Thursday, May 27, 2010

Olympic Debt and the FC-KU Crime Scene - Chapter 22

An Old Etonian Patent Pool for Snuff Film 9/11
Pearl Harbor Solved – Book 6 Will Break the Stranglers Knot

We mention Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God”. We pay our respects to LT John W. Finn, USN retired, a storied survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack who has gone home to the Lord. We expose Lord Louis Mountbatten as a principal in the planning of the attack allegedly using guidance, communications, explosive and movie-camera devices drawn from the Old Etonian patent pool originally conceived in 1600 by agents provocateurs of the British East India Company. James Crosby orbits overhead Frome in the 'other TACIT BLUE', Banzai Pipeline goes to Red Phone booth wondering if DC would figure out British Petroleum and Banzai Pipeline were both BPs. Thugee Thumper and Hamish sends Clipper to Lord Pearson warning him that a group of francophone Old Etonians, licensed CO2e patent pool to Senior Executive Service and Femme Comp Inc. They suggest Old Etonians, Francis Dashwood and Richard Wellesley, developed ‘strangler’ oath-taking ritual in the late 18th century for the use of Bullingdon Club to recruit ‘tied’ agents to defend the East India Company’s patent pools and create a 19th century imperial power. Thuggee asks for info on fraud associated with ‘Snuff Film 9/11’. Hamish goes incommunicado for 12 hours”


Psalm 46:10 (New International Version)
10 "Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth."

On 27 May, 2010, LT John W. Finn, USN retired, America's oldest living Medal of Honor winner and a storied survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack, has gone home to the Lord.

We now know that the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941 – the Day of Infamy – had been planned by Lord Louis Mountbatten after he had reconnoitered the Pearl Harbor defenses a few months earlier guided by the unwitting Lt. General Walter Short and Admiral Husband Kimmel.

We also know that the weapons used by the Japanese on December 7, 1941 included guidance, communications, explosive and movie-camera devices drawn from the ever-evolving Old Etonian patent pool conceived in 1600 by the investors, assassins and agents provocateurs of the British East India Company.

We pay our respects to LT Finn as we struggle against those who would not honor his sacrifices and remind them that the mills of the gods grind slow but they grind exceeding small.

Lord Louis Mountbatten, center, Lt. General Walter Short, left, Admiral Husband Kimmel, right.

“Some historians, such as submariner Captain Edward L. "Ned" Beach, later believed Admiral Kimmel and Army Lieutenant General Walter Short became scapegoats for the failures of their superiors prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, and that their careers were effectively and unfairly ruined. Edwin T. Layton (later Rear Admiral Layton), chief intelligence officer for Kimmel, and one of the officers who knew Kimmel best, provided support for Kimmel's position in his book, And I Was There: Pearl Harbor and Midway—Breaking the Secrets (1985). Admiral Layton argued Kimmel had not been provided complete information, and that Kimmel deployed the few reconnaissance resources at his disposal in the most logical way, given the available information. On the other hand, Kimmel's critics point out that he had been ordered (on November 27, 1941, ten days prior to the attack) to initiate a "defensive deployment" of the fleet. Kimmel understood this to mean defense against sabotage, and so made the necessary arrangements. Because of this misinterpretation ships were kept in port and the fleet was not placed on alert. Moreover, after his intelligence unit lost track of Japan's aircraft carriers, Kimmel did not order any long-range air or naval patrols to assess their positions, in part for lack of serviceable PBYs, in part because he also had a training schedule to maintain, and in part because the Army Air Corps had the responsibility for long-range patrol (but even less capability in Hawaii than he did, since the Philippines had higher priority). Even if Kimmel did react, it is not clear the results would have been any better for the Americans. In a 1964 interview, Admiral Chester Nimitz, who became commander in chief of the Pacific Fleet three weeks after the attack, concluded that "it was God's mercy that our fleet was in Pearl Harbor on December 7." If Admiral Husband Kimmel, the commander in Hawaii, had "had advance notice that the Japanese were coming, he most probably would have tried to intercept them. With the difference in speed between Kimmel's battleships and the faster Japanese carriers, the former could not have come within rifle range of the enemy's flattops. As a result, we would have lost many ships in deep water and also thousands more in lives."' Instead, at Pearl Harbor, the crews were easily rescued, and six battleships ultimately raised. This was also the reaction of Joseph Rochefort, head of HYPO, when he remarked the attack was cheap at the price. Robert Stinnett, in his book "Day of Deceit" (2000) claims Kimmel was deliberately kept ignorant, at least indirectly on the specific orders of FDR, because the President and others were aware not only of Japan's intent to attack Pearl Harbor, but also of the date and time. Kimmel, Stinnett argues, was given deceptive orders. In fact, Kimmel was denied access to MAGIC for security reasons, and worked poorly with his Army counterpart, General Walter Short, who had responsibility for defending the fleet. Stinnett argues Admiral Kimmel and General Short were scapegoated to cover up deliberately allowing the Japanese to strike in order to arouse American public opinion.”

As a pro-logue to the final Chapter of Book 5 in our 10 Volume set, please be still and know that He is Lord as you listen to Stonewall's favorite.

It would be good to focus on the words of this song in the interest of Peace and Good, and Brotherhood as we pray that Hamish is still among the living. Although to be honest, he has contributed little other than his cheesey English accent.

"Chips, sausage slamming becomes you" gushed Slicer as the first of two tightly sequenced exploculations accompanied the flashing of what seemed to be lightning in and around the Full Moon Pub 4 miles north of Frome, England on Rudge Lane where in July, 2005 Agent Chips blew two tires in a Volvo Wagon when he met an oncoming cement truck head on with insufficient shoulder width to permit safe passage which gave him the same sensation that the Squatter senses now as he and his ilk look into the twin barrels of Truth and Justice. However, twin barrels leave too much mess and collateral damage so according to Abel Danger Bob Wills of KSPS in Texas where the Dutch people eat Rode Kool and Beretta 92F in the ever popular 9mm makes alot more sense, and less mess, we will forego the shotgun in favor of the pistol, but not the CAP pistol much ballyhooed in Uncle Ray's Chatroom on 26 May, 2010?

"Whatever the mission calls for" responded Our Man Chips as he removed the air refueling probe after 'offload complete' not to be confused with the call of the Boom Operator in the video of the "World's Lowest Jet to Jet Air Refueling" which appears in the video Captain Sherlock Solves 9/11 which can be viewed at the website or if you have no computer access in a 'theater near you' prior to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 which will occur 12 months prior to the next 72nd C4ISR gathering at the Destin Hilton in Westin Florida where Chips and Name Dropper will share driving duties of a White Ramey 1 Limo with Green 'surfer stripes' and a SURF BROAD RACK holding two female mannequins which should bear similar features to Agents Stevie R. Gowray of Fort Worth and Madam Ovary of Omaha. By that time the OOS will have occurred, the elections of November, 2010 will have accomplished the Bachmann Turner Over-Game Breaker-Mother Moose NO INCUMBENT LEFT BEHIND mandate and Chips will celebrate his lack of celibacy, again. It is quite possible that Chips will also be awaiting an answer to his Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) which clearly indicates negligence on the part of ALPA as they continue to give tacit approval of illegally modified flying vehicles and refuse to inform pilots in America of the world's most dangerous google combo: [ Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot + QRS 11 + KU Band + Smacsonic ]. Google it, I dare you. Meanwhile as Agent Chips awaits an answer from ALPA, Slicer has selected an IOC in Pastel Heather as Chips croons a silky smooth love song in her left ear while supporting her twins in his helping hands. See military dictionary for HELPING HAND as Chips awaits an answer and notices by looking out the back window that a Bad Moon is Rising.

Chips' singing had the desired effect and Agent Slicer removed the IOC in Pastel Heather and set C15 on her Clipper Sookie as Chips responded to her gambit in a manner most pleasing to the nubile 24 year old Kazakh with suprising fluent English including a feigned cheesy accent. As the second round was hastily proceeding, down the hall 4 doors or so Nellie Nosebush quivered as the apparent lightening flashed about. Agent Kui Longboard, whose broad shoulders Nellie was straddling, looked up to ensure that Nellie was OK. What he saw make him think Nellie was magnificent. Under her full length Poodle Skirt, in the location Kui expected to see bloomers, Nellie had a color map of India with three red dots covering her genitalia. The thin paper of the map did not sufficiently cloak her magnificence and Kui thought to himself, Chips will probably be embraced in the arms of Mother Nature before Operation Sausage Slammer wraps up prior to 6-6-10, not to be confused with 6-6-6 or D-Day which to you non-Columbia attendees bent on destroying America is 6-6-44 aka D-Day. Of course that is not celebrated in Kenya where Papa Oooh Mau Mau thinks the bird is the word. I have a bird for you pal and it isn't the type of bird written in THE WORD of Isaiah 40:31.

"Kui, the timer has just sequenced, help me get off" a somewhat nervous Nellie asked of Kui.

Kui Longboard grabbed her ankles to stabilize her as he walked 3 steps to a rolloff trash container which Nellie stepped off onto carefully as Kui considered her choice of words 'help me get off' to be the type of opening, pardon the expression, that Our Man Chips would like to penetrate . As Nellie jumped down to the ground next to Kui she mentioned that they had less than 45 seconds to ensure no one entered Room 102 as the same type of colorless and odorless gas that was released into AA11, AA77, UA 93 and UA 175 prior to the voice splicers and parrot stranglers being energized was about ready to fill the room that Air Patrol and ADT presumed Chips and Deidre were in. Kui offered his Clipper Garden Trowel which Nellie accepted and dialed 'all Abel Danger' on Clipper channel 1, the seldom used channel reserved for lethal events. "Agent Nellie Nosebush to All Abel Danger, stay out of Full Moon 102 and do not stand downwind of 102 for next 30 minutes. Nosebush".

All Abel Danger flashed green acknowledge lights with the exception of Hamish, which was noticed by Banzai Pipeline, Umbrellaman and an ally in Texas who enjoyed eating Dutch Red Cabbage called Rode Kool while cleaning his Beretta 92F in the 9mm version.

"Kui, thanks for your Clipper, do you know if Hamish is in the area?"

"Let's get down to the Pub and find out for certain but I believe Hamish, Del N. Pole, Thrasher and Slade Lane are inside Avery at the Magic Circle where they hope to finger Mrs. Chicken Legg." Kui and Nellie found their way to the Pub which still had not regained electrical power but several candles gave an eerie glow to the table that Lonewolf, Name Dropper, Stone and Marquis had returned to after Diehard and Homi passed the 'all clear' after the apparent EMP attack at the Full Moon, target Chips?

Name Dropper was on the Clipper Purple Sac speaking to Umbrellaman, but not the Umbrellaman in Michael Collins Piper's book 'Final Judgment' which has been reveiwed by the Prime Minister of New Zealand who has considered Michael Harari, Mossad, as an option as he was in the FIELD in 1963 while Agent Chips was at Ramey AFB with the fledgling 72nd C4ISR Wing and Raul was handling James Earl Ray while smuggling arms with Jack Ruby, but alas I digress laconically. Umbrellaman had seen the EMP and also the Gas Timer Counter (GTC) not to be confused with a Gas Turbine Compressor which is a term used in the Lockheed GV1 aircraft that Chips had flown at VMGR-352. Younger pilots, such as those unknowingly operating NPR airliners would be more familiar with the term APU. ALPA attornies and safety officials would have nary a clue about either. When Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) goes Pro Se ALPA attorneys may wish to ask Chips to define 'NPR airliner' such as Northwest 188 and Northwest 253, UA 175, UA 93, AA 11, AA 77, Colgan 3407, Air France 447, Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507 or KAL 007 which was not shot down, knowingly, by Russian Interceptor pilots according to testimony received by Chips at the MIG base just west of Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan and verified at a 'patent pool party' pictured below where Chips and his Kazakh MIG 31 pilot friend from Karagunda entertained two girls from Abel Danger Taldykorgan whom they met originally in the Chat Room of Uncle Ray's Wednesday Intel Wrap, CRU RWIW, not to be confused with Climate Research Undoers-Romancing Women In Water prior to their water breaking some 9 months later.

"Dear Agent Chips, Abel Danger Plum City, This week, Lufthansa brings exciting news for travelers. First, a series of incredible early bird fares will help you make the most of your European travel budget. Next, travelers looking forward to a vibrant Oktoberfest can read more about the famed Bavarian festival and the charms of its host city, Munich. And finally, those interested in the welfare of God's Little People can meet Abel Danger's Erz Herzongin and see her chipless Hungarian Passport.”

Name Dropper had ended his Clipper call as Nellie Nosebush and Kui Longboard walked into the Full English Breakfast dining room while up in Room 106 dining of another nature was taking place. Chips was restored to full battle strength and was set to initiate 'round 3' when his Clipper Squirt Gun got a FLASH from the ally in Texas at KSPS.

“Wrecking Crew Bob Wills FLASH Clipper to Umbrellaman, Banzai Pipeline, Otto Pilot and Name Dropper, copy Chips and Uncle Ray: Battle Stations Abel Danger, Hamish's HRM just went flat-line, the last incoming from Hamish was 41 minutes ago in a cosmic message to an unknown rider. That message is included inside these brackets [Shane, Sorry about the insomnia. Pity I can't market my 'patter' to insomniacs; almost everyone who listens to me, tells me I have a nice soothing voice but they have to strain so hard to understand what I'm talking about, they can generally fall asleep in front of me or immediately on going to bed unless bed includes Chips. I was once a comic actor in the local community theatre and while most people in the audience thought I was very funny, I noticed that my three lady friends in the front row had all fallen asleep.So I gave up comedy and took to forensic economics with the AD team in which you are a most valued player not to be confused with Chips. Thanks again, Hamish RPB DBX OCBB ]. Can anyone shed some light on Hamish's whereabouts or his last transmission? Baretta Bob 92F.”

Agent Slicer was disappointed to see Chips reach for his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster and hastily stuff the monster while grabbing her IOC in matching Pastel Pink Blush with his teeth as his hands were full. She also got dressed but mentioned to Chips that a 24 year old is deserving of more than just 4 hours and 15 minutes of attention. As Chips consumed the 3 18 ounce Smoked Oyster tin contents and washed down 4 extend-o-peters gel tabs with the Oyster juice he looked at his watch and pointed to the big hand.

"Slicer, duty calls but if Hamish is missing I will be up all night, pardon the expression, and you will be responsible for keeping me calm just as OJ Simpson was calmed before every Buffalo Bills football game by some professional girls in the locker room" not realizing that a Kazakh woman born in 1986 would not be aware of the Buffalo Bills or OJ or even his missing glove which did not fit and hence the acquit engineered by Johnny Cochran who today is just as gone as Johnny Carson who has left a void that two Jays and a Conan cannot adequately fill, capeche?

Slicer realized she didn't understand so to focus Chips' attention on something more mutually satisfactory she raised her Icelandic Wool sweater exposing lefty and righty as Chips started to think of the sweet spot. Hand in hand they exited Room 106 with their Clippers and repaired to the Full English Breakfast Room where Name Dropper and Lonewolf had gotten into an inadvertent Ramey Rimshot drinking challenge. If you google [ Ramey Rimshot + Name Dropper ] you will see that this is not the first time.

Dropper recognized the pair and could see that Slicer was aroused due to a couple of popped circuit breakers hidden behind Icelandic Wool and he wished he could have her pull the wool over his eyes. "Chips, I can see that Slicer needs to get back to the security debriefing ASAP but have you heard from Hamish subsequent to the unusual message to Shane prior to his HRM, heart rate monitor, going flatline? For that matter, who is Shane?"

"Dropper, Slicer and I were listening to Rangoon Radio up in 106 at the time of the EMP from the rats at Air Patrol. We did see the message in brackets and have called in some chips trying to figure it all out. However, first things first. Shane was an Alan Ladd character in a 1955 western where a young boy befriends a gunslinger. Think of the 'Big Iron of the Final Shootout' and you can imagine that Hamish may have sent that message to me in a cosmic way that would not be deciphered by Hillary's USIS or Jamie Gorelicks' Wall divided agencies, that is pure speculation on my part, however, and should not be used as a basis for sending me to the joint like the USG did to Kevin Hovint in 2006 or so. However, I know that we were warned if we were to go on Jack Stogwell's show on 25 May one of us would be 'snatched'......." Chips noticed that Slicer was smiling broadly, her command of English obviously advanced into slang and colloquialisms. As Slicer started sudsing like a Maytag Agent Nellie Nosebush passed Chips a map of India with three red spots, one at Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, where Chips had flown to numerous times on Northwest 41 and 42 from and to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport and where a lovely lady named Colleen from northern Minnesota once caught his eye even though she was domiciled in KDTW. It was on Flight 41 from Mumbai to Amsterdam that Agent Chips had conferred with First Class passenger, and Abel Danger Agent, Philip Ackroyd who lives near Kelmarsh. [ ]

"Chips, I'd like to slip into some Pastel Coral Pink and listen to some Smokey Robinson songs when you can squeeze me in" as her right hand gave Chips a quick status check while Slicer took two more placebo aspirins as she looked forward to Project Insert a diversionary action coincidental to Operation Sausage Slammer 2010. As if to maintain secure intel Chips moved his left hand up the center of a long poodle skirt to determine that the map of India had been removed from an 'item of interest'. Chips hit the 'bogus call button' on his Clipper and routed it to Stone, who was seated next to Marquis d'Cartier who was known to communicate with Banzai Pipeline daily, if not more often, where it can be assumed Banzai would speak Japanese but listen in French while Marquis d'Cartier would do the opposite while editing Agent Chips' meagre offering to literature. Stone was on Captain Sherlock Martini #3 but was still functioning as per Abel Danger paradigms of performance which are more stringent than those of DLA-Piper or Sidley-Austin both of which the wooly sow picture below has in her-his-its pedigree, yuk.

"Dad, I hate to interrupt but James Crosby in J-Stars just sent an Immediate Clipper, he needs you in a secure, private area for an incoming Clipper Call on line 3 and he suggests you have listeners fluent in Kazakh and Arabic. He is calling at 15 past the hour, this hour, so you have 4 minutes to get to a quiet location. I can record the rest of Name Dropper's briefing and send to you via text to Clipper 6. Sociable".

As Chips drained his CSM, Slicer reminded him that she, alone, was fluent in Kazakh. On the other hand, Nellie Nosebush reminded Chips that she learned Arabic as a school girl listening to Paul Anka and Andy Kim, two Canadian crooners with DNA from the mid-East. Chips was certain it was settled and spoke laconically yet affably.

"Stone, Nellie Nosebush and Agent Slicer will translate while James Crosby and I are on the Clipper. We will be back after the phone patch. Nellie, please bring the Map of India. Let's roll." Chips' quote of Scott Beamer was only to let the bad guys know that Abel Danger knew that the voice splicers and surnames were the red herrings of United 93 that would hoist them on their own petards while the perverts trying to take down America probably were not aware that it was Zeamer, not Beamer, who 'captained' the most decorated aircrew in WWII while he flew an old B17E '666' that was a heavily armed one of a kind bomber while further north and a year later Agent Chips' father would fly a 'one of a kind, modified' B24D, "Sweepy Time Gal" before being sought out, shot down and captured by the Japanese while over in Europe Banzai's Uncle was on Colonel Hunter Harris IV's B17 crew prior to Harris, now a Four Star General and Commander of PacAF, sending Chips to Annapolis on 28 June, 1967.

As Chips, Nellie and Slicer moved with a sense of purpose to Room 106, Chips was looking forward to playing 'old time photographer' under a certain full length poodle squirt, oops, that was close, skirt, s k i r t skirt, not squirt. As Chips laughed to himself at his error, he visualized Janet Reno so that any squirting would not be premature, capeche? As Slicer opened the door to Room 106, Nellie proved to Chips' satisfaction that the 'map holder' was ready for action, as was Chips, as was Slicer. While down in the Full English Breakfast room Name Dropper was briefing those at the table, Yellowhammer got a message from Banzai and Otto Pilot that 'the one crowned in 1953 is also good' which indicated that the trouble in the City of London was not something which QE2 approved of. On the other hand, Lord Mountbatten, Princess Di, JFK Jr. and others had proven to Good Queen Bess that she better not rock the boat. Up in Room 106 there was a lot of rocking going on and I refer not to the email address of Agent Bob Wills of KSPS whose dog could be a German Sheppard or a Good Shepherd. I think that will go right over the Alien's head however Name Dropper's Game Breaker can figure it out from his office at Fox News which is set to destroy EIB networks' placebo pusher; $425million for the Truth, give me a break. To delay exploculation as he was plowing new ground with Nellie Nosebush, not to be confused with Nelly Forbush of the musical South Pacific, Chips reviewed the 'wake up call' given to Good Queen Bess when her Avro RJ 85 lost three of it's 4 engines one day around the same time as the BOSTON BRAKE MERCEDES HIT causing her to leave the Avro Jet to her military staff as she goes shopping in Wichita, Kansas where McConnell AFB is located and where Agent Chips learned to fly the F16 while AF 1 was being finished by Boeing workers who frequented 'Charlies' out the back gate of McConnell AFB long prior to GOOD QUEEN BESS shopping for her new jet as per:

Game Breakers from the RMN Chatroom, not to be confused with Fox's Game Breaker who communicates well with Mother Moose and Agent Chips, should recall that Wichita, Kansas and Wichita Falls, Texas are two distinct locations. Agent Chips had a pleasant evening at KSPS in WF, Texas in 1988 as the Officer's Club Night Manager was also the TA Chief during the day and got Agent Chips PPR numbers so he could visit nurses going to training at Sheppard AFB prior to Chips' finding the GOOD SHEPHERD.

In Room 106, Nellie ran a hot and soapy bath while Slicer ensured that three IOCs were hung with care just like Christmas stockings but not with the same color. Pastel Heather, Pastel Heather and Pastel Coral Pink clash to some degree so Chips, ever the fashion horse, whinnied and turned off the lights so the IOCs would not be seen as a trio of squeaky clean Abel Danger Agents hopped in the tub, according to what Air Patrol and ADT could determine. As James Crosby mimicked the sound of three men in a tub, so to speak, Slicer, Nellie and Chips stared at the Map of India spread before them under the cover of the bed's comforter just as James Crosby called in on the Clipper.

"Chips, secure Clipper, go".

"Chips, if you are in a private setting please enable speaker so Slicer and Nellie can listen. I will use language agility as suggested by Sibel Edmonds prior to her gagging by Ashcroft who no longer flies on commercial airliners a la Pelosi. Seems they have googled [ BUAP + QRS 11 + KU band + Smacsonic ]" was the preamble coming from Crosby.

"Crosby, speaker phone on, we are listening".

As Crosby and Brumhilde took turns speaking 5 paragraphs similar to a Marine Corps 5 paragraph order, Chips, Slicer and Nellie made mental notes in Kazakh, Arabic and Navajo for a later translation into English which apparently the Kashmir Punjabs resisted in 1849 around the time that the Brits were hiring Thugs not to be confused with Thurgood Thugee who squats at 1600. For those of you not fluent in Kazakh, Arabic and Navajo consider these salient points from Crosby.

"After the Brits tried to bring India aboard they hit an effective snag. Once the snag was resolved, those who enjoyed the Khazar banker's tactics mimicked the Thugees and started into a series of crimes that began with the Courtenay Coal Bomb and Abraham Lincoln's widow's compromise and institutionalization at the hands of her dressmaker and continued undetected, it appeared, until Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 was shared with Holder, Mukasey, and Gonzalez not to be confused with Moe, Larry and Curly, although their collective action on the Civil Case is about the same. However, Abel Danger Agents have been working since the Coronation of 1953 to protect Good Queen Bess from those who may wish for her to have a Mountbatten-Spencer-Kennedy event to enable the City of London's pulling of the gallows trap. Chips' father was at RAF Brize Norton in 1953 on a B47 Reflex tour and was allowed to witness the Coronation. Also at the Coronation was a descendant of Captain John Hawkins, a Privateer who traded slaves at about the time Courtenay was building the coal bomb. To say that Abel Danger has been in the OODA loop of the Khazar bankers would be accurate. Our HRM feed from Hamish has gone cold and his last transmission was either disinfo or in code. Chips, Mother Moose, Jackson, Bachmann Turner Over and Game Breaker all concur that the OOS has either been pushed up or cancelled, we do not know which. As a precaution suggest Banzai Pipeline takes the place of Hamish and Homi stands by to fill in for Chips if he is taken out due to the spectacular results of the May 26th RMN radio show that George Noory helped out on even though Coast to Coast doesn't have the balls to interview Abel Danger or perhaps would lose their sponsors if they were to do so. Division 5 assets are being deployed in droves; Umbrellaman invokes Operation Sausage Slammer immediately, Chips, Slicer or Nellie, any questions?"



"Nyet, oops, negative"

"Banzai Pipeline copies, I'm in the loop, negative questions".

"Banzai, Chips, Slicer and Nellie, press on with Sausage Slammer, Crosby out".

As James Crosby orbited overhead Frome in the 'other TACIT BLUE', Banzai Pipeline and Otto Pilot were dropped at the front of the Full Moon Pub. As Otto went in for a SOCIABLE, Banzai Pipeline went to the Red Phone booth wondering if or when the stuffed shirts in DC would figure out that British Petroleum and Banzai Pipeline were both BPs. Once inside the red phone booth outside the Full Moon Pub, Banzai placed a Flash Clipper to a red phone booth in Dubai at the British Pub on the second level of the Radisson Hotel where "Johnny" sang 'Answer Me' for Chips in March of 2008 as Chips was trying to track the local arabs involved in the Camel Boy Buggering Campaign settled by DLA Piper according to the disgruntled DLA-Piper snitch in Phoenix where Lonewolf, Agent Bean, Ralph G and the Raven haired beauty shared a drink the night of Friday, 28 February, 2010.

While the Red Phone Booth in Dubai had no one to answer the phone, the Squatter at 1600 was trying to plug holes in his cabinet, his security team and his Columbia University classmates while up in Room 106 Agent Chips was also plugging away, in the interest of God's Little Global Commoners, and also in attempt to keep the fevers down in Nellie and Slicer. Even Willie Nelson recognized Chips' fever fighting and low flying campaign in his million seller from the summer of 1977 while Agent Chips was taking F4 lessons at Luke AFB which would enable him to set the Guinness World's record low air refueling less than 12 hours after quaffing numerous pints of Guinness, in moderation, of course, while, quoting Willie Nelson, 'flying on past the speed of sound'..end quote. While Willie sings about low flying, fevers and passing the speed of sound, focus on Boo Boo as he tried to plug holes as Hellfire evolves all around him and the Khazar's Kids.

Meanwhile, up in Room 106 the rub-a-dub-dub gang thought about Pastel Pink Blush and California Dreaming as they tried to delay exploculations until all three could get in sync for a Trifecta Fabuloso. As Slicer was sitting on the pole, to borrow a term from NASCAR, Nellie Nosebush was proving to Chips that the map was missing by rubbing his nose in her business, if you will. As the Abel Danger trio was trying to figure out the whereabouts of Hamish, Hairless Weed and Facedropper were about ready to throw the baby out with the bath water as his naiveté was becoming recognized around the world and Russia was spewing disinformation regarding Boo Boo's proposed actions against 14 of the states, including Minnesota, whose governors were not likely to allow their National Guard and Air National Guard units to be federalized for action against patriots which would be moot as there are 120 million armed American citizens and less than 1 million persons in the US Military, the vast majority of which are true to their oath, which Boo Boo did not swear to. Agent Chips' acceptance of the Head Job in Wisconsin left only 2 states, Illinois and Hawaii, in the unsure column when it came to constitutional purety within the Adjutant General Offices set to cooperate with Petraeus, Mother Moose, Bachmann Turner Over and Agent Chips while Game Breaker breaks the story on Fox for all the world to see, Praise God. According to Blabby Blago in Chicago and the unhappy wife of a Goldman Sachs banker in Honolulu, the 120 year old from Connecticut, according to his most recent false Social Security number, was getting very nervous and paranoid as the OOS plans were being moved up to stave off NO INCUMBENT LEFT BEHIND as WND and Russia Today start publishing stories on the Bilderbergs, Kevin Hovind, and other previously taboo subject that were now fair game as GAME BREAKER at Fox starts jabbing those who mimic the Punjab Scarf Stranglers which is equivalent to getting a Tippoo’s Tiger by the tail, according to Buck Owens whose phone number was not BR 549.

As the meeting was concluding in the Full English Breakfast Room downstairs in the candlelit Pub, Agent Yellowhammer nudged Marquis d'Cartier and showed him a faint trace of a contact attempt, allegedly from Hamish. Marquis, on his 4th black Russian, suggested they run it by Name Dropper before disturbing Chips who was thought to be sniffing around the Map of India and soliciting inputs for the two other red spots from Banzai and Hamish, if Hamish could be found alive. In the front row of an empty theater in Vancouver BC three geriatric ladies lie in state having succumbed to the twin perils of drivel induced monotony and boredom at a comedy play Hamish acted in before being recalled into Abel Danger by Umbrellaman.

"Name Dropper, RAF Flyingdales has picked up a level 1 hit on the KU band assigned to Hamish. Triangulation – not to be confused with erotic asphyxiation, asphyxiophilia, autoerotic asphyxia, hypoxyphilia, or breath control play – indicated he is at the 2568 foot level of the Barj Dubai where he once posed as a Schlumberger Oil FIELD Blowout Specialist and where Agent Chips surveilled the British Pub scene from March 08 until July 09 while posing as an Airbus Captain flying as a contract pilot in a Muslim nation. We have Shriver AFB directing the X37B's orbit to cross directly over Dubai in 38 minutes. Further, Agent Joachim at Sharja outside Abu Dhabi has boobs on the ground enroute to the structure on Prince Zayed Road, Dubai. We are crossing our fingers that Hamish is alive in Dubai and this is not a case where the DLA-Piper protected Camel Boy Buggerers have taken a 66 year old victim. If they did violate Hamish, we hope they extended to him the courtesy of personal lubricant something that Slicer and Nellie may find unnecessary if I know Our Man Chips....." Yellowhammer was interrupted by a FLASH Clipper from a Skurich Squirrel.

“Chatterbox ACORN Squirrel Flash Clipper to Umbrellaman, Uncle Ray, Name Dropper, Marquis d'Cartier, copy Banzai and Chips: The Mercedes Police and the Texas Rangers have reopened a cold case murder some 24 years later as DNA is being reviewed. This cold case has tracks that lead to CIA, Denver, Raytheon and the Sky Warriors modified at Ft Collins-Loveland. Sidebar to Banzai Pipeline.....does 'move the wings back on a Tsunami make sense in Japanese and does Skurich mean Squirrel in Austrian? Squirrel out”

Yellowhammer was about ready to continue when Name Dropper abruptly stood up looking very Jack Bauer-esque and having a coiled wire leading into his left ear. "Gentleman, Shriver advises they have lost control of the X37B and it is not tracking Dubai, but indicates a course direct Frome, Dorset and the environs. Mother Moose is launching XSM-73 Goose counters and Minnesota's Adjutant General is readying all flyable ADM 20 Quails stored at Duluth in the vacant NWA Airbus Maintainence hangars, while he seeks permission from Governor Pawlenty, to counter. Banzai and Otto are recalled to Brize Norton, all others are to disperse far and wide, dismissed and God's Speed ". Once Name Dropper had the spiel on tape and ADT, Air Patrol and the Magic Circle Jerks had taken the bait, he silently motioned for all to sit down and signalled Deidre and Nell to bring another 2 rounds as Dropper was playing 'double up and catch up' while in in Room 106 Agent Chips was plugging everything he found unplugged while the Alien was wishing he could tell who the leakers were and in Wichita word came that the Queen was considerering a G550 once operated by Buck Naked, Stone and Chips. As Banzai and Otto Pilot sent 'voice spliced' messages from their Strangled Parrots, the Boorish Bullingdons were getting a sense that something was not quite right in the Magic Circle as Chips deployed some crack agents to SNIPH out the perps known as the Scarf Stranglers opposing the Good Queen Bess.

Pedestrians within 4 blocks of the Barj Dubai, observed a large object falling from near the top of the Barj Dubai as in Room 106 Nellie called 'switch' as she pushed Slicer off the pole and used her riding crop to good purpose as she crossed the finish line just a whisker ahead of Chips who followed by a nose while missing a Clipper from the Chat Room Scribe as his Clipper Squirt Gun was by the Map of India under the comforter. A second missed email indicated that someone was tracking Banzai thinking Hamish was a mort. And a third obstructed Immediate Clipper from Hamish to Lord Pearson was diverted by Air Patrol, ADT or the satellites they control, perhaps Iridium like used in the Mumbai False Flag of November, 2008 which was first unraveled by Abel Danger with indictments pending.

“Blabbermouth Bob Wills Immediate Clipper to Name Dropper, Umbrellaman and Chips, copy Banzai and Otto: The federal government recognizes State Defense Forces under 32 U.S.C. § 109 which provides that State Defense Forces as a whole may not be called, ordered, or drafted into the Armed Forces of the United States, thus preserving their separation from the National Guard. As the Great Imposter is beset by attacks from those who left him unvetted, standby for some deep doo-doo. I fear a Bad Moon Rising. 92F9MM KSPS”

“Wrecking Crew Banzai Priority Clipper to Chips, FYEO: "Suggest that if you consider Pachauri, Vijay, USS Kittyhawk and the delayed F16ADF aircraft promised to Pakistan, you will find the other two red dots on the map of India to be............."
“Thugee Thumper and Lead KSM Defense Witness Hamish C. Watson Immediate Clipper to Lord Pearson, copy Bullingdon Club members and Old Etonians: Abel Danger, for benefit of FBI, CIA and DNI, is asking you to investigate the use of ‘CO2e’ devices drawn from a patent pool, originally set up by Old Etonians for the East India Company, at oath-taking rituals which appear to have entrapped witnesses to the 1986 choking death of Olivia Channon and the BBC World Service’s ‘first live-broadcast mass snuff-film in history’ on 9/11. Our KSM agents have evidence to suggest that a network of Old Etonians, possibly including Francis Dashwood and Richard Wellesley (see above), developed a ‘strangler’ oath-taking ritual in the late 18th century for the alleged use of members of Oxford University’s Bullingdon Club to recruit ‘tied’ agents who would defend the East India Company’s patent pools and turn a trading body into a 19th century imperial power. Our KSM agents also have evidence that a group of francophone Old Etonians, licensed the CO2e patent pool to women in the U.S. Senior Executive Service and Femme Comp Inc. whose compromised (?) principals became silent witnesses to a Unabomb campaign launched in 1979 out of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Being an Old Etonian who has investigated serial fraud on Lloyd’s of London Names (c.f. Bullingdon alumnus Chris Coleridge, son of former Lloyd’s chairman David Coleridge), you may have information on some of your fellow Old Etonians in the alleged use of CO2e patent pools in the fraud associated with ‘Snuff Film 9/11’. I will be incommunicado for 12 hours enroute EGKK to OMBD. Hamish Charles Watson, OBE”

Chapter 22 and Book 5 Epilog

In a Bible search for a fitting scripture regarding 9/11 this struck me as 'meant to be'

1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

Let us consider the Wisdom of Psalms 9/11, actually Psalms 91:1, and see how Abel Danger Agents avoid the Fowler's Snare. Read all of Psalms 91.

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