surrounding a million dollar contract award to CCA to operate the South Central Correctional Centre in Pikeville. CCA's shareholders were influential state and local politicians. These charges mirror those levelled at the CCA's first foray into prison management: the local county commissioner voted to approve the CCA's proposal, his pest control company was awarded a CCA contract and when he left government, he was hired by the CCA to lobby his former fellow commissioners on its behalf. Again they were welcomed with open arms by the UK government. The major decision maker in awarding both secret contracts was Derek Lewis, the ex-director of the Prison Service. Lewis made no reference to any of the main issues surrounding the contracts, but instead obliquely insisted that Premier Prisons "is not an American Company, it is a consortium of two companies one American and one British". Further citing Group 4 as one example of a British firm which had won Government contracts he adds that "with this sector we have a very healthy level of competition". This is evasive nonsense: Group 4 is in fact a subsidiary of Group 4 Securitas (International) BV, Netherlands. As to competition, we have already noted there are only a few companies actually engaged in prison privatisation: Group 4, Securicor, UKDS (in reality Mc Alpine, Mowlem and the CCA) and Premier Prisons (Serco and TWC). Lewis' job was not to make any pronouncements which stood up to any analysis, but damage limitation - he was after all a former TV executive - although his comments here offer the opportunity to set forth in some detail the facts of the matter regarding the ownership of these companies and in a later section, an examination of 'competition' in this and related areas. It should come as no surprise that these companies interpenetrate to any extent. As we have seen UKDS actually worked on the same project as Group 4, one of whose directors, Norman Fowler could have hardly be called a stranger to Mc Alpine given their intimate funding relationship with the Tory party. Admittedly these things are done in secret, and the details of who gets a lucrative government contract in the first place has undergone some interesting changes as we shall see. The directors of the CCA and TWC as we have noted largely stem from the similarly secret world of the CIA and FBI and the ASC, organisations undoubtedly in competition with anyone on the left."

We name below some of the City & Guilds' Livery Companies which we have associated with Crown Agents Sisters' alleged use of sexual entrapment and extortion technologies for man-in-the-middle attacks and bordereaux insurance claims over centuries past.

Information Technologists (Net 1 smart cards and passports to pay `ghost' abductors)
Leathersellers (Pink bags, ePassport and Traka key rings for pedophile sex tourists)
Air Pilots and Air Navigators (Airwave/Traka in Femme Comp Inc and MI-6 pink bag)
Hackney Carriage Drivers (Airwave/Traka into Metropolitan Police and MI-6 pink bag)
Security Professionals (Traka, ePassport walled gardens to move Metronet `ghosts')
Environmental Cleaners (White powder, advanced decomposition of Williams' body)
Plumbers (Crime scene signature with Gareth Williams' body placed in bath)
Launderers (Cleaned up Williams' apartment and planted evidence of padlocked S&M)
International Bankers (Mortgage bordereaux Pimlico house, GCHQ and Obama mansion)
Arbitrators (Nominees' "bordereaux" insurance at 9/11 sites, MI-6 Pimlico safe house)
Stationers and Newspapermakers (Copyright man-in-the middle snuff film ITV 9/11)
World Traders (Event arbitrage in London. Naked shorting DJIA in Chicago on 9/11)
Fishmongers (History of organized contract hits as Crown agents back to at least 1381)
Haberdashers (Paisley pattern stranglers' scarf at United 93 crime scene, ITV Digital)
Butchers (Williams' body mis-treated per the M.O. of Sextortionists at B.C. pig farm)
Fuellers (Diesel in WTC7, Murder of Carlton Bartels, founder of
Armourers and Brasiers (Molten Metal nano-powder incendiary demolition of WTC#7)
Gardeners (Sextortion - By the sweat of thy brow thow shalt eate thy bread)
Constructors (TETRA mobile radios, towers and antennae at walled-garden crime scenes)
Firefighters (My Range radios for man-in-the-middle Twin Towers snuff films on 9/11)
Insurers (Lloyd's of London and Oracle administer family bordereaux insurance frauds)
Scriveners (Crown Sisters control bordereaux as 'Money Scriveners' since 16th Century)
Cordwainers (Tools fit description of wound which allegedly killed Kit Marlowe)
Brewers (Set up Deptford tavern of Dame Eleanor Bull for Kit Marlowe murder)
Apothecaries (Production of Bodkin heroin - Dope - near Calvi Blackfriars Bridge)

“Crown Agents is exactly what its name implies, an agent of Her Majesty the Queen. It was founded in 1833 as Crown Agents for the Colonies, and historically played a vital role in the creation and management of what British historians call the Third Empire .. Crown Agents printed the stamps and banknotes of the colonies; provided technical, engineering, and financial services; served as private bankers to the colonial monetary authorities, government officials, and heads of state; served as arms procurers, quartermasters, and paymasters for the colonial armies .. Her Majesty's Murder, Inc. .. Crown Agents' range of "services''--arms procurement, border controls, offshore banking--also nicely fit the "administrative requirements'' of the world's organized crime cartels .. review of some of the more sordid aspects of the recent history of Crown Agents, suggests that the firm has been at the center of the British Crown's highly sensitive patronage of global organized crime--what EIR long ago dubbed Dope, Inc.”

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Notes: List of Crown Agents Sisters in re alleged use of Man in the Middle sexual extortion and Bordereau Insurance fraud.

"1. Eliza Manningham-Buller [Oracle-MI5-CIA use of Amec-Spie TETRA, Serco, Promis, K-Branch, IRA, Pan Am 103, NetJets 9/12, 7/7, RAF Brize Norton, Anna Chapman Sextortionist, Rendition, Waterboarding, Daughter of Reginald Manningham-Buller who allegedly 'laundered' Bodkin's Dope Inc. case] 2. Jamie Gorelick [Oracle-Fannie Mae, David Emerson, MindBox, DOJ Pride, Vince Foster, Waco, Promis, 9/11 Wall, Schlumberger, Transocean, BP Cancelled Cement Job, Sabotage] 3. Samantha Cameron (nee Sheffield) [Oracle-Menzies Aviation and Distribution, Smythson Stationery, Boston Brakes, Princess Di, wife of Jardine Jump-Ship Dave Cameron, great grandfather was chairman of Reuters] 4. Hillary Clinton (nee Rodham) [Oracle USAID-SBA liquidations, Crown Agents Gyroscope QRS11 Patent on NetJets Boeing and Gulfstream V on 9/11] 5. Cherie Blair (nee Booth) [Oracle-LSE For You, Matrix Terrorists, Law of the European Union, European Convention on Human Rights] 6. Michelle Obama (nee Robinson) [Oracle- AT&T CIA Henry Bienen, Princeton, Sidley Austin, Union Carbide Bhopal] 7. Miriam Clegg [Oracle DLA Piper head of international [EU/FCC] trade law practice, clients include Standard Chartered Bank, wife of Lord President of the Council Nick Clegg, worked with late Robin Cook on passports for 'al-Qaeda' illegals, BBC Royal Charter, exclusive alliance in corporate finance, tax, ICT, telecommunications, public private partnerships, infrastructure, energy and aviation with Nairobi law firm, Iseme Kamau & Maema Advocates] 8. Bernardine Dohrn [Oracle-Northwestern University, Unabomb, Weather Underground, Rwanda Genocide, Torture Paradigms and Practice] 9. Mary Harron [Oracle-Netflix DVD American Psycho, Weather Underground, Bondage S&M, SCUM, Former girlfriend of Tony Blair at Oxford University] 10. Charlotte Bryan [Oracle-Serco FAA Contract Towers FC-KU crime scenes of 9/11] 11. Lucy Adams [Oracle-Serco BBC snuff film sites 9/11, 7/7] 12. Kristine Marcy [Oracle-Serco, Robert Hanssen's handler, Promis, SBA, DOJ Pride, USIS, DNS, ICE, U.S. Marshals, Reduction in Recruitment (RIR) for illegals in preparation for 9/11, Obama CUKC Passport, JPATS, Femme Comp Inc., Unabombs, 'Mindless Breathers - Useless Breeders' comment] 13. Vicky Huhne (nee Pryce) [UK Government Economic Service, Greek, LSE Fabian, KPMG 'abusive' tax shelters; Company Voluntary Arrangements with "bordereau" insurance cover for liquidation of extorted borrowers, Exxon Valdez, Military Bank, Williams & Glyn's Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Department for Trade and Industry, FTI; cuckolded by Chris Huhne Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change for bisexual Carina Trimingham] 14. Alison Woodhams [BBC World Service COO since 2004, BBC Group Financial Controller 2001-04, AT & T Istel to 1994 Finance and Business Services Director; BBC World Service propaganda in 43 languages including English, Arabic, Cantonese, Croatian, Czech, French, Kazakh, Mandarin, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese] 15. Baroness Sue Garden (nee Button) [Wife late 9/11 war-game maestro Tim Garden, Volunteer Citizens' Advice Bureaux, welfare counsellor, military caseworker, City & Guilds vocational qualifications [Launderers]1988 - 2000, advisory until 2008, member World Traders' Livery Company since 2000, Master 2008-09, spokesperson in Lords for Children, Schools and Families] 16. Paule Gauthier [Chair of SIRC 1996-2005 when Piggy's Palace - Crown-registered pig farm charity - served in sextortion of RCMP and CSIS in run up to 9/11] 17. Lynne Ann Cheney (nee Vincent) [extorted man-in-the-middle in PEOC on 9/11; Lockheed director 1994 to 2001, Sisters novel portrays rape and depictions of lesbian sex] 18. Theresa Emerson (nee Yeuk-Si Tang) [Husband is David Emerson, former Canadian foreign minister, they say, is a "son-in-law of China" nicknamed Ai Minxin "trusted by the people", served as director of MDA co-developer of MindBox debt recovery software used through 9/11, Fannie Mae and BP-Deepwater Horizon bordereaux insurance frauds] 19. Nancy Pelosi (nee D'Alesandro) [Speaker U.S United States House Representatives; Appropriations and Intelligence Committees; son Paul advises NASA Ames Research Center and AirPatrol Corporation on sustainable development and security; many years with Bank of America Securities, Bank of America Countrywide and JP Morgan; helped develop MindBox loan-recovery bordereaus which financed contract hits 9/11 et al] 20. Anna Chapman (nee Kushchenko) [Sextortionist; spy; Barclays, NetJets and Navigator Asset Management in City of London; arbitraged sabotage of KIT, Fortis domestic markets in Russia and Belgium; money laundered by Canadian investors in CRYPTOCard and Entrust technologies;. Pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government without notifying the U.S. Attorney General; deported to Russia July 8, 2010 in Russia-United States Prisoner Swap] 21. Linda Wright (nee Pickton) [former Kerrisdale realtor who owned or owns mortgage bordereau on Piggy's Palace Burns Road site; brothers served as sextorted men in the middle; allegedly used Burnaby AirPatrol / ADT security network to track killers and victims and transmit snuff film content from FC-KU crime scenes (Femme Comp Inc on Ku band)] 22. Mila Mulroney (nee Milica Pivnički) [On the Take, decade of crime, greed and corruption at 24 Sussex Drive; husband former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney; shoe fetishist who allegedly contributed to Crown Agents' gang-counter gang strategy involving pedophile rapes through the Balkans War. Alleged sextortion of husband and Yves Fortier, his former boss at Ogilvy Renault, who is a former Oxford University Rhodes Scholar (1960), a former President of Security Council (October 1989) and a former President of the London Court of International Arbitration Development through the 9/11 attack (1998 to 2001)] 23. Cressida Dick (nee Dick) [Sextortionist of police employers to infiltrate LGBT groups; Entrapment Bullingdon Club, Oxford; Sponsor Metropolitan Police's Airwave, TETRA/My Range and Walled Garden radios; man-in-the-middle control of crime scene assets involving threats to life, contracts to kill, kidnap, hostage, organised drug dealing and other criminal networks, gun supply, shootings and gun crime homicide; Specialist Operations surveillance of Ministers, VIP's and Royal Family; opportunity to use Boston Brakes in alleged 1997 assassination of Princess Diana.] 24. Julia Middleton (nee ?) [Common Purpose; French lycee; Economics degree LSE. CP supporters include BBC business editor Robert Peston, Metropolitan Police Assistant Deputy Commissioner Cressida Dick and many TOPOFFS; Uses Civilia FRS8 exemption to launder money for members in central and local government, Houses of Parliament, police, military, legal profession, BBC, NHS, church, 8,500 quangos, education, social services, civil service, and regional development agencies; Founder DEMOS with Obama and Rockefeller Brothers Fund president; Controls $64 trillion Carbon Disclosure Project, Media Standards Trust (with Salz executive vice chairman of Rothschild), Good Governance Network, Impetus Trust, and Alfanar] 25. Anne Elizabeth Sikorski (nee Applebaum) [Husband is Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, a Bullingdon 'Blood and Steal' Club member with David Cameron and Boris Johnson; they supports Roland Polanski, snuff-film producer and pedophile rapist; Father is Harvey M. Applebaum, Covington and Burling partner with A-G Holder; Marshall Scholar, London School of Economics (1987); St Antony's College, Oxford; Warsaw, Poland 1988 for The Economist; former editor at The Spectator; Former columnist for Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph ergo spins for The Stationers]. 26. Jana Clemmow (nee Bennett) [Director Vision at BBC; Former executive V-P U.S. Discovery Communications; Britain in 1969; BBC 1979; Editor Horizon 1990; Head of Science 1994; BBC Vision combines TV,, Drama Entertainment & Children's and Factual & Learning divisions; BBC One, BBC Two, digital channels BBC Three and BBC Four, and BBC America; heads commissioning for Fiction, Knowledge, Children's and Entertainment, in-house TV and multi-media content through BBC Vision Productions; claimed £4,862 in expenses for taxi fares in 3 months to make confidential calls "in private”; Husband owner and operator of Juniper peer to peer media production company and Oxford buddy of Blair]”27. Laura Liswood (nee Liswood) [Council of Women World Leaders, Managing Director, Global Leadership and Diversity for Goldman Sachs; Her quest is to find out what it would take for a woman to become President of the United States; former GM Pacific Northwest and TWA; Boston Consulting Group; author 'Serving Them Right' and ' The Loudest Duck'; Former commissioner of Seattle's Women's Commission; owner/publisher of Seattle Woman; founder May's List; In 2000, Sec Def appointed her to three-year term on the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS). After 9/11 reserve police officer in Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department and is now a Sergeant] 28. France Desmarais (nee Chrétien) [Daughter former Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chrétien. Husband Desmarais, former Special Assistant to the Minister of Justice of Canada, Power Financial Corp; Groupe Bruxelles Lambert S.A.; Great-West Lifeco Inc. and Great-West Life Assurance Company; Pargesa Holding S.A.; Bertelsmann AG; Seagram; Director of Bombardier Inc., until 2004; Vivendi; Canada China Business Council; Chief Executive's Council of International Advisers of The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; CITIC International Advisory Council; Canadian Executive, United States Executive, Canadian Investment and Credit, United States Investment and Credit and Corporate Management Committees]" 29. Brenda Stewart [Senior V-P Net1; extorted (?) control of Dr. Belamant patents in COPAC (Chip Off-Line Pre-Authorized Card) and Net 1 universal electronic payment systems (or UEPS) for saboteurs, assassins and pedophiles based in unbanked or underdeveloped economies in South Africa, Europe, Asia, and Latin America] 30. Hanne Strong (nee ) [In 1951, married Maurice Strong to set up a man-in-the-middle pass officer position in Identification Unit of the U.N. Security Section; Mau Mau oath taking rituals; torture-film pedophile service with Obama grandfather; CalTex job as a front 1953-1954; Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) 1966-1970 to reward pedophile killers with untraceable mix of foundation, trust and tax money; United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Nairobi, Kenya 1973-1975 to start depopulating communities based on crime of exhaling CO2!; ran Manitou Foundation near Baca Ranch for sexual entrapment and extortion of pedophile guests, forced later to pay genocidaires through Net 1 for the contract killing of families with children and heterosexual parents; Fellow of the Royal Society (U.K.) and Royal Society of Canada] 31. Winnie Mandela (nee Madikizela) [Sexual extortionist, pedophile and kidnapper; ex wife Nelson Mandela; used young men and children as personal bodyguards in Mandela United Football Club; rubber tyres filled with petrol, ignited as "necklaces"; used Net 1 (?) to pay killers of 14-year-old Stompie Seipei; 1983 ANC car bomb of military headquarters in Pretoria; 1988 BBC World Service propaganda rock concert Wembley Stadium; Harry Belafonte, Whitney Houston, Roberta Flack, Stevie Wonder; smuggled message from Mandela read out, watched by 72,000 spectators, 200 million viewers in 60 countries]" 32. Franny Armstrong ( ), Spanner Films, indie pop group The Band of Holy Joy, McLibel; Drowned Out; Narmada Dam Project; 10:10 No Pressure snuff film of exploding kids; `We 'killed' five people to make No Pressure – a mere blip compared to the 300,000 real people who now die each year from climate change' The Age of Stupid in New Orleans; Passion Pictures client of Sohonet showed special effects of UNDEX after Hurricane Katrina 33. Dame Julia Charity Cleverdon DCVO, CBE [Late husband John Garnett, was director of the Industrial Society. She is Vice-PresidentBusiness in the Community; was Chief Executive from April 1992 – March 2008; sponsors Age of Stupid linkage of environmental impact, diversity, workplace practice and ethical operations in the wider marketplace; Teach First; National Council for Educational Excellence; Prime Minister's Talent and Enterprise Taskforce Advisory Group; 'In Kind Direct'; Helena Kennedy Bursary Scheme; World Wildlife Fund; former Director Industrial Society's Education and Inner City Division; started career working in industrial relations for British Leyland. Julia was married to the, and has two daughters]" 34. Charlotte Beers [Uncle Ben's; J. Walter Thompson first female vice president in firm's 106-year history; Tatham-Laird & Kudner CEO; Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide Chairman and CEO (1992-1997); handed over to Shelly Lazarus; J. Walter Thompson Worldwide chairman; 2 October 2001 sworn in as Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs (at the US Department of State); assigned, amongst other things, to sell so-called War on Terrorism [WTF?] to [Stupid Men and Women in] public] 35. Shelly Lazarus [CEO and chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide; branding for American Express, Dove, Ford, Kraft, Kodak and IBM [and allegedly Sohonet]; `I've always believed that a brand is a relationship. And like all good relationships, it is built on trust. If a brand violates that trust by doing something that its customers consider false or inauthentic, it risks serious and sometimes irreparable damage to its reputation' .. `we established Neo@Ogilvy, our digital media, direct response and search marketing unit two years ago. Mobile marketing also has a lot of potential .. mobile devices have become the "third screen," and in some cases, the primary screen. We've formed digital innovation labs in five key markets around the world ... Gaming [event arbitrage and bordereau insurance fraud?] is another hot area in which our digital labs are innovating'] 36. Condoleezza Rice [66th United States Secretary of State; President Bush's National Security Advisor during first term; political science Stanford University Provost 1993 to 1999; chaired Millennium Challenge Corporation; Met CIA Director George Tenet July 10, 2001 in "emergency meeting" on impending al Qaeda attack; in PEOC with Lynne Cheney when Sisters disrupted 9/11 response by Dick Cheney and George Bush]

"[Evidence that ] With Sexting, Sexcam sessions, and Indiscretion, Comes Sextortion It was inevitable that the number of sextortion cases reaching the public's attention would climb as the spread of sexting and sexcam sessions continues unabated. Sextortion - the combination of the words "sex" and "extortion" isn't a web phenomenon, extortionists and blackmailers have used their knowledge of other's infidelities, or possession of compromising images, videos, phone calls, and letters since close to the dawn of man. Perhaps the most recent public example was when a former CBS producer threatened to disclose David Letterman's history of affairs unless Letterman paid him $2 million .. The photos may be used for blackmail or sextortion as in the cases listed above. The photos may be classified as child pornography, and the image taker, the image recipient, and any other recipients may be charged and registered as sex offenders - a label that will follow them through life. "Sexting" Leads to Child Porn Charges for Teens, 'Sexting' Teens May Face Child Porn Charges" .. "In cryptography (Man in the Middle - MITM) is a form of active eavesdropping in which the attacker makes independent connections with the victims and relays messages between them, making them believe that they are talking directly to each other over a private [Airwave] connection, when in fact the entire conversation is controlled by the attacker."

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