Saturday, May 15, 2010

Olympic Debt and the FC-KU Crime Scene - Chapter 20

Mau Mau Strong Magic Circle –BBC Snuff Film Patent Pool
Pendragon Lustmord Money Shots – Sexual Murders – Abu Ghraib, China kids

A musical tribute to Chairman Mo Strong and Obama’s Grandfather. Agent Banzai Pipeline cleared frequencies for brevity preface “Banzai on guard Moonshot 01 ..” KSM Witness Little Debbie J tells Chips of so-called Trojan Horse or hitch-hiker security chip activated by China’s military intelligence services working in Boeing’s Beijing office on Pendragon patent pool in custody of DLA Piper’s Mrs. Clegg. Raytheon was funded for testing and its findings sent shockwaves through the counterintelligence community; this is why those Raytheon people where whacked in Pendragon 9/11. Magic Circles Monitors Slade and Abigail warn of Maurice Strong’s use of patent pool devices to film the sexual killing (‘Lustmord’) – particularly the money shots – associated with Mau Mau oath taking rituals in Kenya, Abu Ghraib death squads jail and axe or stabbing murders of children in China. VD Witness Name Dropper tells Chips that earlier this month, three attacks on kindergarten pupils left scores of children under five injured. Chinese Chatterbox Quan Ti tells Chips that Caltex set up service station operations in Shenzhen in 1982. Caltex inherited the patent pooling techniques used by Standard Oil to control supply chains into China set up by Paul Desmarais [Sr.] and Maurice Strong, Paul Lin, and one or two others. Strong began working with his late cousin Anna Louise Strong, Obama’s grandfather and the Caltex patent pool lawyers in 1952/3; he pioneered the production of content for the BBC’s Lustmord snuff film network with his launch of the Mau Mau in Kenya. The Merlin HM 1 took off for Frome and or Rudge depending on arrival weather; Tim White, Banzai and Otto Pilot simultaneously detected the ‘ignition sequencing’ of four Mirach 100 target drones. A rare bolt of blue lightning temporarily blinded those not wearing NVGs. Mary Ann MATS found a TI of 93% as Chips generally became aroused when danger lurked unchecked.


Before we return you to the action over the Atlantic, let’s pause to listen to a musical tribute to Chairman Mo Strong and Obama’s Grandfather and please note no teleprompters were injured in the making of this Columbia University theme song.

“Brevity, brevity, brevity” Agent Banzai Pipeline cleared the frequencies 121.5, 243.0 and 2828 with his brevity preface “Banzai on guard Moonshot 01, unknown riders, nose, 25 miles, hi, super, Roughrider kill, J-Stars beam, Otto, talk to me, engage.”

“Moonshot, Otto has 4 targets, spread, super, 180 HCA, bringing Hotel November to bear, go cold electrics”.

“My jet” barked Buck Naked as he took control of the G550 and turned 90 left and went into an idle power post hole as he commanded Stone to ‘darken ship’.

As Stone deselected both generators, disabled emergency power, turned off the battery, took a quick pull on his Grolsch and shut both engine masters down, in the CRF Chips called ‘switch’ so that he could monitor the moving map on his battery powered Clipper Squirt Gun. Mary Ann MATS reached for a Minnesota Vikings tube sock to clamp down on as the left hand post hole had her as excited as she was the first time young Chips, her neighbor from FO3 came to her front door at FO9 to ‘collect’ for his paper route riding his 1961 Cushman Super Eagle with the 8 horse engine. She met Chips at the front door wearing a pastel green nighty and a smile. It was her first time and 20 minutes later they were both smiling broadly, she more broad than he. His Cushman had been slow idling for the 20 minutes and carbon had built up during his PROJECT INSERT August 2, 1965 but fortunately Al Gore was busy inventing the internet and had not dreamed up the carbon crap that PM Harper of Canada has just determined to be BS.

In the CRF Chips saw that Buck Naked and Stone were doing good ‘pilot things’ so he concentrated on his security debriefing and seeing Mary Ann MATS’s sock in the mouth, he realized Time was Tight so he pictured the Obama’s Penguin so as not to be the first to cross the finish line.

Mary Ann MATS sensed the end was near so she locked her knees together for maximum impact. As she arrived at the destination Chips did likewise and thought he was seeing stars, which turned out to be the cycling cabin emergency lights as Stone relit the engines and brought ship’s electric power back on after Otto’s ‘splash four’ call on 2828 as well as UHF and VHF guard frequencies.

“Roughrider flight copy kill, knock it off, switches safe”

“Two, same, 8.3”

“Roughrider 1, 9.1, turn the tanker”.

From their extreme left, or north from Moonshot 01, a green rotating beacon became visible first and as Upset 31 flashed their landing lights 3 times, Roughrider flight headed north to refuel as J-Stars and Otto Pilot assumed defense of Moonshot 01 but in a more effective manner than when on 9/11 General Maurice Baril had assumed responsibility for the sovereignty of US airspace which underscores the cliché ‘assume makes an ass out of you and me, u and me, get it. Hopefully someone can relay that to Squatter 1’s teleprompter. Otto had waited until he saw that the 4 French built fighters had ‘armed up’ before HAARPing them into the North Atlantic. In Roughrider 01 Teen Angel felt the rear stick wiggle so he knew that Roughrider wished to relax before the night air refueling so as TA took the stick and wiggled it to indicate he had the jet, he passed a pair of Grolsch widebodies up over Tom’s left shoulder. Intentional leak of Tom’s name….here kitty, kitty.

Speaking of kittys and pussies; as Chips was considering both, he realized that Nigel Houdini, who had just survived the attack of the killer wives SamCam and Foghorn Leghorn had suggested to Chips via previous Clipper that if UKIP were to gain the PM job, the United Kingdom would no longer be Hillary’s poodle and it is assumed that by 6 June, 2010 ‘hillary’s poodle’ with be a very popular google search just like the current first place search [ hillary + grolsch + thong ], don’t trust me, google it, I dare you.

In this photo where she is voting for the Penguin’s appointment to the Supreme Court we have cropped the poodle skirt to prevent a lawsuit from PETA who might think the large legs contained therein may constitute an offense to Poodles.

Following a sequential exploculation, Chips indicated that he needed to get up to the cock pit to check on Stone. Mary Ann MATS handed him a tin of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters, a 3 tab bubble wrap of NDSU Rodney Baldinger Extend-o-peters and showed him an item of her anatomy suggesting “This is the only cockpit you will see for the next 3 hours.” As the G550 passed south of Narsassuaq, Greenland which during the summer has seasonal service by B757 jets from Denmark, Mary Ann MATS was proven correct as Chips elected to not rock the boat as he prepared to launch some protein, iron and zinc into the net cast wide.

Mary Ann MATS must have been harking back to the song ‘Time is Tight’ which was originally by Booker T. and the MGs of Memphis where Kui Longboard went to school and Agent Chips went to church at East Trigg Missionary Baptist, the church where Elvis was taught to sing in a soulful manner by Dr. Herbert Brewster whose granddaughter GG works at the church school to this day not far from Graceland and closer yet to Soulsville where Stax records recorded black acts while honkies recorded at Sun Studios and in between is the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church where Reverend Al Green pastors his flock at 787 Hale Road, Memphis, NT 38118 not to dissuade anyone from getting on a Boeing 787 with wing-boxes made in China where Boeing shipped the 96 illegally modified B737s and 24 spare flight boxes leading to the June 2001 settlement with USDOJ for $615 million which later would be eclipsed by KPMG’s $756 million settlement with the same USDOJ while three Attorneys General, Gonzales, Mukasey and now Eric Holder have been slow to review Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 which was offered as a Qui Tam on 2 October, 2007.

“Chips, I cannot get it out of my mind, that song Time is Tight, the version on your Clipper Squirt Gun was good but didn’t not sound like the MGs. By the way, does MG stand for Miriam Gonzalez aka Raven haired Spanish JD sent to disrupt England as an EU-DLA Piper plant, Abel Danger code name Chicken Leg or Foghorn Leghorn?”

“Negative my juicy morsel. MG stands for Memphis Group. Miriam Gonzalez is just another gullible woman conscripted by the limp Rothy and Rocky fraternity to create a new world order as they hide behind the PC barrier of woman, lesbos, or both. According to my recall of Romans 1:32 God will not prosper these perverts and in fact will humble them. In a related note I believe I need another tin of Smoked Oysters or I may be humbled and you may not receive the Full Measure of My Giving which you don’t yet understand, it’s a cup full of living, that I hold in my hand, capeche?”

“Wow, I’ve got a wonderful feeling, lighter than air”.

“Not to correct you my merkin-free target of affection, but LTA, lighter than air, is the Navy term for blimps and you, my tasty morsel, are not blimpish like the freak show escapees inhabiting our halls of Congress, DOJ, SES, Sidley Austin, DLA Piper and FCI. There are certainly exceptions such as Bachmann Turner Over and Mother Moose, but most of their pudfaces are ‘unbreedable’ in my opinion. Please review this photo of a Sidley Sow, an FCI manager, a member of USDOJ Pride and a corn fed DLA Piper ‘girl Friday’. Frankly, from my male perspective, I would hope to die on Thursday if she was to be my girl Friday, even if she is in my favorite color, Pastel Pink Passion, frankly I think it clashes with her hair color just like their appearance clashes with my libido, which is legendary, to which you could certainly depose my supple and soft love muffin recently serviced.”

“Chips, when it comes to breeding, your opinion certainly matters, at least to the British White Cattle Society, the BWCAA and the Irish Moiled Cattle Society. By the way, what would it take to get you to do what you did down at Survival Beach that day my parents had to go to San Juan in October, 1965, I really liked it?”

“Let me select F4 on my Clipper Squirt gun and for future reference remember to just ask me, capeche?”

As Chips was delivering the type of attention that Mary Ann MATS found pleasant, an incoming Clipper went unnoticed as Chips had selected ‘silent vibrate’ while Mary Ann MATS started to quiver which is both a verb and a noun in this sentence not subject to the editing of multilingual Marquis d’Cartier.

“KSM Witness Little Debbie J Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Banzai, Dr Nano al-Umina and Name Dropper, copy Chips, SukySpook and Yellowhammer: “All computers on the market today — be they Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Apple or especially IBM — are assembled with components manufactured inside the PRC, which does not stand for purple-tipped red champion. The so-called Trojan Horse or hitch-hiker chip can be activated by China’s military intelligence services working in Boeing’s Beijing office on Pendragon patent pool in custody of DLA Piper’s Mrs. Clegg. Raytheon was funded for hardware and software testing and its findings sent shockwaves through the counterintelligence community which is why those Raytheon people where whacked in Pendragon 9/11. Our Man Chips must remain affable and unflappable. “It is the hottest topic concerning the FBI and the Pentagon,” a retired intelligence official told The Investigator. “They don’t know quite what to do about it. The Chinese have even been able to hack into the computer system that handles our Intercontinental Ballistic Missile system however NDSU-Alien's TVPC has those little yellow devils stymied. Little Debbie J., Abel Danger, abroad"
Does that Clipper say a Trojan on Chip’s Horse?” asked a distracted Mary Ann MATS.

“Not exactly my lovely amour du jour” as Chips made a whinnying noise.

Chips could sense that Mary Ann MATS was about to launch so he pulled out the air refueling probe, such as the Raytheon Sky Warrior probe shown here and also in photos from the Wedge One Pentagon recovered debris, and reached for her Merlot globe. Mary Ann MATS had a different idea and put his hands on the other two globes, which did not offend Our Man Chips in the slightest as the AR probe was ‘thinking about it’. Mary Ann MATS, always the compassionate southern lady from North Carolina, reached for Chips’ CSM as she gave him a status check with her other hand. TI splendid so after two quaffs of Ukrainian Vodka, which would be a lot more scarce today if Anna Louise Strong was still trying to GENOCIDE the Ukrainian peasants, a subject Glenn Beck is currently studying as Mo Strong is shuddering, she positioned the AR probe to reenter the receptacle, as Chips obliged. As Moonshot 01 passed 182 miles south of NAS Keflavik where Chips had flown against Russian Bear bombers in April of 1982, Mary Ann MATS called ‘switch’ and gave Chips a rear aspect similar to an unobserved heat shot in fighter pilot jargon and note that six letter word ending in ‘on’ is jargon, get your heads out of the gutter, capeche?”

Chips had settled into the saddle when another priority Clipper came into his Clipper Squirt as Chips prepared to do likewise.“Chatterbox Nano priority Clipper to Marquis d’Cartier, Umbrellaman, Uncle Ray, Tim White, Skymaster and Hamish, copy Suky’s Sixpack: I noticed a lot of war on drugs articles so I plugged this one in to the strings of the beast.” So.... stop waging war on your own people? if you actually represent the people....Democracy Corporation: Your days of honoring yourselves are coming to an end. We the people know why republicans don't want a Republic...they are democratic socialists in sheep’s clothing and we know it. In a corporate charter oligarchy Democracy (what we have currently; a fascist elite family ruling corporation), the government tells the people what they can and cannot do - in our Constitutional Republic the People tell the Government what it can and cannot do. AMERICA.... The Republic never went away... the thugs of the Democracy corporation prevent candidates from representing the Republic. This is badness that can only end poorly, it will not end with petitions of grievances and the TVPC deployment passes Client 26,a bespectacled wimp from Searchlite.” Little Noah’s research peer, Dr. Nano al-Umina.”
Chips sensed that Mary Ann MATS’s launch was pushed up so he did likewise and a simultaneous ‘blast off’ was achieved in the early ‘clear air’ downwind of the hard to pronounce volcano in Iceland that seems to be an on again off again problem for European airspace just as Mary Ann MATS’s insatiable libido causes Our Man Chips to be on again off again. This time seemed different; the little mint julep had fallen into REM sleep shortly after Oyster Transfer achieved, OTA not to be confused with OTR.

Chips checked for TMs on his Clipper Squirt Gun and noticed several in queue. He caged the monster, took a Marine Corps shower, put on some FuFu juice and moved the smallest of Mary Ann’s 3 globes, this one half full, or half empty, of Merlot to a dresser where she could not spill it’s contents if she reached out for the monster in her dreams.

The light from the opening of the CRF door did not disturb Mary Ann MATS as Chips had laid the Minnesota Vikings tube sock over her eyes as he gazed at her prize, which he had recently taken. As he walked forward to the cockpit, Marquis d’Cartier handed him an industrial sized CSM and three important ACARS Clippers that had come in during his intensive debriefing of Mary Ann MATS and her baggy plum undies the contents of which he had recently found just ‘plum dandy’.

“Chips, suggest you read this one first, it is from Tiny Dancer not far from the Frome-Rudge area northeast of Dorset, it is very important”.

“Οι Έλληνες επιστρέφουν στη χρυσή λίρα! Friday, 14 May 2010 00:08 Συναγερμός έχει σημάνει στην Τράπεζα της Ελλάδος (ενώ η ΕΚΤ παρακολουθεί με ιδιαίτερη ανησυχία ανάλογα φαινόμενα να βρίσκονται σε εξέλιξη στην Ευρωζώνη…), καθώς οι Έλληνες επιστρέφουν στην εποχή της χρυσής λίρας, προκαλώντας εκρηκτική ανατίμηση της χρυσής λίρας κατά 58% από την αρχή του 2009, MG & Obama, όταν ήταν πλέον σαφές ότι κλυδωνίζεται επικίνδυνα το σκάφος της εθνικής οικονομίας. Συνέχεια/PianoMan”
“Marquis, could you read it to me please, I don’t do French, except with Mary Ann MATS.”

“No problem Chips, I will translate, but this is Greek, not French, capeche?”

“When the Greeks find out who caused Goldman Sachs to trash their economy they probably won’t have warm feelings for the Frogs who are loosing their sovereignty, as are the Brits, as are the Dutch and as is Spain due to the differential birth rates of Muslims who consider life precious and Western Europe who thinks we need to depopulate. When Glenn Beck breaks the story of the Muslim Birth Rate and why that is the impetus behind the New World Order perverts, pardon the redundancy, the sleeping Americans and hockey-focused canucks will immediately block any overtures from Cameron, Clegg, SamCam and Foghorn Leghorn to allow them to emigrate to the re-established Colony, not to be confused with the New Colony Six who did “Things I’d Like to Say”.

“Chips, your mastery of music is impressive, but you simply must learn to be more multilingual. This message from Piano Man indicates that due to the appearance of resistance by London Air Traffic Control to allow Moonshot 01 to proceed east of 15 West, Box Six will be joining our flight; they have just launched from Stavanger Norway and will go through the GIN gap to rejoin our flight. Tim White and Bob Six will be reprising their mission of 2 Oct ’68 however due to improvements in weapons and technology the four 4-ships of F4Ds will not be necessary, and the Sweeper will be Tim White and Dirtball in the Raytheon EB66 which is free of Chinese hitch-hikers and the Collins Foundation F105G flown by Bob Six, of Abel Danger Pennsylvania, former Chief Pilot of that Delaware airline similar to Southern Air Transport, that used to have a WW on the tail will suppress radars, etc. According to this FLASH Clipper, the EWO in the F105G will be sporting a peach, so to speak. Banzai and Otto indicated that our rendezvous will occur within 12 minutes and that we will be ‘going low’ to penetrate, I say again, penetrate UK airspace which should be easy as the UK is Hillary’s Poodle. Banzai in J-Stars reports all quiet at Brize and Lakenheath and Otto now airborne off Trondheim reports HAARP-north ready if needed, which he opines laconically should not be needed. Any questions?”

“Yes, it that Piano Man Billy Joel or Reginald Dwight?”

As an EB66 and an F105G pulled up on the left wing, Buck Naked pointed his right index finger at the airspeed indicator and the altimeter and showed Stone 3 fingers, indicating it was time to get down to 300 feet and .92 IMN, indicated mach number. Stone, being a block of the old Chips, strangled the parrot and went lights out. Banzai was monitoring the G550 cockpit from his weather radar fish eye camera. While it would be tactically unwise to show what he saw as the Chinese LYDs might figure out how to copy it, here is an image taken of Lalena and Chips from an NVG weather radar fish eye during a recent nocturnal trip from Astana to Moscow’s Shremetyevo Airport where they were transferring funds for the World Bank later to transfer heavenily bodily fluids between consenting adults with raging libidos, capeche?

Marquis and Chips were about ready to enter the cockpit, when a FLASH clipper came in from Agent SukySpook, suggesting a name change.

“VD Witness Slicer FLASH Clipper to Suky’s Sixpack, Moonshot 01 and Uncle Ray, copy Otto and Agent Bean: Moonshot 01 just passed 15 west, for duration of Operation FULL MOON 2010 SukySpook moniker is retired in favour of Slicer. Standby in Moonshot 01 for aural and visual confirmation from the F105G on your left.”

As a 1966 hit from Crispian St Peters was transmitted over 243.0 UHF, Chips could see a conformal mass of flesh pressed up against the rear cockpit of the F105G and as the conformal flesh matched the contour of the Plexiglas he noticed an item of clothing in Pastel Peach and so he knew that Slicer was ‘prooving herself up’ from the Wild Weasel carrying HARM type missiles. Chips sent 3 green flashes from his Clipper Squirt gun to indicate that she was proven to be who she was assigned to be in the regular Wednesday afternoon briefings by Uncle Ray on RMN and that does not stand for Richard Milhouse Nixon, a Quaker who once malapropped that ‘he was not a crook’ prior to his nose growing longer. Passing 8 degrees west the package knew they were not being detected so they slowed to .82 and mimicked the transponder code of a British Airways Flight arriving from Dulles International.

“On the ground at Brize Norton in 22 minutes” came the PA from Stone as he selected AP2 and Grolsch #4.

Marquis and Chips were reading a routine Clipper regarding Hoss awaiting them in an RAF Merlin HM 1 Chopper for the transfer to Frome and the Full Moon Bed and Breakfast where all the rooms were reserved for the Leslie Cook 30th Anniversary Party.

As Marquis and Chips were done with all the Clippers they poured themselves another eye opener and settled into a leather sofa and put on their seat belts. As they got comfortable an Immediate Clipper came in from Agents Slade Lane and Abigail Chopsticks.

“Magic Circles Monitors Slade and Abigail Immediate Clipper to Slicer’s Six-pack, copy Hoss, Buck Naked, Tim White, Box Six, J-Stars and Agent Bean, copy Nano and Corazon: Hawks CAFE, Abel Danger and Captain(s) Sherlock, Global is asking Lord Pearson, PM Stephen Harper and Fox News Glenn Beck to investigate Maurice Strong’s use of patent pool devices to film money shots of the sexual killing (‘Lustmord’) of Chinese children in support of carbon-offset trading by DLA Piper and Magic Circle law firms. Our KSM agents have evidence that Strong has been using Magic Circle law firms, the BBC Pension Trust and the U.S. Senior Executive Service to operate the patent pools – in some cases over a century old – and conceal his 60-year career as a genocidal psychopath and snuff-film financier, producer, director, distributor and actor. Our KSM group also has evidence that film archives in the custody of the BBC/SES and the DLA Piper and Magic Circle law firms link Strong to carbon-offset-trade deaths associated with Mau Mau oath taking rituals in Kenya, the death squads operating out of the Abu Ghraib jail for Saddam Hussein and the recent axe or stabbing murders of children in China. An average Mau Mau band was about 100 strong .. Leaders demanded total obedience from their members. Three of the most dominant leaders were Stanley Methengi; Waruhiu Itote (known as General China), leader of Mount Kenya Mau Mau; and Dedan Kimathi, leader of Mau Mau of Aberdari forest. Dedan Kimathi was a self-declared “Knight Commander of the African Hemisphere and Lord of the Southern Hemisphere”. Reputedly the loyalty rituals at their worst begun to include ritual cannibalism, bestiality and necrophilia with goats and sexual orgies. Ritual places were decorated with intestines and goat's eyes. Oaths now included promise to kill, dismember and burn .. Victims were sometimes found devoured, disemboweled, dismembered, decapitated, strangled, buried alive or cut in half. They often cut off the hands and the head of the body so the victim could not be identified. We will brief these items at the Full Moon Pub at 0900 this day”. Slade and Abigail, leaving Milton-Keynes for Frome.”
“Marquis, do you think Lord Pearson, Prime Minister Harper, Glenn Beck or Eric Holder have the integrity to honestly look into Maurice Strong’s 57 year trail of terror that has now dove-tailed with the grandson of Papa Oow Mow Mow who has been sent to trash the US which was the plan all along since 1953 when Standard Oil sent high school dropout Strong to Africa simply to get his sorry ass out of North America?”

“I’d rule out Harper and Holder, but I could be wrong, here, look at these briefing guides that are to be at every seat at the table for Slicer’s Six pack where you, Uncle Ray, Yellowhammer, Lonewolf, Slicer and Name Dropper are to present this information to Nigel Houdini who escaped death last week due to our intervention” replied MdC as he handed Chips a briefing guide. “Turn to page 49”.

“Operation FULL MOON 2010 Briefing Guide, p. 49: “Strong, Maurice F., 1929- . Papers, 1948-2000: Guide Environmental Science and Public Policy Archives. Harvard College Library. Harvard University 30 May 2003 © 2001 The President and Fellows of Harvard College Last update on 2009 December 4 Mr. Strong served as the Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment from November 1970 to December 1972, and subsequently became the first Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Nairobi, Kenya (January 1973-December 1975). 1966-1970 Headed Canada's International Development Assistance Program as Director-General of the External Aid Office, and later as President and Chairman of the Board of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Series II. Writings: 1954; n.d. Box [*] [Speech on] Mau Mau: c. 1954 History and structure of United Nations and how it works: presented by M.F. Strong: n.d.Best places to see game [re: Africa]: n.d.[Paper on] Uranium: n.d.Principles and practices of investment finance in Canada: n.d. (Exam taken for course 1) [Notes on Caltex Oil Company]: n.d.[Early composition book]: n.d. (Includes 2 different copies on same topic; description of Mau Mau oath ceremonies)”

Turning the page to page 50 Chips continued to read as he could hear the G550 slowing as it descended below 10,000 feet AGL:

“Page 50: ‘Movie Projector: In 1908, Armat, Biograph, Edison and Vitagraph entered an agreement under which the four firms assigned " all the patents in the early-day motion picture industry." The agreement also specified the royalties that were to be paid into the pool by licensees of the pool patents such as movie exhibitors. More on the history at: The Edison Movie Monopoly: The Motion Picture Patents Company vs.the Independent Outlaws by J. A. Aberdeen, The First Studios by Marc Wanamakert, Archives of Universal Studios: Carl Laemmle and the Early Years of Universal and The Business of the Movies by Rich Warms. Video. A patent pool was formed in 1997, by the Trustees of Columbia [Obama!] University, Fujitsu Limited, General Instrument Corp., Lucent Technologies Inc., Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Philips Electronics N.V. (Philips), Scientific_Atlanta, Inc., and Sony Corp. (Sony) to jointly share royalties from patents that are essential to compliance with the MPEG_2 compression technology standard. The MPEG -2 Standard patent pool comprises a number of essential patents put into the hands of a common licensing administrator empowered to grant licenses on a non-discriminating basis, collect royalties and distribute them on a pro-rata allocation based on each Licensor's contribution. The terms of the arrangement were negotiated with and approved by the US Department of Justice. In 1998, Sony, Philips and Pioneer formed a patent pool for inventions that are essential to comply with certain DVD-Video and DVD-ROM standard specifications. In 1999, another patent pool was formed by Toshiba Corporation, Hitachi, Ltd., Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Time Warner Inc., and Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. for products manufactured in compliance with the DVD-ROM and DVD-Video formats. See Letter from Joel I. Klein, Assistant Attorney General, Department of Justice, Antitrust Division, to Carey R. Ramos, Esq. (June 10, 1999)’”

Chips and Marquis had just 4 more Clippers to review when they heard the landing gear going down as Mary Ann MATS came forward from the CRF just like at some point Obama’s Penguin must come out of the closet, like Farney Brank did. As Mary Ann excused herself to Marquis d’Cartier saying “Sorry to interrupt Marquis but something has just come up and I must get Chips’ input in the CRF”.

As Marquis went to the cockpit to tell the pilots that the cabin was secure for landing, Mary Ann MATS led Chips to the CRF, handed him a 32 ounce CSM and as the door was locked behind her she uncaged the monster.

“I know we only have 10 minutes Chips, but I think I owe you this for your kindness to me in a similar fashion an hour or so ago. As Chips stood enjoying his CSM, Mary Ann MATS demonstrated fair play, as opposed to foreplay, and that one good turn deserves another, in a manner of speaking. Mary Ann MATS’s timing was impeccable as she sensed the progress of the aircraft and of Chips. Just as the plane was LANDED BY PATENT POOL fluid of another nature was pooling in a patently pleasant place by Our Man Chips with the full participation of Mary Ann MATS. As Chips and Mary Ann MATS sat down to relax in the afterglow, several Immediate Clippers were being ‘blocked’ due to the fact that the G550 was still in the ‘Flight Mode’ because the ground shift mechanism did not sense the aircraft was on the ground due to the smooth landing that occurred simultaneous to another form of smoothness. The G550 was parked and parking brake was set while a Royal Navy Merlin HM 1 Helicopter landed immediately to the left of Buck Naked’s Gulfstream.

While the passengers transferred from the Gulfstream jet to the Merlin whirlybird, numerous Immediate Clippers went unnoticed.

“VD Witness Name Dropper Immediate Clipper to Uncle Ray, Slicer, Lonewolf, Abilgail Chopstick, Chips and Yellowhammer, copy Slade Lane, Hamish and Banzai: “China suffers seventh child stabbing attack in a month. A man armed with a knife and axe has killed two people and wounded seven, including two 18-month-old boys, in the seventh attack against young children in China in the past month. By Malcolm Moore in Shanghai Published: 7:00AM BST 11 May 2010 It is the seventh time in just over a month that young children have been attacked in China, a country where violent criminal attacks are relatively rare. On Saturday a man stabbed to death eight people, including his wife, elderly mother and young daughter in a village in the south-eastern province of Jiangxi, while on the same day, another two people were killed and three injured in a stabbing spree in Hong Kong. Earlier this month, three attacks on kindergarten pupils occurred in the same week, leaving scores of children under five injured.”

“Chinese Chatterbox Quan Ti tells Chips that Caltex set up service station operations in Shenzhen in 1982. Chevron (China) Investment Company Limited has offices at 1212 China World Tower 2 Beijing. Caltex inherited the patent pooling techniques used by Standard Oil to control supply chains into China set up by Paul Desmarais [Sr.] and Maurice Strong, Paul Lin, and one or two others. Strong began working with his late cousin Anna Louise Strong, Obama’s grandfather and the Caltex patent pool lawyers in 1952/3 and pioneered the production of content – including the money shots – for the BBC’s Lustmord snuff film network with the launch of the Mau Mau in Kenya. Caltex began in 1936 as the California Texas Oil Company, a joint venture between The Texas Company (later named Texaco) and Standard Oil of California (later named Chevron) to market oil from newly gained concessions in Saudi Arabia. It was renamed Caltex Petroleum Corporation in 1968. The two parent companies merged in 2001 to form ChevronTexaco (renamed Chevron in 2005) and Caltex remains one of its major international brand names. The difference between legitimate use and prohibited abuse of the restrictions incident to the ownership of patents by the pooling of them is discussed in Standard Oil Co. v. United States, 283 U.S. 163 (1931). ‘A near-compulsive talker, one item about which Strong is almost taciturn is his relations with China's elite. Strong does not mention his late cousin Anna Louise Strong. The Marxist journalist was a member of the Comintern and spent two years with Chairman Mao. Her funeral in 1970 was organized personally by Chou En-lai, China's prime minister. Some claim that Strong arranged the Nixon-Kissinger initial meetings with the Chinese. However, Strong makes full use of Cousin Anna's memories among Beijing's elite and has had excellent relationships with the Chinese for 30 years. Quan Xiang, Urumqui”

As the Merlin HM 1 took off and set a direct course for Frome and or Rudge depending on arrival weather, Tim White, Banzai and Otto Pilot simultaneously detected the ‘ignition sequencing’ of four Mirach 100 target drones and silently ACARSed Hoss sending him to tree top level at max speed. Tim White and Box Six had come off the tanker with full internal fuel and the EB66 went to full power directly toward the launch facility jamming all the way while Tango in Box Six’s pit assured him their 4 Harm missiles could make the turn and intercept any launch prior to arrival at Hoss’s HM1. In the early morning sky, a rare bolt of blue lightning from Pendragon snuff-film devices temporarily blinded those not wearing NVGs. In the back of the HM1 Chopper Mary Ann MATS gave Chips a quick Trojan Intelligence security status check and found a TI of 93% as Chips generally became aroused when danger lurked unchecked.

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