Saturday, July 24, 2010

Good Queen Bess and the Stranglers Scarf - Chapter 5

Crown Sisters Vienna Sex Trap through BP Bordereaux
Hillary Ship of State Scuttles Gorelick and the Clegg-Over Catfight Begins

Chips starts the chapter with a prayer; he encourages readers to think about what's on the mind of the non-Mike Connell, non-Nigel Farage, non-Diebold voters; he exits the ACT and double-times towards the Taxi driven by Farhad Kavandi of Crawley. He gains entry through a door opened by someone dressed in red in the back seat and gets a shot of Pastel Jade Green. KSM Agent John Galt clippers Agent Bean to relay to Chips asking him to backtrack sexy Anna swap and check for Crown Sisters sex entrapment links with spies and illegals embedded at Dulles, Vienna, Brize Norton and Moscow (Domodedovo) and CIA Langley; he reminds Chips BBC has done the black-and-white propaganda for the Crown Agents since late 1920s and CA had recruited Hitler in Vienna per its classic M.O. of sex entrapment and extortion to place illegals in position to subvert sovereign states. Hitler had done the 'girl part' and established himself as a male prostitute, previously arrested by police who charged him with being a "sex pervert". Agent Beanie and Chips finished reading some message when a shapely woman walked up to the driver's window and hiked her skirt, proving herself to be Agent Strawberry Cream, a gardener from Nottingham. He told him she had been dispatched to Room 420 by Banzai Pipeline. KSM Lead Witness Hamish sends a priority Clipper to Mattress Thrasher etc. to inform Chips that Crown Sisters’ Clegg had links to network commanders who trained Anna Chapman in spy tradecrafts such as sexual entrapment and procurement of various types of NetJets assets needed to execute 9/11. He warns that Anna’s nipple clamps are lying in wait for Chips in Room 420 and noted that on 4-20, Deepwater Horizon was blown with tacit approval of Director Jamie Gorelick in a scuttling finesse; Hillary knew that Jamie, the Wall was on the board of the rig owners’ parent company. Chips removes his Pastel Teaberry and slips into the bed in Room 420 and is surprised to find TWO WOMEN, not one; neither wearing 'titty-clamps'. KSM Lead Witness Hamish flashed Chips that Conrad Black has been released on bail and they have now linked the people who framed Black to Crown Agents, Barclay Twins, Golden Tree, Sidley Austin, Telegraph Group, Mary Harron’s Weather Underground entrapment rituals at Piggy’s Palace, Anna the Jackal, BP Bordereau fraud and City of London Livery Companies..


First, let us open with a Prayer from Psalm 109:8 "Dear God, let his days be few; and let another take his place of leadership. Amen"

Then, let's review who 'the problem' is; they are in this White House Painting:

Then, let's see what's on the mind of the non-Mike Connell, non-Nigel Farage, non-Diebold voters across America's Heartland and across the Pond under jackboot EU.

And if Boo Boo thinks this is a little 'too hot', he can blow it out his ass, capeche? This is AMERICA, not Mombassa or Indonesia, and we’re tracking his ‘Sex in the City’.

Chips exited the ACT thru a passage to the forward cargo bin which was empty but the door of which was left open and locked by hydraulic driven, electric powered devices running on the B hydraulic system. As he double-timed towards the Taxi driven by Farhad Kavandi of Crawley, he protected his head from the 3/4 inch hailstones that had been generated by HAARP when ordered up by BAM Badger Banzai who had the hammer in the liability period of 'chocks' plus or minus one hour. At the end of the liability period the hammer would be reassigned on a VPN not to be confused with a VPL or a VPOTUS, capeche? Farhad sat in the right-hand drive driver's seat and as Chips gained entry through a door opened by someone dressed in red in the back seat, he got a shot of Pastel Jade Green, and a nice unit it was.

"Bean, nice to see you again, now that OOS and OOR have been wrapped up are we still on with OTR?"

"Chips, that is a loaded question. Let's get to the hotel and get loaded and I shall give you the answer you seek as well as another item you generally seek as well" as she gave him a 'triple flutter shot' of Pastel Jade Green. "Agent Grapevine is in the trunk with BAM Mad Bax and Homi and she brought along her 'mommy drill' as well as a trio of treble G strings as we have a trio potential CODE BLUES here in Crawley and one each in Tripoli and Amsterdam. If we are 'turned loose' on all 5 and we take them down, we will become ACES just as Captain Joe McConnell has been the ACE of ACES since 1953, not to be confused with the McConnell in WWII who was the only 4-engine fighter pilot to shoot down another 4 engined aircraft (2) or the McConnell son whose Guinness World Record low jet-to-jet air refueling is featured twice on the movie Captain Sherlock Solves 9/11, which can we watched at or"

As Farhad exited thru a 'service vehicle only' electrically operated gate triggered by a bar code scanner such as those used to locate passenger bags in the bellies of international airliners, Chips captured the 'scanner code' on his AQFB-27W equipped Clipper Squirt Gun in case it would be needed on an outbound flight as Chips, Grapevine, Bean, Mad Bax and Homi started 'scratching names' from the list of 5, aka aces, sub-assigned by Name Dropper who had been put into hyper drive as Hillary and Wall Street worked together to remove the blight, and Gorillawoman and Sasquatch worked together to 'protect dat man'. It was being to be 'McCrystal Clear' that a wedge had been driven between the top tier of Crown Agent Sisters on both sides of the Atlantic. And needless to say, women are capable of more 'wedgies' then are men, hence their being collectively duped into evil service by the Mo Strongs and George Soros's of the world who do the bidding for the Gang of 300, the Olympians, or the Global Guardians now that Agent Chips and Abel Danger have killed the OCTOpus with a Naval Academy Trident, capeche? Smoked them, actually, harking back to Agent Chips' call sign SMOKE when he flew F4 Phantoms, F16ADF Vipers, with IMPUNITY and some other interesting flying vehicles with both IMPUNITY AND PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY worldwide. Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

Message frpm Chips, “Hey Woerth and Prater, how many ALPA pilots have 'controlled' Lockheed D21 drones from a supersonic jet in route formation?”

As Farhad drove, he mentioned that Habib and the Libyan were having second thoughts about a public meeting in Crawley as Schlumberger's shit-canning of Gorelick had set the City of London [ see Revelation 18 to see their fate ] in a tither, not to be confused with 'titter' or nipple clamps such as those that were favored by the ‘NetJets SexPet’ Anna Chapman whose real name was Anya Kuchenko not to conjure up thoughts of John Wayne Babbitt or his radical 'shortening' at the hands of a jealous wife, pardon the redundancy. Most wives prefer a radical lengthening, hence the Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters and Smoked Oysters. City of London and the Crown Agency were being exposed in keeping with Ephesians 5:11 and after 173 years of 'laying low' and waiting until the time was right as defined by the Banker's Manifesto of 1892, the City of London, Crown Agents and La Francophonie were all simultaneously coming to grips with the fact they had been 'trec phuced' by the Royal Crown Agents and their Abel Swordsman Chips who on 16 July, 2010 was scheduled to lead the 155 car parade down Main Street in Plum City in the Plum Dandy Limo which had been brought into Plum City in the dark of night. Wall Street and Hillary would finger Obama hoping she'd succeed him. Obama and Gorelick would finger Hillary hoping to terminate her 32 year crime career involving Arkansas Tainted Blood, Barry Seal's Cocaine imports to Mena, termination of Vince Foster, likewise Ron Brown, the setup of Bill and Monica, the election campaign contribution violations involving California and China and her allowing ADT and Air Patrol to be put in action prior to Rose Law/BEI's QRS 11 laser targeting of WTC 1 [ AON Corporation ], WTC 2 [ Cantor Fitzgerald ], WTC 7 [ SEC records and lots of cash and Federal Agent Miller ], Wedge One of Pentagon [ obstruct chain of command for TOPOFF 01] which was blocked and parried by Abel Danger's imputing a 41 minute delay into departure of United 93 from Newark's Liberty International cesspool ], the Lafarge enabled Hit on New Orleans where her old Arkansas ACORN buddy Wade Rathke then ran the FEMA efforts in New Orleans and the buying of Judge Wedoff of Chicago who tubed McCook Metals and hammered the entire employee population of United Airlines , as well as the Haitian Hit which was preceded by her limp husband's appointment as 'special cornhole to Haiti' prior to Hillary's 'trec phuc' of Crown Sister pal Gorelick to ensure that Obama, Gorelick, Gore and 'the other one' could not block her ascension to the White House after Wall Street's takedown of Obama and the inaccurate suggestion by the DNC that Hillary has the experience to 'finish the job'.

Hey Hillary, if you're so good at 'finishing jobs' how come Monica Lewinsky had to finish the job on your husband and the blue dress. Buzz off.

Perhaps they are referring to TOPOFF 2012 which, once again, would see a deployment of the Raytheon produced, BEI created, and Rose Law 'owned' QRS 11 GyroChips that allowed the recently moved Boeing to hit 3 of 4 targets on 9/11 using two of their own droned Boeings and two contracted Raytheon Sky Warriors modified at Ft Collins/Loveland Colorado with input from Skurich? Not so fast Hillary, when General Hunter H. Harris IV sent Agent Chips to Annapolis on 6-28-67 it was with the dual instructions of (1) don't compromise your integrity and (2) keep your eyes on Arkansas. According to WINROCK representatives working with Abel Danger, our visual acuity is 'sufficient', capeche. Obama was given 71 days on 4 July, 2010 and you should not get your hopes up, or your rocks off, as Lavendar Merkin, Gorillawoman and Sasquatch don't like your designs on 'dat man'. Nuff said you grotesque bonehead. And Lavendar Merkin is a dual steganographic hint, see Obama's Mombasa birth certificate and note signature of E. F. Lavendar not to be confused with E. F. Hutton or your Wellesley banker lesbo-wench in Boston at SSB.

As Farhad approached the Arora International Hotel in Crawley, a tapping was heard from the 'boot' of the taxi simultaneous to an amber warning on Farhad's GPS screen.

"Chips, Banzai Pipeline and Otto Pilot suggest we execute 'option 54761' as this taxi is being tracked by Clinton Rubin's SERCO perverts using Nancy Pelosi's ADT and Air Patrol channels on Satellite 7. Are you and Bean OK with option 54761?"

As Chips had been giving Agent Bean a brief digital exam he had determined that Bean was 'good to go' so without consulting the flushing Bean he nodded in the affirmative as his hands were full, so to speak. From the boot of the taxi BAM Mad Bax chimed in with "Option 54761 countdown on my hack, ready, ready, hack".

As Farhad accelerated the Taxi hoping not to have a Boston Brakes event such as those prosecuted against Princess Di or Miriam Clegg's father he saw the 1981 DeLorean accelerating towards him from the opposite end of the road to Arora. At their 'closest point of approach', CPA to men of Annapolis, both cars went into power slide revenuer's turns in a cloud of smoke both from the tires burning and a defensive cloud of dry-ice and CO2 deployed by Homi from the Taxi's boot. While still concealed in the smoke, Bean and Chips got in the DeLorean as Stone got into the Taxi. As the smoke began to settle and defuse, Farhad reversed course direct to Gatwick Airport as Chips and Bean took a leisurely drive to Brighton on the M23B just to ensure they had no 'trailers'. Overhead in a blacked out Norwegian C130, call sign Norwegian Wood, Otto and James Crosby hawked the two lovers on their leisurely drive to Brighton's beach. Once in Brighton they parked near the pier not far from the Metropole Hotel and Agent Bean calmed Chips, who reciprocally pleasured the highly libidoed Agent Bean of the City where retired CIA and FBI loyalists proliferate and relax at Bobby G's or sometimes Eli's in nearby Mesa. As Chips was giving Bean some 'face time' a priority Clipper came in from Phoenix, Arizona as Agent John Galt relayed some intel to Agent Bean in a laconic, yet affable, fashion, to wit, forsooth, alas.

KSM Agent John Galt priority Clipper to Agent Bean, abroad: “Bean, please relay to Chips, Hamish says that Chips' Clipperbox is full. Can you backtrack the sexy Anna swap to check for Crown Sisters entrapment links with spies and illegals embedded at Dulles, Vienna, Brize Norton and Moscow (Domodedovo) and CIA Langley. Remember BBC has done the black-and-white propaganda for the Crown Agents since late 1920s. Remember CA recruited Hitler in Vienna per its classic M.O. of sex entrapment and extortion to place illegals in position to subvert and overthrow the sovereign state. Adolf found a lover in the form of an older man, Reinhold Hanisch. He lived with him in a hotel called the Mannerheim which catered exclusively to homosexual men and their homosexual lovers, you know....Butt Pirates such as the Squatter and Pal Kenn. Twenty years later, after Adolf became Chancellor, he would have Hanisch murdered, which brings us back to the Dead Choir Boy and Robert Wone. Then fortunately for the young and destitute Hitler, the domineering Hanisch not only took him underwing, but advised and encouraged him, even selling post cards and paintings that Hitler drew. Hanisch tended to treat Adolf like a "coolie." Hitler resented being dominated, always having to do the 'girl part' and ordered about by Hanisch, and a year later, they too had a falling out. But not before Hitler had found someone else to take care of him, a rich homosexual. Just before their breakup Hitler became special friends with Josef Neumann, a well heeled but submissive and solicitous Jewish homosexual who frequented the Mannerheim in search of sex partners. One fine afternoon, Neumann arrived at the Mannerheim and inquired if anyone had any "works of art" they wished to sell and was directed to Adolf Hitler (Heidan, 1936 Payne). It is possible that Hitler had already established a reputation for himself as a male prostitute, for he had been previously arrested by the police who charged him with being a "sex pervert" such as today's Kenyan Squatting Muslim and the pug-like penguin trying to infest the US Supreme Court. Bean, acknowledge 'whisker'. Galt”
After taking it all in, the message, not Chips' monster, Agent Bean dutifully acknowledged 'biscuit'. John Galt understood from Abel Danger Comm protocol that Bean was confirming she was with Chips and that she was receiving a brief digital examine, BDE, not to be confused with BDU, GBU, or BFD. As Chips was fervently probing Bean, she gushed in his good ear "Galt has sent to message in code. We are good to proceed to room 420". As Chips completed his exam of the whisker biscuit, Bean put her fun bags back in her 40D over the shoulder bolder holder and wondered aloud what Eric Holder would do when he got the August message. Chips, ever observant and an excellent listener responded "He will probably have a Gran Mal poop" GMP not to be confused with GNP which Obama is trashing for the Crown Agency or Gnu which is an animal indigenous to Obama's birth country according to his handler Sasquatch and the Mombassa Birth Certificate signed by E. F. Lavendar. Crown Agent Soetero is chartered to take down America's economy which now compels Wall Street Banker's to get behind Hillary, what a revolting thought, as Biden blows a cork and Pelosi takes a pass perhaps claiming PTFD, post traumatic face drop, as her resign to allow Thunder Thighs to preempt her in the Presidential Succession Order, PSO not to be confused with PSI or PMO. However, harking back to December, 2009, Abel Danger had suggested the order of excision would be Gore-Obama-Pelosi; the GOP party of 3. One down, FOUR to go. If the math doesn't 'add up' factor in Hillary and Gorelick, capeche?

Hillary and Gorelick are the 'missing two' not to be confused with the monster hit Missing You by Jim Reeves who could have been a major league baseball player had God not gifted him with the smooth voice that made "He'll Have to Go" the country classic that it is. As Chips joined the M23B enroute to the Arora International Hotel in Crawley he was judged as TI 96% as the monster strained against the Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Chameleon. Fortunately, Chips had a premonition that he would be power-boinking someone in Crawley and not having a 'clue-who' he selected his Chameleon Slingshot that auto-chromated to match any female thong's color assuming that the temperature of the thong was 90+ Fahrenheit upon removal and the MI was 100 or higher, no gain in going to Full Battle Strength if the receiver is not ready to be plugged not to lead the readers back to the BP Deepwater Horizon which would result in Obama, Cameron and Gorelick being in 'over their heads', in a manner of speaking. As the DeLorean cruised at 110 mph up the motorway, or 176 kmh to any cheesy Brit, Bean's Clipper Medical Bag took an immediate intended for Chips.

Royal Crown Agent Mitch Stack Immediate Clipper to Agent Bean fbo Chips: “Bean tell Chips that ten people who spied for Moscow in the US have arrived in Russia after being deported as part of the biggest spy swap since the Cold War. They were driven away from a Moscow airport in a convoy of vehicles hours after the exchange in Vienna, Austria where Austrian Airlines would launch A320s to layover at the Okan Intercontinental Hotel where Chips was a guest from September, 2008 until his recall to Abel Danger Global on 6 August, 2009 when he carried back a certified copy of a 1912 Viennese charge sheet against Hitler for theft with a covert codicil. A US jet, Vision Air [ see also Southern Air Transport, Air America, Con Air, JPATS ] which picked up four Russians freed by the Kremlin has landed in Washington completing a mission for THE COMPANY THAT DOESN'T EXIST. It reportedly dropped two of them off in the UK en route, the stop being made at the RAF Base that Agent Chips' father visited during the Good Queen's 1953 Coronation masked by a REFLEX B47 'swapout', capeche? On the international arrivals board at Dulles Airport in Washington, there was no sign of a flight from Brize Norton in the UK. Nor was there any sign of an official welcoming committee for the prisoners from Russia. Their arrival was private and low-key. At exactly 1730 local time a red-and-white Vision Airlines plane descended through the haze. It landed smoothly on the runway. It taxied along until it was out of sight of the main terminal building just as the Drone United 93 had landed at Cleveland Hopkins around 11 a.m. on 9/11 and taxied to the NASA Hangar at the NORTHWEST Corner of the FIELD .. Cold War tradition suggests that the released prisoners will now be debriefed, perhaps by the CIA. It may not be too difficult for the agency - its headquarters at Langley, Virginia, are only half an hour's drive from this airport .. In another development, the UK's Home Office said it was urgently reviewing whether to deprive one of the Russian spies, Anna Chapman, of her British passport. She has the passport because of her previous marriage to a Briton. The 10 Russian agents, who include the Peruvian partner of one of the men, were jetted out of the US after admitting to spying illegally for a foreign country. Their plane landed in Vienna around the same time as a Russian government plane carrying four released prisoners, three of whom have convictions for spying against Russia. One of those with an espionage conviction is nuclear specialist Igor Sutyagin, who has always insisted that information he provided was available from open sources. Spy swap Deported from US Anna Chapman, 28 (maiden name Anya Kushchenko) - real estate entrepreneur, daughter of Russian diplomat .. MISSING - 11th suspect known as "Christopher Metsos", disappeared while on bail in Cyprus Deported from Russia Igor Sutyagin, nuclear scientist jailed in 2004 for spying for CIA Sergei Skripal, ex-military intelligence (GRU), jailed for spying for UK in 2006 Alexander Zaporozhsky, ex-agent of foreign intelligence service (SVR), jailed for spying in 2003 Gennady Vasilenko, said to be former KGB agent, jailed in 2006 over illegal weapons .. Then the two planes took off again after 90 minutes, the Russian jet leaving first, bound for Moscow's Domodedovo airport where Agent Chips 'was in the area' from Feb 08 to Aug 09. The American plane made a brief stopover at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire, England, where some people were seen getting off, just as Agent Bean was hoping to get off soon also. Unnamed sources told news agencies that two of the four Russians were dropped off before the plane headed across the Atlantic. It landed at Washington Dulles airport later on Friday. They have taken the bait and committed the swap, we can now rollout CAMPAIGN 2010 featuring a direct descendant of Benjamin Franklin, a direct descendant of Privateer Captain John Hawkins, and a direct descendant of America's #1 military family. Mitch, City of London, Overy”
After they both had read the incoming Clipper Chips realized that his moist maven with magnificent mountains was ready to play hide the salami he drove faster and turned on the purple funeral lights behind the grill of the redlining sports car hoping that Beanie would not 'auto-drench' in anticipation of the Room 420 enduro with her beloved and cuddly plaything, Chips . The monster was straining and ready to perform its one-eyed trouser trout mission solely in the interest of the sovereignty of the US Republic which was declaring it independence again to England, as it had done on two previous occasions. As Agent Bean saw a sign indicating it was 22 to go until Crawley she removed her Pastel thong and draped it from the rear view mirror, while simultaneously given Chips a clear view of her rear and the target area. "Take me here, take me now Chips" she pleaded as Chips kept the hammer down and the Rumpmaster stressed.

"Negative my splendidly prepared moistened menu to die for, it is 22 kilometers, not miles and we are decelerating now to make the left turn off and then a 270 degree right round-about prior to heading directly to the Arora whose car park looks like this" as he pulled a photo out of his breast pocket and exchanged it for a quick manipulation of what was where Bean's left breast pocket would be if she had one. As Bean continued to suds like a MayTag Chips pulled the DeLorean into the car park and parked immediately in front of a potted plant adjacent to Morgan's Pub, which is to the left of reception as any traveler to Crawley or Gatwick would be well aware of. As he was shutting down the car and retrieving Bean's thong from the mirror sensing her MI was exceedingly ready, an Immediate Clipper came in from the Abel Danger PAC office where an announcement had just be made that in the November, 2010 US elections Abel Danger would be FIELDing a pair of candidates, to wit:

Abel Danger Political Action Committee Immediate Clipper to Queen Elizabeth, the Crown Agency, the Kenyan Squatting Muslim, copy Hamish C. Watson, Marquis d'Cartier, Chips and Nano al-Umina: “Dear Queenie and the Parliament, listen up as you will not get this message a third time: We freemen of the America Republic are not your subjects and re-assert our independence, this time with a Declaration of Restoration, Restoration of our Republic: When in the course of human events, it becomes evident that treaties long ago signed were signed for the sole purpose of infiltrating of our nation to do us harm, it is necessary [ONCE AGAIN] for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation in order to resist and repel their loyalists at home and abroad with international support in order to Restore our RepublicAgain we must state to the same foe that we 'still' hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Further still, That ANY nation in treaty with another that uses that treaty to conduct subterfuge and sabotage to do harm to the other treaty partner should be dealt the harshest Punishment as this represents that law of the jungle and the behavior of animals. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when the People suffer a long train of deceit, crimes, abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off the criminal insinuations of such a foreign Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. Such has been the patient sufferance of the original Colonies and now the entire United States for over 235 years; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to Restore their former Systems of Government established in 1776. The history of George the Third through to the Rule of Windsor’s can be shown to be an irrefutable history of repeated injuries, usurpations and terroristic deceptions to exhaust America’s Treasury on wars the English Elite Resource Banking Monopoly families then can exploit with their re-construction companies via their Livery guilds in the City of London ‘Honorable’ companies, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Financial Tyranny over these Free United States in the American Republic. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world. We, the Freemen of the American Republic offer 17 articles of evidence. Article 16 is herein displayed: (16) England attacked us on September 11 2001 and killed 3000 of our citizens using covert agents inside our own government, and Canada while making every effort with their BBC world media weapon to deflect blame with false witness onto innocent people. Solely for Self Enrichment and a possible Coup D'etat; and they buried our dead on Staten Island where we told Britain on September 11 1776 we will never recind our Declaration of Independence. The other 16 articles of evidence will be shared with Crown Agent Obama and Crown Agent Cameron, in person, at their earliest opportunity. The other 16 Articles of Evidence will thereafter be revealed via at a time of our choosing. KSM Witness Viet Nam '69, photo attached”
Agent Beanie and Chips had just finished reading the message when a shapely woman walked up to the driver's window and hiked her skirt, proving herself up to be Agent Strawberry Cream, a gardener from Nottingham. Chips focused on her Pastel Strawberry Cream IOC and exposed his Chameleon Slingshot Rumpmaster in matching Pastel Strawberry Cream as he rolled down his window a hair thinking how much he'd liked to fertilize her garden, in a manner of speaking especially on ANY GIVEN WEDNESDAY, AGW not to be confused with Al Gore's absolute BULLSHIT AGW which neither the 3 masseuses nor Tipper would tolerate any longer. By the way, any one seen Hot Air Al since Abel Danger dialed his number in December, 2009?

"Chips, I was dispatched to Room 420 by Banzai Pipeline. Upon arriving there I found a nubile female waiting for you in the nude sporting only a pair of nipple clamps. I excused myself without fingering you and told Ms. Clamps that reception must have given me the wrong key. As I withdrew from her Room 420 I hurriedly looked for something to snatch but saw nothing. I did notice the TV had a welcome message for Agent Chips and Net Jets Sale Rep, sorry I couldn't gather more."

"Good work Suky Slicer but please lower your skirt, you are giving me a power-woody." Agent Bean gave Chips a TI check and gushed "Slicer, he's not exaggerating, the monster is beyond Full Battle Strength, are you free for a three-way?" Making no verbal comment Suky Slicer again displayed her Pastel Strawberry Cream and it's elevated MI was evident to all. Slicer handed them a memo sheet with Room 1002, 5 minutes and then vanished into the reception hall where she turned to the right and entered the third elevator on her left. Chips opened Beanie's door and got a flash of 'nature' where Pastel Jade Green had previously been and he liked what he saw. As Bean walked ahead of him to get the door Chips carried their small leather totes from Mumbai and limped towards reception.

"Do you have a sore leg Chips?" asked Beanie, a medical professional from Phoenix where CIA and FBI retirees proliferate, as well as former Secret Service guys like Ron Reagan's Juan F. who enjoys Bobby G's and Eli's with Agent John Galt, Chips, Bean and Ralph G who was not a G man, more of a highwayman, if you will.

"I'm OK Bean, it's just that the moistened Pastel Strawberry Cream and your natural state have caused the monster to become partially loose and I have to be careful not to injure myself as being a Private Dick I certainly have to take good care of my Privates, just as Maj Gen Smedley Butler took care of his privates in the Marine Corps knowing fully well that war was a racket but not knowing the Worshipful Company of Racketeers had their office in the City of London with a Crown Agency Seal on the door. Upon entering the reception area of the Arora International Chips and Bean went to the gift shop at the far right side and browsed for souvenirs while allowing the big hand to move 5 clicks clockwise. While in the gift shop the proprietor, A TALL PAKISTANI MUSLIM, greeted Chips, by name, and handed him a postcard with some handwriting in Navajo. Then it was into the elevator, a Thyssen not one of Jamie Gorelick’s Otis Eliminators, not to be confused with HERMANATOR Herman Cain of Atlanta, such as those blown on 9/11, and up to the 10th floor. For those who don't know who Herman Cain of Atlanta is, he is the man who could take RACE out of the race in 2012 if Michelle Bachmann, McChrystal, Chips and Sarah Palin agree it's time. Turning right out of the elevator they walked to the hallway, turned right again and found the door to Room 1002 to open a crack. What a great expression. As Bean entered and Chips secured the door in the darkened room they heard the rhythmic humming of a Jacuzzi motor and noticed an IOC in Pastel Strawberry Cream draped across the lamp on the bed's right side. Agent Bean struck her colors on the left side lampshade as Chips grabbed a frosty Grolsch and walked towards the Jacuzzi so Suky Slicer could free the monster while he refreshed himself with a Dutch treat prior to Bean and Slicer giving him a Dutch treat of another kind, capeche? As Agent Beanie released her fun bags from their industrial strength over the shoulder boulder holder Suky Slicer extended vertically out of the water to demo her fun bags aplenty. The ever observant Chips got prima facie evidence that Suky was a natural red head as she elevated a little too much to maintain her normal modest behavior. As Chips and Bean slipped in the warm sudsy water security provings were completed again out of pleasure, not necessity. The monster kept rearing his head causing Nottingham's Slicer to gush "Good thing the bloody Scots aren't here, they'd probably go off with the Loch Ness monster drivel again" to which Agent Bean murmured "I've always wanted to kiss Bessie" as she went face first into the water hunting not for Red October. With Beanie's head underwater, Chips whispered "You first" to Slicer as Slicer gave him a workable presentation. Chips was numming the area when his Clipper Squirt Gun went off and Beanie came up for air.

KSM Lead Witness Hamish priority Clipper to Mattress Thrasher, Corazon Dulce, Grapevine, Beanie or Suky Slicer, copy Nellie Nosebush and Stevie R Gowray: “If any of you dainty morsels are in the company of Chips please inform him of this discovery: Crown Sisters Clegg, Sex-Spy Anna and NetJets 9/11 check Miriam Clegg links to network commanders who trained Anna Chapman in spy tradecrafts such as sexual entrapment, blackmail, encryption and money laundering and procurement of the various types of NetJets assets needed to execute 9/11. The Sisters are using TRIPS™ - Oracle financial networks to place insiders on the Lloyd’s bordereaux for a re-insured target. They generate the cash from phony claims on Lloyd’s – Deepwater Horizon and 9/11, for example – to reward illegals such as Anna Chapman for entrapping victims in pedophilia or snuff film activity as they travel in NetJets aircraft or visit non-equity clubs outside the reach of U.S. or U.K. laws. I’m thinking Piggy’s Palace of course, where they caught top officials in the Canadian and B.C. governments and built some useful NetFlix content for snuffing the economy with a carbon tax. Anna Chapman and her ex-husband honeymooned with TRIPS to Zimbabwe [see child rape story below] in 2002. The pair were into S&M; Anna posing as a KGB interrogator as she took take the role of dominatrix and wielded a whip. Anna said she worked for NetJets Europe from September 2003 to August 2004, but a NetJets spokeswoman said she worked there for only three months, as a sales assistant, from May to July 2004. Miss Chapman claimed she worked as a 'slave' at Barclays Bank for a year, between August 2004 to July 2005. Sources at Barclays said she worked in the bank's small-business division for six months in 2004 and 2005. Finally, Miss Chapman claimed she worked for the Navigator hedge fund in Mayfair for two years, from July 2005 to July 2007. We believe Anna and her nipple clamps are lying in wait for Chips in Room 420, significant as it was on 4-20 that Deepwater Horizon was blown with tacit approval of Director Jamie Gorelick in a scuttling finesse by Hillary who knew that Jamie, the Wall was on the board of directors of the rig owners’ parent company and would have to resign. That blows. Hamish”
Apparently somewhere between 'blown' and 'blows' Beanie got a good idea as she again dove head first into the water in search of Mr. Goodbar.

With Beanie at one end and Slicer at the other Chips was wishing his Clipper would suffer a myocardial dead battery but such was not in the cards. As Beanie demonstrated vast aerobic capacity and her oral ability to create negative pressure and Slicer moaned in pleasure another Clipper came in, this time to Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun, Beanie's medical bag clipper, and Slicer's Clipper Strawberry Bucket.

Kenyan Squatter Muslim Agent Name Dropper Immediate Clipper to Task Force Crawley, copy Banzai (hammer) and (Norwegian Wood) Otto Pilot: “Please advise Chips that Corazon Dulce has purloined this testimony from a young African via her surveillance of Madrid: Child rape epidemic in Zimbabwe Tens of thousands of girls and boys abused as economic collapse affects family structures, child protection and policing. "It's a tip of the iceberg - the problem is enormous. We need drugs and any assistance we can get." A 12-year-old patient at the clinic, part of the main referral hospital in Harare, told the BBC he had been gang-raped in a township last month. "Four men waylaid me on my way from school," he said. "I was taken to a shop where they showed me pornographic material." The boy said he was then drugged and sodomised for more than a week. His father added: "This is unbearable. All I want is justice for now."” Uncle Ray suggests a Romanian link which her x-husband Gunther had worked previously for the company that didn't exist. While the Kenyan may have been abused as a child also, we, as the American Republic, must become a beacon of hope and protect the LEAST OF THESE BROTHER OF HIS, see Matthew 25:40. Banzai and Otto Pilot authorize deadly force to protect innocents in OPERATION TRIUMPHANT RETURN. Name Dropper.”
Chips and Slicer realized the gravity of the evil they opposed and so Chips reluctantly pulled Beanie off her sub-surface mission for a 3 way face to face. They were discussing Piano Wire Assassination techniques, an update from the old East India Company Tippoo Tiger scarf strangulations that were still in vogue in 2010, at least in the US Coast Guard which played big parts in an exercise oil spill prior to 4/20/10 and an exercise UAV attack prior to 9/11/01. As they were speculating as to which enemies of THE LITTLE PEOPLE might be targeted first by Umbrellaman and Name Dropper, a third Clipper came in just as Suky Slicer, aka Natalya Sukhoi, slipped below the surface to do some 'bobbing' but not for apples.

Though Slicer could not hear the audio feature of Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun, she was contributing to the team effort in a way that pleased Chips and allowed Bean to place a lip lock on him as her fun bags were 'wagged' over his muscular pectorals. While both ladies had their minds on their missions Chips, alone, viewed the incoming priority Clipper: “Royal Crown Agent Mitch Stack, Avery, City of London: It appears TRIPS-Oracle was used to finance movement of Eliza Manningham-Buller [Serco RAF Brize Norton rendition for waterboarding JPATS or NetJets flights on 9/12] and Miriam Clegg [DLA Piper head of international trade law practice and wife of Lord President of the Council who controls passports for illegals and BBC Royal Charter] all flown by NetJets by Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators [ GAPAN, like ALPA but more evil ] for Worshipful Companies of Insurers, International Bankers, World Traders, Stationers and Newspaper Makers and Weavers [Strangler Scarf at United 93 Crash] As GAPAN works to further subjugate ALPA and BALPA watch for Duane 'worthless' Woerth to volunteer to help Obama begin the removal of US pilots from US airliners and replace them with lower paid, less experienced 'Cabotage Captains', perhaps from the Montreal Office that played a pivotal role in the 'flying events of 9/11' deploying the STRANGLER'S SUITE** of weapons. Recall the part that ICAO played in 9/11 and also suppressing the truth relating to Kenya 507 which was vaporized on 5 May, 2007 less than 3 months after Chips warned FBI Director Robert Swan Mueller, III, a Princeton PRODUCT. Mitch, Avery”

**Strangler's Suite = Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot + QRS 11 + Smacsonic + KU band

Chips also received an FYEO message from Banzai Pipeline as a 'silent flasher': “Chips, Otto and I can now confirm a hit is ordered on you for 0145 in Room 420. If you dare, suggest you ingress 420 'after midnight' but egress NLT 0143, capeche? We can do the rest. Banzai”

Chips, ever the gentleman pulled both girls off their missions and briefed them thusly. "Slicer and Beanie, I have just been advised by the Global Hammers that I am to be hit at 0145 in Room 420. Therefore we need to have 'boobs on the ground' out the window and out the door of Room 420 no later than 0140. I will go in after midnight and do the titty-clamp tango but when she separates for the hit, I will be off like a shot, pardon the expression. We need to get this timing perfect so let's hack our watches with Coordinated Universal Time, figure out that abbreviation knowing Universal is UN. It will be 2240 straight up on my hack, ready, ready, hack".

After setting her watch, Slicer pouted and turned away from Chips and leaned over the Jacuzzi edge lamenting "We only have one hour and twenty minutes of play time, Chips?"

As Chips honored her gambit and saddled up he opined "Well than let's make the most of what time we have together" as he started out at the 540 rpm rate which mirrored the low speed PTO speed of his 1984 International 284 tractor with the 28 horse gas engine, ag drive tires and 100 pound wheel weights on the steering wheels up front. As he harked back to his days of flying F4 Phantoms and F16 ADF Vipers he challenged Slicer with the threat "I've Got a Line on You" as Chips' skinny wingman flew in from directly behind Slicer who was moaning like a paid weeper at a Mormon funeral. Even Alice Cooper knew of Chips' PROWESS and IMPUNITY in F4 Phantoms or F16 ADF Vipers, capeche?

Agent Bean, never a voyeur at heart and not a quiet wallflower either determined where she should stand, and how, to give Chips a good view of what's next on the hit parade. Chips like what he saw and was pleased with the proximity as he did not have a free hand to reach for his glasses. As he was thinking of how 'sweet' Beanie's visual offering was it somehow reminded him of candy and his mental Nickelodeon skipped over Len Barry's 1-2-3 and settled on The Four Season's Candy Girl, a song Chips and Bean used to listen to on a phonograph at FO3 Cliff Road when they would fill the idle hours in the summer of '65 with lab work that could be considered 'comparative anatomy' of the human reproductive systems.

Chips was encouraged to think he was doing a good job of pile driving as only 35 minutes into his current ride Agent Slicer reached for the Minnesota Vikings tubesock and clamped down on it mightily so as no to cause all of Crawley and some of southern London to think they were hearing an air raid siren when she 'let loose'. Chips hadn't seen a screamer like Slicer since a 1970 426 hemi Barracuda blew the doors of his 454 Vette in the wee hours of a beautiful April morning in 1970 on Wisconsin Avenue NW in Washington DC. Chips was separating from the satiated Slicer and was as Full Battle Strength as Beanie rotated into the air refueling order and she had just become 'stabilized' as an incoming Immediate Clipper came in on Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun. Knowing that in military triage one must always engage the high value target first he completed 'project insert' before listening to the incoming from Uncle Ray. Beanie was aware of his distraction but did not object to his taking the call as they had achieved sychronicity and his TI exceeded 100% which caused Bean to think the animal science lab at North Dakota State University must of improved upon their world famous Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peter recipe. Looking to her right she saw 5 empty tins of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters and knew that she was into something good, or vicey versa.

KSM Witness Uncle Ray Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Chips, Skymaster, Mitch Stack and Otto Pilot, copy Banzai Pipeline and Kui Longboard: “Susan McElwain reported that less than a minute before the Flight 93 crash rocked the countryside, she sees a small white jet with rear engines and no discernible markings swoop low over her minivan near an intersection and disappear over a hilltop, nearly clipping the tops of trees lining the ridge. [Bergen Record, 9/14/2001] She later adds, “There’s no way I imagined this plane—it was so low it was virtually on top of me. It was white with no markings but it was definitely military, it just had that look. It had two rear engines, a big fin on the back like a spoiler on the back of a car and with two upright fins at the side. I haven’t found one like it on the Internet. It definitely wasn’t one of those executive jets [Our experts believe it was a NetJets Gulfstream V produced by Gulfstream Aerospace operated by the US military under the designation C-37A] The FBI came and talked to me and said there was no plane around.… But I saw it and it was there before the crash and it was 40 feet above my head. They did not want my story—nobody here did.” Dr. Nano al-Umina called an hour ago suggesting that Abel Danger consider FlexJets, Net Jets NetFlix, Bershire Hathaway and Anna Chapman are 'items of interest', Uncle Ray, Ohio

Chips saw that another Immediate Clipper TM had come in behind Uncle Ray’s so to ensure that his aging eyes didn't have to be looking through his 3.25 reading glasses he called 'switch' whereupon he assumed the low ground as Agent Beanie became a virtual pole sitter and leaned back to enhance Chips pleasure with her variable geometry episiotomy suture but also so she could hold his Clipper Squirt Gun between her 40Ds and give him addition effective arm length so that he could read the TM from Dr. Nano al-Umina from the Abel Danger Audio Visual lab not far from the Ponderosa Ranch made famous by Hoss, Little Joe and Ben Cartwright, as well as the other brother who was always in a bad mood.

KSM Witness Nano al-Umina Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Corazon Dulce, Buck Naked, Hoss, Banzai Pipeline and Otto Pilot, copy Chips and Uncle Ray: “The Gulfstream V is a business jet aircraft produced by Gulfstream Aerospace. It is also used by the US military under the designation C-37A. The G500 and G550 are improved versions which are currently in production. The Gulfstream G550 was formerly known as the Gulfstream V SP (G-V SP) .. Designated C-37A in U.S. Air Force service, the Gulfstream V fulfills missions for government and Defense Department officials. The US Coast Guard operates one C-37A for transportation of the DHS Secretary and the Commandant of the Coast Guard. The US Navy operates one C-37A. The aircraft has a flight management system with a worldwide satellite-based Global Positioning System. The C-37A is capable of cruise at 51,000 feet. Features include enhanced weather radar, autopilot and head-up display for the pilot. Safety features include Enhanced Vision Systems that allows increased visibility in adverse environments. The aircraft is also equipped with commercial and military communications equipment to provide secure voice and data capability. The U.S. Air Force equips the C-37A with a basic crew of two pilots, one flight engineer, one communications systems operator, and one flight attendant. Civil operators The majority of G-Vs are operated by corporate and individual owners. United States NetJets, a Berkshire Hathaway company, operates 8 Gulfstream Vs offering fractional ownership. China Government and military operators. U.S. Air Force C-37A in Air Force One livery. Saudi Arabia operates two GVs in a medevac configuration United States Air Force: operates the C-37A as command/executive transport United States Army: operates the C-37A as command/executive transport United States Coast Guard: has operated one C-37A as CG-01, the commandant's executive transport, since May 2002. United States Navy: operates one C-37A as command / executive transport. United States Marine Corps: operates the C-37A as command / executive transport Federal Aviation Administration: operates one Gulfstream G-V with tail number N1. Federal Bureau of Investigation Federal Emergency Management Agency: operates one Gulfstream G-V for team transport in disaster response. National Center for Atmospheric Research: operates one Gulfstream G-V for scientific research. What we have here, Abel Danger, is a recipe for centralized control of the 'decision makers in 5 branches of military, the POTUS, FEMA, DHS and FBI. We need to reconsider the TOPOFF exercise of 9/11 and determine how many Gulfstream V jets Berkshire Hathaway could have had airborne and 'in the mix' in addition to the one we know was 'HAWKING' United 93. Nano”
Immediately following a FLASH message from Banzai Pipeline popped up as Beanie continued to pop up and down and up and down.

Wrecking Crew Assassin Badger Banzai Pipeline FLASH Clipper to Umbrellaman and Chips, FYEO: “Gentlemen, Mr. Buffett was reportedly at his home in Omaha, Nebraska watching TV when he heard about the terrorist attacks. He was getting ready to host his "last annual golf charity event" which just happened to be at the U.S. Strategic Command headquarters located at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha. Offutt AFB is, coincidentally, where President G. W. Bush flew to on Air Force One later in the day for "safety" as had been leaked to KFGO Radio, 'the Mighty 790' in Fargo by Agent Chips. This early golf charity event hosted by Mr. Buffett was to include celebrities, professional athletes, and a small group of business leaders, with a disproportionate number of Goldman Sachs Bankers, in which one of these business leaders became a very lucky person. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. has a subsidiary company called NetJets. Oddly enough, a NetJets executive company jet was "tracking" Flight 93 when it crashed in an open field in Shanksville, PA .. Mr. Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. also has a subsidiary company called FlightSafety International Inc., a flight training school. FlightSafety International Inc. is reported to have trained at least one of the alleged 9/11 hijackers. Also interesting to note is that Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, another flight training school that reportedly trained at least one of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, has ties with both FlightSafety International Inc. and NetJets along with a lot of other companies "indirectly involved" with 9/11. Finally, Mr. Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. has large stock holdings in a company called SunTrust Banks, Inc. and has stock in Coca-Cola. SunTrust also has stock in Berkshire and Coca-Cola and remember that Mr. Buffett is one of the directors of Coca-Cola. SunTrust Banks, Inc. is one of the banks in which most of the alleged 9/11 hijackers reportedly set up bank accounts with using fake social security numbers. Maryland Life magazine announced that DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary, the world's third largest law firm with strong Maryland roots to Miriam Clegg, and SunTrust Bank, one of Maryland's leading banking institutions, are lead sponsors in the publication's first "Marylander of Distinction" dinner on November 3. What is not commonly reported is that the Israeli Air Force was an early user of the VC37A platform in their EITAM jet first revealed in Mother Moose and the ACORN ABORTIONISTS. I smell a rat, a big f*$#ing rat named Warren Buttocks. Banzai, engaged”

Chips could see by the cock on the wall, strike that, the clock on the wall that he needed to finish off Beanie and move on to Room 420 so he reached around to manipulate her G spot sending her into a flurry of activity resulted in a simultaneous exploculation at 2352 leaving him just enough time for a Marine Corps shower and a liberal splashing of Fu-Fu juice. The exploculation was so LOUD, SUDDEN and VIOLENT that Agent Slicer awoke with a start and blurted out "Nigel, is that you" apparently as she had been dreaming of England's most recent target of a political assassination, unsuccessful as it was due to obstruction by Abel Danger Cardiff where Abel Danger Baby Blue had been a 'sleeper agent' throughout the last days of the Cold War.

Chips was bothered by the final line of one of the Clippers and specifically the date, 3 November. Something didn't sit well in his mind, then, as he was stuffing the monster into a Pastel Teaberry Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster to match the IOC that Suky Slicer had laid out, I say again, laid out, he realized that he was 'one-off' his original hire date at North Central Airlines of 2 Nov 78 and the US electorate's TAKE OUT THE TRASH DAY of 2 Nov 10 during the mid term election where Mother Moose, Bachmann Turner Over, Game Breaker and the CRUISE DIRECTOR would be encouraging all voters of all parties to 'Take out the trash and leave no incumbent left behind'. Well, maybe Michelle Bachmann and 3 or 4 others, but the socialists of both false parties** would be given their walking papers, capeche?"

**false parties-- google [ banker's manifesto of 1892 + two party system ] and find this:

Having adorned himself with his favorite seductive cologne COME TO ME Chips kissed Beanie and Suky Slicer and reminded them to have 'boobs on the ground no later than 0143 if they ever wanted a repeat enduro with the monster in Pastel Teaberry. Flashing two thumbs up the girls wished Chips well and poured themselves a CDU [ copious dosage unit ] Ramey Rimshot and started discussing the Ramey Reunion of March, 2011 as well as a 'cattle trip' by Chips to visit Suky Slicer in Crawley in the fall of 2010 which would precede the fall of Obama, Pelosi, Gorelick and Hillary. TIMBER!!!!! Could Judge Wedoff of Chicago and Judge Dennis D. O'Brien be next up in the batting order? Probably not, too little fish.

Chips whammoed 3 Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters and sucked down 3 tins of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters in the elevator ride from the 10th to the 4th floor. Turning right out of the elevator car, not to be confused with elevator shoes which could not solve Al Gore's shortness issue, he approached the door to Room 420 two minutes after midnight. He thought it odd that the door was open a crack, but he loved thinking of the 5 letter word that had motivated him since his virginity was removed by Abel Danger Agent Grapevine on 2 August, 1964 in a darkened hallway of the E Street School at Ramey not to be confused with the E Street Band which had a hit with Dancing in the Dark which is exactly what Grapevine and Chips had done in '64 if the horizontal boogie can be considered a dance, capeche? Later on Agent Stevie R. Gowray would teach Agent Chips the pleasure of slow dancing shortly after she participated in the walkout of March, 1970 for which her father became rather upset due to his position as President of the school board. Had Mr. Gowray known what his daughter was doing with Chips at Crash Boat Beach for most of her 3 days school suspension he might have become more upset. Fortunately for Chips and Stevie, gestation did not occur due to Stevie's procurement of latex devices from the Base Exchange where Major Floyd Paxton, USA (ret.), a Silver Star recipient in WWII, kept an ample supply of Trojanz in hermetically sealed foil pouches which were pre-lubricated which didn't matter much when Chips' target areas were sudsing like a MayTag. Speaking of Trojanz, Hillary, nice try but your Trojan Camel attack of 9/11 has been 'busted' and your name appears on the defendant list of Civil Case 3:07-cv-49. Would you prefer to wait in Attica or Florence?

As Chips removed his Pastel Teaberry and slipped into the bed in Room 420 he was surprised to find TWO WOMEN, not one, and after manually reconning both ladies he was further surprised to determine that neither was wearing 'titty-clamps' such as Anna Chapman, or Anya Kuschenko, was known to favor. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, he went 'undercover' with a small pen-light to do a 'color sample recon', known as a CSR in Marine Infantry lingo. He determined that both of his female friends were true blonds. He gave them both and indication of his approval of their magnificent bounty before resurfacing to see if the collars matched the cuffs, as he learned to do while watching James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever while he worked at the Warner Theater in 1965 where SSgt Gillespie and A1C Cothran were the manager and assistant manager at the time.

Turning his pen-light towards his cupped hand he passed his hand over both faces and found Agent Grapevine, with a brunette wig, and Agent Stevie R. Gowray, in natural blonde mane smiling at him while both were sudsing and had their circuit breakers popped.

"What gives?" requested Chips taken aback that Anna Chapman had 'no showed'.

"We do" gushed both ladies as Stevie went south and Grapevine covered Chips' eyes, in a manner of speaking. Not one to deny ladies their just desserts he allowed them 37 minutes of pleasure before signaling an intermission with standard HEFOE signals recognized by any fighter pilot or any woman who'd had the pleasure of finding out what fighter pilots are good for when not zipping around at Mach 2 shooting things.

"Okay girls, we can do sequential enduros as soon as you guys tell me what has occurred" suggested Chips as Stevie was reluctant to give her ADS, all day sucker, not to be confused with AP-AD, Adrian Peterson 'All Day' of the Minnesota Vikings which would be offered the use of the Purple Limo if Jared Allen succeeds in getting Brett Favre back to Vikings-land prior to the revenge match in New Orleans, capeche?

"Chips, Banzai and Otto Pilot worked live beavers, as do we, in obstructing the Crown Agents Anna Chapman from setting you up to be hit. Take a look in the closet."

At that moment the closet door opened and a nude Anna Chapman, titty clamps and all, was held bound in duct tape by BAM Mad Bax and Homi. BAM Max and Homi were both blindfolded so as not to develop 'penis envy' at having to observe Agent Chips' Master Swordsman Techniques, MST, not to be confused with LST, PST or BFD.

"Take off the blindfolds guys, we are undercover" at which point Mad Bax and Homi removed their blindfolds but Homi's dog Duke, a wolf hybrid, remained blindfolded as he was underage in human years although PETA might argue in 'doggie years' he was an adult.

"Chips, we worked with Uncle Ray, Banzai, Otto and loyal portions of the Company that doesn't exist to subvert their hit. We hope to take ITEM A back to the US in time for any KSM trial that Holder and Boo Boo might be naive enough to schedule. In the meantime, Banzai is a little worried that the Crown Agents will try and silence 'titty clamps' so we have an HH53D standing off 800 yards north of the Crawley Railroad Station. Banzai and Name Dropper, working with Umbrellaman, suggest that we six are withdrawn by the chopper and return to the G550 for immediate departure for KADW with a low pass over Brize Norton where the 'gunners' can remove any flying vehicle trailing us a la Lockerbie and Pan Am 103. Can I call in the chopper now for the egress?"

Chips looked at his watch and nodded in the affirmative. Four minutes later the HH53D was in a hover just south of the east west tracks of Crawley's rail station as a FLASH Clipper came in from Otto Pilot orbiting in the NORWEGIAN WOOD C130. As a basket was lowered from the chopper, Anna was placed in the basket and Mad Bax motioned for Homi and Duke to wait for the second lift. Being a good Marine Mad Bax removed the titty clamps and pocketed one and threw the other to Chips, souvenirs of the first engagement of OTR, Operation Triumphant Return. As Anna and Mad Bax were hoisted aboard, Chips, Grapevine and Stevie manually pleasured each other while reading the Flash Clipper from Marquis d'Cartier:

Royal Crown Agent Marquis FLASH Clipper to Umbrellaman, Banzai, Otto Pilot, Uncle Ray and Hamish, copy Name Dropper, Chips and Team Crawley: “Abel Danger Akron Ohio has just sent Pearson, Farage, and Cameron PFC, our demands. We have asked UKIP to investigate Crown Agents Sisters’ Miriam Clegg and KPMG re the sale of insider positions on the Lloyd’s of London bordereau for the Transocean-owned Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, allegedly sunk by saboteurs on April 22nd, 2010. Our KSM agents including the snitch at House of Schlumberger in Crawley, have evidence that Crown Agents’ Sisters [ Gorelick et 3 ] used Oracle links to KPMG and Transocean offices in the Swiss canton of Zug to sell positions on the Lloyd’s bordereau to re-insured insiders who then profited from the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon. KSM also has evidence that the modus operandi of the fraud on Lloyd's was developed in the '90s by Crown Agents' Sisters in a conspiracy with alumni of Oxford University's Bullingdon Club such as Darius Guppy and the tax-shelter experts from KPMG. Umbrellaman and Sky Six declare the days of Fais ce que tu voudras are now ended and the Triumphant Return is imminent. Umbrellaman therefore ORDERS Chips, Grapevine and Stevie R. Gowray to stay the course and return to Room 1002 ASAP. Authenicate Whisker! Marquis”
As Chips saw the empty basket return for another load, he signaled Homi and Duke to go into the basket as he terminated his brief digital exams of both ladies and sent the authentication code.

Royal Crown Agent Chips FLASH Clipper to Marquis d'Cartier, copy Umbrellaman, Banzai, Otto Pilot, Uncle Ray and Name Dropper: “Team Crawley authenticates BISCUIT. Chips, Grapevine and Stevie R. Gowray to 1002, execute, Chips.”
As the girls gathered their clothing Chips handed them matching bathrobes in Purple with gold embroidery and glanced at his watch, a $10 Walmart. 0141. He wrapped himself in a used towel and threw another to Grapevine who wrapped their clothing into a wad, I say again, wad and Chips encouraged them to 'haul ass'. Down the hallway they ran to the 3rd elevator, and pushed 10 and express as the clock struck 0143. Once outside the door to 1002 Stevie used a piano wire to gain entrance as Chips secured the door and hustled the girls into the bathroom and forced them to lay down side by side as he lay on top of them. Moments later the hotel was rocked by an explosion at 0145 as Room 402 was surgically excised while causing no collateral damage to rooms on either side, above or below. As debris fell on the Crawley Station tracks below a Pastel Teaberry Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster Thong with extra humongous pouch, fluttered to the ground. It was still intact after a late freight had barreled threw enroute to Victoria Station.

Back in the bathtub of Room 420, Chips got off, pardon the expression, Grapevine and Stevie R. Gowray as helped the girls to their feet. As the three threatened Agents repaired to the Jacuzzi, matching bathrobes were thrown on the floor on either side of the Jacuzzi while Chips went to the fridge and retrieved a 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini and a pair of Ramey Rimshots for the ladies. As Agent Grapevine removed Chips' towel she gushed, the drinks are delightful but we gals from Texas are wanting Rimshots of another variety, capeche?

As the monster was restored to Full Battle Strength a picture email flashed into Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun from Agent Bravo Zulu in Texas who had been monitoring Team Crawley from her Sabre-enabled, Oracle controlled cubicle at Continental Airlines in Houston.

As Chips completed Project Insert with Stevie R. Gowray, Agent Grapevine, 6 years her senior pointed out that 'seniority has its privileges’ and replaced Stevie as the Pole Sitter. Chips did what he could to make it up to the younger Agent knowing that at age 63 Grapevine would fall asleep after the 4 hour enduro and then he could finish off Stevie before a Full English Breakfast at the Arora International Hotel, Crawley England.

Agent Stevie R. Gowray cheated just a tad by asking Chips a loaded question as she placed an MP3 into Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun, selected C240 and turned the volume to max. Prior to the song loading, she asked Chips "What is the most seminal song you know oh semen master?"

In a rare moment of stunned, but not flaccid silence, Chips harked back to the song that he and Grapevine had used to get 'in the mood' in the summer of '64 and that he and Stevie had used in March, 1970 after her 3 day suspension from school for the Walkout protesting Mr. Hoddox's chicken shit rules. He was so into recalling those teenage 'engagements' he completely missed a rare FLASH Clipper from Hamish C. Watson who just about choked on his mineral water while forwarding a message from Uncle Ray to Chips:

KSM Lead Witness Hamish FLASH Clipper to Chips, Judi McCloud and Bravo Hotel, copy Game Breaker and Cruise Director: “Conrad Black has been released on bail restricted to the lower 48. Reportedly he is enroute to Plum City, Wisconsin. Chips, contact Hammer Banzai Pipeline as he has travel arrangements for you and we have linked the people who framed Lord Black to Crown Agents, Barclay Twins, Golden Tree, Sidley Austin, Telegraph Group, Mary Harron’s Weather Underground entrapment rituals at Piggy’s Palace, Anna the Jackal, BP Bordereau and the City of London Livery Companies. Hamish”

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