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Good Queen Bess and the Stranglers Scarf - Chapter 8

Did Sam Cam's Dave use City & Guilds to stage ITV 9/11?
Crown Sisters stop Kumbaya for Sextortion with Geruchsproben Smell Hound

Chapter to remind Canada's Harper, UKIP Pearson, USAG Holder of Hunter Wingman Chapter 12 where Chips, Hamish and the three dogs crawled up the crew hatch just aft of the left as easily as her SNIPHer could sort semen, cheetos or scent of a woman. DOMINO UMBRELLAMAN sent global DICKR re most significant MURDER VICTIM of 9/11. CIA-FBI-ONI-DNI-NI-MCI-MIT-BVD have all seen DeConto Deconstruction in 8 sections to known internally as OCTO-PUS. In 1993 we stopped the WT demolition by swapping Ryder trucks. On 9/11 we stopped TOPOFF by imputing a 41 minute delay on Captain Jason Dahl's United 93. Of the 22 Crown Sisters we now have 3 who no longer sing KUMBAYA; one European, one American and one who is processing in. Operation Maytag Suds sent FLASH DICKR to Agent Chips re DNA swapper: [sam cam + rich and crafty + apprenticeships + public snuff films 2001+ City & Guild of London Institute + foreknowledge + itv + smythson sextortion + track and whack + dna cross incriminate + leather handbag]. The sub turned right 90 degrees and dove; Chips commenced SHAFTer Ops with Natalya who called 'switch' while in China, City of London and 1600 PA Avenue, COMFORT decreased as advance copies of Civil Case 1:10-1600(BH) were drafted with following links: [ sam cam + tricky massive attack + canal plus le bouquet + stasi + pinewood comfort + pilot dahl + 22 ziploc panty liners + green grass home + sweat of thy brow + CGLI].

Attention Canada's Harper, UKIP Pearson, USAG Holder: action please gentlemen:

Hunters Wingman - Chapter 12 - published March, 2008 ( delivered to USDOJ 4 July, 2010 ) “As Chips, Hamish and the three dogs crawled up the crew hatch just aft of the left ... as easily as her SNIPHer could easily sort semen, cheetos or the scent of a woman

RAF Bentwaters - 1964 not to be confused with Ramey AFB - 1964 where 72nd C4ISR Wing was Commissioned after the Zapruder Money Shot

72nd C4ISR will be hosting a Post Obama Celebration (POC) 6 months after Operation DTL (Drop The Laundry)

As Michelle LaVaughan Soetero has now been briefed in Spain by Foghorn Leghorn aka Boston Auchi Brakes aka Mrs. Clegg, let's all sing along to a going away song for the only alleged US president ( lower case intentional ) to never have been able to produce birth records, baptism records, elementary records, Punahou records, Occidental records, Columbia records, Harvard records, state senator records, US Senator records in fact the only 2 records he has been able to produce appear to be NA NA Goodbye by Steam and Ooh Child by the Five Stair Steps. As Attorney Philip Berg prepares his paperwork lets all enjoy a musical tribute to the American President who never was. Never was American. Never was qualified to be president. Expected to be removed in FIELD MCCONNELL v. Barry Soetero following Summary Judgement of Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC). [ pssst....Boo Boo, note case the math ]

It may be of interest to Obama, Blago, Auchi and Rezko that the father of the 5 Stairsteps was a career Chicago Police Officer and Detective who had family values, capeche? Just to the east of Chicago is Gary, Indiana where another young black family followed in the footsteps of the 5 Stairsteps. These black family acts are tied together in that Mrs. Michelle LaVaughan Soetero recently met in Spain with Qataris, Saudi and Bahrain folks. The King of Bahrain, Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa, had signed an out of court settlement with Michael Jackson where in exchange for millions previously lent to MJ he was to use his sold-out UK concerts to be a 'platform" for warning the World of a soon to occur mass genocide event. Michael Jackson and Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa had been long standing supporters of the fearless Austrian investigative journalist Jane Burgermeister who has been warning the world that the greatest crime in the history of humanity is underway and we may wish to consider this: “Jane Burgermeister has recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder. She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination which is being filed in America. These actions follow her charges filed in April against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing contaminated bird flu vaccine, alleging this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.”

In addition to Michael Jackson, it may be proven that both Elvis and the Beatles had been used to accomplish a sinister purpose but once it was achieved EP and John Lennon were 'potentially hostile baggage'; Elvis wanted to tour as a member of a Gospel quartet with bass singer J. D. Sumner and John Lennon wished to 'come clean' regarding funding during the Beatles early days during the British Invasion where it is understood that MI6 and CIA worked to poison the minds and moral fiber of America's youth. Just as EP, MJ and JL had become too big and too popular to be controlled under the oppressive thumb of the Crown Agents, BHO has become too much of a laughing stock and liability to both the Crown Agents and the Democratic National Committee and for this reason his removal was briefed to the disbarred Union Carbide Bhopal Attorney in Marbella, Spain by Foghorn Leghorn who cackles like a hen when called by her proper name Mrs Clegg.

As previously reported in Chapter 7 the scramble of the four Migs at Karaganda was cancelled after Abel Danger sent a LICKR message to Taldykorgan indicating that an ELEPHANT WALK would suffice to show the Chinese that they best not launch any air superiorty assets or they would have their lunch handed to them and it would not be Fried Rice or Chow Mein, however it would be predicated on CHICKEN. Chicken as in Foghorn Leghorn. Barry Soetero's going away parties scheduled for Annapolis, Quantico and CGAS Boringquen, Puerto Rico, site of the former Ramey AFB whose 72nd C4ISR Wing would receive credit for bringing down Obama the Imposter, known as the OBAMA SMACK DOWN and that should not be confused with Obama the Smack Clown as he has continued the drug war in Afghanistan while he clowns around or the dropping of the laundry of the 22 foul women who were the 22 unidentified defendants of the Civil Case that USDOJ [ Gonzalez, Mukasey, Holder ] had been holding since 2 October, 2007: Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 . Some readers with hawk like vision and rapier like wits might believe foul women should have been fowl women since ultimately Foghorn, Thunder Thighs, Sasquatch and Facedrop will 'break like little girls', with a tip of the hat to Bob Dyland [ Just Like a Woman ] however the proper pair of words is foul women as Abel Danger has not only deployed the SNIPHer technology but as the time interval between Sasquatch's trip, at huge tax payer expense, to Spain to get her orders from Foghorn Leghorn and the removal of the Imposter at 1600 is drawing neigh, Abel Danger will be bringing Hamish and Marquis d'Cartier back into the fold and also switching from LICKR to DICKR [ Defense Intel Coordinates Kenyan's Removal ] so as to ensure the feeble efforts of Clinton-Rubin, SERCO and McConnell & McConnell International cannot 'hack' our internal comm as we can theirs. They would be wise to recall Lt. Col. John Boyd's progeny are affiliated with Abel Danger, capeche? For any morons working with the CA if you do not recall the significance to Air Superiority, you should read more military history starting with OODA LOOP and Stasi.

The transfer of day to day command within the United States Department of Defense had taken place [ McChrystal-Patreaus ] and the actions of the United States Department of Justice were set in action prior to the Gathering of Chickens in Spain not to be confused with the movie, A Gathering of Eagles where in 1963 Crown Agents had placed a homosexual actor in the lead role as Wing Commander setting the stages for the Crown Agents in November, 2008 to have a totally repulsive individual crammed into the oval office only to be regurgitated out after less than 2 years. While the Presidency of GWB was not the most popular at least in George we had a real cowboy from Texas instead of a Kansas City faggot who may have inspired this tribute from True Texan Willie Nelson who could have been an Abel Danger Agent if it weren't for his early discharge from the United States Air Force at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi in the early 50's where in March, 2011 a WC130 Hurricane Hunter from the 53rd WRS will make a cameo appearance at the Reunion of 72nd C4ISR Agents, present and past. If a B52H were to appear on the ramp of CGAS Borinquen is may be fitting to have the 'tailless boeing bomber' represent the US Military Veterans who have kept America secure since 1776.

Tough shit City & Guilds in London Institute, you're done. Not only are your Crown Agent's all known to us, but in addition according to our SNIPHer technology, a big dog is pissing in your Garden. And in Canada Panty Sniffer Russell Williams has established comm with some members of the 1996 Trans-Atlantic Aviation Security Military Gamers, Launderers, World Traders and Gardeners, at least the few remaining who are still on this side of the grass. DeConto, Burlingame and Garden are deceased. And if you didn't pick up on the hint two chapters ago regarding WEDNESDAY IN YOUR GARDEN by the Guess Who, perhaps you'd like an encore performance.

Abel Danger working with loyal remnants of the Stasi, MIT, ISI, CSIS and loyal oath keepers within DNI, ONI, Naval Intel, Marine Intel, FBI and CIA had followed the spider web back to the Maestro of 9/11. By the way, we did not allow input from Clinton's Useless USIS but we did 'springboard' the Gorelick wall which, like Humpty Dumpty's is falling down as Deepwater Horizon, Otis Elevators, Fannie Mae, General Electric and ITEM V seem to be aligned in a fashion that will DROWN THE WENCH, DTW as Abel Danger Detroit leads the way in OPERATION HUMPTY DUMPTY, or the parallel military operation DTL, Drop The Laundry. Lately it seems the limp men who have extorted or entrapped the FOUL WOMEN with more ambition and greed than common sense are 'retiring' in record numbers. Recent retirees included Henry Bienen, Bill Ayers, Peter G. Peterson, Al Gore, Senators Dorgan, Dodd and Reid along with Kid Kenya next up in'on deck' as US DoD and the loyal 47 Adjutants General maintain domestic tranquility during the transfer of power and then the transfer of the position in OPERATION DOMINOES FALL, 2010.

As Agent Grapevine again settled onto Chips to complete the HONEY JAR enduro, Agent Hamish and Agent Marquis met for coffee and sticky buns at the Best Western in Richmond BC, across the street from the Foggy Dew Pub, to converse regarding Abel Danger Communications difficulties. Our affable and never flappable Chips was dining at the Y while Agent Jam was begging for more in the back of the 36 Stud. Agent Bean, who had the 4th shift of Pole Sitters, was still acting as a scribe for the Dublin team, not Dublin, Georgia where nearby Robins AFB had a U2 visit in April, 2010, enroute from Ramey AFB to Beale AFB, or Dublin, California where Agent James Crosby resides but rather Dublin, as in Guinness Stout, Ireland where Agent Natalya Antonov works in 'aviation contracting' not far from St. James Gate where Bean and Chips had exchanged Precious Bodily Fluids in 1996 after the Puck Festival, capeche? As Agent Bean in Dublin and Uncle Ray in her POV were monitoring the Clipper network with Banzai Pipeline, Agent Grapevine had assumed a position so that Chips could do a little pipeline work too as he was a card carrying member of the Worshipful Company of Pile Drivers and Pipe Fitters. As it turns out his pipe had been a snug fit but had completed it's pile driving duties just as Banzai escalated the security and rolled Clipper through LICKR and up to Defcon 2 with attendant LICKR communications and suggested FAA Security Threat Level Pastel Tangelo while FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt, ALPA Presidant John Prater and shill aviator Duane Woerth were scratching their asses wondering how to avoid guilt when the Wrongful Deaths associated with [ Adam Air 574 + Kenya Airways 507 + Colgan Air 3407 + Air France 447 ] are adjudicated as the Strangler's Suite of weapons is exposed in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC).

Meanwhile, not far from the heart-shaped Jacuzzi Agent Chips had just finished off Agent Grapevine when a FLASH DICKR came in from the Abel Danger Hammer in Japan.
DOMINOES Agent Banzai Pipeline FLASH DICKR to Umbrellaman, Name Dropper, Uncle Ray, Marquis d'Cartier, Hamish, Chips and Yellowhammer, copy Natalya Antonov and Suky Slicer: “Otto Pilot in Trondheim Abel Danger has just received an important piece of the puzzle from the Doll in Donegal reference the purported Maestro of 9/11. While Abel Danger believes that the control of the Treason of 9/11 was authorized by the Shadow Government [ Soros, Hillary ] in the US and deployed and funded by Carlyle Canada, the 'end user' had to be some entity that wished to displace both the US Air Force and the US Airlines from their position of dominance as well as remove any doubt regarding the status of the United States of America as a Corporation under the control of the City of London. Dolly Donegal has suggested that a three spear departure from Dublin be executed in a very public way with the three exit aziumuths leading to the home of the Puck Festival, Donegal, and Belfast. Dolly Donegal will brief Package 3 at the Belfast Hilton 14 hours from right now, ready, ready hack. Execute. Banzai Pipeline, Abel Danger Hammer, Sapporo”
Chips recognized the urgency required and immediately stuffed the monster into his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Apricot with tricot pouch. As Grapevine was basking in the after glow of a four hour enduro, the last 90 minutes of which were 'side saddle', how English, she realized that she did not have a matching thong in Pastel Apricot. Chips could see the look of concern on her face so as he took a Marine Corps shower and applied a modicum of Fu Fu Juice he explained the Operation to Grapevine.

"Grapevine, you and most of the girls will be going to Donegal as decoys just as on 9/11 UA175, UA93, AA11 and AA77 were decoys to be vaporized and then replaced by DRONES, see Captain Sherlock Solves 9/11 at to understand. The Donegal Dolly will be in Belfast where 4 of us Alpha Males will debrief the Donegal Dolly at the Belfast Hilton where in August, 2005 I stayed as a guest of the Clarkes while attending the Irish Moiled Cattle Show in Cultra after visiting the three Irish Moiled Herds of Redacted A, Redacted B and Redacted C. Furthermore, a second decoy team, including the Blow Up Dolls [ BUD ], will travel in what appears to be a second 1936 Studebaker decoy via motorway to the site of the 1996 Notre Dame-Navy Football Game known as the Shamrock Classic where I first met THE GARDENER and beat him in a BDC [ beer drinking contest ]. While the Blow Up Dolls head southwest and the Female Ass Sets head to Donegal, myself, Courtly Stonewall, Mad Bax and Sluggo will travel to Belfast. I will catch up with you within 48 hours whereupon I can again verify your blondeness not because I have a short memory, but I really like the way you prove your blondeness with the HONEY JAR technique not to conjure up memories of Jay and the Techiques who had a flash in the pan hit in 1967 when I was swearing my second oath at Annapolis and Bill was get ready to go to Oxford and rape someone".

Chips had no sooner finished his explanation of what would become the Donegal Three Way when Agent Grapevine blurted out "Keep the Ball Rollin" as she removed the IOC in Pastel Apricot, and assumed a position she called "the buckboard" and moaned "Quickie authorized Chips, I don't want to slow down the Operation but I must have another batch before you go". Attendant to her needs our Laconic Opiner downed 3 tins of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters, a 3 tablet gel tab of NDSU EOPs and saddled up for a quickie. As she was receiving the hydraulic ram action much like the main landing gear of a Douglas A4 Sky Hawk might receive when the landing gear is extended , she selected F4 on Chips' DICKR Squirt Gun and settled into a rhythm while Abel Danger Agent Derrick Pumper went about his Oil FIELD duties, with a smile on his face, while in the hotel car park three look a-like street rods, two of them 1941 Willys coupes painted to match the 36 Stud, were lined up abreast ready for the trilateral deployment away from Natalya Antonov's Abel Danger posting of Dublin.

Chips finished off Grapevine with a rimshot at the buzzer immediately following her exploculation that was muffled by a well worn Minnesota Vikings tubesock. As Grapevine's ample breast heaved in an attempt to provide enough oxygen to her other vital organs, Chips stuffed his vital organ into an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Apricot with Tricot pouch and took another Marine Corp shower and applied a little more Fu Fu juice. As he grabbed his Mumbai leather bag purchased from the shops below the Oberoi Hilton in September, 2005, he noticed a laser spot on the wall next to the clock which announced to him he had 3 minutes to be in the car park. He bobbed his head 3 times and three times he saw the laser spot in magenta transfer to the wall on his 'down bob'. Realizing that someone was hoping for a headshot such as the Zapruder camera caught on 22 November, 1963 he selected Clipper, an intentional and tactically 'savvy' violation of Abel Danger Comm Protocol, and made a priority call to Abel Danger's European Hammer office in Trondheim. Agent Annie of Northern Norway had the duty as Agent Otto Pilot had gone down to his garage for another malted beverage and a cigarette.
Blabbermouth Chips Priority Cross Clipper to European Hammer, Umbrellaman, Banzai, Mitch Stack, Courtly Stonewall, Mad Bax and Sluggo, copy Hamish and Donegal Dolly: “Will be avoiding the non-Otis elevator and stairwells due security concerns and will rappel to back of hotel for departure to Donegal in 3 minutes. Please have Courtly Stonewall position Willys to back of hotel. Cross Chips out.”
Chips had intentionally used the Clipper network knowing that both it and LICKR were hacked. Then, knowing that someone or perhaps 3 someones, were watching his room he did the predictable thing and returned to Grapevine and removed her 40D brassiere and kissed the twins goodbye while he showed her his crossed fingers on his right hand. She understood that he was posturing and that she should be not become aroused however with his left hand Chips had prima facie evidence that partial arousal was occurring and any Maytag stockholder would be pleased with the sudsing taking place. Chips then held her in a tight embrace and planted a lip lock on her for benefit of the voyeur assassins and then he stooped below the window sill, inflated a body double blow up doll [ BUD ] and threw a rappelling line out the window.

Still kneeling out of sight he held the ankles of the blow up doll and walked it over to Grapevine who, in full view of the voyeurs, returned a lip lock to the doll and massaged the BUD's groinal area, wishing it were Chips'. After the good bye kiss she helped the doll to the rappelling rope whereupon it was lowered by Dwarf and Diehard who were working behind a garbage dumpster in the alley behind the hotel. The doll exited the 5th floor window and was slowly lowered while 3 lasers dots [ green, blue and yellow ] danced on it's head. As the doll reached the second floor, where the dining room was closed and no guest rooms were in the trajectories, three silenced and flash suppressed sniping rifle shots came from three separate azimuths and blew the head off the BUD, a technique perfected prior to the Zapruder money shot. Meanwhile Chips was joined by Courtly at the B1 level of the car park and Courtly silently led Chips to a 1936 Studebaker Dictator Coupe parked between 2 1941 Willys Coupes with matching paint jobs and all having Illinois License plates with MURDER 4 HIRE under the Land of Lincoln. As Chips crawled into the right side of the 36 Stud he was pleased to see Corazon Dulce was sitting on the hump. As Mitch fired up the 427 big block, Stone in one Willys and Skymaster in the other fired up their 1996 LT1 mills and the three cars proceeded out of the car park and headed due west, away from St James Gate.

"Chips, I was very worried when I heard your transmit on Clipper until I realized that your insertion of the word CROSS meant that for that message alone you had your fingers crossed. However, I have been reminded by Banzai in Sapporo that we are to use only DICKR comm until the Donegal Dolly has delivered the package in Belfast". As she talked she positioned Chips right hand into a place where he should have found an IOC however there was not one being worn, which pleased our man Chips whose Tricot pouch in Pastel Apricot was coming under increased tensile stress. Chips performed a brief digital exam to satisfy himself that this was indeed Corazon Dulce of Waxhah and Aguadilla Offices of Abel Danger. He noted her MI was approaching saturation and her circuit breaker status was 'fully ready'. As the three street rods had reached the 'split point' and Skymaster turned south west as Stone turned northwest, Chips saw the blacked out Puma approaching from the rear and saw that Courtly Stonewall had the 36 Stud at 88 kph which is 55 mph for you dolts in the Crown Agency. Chips pointed to the helo and Corazon held Chips' right hand in place whispering "I need it bad Fritato" to which our man Chips replied "Claro que si" as he slipped out the right window of the 36 Stud stabilized at 55 mph. As the Puma helo held constant position above the all steel pro-Street 427 powered road machine Chips grabbed the rope ladder with his right hand and held the ladder steady for Corazon to climb on to. With Corazon Dulce firmly in place Agent Hoss climbed another 6 feet or so to allow Chips to board the ladder directly below Agent Corazon. As Chips looked up to see Hoss and give him a thumb's up, he noticed the target area and came up with a plan of attack, while signaling to Hoss that he was 'aboard'. Hoss pushed forward on the cyclic and pulled up on the collective and accelerated away from the 36 Stud which then turned on its head lights and accelerated to 80 mph for the journey up to Belfast. Once Chips and Corazon where safely 'away' Courtly Stonewall DICKRed Stone and Skymaster to 'fall in' whereupon the two decoy Pro Streets reversed courses and assumed new courses to rendezvous with the 36 Stud enroute to Belfast. In Stone's vehicle he reached under the driver's seat and retrieved a Grolsch Frosty and some Altoids which were curiously strong.

Corazon had failed to start climbing the ladder and when Chips did climb he found his nose in her business, which pleased them both. After numming the area he gave her a quick and respectful slap on the buttocks signaling the need to climb aboard the helo so that Chips might climb aboard Corazon. As Chips joined Corazon in the passenger cabin of the Puma he noticed a cooler and he opened it and retrieved a Grolsch Frosty for himself and gave a look to Corazon suggesting she express her preference. She pointed at Chips' groinal area and also at a quart jar containing a Ramey Rimshot, the traditional refreshment created by Agent Name Dropper and Moxie G during a pleasant evening on a vacant crash boat in late September, 1967 as they looked forward to a football game where Pete Buscetto was not to start at QB.

Chips had just taken his first pull on the Grolsch when Hoss handed Chips an Immediate DICKR message from Agent Yellowhammer on duty at RAF Flyingdales but who had been at RAF Bentwaters in 1964 at the same time Agent Chips had been at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico during the commissioning of the 72nd C4ISR.
Abel Danger Aguadilla Hammer Priscilla N. Cordero IMMEDIATE DICKR to Agent Corazon Dulce, Moxie G, Name Dropper, copy Chips and Marquis d'Cartier: “Corzaon, su amiga en Madrid dice que "Berg, dijo, Michelle Obama celebró, para una última vez, en España con su hija y otros como ella sabe que su marido, Obama/Soetoro, tiempo como Presidente está llegando a su fin, como él se ve obligado a dejar de fumar como él admitirán nació en África y aprobado/reconoció en Indonesia y por lo tanto, no es constitucionalmente elegible para ser Presidente. Comentarios de Berg llegaron como la controversia está construyendo desde Michelle Obama, su hija y más de 40 amigos viajados a España para un cinco [5] vacaciones de día. Los temas incluidos gastar dinero extranjero cuando nuestro país está pasando por la agitación económica; viajando fuera del país cuando podría haber pasó unas vacaciones en los Estados Unidos, donde su gasto podría han ayudado a una comunidad local; hospedarse en un cinco [5] hotel estrellas con sesenta [60] habitaciones utilizadas para sus amigos, el personal y la seguridad; y por qué ella viajaría extranjero después de críticas generalizadas cuando Michelle, su esposo y dos [2] niños viajados recientemente a Maine para un cuatro [4] vacaciones de día y no a la zona del Golfo de México." Vaya con Dios y cuidado, Priscilla.”
Seeing that it was for Corazon Chips handed it to her and resumed his brief digital exam of her thongless privates where the moisture index was approaching saturation, Chips knew he must act. Noting that Hoss was busy navigating at tree top level Chips postured Corazon forward on her elbows as if using the dim cockpit lights to better read the DICKR message. Lifting her skirt, Chips inserted from behind and used a slow delivery that would be difficult for Hoss to detect while monitoring both his performance and his power instruments not to mention his NAV Display which indicated 13 minutes to Belfast. Corazon intentionally read slowly as she cycled her cervix muscle three times to indicate 'Mi gusta como esto Fritato, mas despacio' to which Chips slowed up another 30 rpm. As Chips saw enough to conclude that the message from Ms. Cordero was concerning the going away message for the attorney who had lost her license over the Bhopal cover-up in 1984 after having served as Counsel to AT & T who Al Gore had forced to send Clipper-enabled phones to Canada where the attacks of 9/11 were facilitated, Chips reached into his Mumbai leather bag and pulled out a full copy, in English, and laid it on the small of Corazon's back to make it look like they were both studying instead of sharing Precious Bodily Fluids, which actually they were not, yet. Chips was well aware of Philip J. Berg's campaign as well as the campaigns of Walter Fitzpatrick of Tennessee and Orly Taitz, Esq. of California.

For Immediate Release: - 08/11/2010

CASE INFORMATION: U.S. District Court, Eastern District of PA – Case No. 08-cv-04083-RBS

For Further Information Contact:
Philip J. Berg, Esquire
555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531
Cell (610) 662-3005
(610) 825-3134
(800) 993-PHIL begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (800) 993-PHIL end_of_the_skype_highlighting [7445]
Fax (610) 834-7659

Berg Says Michelle Obama Celebrated, one last time, in Spain with her friends and daughter as She Knows Her Husband, Obama/Soetoro’s, Time as President is Coming to an End as he is forced to Quit as He Will Admit He Was Born in Africa and Adopted in Indonesia where his name became “Barry Soetoro”

* * *
(Lafayette Hill, PA – 08/11/2010) - Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the first Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of “Constitutional qualifications” to serve as President of the United States.

Berg said, “Michelle Obama Celebrated, for one last time, in Spain with her daughter and others as she knows that her husband, Obama/Soetoro’s, time as President is coming to an end as he is forced to quit as he will admit he was born in Africa and adopted / acknowledged in Indonesia and therefore, is not Constitutionally eligible to be President.” Berg’s comments came as the controversy is building since Michelle Obama, her daughter and upwards of 40 friends traveled to Spain for a five [5] day vacation. The issues included spending money overseas when our country is going through economic turmoil; traveling overseas when she could have spent a vacation in the United States where her spending could have helped a local community; staying at a five [5] star hotel with sixty [60] rooms used for her friends, staff and security; and why she would travel overseas after widespread criticism when Michelle, her husband and two [2] children recently travelled to Maine for a four [4] day vacation and not to the Gulf of Mexico area.

Berg continued, “The pressure is building to force Obama/Soetoro to admit that he is an Imposter, a Fraud, a Phony and his tale is the largest ‘Hoax’ in the history of the United States, over 230 years. Actually, the pressure is building because the overwhelming evidence is that Obama/Soetoro was born in Africa and more important is the fact that Obama was adopted/acknowledged by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro, in Indonesia and Obama’s ‘legal’ name became ‘Barry Soetoro’ and there is no evidence that he has legally changed his name and therefore, every time he uses the name of ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ he has and is committing fraud.”

Berg concluded, “I am in the final days of planning for the largest March/Rally in Washington, DC in October 2010 to force Obama/Soetoro to step down from the Office of President, a position he is not Constitutionally eligible to be President as he is an ‘Usurper’ and he has led our country into a Constitutional crisis. When Obama/Soetoro steps down, all of the appointments and programs including ObamaCare will end because all of them are ‘voidable’”.


U.S. District Court, Eastern District of PA – Case No. 08-cv-04083-RBS

For copies of all Press Releases and Court Pleadings, go to:

Chips noticed that Corazon's internal temperature was spiking and her 'return volleys' were becoming stronger so he realized that she would be finished off prior to Belfast and he increased his RPM to try and have a nearly simultaneous exploculation as that was a preference of Corazon's whose mantra was always "mi exploculation es su exploculation a lo tiempo mismo" and Chips was always one to please the ladies. Chips had just removed the air refueling probe when he sensed a descent and deceleration of the Puma as the lights went out in the Chopper and Hoss put on his Night Vision Goggles. Seeing that Hoss was preoccupied with flying duties Corazon expressed her thanks to Chips in a way that was very pleasing to him, and his turgidity increased as the vacuum pressure was elevated.

Chips' Clipper was set for DICKR ONLY, IMMEDIATE OR HIGHER and it vibrated as Chips could see Hoss lining up on the hospital helo pad not 3 blocks from the hotel. As Corazon kept bobbing Chips read the incoming DICKR.
DOMINOES Agent Hamish IMMEDIATE DICKR to Marquis d'Cartier, Suky Slicer, Slade Lane, Yellow Hammer, Abigail Chopsticks copy Chips and Donegal DOLLY: "Uncle Ray and Nano al-Umina have confirmed that ALL RHODES LEAD TO LONDON. Agent Del N. Pole confirms 108 City and Guilds classes have been deployed in 100 countries for 100 years. Suky Slicer is to be Nottingham Gardener and Chips to be Chauncey Gardner and Marquis and I are hoping for BEING THERE for the experience in your garden Wednesday when a BIG DOG will piss on some LITTLE GIRLS. Study 1957, Manningham-Buller, Manningham-Buller, Launderers, and you will be led by the Donegal Trick Leprechaun in Operation DROP THE LAUNDRY. As your BUD [ blow up doll ] worked well on tarmac and hotel, 108 BUDs are deployed across the 1 square mile City of London that controls the 1 square mile District of Columbia where Civil Case 1:08-1600(RMC) may signal 1600 ReMote Control. Banzai Pipeline has signalled a PAN ABEL DANGER briefing for 0500 with Moose, Bachman Turner Over and Game Breaker.' Hamish, Room 1002 BH. “
Chips had just been considering if BH was Agent Bravo Hotel when Corazon pulled down an IOC in Pastel Apricot and gave him a view to a sweet spot. He made a mental note and then positioned himself over Corazon's back for a quick cycle through while whispering "No ahora mi amor, en quince minutos en nuestra cuarto. Sus chi chis son grandisimas, te gusto mucho Corazon." As he removed himself and replaced her IOC in Pastel Apricot Hoss completed a low hover over the top of the Belfast Hilton as Chips broke the code on Room 1002 BH. Chips grabbed their 2 leather bags and helped Corazon to the roof and they were met at the door by Homi and Duke and led to a service elevator, Chips noticed Duke had a female dog as his companion, Madam Screu Fait. Without saying a word Homi pointed at the small attachment on the service elevator ceiling and put his finger to his lips. Chips put his finger towards other lips as Homi picked up a scent. As the Thyssen Elevator reached the 10th floor Homi held the door open as the two Spanish speakers made their way to Room 1004, which adjoined Hamish's 1002. As they let themselves into 1004, Chips did a quick security sweep and placed passive listeners on all four walls and looked out the window for avenues of escape. Chips heard the door to the bathroom close and noticed an IOC in Pastel Apricot dangling from the lamp on the bedside table. He heard the whirring of an electric motor and suspected that a Jacuzzi tub was in the bathroom as he went to the minifridge to retrieve a 16 ounce Grolsch Frosty in the porcelain stopper bottle, PSB not to be confused with PBS where Barney the Purple Dinosaur was deployed to weaken the minds of America's children. On the fridge was a yellow sticky note saying "check behind the curtain if you'd like a CSM shaken, not stirred". As he looked towards the right side of the window he saw a pair of bare feet standing perfectly still. He removed his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Apricot and placed it over the lamp shade on the other side of the bed. He noted another Pastel Apricot IOC on the bedside table and as the whirring in the bathroom continued, the shaking of the CSM behind the curtain was set to begin. As Chips determined he was at Full Battle Strength, he lowered the lights in the room and slipped behind the curtain to see what was on top of the small feet appearing to be about size 5 in US women's measurement. As he slid behind the curtain his TI was measured by a small right hand. Two quick squeezes indicated satisfaction at her findings whereupon Chips gave a BDE to his curtain-mate as she handed him a CSM in a 32 ounce Mason Jar, not to be confused with a 32nd Degree Mason. As she turned to deliver the Martini Chips could not help but sense the firmness of her 40Ds as they just about knocked him over. As he leaned down towards her head he whispered "Are you Lima or Charlie?" to which the young lady from Donegal whispered "April Gale" which is just what Chips was hoping to hear. As he checked her three identifying features he satisfied himself that this nubile young heterosexual female of child bearing years who had fallen to her knees was indeed April Gale. As she prelubed Agent Chips, Chips could sense that she was herself already prelubed, and he smiled.

Chips realized that if he allowed her to keep doing what she was doing that he might need 15 minutes to regenerate so as to not appear self-absorbed and disrespectful to the Abel Danger Ass Set from Donegal he helped her to her feet and then lifted her into position. He rotated 180 degrees and had her up against the wall when she whispered "I like it like that, however, according to my Mickey Mouse watch we have the Pan Abel Danger Briefing in 2 minutes and my DICKR is by the Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, where's yours?".

"Actually my moist and diminutive co-Agent I think you might know well where it is unless you refer to my Clipper which is strapped to my neck holster. However, let me withdraw from the target area so that we might join Corazon in the Jacuzzi?"

"Does she wax?" asked Donegal Dolly which Chips knew was an oblique reference to Edward 'Ed' Mezinsky, born Jan 17, 1937, a former congressman. A Democrat, he represented Iowa's 1st congressional district in the United States House of Representatives for two terms from 1973 to 1977. In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. Nearly $10 million was involved in the crimes. Shortly after his indictment, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but the judge at his trial disallowed a mental illness
defense. After serving five years in federal prison, he was released in April 2008. He is expected to remain on federal probation until 2011, and owes substantial restitution to his victims. Who, exactly is "Ed" Mezvinsky? He is Chelsea Clinton's new Father in Law.

Chips gave her a look like 'who gives a rip' as he lead her by the hand to the Jacuzzi in the bathroom hoping that the bathroom was not shared with Hamish. As they approached the door, Chips poured some cold water on the monster so that Agent Corazon Dulce would not become aroused prematurely. As they settled in to the hot tub joining Corazon, all three DICKRs went off precisely at 0500.
DOMINO UMBRELLAMAN Pan Abel Danger Immediate to Abel Danger Global: "In the past 48 hours it has been reported that the nature of Michelle LaVaughan Robinson Soetero's trip to Spain was so that Mrs. Clegg could brief Mrs. Soetero on plans for an event in October where Americans would celebrate the removal of the Kenyan Squatter Muslim. That is a reuse. Abel Danger has been studying the most significant MURDER VICTIM of 9/11 and comparing that MURDER to the aborted 5 year 'reattack' thwarted by Abel Danger in London on 9 August, 2006 and reported to ALPA, FAA and FBI on 11 Dec 2006 when the Christmas Event was known to be cancelled. We note that the CROWN SISTERS were behind 9/11 and we the planners of ANNIVERSARY 5 and it is known to us that they have the New York Site of the contentious Mosque as a target in a proposed False Flag they are calling 10 BAGS FULL. It's purpose is to put the USA in Martial Law before the 2 Nov 2010 Election and allow the Shadow Government to fill the void left when the KSM is removed. CIA-FBI-ONI-DNI-NI-MCI-MIT-BVD have all seen DeConto Deconstruction, the video analysis of the targeting of Capt Gerald DeConto, USNA '79, by the Crown Sisters. That video suggests that all signs indicate a second 9/11 style attack by the Crown Sisters in a 40 day window beginning in the DOG DAYS. The BFFB (big foggy FIELD of battle) needs to be explained in a simple, visual and visceral way. DD ( DeConto Deconstruction) will be analysed at 6 points in time: 10 seconds before and after he died, 10 days before and after he died and 100 days before and after he died. We must identify who pulled the trigger before the Bullpup breeched the outside wall of Wedge 1 in the same way a trigger was pulled on RB before the T43 slammed into the mountainous terrain and in the same way Project Zapruder was guaranteed by UMBRELLAMAN. The video that has been seen is in 8 sections and will be known internally to Abel Danger as OCTO-PUS; 8 sections to Protect U S, 8-PUS or OCTO-PUS. In 1993 we stopped the WT demolition by swapping Ryder trucks. On 9/11 we stopped TOPOFF by imputing a 41 minute delay on Captain Jason Dahl's United 93. In 2006 we stopped the Crown Sister's Operation ACE with Abel Danger's NOBLE BVR. The Crown Sisters who killed DeConto thereby breaking the Chain of Command between POTUS 43 and the US Navy assets that own the high seas nearly decapitated America almost 10 years ago. This time, according to the Chicago LEAKR ( Law Employee Assisting Kenyan Removal ) they intend to finish off the BEAST of BABYLON. Of the 22 Crown Sisters we now have 3 who no longer sing KUMBAYA; one European, one American and one who is processing in. Abel Danger is now dismissed for regional briefings, Otto Pilot, Banzai Pipeline and Uncle Ray are to conduct 'routine chatter' on Clipper but also a listening watch on DICKR. All other Abel Danger communicate only on DICKR with SHAFTR in reserve. Chips, Name Dropper, Agent Bean please stay on board, others dismissed. Umbrellaman."
Chips took a long pull on his CSM as Agent Donegal Dolly was reviewing her SHAFTR protocols using Chips' shaft as a training dummy. Corazon recalled with pleasure the posture where she was leaning on her elbows in the helicopter and hoping that Chips would rebrief her on SHAFTR protocols she re-assumed the position and Chips had visual confirmation that pre-lube was completed. Chips removed Dolly's small right hand from the shaft and positioned to please Corazon when the bathroom door opened and Mattress Thrasher came in carrying a 3 by 5 salmon colored note card. It said simply CNBU 311.0, now.

Chips excused himself and asked Mattress Thrasher to keep the party going while he retreated to the overstuffed chair by the window of Room 1004. He opened the window to get a good azimuth to Galaxy 19 (Telstar 5) Transponder 5 and selected UHF and 311.0 and clicked his microphone 1 time. He heard 2 clicks. Then he heard 3 clicks. Then Chips, Name Dropper and Bean all heard Umbrellaman transmit, "Victor, Push". Switching to 123.45 Chips delayed 5 seconds then clicked once. He then heard 2 clicks, followed by 3 clicks followed by Umbrellaman's SHAFTR message: "Jean, I knew you were ok and busy. You are right, Randy is a gem, he was a rough stone when I found him but he has been refined; and redeemed." Umbrellaman SHAFT.

Chips understood the message on 123.45 and he clicked once. He listened for the 2, 3 and 4 click responses, then shut off his Victor and checked his shaft. His focus on COMPANY BUSINESS ON THE COMPANY FREQ had allowed his TI to drop to 93% so he inhaled 4 tins of Smoked Oysters and washed down 3 HiPo tabs of Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters with the left over oyster juice. Admiring his increased turgidity in the 'almost full length' mirror he rotated to face the mirror so all of him was visible. Grand, what a tool.

Chips took his Clipper Squirt Gun into the bathroom to join the 3 girls in some sudsy fun. As his eyes adjusted to the darkened room filled with splashing and giggling he noticed a ladies thong in Pastel Phoenician Purple. He administered a Standard Naval Intelligence Profiler Human procedure on the IOC and knew who had checked in. A partially closed bathroom window identified how she had checked in.

Chips turned up the lights and saw Mattress Thrasher, Donegal Dolly and Corazon smiling broadly, which is an appropriate way for heterosexual females to smile. As the 3 tub-mates admired his FBS monster Chips noticed Donegal Dolly staring at his Pride and Joy.

"Chips, it is hard to believe you are 60 years old....." as she was interrupted by the quick witted laconic opiner who commented "Your first 4 words tell the whole story, Dolly. The reason that I am at FBS is because I have picked up a STASI scent of Agent Grapevine and I was harking back to Sept 4, 1964 when it was always under control and she and I first played 'hide the salami' in the laundry room of the Officer's Club at Ramey AFB in Puerto Rico before she became a Kenmore model by day, and an AmeriPride franchise owner by night. How I wish Grapevine were here so that I might brief her on SHAFTR procedures."

Chips had seen the small trailing antenna floating on top of the Jacuzzi surface and knew that Grapevine was listening in just like submerged US Navy FBM Boomers listen to Shriver while on 57 day submerged patrols. Suddenly a blond head burst out of the Jacuzzi suds like a Poseidon breeching the surface of the Atlantic and as Grapevine took a burst of air her ample bounty heaved as proof positive of her blondeness became visible to our man Chips. His TI jumped from 123 to 145 almost in a single increment as the purple tipped red champion readied itself for operation SHAFTR not to be confused with Fort Shafter where Agent Chips had been to many a GAME in 1966-67 as a Punahou Senior.

"Chips, I have been sent by Umbrellaman for a SHAFTR briefing, follow me..." as she left wet footprints, in no way to be confused with Don Nicoloff's EVIDENT FOOTPRINTS, on the bathroom floor as she beat a hasty retreat to the bedroom snatching Chips' CSM as she moved. Once inside the bedroom, she double bolted the bathroom door and reclined and assumed a position she called 'rabbit ears' and gushed "Take me here, take me now".

As Chips complied with the 63 year old lady's logical request he heard his Clipper Squirt Gun's Immediate signal from the bathroom. "Quickie authorized Chips, but don't pull your love out on me, here, listen to mine". Grapevine placed her Clipper next to Chips' good ear and selected F4 as Chips functioned like the derricks that dot the big D skyline in her native Texas. Chips kept up his PDT, pile driver technique not to be confused with Pacific Daylight Time, as he monitored an incoming LICKR message from Banzai Pipeline.

OMS Hammer Banzai Pipeline to Agent Bean, Belfast: "Bean you will be going to the site of the Puck Festival to research what happened to a goat in 1996 football game between USNA and Notre Dame. Pack light, you will be joining us in Donegal County, west of Belfast for a sting. Pastel Kelly Green, not Jade Green. Sidebar to Randy, have Hoss forget to load her suitcase on flight to Donegal. And for both of you, study this: as THE MAESTRO was recruited in 1996 by the Crown Sisters at the Notre Dame Game." Banzai

Chips understood that the rebroadcast of this message was not a mistake but confirmation that the Puck Festival research had been completed and that THE GARDEN had been researched by Chauncey Gardener as well as the Nottingham Gardener. Chips thought back to a funeral that seemed similar to those of Willie Card (Serco) and Dr. Thomas Hale (MIT) and he realized the Crown Sisters were busy throwing out the sextortionists’ DIRTY LAUNDRY collected by the City & Guilds Gardeners’ Club in some secret tunnel of the London Underground built by Amec. He pulled a briefing guide out from under his pillow and reviewed the funeral notes from 2 December, 2007 when Chips had been in London, ostensibly to get a Kazakh Visa for his OSTENSIBLE flying job in Kazakhstan, the Lord Speaker was present at a service of thanksgiving for the life of Air Marshal Professor Lord Garden held yesterday at St Clement Danes, Strand. The Rev Richard Lee, resident chaplain, officiated, assisted by the Ven Ray Pentland, archdeacon for the Royal Air Force, who read prayers. The Hon Mrs Alexandra Whitfield, daughter, read the lesson and the Hon Mrs Antonia Rolph, daughter, read from the works of S. Hall Young. Baroness Garden of Frognal, widow, Mr Andrew Brookes and Lord Roper paid tribute, The Chief of the Defence Staff and Lady Stirrup, the Chief of the Air Staff, the interim leader of the Liberal Democrats and the Ambassador of Japan attended. Among others present were:............."

Chips had noticed LADY STIRRUP and thought of the device in his Purple Limo when his attention to LORD GARDEN was snapped by Grapevine's impassioned "Switch". As Chips accommodated the 63 year old model who was truly a blonde and knew how to use her blondeness not only the cuffs but also the collar Chips needed to focus on something less exciting or suffer the humiliation of an early exploculation so as Grapevine cycled at 540 rpm in what she called her NASA Thruster mode, Chips mentally reviewed his trip with an Angora Goat buck to the Puck Festival in 1996: "It was in the fall of 1996 that Ireland invited Notre Dame to play Navy in an American football game coincidental to the Puck Festival where they had a mangy goat mocking the Queen of England. When Annapolis would not send a mascot goat to be put on the top of a tall tower so Ireland could 'worship the Queen' after the 1916, 1919 and 1921 campaigns to get out from under Oppression from the Crown, Irish farmers contacted the Minnesota goat rancher who had provided Mascot Goats Bill 28-32 to the United States Naval Academy. Because that Minnesota Goat Wrangler was also a DC10 pilot for an international airline based in Minneapolis it was quite simple for a substitute goat to be available for the Puck Festival. As part of the Naval Academy group that traveled to Ireland were some Filipino launderers who also worked as Equipment Managers for the Midshipman Football Team. It was during a late night beer drinking competition that Agent Chips and 'The Gardener' were the finalists in and Irish versus America beer drinking contest where, unfortunately for the Crown Agency, 'The Gardener' was not minding his Pints and Quarts, or Ps and Qs for the Yanks. Agent Chips was in the company of a young girl from Donegal whose father operated a laundry and whose mother had been a Maid and Laundress at the Hilton Hotel in Belfast where Agent Chips would stay in August, 2005 as part of the Irish Moiled Cattle Show at Cultra, Northern Ireland. The ultimate prize for the winner of the Beer Drinking Contest pitting the US against England was that the winning beermeister could identify any female in the contest to 'drop the laundry'. Chips, the winner, selected April Gale from Donegal City thinking she was of legal age, which she was not but she was a gamer, but not a military Gamer as were DeConto, Burlingame, Chips and Lord Garden. Chips particularly liked her preference for a position call LAUNDRY CART...or to Academy grads the MOON WAGON......"

Chips' recalling his first evening with the young Dolly from Donegal was interrupted as the sound of a FLASH DICKR was announced on Grapevine's Clipper.
OMS Agent Natalya Antonov FLASH DICKR to Courtly Stonewall, Banzai, Otto Pilot Uncle Ray, copy Chips copy Hamish copy Grapevine: “Dear Courtly Stonewall I have a female friend who is from Poland and she has my email address so if she knows, as a Pole, what the Polish Citizens think, she may tell me. In the meantime let me tell you, and the world in Chapter 8, that at the Astana, Kazakhstan airport one evening in 2009, Polish AF 1 was immediately ahead of me in the approach sequence when the weather was about 200 feet overcast and reduced visibility. Polish AF1, which was this very aircraft with the same Captain, missed the approach and my Airbus 320 flown by technology and monitored by a Russian/Kazak First Officer 'autolanded' behind the the TU154 as it executed it's missed approach. We gave a 'pilot report' regarding the conditions from a pilot perspective and the TU154, Polish AF1, landed safely on the second attempt. I observed the approach and landing from the taxiway and tarmac of Astana Airport and can testify that the approach #2 was flown safely, legally and in a stabilized fashion to TSE Airport Runway 22 in marginal conditions. As a 38 year pilot with 23,000 hours of safe operation, and having never flown into a tall building even thought I flew with Muslim co-pilots for 18 months, it is my opinion that the Polish AF1 Crew was proficient and professional and that the TU154 was adequately equipped for safe operation into weather that was near CAT II conditions. We will cover this in Chapter 8. Perhaps Courtly Stonewall will be dispatched to Donegal, Ireland to liase with a representative of Ryan Air and a squealer from EADS/Airbus regarding the Airbus effort to WITHHOLD FUEL TO THE USAF during any large scale military operation requiring AIR REFUELING. According to the squealer Airbus sent a powerful message to O'Keefe which cost Senator Stevens his life, similar to the message China sent GAPAN and BALPA in the Speedbird 38 hull loss at Heathrow. A Polish lady who enjoys Jameson Irish Whiskey will be there for 'security purposes'. Thanks for the intel, even when we don't respond we always consider and deploy for maximum impact." 36 Stud, AD PC WI.”
Chips understood the cosmic communication. It was confirmation from Operation Maytag Suds Agent Natalya that Chapter 8 had passed the filters in Quantico, Annapolis and ITEM 3 and further that she, Natalya was in Room 320 as she had inserted A320 before a word starting with F. Chips asked Grapevine if she'd mind wrapping things up early as he had been recalled by Umbrellaman. A three cycle squeeze from the cervix indicated "Let 'er rip, potato Chip", a standard Abel Danger steganographic communiqué. After 5 minutes of heavy pounding the oyster launch had been completed and while Grapevine fell into REM sleep, Chips unlatched and unbolted the bathroom door and stuck his head in to communicate with the 3 girls in the tub. "Banzai called, I am off to see Umbrellaman, keep the tub fun going, back ASAP."

Chips put on a Purple Robe with gold letters G &S, not to be confused with Goldman Sachs, and splashed a little Fu Fu juice behind each ear. He grabbed a quart of Jameson as he head out the door, down the stairs and up to the door marked 320. His Abel Danger knock was answered by a pair of Abel Danger knockers as Natalya Antonov was wearing nothing but an Abel Danger sport thong in Pastel Phoenician Purple. As Chips was about ready to enter her room for the purpose of entering her womb, he noticed a red, blue and green laser dot bounce off her left temple. He pulled her out into the hallway, wrapped her in his Purple robe and inserted the monster to stabilize, immobilize and calm her not to be confused with her clam which uses the same letters. As her cervix clamped down in response she looked very surprised. "Beth El shooters Natalya, we are not safe in 320, disconnect and follow me". As the refueling probe was removed from the honey pot they walked crab style to the nearest elevator. Once inside, Chips released her from his robe, pushed 10 to take them to the 10th floor and then with his Fireman's Key he stopped the elevator between the 8th and 9th floors whereupon OUT OF SERVICE was illuminated on all floors of the Belfast Hilton. As he dropped his robe, and she grabbed her ankles, synergy was soon achieved, and she liked it. So did Chips.

Chips reached into his Mumbai leather bag and withdrew the Jameson quart. He took a mighty pull and then passed the bottle to the Polish boink-mate who took a very impressive pull of Ireland's premiere Irish Whiskey. Trying to forestall exploculation with the 29 year old Natalya who had never born children, he considered the deployment of English Leather bags. He knew that the Crown Agents carried items for cross incrimination of innocent parties by the introduction of DNA-rich precious bodily fluids into scenes of sexual crimes so as to allow law enforcement to identify the innocents as the guilty. He also knew fully well that just as in the fiction FRIED GREEN TOMATOES the "secret is in the sauce" as it was, in fact, at the Pickton Pig Farm murders and cross-incrimination utilizing video cams but not DNA laden PBFs i.e. precious bodily fluids. In fiction Smokey Lonesome played a part in Fried Green Tomatoes and in fact 'secret sauce' played a part in the Pickton Pig Farm murders of more than 20 females in British Columbia where both ADT and MDA are located a 'stone's throw' from Emerson and Air Patrol. Chips was dishing out pleasure to Natalya while figuring out the common signatures of the Pig Farm and 9/11. Both events were the realization of EVIL. While the citizens of the United States of America in the summer of 2010 could avail themselves of highly accurate literature that would hasten the removal of the Kenyan Squatting Muslim in "How Evil Works", a book that is "startlingly insightful," says No. 1 New York Times best-selling author Jerome Corsi. "David Kupelian reveals the hidden mechanisms that allow lies and deception to take root in modern America. A truly important book." This sentiment is shared by radio legend Barry Farber who says: "With the unapologetic outrage of a saint and the fearless fury of a General Patton, here comes David Kupelian turning a blowtorch of good upon the putrid cobwebs of evil."

Chips knew that if David K was using a 'blowtorch', it was his mission to use a 'blast furnace'. As a courtesy to Barry Soetero, Punahou '79, Agent Chips, Punahou '67 offers these hints of the shape of things to come: The Order of Battle is described in Ephesians 5:11, the chosen Americans are warned in 1 Peter 5:8, the Victory is assured in Proverbs 21:31 and the mechanism is described in 1 Peter 5:6,7. The IGNORANTS in the Crown Agency Obama Team are described in 1 Corinthians 10:1 . Ignorance of the law is no excuse, and Ignorance of THE LAW is deadly. Throw down you inadequate weapons TEAM OBAMA, give yourself up, you are surrounded and here is a hint: [ Obama + Lugar + Perm + 2005 + Evil ]

Chips was so lost in his resolving the DeConto Deconstruction in his mind he lost track of time and was brought back into the here and now by Natalya's impassioned 'switch'. As she assumed the doggie style posture Chips threw her a bone while considering other recent Clippers, LICKRs and DICKRs.
KSM Lead Witness Hamish Immediate Clipper to Nano al-Umina, Uncle Ray, Bean and Chips: "Recall the 1781 slave trader Zong who threw 122 slaves overboard to gain insurance proceeds of $30 each upon return to gay England. What do you think Gay England is paying Obama to throw 300 million Americans out of their homeland while he resists revelation of his Kenyan homeland and encourages the erection of a Islamic Mosque at Ground Zero where on 9/11 3000 innocents were allegedly killed by Muslim terrorists.' Hamish, Let's Roll.
Blabbermouth Agent Jam Immediate LICKR to Agent Chips, FYEO: “Chips, I am confused, is it your ERECTION platform or ELECTION platform you wish identified. I am assuming it is the later so here it is:

Congressional Reform Act of 2010:

1. Term Limits: 12 years only, one of the possible options below;
A. Two Six year Senate terms
B. Six Two year House terms
C. One Six year Senate term and three Two Year House terms

2. No Tenure / No Pension:

3. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security:

4. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan just as all Americans.

5. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

6. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

7. Congress must equally abide in all laws they impose on the American people.

8. All contracts with past and present congressmen are void effective 1/1/11.

The American people did not make this contract with congressmen, congressmen made all these contracts for themselves.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

Chips, if it is your ERECTION platform you seek help with, please hook up with me at the next C4ISR event, my memory is not as long as THE MONSTER, capeche?” Agent Jam

Chips harked back to a duet that Chips and Jam had sung at a Ramey Reunion at Orlando in 1985 the same weekend that a Delta 1011 crashed at DFW, Dallas International, in a microburst incident.

Operation Maytag Suds Agent Suky Slicer FLASH DICKR to Agent Chips, FYEO: “Agent Chips, in Donegal I harvested these clues from a DNA swapper: sam cam + rich and crafty + apprenticeships + public snuff films 2001 + march 2001 david cameron + foreknowledge bbc wtc 7 + itv + reuters + sam cam + ggf reuters menzies + smythson sextortion + City & Guild of London Institute + track and whack + dna cross incriminate + leather handbag. Agent Chips, I say again LEATHER HANDBAG. Suky Slicer, Pastel Strawberry, MI 93+”
Chips had mentally reviewed the mystery of 9/11 Maestro and how it related to Lord Garden when the emergency lights illuminated and the elevator car jerked into action going down toward the Lobby floor. Chips immediately pulled his monster out of its pleasant surroundings, grabbed his G&S Purple robe, helped the naked Natalya to her feet and opened the elevator door escape hatch on top of the non-Jamie Gorelick, non-Otis elevator and then dropping someone else's DNA laden Precious Bodily Fluids on the wet spot still warm from Natalya's athletic bum. To make sure that Scotland Yard's brightest and best would notice it he threw a copy of Mohammad Atta's suicide note and a red bandana that had survived the crash of United 93 even though nothing else of the Boeing 757 did survive. Must be that the Worshipful Company of Clothermakers had some 'tough stuff' in the selection of fine cloth, perhaps as fine as the southern US cotton threads that helped create the Chicago Mercantile Exchange that was used in the four days following 9/11 to enrich complicit insiders including high level officers of both United and American Airlines, capeche? As the elevator car stopped on the Lobby Floor and 3 female detectives from Scotland Yard entered the car, Chips and Natalya held their breath as the entire hotel was cast into darkness. Taking advantage of the darkness Chips opened the escape hatch and took a big whiff of the air in the elevator. He picked up a scent of a woman he recognized, and quietly closed the hatch.

"Natalya, I need to get to the Stasi Stash in the tunnels below London, or to the Stasi archive in Germany, or to Huntsville, Alabama where the split samples of all the known female scents are kept. I know I recognize one of the three Scotland Yard ladies and that means at least one of them is legit and will work with us. As soon as the lights come on we must repair to Room 1004, or your Room 320 if it is not riddled with bullets, and contact Umbrellaman and Banzai......."

Chips was interrupted by the sound of the elevator doors on the floor above being opened. He and Natalya clung together defensively, and checked each other's status to keep their minds engaged. Chips was at a TI of 96% and Natalya was at an MI of 93% so they joined in what they thought could be their final boinking if the opening doors were indicative of a non-Abel Danger team. As the doors were opened sufficiently wide, a loud grunt was heard and Chips and Natalya looked up to see Diehard adjusting himself and Homi holding a 4 D-cel Magnalite in cobalt blue. Diehard extended his massive right arm and lifted Chips to the floor above. Chips in turn was holding Natalya's right hand and she, too, was lifted up. As Diehard adjusted himself a second time Chips realized that he may well have just been Lifted Up by the Lord.

As Diehard pulled a Bowie knife from his belt and an ice pick from his boot, Homi led the team to a fire escape. As they looked eastward into the rising sun Homi pointed out Puma Helicopter idling on top of a government building not too far north of the Lagan River.

"Chips, we had a bug in the elevator and cut the main electrical feed and the back up generator [ BUG ] If you wish to be heloed to London to track down the 'scent of that woman' I can FLASH Hoss a 'green lite', your call."

Chips had the naked Natalya in his robe and looked to her face for an opinion. Seeing what he hoped to see in her face Chips nodded in the affirmative. Homi flashed 3 green flashes toward the Puma and the chopper lifted off for the Belfast Hilton. Diehard grunted three times and produced Chips' 2005 Mumbai leather bag and gave Chips two fingers, waved in a circle and then pointed at Chips' groinal area. Chips understood that Diehard had placed matching thongs in Pastel Muskmelon in the bag, as well as several doses of RB NDSU EOPs and Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters. His TI elevated 22 units and droplets of moisture fell on the tops of Chips' feet. As the Puma went into a hover above the fire escape Chips and Natalya both grabbed the rope with their right hands and kept their privates covered with their left hands as Homi signaled to Hoss to 'extract'. Hoss lifted them to the top of the hotel and lowered them to the roof while he hovered lower allowing them to join him in the Chopper.

"Where to Boss" asked Hoss with a toothy grin.

"Mincing Lane, London, Hoss. Keep your mind on your driving, keep your hands on the wheel, and your snoopy eyes on the road ahead, capeche?"

Nodding in agreement Hoss lifted off from the Hilton and set an initial course of 145 degrees as he accelerated to the max continuous airspeed of the helo all the time wishing he could be like Fred, Field, Chips, whoever. Chips and Natalya were in the back seat hugging, kissing and pleasuring each other as a FLASH DICKR came into Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun.

Operation Dominoes Fall Umbrellaman FLASH DICKR to Chips, Courtly Stonewall, Name Dropper and Yellowhammer: "We need Chips and Dolly Donegal to get to the Mincing Lane rendezvous point ASAP as a squealer in the City and Guilds is willing to show us the Archives of the Stasi GRUPERFRUCKEN and perhaps Chips can make a match with the scent he just picked up in the elevator. Meanwhile, regarding SAM CAM she has more than naughty photos to try and explain away. See this clip:“Tricky (born Adrian Nicholas Matthews Thaws, 27 January 1968) is an English musician and actor .. He spent his youth in the care of his grandmother, who often let him watch old horror movies instead of going to school. At 15 he began to write lyrics ("I like to rock, I like to dance, I like pretty girls taking down their pants" MixMag 1996). At 17, he spent some time in prison because he bought forged £50 notes from a friend, who later informed the police. In an interview, Tricky said: "Prison was really good. I'm never going back" (NME 1995). Eventually he met DJ Milo and hung out with a sound system called The Wild Bunch, which by 1987 evolved into Massive Attack. He received the nickname 'Tricky Kid' and at 18 he became a member of the Fresh 4, a rap group built from The Wild Bunch. He also rapped on Massive Attack's acclaimed debut album Blue Lines (1991). In 1991, before the release of Massive Attack's album Blue Lines, he met Martina Topley-Bird. Some time later she came to his house, and mentioned to Tricky and Mark Stewart that she could sing. Martina was only fifteen years old, but her 'honey-coated vox' impressed them and they recorded a song called "Aftermath" (though The Face '95 mentions that the first song they recorded together was called "Shoebox"). Tricky showed "Aftermath" to Massive Attack, but they were not interested .. Throughout his work, Tricky blurs the normally clear sexual definitions found within hip hop. Despite the heavy influence he drew from American hip hop in his debut album, Maxinquaye, he fights against typical sexual representations by, for example, dressing as a woman on the side sleeve of his album cover. Within many of his tracks he blends elements of varying types of music, and use his lyrics to create a much more ambiguous and blurry reality of sexuality.” Suggest warrants may be forthcoming as in the August 3 edition of it becomes evident how Arizona and Wisconsin are doing a 'two way squeeze' on Chicago and its criminal characters. See also this piece from the Cruise Director: and watch for Game Breaker and Bravo Hotel to reveal more of the criminal cabal. Umbrellaman”

Chips knew full well that Courtly Stonewall, Name Dropper and Yellowhammer would be all over the issue so he worried not about using the time enroute to London to satisfy the desires of Natalya Antonov. While performing his most base duty he thought of the upcoming release of the DeConto Deconstruction and wondered if Barry Soetero would recognize the face of a pissed off American. Or the face of a pissed on Kenyan.

As Chips reviewed a second Immediate DICKR from Canada's Hammer, Rico Gambolino in Vancouver, he realized that Colonel Russell Williams, the Canadian Air Force pilot 'panty sniffer' and the STASI Grupenfrucker were the after and before issues of the story of how the murderer of Nancy Ludwig was found by the pursuit of DNA-laden Precious Bodily Fluids in a horrendous case in Detroit, DTL, not to be confused with DROP THE LAUNDRY, an Abel Danger Operation in August/September of 2010.
Chatterbox Rico IMMEDIATE DICKR to Hamish, Umbrellaman, Chips, Yellowhammer and Suky Slicer, copy Abilgail Chopsticks: “Regarding STASI and panties look at this: "(CA) Colonel stole women's underwear May 3rd, 10, 06:10 AM Source: Toronto Sun By W. BRICE MCVICAR AND KENNETH JACKSON, QMI Agency April 30, 2010 Related links: CFB Trenton commander charged with murder of 2 women Ex-CFB Trenton commander Col. Russell Williams tries suicide in jail The frantic life of Col. David Russell Williams. Note that Col. Williams and the Stasi, the East German secret police, appear to have been trained by the same City & Guilds folks with the same M.O. The Stasi collected Geruchsproben — smell samples — for the benefit of the East German smell hounds. The odors, were collected during interrogations using a perforated metal “smell sample chair” or by breaking into people’s homes and stealing their dirty underwear, were stored in small glass jars. Is there a bunker somewhere where the Crown Agents have a collection of snuff films and Geruchsproben? How else could they sextort the folks who went to the pig farm or accompanied Anna Chapman to Zimbabwe or Obama’s father and grandfather to the Mau Mau oath taking rituals? Or even Olivia Channon prior to Pam Am 103? The City & Guilds LGBTers must have a grand cabinet of smells somewhere — and not just behind the closed doors of a perfume manufacturer, or in the back of an organic chemistry lab. Where? Such a collection might explain why these guys are so paralyzed. 8-11 SEPTEMBER 2009 - VISIT TO CANADA by the SUB-COMMITTEE ON TRANSATLANTIC DEFENCE AND SECURITY CO-OPERATION (DSC) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. Canada has made major contributions to the international engagement in Afghanistan since 2002, particularly in Kandahar Province, but this effort has strained its military capabilities through an extremely high operational burden in very challenging conditions .. messages heard by delegation of 25 members of Parliament from eleven NATO member states and Sweden, during a September 8-11, 2009 fact-finding mission to Canada hosted by Canadian Senator Joseph A. Day .. 30. The Delegation was welcomed by Colonel Russ Williams to 8 Wing, Canadian Forces Base Trenton where it had the opportunity to visit transport aircraft including the CC-130 Hercules, CC-150 Polaris and CC-117 Globemaster. The Wing's missions include strategic airlift (into and out of Afghanistan), tactical airlift (within theatre), and Search and Rescue, as well as support to the movement of [sextorted?] senior governmental officials." Hamish and Chips, we must use SNIPHer to curtail the SNIFFers, Rico G.”
As Chips considered Rico's transmission, he was brought back into the here and now as Natalya called 'Switch' and they rolled 180 degrees without becoming disconnected. To forestall premature exploculation Chips mentally replayed "One pissed white man vs One angry President" in his mind and he realized that Barry and Michelle's irrational anger towards the most accepting nation on earth would be their undoing. And soon. Ladies first. As he was enjoying the thought of Barry and Michelle in prisoner garb he heard the sudden 'whoosh' of the main rotor as power was lost to the Puma helicopter. Continuing his hydraulic ram action of Natalya, he heard Hoss say "Engine failure and 'chip light" as an autorotation was commenced over the Irish Sea on a windy day in August. Oblivious to the aviation issue, Natalya called 'Switch' and Chips put his mind back on his mission trying to finish off the pepper hot Natalya before the helo might go splash, and Natalya liked that, alot.

Chips and Natalya enjoyed a tightly time sequential salvo of PBFs as Hoss pulled up on the collective to allow the Puma to settle onto it's pontoons just ahead of the S-4 minisub whose periscope and wake had provided Hoss with azimuth guidance during the auto rotation. As the sub's sail broke the surface, Agent Jam docked along the right pontoon and communicated with Hoss in the right seat of the Puma. She pointed back to Belfast and held up 2 fingers, instructing Hoss to return to the Hilton for a second 'client transfer'. Hoss nodded his understanding as Chips and Natalya went aboard the S-4 minisub and Crown Sister 11 stepped into the Puma helo to fly back with Hoss. As Chips greeted Agent Jam he asked if there might be a Crew Rest Facility on the sub as Natalya was exhausted from the 11 minute flight with Hoss. Agent Jam had to delay her response while Hoss and CS11 lifted off in the Puma, striking out directly to Belfast. When the helo noise allowed, Agent Jam replied.

"Sorry Chips, no CRF but Mad Bax and I are going topside for some nude Gar fishing so you and Natalya will have some privacy if you have urgent security briefings to conduct. However, our TASKING ORDER has Hoss arriving back in 30 minutes so you'll need to be brief, capeche?" Agent Jam and Mad Bax climb onto the top of the mini-sub, au natural. Chips noticed they didn't take fishing poles and doubt any Gar were in the Irish Sea as he looked the Circle William fitting to make the sub water tight. The last word reminded Chips of his security briefiing and as he enjoyed tightness below decks Agent Jam was enjoying a pole of another nature on the sunlit deck of the S-4. As Chips was hammering Natalya, his CSG took two Immediate DICKRs and placed them in queue, while Chips was effectively doing the same thing.

KSM Lead Witness Hamish Immediate DICKR to Chips, copy Name Dropper, Abigail Chopsticks, Yellowhammer and Donegal Dolly: "Chips can you investigate Samantha Cameron’s association with the City & Guilds’ sabotage network? Her husband Dave Cameron was a former consultant to Carlton Communications/ITV and seems to have produced Barnett’s ‘the first live-broadcast mass snuff film in human history’ during a bogus 9/11 war game when they screwed up reporting the time of the collapse of WTC#7; clue, clue, clue, clue, clue, clue, clue, clue, clue, clue, clue! Hamish”

Maytag Suds Agent Yellowhammer IMMEDIATE DICKR to Hamish, Abigail Chopstick, Donegal Dolly and Chips, copy Name Dropper: "STASI SNIPHer team, check out Sam Cam’s career; was she recruited through City and Guilds of London Institute (City & Guilds) at Camberwell College of Arts? Was she trained for sextortion, sabotage and media-deception roles in advance of a “Massive Attack” planned on New York’s World Trade Center building for 1993? Have City & Guild sextortionists entrapped Livery Company insiders, including Information Technologists, Air Pilots and Air Navigators, Insurers, Launderers, International Bankers and World Traders? Are they being forced them into the spoliation of evidence at crime scenes such as WTC#7 or outside the Pentagon to ensure expert-witness testimony never reaches a court with the power to put their husbands behind bars? Sextortion is extortion in sexual trysts. Blackmail using Sex, Sexpionage in action. The FBI and CIA commonly use Sextortions on state and political officials now. Clinton was being Sextorted via the Monica Lewinski affair. NY Gov. Elliott Spitzer, the "Sheriff of Wall Street", was Sextorted to remove him from investigating the bank foreclosure scheme. A woman called Robin Head, previous owner of Playboy Escorts in Houston, Texas was approached by various law enforcement agency’s, FBI, ATF, etc… who wanted me to abet them in entrapping “State and political officials” having sex so they could extort, control and blackmail them, not to charge them with misdemeanor prostitution. At the same time, women at my service were being tricked and trafficked overseas to Bangkok and called me collect from a jail in Vienna. A madam from Alabama was found hanging in a federal jail cell in nearby Brazoria County .. I went to the FBI, but it was like reporting the devil to the witch, they said they would help me but only if I would help them, again, to set up officials. They had no interest in the corruption aspect. Some very high profile names were involved, people seen on TV news commentary. Who are these [Crown Agents’ City & Guild] with this monstrous agenda and what do they want? This is not a left/right wing thing it is a most vicious entity in this country. This country has become as fearful as any other 3rd world country when it comes to reporting crime to officials just exactly like in Russia, Iraq, Africa, Mexico, etc… where it is the officials that are the perpetrators of the crimes, kidnapping, ransom, drugs, and it is dangerous to report to them.” I have arranged to have CS13, or her designee, delivered to minisub S-4 for STASI briefing enroute to London via Liverpool. She, he or it will have 22 olfactory items of STASI intel for the known Crown Sisters. CS11 and CS 13 have 'jumped ship'. Yellowhammer, Bentwaters Abel Danger.”
Chips was just about to finish Natalya off with Oyster Launch 2 when the sound of an approaching Puma caused both Jam and Natalya to call 'switch' whereupon both Mad Bax and Chips went to 540 rpm and fired simultaneous salvos causing the S-4 to temporarily submerge cooling off both Jam and Mad Bax. As the Puma settled on the pontoons both Mad Bax and Jam covered their privates with straw fishing hats. From the left pontoon of the Puma, Agent Marquis d'Cartier stepped onto the mini-sub holding a 3 foot cube cardboard box and the leash of a bitch dog with an AQFB-27X SNIPHer nose and a silver tag engraved with PINEWOOD COMFORT and an AKC registration listing her bitch as Madam Screu-Fait and her stud as Duke, see Chapter 13 of Book 1. Chips, having stuffed the monster into a Pastel Lavender sport thong opened the top hatch to allow Mad Bax Jam and the box to descend into the sub. As Pinewood Comfort SNIPHed Jam with her AQFB-27X SNIPHer nose converted the dog's thoughts to English and the mini-woofer annunciated "she is ours" as Marquis handed 22 ziploc bags, each containing a panty liner, to Chips who laid them on the navigation table where he once had laid Natalya.

"Marquis, the box is too big" observed Jam as she was perplexed as to why Marquis was the client instead of CS13.

Marquis opened the box and emptied 108 inflatable midgets into the sub's cabin. "No problem Jam, these are the 108 QRS 11 guided City and Guild infiltrators we are to deploy tonight at midnight from the Mincing Lane rendezvous point" as he threw the cardboard box into the sea. In his left hand he held a small bag containing 216 'midget feet', and ignited their inflation cartridges with his AQFB27W Clipper Peni-Cam. As the 'inflatable midget feet' flew off like so many flying fish Jam and Mad Bax were not in shock but were in awe.

As Agent Jam fired up the diesel engine to charge the sub’s batteries, Mad Bax closed the Circle William fitting. Jam set the RPM for 9 knots and steered a course direct to the rendezvous point off Liverpool where they would again meet Hoss at 2315 for the mission. As Mad Bax was eyeing the prize under Jam's straw fishing hat, they heard Hoss lift off in the Super Puma. Chips has just stuck the tip in when an FLASH DICKR came into Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun and Agent Jam's Pastel Easel simultaneously.
Abel Danger Hammer Banzai FLASH DICKR to Chips and Jam, copy Otto Pilot, Annie North Norway and Yellowhammer: “Chips or Jam, whoever is at the helm, DIVE, DIVE. James Crosby in J-8 Joint Stars has an UNKNOWN RIDER following your wake doing 37 knots on the surface, DIVE, DIVE, CORPEN niner. Banzai, Sapporo.”
As the sub turned right 90 degrees and dove while converting to electric drive to silence the diesel, Chips commenced SHAFTer Ops with Natalya, as the skipper of the PT boat tracking S-4 became one pissed off white man. On the poop deck of the PT boat the Skipper's 'deck apes' readied the depth charges and stood by to deploy, Natalya called 'switch' as in China, City of London and 1600 PA Avenue, COMFORT was decreasing as advance copies of Civil Case 1:10-1600(BH) were being drafted with the following links: [ sam cam + tricky massive attack + crown agents + canal plus le bouquet + stasi + pinewood comfort + pilot dahl + 22 ziploc panty liners + green grass home + in the sweat of thy brow + CGLI].

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