Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Olympic Debt and the FC KU Crime Scene—Chapter 16

BBC Magic Circle Laws—Compound O’s Snuff Film Safe
Dominatrix whips Bullingdon barking dog – SES 13 Stars, EU carbon offset hit

Hamish, John Galt and Marquis d’Cartier arrived under yard light. Name Dropper brought them up to speed. ‘Hamish, at RAF Kinloss last night we had some Bitter and Twisted and heard of a diversionary action here at Ditchley to allow SAMCAM crowd to get plaque to the Magic Circle Maestro in the City of London.’ Chips briefs Thrasher on blame game; Polish chain of command murders; ‘alleged’ VD cloud over Europe; S-4 sub shadowing the mini-sub launched from the North Korean “cargo vessel”, and, the self-inflicted 9/11 on Muslim young men who couldn’t grab their asses with both hands, let alone fly a B757 into Gerald DeConto’s window on Wedge One after firing a Bull Pup 12C through to clear the way for the Raytheon Sky Warrior. They heard how Miss Whiplash showed George her routines with barking clients, chains, belts and rubber underpants with a man on all fours with a collar on. Blabbermouth clippers Chips et al on message to UKIP Candidate Lord Pearson to investigate DLA Piper agents, including its head of international trade law, Mrs. Clegg-a-Legg who buys carbon offsets from BBC special effects teams to extort law firms from inside the 13-star Magic Circle. BBC hit teams use a drawdown of Met Office patented C4 sensors and fairy dust algorithms. Killers get paid with e-money laundered around a 13 star carbon carousel of law firms. The Iceland VD Voice clippers Chips, ‘Here’s a heads up. BBC wrote a TV comedy series called “Yes, Minister” to make people laugh in UK. They wrote a real life script for “Yes, Mistress” for Femme Comp Inc women to take over military forces of the United States through the S.E.S. Note SES flag is blue with keystone emblem in the center in yellow, surrounded by ring of 13 yellow stars. Remember the founder of SES is Queen Hornet; she has ice in her veins’. Abel Danger’s master sailor Agent Doc Fish Hook clippered, “Pan Pan Pan: Deepwater Horizon; witnesses experienced a split second of flickering lights, then explosion from below; multiple alarms but none went off. Could it be that the attack on the rig was not from the North Korean sub but rather from……?” Agent Doc Fish Hook experienced his own flickering in the G550 and then a heavy thud as the nighttime sky 72 miles south of Keflavik was bright like day at 0237 local time. In the Crew Rest Facility, Agent Kaya called ‘switch’ and reached for her riding crop.

Natalya Antonov has assumed her rightful position on top and was demonstrating to Chips’ satisfaction, oops, poor choice of words, could trigger an early exploculation, let’s say Chips’ approval what a real ‘power Pole’ could deliver rather than the creosote drenched electrical pole being advanced upon by two ‘unknown riders’ and then sprayed with small arms fire from the door gunner of a Super Puma helicopter that had auto-rotated into the car park behind Ditchley House. Homi, Sluggo, Tango and Dwarf swarmed the two intruders and had them bound, gagged and blind folded before Hoss had the Puma at ground idle. Diehard jumped down from the tree where he had been ‘spotting and laser target designating’ for Chopper One and adjusted himself as Hoss handed him 2 pounds of tiger meat. Diehard grunted in appreciation and checked the security of the two prisoners. Name Dropper and Tango Whiskey walked in from their defensive perimeter positions as Stone approached in a blacked out Land Rover with a large animal cage in the back.

“Switch” called Chips as he rolled Natalya into the missionary position.

Hamish, John Galt and Marquis d’Cartier had arrived under the yard light on the power pole and Name Dropper brought them up to speed.

“Hamish, we were at RAF Kinloss last night having some Bitter and Twisted as well as Old Jock, which are Scottish beers not DLA Piper JDs with a penchant for visiting the Lesbos island southeast of Greece, pints with the Agent Yellow Hammer and the locals when we were tipped off by the bar tender that there was to be a diversionary action here at Ditchley to allow the SAMCAM crowd to get the plaque to the Magic Circle Maestro in the City of London. The RFID chips that Slade Lane had gotten attached to the plaque allowed us to lie in wait for the attempt to reposition it. Slade used more chips to hack Serco’s offender-monitoring networks and get his SWAT teams in place. Early in the evening Homi, Sluggo and Diehard detected movement of the plaque and stopped a Jaguar at the end of the Blairmore House driveway. Tango Whiskey blocked their exit with a cattle lorry while Diehard put the fear of God in the driver of the Jaguar, a domestic employee of the owners’ family. Nigel Glasscock, the herdsman for the Avalon Heather Herd readily turned over the plaque in exchange for the release of his scrotum which Diehard had put a death grip on. A surrogate plaque was given to Nigel and he was allowed to resume his journey, ostensibly to Noble Street in the City of London. Knowing that you were scheduled to get some unwanted company we had Hoss and Stone extract us from RAF Kinloss and get us down into a defensive posture at Ditchley as our mission was accomplished in the Parish of Glass.

“We are not completely out of the woods with the plaque as we know it is to be examined tomorrow afternoon by an engraver, Mick Wright, from Brighton who was familiar with both the safe and the plaque during a time when he had been a lover to the owner’s wife in Scotland prior to the jealous husband finding out. He had seen the safe, the plaque, and the lady’s features which made the owner ask for the lady’ hand in wedlock. Wedded bliss it was not, however, and soon after the arrival of their third child the lady turned to Mick when the owner turned away. We have to find if Geddes’s safe had one of those disputed patents in respect of the fireproofing. Once the owner discovered the affair he used his considerable influence to trash the engraver’s business six miles east of Huntly, Scotland and arrange for him to be offered a lucrative position in the Lanes, the old shopping section of Brighton not far from Brown’s Restaurant and O’Neill’s Pub, also on the edge of the Lanes….” Tango Whiskey, a Viet Nam USAF Vet and former member of the 466th TFS who returned from Viet Nam on 4 May 1970, the day of the Kent State shootings, was interrupted by Dwarf.

“Unbeknownst to the owner, the wife had continued the relationship as she would go to London on seasonal shopping trips and either meet Mick at Crawley or in Brighton where they would continue the physical end of their opposite genders. The wife is set to meet Mick Wright tonight at The Old Punch Bowl Pub, 101 High Street, Crawley, West Sussex where they will have a pub meal and a drink or two. Typically they then stop by Morgan’s Pub in the Arora International before they go up to her room to exchange precious bodily fluids…..” Dwarf was interrupted by Marquis d’Cartier.

“Actually, it’s heavenly bodily fluids but alas I digress. They go up to the room and have a power boink and then the wife is to have Mick sign off on the veracity of the plaque. Therefore we must match it to the safe very quickly and then send the plaque down to Crawley so that it is in the Jaguar when Nigel Glasscock drives the owner’s wife down for the rendezvous in Brighton, capeche?”

In the CWU Natalya called “Switch” as she retook the high ground and Chips whammoed a third tin of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters.
After draining the Smoked Oysters Chips inhaled 3 Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters and got back into the groove, so to speak intending no disrespect to Corazon Dulce of Abel Danger ICE, Waxhah, North Carolina not to be corn-fused with International Climate Exchange which is a sham never intended to have any impact on the environment but rather on the enrichment of certain doorknobs bent on blood and gore, I wonder what comes up with a google for [ blood + gore + carbon credits ]?

“Hamish, we need to match this to the safe to be sure that this is the Geddes Safe that survived the 1871 fire because of the disputed patent. And we need to move quickly so ensure it is in position for Mick Wright to examine after Nigel Glasscock drives the desperate housewife down to the soiree” suggested Homi, a slave to punctiliousness who did not possess a big pilot watch.

Chips saw his Clipper Squirt Gun take a Flash message from Hamish so he whispered to Natalya “I hate to hurry things and it has only been 3 hours and 39 minutes but they need the safe; can you picture somebody younger and get finished?”

Natalya understood that the mission must come first but she always preferred to outlast her partners whether it was Jameson, pints or enduros. Out came her riding crop and once again the buttocks of Chips were whipped and exploculations were achieved, in her preferred order, she always liked to fire the last shot, as it were, to wit. Chips noted that Natalya had laid out an IOC in pastel chamomile so he grabbed his matching Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster and stuffed the monster in as he prepared to take a Marine Corps shower. Natalya had just gotten presentable when an Abel Danger knocker sent the signal via the Dutton’s bookcase. As Hamish, Thrasher, John Galt and Marquis d’Cartier came in with the plaque, Chips and Natalya Antonov rose from their overstuffed Queen Anne chairs as if to try and convince the new comers that they hadn’t been enjoying an enduro as was their custom.

“Marquis, so glad to see you,” welcomed Chips as he handed Marquis a printout of a routine Clipper he had printed. Perhaps with the multi-lingual background you can read this message which came to me in French.”

“Τρύπες Ψωμιάδη στον «κουμπαρά» του Τ.Τ. Tuesday, 04 May 2010 01:18

Έντονο προβληματισμό στους μετόχους του Ταχυδρομικού Ταμιευτηρίου και αγωνία για το τελικό ύψος του… λογαριασμού που θα κληθεί να πληρώσει ο «κουμπαράς» του ελληνικού τραπεζικού συστήματος δημιουργεί η επιβεβλημένη από τις συνθήκες μεταφορά του βάρους της διάσωσης της Aspis Bank στο Τ.Τ. Συνέχεια

“Chips, happy to help but it is in Greek, not French. It is a memo between the PIGs opposing the BRICs……”

“PIGs and BRICs are the coalitions wrestling with the City of London currently, PIG is for Poland-Iceland-Greece which are responding to the Goldman Sachs errand boys deployed by the R&R hogs in City of London and BRICs are Brazil, Russian, India and China throwing gasoline on the fires burning up the American economy as the X37B did a number on the Deepwater Horizon when the North Korean mini-sub crossed the line in the sand, so it were” commented Thrasher who was in international mortgages with Wells Fargo when she wasn’t on assignment with Abel Danger. Her mission with Abel Danger was to tie up all the loose ends on the international mortgage enslavement of Americans as first explained in the Banker’s Manifesto of 1892 which was expected to come to an end PRIOR TO March, 2011 when the T Party in the USA would call for a repudiation of all odious debt while the Reform Party of Canada, excepting Quebec, would be doing as well. It was widely believed that the Magic Circle Jerks would have a skirmish in Israel and Iran kick off at that time to keep Americans from demanding all mortgages written on US property be serviced in the United States, just as Natalya Antonov preferred to be serviced in the United States, the trunk of a car, or a kitchen table.

Marquis went on reading the Greek letter and translating for those not trained in the ancient languages although Chips felt that the language of love was the most ancient of all and Natalya agreed that Chips demonstrated great fluency, and more than acceptable turgidity.

"This Greek clipper came from a surviving family member of the former Abel Danger Greek asset who was lost when the Albogas 37 capsized off the Greek Island of Lesbos not to be confused with Bill Clinton’s cabinet appointments, those in the Cabinet were never as dangerous as the Lesbos haunting the SES in the period 1979 to 2003 before they started coming in from the frigid, no strike that, cold, and sharing intel on their peers with Naval Intelligence and DNIF must to the detriment of SES, FCI and DLA Piper. The Clipper reports that: KSM lab techies have deciphered four repeat four names Archibald Sinclair, Arthur Golderg, Gunter d’Alquen and Henry Hyde; they have sent the [BBC snuff film?] reels for re-mastering, digitization and transcription with ‘in service’ date expected to be 11 May, 2011. It goes on to report that Natalie Rowe was a first hand witness to the desperate longing of a gauche Oxford student struggling to fit in with the fabulously wealthy like university pal Nat Rothschild. As the vice girl watched this week's scandal unfold over Osborne's dealings with Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska on his yacht, she recalled how the young George-from the Osborne & Little fabrics family-was once snubbed by the sons of the gentry. And she revealed how she and the young Tory were drawn together as she supplied girls and drugs to parties for some of Oxford's notorious Bullingdon Club drinking circle. Its members included both Osborne and his former pal Rothschild, the man now accusing the top Tory of soliciting a £50,000 donation from aluminum tycoon Deripaska. Slaves .. Miss Whiplash and vice madam Natalie, 45, revealed: "George was fascinated when he heard what I did for a living. He wanted to know about the clients, how much I charged, what went on. He seemed a bit more than curious about what went on. "He wanted to see the equipment-the whips, the chains, the belts. "He was particularly interested in the dog collars we put on clients and the rubber underpants they wear as submissive slaves .. Once George and his friends were at my flat while I was actually having a session with a paying customer. "I had the man on all fours with a collar on and beat him. I was making him bark like a dog and act like a slave. They found it quite funny. "None of them hid the fact they liked it and they weren't embarrassed. They were turned on by it." Natalie, who styled herself as Mistress Pain and ran an escort agency called Black Beauties, met Osborne and Rothschild through her boyfriend at the time, fellow Bullingdon member William Sinclair, grandson of Winston Churchill's wartime air minister Sir Archibald Sinclair. Our exclusive photograph of Natalie in a figure-hugging PVC dress was taken at her west London flat where she threw a string of wild parties. Osborne was a regular guest .. She said he was more compassionate than the others and would offer her advice on her rocky relationship with William .. The pair's close friendship drew suspicions that they had fallen in love and, on one occasion jealous William even fought with the future Shadow Chancellor .. "They all loved music by Elvis Presley. They'd also sing Gold by Spandau Ballet and George liked David Bowie's Heroes." Remarkably, while sat in the home of a dominatrix, the 22-year-old Osborne bragged how he would one day become Prime Minister .. Natalie was this week intrigued how, given their once close friendship, the damaging claims that today threaten Osborne's political future actually came from financier Nat Rothschild, heir to a family baronetcy and a £500 million banking fortune. She recalled how the two students and their band of pals would head to the country for wild weekends. "The Bullingdon Club thought they were untouchable," she said. "They thought they could do what they wanted. They had money and arrogance. They thought there were no consequences, anything goes." She said the group's bad behaviour came to a head in March 1994 at the Rothschilds' stately home, Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire. She thinks both Nat and Osborne were among the 40-strong party. Natalie sent three strippers and was asked to make sure the women were "tall, dark and slim and with figures like Naomi Campbell." Around six grams of cocaine were also provided for the club members to snort. As well as stripping, it was made clear that the girls' services would extend to "extras"-sex with guests. But Natalie claims the party degenerated into a humiliating experience for the girls who were abused by some braying Bullingdon boys. Spitting "The girls were made to feel like they were nothing," she said. "They climbed on to the bar or a table and started to strip and gyrate. But the guests were mauling them and jeering. It was horrendous. The guys were trying to touch them and shouting abuse, throwing champagne and spitting. "There was nothing decent in the way they treated the girls. "Then it got down to who would sleep with who. Who was going to have the girls first." The woman were left shaken by the experience and enraged when one wealthy punter refused to pay the agreed £350 for his sex session. As the girls tried to leave their car was surrounded by men who started to rock the vehicle. The police were called but no action was taken. Afterwards Osborne visited Natalie to apologise and Rothschild called to say sorry. "I was furious," she said. As Natalie this week surveyed the debris of Osborne's relationship with his accuser Rothschild and pondered the reasons behind the row, she admitted: "I can't believe George would want to annoy Nat. He knows so much about him. "I can't imagine why he'd want to get on the wrong side of him. "But Osborne's sloppy isn't he?”

Chips interrupted with a question: “Marquis, the letter in Greek seemed to be only a paragraph or two and yet you report the Clipper to be nearly a volume in length”, not to be confused with the Lengthy Portion, the Pub in Georgetown where SES turncoats had fist talked to Abel Danger in early October, 2003.

“Yes Chips, Greek is a very efficient language and they express many thoughts with very few words. In fact most in the Greek government think only two words when they consider what they would say to the Goldman Sachs front and BBC back sack artists who have trashed their economy prior to removing the Polish elite and trying, unsuccessfully, to shake down Iceland prior to the Brillant Ardent VD episode and the initials are G F, like Greek Fun but different, capeche?”

“Hamish, Marquis is it just me or does it seem like the whole damn world’s gone crazy and there’s too much hate and fighting going on?” asked Mattress Thrasher as she raised her sweater to ‘air the twins’.

“Thrasher that’s quick a rack you’ve offered up and I hope to examine them further after we get the plaque and safe verified. To answer your question there is indeed too much fighting going one but it is always unclear to know who really is involved in the tussle. For instance when HAARP did Haiti people wondered why God would allow such destruction. And on the Easter morning earthquake, again the public looked to God. When it was reported that the Polish chain of command had been killed it was unclear the cause of the accident and then with the ‘alleged’ VD cloud over Europe the airline industry was bilked of billions in favor of the Cat Bond Burglars deployed by the Magic Circle Jerks and their friends at LSA, DLA Piper and the four law firms in the City of London. Our Agent Jam was in the S-4 sub shadowing the mini-sub launched from the North Korean “cargo vessel” Dai Hong Dan believed to be staffed by 17th Sniper Corps “suicide” troops that had left Cuba’s Empresa Terminales Mambisas de La Habana (Port of Havana) on April 18th. Jam and her able bodied helmsman Agent Doc Fish Hook report that it “severely deviated” from its intended course for Venezuela’s Puerto Cabello bringing it to within 209 kilometers (130 miles) of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform which was located 80 kilometers (50 miles) off the coast of the US State of Louisiana where, Jam and Doc Fish Hook agree, it launched an SSC Sang-o Class Mini Submarine (Yugo class) estimated to have an operational range of 321 kilometers (200 miles). The North Korean ship that had left Cuba reported that the Deepwater Horizon appears to have been hit from the air, not from the mini-sub, suggesting the United States realized they could blame the attack on North Korean EXACTLY like they blamed the self-inflicted 9/11 on Muslim young men whose flying skill were so paltry they couldn’t grab their asses with both hands, let along fly a B757 into Gerald DeConto’s window on Wedge One. If the recently launched X37B was capable of such an attack is being researched at Abel Danger Plum City and we should know more by the time the ‘apparent election’ in the UK is concluded. However, to demonstrate how those in ‘trumped up authority’ intentionally confuse the masses let me read this Clipper just in from Agent Madam Ovary outside of Offutt AFB, Nebraska where she monitors Berkshire Hathaway and Goldman Sachs as well as the FEMA E4Bs.
“VD Witness Madam Ovary priority Clipper to Hamish, Marquis and M. Thrasher, copy Umbrellaman: “Yesterday, on Katie Couric's show, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg "speculated" that the terrorist who tried to bomb Time Square was "someone with a political agenda that doesn't like the healthcare bill." In other words, he was trying to blame the Tea Party movement and the patriotic Americans who stood up and fought against this usurpation of our rights. Well, guess what? The bomber is a naturalized citizen from Pakistan, with ties to the terrorists in Pakistan. Instead of apologizing for getting it wrong, or insulting mainstream, patriotic Americans, Bloomberg's response has been to say that "bias will not be tolerated." Mr. Mayor, how about your bias against the majority of Americans in this country? Mayor Bloomberg needs to apologize to all of the Americans he insulted with his "speculation.’ Call Mayor Bloomberg's office at (212)-NEW-YORK and demand that he apologize to those patriotic Americans who he is so fond of smearing.”“Bloomberg is another shill in the lineage of Robert Mukasey and Rootie Toot. They watch, or participate, as the crimes being planned and then they ‘can’, via the elitist owner Virtual News Network, a response to confuse the public with the willing main stream media such as BBC who had reported WTC 7 had collapsed 20 minutes before Silverstein pulled the trigger” opined an unknown voice from the shadows.
“Bloomerpuddingberg needs to apologize to all of the Americans he insulted with his scripted speculation rivaling 1972 Peter Jennings’ opinion that “it looks like the Red Brigade” or the 9/11 MSM mantra “it had to be Osama bin Laden”. The only way these crony shills could analyze complex financial false flag crimes so quickly and incorrectly is if they are in on the false flag operations brokered by Sidley, DLA Piper and the Magic Circle Jerks and their ilk going back to the Courtenay patented coal bombing of the steamboat Sultana killing an estimated 1,800 of her 2,400 passengers, many of whom were recently freed Union prisoners of war being sent up the river after being released from Andersonville, Georgia where we had boobs on the ground a scant two weeks ago” suggested” that unknown voice from the shadows who due to his/her anonymity cannot be sued for libel. It was noted that the voice spoke in a ‘cheesy English accent’.

As the discussion was finished Diehard and Sluggo appeared to move the safe into the center of the Churchill Weather Underground shelter which lent its name to two of its most-notorious operatives in Chicago, Bill Ayers and Barry Soetero. As Dwarf illuminated the safe with a flood light Marquis d’Cartier, once an engraver and gilt artist with Mr. J. Lancaster of Northampton, lined the plaque up to the discolored patch on the front of the safe. All in the room could see what Marquis d’Cartier saw; a perfect match that, unseen before, was a diagonal scratch across the face of the plaque which lined up with the same scratch extending across the face of the safe and pointed directly at the patent number. Marquis looked at Hamish and Chips for concurrence and then turned to his Clipper Peni-cam and contacted Banzai, Otto, Name Dropper and Uncle Ray on Clipper 2 Flash. “Operation Brilliant Sherlock concludes ‘patently perfect match, repeat, patently perfect match’.

Immediately through all the clippers in the room came the response from mobile HQ at the Rams Head Tavern in Crownsville, Maryland.
“Terminate Brilliant Sherlock, execute Pied Piper, immediately. Team Gold 4 to Plum City. Moose.”
“Bachmann Turner Over, concur, execute Pied Piper, Plum City.”

Hamish, Thrasher, Chips and Natalya headed up the stairs with a great sense of urgency. As Sluggo, Diehard, Homi, Tango and Dwarf of the Red Hunter Killers put into action the plan to get the plaques switched back from the rendezvous in Crawley Hoss and Stone had the Puma ready from a quick trip to Gatwick where Buck Naked was on ‘strip alert’ in the G550. John Galt, Marquis d’Cartier were to go to Plum City also so as the 6 were settled into the Puma Hoss signaled Stone to ‘let er’ rip’ whereupon Thrasher got so excited she gave Chips a status check forgetting that she was paired with Hamish on the previous Operation Brilliant Sherlock. Stone leveled off at 1500 feet AGL as opposed to AGW which had died just prior to Hot Air Al’s falling off the face of the earth and Professor Mann being impaled on his own keystone hockey stick. Chips noticed the ETA on the MCDU indicated 11 minutes enroute to Gatwick. He turned to Natalya and stuck his tongue in her ear and whispered “I wish this wasn’t my tongue and I wish that wasn’t your ear” to which Agent Natalya responded with three short grips on the tiller bar, in a manner of speaking.

“Take this to remember me by Chips” as she stuffed a pastel chamomile thong in his shirt.

“How did you get that off Natalya?”

“I have a gift that way Chips, I am good at getting things off, capeche?” Always interested in verifying statements Chips did an ‘area recon’ and determined this was the same IOC that she had put on just MPB [ moments post boink ].

“I have been dispatched back to Isle of Man to wrap up some loose ends with ICE but Agent Kaya shall be with you for Project Plum City and I will be as near as a Clipper call away. Good night, my sweet prince” gushed Natalya as she gave him one last long pull.

As Hoss took over from Stone to do a lights-out autorotation to a green space alongside the maintenance ramp of the southeast end of Gatwick Chips responded “See you, BK and Elaine soon in Dublin, or my name is not Barry Soetero”.

As the chopper settled on the grass just 6 feet from the tarmac Buck and Kaya met the party of 6 as Hoss set the Puma on idle to turn it over the RAF pilot off duty from RAF Flyingdales where Agents April Cunning and Big Johnson are monitoring the progress of the X37B from the BMEWS where they also can detect and track satellite launches, orbits, HAARP energizations or several other activities perpetrated by the Magic Circle Jerks and the Pied Piper’s former colleagues both in London and Phoenix. The RAF pilot handed Hoss a large leather attaché case with PLA Diaper Ukraine LLC written in gold engraving by the handle. Stone had stayed in the left seat until RAF pilot had taken over in the right seat. As Stone and Hoss followed the group to the waiting G550 Stone turned left towards the cockpit and took his place in the right seat while Buck Naked authorized Mary Ann MATS to close the boarding door. Buck pointed at the left engine master and whispered ‘Let ‘er buck’ to Stone.

Mary Ann MATS had placed name tags at the 8 leather seats in the conference area behind the forward galley. At Chips’ place was a 16 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini and at Agent Kaya’s position was a large globe of Merlot. Chips turned to Mary Ann and whispered, “Kaya is a little tired, I will get her settled in the Crew Rest Facility and be back up for the briefing.” Mary Ann smiled knowingly and responded “Save a dance for me, Chips”.

As Stone had both engines idling and as they approached the threshold for 26L two RAF Tornado F3 fighters called ‘5 out, 300 knots, 1500 feet, launch ‘em’ as Crawley tower flashed a green light at the G550. Buck grabbed a Grolsch wide body and pointed forward to Stone, who cobbed the power and departed straight ahead climbing to 1500 feet and accelerating to 300 knots.

“Tied, push it up” in a Limey accent had Stone pushing it up to full power and initiating a 380K climb to FL340 initially for the oceanic crossing. As the RAF interceptors joined in route formation on either side, Stone killed the strobe while Limey 1 strangled the parrot. The F3 Tornados were much more capable then the F1 Lightnings Chips had flown from RAF Cosford as an exchange pilot; he would fly fighter-interceptors in exchange for beer.

“Plum Pudding 01, cleared as requested, zipper, good hunting” was the only comment from Gatwick tower before Plum Pudding 01 flight of 6 was authorized to ‘go live’. Limey Flight had a Airbus 330 tanker south of NAS Keflavik anchored below the E8C Joint Stars that was orbiting higher while Norski 02 was orbiting below.

Stone clicked his vhf mic twice as he accepted a Grolsch frosty from Buck who had the thunderstorm lights on and was reviewing a file of ‘flight attendant wannabe’s’ who knew of the G550 trips flown out of Atlanta, Georgia although that does not infer any relationship to Delta Airlines which will be the second biggest airline behind Continental-United and only one big airline will be able to compete with Turkish, Virgin-Atlantic and Lufthansa for the service of Abel Danger Flight Safety now that ALPA has broken it’s pledge with Chips’ former attorney and Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) is going PRO SE.

As Mary Ann MATS was passing out the briefing guides she realized that Chips would be busy debriefing Kaya so she went Hot Mic so that Chips and Kaya would be able to listen in as they thoroughly debriefed each other. In the CRF Kaya had gotten over her tiredness with a single sip of Merlot and had barked twice signaling Chips of her preference for the first 30 minutes of the enduro. Chips rattled his brain to come up with a moderately paced doggie style song and came up with “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo”.

Kaya got into the rhythm and was enjoying this song from the 70’s though she had not been born until 1988 in Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan the same year that Agent Natalya Tupelov had first swapped pleasantries with Agent Chips. Kaya’s command of English was sufficient to pick up on the ‘McDonald’ and ‘St Paul’ lyrics in this hit by Lobo. She was thrilled to be heading to Plum City from whence she would penetrate a Consulate in Chicago but she was much more excited by penetration occurring from a position directly behind her. Chips had set the Clipper for continuous 240 and long prior to Kaya’s first ‘switch’ call they heard Mary Ann MATS beginning the Plum City Pied Piper Briefing.

“Hamish and Marquis please correct me if I misspeak. John Galt and Thrasher, likewise if I make any materiel excusions regarding ‘odious debt’ or ‘entanglement by the royals’ please correct me. It is regrettable that Chips is having to attend to Kaya, apparently at age 22 she is still visited by occasional abdominal discomfort when flying.”

In the CRF Kaya called ‘Swithch’ in Kazakh as she often reverted to her native tongue when she was aroused and impersonating a Maytag.

“Umbrellaman reports [Compound O visitor on film] Archibald Henry Macdonald Sinclair, 1st Viscount Thurso (1890–1970) was elected Rector of the University in 1938 and held the post until 1945. Sinclair, who became 4th Baronet in 1912, trained at Sandhurst and served in the army during the First World War. He was briefly second-in-command to Winston Churchill when the latter commanded the 6th Battalion of the Royal Scots Fusiliers. He was elected a Liberal MP in 1922 and in 1931 joined the National Government, which appointed him Secretary of State for Scotland. He became leader of the Liberal Party in 1935. He served during the Second World War as Secretary of State for Air and in 1952 he was created 1st Viscount Thurso. The rectorial election was held on 22 October 1938, shortly after the German annexation of the Sudetenland and during a bitter national debate about the government's policy of appeasement. Sinclair announced that he would be happy to stand down as a candidate to ensure the election of the former President of Czechoslovakia, Edouard Benes, but Benes's candidacy was subsequently withdrawn. Sinclair re-entered the campaign and defeated the humanitarian and travel agency founder Sir Henry Lunn and the novelist and pacifist Laurence Housman. He remained in the post throughout the Second World War, becoming the longest-serving rector since Sir John Maxwell.”

From Mary Ann MATS’ Magnalite 4 D-cell flashlight Clipper speaker came the Voice of Ramey, Agent DJ who was listening it but thinking a little refreshment might brighten up the agony of the briefing. “Sociable”. All aboard the G550 and in the cockpit joined Agent DJ while in the CRF Agent Chips kept his nose to the grindstone, in a manner of speaking.

Mary Ann continued “[Compound O inmate who made snuff films] Gunter d’Alquen started his career in the Hitler Youth and later became a Youth Party leader in 1927. From an early age he had a passion for writing and used both the written and spoken word to communicate his beliefs and values. He joined the SS in April 1931 and within three years achieved the rank of Captain (Hauptmann). He joined the Völkischer Beobachter in 1932 as a political correspondent and began to write articles of a distinctly right wing nature. Clearly talented, his work was read by Heinrich Himmler who was so impressed that he placed him as the Editor of the Schwarze Korps – The official newspaper of the SS in 1935. By the outbreak of war the print run of the paper exceeded 700,000 copies per issue and d’Alquen had earned himself the reputation of being a “firebrand’ extolling the virtues of the new ideals. Over the next four years d’Alquen used his position to incite antagonism towards the Jews, moderate intellectuals and foreign opponents, reluctant leaders and any others that opposed the strengthening Nazi ideology. With the outbreak of war d’Alquen’s Nazi fervor saw him become a dedicated and enthusiastic SS war reporter himself. His work was exceptionally valuable to the morale of the German war machine and towards the end of the conflict Himmler appointed him as head of the Wehrmacht Propaganda Department. During his career he was also responsible for several key works including the commissioned history of the SS. Over the years his works inflamed anti-Semitism and denigrated democracy in favor of benevolent dictatorship. He survived the war and was captured and interned in Britain. When Camp 165 was closed in 1948 he was “passed on” to the USA CIA where it is believed he worked on propaganda tactics during the Korean War. He certainly did something for the Allies as he was allowed to return to Germany. On the whole he was allowed to live in peace although he was made to pay two large de-Nazification fines (Berlin), one in 1955 and a further one in 1958. There is speculation that both of these were indirectly paid for by the US Government as part of their repatriation deal. He was apparently banned from ever working in journalism but otherwise allowed to live out his life in peace and quiet. He died in 1998 aged 88. Here are some more pics ....”

“.... [Compound O visitor on film] Henry Hyde was a crucial player in the World War II team assembled by Maj. Gen. William J. Donovan, the ''Wild Bill'' Donovan of O.S.S. fame. General Donovan was the architect of the Office of Strategic Services and ''father'' of the Central Intelligence Agency that grew from it; Mr. Hyde served as his chief of intelligence in France and later in Switzerland. He was the spymaster of Operation Penny Farthing, one of the most successful skeins woven by American intelligence in the thick of war. His exploits were detailed in ''Piercing the Third Reich'' by Joseph Persico, and ''The Last Hero: Wild Bill Donovan'' by Anthony Cave Brown. Mr. Hyde's upbringing in France had afforded him an unusually suitable background, along with fluency in French and German. He was heading the French desk of the O.S.S. in Algiers when General Donovan picked him to engineer Penny Farthing. His job was to recruit, brief and equip agents, select drop points and coordinate secret radio links with O.S.S. operatives in France. He hired agents from origins as divergent as socialist anarchism and -- closer to his own ilk -- the upper reaches of French nobility. After training them in London, he smuggled them into France and collected their gleanings. The Penny Farthing network produced accurate information on German troop movements and helped the American high command plan and execute the landings in the south of France and Normandy. Mr. Hyde's conduct earned him two Bronze Stars, and the French Legion of Honor and Croix de Guerre. A citation signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt applauded him for the many listening posts he had managed to operate in occupied France. Data provided by them, the President noted, ''contributed materially to the success, not only of the United States Seventh Army in South France, but also of the Allied Armies in Northern France.''” .. “Chapter 5 — Henry Hyde on Drugs: In Defense of Treason "There was no information developed indicating any U.S. government agency or organization condoned drug trafficking by the Contras or anyone else." — from a memo endorsed by Henry Hyde, 1987 "Fourteen million to finance [Contra arms] came from drugs." — July 12, 1985 entry in a notebook kept by Oliver North. The involvement of Nicaraguan Contras and their American support system in drug trafficking to raise funds for war is a matter still hotly debated over a decade after the Iran-Contra scandal came to light. Henry Hyde played a significant role in creating public confusion about Contra trafficking and ultimately steering the IranContra Committees away from a serious investigation of this highly volatile subject that goes right to the heart of U.S. national security. The suppression of the Contra drug investigation was crucial in keeping Ronald Reagan and George Bush from being run out of office for a policy which both fueled America's cocaine pandemic and greatly advanced the mission of narco -terrorists who were busy moonlighting as Contra captains. In deflecting the Contra drug investigation, Hyde also shielded himself and other pro-Contra cheerleaders from the onslaught of bad press which would have inevitably followed public revelations about this very serious issue.”

[Blind note to sighted readers: Please recall that Agent Chips was a student of Oliver North’s at the Marine Corps Basic School at Quantico, Virginia in 1971-1972 after having previously served with him at Annapolis from July, 1967 to June Week 1968. Chips and Oliver had a relationship that was rather ‘murky’ during Barry Seal’s Flying Circus in and around Arkansas and Louisiana from when Chips was at Little Rock AFB in November, 1973 until Barry Seal’s murder at the hands of a double-crossing nation, that being the US of A. Chips’ service in the Howard 500 and the C123K known as the Fat Lady [ google: image + barry seal c123 + fat lady ] is of Hollywood caliber.]

“Umbrellaman adds that [Compound O visitor, possibly on BBC / RCA snuff film] Arthur Goldberg was born and raised on the West Side of Chicago, the youngest of eight children of Jewish immigrants. The paternal side of the family (Goldberg-Flaumen) originally came from the town of Oświęcim (German: Auschwitz, Yiddish Oshpitsin אָשפּיצין ),Poland. The maternal side of the family originally came from a shtetl called Zenkhov in Ukraine .. Goldberg's interest in the law was sparked by the famous 1923 murder trial of Leopold and Loeb, wealthy young Chicagoans who were spared the death penalty with the help of their high-powered defense attorney, Clarence Darrow. Goldberg would later point to this case as inspiration for his opposition to the death penalty on the bench, as he saw how inequality of social status could lead to unfair application of the death penalty. Goldberg earned a distinguished reputation as a student at both DePaul University and later the Northwestern University School of Law, where he edited the law review, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1930. During World War II, Goldberg served in a spy ring operated by the Office of Strategic Services, not to be confused with Obama’s OOS, a precursor to the CIA; Goldberg's involvement was not disclosed publicly until 2008, see Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) which is proceeding PRO SE after Chips has released his attorney of record. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency stated that: "Goldberg's file notes that as both a civilian and a member of the army, he supervised a section in the Secret Intelligence Branch of OSS to maintain contact with labor groups and organizations regarded as potential resistance elements in enemy-occupied and enemy countries. He organized anti-Nazi European transportation workers into an extensive intelligence network. [He duplicated this for saboteurs operating out of the Northwestern University Transportation Center which tracked victims moving over the Boeing / Honeywell supply chains for 9/11]”

As Mary Ann was wrapping the Umbrellaman briefing, Chips called switch in the CRF and Kaya obliged by impersonating a rabbit ear TV antenna as the Plum City piledriver dished out all she could wish for, being a shy girl of some 22 years.

Chips selected D6 on his Clipper to slow things down and therein delay an early exploculation which, according to Gennifer Flowers, the Oxford rapist with a Gadget Bent had a slight problem with.

As Chips continued his security debriefing of Agent Kaya, all Clippers picked up an Immediate Clipper from Banzai Pipeline deployed at a ‘secure location’ and uplinked through Norski 02 which was anchored in a holding pattern 60 miles south of Keflavik NAS, Iceland where the Icelandic people had sent a strong message to the City of London Wankers, no strike that, Bankers. Really the same kettle of fish.
“Abel Danger Global, Immediate message from Agent Bean: “Moose and Bachmann Turner Over advise that disinfo coming into the US is warning that EMP could leave 90 percent of Americans dead. It states that there is renewed alarm about the possibility of an EMP attack because of Iran’s work on a multi-state Space Launch Vehicle. Experts forecast that if such an attack were to succeed it could effectively throw the US back into an age of agriculture which is exactly why Chips would be sage to buy 100 acres of remote farm land in Wisconsin. Agent Bean out.”
“Agent Chips in” cooed Kaya shortly after having called switch and a conversion to the ‘windmill’ position where she made a bicycle peddling motion with her legs much like the mannequin on the bicycle suspended over the entry to the Amsterdam Sex Museum.

As Chips was fully engaged, dare I say knee deep, in Agent Kaya, Mary Ann MATS was concluding her Umbrellaman Briefing and solicited questions or comments from Abel Danger Global, all of whom were networking via Banzai and Otto’s workstations.

First to contribute was Voice of Ramey, Agent DJ, who Clippered in from the Green Team Smokers and Strokers at Gliffaes House, Powys, Crickhowell, Wales:
“Iceland VD Voice of Ramey priority Clipper to Mary Ann MATS, Chips and Uncle Ray, copy Namedropper and Banzai: “Here’s a heads up. The BBC wrote a TV comedy series called “Yes, Minister” to make people laugh in the UK. They wrote a real life script for “Yes, Mistress” for the Femme Comp Inc women to take over the military forces of the United States through the S.E.S. The approximately 7,000 members of the SES are in turn controlled out of the City of London by the SCRAP Merchant. Look at the SES Flag design. It’s licensed by Senior Executives Association Professional Development League Washington, D.C. 202-927-7000. These people – remember 7,000 members of the SES (88% are career civil servants) plus political appointees who serve at the pleasure of the Administration, are controlled by a foreign power. Question is which? Note that the SES flag is blue with a keystone emblem in the center in yellow, surrounded by a ring of 13 yellow stars. Could this represent the thirteen British colonies on the Atlantic coast of North America which declared their independence in the American Revolution and formed the United States. These colonies, whose territory ranged from what is now Maine (then part of the Province of Massachusetts Bay) to the north and Georgia to the south, were Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island. Remember the founder member of the SES is Queen Hornet; she has ice in her veins so who pays to keep her so cool? And why is her little brother paid more and by Whom, the upper case W should be a hint, capeche”
As Agents world-wide mulled the Voice of Ramey’s contribution, in from an ocean platform at 0 degrees West, 0 degrees north came a Clipper from Agent Mo Libideaux who was on the platform analyzing the urinary health of the 33 man crew therein assigned.

“Dr. Mo Libideaux priority Clipper to Uncle Ray, Namedropper, Umbrellaman, Banzai and Otto, copy Uncle Ray and Chips; “ We’ve done some more analysis on the foreign flag treason. We’ve looked at the DLA Piper/SES agents’ possible use of Met Office networks and other U.S. and EU military equipment to trigger carbon offset trades and reward the hit teams which stopped 1,128 employees of Cantor Fitzgerald, MMC and Aon from breathing on 9/11. We compared the EU flag with SES flag (L & R above); the 13 star SES flag COULD represent Pennsylvania [Michael ‘Hockeystick’ Mann at Penn State] as a keystone member of the Thirteen Colonies at the time of the American Revolution. MORE LIKELY, it represents the DLA Piper/SES alliance as the keystone within the 13 stars where the United States is one star PLUS the original 12 states of Europe Union. The flag would then imply that any SES member can authorize the purchase of a carbon offset to eliminate an enemy with a SCRAP Merchant hired hit team rewarded with a share in the victim insurance irrespective of the location of the FC-KU crime scene. Chips, Dropper and Umbrellaman to block via Banzai Pipeline ‘wrecking crew 2010’”

“Blabbermouth Moose priority Clipper to Banzai, Otto, Marquis d’Cartier and Chips: “ we’ve asked Prime Minister Harper, UK Candidate Lord Pearson, and AG Eric Holder to investigate DLA Piper agents, including its head of international trade law, Mrs. Clegg-a-Legg, code name ‘chicken leg’. Chicken Leg buys carbon offsets from a Met Office trading arm in the U.K. Ministry of Defence and the BBC special effects teams funded thorough their BBC Pension Trust. Carbon offsets sales finance murder-for-hire teams; teams get a share in the proceeds of life insurance claims after the victims have been filmed as they stop exhaling CO2! Evidence that Mrs. Clegg's DLA Piper colleagues began converting the Met Office into a murder-for-hire network in 1978 . It was a joint venture with charter members of the U.S. Senior Executive Service and associates of DLA Piper’s various root companies such as San Diego-based Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich, UK-based Dibb Lupton Alsop, Baltimore-based Piper & Marbury and Chicago-based Rudnick & Wolfe. “Sustaining the green momentum" is an article by Nigel Knowles, no relationship to Nigel Glasscock, Joint CEO, DLA Piper who is conspiring with the Prince of Wales in a May Day Summit scam on climate change. They are extorting law firms who employ thousands of energy-consuming staff to travel between offices and shelter the guilty and accuse the innocent. They accuse them of being hothouses for unsustainable business practices. They are covertly mobilizing suppliers to measure and minimise their own ‘end to end’ carbon footprint along targeted supply chains. They threaten customers with sales of carbon offsets which can only be delivered if the customer goes on a one way trip. The BBC World Service camouflages its snuff film crews inside the 13-star Magic Circle. Nigel Knowles is Joint CEO of DLA Piper and he founded DLA Piper's Legal Sector Alliance of 167 law firms which now empowers the 7,000 members of the Senior Executive Service to `drawdown' patented U.S. and U.K. military equipment into the carbon carousel. The BBC’s weaponry includes Met Office’s patented C4 sensors and fairy dust algorithms. When the BBC lawyers receive the snuff films as confirmation that a carbon offset contract has been completed, they reward killers through the BBC Pension Trust with payments laundered around the 13 star carbon carousel. Meanwhile even though he knows that the Magic Circle law firms are erasing the carbon footprints of their terrified customers and suppliers, the professional recluse and pathological liar Al Gore buys 9 million dollar ‘green retirement home in his non-native state because he is persona-non-grata in Tennessee where Gore’s HAARP pals just dropped 20 inches of rain, capeche?”
Following immediately was a priority Clipper from Agent John Galt, who was seated at the conference table next to Marquis d’Cartier and enjoying his 3rd Grolsch.
“Chatterbox Galt priority Clipper to Abel Danger Global: "Six law firms--including Linklaters and Vinson & Elkins--are advising on BP's announced $7 billion acquisition of assets in Azerbaijan, Brazil, and the Gulf of Mexico from oil and gas producer Devon Energy .. Linklaters M&A partner Joshua Berick, corporate partner Stephen Griffin, and associates Colin Greenspon and Graham Phillips are advising BP on the acquisition. The Magic Circle firm is a longtime adviser to London-based BP [handled] $110 billion merger with Chicago-based Amoco in 1998. Agent Kaya and Chips were at Baku, Azerbaijan during his ‘flying job’ in Astana and should chime in MPB”
Abel Danger’s master sailor Agent Doc Fish Hook Clippered in an immediate FLASH CLIPPER from the surfaced S-4 Sub 79 miles south of Destin, Florida:
“Pan Pan Pan: Abel Danger Global, regarding Deepwater Horizon One strange thing remains, witnesses are reported to have heard not a single alarm; they experienced a split second of flickering lights, perceived a heavy thud a split second thereafter, then the explosion from below. There are multiple alarms to detect abnormalities that could lead to disruption or explosion...none went off. Training exercises would have been concerned with the viability and functionality of alarm systems. More will come out in time. Where are the detailed media interviews of workers on the rig when the blast occurred, could it be that the attack on the rig was not from the North Korean sub but rather from……”
Before Agent Doc Fish Hook could name the alternate attack source, there was a split second flickering of lights in the G550 and a split second thereafter a heavy thud as the nighttime sky 72 miles south of Keflavik was bright like day at 0237 local time.

In the Crew Rest Facility Agent Kaya called ‘switch’ and reached for her riding crop and her whipping caused Chips to hark back to Natalya Antonov and exploculate.

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