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D2-Banking™ - Murder of JonBenét’ - Canary Wharf Group - CSI Production Crews - Post Production of 9/11 Snuff-Films

Source: Hawks Cafe; Captain Sherlock; Abel Danger

October 31, 2010

Dear Lord Pearson and Mr. Farage:

Crown Sisters’ D2 Banking and the Murder of JonBenét

Abel Danger asks UKIP to investigate Crown Agents’ Sisters for the use of D2 BankingTM digital images to create a fake ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ into ‘The [Pedophile] Murder of JonBenét’ and extort targeted family trusts invested in the Canary Wharf Group into funding ‘the first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history’ on 9/11.

Our KSM agents have evidence that Crown Sisters led by Lynne Cheney (see notes) used Canary Wharf D2 Banking services to extort Lockheed Martin officials including JonBenét’s father and Cheney’s fellow LM director Norman Mineta, into equipping CSI production crews and the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspapermakers to backhaul and archive images required for the post production of the 9/11 snuff films.

Time to pull the plug on the cesspool called Hollywood? - blowing cover in Hollywood - Randy Quaid slandered - actors getting whacked


Today Randy Quaid may have made a breakthrough to blow the cover of Illuminati Hollywood if only others will step forward. He's already flushed one out in the open -- Lloyd Braun, Hollywood producer formerly exec with ABC/ Yahoo. He named Braun -- who was of course furious and sent out his minion to announce his suit for defamation.

Extortion Hollywood Style
October 30, 2010

Celebrity meltdowns are so routine the scenarios are predictable. Star freaks out in public place - gets arrested, goes to re-hab. Star found dead on drugs, or star commits suicide, like Heath Ledger and David Carradine

"How many people have you known personally who have died suddenly and mysteriously in the last five years?" Randy Quaid asked.

"I have personally known eight actors..." Quaid stopped for a moment, clearly fighting back tears. "All of whom I have worked with and was close to - Heath Ledger, Chris Penn, David Carradine among them. I believe these actors were whacked and I believe many others, such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson, are being played to get at their money."

See Randy Quaid's remarkable press conference here:

Veteran Hollywood actor Quaid and his wife were arrested in Vancouver Canada on warrants issued from Los Angeles, released on bail to await extradition.

The Media lit up identical stories gratuitously trashing Quaid with the Britney Spears treatment. The tabloids howled "Randy Quaid MELTDOWN."

Overnight he and his wife are presented as "fugitives". I've read gratuitous remarks from nobodies in these articles like, "unsurprisingly, drugs are suspected...." Suspected? The court charges don't involve drugs.

Quaid's never been arrested for drugs or drunk. More libel and slander: an ABC breakfast TV drone tried psychiatric innuendo; "Randy Quaid has made a career playing offbeat weirdos...maybe that should tell us something." It tells me that Quaid is a good actor, a job he's been doing multiple films every year since 1971 without incident before bad things started happening to him which haven't been adequately explained.

The media coverage is definitely a smear. They would have gotten away with smearing him too, if he hadn't gotten this press conference on video and online.

Quaid has also named one of the bullies involved in trying to screw him, ABC/Yahoo producer Lloyd Braun. Quaid named Braun as part of the "monstrous ring of accountants, estate planners and lawyers" who are "trying to kill my career and, I believe, murder me in order to gain control of my royalties."

Bingo. There's motive. Royalties. Whomever has been going after Randy Quaid has serous clout in Hollywood and media control. What sort of group has the influence to get a veteran stars actor's union card canceled to kill his income, and the legal leverage to get a famous American and his wife arrested in Canada to be hauled back to Los Angeles in cuffs?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Krayleigh-Oxfords - pedophile oath-taking ceremonies - Oxford University and the 108 City & Guilds of London Worshipful Livery Companies - D2-Banking™

Source: Hawks Cafe; Captain Sherlock; Abel Danger

October 30, 2010

Dear Lord Pearson and Mr. Farage:

Crown Sisters’ Krayleigh-Oxfords and the Worshipful Pedophiles

Abel Danger asks UKIP to investigate Crown Agents’ alleged hiring of Sisters (see notes) to stage pedophile oath-taking ceremonies and procure digital snuff-film images to extort assets moving through Krayleigh Enterprises prisoner protection racket, Oxford University and the 108 City & Guilds of London Worshipful Livery Companies.

Krays. Lords of the Underworld. Channel 4 documentary 1997:

Our KSM agents have evidence that Crown Agents have equipped the Sisters with mi2g D2-Banking™ (a Canary Wharf digital-data custody service operated by the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspapermakers) to ensure inter alia that Boothby, Blair, Clinton and Cameron family members can access online, fake snuff-film images from Silence of the Lambs, American Psycho 2, Con Air, Pearl Harbor and United 93.

Oxford University Experiment: personal carbon trading scheme - Norfolk Island - reduce obesity and global warming with one card

Source: Sunshine Coast Daily

Carbon trading project a world first
Digby Hildreth
28th October 2010

A WORLD-FIRST trial of a personal carbon trading scheme that will also target obesity is to be conducted on Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Island, the site of a new personal carbon trading trial is 3 hrs from Australia by plane.

The three-year project will involve giving everyone on the island a card loaded with carbon units, according to the man leading it, Garry Egger.

“Then every time they go and pay for their petrol or their power – and from the second year their food – it will not only be paid for in money but it will also come off the carbon units they are given for free at the start of the program,” Professor Egger said.

If people are thrifty and don’t buy a lot of petrol or power or fatty foods, they will have units to spare, which they can cash in at a bank.

“If they aren’t frugal and produce a lot of carbon and consume unhealthy foods, then every year they will have to buy extra units,” he said.

Professor Egger said the main goals were to test the effectiveness of a personal carbon trading scheme, cut per capita carbon emissions and reduce obesity and obesity-linked behaviours.

The SCU project is the first of its kind to be held in a “closed system” island environment and has been made possible by a $390,000 Linkage Projects grant by the Australian Research Council.

It was “fantastic” that the council recognised the importance of bringing together the whole aspect of climate change and health, he said.

“This is a project for looking at reducing climate change and obesity in the one hit.”

The scheme, which was initially developed at Oxford University in the UK, recognised that obesity and climate change “have similar drivers, so we are tackling two of the world’s biggest problems at the moment with the one project”, Professor Egger said.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Krayleigh Enterprises: prison-based pedophile snuff-film service - sexual extortion - filming torture death of children - Asymmetric Threats

Source: Hawks Cafe; Captain Sherlock; Abel Danger

October 27, 2010

Dear Lord Pearson and Mr. Farage:

Crown Sisters Goldman Sex with small business pedophiles

Abel Danger asks UKIP to investigate how Crown Agents' Sisters (see notes) moved Krayleigh Enterprises – a prison-based pedophile snuff-film service fronted by the late mother (d. 1982) of the late Kray Twins – onto Canada Square / Canary Wharf websites for the alleged use of U.S. 8(a) and U.K. small-business owners in the sexual extortion of global credit providers including; George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer; Robert Rubin, former chairman of Goldman Sachs, and, the late Edmund Safra, founder of Republic New York Corporation who was murdered in Monaco on December 3, 1999.

Reggie Kray's funeral:

Nathan Rothschild (1777-1836): "I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply [but who controlled the Rothschild men back then and who controls their online equivalent now?]"

Field McConnell & David Hawkins: October 2010

Source:, hawkscafe,

27 October 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part3

20 October 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part3

13 October 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part3

6 October 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part3

5 October 2010—Listen

4 October 2010—Listen

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A darwinian 'social cleanse' - exodus of poor from London - maybe it's austerity time in UK after carbon disclosure massive failure - meanwhile...

"Pack your bags, peasants, and make sure your dead peasant life insurance is updated before you depart London."


Councils plan for exodus of poor families from London
Benefit cuts force officials to book up B&B accommodation
More than 200,000 may leave capital in 'social cleansing'

Ministers were accused last night of deliberately driving poor people out of wealthy inner cities as London councils revealed they were preparing a mass exodus of low-income families from the capital because of coalition benefit cuts.

Representatives of London boroughs told a meeting of MPs last week that councils have already block-booked bed and breakfasts and other private accommodation outside the capital – from Hastings, on the south coast, to Reading to the west and Luton to the north – to house those who will be priced out of the London market.

Councils in the capital are warning that 82,000 families – more than 200,000 people – face losing their homes because private landlords, enjoying a healthy rental market buoyed by young professionals who cannot afford to buy, will not cut their rents to the level of caps imposed by ministers.

The controversy follows comment last week by Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, who said the unemployed should "get on the bus" and look for work. Another unnamed minister said the benefit changes would usher in a phenomenon similar to the Highland Clearances in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, when landlords evicted thousands of tenants from their homes in the north of Scotland.

In a sign that housing benefit cuts are fast becoming the most sensitive political issue for the coalition, Jon Cruddas, the Labour MP for Dagenham, last night accused the government of deliberate social engineering.

"It is an exercise in social and economic cleansing," he said, claiming that families would be thrown into turmoil, with children having to move school and those in work having to travel long distances to their jobs. "It is tantamount to cleansing the poor out of rich areas – a brutal and shocking piece of social engineering," Cruddas added.

Meanwhile, at Windsor Central, the Queen's £38m a year offshore windfarm windfall - because she owns the seabed

Darwin's Britain: worst place to live in Europe - quality of life index - engineered feudalism - C'est ce que le tunnel sous la Manche est!


UK worst place to live in Europe: Quality of Life Index
Tuesday, 21 September 2010
by Lauren Pope

The UK and Ireland are the worst places to live in Europe, while France and Spain are the best, according to the latest uSwitch Quality of Life Index

The UK came 9th out of the 10 European countries in the Index, thanks to high living costs, below average government spending on health and education, short holidays and late retirement. The Index shows that people in France enjoy the highest quality of life, closely followed by Spain.

People in the UK pay the highest prices for food and diesel, yet the government spends below the European average (as a percentage of GDP) on health and education. We also work longer hours, retire later, receive less annual leave than most of our European counterparts and get less sunshine along the way - not to mention the fact that we can expect to die two years younger than our French counterparts.

The UK no longer has the highest net household income in Europe, after falling behind Ireland, the Netherlands and Denmark. In the past, the relatively high net income in the UK has offset the poor quality of life, but this year net household income it is only around £5000 above the European average, compared to £10,000 above last year.

France enjoys the earliest retirement age (joint with Poland), spends the most on healthcare (11% of GDP) and has the longest life expectancy in Europe. Its workers also benefit from 36 days holiday a year, compared with just 28 in the UK, and it comes only behind Spain and Italy for hours of sunshine.

Spain has the most sunshine, the lowest prices for alcohol and the highest number of days holiday in Europe at 43 days a year. However, the Spanish government spends the least on education.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Good Queen Bess and the Stranglers Scarf - Chapter 13

Crown Sisters’ Massive Attack on Prince of Canada Square
Lesbians’ carbon footprint to kill Romanian babes and heteropatriarchal males

9/11: British TV coverage: 09.56 - 10.06 EST:

Barry Soetero, Punahou '79, gets 60 days to clear his office as AD begins to TELL IT LIKE IT IS to the genocide-targeted blacks in New Orleans. SuzieQ gives Chips two tugs on the tiller; he washes down 3 EOPs with the remaining Oyster juice. She goes undercover; he pictures Helen Thomas to forestall early exploculation thereby causing a 'choke point' such as those staged in phony evacuation drills designed for testing at One Canada Square and execution at the Twin Towers in the Sisters’ Massive Attack for snuff film 9/11. Red Panther calls 'switch' at the 150 minute point and Chips harks back to the last time he had found a young female so 'articulate' in the skills necessary to be a female ass-set of Abel Danger, a young lady from a wealthy family in the UK who had a fish tattooed on her ankle, either a Dolphin or a Grouper. Abel Danger Global Ops tells Chips that things are getting 'shaky' in Washington and City of London according to 'chatter'. A double agent tells them through ITV, that Crown Agents sent some women from Senior Executive Service to buy slave children in the Romanian orphanages for the Sisters’ pedophile and prisoner protection trade. They are also targeting hetero-patriarchal males. He says live snuff is with the Stationers; copies are encrypted and sold in pay-per-view through Canada Square and Serco. Plum City heats up as City of London and Ottawa don't appreciate coverage of Colonel Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams and General Maurice THE SEAHORSE Baril ink that Chips has been slinging. Royal Crown Agent Abigail Chopsticks FLASHed Chips to check carbon footprint scam by Ogilvy & Mather’s lesbians who had coordinated a TOPOFF kill-the-males continuity of government exercise through 9/11 out of virtual (online) war rooms in One Canada Square; also FOOTPRINT campaign for a GAY & LESBIAN FILM FESTIVAL in South Africa released in October 1999. Franny Armstrong is about to learn that she and her lesbian cronies will be booted out of the Mens' Room, so they can make their footprints in the Age of Stupid. Agent Red Panther reaches for Minnesota Vikings tube sock. At Ogilvy & Mather, DLA-Piper, Femme Comp Inc and Senior Executive Service, the lesbos wonder; "Who are those Abel Danger guys and what badges do they wear?” Beware the 36 Stud.

Canada Square: ConAir war rooms for 9/11 - 'Abacus 9/11' insurance claims - prisoner-based protection service - alleged backhauled Images

Source: Hawks Cafe; Captain Sherlock; Abel Danger

October 25, 2010

Dear Lord Pearson and Mr. Farage:

Did Crown Sisters' Marcy ConAir use Abacus 911?

Hawks CAFE is asking UKIP to investigate Crown Agents Sisters' Kristine Marcy and her colleagues (see notes) for their apparent use of Canada Square ConAir war rooms to create special effects for the 'first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history' and support Canada Square tenants in 'Abacus 9/11' insurance claims on Lloyd's of London.

Our KSM agents have evidence that Crown Agents procured war rooms for the Canada Square clients of KPMG and Allen & Overy, while Marcy built a pedophile and prisoner-based protection service for Abacus 9/11 actors hired through City & Guilds of London, U.S. Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (ConAir) and SBA 8(a) program.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mary Elizabeth Harriman - officer and a gentleman - 'the perfect power couple' - an officer and a charity executive - long evening walks

Mary Elizabeth Harriman; wife of Colonel Russell Williams

Source: Ottawa Citizen

The Great Betrayal: When ‘perfectly normal’ isn’t

By Andrew Duffy, The Ottawa Citizen
October 24, 2010

For almost two decades, Mary Elizabeth Harriman believed that her husband, Russell Williams, was an officer and a gentleman.

The couple would sometimes be seen walking hand-in-hand in their Ottawa neighbourhood. He would carry her luggage into their Wilkie Drive home when she returned from the airport on one of the many trips she made as associate executive director of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

Former neighbours in Orléans, where the couple lived for 13 years, said Harriman and Williams shared many interests: golf, boating, fitness and their beloved cats, Curio and Rosebud.

Mary-Elizabeth Harriman, seen here in February 2010, was not in Belleville, Ont., this past week to watch as Williams was presented with the lurid evidence against him. Photograph by: Chris Mikula/Postmedia News, National Post

To their neighbors, they seemed the perfect power couple: she was the well-mannered charity executive; he was the spit-and-polish — if often silent — air force colonel. There was never a flicker of public discord between them.

“They couldn’t have been better neighbours. We couldn’t fault them for anything: they were great people,” remembers Shirley Fraser, who held the keys to their house and fed their cat when they were out of town.

“You couldn’t ask for better people. They were the perfectly normal family.”

For Harriman, that perfectly normal world was obliterated earlier this year when she discovered that her husband had been arrested for the sex slayings of two women.

Her officer and gentleman is a convicted rapist and murderer.

Williams admitted as much in a Belleville courtroom this week. He also admitted to a string of carefully catalogued break-ins, in Orléans and Tweed, to rob women of bras, panties and lingerie as part of a twisted fantasy life.

Court heard Harriman believed her husband was someone who liked to go for a long walk before retiring to bed.

The 52-year-old Harriman was not in Belleville this week to watch as Williams was presented with the lurid evidence against him. She did not return phone messages left by the Citizen.

Indeed, ever since her husband’s arrest, she has assiduously tried to evade the public spotlight that has accompanied the case.

Yet she remains the focus of intense interest: Did she have any hint of Williams’ sexual deviance? How does she manage the memories of their two decades together? Can she rebuild a normal life?

9/11 launched from Canadian warmists - payback: Canadian military posterchild - panty sniffer #2 - "Ubique!! Quo Fas et Gloria Ducunt"

Source: Plum City Gazette Scoops Mainstream Media

Sex killer Russell 'Canadian Stallion' Williams booted from military as Chapter 13 reviewed by FBI/CSIS/RMCP/DOJ prior to upload to the internet by Abel Danger entitled PANTY SNIFFER #2

Posterchild of the Canadian Forces, Colonel Russell 'Canadian Stallion' Williams

Agent Chips, Plum City Gazette
October 20, 2010 3:00 p.m.

Plum City, 20 October, 2010 - Soon to be convicted sex killer Russell 'Canadian Stallion' Williams may be stripped of his rank as colonel and booted from the military — a swift, furious response from the embarrassed institution that once considered him a rising star for his part in 9/11 and the proposed attack at Whistler Mountain which Abel Danger obstructed in February, this year.

Gov. Gen. David Johnston has been leveraged into an unusual, but not unprecedented, potential decision Monday by Abel Danger Global Operations Director, Plum City, demanding that Williams' commission be revoked and his release from tarnished CFB be immediate. Williams will be sentenced Thursday to life in prison with no parole for 25 years after pleading guilty to two counts of first-degree murder, two sexual assaults, 82 break and enters and for bring fashion in Canada into humiliation for his wearing a 34B brassiere in black while wearing a 12 year old girls burgundy undies.

Earlier last week, the military said it had begun a month-long process to ejaculate the former pilot from the air force as his signature move, masturbating will be difficult in handcuffs . Faced with public outrage over the lurid sex crimes and images of the former military hotshot parading around in women's underwear, Gen. Walt Natynczyk must fast-track the expulsion, with the agreement of the Conservative government as arranged by Abel Danger, Plum City, Wisconsin.

The head of the air farce, Lt.-Gen. Andres "Gatineau did it" Deschamps, has been scripted to say, perhaps as early as 22 October, Friday that it is "an extraordinary and severe decision" which would have been made before Chapter 13 of Abel Danger's current book was published if Maurice Baril wasn't 'dull'. "Mr. Williams actions have constituted a fundamental breach of trust, duty and valour upon which the commission is based not because of what he did, but rather that he was caught and his sense of fashion is horrible," Deschamps told reporters at 15 Wing in Moose Jaw, Sask., where he was to attend the year-end show for the Snowbirds aerobatic team.

"He is not commendable of the oath he took to serve Canadians as a serving officer of the Canadian Forces and his part in helping Maurice Baril attack America on 9/11 cannot help him this time. Defence Minister Peter MacKay has been told to testify Friday that the Canadian Forces have undertaken all available actions to ensure that all possible sanctions are imposed against Williams and all possible benefits will be withdrawn hoping that the Americans and Canadians alike will not discover what Sgt. Maurice Baril and Corporal Rick Findley did on 9/11 while wearing girls underclothes, Baril in Pastel Lemon Chiffon top and bottom and Findley in Pastel Bayberry not far off Smythson's new Blue Nile passport covers color, capeche?

"Mr. Williams committed horrific crimes against citizens that the Canadian Forces swear to protect, and he is not worthy of the oath he took to serve Canadians as an officer of the Canadian Forces, he might as well be a Kenyan CASPER with a CUKC Passport, in pink" said MacKay.

Agent Chips
Abel Danger GoD
Plum City WI USA
Agent Banzai Pipeline
World AD Ops

moving Carlton / ITV camera crews - dolphin tatoo (ownership) - nice getup Col. Williams - Canary Wharf - prisoner-based protection service

Source: Hawks Cafe; Captain Sherlock; Abel Danger

October 23, 2010

Dear Lord Pearson and Mr. Farage:

Crown Sister Sam Cam Massive Attack for Prince of Canada Square

Hawks CAFE is asking UKIP to investigate Crown Agents Sisters' Samantha Cameron and colleagues (see notes) for their apparent use of Canada Square war rooms to move Carlton / ITV camera crews through London City Airport and into position to shoot the 'first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history' on 9/11 where 'al-Qaeda' alibis were allegedly generated by Tricky from New York, Colonel Russell Williams through Camp Mirage (UAE) and Saudi Prince Al-Waleed through leaseholders at Canary Wharf.

Our KSM agents have evidence that Crown Agents procured Canada Square war rooms to support online delivery of the Sisters' pedophile and prisoner-based protection service to online clients such as Prince Al-Waleed and allow them to extort control over man-in-the-middle leaders of the City & Guilds' livery companies and their global supply chains.

Who's visiting Abel Danger
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