Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Queen Bess and the Stranglers Scarf - Chapter 2

Crown Agents = Lesbian Goats Bisexual Tethered
Digital Vermin Device in American Psycho Snuff-Film Patent Pool

Chips was reminded of the term 'push it up' from his meeting in October of 2009 at the Destin Hilton; he had to continue exposing the patent pool of the digital vermin devices (DVD) used to record the serial rapes of Hollie Grieg; the Lafarge barge unmoored in N.O. and the QRS 11 GyroChips taking out the Pentagon’s U.S. Naval Command; all essential parts of the STRANGLER'S SUITE of patent pool weapons in Chicago. KSM CH clippered in a story on American students at Oxford in the late 1960s; how Leckford Road lesbians arranged tethered-goat group sex and sent pre-DVD snuff films to the BBC World Service archives at Bush House; how they got Tony Blair through the Bettie Page American-Psycho Weatherwoman and a network of lesbian pedophiles embedded in a captive herd of terrified Billy Goats, deep inside the Navy, Coast Guard, KGB and Hanoi Hilton. Chips mentally reviewed Helen and Nancy then thought of mascot goats – Bill 28, 29, 30, 31, and 32 – he’d supplied to the Navy. He now realized what was being supplied by the City’s SCRAP Merchant (Serco – Crown Agents – Rothschild – Aviva – Patent Pools); the vermin had built a backdoor into the BP / Transocean rig via the US Navy, Office of Personnel Management, Marine Corp ( National Security Personnel System), the US Coast Guard (Deepwater Acquisition Program) and UK Ministry of Defence for British Forces on the South Atlantic bases of Ascension Island and the Falkland Islands. The new destination became KMCF after a 1959 million seller foretold how Boo Boo would return to his native Kenya while uttering Uh-ooh in fluent Arabic as some Mau Mau tribesman sing along with a jungle beat. Nodak 01 and 02 converted to launch HARMS; the contact faded. Skymaster and Dirtball took evasive action. Mad Bax located a helicopter to accommodate transfer of Kenya Alien from 1600 to Guantanamo.

............................... - Opinion: The Alien in the White House*

Prologue: Obama not biggest problem in America:

Chips was about to respond to Slicer's boisterous exploculation when a sudden increase in thrust, I say again, thrust caused our erudite airman with the air refueling probe to die for to realize Stone was executing a missed approach so Chips doubled his stroke efforting to finish off the delightful 24 year old Slicer from Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan. However, before the aerobically healthy 60 year old Chips could punctuate his partner's exploculation, the small wrist of Agent Bean's right arm was placed on Chips' sweaty and muscular right shoulder as Bean selected F4 on Chips' Clipper Squirt Gun and whispered to Slicer, "Move it on over and will see if Chips' key still fits in my front door". Chips was very surprised that Agent Bean had been in the closet providing strong arm security but as he looked at the moving map on the wall mounted GPS mural he could see that they were deviating from their flight plan not to be confused with the deviates temporarily in the White House, the Congress, the Department of Justice, FCI, Sidley Austin, DLA-Piper or the epitome of effluence the SES, Senior Executive Services which may mean they, the hogs, want the Senors out of office so the Senoras such as Chicken Legg can finish off America and other western cultures which are still 93% heterosexual and reproductively sound as opposed to the useless eaters and mindless non-breeders whose purpose it is to destroy America first so that other industrialized countries, say Greece and Poland, will then fail sequentially. Why is a Spanish lawyer the wife of #2 in England, and why is a disbarred Kenya Lawyer, squatting at 1600? Answer? Because they have both been placed by the Magic Circle Jerks’ handlers and Crown Agents, it appears. As Chips saddled up on his new mount, he harked back to an Airbus A319 deviation from Pavlodar, Kazakhstan to Perm, Russia on 14 February, 2009 when Chips took advantage of an open mic opportunity with a St. Louis blues band touring Russia.

On that trip his security assets were Agent Bean, in white sweater, and Agent Kaya in tangerine sweater. Chips was wearing an uncharacteristic 'white satin' Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster and as he watched his preferred mount Agent Bean dancing with a really bad dancer he looked forward to ending his song and saddling up after 'really bad dancer guy' could be sent back to his table where he was drinking Efes beer with three gay acne laden Spanish attorneys, pardon the triple redundancy such as the triple or tri-laminar redundancies deployed by the Global Guardians on 9/11 which would result in the erection, I say again, erection of a 13 story mosque at Ground Zero some 10 years hence. The perverts and deviates, dare I say 'freak show escapees' that are nominating persons such as the Penguin for high office need to turn around or they will be turned around, stronger message to follow. Kaya, Bean and Chips were in Perm with a KGB friend from Astana, Kazakhstan whose former partner was stationed in Perm, Russia in all of 2005, including during the arrest and sequential release of Senator Lugar and 'Cheetah' or the Great Imposter. Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq and Philip J. Berg of the city of Brotherly Love both wished for Chips to determine why Putin had held Cheetah overnight when he allowed Lugar the Cougar, not to besmirch his character by inferring he enjoys the company of young males, to beat a hasty retreat the same day of the arrest especially because it was understood that Putin knew the Cheetah was a British Agent, you read that correctly. Chips sat in with the Blues singers from St. Louis not to be confused with Bob Kuban of the In Men who also were from St. Louis where today there is one of the few courageous and oath serving federal judges not far from where former Attorney General Ashcroft profits from "Never Again" a book, which had it been honest or accurate, should have been titled "Never Happened" as Ashcroft obviously knows the truth of 9/11 as he, like Nanny Piloti, never fly on NPR airliners which are modified with the Strangler's Suite [ BUAP, QRS 11, Smacsonic, KU band ].

Agent Kaya was dancing with the KGB guy and she, Bean, KGB, and Chips were all drinking Captain Sherlock Martinis not to be confused with the Grey Goose Churchill Martinis to be deployed when Mike ‘the hammer’ North attempts to defeat Chips ‘the Slammer’ in the world champion Naked Martini Showdown when Ramey’s 72nd C4ISR Wing reassembles at the Destin Hilton to celebrate the saving of America. Kaya slipped a Name Dropper into KGB's Martini and then Bean declared 'sociable' whereupon all four martinis were drained in keeping with the Voice of Ramey protocols begun by Agent DJ of Halifax, Nova Scotia not to be confused with the bank trucks that hauled the gold away from the WTC prior to 0900 on 11 September, 2001.

Name Droppers were developed by Alien Technologies in concert with a nearby Polymer Laboratory, the only one in North America, that had been infiltrated by Abel Danger, as was the neighboring Alien Technologies.

“We are an academic department within the College of Science and Mathematics at North Dakota State University. The department provides the only academic research focused on polymer organic coatings in North America, and is one of only very few such departments in the world. The focus on polymer coatings at NDSU goes back to 1905, when many paints were based on vegetable oils and lead pigments.”

The purpose of the Name Dropper was to be ingested by the 'target', in this case the Perm KGB dancer whereupon the thermo trigger on the polymer would attach itself to any flesh once it reached 98 degrees Fahrenheit. In this case the 'hit' succeeded and the device attached to KGB's stomach just downstream from the GIJ sphincter muscle below the esophagus. From that point on GPS following and Abel Danger ‘listening’ were enabled. Surgery was the only option for disabling a Name Dropper prior to the loss of power which, at 98.6 degrees, would be 12 years or longer. Later on the Name Droppers would be targeting all 100 of the known defendants of the Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 and the 20 unnamed defendants were being leaked to Abel Danger by the DLA-Piper fellow in Phoenix who had been passed over by a lesbian JD with half his experience and none of his testosterone although she did have some facial hair from marijuana abuse. Chips had once left a Name Dropper in a Crown Royal bottle in an upstairs bedroom knowing who would swallow the leftovers not in a way such as the Semen Spittoons of FCI/SES/A-S and DLA-P swallow things. As Chips was recalling his 'night in white satin' he was brought back into the here and now as Bean yelled 'switch' as she barked like a Chihuahua indicating her preference for the attack azimuth not to be confused with the attack azimuth of the Raytheon A-3 Sky Warrior that did a descending 270 degree, 5 G slice-back to the right rolling out 10 feet above the Pentagon lawn before launching a Bull Pup to soften up the Pentagon window of Captain Gerald DeConto while 5 senior executives of Raytheon had been silenced aboard 3 of the 4 9/11 NPR airliners when 'those we oppose' attacked America on 9/11 and blamed it on some hapless Muslims thus allowing Ashcroft to profit personally while concealing the Truth of 9/11.

"Chips to the cockpit please when able, on the ground Barcelona in 12 minutes; we need you to read a lesbian tethered-goat clipper from the guy who used to waterboard with Nick Clegg and Rudi" was broadcast over the PA by Hoss who was enjoying a frosty can of Grape Nehi while watching Agent Stone deftly hand fly the Gulfstream 550 such as Chips flew in his 'day job' in the southeastern corner of America as financial giants and honest Christian business men with ‘game changing/paradigm shifting’ patents enable a resurgence of business and manufacturing in America, can you dig it?

As Chips, ever sensitive to the needs of reproductively healthy, heterosexual females, cancelled the PA and put his Clipper Squirt Gun to FLASH only, no TM, he pictured Barney Frank and Rudi Giuliani to forestall explocution. In doing so he missed an Immediate Clipper from Babylon G-String working with Slade Lane in the City of London's Ovary Law Orifice.

KSM Babylon G-String Immediate Clipper to Mitch Stack, Mattress Thrasher, Marquis d'Cartier and Hamish, copy Name Dropper and Uncle Ray: “While reviewing the Molly Clap history in London I found this article rather TELLING. Suggest we operate Abel Danger out of a venue named Molly's and find an Abel Danger Agent who is a reputed Goat wrangler. Note Molly' Clap and Gonorrhea LECTIM ......." noticed something different about the American students at Oxford in the late 1960s; they engaged in Rhodes Scholars circle jerker huddles with Crown Agents provocateurs claiming it was an imperialist war in Indochina and an excuse to kill off black minority in the front line. I remember the address — 46 Leckford Road — where Clinton, a habitual and professional liar “didn’t inhale” because being allergic to smoke, he preferred to take his Crown Agents [Dope Inc.] dope in the form of large handfuls of cookies and brownies. Strobe Talbott, Robert Reich, Ira Magaziner later became tethered goat members of the Clinton administration. Clinton appears to have been run by Mr. Cord Meyer and the CIA desk at the London embassy in Grosvenor Square with the BBC World Service providing the lesbos. We watched some Leckford Road girls arrange for group sex where the men would discover that they were merely the goats tethered in the clearing, the better to magnetize more women into the trap. The Crown Agents lesbian goat trap became a standard method of hooking males and hetero women at universities or law firm. All they needed was a hand held movie camera, some pretended expertise in asphyxiophilia, and a tether or a noose or a scarf that was designed to be easy to tighten but impossible to loosen. The lesbians passed on their snuff films to the BBC World Service archives at Bush House. The Crown Agents could then use an image or a key word or a symbolic noose to activate sleeper agents in Thatcher’s future Cabinet; they even got Tony Blair through the Bettie Page American Psycho Weatherwoman and a future president’s lesbian girlfriend before moving on to placing a network of lesbian pedophiles with a captive herd of terrified Billy Goats, deep inside the Navy or the Coast Guard, the KGB and the Hanoi Hilton.”

Agent Bean turned her head around and gushed "Quickie authorized, push it up". Chips had not heard the term 'push it up' since his meeting in October of 2009 at the Destin Hilton where a senior military intel person encouraged Chips to 'keep it up and push it up' meaning (a) continue exposing the patent pool of digital vermin devices (DVD) that records the devouring of innocence and innocents like the Scottish perverts who serially raped Hollie Grieg while the Scottish government covered it up for a decade or more and (b) make the reports more personal and more indictable such as reminding people that it was a Lafarge barge that started the false flag in New Orleans called Katrina and that Hillary Rodham Clinton was associated with La Farge just as she did the intel property work at Rose Law in Little Rock for the BEI produced QRS 11 GyroChips which is an essential part in the STRANGLER'S SUITE of weapons which was unleashed on 9/11 by queers and LGBT faggots that seem to proliferate in Chicago. I cannot recall the name, perhaps Bull, Dykes and Butt Ugly. Has it come to the attention of the voters in America that prior to squatting at the White House Kid Kenya and Michelle LaVaughan Robinson were involved in the abortion of many thousands [ mostly black ] children? Let's review two important scriptures before I get back into the fictional, and therefore non-indictable, story line and go on ripping these treasonous traitors a new anus, proper use of English regrettable.

Matthew 18:5 "And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me”.

Matthew 25:40 "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

"Not on your life my tantalizing tomato who likes Doo Woop, such as Chicago’s Flamingoes not to be confused with Chicago’s Flaming Faggots, as much as I, they can go into holding so we can finish this off properly, just like Abel Danger will finish off the Helen Thomas and Private Manning , the Iraq hacker who is in hack in Kuwait, charades." Helen will probably get canned for being honest and Private Manning will probably get penalized for telling the Truth. Chips selected C6 on his Clipper Squirt Gun as he transmitted over the PA "Negative Hoss, request a 40 minute hold, left hand turns 20 mile legs, maintain present altitude and expect further clearance at 0 + 40 after the hack, ready, ready, hack".

"Oh Chips, you make me so happy, I feel like a natural woman" as she adjusted her 'dial-a-lation' episiotomy scar in a way that made Chips hark back to a song by Alive and Kickin from 1970 although in as much as they have become as invisible as Al Gore or Helen Thomas let's see the man who wrote it as he sings dressed up as a GI not to be confused with the Kenyan Squatter Muslim [ KSM ] also appearing to be a GI as in gastro-intestinal, capeche? The setting she had selected had Chips so aroused he thought he might be caused to exploculate early which wouldn't please Agent Bean so to forestall the oyster launch he used his mental agility to alternate between two mental images of Helen Thomas and Nancy Pelosi before her 29th facelift, see photos below:

Chips immediately realized they may, in fact, be the same person, although Helen did look a tad younger and exhibited much better judgment.

The mental review of Helen and Nancy almost caused Chips to go to TI of 80% or less for the first time since his 13th birthday so to be able to keep it up, as the military intel guy had encouraged him to do, he thought back to Mary Anne MATS and their fondling in the hallway of the Ramey AFB High School in October, 1964 just as the 72nd C4ISR Wing was being brought online. It would be joined some 46 years later by a Cyber Security Unit based at Fort Meade, Maryland not far from where Agent Chips had sent 5 of the Annapolis Mascot Goats to help support his Alma Mater the US Naval Academy where Joe Sestak also graduated. Chips’ mascot goats were Bill 28, 29, 30, 31, and 32 and since Agent Chips began supplying Mascot Goats to Navy their winning record against the hapless WooPoos such as ALPA’s mouthpiece Pete Janhunen has been impressive, much like the contents of Chips’ Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Manly Mocha.

Chips thought it quite odd that if Joe Sestak had been in DEEP BLUE the two had never crossed paths. He wondered if that is one of the reasons he was caused to 'walk the plank' on the first day of Admiral Mullen becoming CNO in 2005 4 years after it was………….
…….. discovered that a US Navy Sub had 'tapped into' a submerged data-link/fiber-optic cable to gain intel on the false flag nature of some USN and USCG operations scheduled for 11 September, 2001. He made a mental note to communicate with Salyards and determine which of these Admirals was TRUE BLUE giving nary a shit if either were DEEP BLUE. Chips chuckled to think that the United States Navy had taken ownership of DEEP BLUE as Chips had used the term at the Rams Head Tavern when introducing Queen Hornet to Agent Fox in Chapter 4 of Book 1, Hunter’s Wingman, which was set in Annapolis, Maryland where Chips had been a Goat Wrangler including USNA Mascot Goats Bills 28 through 32.

"Chips, Fox is at the curb at Dulles, update." "Annapolis Ramshead 9p delete readback, hire a cab and tell ... blue, plant, industry; Fish inside DoD, deep blue at DNI and ONI; Fox ...

August, 2001 as Chips was working with Classmate Captain Chic Burlingame even though Chic's peer at the Pentagon, Paul Knox, was not aware. In fact, during the Clinton Regime persons who were incapable of being aware were sought out, case in point the son of a Waffen SS Agent John Shalikashvilli who gave away America's military secrets to the PLA and Red China in 1995 after Vince Foster had been silenced and Ron Brown was ‘on deck’, perhaps it would have been safer on the deck of the Titanic, the Achille Lauro or the USS Liberty. Agent Bean was be telepathic, thought Chips, as she asked him about two long gone Agents, Fox and Dancer. He explained Fox's loss aboard the Albogas 37 which capsized near Lesbos Island, Greece, a precursor to a bunch of Lesbos in DLA-Piper, Sidley-Austin, USDOJ-Pride and that corrupt law firm in Chicago that I cannot recall for fear of losing my erection. Regarding Dancer, rather than explain it while exploculation was imminent he hit D8 on his Clipper Squirt Gun and Agent Bean got the message about who Dancer was working for which made her appear to be a BAD DANCER not to be confused with BAM MAD BAX. Dancer has become as silent as Al Gore after Tipper ripped him a new one, capeche?

As Agent Bean tightened up with laughter, Chips thought of Nancy Pelosi again to stave off exploculation not to be confused with Stave churches such as the Norwegians used long ago prior to Agent Otto Pilot of Trondheim or Agent Annie American further north in Norway where Rumor Mills RAYEDIO shows are very popular on Wednesday nights. Uffta. As the landing gear was dropped with a hydraulic ram Bean was getting a hydraulic ram also, in a manner of speaking, and knowing that Time Was Tight as was she, she exploculated prior to the extension of the flaps and the retracting of the air refueling probe speaking metaphorically. Chips woke Slicer [ a sleeper? ] and as the ladies prepared themselves to 'do Barcelona' Chips took a quick Marine Corps shower, put on some Fu Fu juice and looked forward to 'doing Corazon Dulce' who had just Clippered him thusly while somewhere a Marine Corps Drill Instructor is educating NUMB NUTS.

Spanish Boca mas grande [ BMG ] Corazon Dulce Immediate Clipper to Chips, M. Thrasher and Name Dropper, copy BP and Hamish: “A Franco-Hebrew shill from Austin, Texas has broken down the significant developments that have emerged from sources inside the 2010 Bilderberg meeting in Spain at Faggot City. There is a contentious and urgent atmosphere behind the scenes of the secret meeting. Attendees are reportedly concerned about the potential collapse of the Euro, war with Iran and the rise of political dissent against world government lead by Plum City's Directorate of Operations, Global [ DOG ]. Most urgent inside Bilderberg 2010 is the instability surrounding the Euro, which is threatening to unravel, and take the momentum for further regional integration and global currency with it. More gravely, veteran Jim Tucker has told the [ redacted shill ] Show that many attendees inside Bilderberg were very supportive of initiating the long-boiling war with Iran if they could find the missing Minot missile [ MMM ] perhaps hidden in a Plum City, Wisconsin goat barn. According to inside sources, even a nuclear strike was not off the table. Further, it was disclosed that many members declined to attend this year because public awareness has reached a significant enough level that political pressure has been put on figures who attend, perhaps for the first time ever thanks to Banzai Pipeline, Marquis d'Cartier and Abigail Chopsticks. Many officials were ’scared’ of potential scrutiny especially after the flatulent Al Gore has gone into hiding, Tipper has shit-canned him, Pastor Manning has exposed the 'twerp', and Holder and Boo Boo have cancelled the KSM (Kenyan Squatter Muslim) Trial. The overall panicked atmosphere over economic issues during the previous year– most dramatically demonstrated by IMF riots in Greece, which Goldman Sachs trashed – has signaled a loss of control, while public anger has spread globally. This year, Bilderberg is also concerned about significant protests outside its own meeting, as well as increasing media coverage of Bilderberg. Mainstream media outlets have begun taking notice: the Drudge Report is linking to coverage; Charlie Skelton has initiated a second year of coverage for the London Guardian; Russia Today and it's Abel Danger Asset Brumhilde, has done extensive coverage; speakers are demanding answers about Bilderberg inside the European Parliament as Geert Wilders appears joined with America's Abel Danger. This attitude carries over to eyewitness accounts of conversation inside the hotel. A ranking member of the conference organizers– the secretariat employees working on behalf of the powerful group– were overheard by London Guardian reporter Charlie Skelton discussing the ’scary’ presence of one Alex Jones, considered a 'lightweight shill' compared to Chips, who bull-horned the meetings in both 2006 and 2008. These people also joined in lamenting the growing number of protesters who had begun surrounding the hotels across the world during recent years of the conference. The popular uprising and political dissent via tea parties, “Truthers” and Bilderberg critics have, if nothing else, contributed to the rising tide of voters throwing out incumbents and demonstrating furious anger at both Wall Street and Washington; two tentacles of the OCTOpus banking sham. Part and parcel with this is the near-total failure of the globalists’ agenda for world government at Copenhagen, failure to pass Climate Change taxation schemes and the widespread rejection of phony “global warming” rhetoric and public anger over the cooked data exposed by the Climategate scandal last fall as exposed by Abel Danger and not challenged by Pussy One, Al Gore. This meshes with the melancholy tone of former National Security Advisor and Trilateral Commission co-founder Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, who recently lamented before his audience at the Council on Foreign Relations that, for the first time in history, “Mankind is now politically awakened and stirring" because of Abel Danger and Agent Chips who lacks a cheesy English accent. He further warned that the rise of China and other powers had forever compromised any hopes for a uni-polar world hegemony dictated solely by the Anglo-American elite which does not include the partially black, and terminally flaccid, Omaumau. Corazon, yo quiero el hombre mas largo y fuerto, Fritato, yo soy en Torrejon a la Madrid, Corazon caliente”
[ disclaimer: KENYAN SQUATTER MUSLIM is intellectual property of Abel Danger ]

Chips recognized the brilliant report by Corazon, as well as her location at Torrejon AFB near Madrid, and though he respected her as a erudite and articulate woman, his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Strawberry Cream was being challenged as his mind went back to 1965 and the time they spent in a darkened hallway of the E Street Elementary School after a bonfire and pep-rally for the Ramey Bombers who were the Island Champs that year. It was there and then that these two Spanish students who sat side by side in Priscilla N. Cordero's Spanish II class got to 'know each other'. Chips thought he was getting weak in the knees thinking about what lay between Corazon's when he realized that Stone had landed a little firmer than usual perhaps not to leave runway behind him at Barcelona after diverting from Sitges due to its notoriously high concentration of butt-pirates but not including Butt Pirate 1.

Chips knew that any DLA-Piper or Sidley-Austin male JD with vacation in July or August could probably be located in International Area Code 34 while those encouraging homosexual activity globally, and the exploitation of the vulnerable in Scotland, are headquartered in International Area Code 39 from where they are helping with the Hollie Grieg cover up so the Scottish child rapers don't get what the vast majority of an ever increasingly well informed public think they deserve. Even the Irish are offended at the abuse of a Downs child by her father and brother, the Scottish must be very proud of themselves and their government. Note to Bilderberg OCTOpussies: here kitty, kitty.

“Sitges is especially popular as a gay tourist destination - especially in July and August when gay men and lesbians visit Sitges as "one of the most popular gay holiday spots in Europe". The city is very international. Almost 35% of the approximately 26,000 permanent inhabitants are from the Netherlands, Great Britain, France and Scandinavia, whose children attend international schools in the area. There are 17 beaches, including Punta de la Torrenta and Sternberg Beach.”

As Stone surrendered control of the jet to Hoss at 80 knots in the forward lounge Agent Buck Naked [ a sleeper? ] came to in his Lime green leisure suit and asked Marquis d'Cartier if they should start at Jamaica, Sligos or Seoul Kitchen before dinner at the KGB's favorite restaurant in Astana, the Line Brew, pictured here in September, 2005 when Sonny "Bill" Spanner and Chips were sporting a pair of Natalyas, Antonov and Tupelov. Tupelov took the photo so missed the picture.

The multi-lingual editor equipped with a Peni-cam informed Agent Buck Naked that during his CSM induced 3 hour nap the aircraft had been re-dispatched to Sitges, Spain to listen to a Bilder-squealer from France, a Toulouse engineer, who had grown a conscience but then diverted further to Barcelona when Agent Hoss had been updated by the Banzai Badger that Sitges appears to be the butt-pirate capital of the 'eastern shore' not to be confused with the eastern shores of Virginia and Maryland where jet aircraft are modified according to customer wishes not Federal Aviation Regulations dictates within a stone's throw of Accomac. Case in point, FAR 121.533 obligates any Captain of any airliner not to place it in motion if he/she/it has any concerns regarding safety. On 11 December, 2006 the Air Line Pilots Association had proprietary intelligence regarding the STRANGLER'S SUITE of illegal modifications that started in Toulouse, visited Little Rock, visited Seattle, visited Abbotsford BC, and came home to roost in Chicago. Have you ever looked at what is directly below a 'roost'. If so you understand Boo Boo the Limo back seat man, Rammer and the rest of the refuse that surrounds itself with the Blagos, Auchis and Rezkos of the world. Yuk. Sidebar to FBI, crosshairs on Chicago, gentlemen.

Buck Naked seemed disappointed not to be able to go dancing with the Natalyas in Astana but cheered up immeasurably when Marquis d'Cartier pointed out that Corazon, M. Thrasher, Mary Anne MATS and some other Abel Danger Ass Sets where expected at the El Prat Renaissance Hotel at the Barcelona airport and the live band was doing Oldies and Doo Woop. Among those already checked in were Madam Ovary from Omaha who was hawking Warren Buffett, Goldman Sachs, Offut Air Force Base and the Johnny Gosch perverts exposed in John DeCamp’s “The Franklin Coverup”, see also as well as Bravo Zulu whose expertise on 'oil' should not surprise anyone in Houston if they were to learn where she was in 1965 and then consider where Dr. Gordon's memoirs of building the first HAARP telescope are stored for posterity. As a BBB [ banzai badger bonus ] it is where Rice University is located. Agent Stevie R. Gowray of the Ft. Worth Office of Abel Danger had gotten as close as Amsterdam when she was recalled to help study and rebuff the Chinese attempts to shut down the Gulf of Mexico for benefit of the 'west Mexican option' which relates directly to the Trans Texas Corridor and the NAFTA Super Highway which are now officially dead in the water as of D-Day 2010 as the Bilderbergs have awakened and smelled the coffee even though they may not all be 'sleepers' but have employed sleepers for over 40 years, give or take, more or less.

Chapter 4 of Book 1, Hunter’s Wingman, which was set in Annapolis, Maryland where Chips had been a Goat Wrangler including USNA Mascot Goats Bills 28 through 32.

"Chips, Fox is at the curb at Dulles, update." "Annapolis Ramshead 9p delete readback, hire a cab and tell ... blue, plant, industry; Fish inside DoD, deep blue at DNI and ONI; Fox ...

Chips was ready to step out to the waiting Puma Helo when Marquis d'Cartier handed him an immediate Clipper that appeared to be from the Japanese Self Defense Force, Sapporo.

Barmy Badger Banzai Immediate Clipper to Chips, Name Dropper, Uncle Ray, M. Thrasher and Marquis d'Cartier, copy Hamish and Yellowhammer: “Well isn’t this a bit fishy? According to London Telegraph, the arrogant, whiny CEO of BP, Tony Hayward sold about £1.4 million worth of his shares in the fuel giant weeks before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill caused its value to collapse. That equals about 1/3 of his entire holdings in the company. Hayward, whose pay package is about £4 million a year, then paid off the mortgage on his family’s mansion in Kent, which is estimated to be valued at more than £1.2 million. Obama is strangely silent about this; perhaps the cat or Mrs. Chicken Legg has his tongue. His decision, however, means he avoided losing more than £423,000 when BP’s share price plunged after the oil spill began six weeks ago much in the way American Airlines and United Airlines insider trading before 9/11 and before Wedoff's scuttling of UAL saved the financial asses of some real financial asses. For instance, they do not know the wages of sin are death. Since he disposed of 223,288 shares on March 17, the company’s share price has fallen by 30 per cent. About £40 billion has been wiped off its total value. The fall has caused pain not just for BP shareholders, but also for millions of company pension funds and small investors who have money held in tracker funds. The spill, which has still not been stemmed, has caused a serious environmental crisis and is estimated to cost BP up to £40 billion to clean up. There was growing confidence yesterday that a new cap placed over the well was stemming the oil flow. An estimated three million litres a day had been pouring into the sea off the coast of Louisiana since the April 20 explosion, damaging marine life.
The crisis has enraged US politicians, with President Obama yesterday forced to cancel a trip his native Indonesia where her was registered as Soetoro and Muslim at grade school amid a row over the White House’s response. Mr. Hayward, whose position [ doggie style? ] is thought to be under threat, risked further fury by continuing plans to pay out a dividend to investors next month causing the uninformed to question if perhaps he is an Oxford Bullingdon wimp. BBB aboard Joint Stars 'banging' off Sapporo.”

As Captain Hoss passed by Chips and Marquis he lifted his Grape Nehi and Idaho State Athletic bag and suggested to Chips that it's time to boogie if they were to get to

Torrejon and back in two hours. Stone and Marquis both raised their eyebrows at that verbal exchange as it seemed the destination was always subject to change: Astana, Sitges, Barcelona, Torrejon and 'depart to where', pray tell. Chips waited for Bean and Slicer and asked Stone to keep his eye on Slicer for him and passed him a room key to room 1021 at the Barcelona digs. He whispered something in the left ear of Bean who joined him in walking across the tarmac to the idling Super Puma helo that Hoss and Buck climbed into ahead of them. As the whirly bird took off enroute to Torrejon, Hoss turned around with the Clipper Text he received aboard the Puma from Mother Moose and Bachman Turner Over.

Patriot Christian Mother Moose and Patriot Christian Bachman Turner Over Immediate Clipper to Name Dropper, Chips, Banzai Pipeline copy Umbrellaman: “Please listen to a Marine singing: It turns out that General P got a copy of the recording and has decided to pull the plug. Chips, at Torrejon board an EC135 bound for KADW and you will be briefed enroute by the Army 4 star McC who has been strangled by Boo Boo while tasked to win in Afghanistan. We still have 48 Adjutant Generals and as of D-Day, 2010 we now have 38 governors on board for Operation Clean Sweep, 2010. Printed in second TM are the lyrics to verse 4 which your fellow Marine so expertly pointed out to the Tea Party faithful; and we will now point it out the Kenyan usurper who is unknown to his Columbia Classmates while his handler, ZB the pollock, urinates like a little girl knowing the gallows will be at Fresh Kills 1 and 9. Moose.”
Patriot Christian Mother Moose routine Clipper to Name Dropper, Chips, Banzai Pipeline, copy Umbrellaman: “Gentlemen, the lyrics:

Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved home and the war's desolation!
Blest with victory and peace, may the heav'n rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: "In God is our trust."
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Bachman Turner Over joins Gen-P and McC-C in wishing you Godspeed as we take advantage of the dissension amonst the Bilderberg Stranglers. Chips, BAM Mad Bax awaits a Clipper 4 call once aboard 'Looking Glass'. Moose”

Hoss and Buck were making excellent time direct to Torrejon and they established 2 way comm with 'Looking Glass' through SKYBIRD on 311.0 UHF that was waiting at the EOR area of Torrejon's airfield. Chips was taking some temperature and moisture readings in the target area when a FLASH Clipper came in from The Badger State.

BAM Banzai Pipeline FLASH Clipper to Umbrellaman copy Chips: “Seven Days in May has been moved up 24 hours to capitalize on the exposure of both British Petroleum and the Crown States. Gen P, Gen McC, Moose and Bachmann recall Chips IMMEDIATELY and solo. Board 'Looking Glass' alone, travel alone, I repeat, travel alone. Banzai.”Chips explained to Agent Bean that she was to return to Barcelona and take leadership of the Abel Danger assets. Chips also told her to advise AD global that he was filtering all but Immediate and FLASH calls due to the SLEEPER MESSAGE Seven Days in May. As he set his Clipper Squirt Gun to filter priority and routine calls he missed an incoming priority from Hamish Charles Watson.

KSM Lead Witness Hamish to all BAM, KSM and HKG associates: “Sent June 06, 2010 to Lord Pearson of England and to the Bilderberg perverts is the following message regarding Crown, Temple and 300 million angry Americans: Dear Lord Pearson: Did Serco sleepers hack BP making snuff film for the BBC? Hawks CAFE asks you to investigate Serco (formerly RCA) clients for the use of sleeper agents and patent-pool devices to hack US Navy or Coast Guard commands and make a BBC snuff film of explosions on and sinking of the BP-chartered Deepwater Horizon drilling rig. agents KSM agents have evidence that the BBC was authorized by the Lord President of the Council (incumbent Nick Clegg) to use RCA (Serco) for de-Nazification snuff films at Compound O, Camp 165, in Scotland after WWII, and process sleeper agents with bleached files through the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in Operation Paperclip. Our KSM Agents also note SERCO + McConnell International participation as well as imputed dissension in Sitges per Abel Danger.”

Hoss didn't even land the Puma but rather had Chips step from the right pontoon to the grass whereupon he saw the crew hatch under the left side nose of the EC135 open. Chips crawled up the crew ladder as Skymaster in the left seat pushed all four up to balance the EPRs before turning to Dirtball in the right seat with a cheerful "let'r rip, Potato Chip” as Corazon Dulce led Chips back to the CRF. Once inside the CRF Chips and Corazon proved each other up and ensured the deadbolt on the CRF door was engaged. As laundry was draped over the TV and PA handset Corazaon was sudsing like a Maytag as Chips had gained a 96% TI without ingesting any Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters or Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters.

"Es tan largo y gordo como recuerdo, Fritato” gushed Corazon as face to face air refueling like activity commenced. As Chips looked up at the Strawberry Cream IOCs blocking the view of any TV or PA bugs he hit C4 on his Clipper Squirt Gun to mask any conversation that may take place between Corazon and Chips. Chips enquired of Corazon in Spanish:

'Como te gusta?'

'Mi gusta un domingo especie de amor por favor'

As Willie WinFIELD and the Harptones provided aural cover, Chips disconnected from the air refueling as Corazon opened up her ICE Flash file and passed a written briefing to Chips as she did some digital magic below the belt, as it were. Chips focused on the file regarding Operation Six Days in May. Page F.1 was an article cut from a Louisiana newspaper of the MSM variety:

"NEW ORLEANS — Over six days in May, far from the familiar choreography of Washington hearings, federal investigators grilled workers involved in the Deepwater Horizon disaster in a chilly, sterile conference room at a hotel near the airport here.”

"Chips, Umbrellaman suggests that a military coup is 'in progress' in the USA at this moment led by DoD and Department of Treasury. The first 5 words in the sentence that begins the news story are a steganographic suggestion of what may, in fact, be happening as we speak. The selection of six over seven is to indicate that it is minus one day therefore plus one month, i.e. 6 days in June vs. 7 days in May. The movie 7 Days in May is the formula for what Gen-P and McC have set in action while Boo Boo is appearing to engage BP while in Sitges the wheels are coming off the evil cart that carries the Crown dream of continued colonization of America. Abel Danger has been blowing those horns for two years or more. The enemies of America are known to us and targeted by us. And they tremble before an Almighty God, the God, the one I Am. Any more questions?"

“Seven Days in May is a political thriller novel written by Fletcher Knebel and Charles W. Bailey II and published in 1962. The novel was made into a motion picture in 1964, with screenplay by Rod Serling, directed by John Frankenheimer, and starring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. The story is said to have been influenced by the right-wing anti-Communist political activities of General Edwin A. Walker after he retired from the military. The author, Knebel, got the idea for the book after interviewing then Air Force Chief of Staff Curtis LeMay. U.S. President Jordan Lyman faces a wave of public dissatisfaction with his decision to sign a treaty with the Soviet Union, an agreement that will supposedly result in both nations simultaneously destroying their nuclear weapons under mutual international inspection. This is extremely unpopular with both the President's opposition and the military, who believe the Soviets cannot be trusted.

As the debate rages on, a Pentagon insider, United States Marine Corps Colonel Martin "Chips" Casey, becomes aware of a conspiracy among the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) led by his own superior officer, the charismatic Air Force General James Mattoon Scott. He uncovers a shocking secret: Scott and his JCS cohorts, Colonel Broderick, Colonel Murdock and Gen. Hardesty, along with allies in the United States Congress led by Sen. Frederick Prentice and influential media personality Harold McPherson, are plotting to stage a coup d'etat to remove President Lyman and his cabinet seven days hence.

ECOMCON (for "Emergency Communications Control"), which controls the nation's telephone, radio and television network infrastructure, is to be seized by a secret United States Army combat unit created by Scott and based in Texas near Fort Bliss. From their headquarters within a vast underground nuclear shelter called "Mount Thunder" (based on the actual continuity of government facility maintained by the U.S. at Mount Weather in Berryville, Virginia), the General will use the power of the media and the military to prevent the implementation of the treaty. Although opposed to President Lyman's position, Casey is appalled by the unconstitutional cabal. He therefore alerts Lyman and his inner circle: Secret Service Director Art Corwin, Secretary of the Treasury Christopher Todd, presidential advisor Paul Girard and Georgia Sen. Raymond Clark, a political and personal ally of the President.”

"Corazon, have you seen this, and if you have, have you taken the time to google this set of random words just like Clinton-Rubin are two random words in a Philadelpia phone book according to Boo Boo treasonous and cowardly director of cyber security which Abel Danger has penetrated, pardon the verb: (a) current satisfaction of American voters (b) Joe Sestak (c) Cyber Command recently online at Ft Meade MD (d) v Chicago Cabal Clinton/Obama/Auchi/Rezko/Blago/KSM/Sidley-Austin and (e) ITEM V unconstitutional" asked Chips as he laid before Corazon a file marked AD.1

"BP and US Government 'Command Center' Guarded by Company From Afghan Embassy Hazing Scandal By Jeremy Scahill - May 28th, 2010 Published in The Nation .. They are traveling around the devastated US Gulf reporting on the horrific disaster caused by BP's massive oil spill. They described to me a run in that they just had with the private security company Wackenhut, which apparently has been hired to do the perimeter security for the "Deepwater Horizon Unified Command." The "Unified Command" is run jointly by BP and several US government agencies including the US Coast Guard, the Department of Defense, the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security. Wackenhut, of course, is the notorious private security company that operates in the US and around the globe. It recently became part of the huge British mercenary network G4S. Most recently, Wackenhut gained global infamy for the conduct of guards from its subsidiary Armor Group after it was revealed by whistleblowers that the company created a "Lord of the Flies environment" at the embassy "in which guards and supervisors are 'peeing on people, eating potato chips out of [buttock] cracks, vodka shots out of [buttock] cracks ... [drunken] brawls, threats and intimidation from those leaders participating in this activity." According to the Project on Government Oversight, "Multiple guards say this deviant hazing has created a climate of fear and coercion, with those who declined to participate often ridiculed, humiliated, demoted, or even fired. The result is an environment that is dangerous and volatile. Some guards have reported barricading themselves in their rooms for fear that those carrying out the hazing will harm them physically." .. When they pulled up to the front gate, they were greeted by a private security guard working for Wackenhut, the massive security company. "We said we were media and he said, 'No no no. You're going to have to turn around and go back," recalls Lewis. Klein added, "The Wackenhut guard said we couldn't come in without permission, but wouldn't tell us who we needed permission from. When we didn't leave, he radioed for back up and a Wackenhut truck arrived to escort us off the grounds." Here's a photo of the Wackenhut guard stopping them: Klein, who spent extensive time in New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina documenting the widespread disaster profiteering and privatization that endures to this day said the fact that Wackenhut is guarding a joint operation of the US government and BP is not surprising given what is happening in the Gulf right now. "The whole Gulf Coast is a corporate oil state," she told me. "It's like BP broke it, so now they own the entire Gulf Coast." She added: "We might accept the premise that BP is best positioned to know how to fix the blow up at 5,000 feet, but that also seems to mean they think they should control media access and the entire clean up of a massive national emergency. BP is in charge of everything. We were on the water in open seas the day before the Wackenhut incident and a boat pulls up next to us and asked if we worked for BP and we said, "No," and they said, 'You can't be here.'" It is completely sci-fi. It's a corporate state."

"Chips, yes I have. I have it in the Thad Allen/Joe Sestak 'watch' file and it was bundled with 3 other items including this from the ADT-Air Patrol exec who wants out of the trap before the trap floors of the gallows start to perform tensile strength tests on some brand new ropes at Fresh Kills 1 and 9.

"AirPatrol Board of Directors Richard A. Clarke is [redacted] and an internationally recognized expert on security, including homeland security, national security, cyber security, and counter terrorism. He is currently an on-air consultant for ABC News. Clarke served the last three Presidents as a senior White House Advisor. Over the course of an unprecedented 11 consecutive years of White House service, he held the titles of: Special Assistant to the President for Global Affairs National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism Special Advisor to the President for Cyber Security Prior to his White House years, Clarke served for 19 years in the Pentagon, the Intelligence Community, and State Department. During the Reagan Administration, he was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence. During the Bush (41) Administration, he was Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs and coordinated diplomatic efforts to support the 1990-1991 Gulf War and the subsequent security arrangements. As Chairman of Good Harbor Consulting, LLC, Clarke advises clients on a range of issues including: Corporate security risk management Information security technology Dealing with the Federal Government on security and IT issues Counterterrorism Richard Clarke is the author of the books Against All Enemies and Cyber War."

"I find his use of the half-correct 'against all enemies' to be potential 'chaff' as we have no military enemies who are foreign and our most dangerous enemies are domestic starting with the squatters at 1600, the Secretary of States [ France and China ], Helen Thomas look-alike Speaker of the House married to the Baltimore mafia goon, the SES and, excepting DoD and Treasury, most of the corpocracy in Washington, NYC and the anus of North America, Chicago no disrespect intended towards Montreal or anus" observed Chips as he also observed some physical signs that Corazon was anxious to get back to the debriefing, Military Coup notwithstanding. "And one more item, Corazon..." commented Chips before being dictated too by La cuerpa mas bonita en todo el mundo.

"OK Chips, but then it's time to bury the bone and let Dirtball and Skymaster get us to Andrews AFB if that is the KADW alluded to in the Flash Clipper we got from Banzai. It's only a nine hour flight and we don't want to waste any of our brief moments together, capeche" as she passed him 3 tins of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters and a 4 tab gelpack of Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters.

"I understand, my magnificently moist morsel of moaning, in Spanish, but we need to get out heads around the relationship of USCG, Serco, McConnell International, SES, the Crown and DEEP BLUE traitors from Annapolis who have participating on the wrong side of the SECOND BATTLE OF BRITAIN being fought and lost by the flaccid Kenyan Squatter Muslim which brings a new meaning to KSM Trial."

"In March 1950, John McCloy was given the task of appointing a new head of the West German Secret Service. After discussing the matter with Frank Wisner of the CIA, McCloy decided on Reinhard Gehlen, the Nazi war criminal. This resulted in protests from the Soviet Union government who wanted to try Gehlen for war crimes. During the Second World War Gehlen served Adolf Hitler as head of military intelligence for the Eastern Front. It was in this post he had created a right-wing group made up of anti-Soviet Ukrainians and other Slavic nationalists into small armies and guerrilla units to fight the Soviets. The group carried out some of the most extreme atrocities that took place during the war. Gehlen was also responsible for a brutal interrogation program of Soviet prisoners of war. On May 22, 1945, Major General Gehlen surrendered to the U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) in Bavaria. In August he was interrogated by Office of Strategic Services (OSS) officers headed by Frank Wisner. According to one source, Gehlen was able to identify several OSS officers who were secret members of the American Communist Party. It was decided to use Gehlen to collect intelligence on the Soviet Union from a network of anti-communist informants in Eastern Europe. This group became known as the Gehlen Organization. In 1949 Gehlen signed a contract with the CIA, reportedly for a sum of $5 million a year, which allowed him to expand his activities into political, economic, and technological espionage. Gehlen recruited large numbers of former members of the SS and the Gestapo. This included Franz Six, who had led Einsatzguppen mobile killing squads on the Eastern Front. The Gehlen Organization was also used to help Nazi war criminals escape to South America. This included Klaus Barbie who was smuggled out of Germany in March, 1951 and given a new life in Bolivia. It has been alleged that in some cases the CIA helped Gehlen to get these men to safety."

"Key Dates in Serco History 1929 RCA forms UK subsidiary 1964 RCA Great Britain begins maintenance contract at RAF Fylingdales 1971 First operation and maintenance contract for European Space and Research Organisation 1987 Management buyout from RCA, Serco is born 1988 Serco floated as a public company 1988 British Aerospace becomes Serco's first private sector customer" ... The City’s SCRAP Merchant (Serco +Crown Agents + Rothschild + Aviva + Patent Pools) then built a backdoor into the BP / Transocean rig through procurement frauds ... "US Navy Serco has won a contract to provide advanced anti-terrorism systems at US Navy ports around the world .. The award expands Serco's work over the last three years to integrate surveillance, detection and information-sharing systems to improve anti-terrorism protection. US Office of Personnel Management ... awarded Serco two indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contracts under the Training Management Assistance program .. workforce planning and management strategies, e-learning and other training solutions .. US Marine Corp awarded Serco a contract to help implement the National Security Personnel System .. US Coast Guard renewed Serco's contract to support the Deepwater Acquisition Program .. for data analysis and evaluation, testing and reporting .. UK Ministry of Defence Serco has been awarded a multi-activity support services contract for British Forces on the South Atlantic bases of Ascension Island and the Falkland Islands. The contract is valued at around £20m over five years."

Chips recognized from her posture emulating a rabbit ear TV antennae that Corazon had waited long enough for a lengthy portion that was also long enough. To keep their minds focused on the evil vultures that wore black robes and swirled over the American people as well as global commoners, not realizing that All Authority in Heaven and Earth was entrusted to Jesus, not to men/women/its appointed by global bankers he selected a metaphorically appropriate song to convey imminent death and departure; of the evil agents, not the chosen Saints. He hit C300 and F4 on his Clipper Squirt Gun while also filtering our all but FLASH calls as he got a flash from a furry friend.

Long prior to the first 'switch' of the 5 hour enduro Chips saw three amber blinks on his CSG and ignored an Immediate incoming from BAM Mad Bax who was texting from his civilian looking jeep with the subtle USMC license plates. However, there will be not subtlety when the Bad Ass Marines are turned loose on the Crown Agents who have effectively caused the death of many UNITED STATES MARINES from 1776 until 4pm on D-Day, 6 June 2010, the day that McC drew the line in the sand. If the Crown Agents or their ilk, cross it, they die like 'tethered goats'. Perhaps Matthew 25:22 would be of interest to those evil parties intending calamity for the United States of America and the global commoners and vulnerable parties who God, Himself, wishes we would protect. They killed Patton in December of ‘45, they gave MacArthur cirrhosis, but they cannot kill an idea and they cannot kill Chips, capeche? The immediate clipper from Umbrellaman was placed in queue as Chips demonstrated his 'swordsman skills' much to the undulating and synergistic writhing and satisfaction of Corazon Dulce.

BAM Mad Bax Immediate Clipper to Agents Jam, Chips, Namedropper, and Diehard copy all BAMs and Uncle Ray: “BAMS via Plum City HQ/Sapporo JSDF Banzai Immediate Clipper: Global Operations Director has recalled my 7 man team for Operation Oil Rammer 2010. Deployment within 48 hours of 'Sitges meltdown' per MacDill/Quantico. Our mission in the Gulf AOO will be sent via Clipper 6 in 17 minutes via frequency enabled AQFB-27-Xray. SMEAC/Navajo. Good Queen Bess and Mother Moose authorize LETHAL FORCE. Don't Mess with Texas, Minnesota, Louisiana or Wisconsin. JCS, Treasury and 48 Adjutants on board. Stand by on Clipper 6. Show Time in 17 minutes, hack. BAM Mad Bax.”
Chips responded to Corazon 'switch' call and wondered what the North Koreans would think if four South Korean NPR jets showed up in their airspace. He could imagine the unintelligible banter of any North Korean GCI controller who may be educated enough to recall Paul Revere's "one if by land, two if by sea, three if by sub with German torpedo or Deepwater Horizon and WTF........?

Chips had read the briefing guide for upcoming Operation Oil Rammer/Operation Oil Slammer that would be rolled out to deal with the Crown and the Traitors and imposters within the America government, most notably one Barry Soetero who graduated from Punahou 12 years after Agent Chips. Thank God, literally, that Navy Intel had passed the message. As Chips reviewed BAM Mad Bax's voice patch from his civilian looking jeep he recalled the salient essence of the 5 paragraph order, or SMEAC:

P1 All organized crime gangs must be eliminated
P2 Private management of Fed, IMF and European banker-stranglers must be eliminated
P3 Usury needs to be reconsidered and compared to Muslim type lending practices
P4 Criminal bankers and their criminal system must be eliminated
P5 Monarchies and monopolies must be 'terminated'

Chips knew that BAM Mad Bax and his team would be launching a marine amphibious response to the long suffered BP hit and that Agent Jam and Name Dropper would be in the S4 sub coincidental to OOS and SIX DAYS IN JUNE and the OOS is not 'Operation Oil Slammer' any more than "NPR airliners' are related to national public radio. As opposed to Chatterbox, Blabbermouth or KSM Witness the moniker BAM is short for Bad Ass Marine, which of course, is the epitome of redundancy, capeche? Chips was well aware that a 'silent coup' had already occurred against the stench of BO and that the public will be informed when OTT [ Operation Tranquil Transition ] is assured by Petraeus, Moose and Chips whose would be overseeing Domestic Tranquility from his hideout in Plum City, Wisconsin.

Chips was knee deep into Corazon when he saw a rare red 4 flash message, indicating FLASH. He called for an early 'switch' so that he could read the TM over Corazons left knocker as they stay in perfect sync in their common purpose. Chips saw that Umbrellaman was getting specific about deploying His soldiers:
Global Operations Director, Sky-6 FLASH Clipper: “Blood must be spilled, deep enough to swim in, while we listen to the lamentations of our conquered foe's women....spears meeting in a pool of blood, not a red cross.....the Templar knight's were Christ's self appointed hit agents controlled by the Lord President of the [Privy] Council Nick Clegg and his Falangista wife Miriam - just two necks to wring and it's all over for them. Global Ops Director, standby for second FLASH doc.
Global Operations Director, Sky-6 FLASH Clipper:

Corazaon called 'switch' one hour in and Chips dutifully rolled her over without missing a stroke and regained the high ground.

KSM Defense Witness Babylon G-String Immediate Clipper to BAM Mad Bax, Marquis d'Cartier, Umbrellaman, Corazon Dulce, M. Thrasher and Hamish, copy Chips, Yellowhammer and Name Dropper: “A critical date in that time line missed in 1787, Lord Shelburne's leading intelligence agent Jeremy Bentham (Oxford) in 1887 who went one better than Adam Smith by publishing a series of letters from Russia that were assembled in a pamphlet titled In Defense of Usury. The final letter, addressed to Adam Smith (scribbled against America), chastised the India House (British East India Company) economist for not going far enough in his embrace of unbridled monetary dictatorship. Jeremey Bentham "demanded an end to all restrictions on usurious interest rates (how many times have we heard, "it's da Jooooz?), employing the liberal argument that suppression of usury stifles invention." Smith immediately wrote of Bentham's In Defense of Usury, ``The work is one of a superior man.'' Usury gives power to those who don't earn it, it is the tool of oligarchic psychopaths and that is exactly what Bentham was, a psychopath. It was Bentham who came up with the social engineering idea of the panopticon, the idea in which the imprisoned will become so fearful of constant surveillance they will ultimately succumb to authority by monitoring their own behavior - welcome the internet. It was also Bentham's protégé, David Urquhart (Oxford), who was the handler of Karl Marx. Suggest Chips and Name Dropper visit Bentham's grave before boarding the plane at Brize Norton and piss some used Grolsch on his bones, what a PFer. Babylon, Panama City FL.”
Apparently some emails have been getting lost in space and arriving late as Chips was enroute to KADW and also enroute to a tightly timed sequential orgasm some 4 hours off.

BAM-MadBax Immediate Clipper to Umbrellaman, Agent Bean, Corazon Dulce, Mattress Thrasher, Mary Ann MATS, copy Chips and Uncle Ray: “A US Marine from USNA '68 accurately describes the unselfish contributions of young Americans deployed across the globe. As US DoD and Treasury prepares to 'take back America' with leadership of Texas, Louisiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota please bring the Wisconsin rifles online ASAP. MadBax.”

As Memorial Day was observed by loyal patriots and citizens in America in manner similar to Oliver North, it must be reported why Boo Boo no-showed the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Apparently the criminal cabal in Chicago was more pleasing to the squatter and his co-squatees.

“Just so you all know, Obama, his wife and family and their friends are flying Air Force One to Chicago for a party and he will not be laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier as is the custom in this country for every president before him. As far as I am concerned this is further evidence of how much he is not an American and how much he disrespects this country and the military who have fought and died for all that we have. This man and his wife hate everything about this country and will do all they can, while they can to destroy it. This should be obvious to every race, color and religion in this country. To vote and worship him just because he is half black is not the correct thing to do. This man truly hates this country and all that it stands for. He has already stated that in bad times he will be standing with the Muslims. That is fine, it is his choice and I respect it. But it should also disqualify him from being in a leadership position in this country. How can he turn his back on our war dead? Please pass this around to everyone on your email list. Let these United States see how he disrespects all of us regardless of race, color or creed.”

Corazon called switch at the 2 hour point as a 9th Priority Clipper was stacked in queue just as Corazon was stacked also, capeche?

Chatterbox Abigail Chopsticks Priority Clipper to Hamish, Uncle Ray and Banzai Pipeline copy all AD, BAM and HKG: “Check role of the late Robin Cook, former Lord President of the Council. Also the present incumbent, Nick Clegg. They seem to have used an illegally delegated authority in the name of ‘Three Feathers Charlie’ to Crown Agents to produce a DVD of ‘the first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history’ on 9/11. We think Crown Agents procured edited video content for the BBC broadcast of ‘Snuff Film 9/11’. They used Hillary-Cherie tethered goats and patent pools and U.S. Senior Executive Service principals, Cikotas, Marcy and Hanssen. Note also death of Dr. Kelly and links to the CIA back to BBC World Service Trust back to Crown Agents, allegedly organized as “Her Majesty's Murder, Inc. Their ``services'' include arms procurement, border controls, offshore banking – nice fit the ``administrative requirements'' of the world's organized crime cartels. Some call it Dope, Inc. Crown Agents' extensive links to international organized crime surfaced in the mid-1970s, when the firm's over-extended real estate portfolio, particularly its London real estate investments, blew sky high. The Crown Agents hold no banking charter, but they own a string of banks all over the world, including the most notorious hot-money havens of the Commonwealth. The surfacing of a wide criminal conspiracy was averted with the timely death of one of the key witnesses, the director of Crown Agents' money market operations, who purportedly blew his brains out shortly before he was to face trial on charges of corruption.” Abigail, Crawley
Banzai Pipeline at the Hammer Desk in Wisconsin picked up a routine Clipper from a upset Greek contact whose business and family had been trashed by the SCRAP Merchants deployed by the Magic Circle Jerks in the City of London. Banzai was fluent in 11 languages, notably Mandarin and Urdu, however the message from Piraeus, not to be confused with Petraeus, was ‘all Greek’ to Banzai who was monitoring Chips Clipper address while Chips was addressing Corazon’s quivering quim.

BAM Banzai Pipeline IMMEDIATE Clipper to Marquis d’Cartier, copy Umbrellaman, Bean and Name Dropper: “Received this message from Abel Danger Piraeus and need to know if Chips should be interrupted in ‘mid-enduro’, please advise ASAP, Banzai, Hammer Office PC,W: Tuesday, 08 June 2010 23:57 Τους δύο χειρότερους φόβους των Ελλήνων τραπεζιτών, στην πιο δύσκολη συγκυρία των τελευταίων δεκαετιών, επιβεβαίωσε με τις χθεσινές του δηλώσεις ο Αλσατός «ισχυρός άνδρας» της Εμπορικής, Αλέν Στριμπ: ότι οι ελληνικές τράπεζες μένουν στα… αζήτητα του ευρωπαϊκού τραπεζικού συστήματος, όπως έγκαιρα είχε αναφέρει το «Bn», αλλά και ότι η Εμπορική, η μοναδική ελληνική τράπεζα σήμερα με ικανό μέγεθος και ανοικτή πρόσβαση σε κεφάλαια και ρευστότητα, χτυπά ανοικτά τις ελληνικές τράπεζες, για να «λεηλατήσει» μερίδια αγοράς.”
Chatterbox Marquis d’Cartier Immediate Clipper to Banzai Pipeline copy Name Dropper and Bean: “Negative, negative Banzai, no coitus interruptus called for. The message is translated thusly: A retired U.S. military leader who now is a presence on the Internet with his Stand Up For America and Veterans Defenders websites has issued a call for President Obama's resignation and a new election to replace him.Gen-P, McC, Moose and Chips are in the loop and Boo Boo is in the poop over his linkage to Maurice Strong and Papa Mau Mau as in: “[Mau Mau] They slaughtered perhaps 10,000 of their own tribe who wanted a peaceful route to independence. They slaughtered Asians, too - mostly traders. And they murdered about 30 white settlers. The number of white victims may have been small, but there were some very high-profile cases. In October 1954, about 60 Mau Mau guerrillas had attacked the famous anthropologist Louis Leakey's cousin, Gray Leakey, strangling his wife in front of him and then hauling him away to the Mt Kenya Crown Forest to sacrifice to their fearsome and demanding god.” . Negative Coitus Interruptus, MdC, Barcelona”

As Marquis went back to dancing with Madam Ovary to some excellent Doo Woop including the last Doo Woop song recorded in America, Banzai went back to monitoring the Abel Danger Intel Suite in the right hand portion of the Abel Danger Safe House in Plum City, Wisconsin.

Abel Danger Piraeus, Greece Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Banzai, MdC, Name Dropper, Dr. Nano al-Umina copy Uncle Ray: “Check out Bronius Cikotas; he’s got 38 years of government leadership experience, and served as a member of the Senior Executive Service at the U.S. Department of Defense. Since his retirement in 1997, he has consulted for Battelle Memorial Institute, FEMME COMP Inc., ENSCO and SARA on infrastructure vulnerabilities. As an expert witness, he testified before Congressman Saxton's panel on terrorism. He has briefed and served in an advisory capacity at all levels of Government, National Security Council Staff, White House Military Office, White House Communications Agency, The President's Office of Science and Technology Planning, and the Joint Staff. He is currently working for Decisive Analytics and serving as a consultant on EMP and infrastructures for the US EMP Commission. Decisive Analytics did the Intelligent Video and Imaging services to sabotage the FBI in New York City and then rebuild their command center after the tragedy of 9/11. They do LARGE SCALE VIDEO CAPTURE to collect, index, store and deliver broadcast video 24/7, allowing our clients to monitor world events in real time. They gathered intelligence for the BBC Crown Agents broadcasts. They do FOREIGN SPEECH ANALYSIS AND TRANSLATION for the al-Qaeda video asset management. They did ON-LINE, WEB-BASED EDITING for the rapid creation of new video clips or program segments for presentations as in Wag-the-Dog news stories of al-Qaeda 9/11. Perhaps a FOX in the HENHOUSE. Our Goldman Sachs squealer in Athens suggests America investigates the numbering and naming of future hurricanes intended to exponentially increase the financial impact of BP DW H. The Norwegian HAARP antenna technician suggest also [ weather weapons + Cat Bonds + Met Office/MOD saboteurs + Crown Agents + Katrina + Al Gore ]” Sidorkus, Piraeus AD
At the four hour and 45 minute mark Corazon moaned switch as she tried valiantly to forestall exploculation not to be confused with the Forrestal Conflagration which mean tempered Bronfman tethered goat John McCain started with an intentional ‘wet-start’ in his Douglas A4 Skyhawk similar to the A4 Skyhawks Agent Chips flew for 1678.1 hours while serving honorably as a US Marine and Abel Danger UC Agent in the years 1973 to 1977 when Abel Danger arranged for him to fly F4s with the North Dakota ANG so he could keep an eye on the only Polymer lab in North America which would someday be joined by RFID giant Alien Technologies as boasted about by Senator Byron Dorgan who suppressed the revelation of the STRANGLER’S SUITE of weapons exposed by Abel Danger’s Agent Chips in Civil Case 1:08-1600(RMC) and the 1600 should be a recognizable hint to the Kenyan Squatter Muslim who is very much afraid of the upcoming KSM Trial at the US District Court in Fargo, North Dakota, capeche?

As Chips assumed the ‘under position’ for the final 15 minutes of the 5 hour enduro he noticed that the moving map on the wall indicated a new destination. When the EC135 Looking Glass had departed Torrejon it was dispatched to KADW, Andrews AFB from where the Clinton-FEMA E4B had launched on 9/11 so the perps could voyeuristically enjoy the carnage at the Pentagon where loyal DoD career military were DESPISED by Gadget Bent and his arranged marriage partner Lesbo Thunder Thighs as reported in a book titled DERELICTION OF DUTY which has now been supplanted by INDICTED FOR TREASON. As Chips again pictured Helen Thomas’s twin Nancy Pelosi he saw that the destination was now KMCF so he realized that Looking Glass was going to MacDill where Central Command had it’s headquarters which worked closely with the Abel Danger HQ in Plum City where presently Badger Bad Ass Banzai has the hammer, a claw not a ballpeen, not to be confused with an Arkansas Toothpick which caused the death of a 61 year old camper at MacDill AFB, Florida where Chips had lived at 12 Garden Drive until 1959 which was the same year that the Impalas recorded the prescient million seller that foretold how Boo Boo would return to his native Kenya after uttering Uh-ooh in fluent Arabic as some Mau Mau tribesman sing along with a jungle beat.

"Thu May 20, 3:48 pm ET TAMPA, Fla. – The FBI says the military veteran fatally shot by one of its agents at MacDill Air Force Base was a 61-year-old Massachusetts resident who was staying at the base campground”

As Corazon screamed “El hombre mas fuerte de todo Puerto Rico” as she exploculated after a mere 5 hours of hammering by Agent Chips he did likewise and thought he was seeing stars as Nodak 01 deployed defensive flares when advised by Otto Pilot and Banzai that a surface launch AIM had targeted Looking Glass as it traversed the area of the Atlantic where on 9/11 both the USCG and USN had enforced the Atlantic drop-box ALTREV and sea-space restrictions to receive AA11, AA77, UA175 and UA93. The Abel Danger imputed 41 delay to Captain Jason Dahl’s UA 93 blocked the traitors and treasonous queers of 9/11 from achieving their goal: THE DESTRUCTION OF USA. As Nodak 01 and 02 converted to launch HARMS at the surface contact, the contact faded.

As Skymaster and Dirtball took evasive action in the cockpit of the EC135, BAM Mad Bax had located a suitable helicopter to accommodate the transfer of the Kenya Alien from 1600 to Guantanamo to be held with other Muslim terrorist intent on destroying America.


  1. goat worship pan

  2. Excellent work, Chips!

    I'm ready to see heads roll.

    Great connections provided for the Templars to the Vatican. That one has been buried dark and deep for a long time.

    Time for the cowards to haul a** and Americans to stand up and wake up!


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