Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good Queen Bess and the Stranglers Scarf - Chapter 11

From Crown Sisters Net 1 Passport to Pink Bag Pedophiles
Williams died tracking Maddy – Eavesdropped Smythson Strong World Trade

Suky or someone led Chips below the Circle William Fitting that Agent Mad Bax would close tightly as Captain Jam completed blowing ballast. Captain Jam dove to periscope depth below surface of the Thames. Limp MI5 agents say police are immobilized by impotence of DICK. They don’t realize the MV Crab King is the Oberoi Vrinda with a fresh coat of paint like 1912 where Olympic left Liverpool looking like the TITANTIC. Your Crown Agents can all line up and kiss my Royal Plum Metallic ass. On the night of 20 September, Bush and Gore were getting equal playing time in the Gay Bay. Three green LED blinks flashed on Galt's digital watch; the sewage temperature had just risen more than 3 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 6 feet of progress; they arrived to an unattended STASI stash below the Fishmongers’ Hall. Galt rewired the security system to go live at all security terminals within the Fishmonger Livery Offices. A screen showed the precious face of an innocent McCann who never could have been abducted if Pink Bag Pedophiles had not been equipped with chipped passports in pink leather cases while law enforcement in UK, Portugal, and Vatican City had the CCTV cameras "looking the other way". Brave New Books Chips Immediate Clipper from Hamish to take into custody sissy Scot on Maternity leave and sissy Kenyan with pink CUKC passport with surname Soetoro in Gold monogram block letters. On-scene commander places Banzai Pipeline, UK KU band Umbrella- James Crosby and Brumhilde; Projectionists at Phoenix Theater. Marquis d'Cartier clippers Chips to check out Crown Sister Clegg’s use of Net 1 ePassport and smart-card payment systems by pink-bag pedophiles; hit on Gareth Williams after they found him tracking Maddy’s abductors by eavesdropping into Maurice Strong, his Net 1 pedophile clients and the City & Guilds’ Leathersellers etc.

Suky and Petra, or is it Vanessa from Bangor, led Chips below the Circle William Fitting that Agent Mad Bax would close tightly as Captain Jam completed blowing ballast as Agent Suky looked forward to a similar operation if she could get Chips away from Agent Vanessa who had a tattoo of Petra on her left buttocks. Captain Jam dove to periscope depth so that she could visually intercept the Motor Vessel Crab King which would be going opposite direction on the surface of the River Thames until there was two miles separation at which point a running rendezvous would be commenced for the CLIENT TRANFER from S-4 to CRAB KING. According to limp MI5 agents who terrorize Brits with senseless banter regarding elevated threat of terrorist attacks while their police forces are immobilized by an outbreak of a new form of investigative impotence known as CRESSIDA DICK in England or SOETERO CIALIS PARALYSIS in the United States, Brits are to live in fear that some 'patsied muslims' are somehow a threat to the last empire to fall prior to the ERECTION of the nation that God Blessed and created to be a beacon of hope to all humanity however the Brits are now aware of the true nature of the recent visit to the Queen by the Pope whose questionable Vatican lost control of the souls of Brits when the Anabaptists broke away from the Catholic church, which was a very good move, especially for alter boys who are opposed to 'tailgating'. Those same limp MI5 fags probably don't realize that the MV Crab King is actually the Oberoi Vrinda with a fresh coat of paint which is exactly like the caper in 1912 where the Olympic was given a fresh coat of paint and left Liverpool looking like the TITANTIC where the morons in the City of London got rid of a ham-fisted helmsman, a maintenance nightmare ship, and the wealthy opponents to the Federal Reserve which was created in 1913 after those who opposed it's fraud were DEEP SIXED by Crown Agents who had been out to SCREW AMERICA since their inception in 1833 and almost achieving it before a CHANGE OF HEART by the benevolent persons owning a majority of the world's wealth and very upset with the corruption rampant in every government researched but certainly the top two being the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom's major Colony the Corporation known as the United States of America whose Foreign Policy somehow favors the Crown Agents and to whom they swear loyalty not to be confused with swear at royalty. Phuc off you PFers. Your Crown Agents can all line up and kiss my Royal Plum Metallic ass and I refer not to the carriage in the photo below.

Royal Plum Metallic Limo

As the S-4 made steady progress east at 8 knots the MV Crab King was limited to 12 knots by the no wake restrictions for the BOOZE CRUISE similar to the cruises offered to those employed by MetroNet to do dirty work for City of London where they are paid 90,000 pounds sterling as long as they are undocumented foreign nationals with doctored credentials just like both Barry Soetoro who carriers a Social Security number of a 100+ year old person from Connecticut, his illegal alien Aunt from Kenya who refuses to comply with a Judge's order that she leave the United States and some of Chicago's biggest slime-balls, pardon the redundancy and the crowded FIELD of most deserving nominees. To protect the privacy of the 58 year old Kenyan squatter with the horseshit attitude we will refer to Obama's Aunt simply as Aunt Jemima. It appears that she will become ILLEGAL ALIEN #2 according to Abel Danger's SURGE DESK in Port Orange, Florida wear a certain Abel Danger Agent has discovered that CLEANING WINDOWS is very profitable if you are neither a DISC WIPE nor an ASSWIPE. In fact, the CEO of McConnell Window Washers International is one of the most vocal CEOs claiming that Boo Boo Obama is responsible for the double dip ( Obama Biden = double dip, capeche?) recession that did not end in June of 2009 as fraudulently reported by Mainstream Media and BBC, the dykes in UK not Bugle Boy Chic aka Captain Chic Burlingame of AA77 who did not surrender his B757 to pastied muslims or fly into the Pentagon on 9/11 as the Twisted Sisters managed to steer 3 F16s from the 178th Fighter Squadron ( flown by Bjorstrom, Derrig and Eckmann ) AWAY from the Pentagon allowing Red Team Traitors to press the attack on Wedge One with no Air Defense eye witnesses trained to differentiate between a Raytheon A-3 Sky Warrior painted in American Airlines livery and a real American B757 flown by a real American such as BBC of USNA, 1971 and dutifully reported to FAA, FBI and ALPA by Agent Chips of USNA, 1971 who has taken 4 federal oaths to Defend the United States of America and the Constitution against all enemies, FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC.

Please see Matthew 10:32-36:

32"Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven. 33But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven. 34"Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn " 'a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law - 36a man's enemies will be the members of his own household.' [a]

Micah 7:6 also has some timely reminders for daughters or sons who dishonor their parents. That is probably a depressing thought to some people such as Bernadette Dorhn, Bill Ayers and someone singing like a canary trying to save her scalp, capeche? Two questions at this juncture: if J. Edgar Hoover rightfully referred to Mrs. Ayers as the most dangerous woman in American because of her bombing buildings and killing cops, when did she ever stop? Secondly, if Agent Chips took Oath #1 on 14 Feb 67, Oath #2 on 28 June 67, Oath #3 on 9 June, 71 and Oath #4 on 8 Aug 77 when have any of those 4 oaths, ONI/DNIF, USN, USMC, USAF ever get vacated or tossed aside? Never, so in Austin, Texas on 29 September, 2010 Chips will ask those in attendance which one American, owing loyalty to the United States of America heard Boo Boo take his oath of (fraudulent, unvetted ) office. One person alone, Judge Roberts. Please see photo of Agent Chips' 1996 STPW Fleetwood Stretch at the Quentin Burdick Court House delivering Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 to US Attorney Drew Wrigley. AG Tony 'The Bull' wouldn't take it, AG Robert 'Weeper' Mukasey wouldn't take it, and Eric Holder will be receiving it before Rahm 'the Rammer' Emmanuel can clear out of DC and head for the Gay Bath House in Chicago to be cuckolded by his Fairy Friends who proliferate there, according to Blabby Blago as reported by Gerald Fitzpatrick, or do I have that bass-ackwards?

Judge Roberts Street Sign

Chips' attention was drawn back into the here and now as Agent Mad Bax reported "Captain Jam, contact dead ahead 3 miles closing at 20 knots, Motor Vessel CRAB KING', standby for his rendezvous turn in 40 seconds". Suky Slicer could see that Chips' Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Pistocchio was under immense pressure of a tensile-stressor variety so she took things into her own hands to save the S-4 mini-sub from the flying debris that might result if the Purple Tipped Red Champion were to break the fabric of oppression just as the global commoners were poised to break free from the chains of oppression that the Pope and Queen were concerned with last week as the Federal Reserve may cease to exist as early as the end of Fiscal 2010 which is midnight on 30 September, 2010 which is precisely why Obama's Financial guru and Rahm the Rammer are hauling ass, but not fast enough to outrun the 36 Stud, capeche? As the confused CEOs of America suffer from collective Uterine Inertia, the Democratic Party is about ready to throw the baby out with the bath water as they fear Operation BLOWBACK. It is too late as the Senate Race in Delaware portends THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME and Harry Reid searches want ads for someone looking for a feather duster operator.

Chips' TI had been reduced from 139% to a more relaxed 118% in Suky's capable hands as he listened to a Clipper come in from Hammer Sapporo.

Royal Crown Hammer PacRim FLASH Clipper to Captain Jam, James Crosby, Hammer CONUS and Hammer Europe, copy Captain James Galt: “Captains Jam and Galt, terminate rendezvous immediately and increase turns for FLANK SPEED with Crab King extending east and S-4 diving to bottom of Thames at FLANK westbound. UNKNOWN RIDERS approaching from both Gatwick and London City airports: two, low, fast, CBDR rendezvous point. Report status. Banzai”
"Captain Galt ringing turns for 30 knots east bound, knock it off"

And from Agent Mad Bax at the con of S-4 "Captain Jam has S-4 running west in the weeds, 33 knots and accelerating to FLANK. Status?"

"Status pending from Sapporo pending James Crosby aboard J-Stars"

"Status pending from Brumhilde and J-Stars, KU umbrella blocking Air Patrol/ADT/MetroNet and all known Crown Sister players. Stand belay that. Weapons launched from both Gatwick and London City UNKNOWN RIDERS ... azimuth tracking direct rendezvous point, results in moments....." was the report from James Crosby and Brumhilde in the E-8C from Robins AFB where in April 2010 Agents Chips and James Crosby had procured some SPY GADGETS from some Christian Patriots at a depot level maintenance facility for F15, C130 and some other Air Force types during a stay at the same hotel that the U2 support crew was staying at after the U2 redeployed from Borinquen CGAS, formerly Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico to Robins AFB enroute to home plate of Beale AFB where SR71s were stationed before their reported retirement from active service 30+ years after a Lockheed rep had given young Agent Chips a painting of the SR71 in May of 1967. That Lockheed rep may or may not have been related to Ivan C. Kincheloe from Superior, Wisconsin for whom Kincheloe AFB was named after he was killed in an ejection tragedy from an F104A before the downward ejection route was reversed allowing ejection upwards, capeche?

"Joint Stars observes dual impacts and it appears both weapons transferred lock to a BOOZE CRUISE vessel. Crab King and S-4, report status,"

"Crab King observes kill on BOOZE CRUISE, Crab King now sauntering to Point Bravo" came the report from Captain James Galt of Oberoi Vrinda, aka, Crab King not to be confused with Brad King the SERCO replacement for Bruce McConnell whose cyber OODA victim changed names twice shortly after Halloween, 2008 when Bruce was unmasked by Chips while Queen Hornet was depressed by Hamish. McConnell International, Clinton Rubin, SERCO....what's in a name?

"Captain Jam and PLOT reports concur with Crab King, S-4 sauntering to Point Bravo at periscope depth, advise Agent Hoss Point Bravo in 17 minutes. Mad Bax".

Agent Yellowhammer was 'hawking' the chatter and sent a TM to Agent Hoss who had his Sea Knight VERTOL idling on a garbage scow going down the River a month or so in advance of Rahm, Boo Boo and Face Drop Pelosi going up the river as CIA and FBI tear down the Gorelick Wall just as in 1989 Ron Reagan urged Mr. Gorbachev, Abel Danger code name Spot, to do also. In the time available Name Dropper gave a very concise update to all players via Priority Clipper.

'36 Stud obstructs stop us plans and turns country to the right

Royal Crown Agent Name Dropper Priority Clipper to Operation STASI STOCKING STUFFER players copy Umbrellaman and Abigail Chopsticks: “Prior to today's rayedio show read your Clipper Briefing guides for Operation Stasi Stocking Stuffer, or else. We now believe Slade Lane was Slain due to his breaking the codes of the TWISTED SISTERS OF LONDON who tracked Maddy McCann and stole her innocent childhood. Gareth Williams did not work alone or in a Vaccum and in fact spent time with Agent Chips at both the Rams Head in Annapolis and Molly's on Main in Plum City detailing evidence in the Maddy McCann case as well as the two others that caused the Pope to run to the Queen's apron strings. Tick tock, Twisted Sisters, Tick tock. We are coming for you. Dropper”

As Suky Slicer was providing pleasure to Agent Chips he was immersed in thought hoping to be immersed in Suky ASAP. He thought about 3 faces that should be displayed in Austin, Texas on 29 September at the Brave New Books store at 1904 Guadalupe Street not far from the Marriott Residence Inn where he and SuzyQ would be proving each other up before she would be allowed to sit on the left fender of the 36 Stud not to be confused with the kick-ass oldies band from Fargo, North Dakota called THE FRONT FENDERS, a tribute to Chips' 1936 street rod powered by a professionally built 427 rat motor in no way related to ADM Robert 'Rat' Willard with whom Chips had flown a 'final flight' in a TA4J. Agent Suky had suggested that the motor should be BLOWN and when it comes to blowers Suky knows of what she speaks just as the Queen of England knows that since a 'changing of the guard' in 2006 she has to get by on a 38.2M pounds sterling stipend while she appears sovereign and her son with big ears eavesdrops on visitors to Gloustershire and has conversations with trees in his yard.....gee, no wonder the Queen was put on a strict stipend. But alas, I digress laconically. The three faces to represent the three innocent victims of unsolved murders or abductions perpetrated by the Crown Sisters are Chic Burlingame, Gareth Williams, and Madeleine McCann. Abel Danger will not rest until those who wrongfully abused these three souls is brought to justice and after a swift and just trial, sent to the gallows which I believe are to be built prior to THROW OUT THE TRASH DAY of 2 November, 2010, exactly 32 years to the day from the beginning of Agent Chips' flying job at Northwest Airlines from which he was constructively discharged on 13 March, 2007 simply because he had the balls to report to FBI the Strangler's Suite of weapons that allowed AA11 and UA175 drone replacements to hit WTC1 and WTC2 prior to AA77's drone replacement from killing Captain Gerald DeConto in Wedge One of the Pentagon. If anyone is new to TRUTHING simply google [ Hillary + Rose Law + QRS 11 ] and see what comes up, until Hillary Diane Rodham has Google scrubbed there should be a piece that tracks back to Abel Danger which is the world's only office dealing in 'whacker tracking' which is exactly why we were summonsed to Gatwick on Father's Day to meet with Gareth Williams who also was whacker tracking the Crown Sisters. Hey Sam Cam, where did the moniker SNOWY come from? Did your other half know about Tricky? Please contact us before Chapter 12 is written from within the Austin City Limits on 29 September, 2010.

Suzie Q and '36 Stud arriving in Austin dog tired

Agent Suky Slicer was just about done applying negative pressure to a Lengthy Portion when both she and Agent Chips heard the Hawaii 5-0 ring tone of Chips' PINK cel phone which will be beside him at the podium at Brave New Books on 29 September, 2010. Chips was very close to exploculating but he took the call as he saw it was from Banzai Pipeline, the PACRIM hammer who would never compromise with the perps and didn't mind calling a lesbo a lesbo or a spade a spade. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Kid Kenya.

Royal Crown Hammer Banzai Pipeline IMMEDIATE Clipper to Chips, Hamish, Suzy Q, MoLes copy Texas Bag Lady: “Watch for a coded message from Boehner's Office. If a male employee named Tom communicates in the clear the following: “It’s too late; it’ll just have to be stopped in the Senate,” Tom, the young male answering the phone in U.S. Rep. John Boehner’s (R-Ohio)Washington D.C. office, said about HR 3534 (CLEAR Act). This is the globalist bill designed to give away our land, oceans, adjacent land masses and Great Lakes to an international body, and makes us pay $900 million per year until 2040. HR 3534 is a thinly disguised permanent roadblock to American energy which drives American companies out of the Gulf, delays future drilling, increases dependency on foreign oil, implements climate change legislation and youth education programs; but most important, it mandates membership in the Law of the Sea Treaty without the required two-thirds vote to ratify it in the U.S. Senate. The House passed the CLEAR Act (HR 3534) 209-193, July 30, 2010. This bill was originally introduced July 8, 2009, but was resurrected by the recent Deep Water Horizon oil spill crisis. According to, a debate may be taking place on a companion bill in the Senate, rather than on this particular bill. This bill was read for the second time Aug. 4, 2010, and placed on the Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders, Calendar No. 510. No official Senate Bill number exists as of yet. If we see this announcement or similar before 29 September we will know that the FIX IS IN and the 5 rats to desert OBAMA'S SINKING SHIP OF STATE for benefit of Hillary Diane have accepted the offers. We expect the financial guy, then the Rammer, then....oops gotta go, James Crosby just hit the PANIC BUTTON. Banzai”

As a courtesy to Agent Suky, Chips fired off a salvo of Smoked Oysters just as Mad Bax sounded GENERAL QUARTERS. Chips helped Suky to her feet and she pulled up his IOC in Pastel Pistocchio as they made their way out of AFTER STEERING and went to the helm of the S-4 where Captain Jam was barking out orders like a drill sergeant on steroids. Chips thought of some drilling he'd like to do as he thought of his upcoming visit to the capital city of Texas with Agent Suzy Q of "somewhere east of Plum City". As Chips thought of Suzy Q's Pastel Peach Puff, she loved to wear unusual colored merkins, a Clyde McPhatter song came into his head as lead was returning to his pencil which was immediately noticed by Agent Suky Slicer who had once been with Chips high atop the tallest building in Plum City with her stallion friend with whom she longed to engage in a RUN FOR THE ROSES and she was not thinking of the long-forgotten Rose Law Firm where Hillary Diane had brokered the QRS 11 Gyro Chips for Raytheon's A-3 Sky Warrior mod line run out of Ft. Collins/Loveland Airport before Skurich felt the heat and McCain's wife left for San Diego. As Mad Bax complied with Captain Jam's instructions, Chips harked back to the early sixties when he had first seen Suzy Q hiding her naked self behind a white fluffy arrangement which was soon removed as was her pastel merkin prior to young Agent Chips proving her up at the Thousand Islands Campground run by Griffiss AFB of Rome, New York where in July of 1961 Del Shannon's megahit Runaway foretold the use of Griffiss and NEADS when on 9/11/01 they would observe the drone replacement for United 93 'runaway' to a well documented landing at Cleveland Hopkins Airport after all eyewitness were evacuated so very few would observe the drone B757 in United livery taxi into the NASA Hanger at the northwest corner of the airport property pretty much straight west from the departure end of Runway 23R. Had Abel Danger not imputed a 41 minute delay into Captain Jason Dahl's United 93 Flight Plan the drone would have been remotely guided into the US Capitol before John Kerry could run down the steps knocking women over as he ran to escape his ultimate fate. Run, sissies, run. Peter G. Peterson, Al Gore, John Kerry, Rahm Emmanuel and the Crown Sister Sissies all will be running for cover after Brave New Books has THE EVENT chronicling the UNDERCOVERS of Agent Chips and Suzy Q, photos to follow in Chapter 12.

Suzie Q and 36 Stud

Captain Jam had taken the S-4 to the bottom of the River Thames and secured the diesel MPU. Google it, I cannot spoon feed all of you. As Mad Bax and Jam listened intently to the communications afforded by the trailing antenna on the surface of the river above, Courtly Stonewall's brother sent a coded message from the US Marine Intel detachment at Shriver AFB, Colorado not to be confused with that worthless wench from Colorado Pat 'whoever' who stunk up the Senate Chambers in the 1980s while US Marines sent her a fax of a 'bare ass'. In this rare archive of the Colorado Senator you can see that her husband also suffered from gastrointestinal embarrassments as did his wife.

Oops, sorry a mix up with the BBC somewhat unrelated to their timing gaffe on 9/11 when their reporter reported WTC7 had fallen although the building was still seen standing behind her, that exchange of flatus was actually Foghorn Leghorn in bed with a Greek Goldman Sachs banker who apparently likes soccer, broccoli, dried apricots and beans. Here is the file footage of the Colorado Senator whom the US Marines blew out of office 'for just cause' not to be confused with any military Operation Just Cause as in we are going to attack you JUST CAUSE we can and the City of London says we must to generate profits for global arms dealers, capeche?

Royal Crown Agent Jarhead Stonewall, Shriver IMMEDIATE Clipper to Agents Chips, Suky Slicer, Abigail Chopsticks and Yellowhammer, copy Hamish and Umbrellaman: “If you see coverage in England base on this 5 March, 2007 story in the Fargo Forum focus solely on the date, not the text. Northwest pilot alleges 9/11 cover-up Northwest pilot alleges 9 11 cover-up. ...The Northwest Airlines pilot from rural Glyndon Minn. said a second attack is imminent and conspirators already have aborted their ...ALPA the world ’s largest pilot ’s union. ...McConnell a rural Glyndon rancher has been a Northwest Airlines pilot for more than 28 years. ...In the lawsuit McConnell said the company and pilots union have suggested that I am crazy ...Monday, March, 05, 2007 - The Forum - News. Any rebroadcast of this story is a signal that Maddy McCann's parents are meeting with Abel Danger shortly after THE EVENT at BNB in Austin, Texas. Notice date of Fargo Forum story was the exact date Maddy was abducted and Chips was recalled in the Slade Lane recall to corral the PINK BAG PEDOPHILES. Both the Queen and the Pope, pardon the redundancy, know that we have broken the backs of the TWISTED SISTERS. Jarhead Stonewall, Shriver MI”
Chips had just finished reading the incoming from Jarhead Stonewall when he was summonsed to the conning station where Mad Bax had just gotten a FLASH FYEO message from all three hammers.

PacRim Hammer Banzai FLASH S-4 and Crab King, copy Uncle Ray, Otto Pilot and E-8 Joint Stars: “Umbrellaman has signaled OPTION 63N, J-Stars to GO UMBRELLA KU for 2 minutes at 11-13 minutes past this hour. 63N, execute, Banzai”
Chips ran aft to find his AWOL bag and searched for the MERMAN wetsuit. Suky Slicer refered to her Clipper Strawberry Bucket and reviewed tasking order 63N not to be confused with the grass strip in Lancaster PA from where CASA, Bell 204 and Beech King Airs used to operate with impunity during a period in time straddling November of 1987. As she reviewed order 63N she asked Mad Bax "Blackfriar's Bridge again?"

Mad Bax nodded in the affirmative as Captain Jam made headway of 4 knots on battery power towards a known sewage main beneath Blackfriar's Bridge. Captain Jam timed the docking to occur at xx11 and as she watched her sweep second hand on her Lady Bulova pass xx07 she signaled Mad Bax to make ready the chamber. At xx09 Chips arrived in his MERMAN suit with his wrist-mounted underwater Clipper Fishgutter. At xx10 Crab King arrived overhead and Mad Bax, Captain Jam, Chips and Suky all heard the Abel Danger tapping on the tower of the S-4. Captain Jam whispered Godspeed, Mad Bax whispered Semper Fi and Suky checked Chips status and found him to be FULLY MISSION READY. She gave him three short strokes for good luck and the inner door to the chamber was closed behind him as Mad Bax then flooded the chamber. A CCTV camera on the conning tower caught the bubbles emanating from the chamber as Chips, disguised as a MERMAN joined forces with Captain James Galt disguised as a Fishmonger. Both Chips and Galt had temporary aqua colored dolphin tattoos on the right ankles in case they were challenged by SNOWY THE FISHMONGER former plaything of Tricky and his MASSIVE ATTACK. As Galt and Chips followed the stench of treason to the sewage main below the bridge, they both selected 100% oxygen and an 5 psi overpressure in their masks to keep the smell of the Fishmonger Hall, and what they believed would be the STASI samples, from causing either of them to gag such as Mr. Taggart did when he came out of his tent and found the Crown Sisters had had enough beans. The first shot fired appears to come from Elena the Penguin.

Galt led the way up the vertical main after Chips had identified the correct geographical location using his underwater GPS that was enhanced with the AQFB-27W technology which was 'ripped' from Thales Gatwick during the 21 June, 2010 meeting at the Goff Manor House with Slade Lane and the woman from BP who suggested Gorelick would finger Hillary if her wall was in jeopardy of falling.

On the night of 20 September, Bush and Gore were getting equal playing time in the Gay Bay until a leg was broken not to be confused with the busting of knee caps that was more common in New York City where America's cross-dressing mayor was the silly son of a hot headed, near sighted pugilist, not to evoke thoughts of the most recent effluent to be benched on the supreme court, lower case intentional. Three green LED blinks flashed on Galt's digital watch indicating that the sewage temperature had just risen more than 3 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 6 feet of progress. This was a thermal sign that they had moved past the Fishmonger Hall dump so they backtracked in the inky effluence to where they got a 3 degree drop and felt around in the dark and located the 36 inch pipe, not to be confused with the 36 Stud which reportedly also has a 36 inch pipe, capeche? Chips resumed the lead just in case when they breached the STASI room anyone should see them. Due to the precise arrival time during the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers union imposed lunch break; they arrived to an unattended STASI stash below the Fishmonger's Hall. Galt placed a listener on the locked door that would lead to the upper floors. Then as Chips selected xx45 on his Clipper the two men videotaped the entire STASI stash before looking for specific STASI samples for Cherie, Snowy, Foghorn, Mila, Gorillawoman, Sasquatch, Thunder Thighs and Queen Hornet. Due to the logical and predictable manner in which the Fishmonger's had arranged the samples, alphabetically within birth years, Galt and Chips had their entire shopping list gathered with six minutes to spare. Chips sent IMs to Banzai, S-4 and Crab King regarding an on time egress, while Galt rewired the security system to go live at all security terminals within the Fishmonger Livery Offices with a split screen display of a person singing a song about children in 1965 and the other screen showing the precious face of an innocent McCann who never could have been abducted if the Crown Agents and the Pink Bag Pedophiles had not been equipped with chipped passports in pink leather cases while law enforcement in UK, Portugal, and Vatican City had the CCTV cameras "looking the other way" just as those in authority in Scotland (nee Cameron nee Geddes ) are looking the other way while Hollie Grieg is serially abused by 10 or so people expected to protect her.

Madeleine 'Maddy' McCann

While the Queen and the Pope were shaking in their boots last week as the reason for the Gareth Williams hit was being explained by Abel Danger, Anna the Jackal and the Crown Sisters were beginning to wonder which sister would be man enough to slow down the 36 Stud as Agent Chips and Abel Danger were creating gastrointestinal distress in the courtrooms and country clubs frequented by the 'not so elite' on both sides of the Atlantic. When they oppose the 36 Stud they are walking into a dangerFIELD and not one named Rodney, capeche?

Galt gave Chips a 'thumb's up' when the rewiring was completed and then Chips led Galt back into the sewage discharge tunnel following his hands as they felt along the inside of the 36 inch pipe that would lead them to the rope that they had trailed from the conning tower of the S-4. As they emerged into the large sewage main they located the rope and gave three strong pulls, then relaxed with Chips holding the rope and Galt clinging to Chips left ankle so as not the cause any motion that might dislodge the temporary aqua dolphin tattoo like the one that used to get wrapped around Chips' ears during layovers at Brighton in the mid to late 90's after an all nighter at the Rave. Chips felt tension on the rope as the S-4 got under way to extract the pair of poopy frogmen from the effluence below the surface not to be confused with the United States Department of Justice that has guys like Judge Meatloaf, excuse me, that should be Wedoff, whose $40M slush fund allowed him to bankrupt both United Air Lines and McCook Metals of Chicago where Patrick Fitzgerald was looking forward to Rahm the rammer's return to a certain bathhouse as the first 5 rats bailed off Obama stinking, no strike that, sinking ship of state while Hillary Diane was awaiting her 'moment in the spotlight' after those on Wall Street arranged the Obama exit in response to the 23 state moratorium on mortgage foreclosures involving GMAC or it's survivor's new name on top of the Fannie Mae Freddie Mac mortgage mess triggered by MERS. The Global Elitist and their Khazar banks are not happy with Boo Boo as record volumes of US fiat dollars exited the NYSE in August and September is on a pace to make August look like a BULL market. As Chips and Galt were pulled into the Thames behind the S-4 now running at 8 knots below the Motor Vessel Crab King, the stench of Treason was washed from their wetsuits, masks and SCUBA gear. Looking up the could see the bottom of the MV Crab King as it backed up relative to the S-4 as Crab King was making 7 knots on the same trajectory. Right on cue they both saw the hydraulically powered Shepherd's Crook, not to be confused with Snowy the cocaine powered Sheffield Crook, extend to it's full 15 foot reach which allowed both Galt and Chips to 'take hold'. Meanwhile at the Holland Park Tube Station Hamish was still in HOLD BAGGAGE awaiting transfer to Menzies once the RFID tag was removed form the Smythson leather baggage label by the Worshipful Company of Leathersellers. As Chips and Galt were drawn into the underwater dive station of the Crab King, they were greeted by a smiling SuzyQ who loved to sit on Chips' FRONT FENDER and Grapevine from Abel Danger Texas who once won a Ramey AFB talent show as she and Chips performed TELL ME as recorded by Dick and Dee Dee note to be confused with Dicky Doo and the Don't who apparently didn't, capeche?

As the girls offered towels to Galt and Chips they hosed the boys off which gave Chips a very good idea for a little afternoon delight with Agent Suzie Q. As Suzie Q bent over to hose off Chips feet he caught a glimpse of Pastel Peach Puff which took him backwards to thoughts of Debbie Reynolds and to a song by Clyde McPhatter who should not be confused with the Platters. As the Pastel Peach Puff presentation was apparently delayed for effect by Suzie Q, Chips could sense increasing turgidity as the purple tipped red champion was 'thinking about it'. Grapevine was amused to see Chips, 3 years her junior, become engorged at the mere presentation of a Pastel color. Not to be outdone by the Siren from Schnectedy, or is it Jersey, Grapevine bent over to hose off Galt's feet and Chips got an eyeful of Pastel Tangerine which made him wonder if the goofballs at FAA and ALPA were ever gonna grow some nuts and do their jobs before the Abel Danger KU blocking array let one get away. Chips made a mental note to email Randy Babbitt at FAA and John Prater at ALPA as soon as the legal meeting in Austin, Texas was concluded on 27 September relating to Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) while a reasonable woman judge facilitated Chips requested delay so that the settlement of that case would occur after the EVENT at Brave New Book Store on 29 September, 2010. Chips was going to suggest to Charlotte Bryan, FAA Babbitt and ALPA Prater that they reduce the threat level to pastel tangerine as soon as Robert Swan Mueller share the missing three frames of the Raytheon A-3 Sky Warrior with Pilots For Truth, Abel Danger and the loyal oath keepers at ONI whose pentagon office was targeted on 9/11 on ONI was the only agency still standing after the Gorelick Wall and Slick Willy handcuffed every other intel outfit, well except for ONI and Abel Danger that is. Perhaps an enjoyable GOOGLE BREAK should search McConnell + DNI. Take a good look at the liscense plates here and do the math.

DNIF PLATES, Dutch Beer, brass balls

Galt was recalled to the bridge where he would relieve his Exec while Chips was taken back to the Nav Plotting table where Agent Suzie Q was going to prove up Chips for the first time after asking him a lover's question. Grapevine had repaired back to the Comm Center to send an after action report to Banzai and Umbrellaman while Suzie Q was completing a 'prior to action' procedure that included locking the door to the Nav Plotting room and turning the lights down low. As she removed Chips' MERMAN wetsuit and his Pastel Pistachio Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster with extra humongous pouch, she started to purr like a kitten as she gazed upon the LENGTHY PORTION for the first time.

Chips did a brief digital exam to ensure that Suzie Q was who she said she was as the purring kitten with the rapidly rising MI asked her lover's question. "Chips, I have 3 songs set to auto repeat for 4 hours and althought I picked the songs, MY LOVER'S QUESTION is shall I start with F4, C6 or D8. Chips liked F4 Phantoms more than C6 Ford transmissions or D8 Caterpillars so he murmured "F4 my lovely" as he removed her last IOC which was Pastel Peach Puff not to be confused with peach fuzz, if you know where my head's at. As Suzie Q reclined backwards on the plotting table and assumed a position that was a dead ringer for a rabbit ear TV antenna she hit 'continuous 240' plus F4 as penetration sufficient to complete the act ( as per Uniform Code of Military Justice ) was achieved as April Stevens caused Chips TI to approach Titanium but not quite Tungsten and Suzie Q recalled that when she took Hamish for a ride in Chips' 1965 Lotus, the white car seen in the movie Captain Sherlock Solves 9/11 he fell from the old 'out of gas' charade.

As this new pairing of Abel Danger assets were exchanging intel, an incoming Clipper from Banzai Pipeline was illuminated on Chips' Clipper Squirt gun regarding a truthful admission from an Eton graduate was queer as a 3 dollar bill, pardon the redundancy.

Royal Crown Agent Banzai Pipeline IMMEDIATE Clipper to Umbrellaman, Hammers 3, Name Dropper, Queen Hornet and Hamish, copy Chips, Suky Slicer and Abigail Chopsticks: “Dear Assets in England involved in Operation STASI STOCKING STUFFER, it should be noted that mention has been made of graduates of Eton who went onto Oxford and Oxford's Bullingdon Club. Reading through Cyril Connolly's book, Enemies of Promise, Connolly made the following observation while at Eton: "Were I to deduce any system from my feelings on leaving Eton, it might be called The Theory of Permanent Adolescence. It is the theory that the experiences undergone by boys at the great public schools, their glories and disappointments, are so intense as to dominate their lives and to arrest their development. From these it results that the greater part of the ruling class remains adolescent, school-minded, self-conscious, cowardly, sentimental, and in the last analysis homosexual. "Connolly's Enemies of Promise is a critical and autobiographical work first published in 1938. Connolly, though widely recognized as a leading man of letters and a highly distinguished critic, failed to produce a major work of literature unlike OUR MAN CHIPS who has penned a 10 volume set that will change history, he has had clerical support from the man with the Cheesy Accent. Maybe because Connolly was so disgusted with Eton and its turning out childish sociopaths? Is it any wonder that dominant women can control these adolescent miscreant oligarchs such as the PUSSY ON PATERNITY LEAVE or the ORGAN MONKEY DANCING TO SASQUATCH'S TUNE? I look forward to Operation STASI STOCKING STUFFER which should cause the TWIN COLLAPSE of UK/US Plants in high orifice. Banzai Pipeline, enroute Frome via D21 Drone, see photo attached.”

Banzai Pipeline Flies From Frome in Lockheed D21

Chips was amused at the message from Banzai Pipeline because he could imagine what the FAA and ALPA would think if they thought that Banzai was really flying a Lockheed D21 Drone. What could be more outrageous other than Muslim patsies who could not find their ass with both hand somehow picking the one window out of 7000 through which to launch a Bull Pup from a Raytheon A-3 and destroy ONI's evidence of a massive treason and theft by insiders not to be confused with Cleveland's OUTSIDERS who recorded Time Won't Let Me? Chips went back to his stocking stuffing which was causing Suzie Q to wish she could have gone to high school with Chips at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico where she would travel with him, for security purposes, in March 2011 after those who tracked Madeleine McCann had been identified first at Brave New Books on 29 September and then later in England when McCanns or any member of the public would be welcome to sit and listen while Abel Danger sends two principle investigators over for a Wednesday In Your Garden, assuming the Your's you is Suky Slicer of Abel Danger Nottingham a stone's throw from Kelmarsh Garden,

Bob Six readies Nodak 01

Chips was trying to think about security business so as to forestall an early exploculation and just as Suzie Q called 'switch' he saw a PRIORITY Clipper from Agent Bob Six who often took off from a grass strip in zero zero weather in a Beech King Air disguised as a VC131B before contacting the FAA ATC Center to fly over Washington DC, avoiding P5606, and then landing at Maryland Airport 18 miles south of FBI HQ, more or less, not to be confused with Abel Danger MoLes the palsied Urologist from Austin, Texas who would be Chips' handler in Austin.

Royal Crown Agent Bob Six Priority Clipper to Chips and Banzai, copy Skymaster: “Chips check out the Metronet prisoner and alien transportation service built by Crown Sisters Emerson (YVRAS), Sam Cam (Menzies) and Hornet (ConAir) in the 90s. The Three Sisters equipped Obama, Tricky and Rezko family members with Smythson ePassports and Traka devices and positioned them in key cities needed to support an attempted coup d'etat on 9/11. The Sisters set up Tricky's Massive Attack team in New York in 1996; they sent Zeituni Onyango, half sister of Obama's late father, the man who Vince Cable hired to whack Tom Mboya in 1969, from Kenya in 2000 to Boston where she worked with Amec's Metronet 'ghosts' on baggage screening at Logan Airport for Atta; and, last but not least they hired Rezko in Chicago to build the arbitrage team to short the DJIA through 9/11 for Sister Desmarais, Sidley Austin and the Worshipful Company of International Bankers. Warning to all Abel Danger Agents: The Pink Bag Pedophiles were using Metronet C4ISR as the key and Femme Comp[romise] Inc. as the lock until Gareth Williams hacked the lot so expect to see some panic among Sister shape shifters at the Vatican and under Blackfriars Bridge. Expect to witness the Winter of Obama's discontent at the 23 state moratorium on mortgage foreclosure bites him in the ass. Is fear of President Barack Obama one reason we're stuck with sluggish economic growth? That's the message the CEOs of several major companies are sending out, unusually vitriolic attacks on a sitting president, including references to communist Russia and Adolf Hitler, CEOs have complained they can't predict what Obama will do next -- and how his new regulations and taxes might hit their companies. The result is a bunker mentality that has CEOs holding back -- and the economy growing more slowly as a result. However, be of good cheer as 4 or 5 years ago no US passports were afforded a seat at the Global Financial Table now the SEC has allowed US entities in control of $100M or more to direct loan funs to kick start the economy as soon as Boo Boo is cashiered by Thunder Thighs. Bob Six, check six”As Chips saddled up in a doggie style position he found it easier to see the TM screen of his Clipper Squirt Gun all the while hoping that his other gun didn't squirt. In queue behind the Bob Six Priority was a routine from Agent Suky Slicer, still aboard the S-4 mini sub now heading out to sea presumably to go to Amsterdam where in 1969, give or take, John and Yoko were enjoying a Bed In at the Hilton.

Royal Crown Agent Suky Slicer Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Umbrellaman and Name Dropper, copy Chips: “Breath: don't hold it.....I guess Cable has been told to be seen to be doing something. He has more 'cred' than most so called UK "politicians" of the moment imo - even though he's just another lying actor like the rest of them. Where's Sissyboy Cameron? - or at least a member of the party that got the most votes at the last GE?? Mrs. Clegg's all over everything doing a bang up ( like Snowy?) job for the Crown Sisters after her recent DEAR JOHN message to Michelle Soetoro about the pink-bag passports in Marbella. I expect Cameron is too light in his loafers and so Mrs. Clegg (nee Foghorn Leghorn) is the new Bliar puppet to pied-piper us all into disappointment / hopelessness etc on behalf of the Crown/Temple/Banksters/Vatican et al so that we're so impoverished we have to remain reliant upon 'them' and fail just as the organ grinder's monkey is playing the same role at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. See you all at 1900 BST today for a Wednesday in my Garden?? - looking forward to it as always (note to self: Pastel Pistocchio)Suky Slicer, Strawberry FIELD's Forever, capeche?”

Chips mind harked back to lovely Wednesday's in Suky's garden as she and Chips referred to it, the garden in her Pastel Strawberry Cream, not the vegetation in the walled plot of land behind her home near Nottingham which makes it fairly close to Kelmarsh Garden where our affable and never flappable laconic opiner once spent a lovely four hour period with Suky Slicer, 36 years his junior which may evoke thoughts of the 36 Stud upon whose fender SuzieQ loved to perch herself when Chips wasn't perched on her self, in a manner of speaking. As Chips was performing his hydraulic ramming pleasure delivery techniques he noticed a Priority Clipper on his TM screen.

It was an unfortunate bit of timing but as the message came in from Agent Yellowhammer at RAF Brize Norton the text was bleached and only the link was still visible and it was old hat to Chips. In his visit with Slade Lane on Father's Day, 2010, Chips had been briefed on upcoming shrinkage at EADS and BBC and it appeared to be due to a tri-laminar condition they foisted upon themselves. BBC was losing credibility and advertising revenue, EADS was being 'looked at' due to the Strangler's Suite of illegal modifications to Boeing jets including their Thales 'phantoms' planted in Boeing Flight Boxes of 96 illegally exported B737s, and Chinese/French issues were delaying the B787 and threatening the KC330 as well those B787 wingbox and Smacsonic issues should according to Dan Rather, Agent Chips or both. Chips noticed SuzieQ was reaching for a Minnesota Vikings tubesock so he temporarily disconnected as they were just 75 minutes into the 240 minute enduro and he did not wish for SuzieQ to be cheated out of the FULL MEASURE of her pleasure just as on 22 September, 2010 a woman in Virginia who had her stepson and husband murdered was given the FULL MEASURE of her JUST DUE by the State of Virginia from where the Virginian woman married to two different Kelmarsh owners had traveled to Kelmarsh from.

Kelmarsh Gardens...

As SuzieQ caught her breath and composure she assumed a posture that suggested to Agent Chips that if she were to ride a horse it was be English style, or side-saddled to you blokes in the colonies who were mesmerized with the Lone Ranger and Sky King back in the days where Saturday matinees provided young couples the opportunity to play hide the salami while the kids were listening to Roy and Dale sing Happy Trails, not to be confused with Dassault Falcon 7x N007HT which is being considered a potential crime scene if, in fact, Gareth Williams/Slade Lane died in the un-pressurized cargo hold while the jet operated above 10,000 feet over Sandor and Isle of Man while body monitors and microphones recorded his death, apparently due to oxygen starvation. MI5 and MI6 should now have that investigation IN THE BAG. The bag with an Alien Technology RFID chip which can be tracked by ADT/Air Patrot/MetroNet(??) but also Joint Stars.

The side-saddle sidewinder presentation got the attention of Chips, who after downing 2 18 ounce tins of Smoked Oysters and washing down the 2 Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters he reached turgidity index of 128% and went back to work on a pepper hot SuzieQ but not the one sung about by Flash Cadillac in 1994. The Nav Plotting table was not very comfortable but the prize was worth the discomfort as synergy was achieved at 1020 rpm for the first 7 or so minutes before Chips slowed from a gallop to a canter but not Canter Fitzgerald or the Canton of Zug according to the Sultan of Swing which is what SuzieQ called Chips due to his dancing skills which, according to Marquis d'Cartier, who is monitoring Sarhozy's banking suggestions at the UN regarding taxes, are 'par excellance', an opinion shared by SuzieQ as she again reached for the Minnesota Vikings tube sock as Chips tried to recall Madeleine McCann's father's name. He kept thinking of Travis but knew that was an Air Force Base in California, not a grieving father in the UK which has a dismal record for prosecuting child abuse perps as long as the Queen and the Pope try to hide their Dirty Laundry which was working well before BUTLIN75 broke Hollie Grief and Gareth Williams cracked the PINK BAG PEDOPHILES while working with Abel Danger as Slade Lane of Norwich. Hey sports fans, let's take a pause for the cause, grab a Grolsch and have Agent James Galt google [ slade lane + norwich + abel danger + fur + feather ] and see what comes up. Sociable.

As Galt was googling, enquiring minds were wondering and Chips was hammering home his message to SuzieQ, an IMMEDIATE CLIPPER caused three orange lights to blink on the Clipper Squirt Gun as Chips plugged and unplugged much to the heightened please of modest, young and nubile SuzieQ whose 40DD headlights reminded Chips once again of the front fender of his 36 Stud where this fiery mare often perched prior to transfers of intel and precious bodily fluids.

Royal Crown Agent Vanessa Petra of Abel Danger Paramus IMMEDIATE Clipper to all players in Operation STASI STOCKING STUFFER, copy Yellowhammer and Queen Hornet: “Chips, the split samples of the recently harvested Stasi Samples have been split (pardon the expression), SNIPHed, and sent to Moxie G of CDC, Kui Longboard of Hickam Forensic Mortuary Services and Queen Hornet's contact at Fort Meade where you and Slade Lane visited with Team Anthrax during Operation Ramshead CRABCAKE attended by Brad King whose autopilot steered the CRAB KING for the Stasi snatch. Here is a 'coded receipt' from Queen Hornet and Brad King:

Ode to Chips

IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:
If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings

And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'
If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
' Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch,
if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!

Chips, our gadgets in Brize, Quantico and Shriver 'don't get it', do you? Petra Vanessa, Paramus Abel Danger, code Tangelo”

Chips' broad smile was misinterpreted by SuzieQ who witnessed that smile from a mirror as Chips had returned to a stern aspect when SuzieQ had held up a picture of her holding THE DOG THAT DIDN'T BARK while seated on the front fender of the 36 Stud. Chips got the message, and he hammered it home much to SuzieQ's wide-eyed delight. Immediately following the incoming from Vanessa Petra her got a rare short blast from Queen Hornet who was jumping ship but not in the way that SamCam's limp husband had been a 'ship jumper' for HSBC in the mid-90's before his arranged marriage to Tricky's dolphin tattooed FISHMONGER.

Blabbermouth Sibling Rudyard Kipling FLASH Clipper to Chips, FYEO: “If you can simultaneously take down two FOS ( female of species ) plants in UK/US, the world will be saved and all of God's Little People will no long FEAR THE RAPER and history will report that YOU ARE A MAN, MY SON, RK, PC”
Chips smiled again, BROADLY, which SuzieQ interpreted as his being pleased with her great bounty. SuzieQ called 'switch' and smothered Chips with a pair of 40DD which he moved outboard to cover his ears rather than his nose and mouth, both of which would be employed at the 7th inning stretch if you know where I am coming from. Like any God fearing family man, Chips was pleased to think his relative had seen the light. Chips assumed the UK/US plants were Kenya's Sasquatch and Spain's Foghorn Leghorn but that was just a hunch and he wondered what these two AXE HANDLES had agreed to in Marbella while their limp hubby's misled two nations under siege as opposed to ONE NATION UNDER GOD. Since 1833 the Crown Agents had effectively operated the United States Corporation as a holding of the Queen but with over 100 Christian Pastors sending video tapes of SERMONS preached on 26 September directly to the IRS, a changing of the guard was forecast. Isn't it interesting that the IRS is in Puerto Rico while the FAA is in the Caribean also, hmmhhh. And what's up with the Sermons being preached the very same day that Chips will be preaching in Austin Texas where Chips' sermon will be centered on Isaiah 61:1,2 and Luke 4:18, see also Luke 18:14. Chips found SuzieQ 'gifts' as quite exciting so he immediately thought of the USDOJ sows who trashed Justice during the period 1993-1998 with 1998 being the BEGINNING OF THE PLANNING FOR TOPOFF 2001 which Chips blocked with a 41 minute delay on Captain Jason Dahl's FLIGHT 93 from Newark, or as some would divine, NEW ARK, as Evil tried to trump good, but evil didn't know about Proverbs 21:31 or Chips' 36 Stud with a 427/450 but no license plates. Agent SuzieQ started barking like a white poodle which caused Chips to harkback to a photo taken of her on her 15th birthday which she had SEXTED to Fargo's AD office on 5 March, 2007 the day that Maddy McCann was tracked and Fargo's Forum covered Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 on the FRONT PAGE. Chips was waxing philosophical while in After Steering Grapevine was also waxing as she hoped to pull a train with Chips as soon as newcomer SuzieQ got off......., the Nav Plotting Table, get your head out of the gutter or Vanessa Petra might assign you a TRASHY adjective, capeche? Chips read an incoming Priority from Mr. Cheesy who apparently was getting bored and uncomfortable in the PINK NORTH FACE HOLDALL at the Menzie's pickup point of the Holland Park Tube while SuzieQ was enjoying a tubesteak, so to speak.

Brave New Books Chips Immediate Clipper from Hamish, FYEO: “Abel Danger has asked UKIP and Horseholder to simultaneously take into custody two FOS agents on either side of the Atlantic; one a sissy Scot on Maternity leave and one a sissy Kenyan with a pink CUKC passport with the surname Soetero in Gold monogram block letters. To assist in therollup, Abel Danger Plum City is dispatching HK Team 1 to the Full Moon B&B in Frome UK for 'work ups' prior to these two simultaneous Operations: Operation RED CLOCK (in Cleveland) and Operation STASI STOCKING STUFFER (Frome, Kelmarsh, and East Finchley, UK) Abigail Chopsticks suggests Pastel Pistocchio for entire ops liability period. HK1 Team: Field Agents-Grapevine, Suky Slicer, Bean and MoLes with Chips and Bob Six, UK Hammer-Otto Pilot, On Scene Commander-Banzai Pipeline, UK KU band Umbrella- James Crosby and Brumhilde, Projectionists at Phoenix Theater- Dr. Nano al-Umina and Marquis d'Cartier, unassigned- Hamish, what's new. Hunter Killer Team One has been authorized to put Boobs on the ground and use Lethal Force if we feel like it, McChrystal concurs, Princeton Grads 3 now locked out by SERCO-Clinton Rubin-McConnell International and Chips, capeche? Hamish, held baggage, Holland Park Tube/Menzies”
Chips couldn't help but notice how well the combined Operations were going with Hamish 'in the bag'. SuzieQ was also very pleased with the progress as in After Steering Grapevine had finished waxing and had grabbed her Clipper Olive Branch and drafted a message to Chips but did not send it pending exploculation.

Royal Crown Agent Suky Slicer Immediate Clipper to Umbrellaman, Banzai Pipeline, Otto Pilot and Uncle Ray, copy Queen Hornet, Chips and Hamish: “Umbrellaman, we have sent a message to Lord Pearon and Nigel Farage as well as Eric Holder that Abel Danger has evidence that Gareth Williams (Slade Lane = Slain) was murdered after a Crown Agents' Sister in Metronet discovered the code breaker had set up a man-in-the-middle position between the City & Guilds' Security Professionals, Arbitrators and International Bankers. Yellowhammer sends:

"[Evidence Crown Agents Sisters have state-of-the-art tracking systems embedded with man-in-the-middle position used by unwitting victims] Latest theory about the death of Gareth Williams is preposterous, say security experts By Jack Bremer LAST UPDATED 7:43 AM, SEPTEMBER 20, 2010 National security experts reached by The First Post last night have reacted with a mixture of astonishment, ridicule and suspicion to the idea that Gareth Williams, the MI6 agent found dead in a London flat last month, padlocked himself in a zip-up holdall in search of a sexual thrill and then suffocated because he couldn't get out again .. According to the Sunday Times' source, police recently invited an escapologist to show them whether it was possible to lock oneself in a holdall and get out again. The escapologist duly climbed into the bag, padlocked it from the inside and then unzipped it using a sharp-tipped pen. Convinced by this - and without addressing whether a 31-year-old codebreaker would necessarily have the skills honed over the years by a seasoned escapologist - the police were apparently persuaded that Williams must have got into the bag and then suffocated in the August heat before he could release himself .. According to The First Post's security sources, there are good reasons why government agencies might want this investigation to "go away". These include the possibility that what Williams was working on - and what might have led to his murder - is simply too sensitive to be allowed to go public .. Another source was puzzled by the differing messages being leaked - mainly to the Sunday Times - by those claiming to be close to the investigation. "One minute we're looking for a suspicious couple of Mediterranean appearance, the next we're being told he could have been poisoned by polonium-210 like Alexander Litvinenko - now we're expected to believe that he locked himself in a suitcase." The facts are that Gareth Williams was a GCHQ codebreaker on secondment to MI6, where his work made him privy to highly classified anti-terrorism material. On August 23, at least a week after he had last been seen, his body was found in a North Face holdall in the bath at his top-floor apartment in Pimlico, a short walk from MI6 headquarters .. As Crispin Black wrote for The First Post a week ago, the discovery of Gareth Williams's corpse bore all the hallmarks of a murder by someone who had killed before. The perpetrator had prepared the victim for transport, put the bag in the bath where any final traces of the crime could most easily be washed away, and was then presumably interrupted before being able to remove the body for disposal .. With severe decomposition it is very difficult to find out how someone died when they died where they died. But we must assume the worst several months ago he was abducted by people of Mediterranean appearance tortured for information, and murdered. The body then being returned to the flat in the holdall, which by its size probably has wheels. How did they manage to lose this man for several months? The americans thought he was back in england, MI fuckup thought he was either still in american or on holiday somewhere. Obviously the Met are baffled by all this, fetch Sherlock and Doctor Watson"

"[Evidence Crown Agents Sisters have access through France and Andre Desmarais to state-of-the-art Bombardier tracking systems embedded with man-in-the-middle positions in Metronet] André Desmarais, OC, OQ (born October 26, 1956, in Ottawa, Ontario) is a Canadian businessman, whose hometown is Montreal, Canada. He is one of two sons of Paul Desmarais, Sr. He is currently the president and co-chief executive officer of his father's founding company the Power Corporation, based in Montreal, Canada .. He is married to France Chrétien Desmarais, the daughter of former Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chrétien." .. "Prior to joining Power in 1981, Mr. Desmarais was ... a Special Assistant to the Minister of Justice of Canada and an institutional investment counselor at Richardson Greenshields Securities Ltd .. has been Co-Chairman of Power Financial Corp. since May 2008 .. served as Vice Chairman of Groupe Bruxelles Lambert S.A. .. has been Director of Great-West Lifeco Inc. and Great-West Life Assurance Company since April 22, 1992 .. has been Director of Pargesa Holding S.A. since 1996 .. served as Director of Groupe Bruxelles Lambert SA since May 1990 .. served as Member of the Supervisory Board of Bertelsmann AG until April 7, 2006 .. served as a Director of Seagram Co. Ltd. since 1997 and served as Director of Bombardier Inc., until 2004 [Ergo responsible for man-in-the-middle C4ISR devices in Metronet]. He served as Director of Vivendi. Mr. Desmarais is an Honorary Chairman .. of the Canada China Business Council from 1992 to 2002 and is a member of several China-based organizations. He is a member of the Chief Executive's Council of International Advisers of The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and member of the CITIC International Advisory Council. Mr. Robert serves as Member of Canadian Executive, United States Executive, Canadian Investment and Credit, United States Investment and Credit and Corporate Management Committees." Queen Hornet suggest Crispin might get Crispy if Mercury Fulminate traces from Murrah are shared with Austin FBI during Brave New Books Operation 36 Stud. Please have a hackney taxi driver pick up the PINK BAG AT MENZIE'S with the FARGO ALIEN TECHNOLOGIES RFID 'free pass' and see if the taxi driver and get the PINK BAG to the Phoenix Theater in North Finchley in time from the 7pm showing of the DOG THAT DIDN'T BARK. Suky, afloat and aField on River Thames/CRAB KING.”

While consuming the intel rich blast from the Nottingham Gardener Chips thought of the 5 airlines he was contracted to and was glad that he could travel without fear on 26 September. He knew that when the Strangler's Suite of Civil Case 1:08-1600(RMC) became front page news again, air travel would get real safe real fast and not just in Israel, Turkey, Germany, down under, and the largest of all international airlines. Signals from the DC Court were encouraging. Courtly Stonewall and Stone Kohl were lined up to drive the Presidential Limo and the 36 Stud on the Abel Danger World Tour that may, or may not be announced in Austin, as Fort Lauderdale and London prepare for some interesting speakers, capeche. As Chips was lost in thought, SuzieQ was lost in love can barked out 'switch' and assumed her signature position THE WINDMILL. Chips understood that without windmills fresh water would not be available in areas without electricity so he positioned to irrigate, in a manner of speaking. As the pumping action of the WINDMILL commenced, another incoming from Alien Technologies in Fargo flashed on Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun.

April Cunning at MI 115%, Chips at Full Battle Strength

Royal Crown Agent April Cunning FLASH Clipper to Chips, Hamish, Banzai and Yellowhammer, copy James Crosby and Bigg Johnson: “Chips, friends at ADT suggest we check out Crown Sister Sam Cam and Queen Hornet use of Smythson passport / Traka devices by the U.S. Justice Prisoners and Alien Transportation System ('Con Air') for 9/11; seems they equipped City & Guilds' 'ghost' actors in the early '90s with ePassport Traka devices in preparation for Massive Attack including C&G ghosts such as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed; he must have used ePassport Traka devices to bypass the Security Professionals; transport the Ryder-truck bombers to the WTC and the Murrah Building in 1993 and 1995; send camera crews to the Daniel Pearl murder scene in 2002, and set up special-effects pyrotechnic teams in New York for the Carlton/ITV/Tricky production of "Con Air 9/11 - the first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history". Also, ADT-Air Patrol snatches indicate THE PINK BAG has left Holland Park in a hackney taxi enroute Phoenix Theater, eta 1843. Suggest Joint Stars KU block between 1840-1846 to slave CCTV cames 90 degrees CCW from target azimuth. Regarding your DLA Piper money bag question, Alien Technology in Fargo points you to NET 1, not to be confused with my Oyster net, capeche? April, Fargo, my tattoos miss Chips and the Purple Tipped Red Champion.”
Suddenly SuzieQ felt a noticeable surge in the turgidity of Agent Chips, much to her liking, albeit somewhat confusing. Chips closed his eyes so that SuzieQ could believe it was her ample bounty that was driving the PTRC towards a turgidity index of THAILAND BLUE STEEL as he had to get April out of his head or he exploculate all over the Nav Plotting Table which might create a 'slip hazard' according to OSHA who had no jurisDICTion over the Indian registered Oberoi Vrinda now devoid of previous camoflague CRAB KING nameplates as it made it's way onto the open sea where yellow fringed flags did not cause Abel Danger to tremble or, more likely, shiver me timbers, as Chips was laying the lumber to SuzieQ who was begging for more just like the white girls at where Jack King's wife Judge Laurie enjoyed the gifts of a man from Trinidad named Chapman but no relation to 'titty clamps' Chapman of Putin/Russia/KGB fame. Want her Stasi sample? Check the trunk of the 36 Stud. Russian code word PEVA. As Agent Grapevine was making her way forward from after steering Agent SuzieQ called 'switch' in fluent Dutch which caused Chips to wonder if she were a Quaker as well as a shaker and he looked forward to a post-coital Captain Sherlock Martini perhaps in a 32 ounce ball jar not to be confused with the Stasi sample containers for male DNA which Thunder Thighs had benefitted mightily from just prior to her prom dress dropping all the way from secretary of states to FIRST MAN ON THE GALLOWS.

As Chips was trying to determine if 3/4 inch treated plywood would hold a pair of 200 pound lesbians, he noticed an incoming Clipper from the DLA heterosexual male attorney in Phoenix.

Royal Crown Cross Biltmore Immediate Clipper to Marquis d'Cartier, Nano al-Umina, Hamish, copy Chips and Grapevine: “Lesbo 1 in Chicago advises The Crown Agents' Sisters have privatized BBC propaganda transmissions to Crown Castle (Airwave in U.K.) and digital content - e.g. 9/11 or Gareth Williams snuff films - to SeeSaw and the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspapermakers. We have identified its objectives, threefold: to hold all the issued shares in Crown Agents, to relieve the poverty, distress and suffering of people in any part of the world, and to promote the education and training of people in any part of the world who lack the means to develop their vocational, commercial and industrial skills. Crown Agents allocates sums for the Foundation's social and developmental purposes and applies these at the direction of the Foundation. The Foundation has a governing Council (pictured bleached due to PETA objections as they thought the women were canines) and up to fifty Members, representing a balance of interests among which are international firms, professional bodies (Anna 'titty clamp' anyone?), and non-governmental and other organizations. Foghorn Leghorn now knows what a 'ship jumper' is, a bagman who hires a crew for a hit in town and puts them on a boat to leave port in the following hour, while a clean up crew takes care of evidence ( see Waco, Murrah, 9/11, BP, Katrina and the upcoming OCTOBER SURPRISE). Nowadays, Crown Sister Clegg at DLA Piper uses this e-method to pay for hits; no paper trail and works in unbanked areas such as the hit team for Mumbai (goggle Georgetown + Marine general + basketball, with a tip of the hat to Princeton's Swan) with four billion people to recruit from for government agencies, employers, merchants and other clients. DLA's LADY LEAKER in Chicago directs your attention to DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary US LLP closed a $335 million initial public offering for Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. on August 8. In connection with the offering, Net 1’s shares were listed on NASDAQ under the symbol “UEPS.” Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan acted as joint book-running managers of the offering.DLA Piper’s team was led by Marjorie Sybul Adams, a partner in the firm’s New York office who is also co-chair of the firm’s Capital Markets practice. The New York corporate team also included Daniel Goldberg, Stuart Reisman, Barbara Nepf, Michele Washburn and Alice Hsu. Other members of the corporate team included Drew McIntosh and Kevin Iurato (both Tampa) and Diane Frankle (Silicon Valley). Jay Westermeier (Northern Virginia), Paul Taufer and Andrew Noble (both Philadelphia) handled IP matters. Linda Thomas and Ian Lofwall (both Baltimore) handled employee benefits. Linda Weinberg (Washington, D.C.) consulted on various foreign issues and David Hryck (New York) handled tax issues. The offering was viewed as Net 1’s initial public offering although it had previously been a reporting company with its shares trading in the over-the-counter market. The offering and NASDAQ listing were intended in part to increase Net 1’s visibility in the U.S. marketplace and to achieve a broader shareholder base. Currently, Net 1 operates primarily in South Africa and other African countries. Net 1 provides its universal electronic payment system, or UEPS, as an alternative payment system for the unbanked and under-banked populations of developing economies. The system enables the estimated four billion people who generally have limited or no access to a bank account to enter affordably into electronic transactions with each other, government agencies, employers, merchants and other financial service providers. DLA Piper needs to get honorable mention in Austin at the Brave New Book Store, Cross, Phoenix”
As Chips was about to finish off SuzieQ with a MASSIVE ATTACK of Smoked Oyters as opposed to OYSTERED SNOWY courtesy of Tricky, a black London hackney taxi was observed by CCTV parking out front of the Phoenix Theater at 52 High Road, East Finchley. Both CCTV and Joint Stars tracked the PINK BAG with Hamish inside as it was hauled into the Phoenix theater at 1843 and taken to be placed beside Dr. Nano al-Umina who had a unit of his anatomy stuffed in the bottom of a pop corn box hoping that Agent Bean would soon discover it. Unfortunately Hamish had a sharp tipped pen and unzipped the NORTH FACE PINK BAG from the inside out after using a GMC car remote opener to release the electric solenoid while also KU blocking the uplinking of GPS 4 dimensional data to Pelosi's Air Patrol and ADT while also blocking SamCam's MetroNet as instructed by Queen Hornet recently of Abel Danger. As Hamish crawled out of the bag, he took the open seat next to Agent Bean and asked: "Just in time for the cinema, but after 9 hours in the bag I could go for some popcorn" as he reached over Agent Bean's dial-a-episiodomy setting lap and into the box of popcorn containing a plethora of popped kernels and one bulbous corona.

As Hamish tasted the corn and reached for more he said "this butter is very salty" to which a flaccid Nano commented but not dryly, "Hamish, that wasn't butter" at which point Agent Bean harked back to 1964 when she and Chips had watched Stanley Kubrick's Docter Strangelove 7 times not because they understood the concurrent and stacked themes but rather Beanie, also stacked, really liked looking for the prize in a pop corn box while most, not moist but most, girls her age preferred the prize in a box of Cracker Jack, both causing sticky fingers. As the house lights dimmed both men put their arms around Beanie svelte shoulders just north of some 40DD headlights as Beanie ignored their gambits and texted Chips on her Clipper Medical Bag stuffed with Smoked Oysters, Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters, and a thong in Pastel Sultry Chartreuse as the movie THE DOG THAT DIDN'T BARK opened to a PACKED HOUSE as Brave New Books Store at 1904 Guadelupe Street would be at 7 pm on 29 September, capeche?

Royal Crown ALPHA FEMALE Beanie to Royal Crown ALPHA MALE Chips, FYEO: I'm so glad to see the hand of God directing your trip to Austin and all the planned events coming together. How wonderful is that? I'd like to 'hook up' at Morgan's at the Arora International tonight if I can ditch Hamish and Nano. If you want to see a Marvelous Maytag, load Wake Up Little Susie in F4 of your Clipper Squirt and then watch for a spike in MI in an IOC in Pastel Sultry Chartreuse. God bless you Field and keep fight the good fight! I'm behind you and following you to protect the rear of the parade, not to conjure thoughts of Sherman Skolnicks THE HEAD OF THE PARADE. By the way, what's with Hamish, Nano just tricked him with that old Crank in the popcorn trick that you and I enjoyed during 7 showings of Dr. Strangelove. My precious bodily fluids are being held in check by Hamish's endless cheesy drivel, capeche? Agent Beanie Pastel Sultry Chartreuse, Phoenix Theater

Chips was brought into the hear and now with a loud wailing which sounded like a cross between Maria Muldaur's Midnight at the Oasis and the Police Siren of INDIANA WANTS ME by R. Dean Taylor. Never having had shared an exploculation with SuzyQ he thought she must have been driven to madness with his silver spoon but ever the trooper he hung in there while he visually checked and found that she was still cycling at 540 rpm with 17 minutes of time left on the clock. He got a FLASH Clipper from Captain James Galt on the Bridge.

Royal Crown Agent Galt FLASH to Chips and Suzie Q: “We have just been boarded by Dutch Naval Forces who brushed up against or vessel. They are looking for you and have a WORLD COURT warrant for your arrest. Under the Naval Plot Table there is a trap door to the escape chamber. Execute, Galt.”

Russia AF1 that produced Anna Chapman's Stasi sample

Chips gave SuzyQ the FULL MEASURE to which she responded preDICTably, followed shortly thereafter by the Master Swordsman. Chips left two DNA samples on the Nav Plotting Table and draped a pair of therapeutic bloomers in women's size 54 and a cadet sized condom with a DNA swab harvested in Astana, Kazakhstan in May 2009. The he lifted the trapdoor, led SuzyQ to the escape chamber just as the S-4 mini sub completed an EMERGENCY BLOW to facilitate docking. Chips led SuzyQ through the cold water of the North Atlantic causing his TI to droop to 87%, still sufficient to complete the act according to Judge Laurie's friends at . Chips, every the gentleman, noticed that the cold salty water was having a dramatic effect on a pair of circuit breakers which appeared to be 44DD due to refractive quality of saltwater with a specific density of .84 not to be confused with George Orwells book or Randy Moss's jersey number when at the Vikings. Bad Max had exited S-4 with a rope due to the visibility and he quickly found Chips and SuzyQ and led them to the 'chamber' aboard S-4. As the threesome emerged into the well lit chamber of the S-4 which was underway and accelerating at 90 degrees to the Oberoi Vrinda heading of 077 magnetic, Mad Bax commented "Nice knockers Chips" to which Agent SuzyQ looked at Mad Bax's speedo swimming suit in Crimson and Gold.

"Cold water, isn't it" she commented while her MI started recovering. "Seems that Chips was in warmer water than you, Marine!"

"Mam, if I didn't provide your escape you and Chips would both be in HOT WATER with the Dutch who are very curious as to the Slade Lane tracking archives at Abel Danger Plum City." As Mad Bax led the other two towards after steering Captain Jam called to Mad Bax, "Bax, we are on autopilot and James Crosby has us snatched remotely, do you have 4 hours for an intel briefing in my cabin?"

As Mad Bax recovered from the effect of the cold swim the Captain's Cabin door was closed as Agent Hoss readied his Boeing VERTOL for an UNREP mission to pick up Chips at 2100 hours.

As Agent Bean faked interest in THE DOG THAT DIDN'T BARK, she looked forward to a quick drink in Morgan's Pub at the Arora Crawley with the owner of the 36 Stud. As Nano excused himself to get another popcorn, the man with the cheesy drivel asked "Make it a large tub, no butter this time" to which Beanie looked forward to a large jacuzzi and all the butter Chips could muster.

Both Bean and Chips received an Immediate from Uncle Ray at the Quantico CP after a quick trip in a black Beech King Air 200 from Lancaster PA to the Maryland Airport, in Virginia.

Royal Crown North American Hammer Uncle Ray IMMEDIATE to Alpha Male and Alpha Female: “Agent Yellowhammer and Abigail Chopsticks have received this response from 'the parents' via unregistered carrier pigeon in the vicinity of Nottingham / Kelmarsh. "All missing children are vulnerable to exploitation including sexual exploitation, with this being the motive in many of those cases of stranger abductions where a motive can be determined. Child sexual exploitation and child pornography in particular, is sadly and shockingly extensive worldwide. It is a multi-billion dollar industry aided by the use of the Internet with the ‘thirst’ for younger victims growing. Once again, my ‘bubble’ of a life burst as I began to discover the facts relating to this now global crisis. As we traveled through Europe in an attempt to raise awareness of Madeleine's abduction and appeal for help, we were repeatedly made aware of the unbelievable existence of such a horrifying activity and its vastness in our so called civilised and ‘child-loving’ society. How can such ‘businesses’ be condoned or tolerated by us all? What are the benefits for our children of being in a European Union where several member countries offer child pornography as a LEGAL past time? The most vulnerable members of our society are our children and they deserve better than this. Lack of sex offender registers, lack of reliable tracking systems for known offenders and no CRB check requirements , not even for those working with children are other major areas of concern within many parts of Europe. My eyes have certainly been opened to a whole new world out there - a very worrying one. We watch with hope, GREAT HOPE, that the event, rather THE EVENT, scheduled at 1900 CDT on 29 September will bring international focus to the plight of innocent children. We note that AMBER ALERT and the Jacob Wetterling Foundation are 'neighbors' to Agent Chips and on behalf of all exploited children, including Hollie Grieg, Jacob Wetterling and our own Little Maddy we wish Abel Danger GODSPEED as he solicits POWER in accordances with Matthew 18:5 and Matthew 25:40. God Bless Abel Danger, God Bless America, and European Union, BEWARE THE 36 STUD. G & K, with love”
As Bean and Chips both received the message simultaneously, a hackney taxi driver tapped Agent Bean on her shoulder as she watched the cinema between Nano and Hamish, now both asleep and as Agent Hoss and Stone settled onto the deck of the S-4 mini sub as Agent Chips boarded the chopper with STEELY RESOLVE.

As the Boeing VERTOL lifted off and turned for a course direct Gatwick, 247 degrees magnetic, all Clippers came alive with OTTO PILOT'S warning relayed through James Crosby. "Hoss, Chips, Beanie, AMBER ALERT now CODE PINK avoid Crawley, you are FEMME COMPed. Stand by for KU blocking to retarget UNKNOWN RIDERS.

Beanie and Chips both checked their Operation Stasi Stocking Stuffer CLIFF NOTES and looked forward to..............

As the Boeing VERTOL went dark and quiet, Chips was reduced to 88% TI and asked "Hoss, talk to me" but not in a way that Tom Cruise or Kelly McGillis might lisp it from out of their closets.


5"And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.


40"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'


31 What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?

As Agent Hoss realized the 'sync shaft' had been sabotaged he hit the red jump lights and deployed both main rotors drogue chutes as Chips missed an incoming Clipper as he complied with Hoss' jump command. And on the North Side of London Agent Bean determined the hackney driver was not heading towards the rendezvous point briefed in Otto Pilot's follow-up briefing in Norski while he wondered what type of Abel Danger Cowboy shirt would be sent to him from Austin's Abel Danger Office. As Chips free fell, Agent Bean reached for her piano wire, and Otto Pilot walked around Tronheim bare-chested awaiting his new cowboy shirt, all 3 Clippers missed and update from Hamish who awakened at the end of the DOG THAT DIDN'T BARK and immediately speed dialed Marquis d'Cartier for a relay in French.

Royal Crown Agent Marquis d'Cartier Immediate to Chips, Name Dropper Banzai and Suky Slicer, copy Hamish Nano and Bean: “Check out Crown Sister Miriam Clegg re apparent use of Net 1 ePassport and smart-card payment systems by pink-bag pedophiles; these are principal suspects in abduction of Madeleine (‘Maddy’) McCann. Looks like Clegg and Brenda Stewart, paid City & Guilds’ ghosts to stuff MI-6 code breaker Gareth Williams into a pink bag; they were desperate to stop him from exposing pedophile passport and funds-transfer system, originally sponsored by Hanne Strong’s husband in the 1950s. The Sisters ordered the pink-bag hit on Gareth Williams after they found him tracking Maddy’s abductors; he was eavesdropping into some man-in-the-middle chatter between Maurice Strong, his Net 1 pedophile clients and the City & Guilds’ Leathersellers (Sam Cam), Stationers and Newspapermakers (SeeSaw IPTV snuff) and the World Traders (Baroness Garden). Now it looks like they've taken Bean and Nano as I am alone in the cinema with a full belly but sticky fingers. Hamish”

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