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Family Tree of Ditchley, Field – Serco Murder for Hire
Spying wives tied snuff-film bonds to wireless, camera, incendiary bombs

Chips referenced a coded message to Virgin Atlantic, Polish LOT and the other 3 airlines on aviation hits loosely connected to the Weather Underground. He mentions Al Gore’s Green BS which causes large swings in airline stocks prices like Hillary’s 1978 cattle trades. Voice of Ramey sends a Flash Clipper ‘All Gold-members to be inserted near Blairmore House in parish of Glass; look for clue; brass plate that used to be attached to a safe that survived the Great Fire of Chicago of 1871; others to transfer to Kelmarsh Gardens near Northampton for further forward deployment to Crickhowell, Wales’ Hamish briefs team on Nancy Tree, former wife of Ronald Tree (heir through his mother to a fortune also derived from Marshall FIELD), whom she married in 1920. They bought Ditchley in Oxfordshire where Winston Churchill used to spend his weekends during WWII, when the danger of bombing prevented him going to Chequers or Chartwell VD Clippers Gold Team on Mrs. Clegg’s links to Beijing Ethics Network conspiracy at Boeing’s Office apparently to write unwritten rules for trade in stolen nukes. Team finds safe below Ditchley Park; a dusty old 'audit copy' with front cover dated 11 November, 1945 and five names: McCain, McConnell and three nearly illegible; also three reels of film in steel canisters and a briefing "MOSQUITO GETS KENNEDY". Hamish led the way out of the Churchill Weather Underground 'safe-room'; two unknown riders approaching Ditchley on foot. Hamish, Thrasher and Tupelov rejoined others. Staccato of apparent gunfire heard outside. In safe room Natalya Antonov called 'switch'.

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Chicago Cabal - Organized Crime - the Windy City blows a lot of criminality around


This post is being run considering the 'Chicago cabal' has been mentioned repeatedly in the discussions of Hawks Cafe, Captain Sherlock and the Abel Danger Team.

Senate race in Illinois: New meaning for toxic loans.

By Editorial Board St. Louis Post-Dispatch
04.27.2010 9:01 pm

At last report, Alexi Giannoulias, the Democratic candidate for U.S. senator from Illinois, finally had been invited to appear with President Barack Obama in Quincy today. But this, as in most things political in Illinois, is subject to last-minute change.

Perhaps only in Illinois would there be any doubt that a president who returns to his home state would share the spotlight with an old basketball buddy who is his party’s candidate for the Senate seat that he once held.

But Mr. Giannoulias has potentially toxic political problems stemming from the years he spent working at Chicago’s Broadway Bank, founded by his father and run, at least until last Friday, by his older brother. The problems include the bank’s loans to Antoin “Tony” Rezko, the Democratic fundraiser associated with former Gov. Rod Blagojevich and Mr. Obama, as well as to figures tied to organized crime.

Mr. Giannoulias finessed those problems in his successful 2006 race for state treasurer. But for months, U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk of Highland Park, the Republican nominee for the Senate, has been hammering them to great effect. Ten days ago, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., reportedly approached the White House with a plea for the president to lend more support to the Giannoulias campaign.

The White House political office, which had been lukewarm to Mr. Giannoulias’ candidacy from the start, demurred. On Friday, we learned why: State and federal banking regulators closed Broadway Bank; the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. sold the bank’s assets to another Chicago bank. FDIC insurance will cover nearly $400 million in guaranteed deposits.

This has been a great boon to Mr. Kirk’s campaign and increases the odds that Democrats this fall could find themselves losing what had been Mr. Obama’s Senate seat. It is occupied now by Sen. Roland Burris, appointed by Mr. Blagojevich after — federal indictments charge — the then-governor tried to sell it for his own personal gain.

But he did cite his banking experience in the treasurer’s race. And the bank did loan money to Rezko, the Blagojevich bag-man convicted of fraud and bribery in 2008. And after he became chief loan officer in 2004 at the tender age of 28, he was part of the banking brain trust that loaned $26 million to a partnership that included an ex-mob bookie named Michael “Jaws” Giorango.

Not a good campaign headline

Source: Chicago Tribune

$20 million in loans to felons

Broadway Bank lending, when Alexi Giannoulias was senior loan officer, detailed

By David Jackson, John Chase and Ray Gibson, Tribune Reporters
April 1, 2010

The family bank of Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias loaned a pair of Chicago crime figures about $20 million during a 14-month period when Giannoulias was a senior loan officer, according to a Tribune examination that provides new details about the bank's relationship with the convicted felons.

Broadway Bank had already lent millions to Michael Giorango when he and a new business partner, Demitri Stavropoulos, came to the bank in mid-2004. Although both men were preparing to serve federal prison terms, the bank embarked on a series of loans to them.

Stavropoulos in 2005 began a two-year sentence following a felony conviction for running a multi-state bookmaking ring, while Giorango would serve six months intermittent confinement on a felony for promoting a nationwide prostitution scheme as Broadway financed their land deals from downtown Chicago to Florida, California and South Carolina.

Glenn Beck Showcases Abel Danger Research

Glenn Beck covers the Joyce Foundation, Kellogg School of Management, CCX, RICHard Sandor, GIM, Blood, Gore, Goldman execs, Carlton Bartels CO2e trading patent, his death in 9/11 and Franklin Raines/Fannie Mae patent purchase. Thanks H H. Good work, Glenn!

Alexander Geddes - The Great Chicago Fire - Competition in the Insurance business

Source: Rooster Cogburn

Alexander Geddes' Safe - Great Chicago Fire - Private Networks - Insurance Industry - Reputed Fortune In Grain

"Without a complete understanding of economics history is impossible to understand." -- Ezra Pound

This is an informal forensic economic analysis of the events surrounding the Great Chicago Fire based on the discussions of Hawks Cafe, Captain Sherlock and the Abel Danger team. Did Alexander Geddes buy his safe from a Mr. Harris?

After the great Chicago Fire in 1871, a Mr. Harris did a booming business in Chicago when Chicagoan's learned just to what extent personal belongings and important documents had been destroyed in the fire. It would seem people living in Chicago at the time never thought about the consequences of losing all their valuables and important documents in a fire as destructive as the fire that completely destroyed four square miles within a twenty-four hour period of Chicago between October 8th and 9th of 1871.

Returning to his native Scotland in the 1880s, Alexander Geddes built the house of his dreams called the Blairmore House and the date stone of 1885 bears his initials. Among the mementos to be found in the house, is a plaque from the safe which literally saved Geddes' fortune in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. What this informal inquiry would like to discusss, amongst other important findings is, what exactly did the safe contain if not insurance contracts worth millions? The only treasure missing from the, sadly, was a safe that had been brought back from America and installed in the house by Geddes in the Blairmore House.
Blairmore House, the school's premises, is a Victorian mansion set amid 50 acres (200,000 m2) of woodland beside the River Deveron. It is 6 miles (9.7 km) from Huntly, 40 miles (64 km) from Aberdeen and 60 miles (97 km) from Inverness. The house was designed by architect Alexander Marshall Mackenzie and was built as a private home in 1884 for Alexander Geddes, a wealthy businessman and great-great grandfather of UK Prime Minister and Tory party leader David Cameron. Cameron's father, Ian Donald Cameron, was born in the house in 1932. Geddes made his fortune in Chicago in the US in the trading of grain in the 1850s, and a safe belonging to him which survived the Great Fire of Chicago was installed in the house's Billiard Room.
The safe apparently fell through the floor in in a fire in the 1970s and was sold for scrap - though a brass plate remains, with an inscription to the effect that it had survived the Great Fire of Chicago of 1871, along with Geddes's worldly wealth. "Had it not been for this safe, I would have gone bankrupt," reads the plate.

Blairmore House (School)- built for Alexender Geddes in 1884 beside the River Deveron

Europol—Carbon Carousel Fraud

Source: EUXTV

Peter Dunscombe—BBC Pension Trust—Carbon Laundering Carousel

Source: DAVID HAWKINS Yahoo Group

Sunday Express Front Page: £8BN BBC Eco Bias
28 April 2010—Hawks CAFE alleges that Peter Dunscombe set up a ‘Carbon Carousel’ (see below) money laundering instrument for the BBC Pension Trust, the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC), and political families at the top of the three parties in the current UK election campaign.

Deutsche Bank, RWE Raided in German Probe of CO2 Tax


28 April 2010—German prosecutors searched Deutsche Bank AG and RWE AG in a raid on 230 offices and homes nationwide to investigate 180 million euros ($238 million) of tax evasion linked to emissions trading. The Frankfurt Chief Prosecutor’s Office said it targeted 150 suspects at 50 companies and has frozen assets.

The U.K., France, Netherlands are among nations that started investigations last year of “carousel fraud,” where carbon traders collect tax and disappear before turning it in to authorities. Today’s raid was the biggest related to a fraud that may have tainted an estimated 7 percent of carbon trades in last year’s $125 billion market.

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: April 2010

Source:, hawkscafe,

28 Apr 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

21 Apr 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

14 Apr 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

13 Apr 2010—Listen—Jack Stockwell

7 Apr 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Topic for 28 April 2010
Mrs. Nick Clegg—DLA Piper—Carbon Carousel Fraud

SCRAP Merchant

Serco (RCA, BBC, Met Office, MOD, Virtual Floating Matrix)
Cameron (HSBC, Bullingdon—$70 trillion CDP, IIGCC, Serco)
Rothschild (RSA, Carbon Ring, 9/11, $4 billion Insurance Fraud)
Aviva (Lord Sharman, KPMG, Sidley Austin, Commercial Union)
Patent Office (Marconi, Clinton, FDNY, Thales, QRS11, Smacsonic)

Magic Circle law firms, led by Linklaters and a ‘SCRAP Merchant’ client organization, structured cat bonds to be triggered by hired saboteurs on 9/11 to enrich crony SCRAP sponsors, including the BBC Pension Trust, with combined assets of $70 in the trillion Carbon Disclosure Project and the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC).

The SCRAP Merchant used patented devices embedded in the QRS-11 and SMACSONIC products to guide hijacked aircraft and vaporize evidence of insurance frauds at the crimes scenes associated with the attacks of 9/11.

South face of south tower of WTC on 9/11

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Fannie Mae owns patent on residential ‘cap and trade’ exchange

Source: BARBARA HOLLINGSWORTH Washington Examiner

When he wasn't busy helping create a $127 billion mess for taxpayers to clean up, former Fannie Mae Chief Executive Officer Franklin Raines, two of his top underlings and select individuals in the "green" movement were inventing a patented system to trade residential carbon credits.

Franklin Raines, former chairman and chief executive officer of the Federal National Mortgage Association, commonly known as Fannie Mae

Patent No. 6904336 was approved by the U.S. Patent and Trade Office on Nov. 7, 2006 -- the day after Democrats took control of Congress. Former Sen. John Sununu, R-N.H., criticized the award at the time, pointing out that it had "nothing to do with Fannie Mae's charter, nothing to do with making mortgages more affordable."

It wasn't about mortgages. It was about greenbacks. The patent, which Fannie Mae confirmed it still owns with Cantor Fitzgerald subsidiary, gives the mortgage giant a lock on the fledgling carbon trading market, thus also giving it a major financial stake in the success of cap-and-trade legislation.

Besides Raines, the other "inventors" are:
  • Former Fannie Vice President and Deputy General Counsel G. Scott Lesmes, who provided legal advice on Fannie Mae's debt and equity offerings;
  • Former Fannie Vice President Robert Sahadi, who now runs GreenSpace Investment Financial Services out of his 5,002-square-foot Clarksburg home;
  • 2008 Barack Obama fundraiser Kenneth Berlin, an environmental law partner at Skadden Arps;
  • Michelle Desiderio, director of the National Green Building Certification program, which trains "green" monitors;
  • Former Cantor Fitzgerald employee Elizabeth Arner Cavey, wife of Democratic donor Brian Cavey of the Stanton Park Group, which received $200,000 last year to lobby on climate change legislation; and
  • Jane Bartels, widow of former CEO Carlton Bartels. Three weeks before Carlton Bartels was killed in the Sept. 11 attacks, he filed for another patent on the software used in 2003 to set up the Chicago Climate Exchange.
The patent, which covers both the "cap" and "trade" parts of Obama's top domestic energy initiation, gives Fannie Mae proprietary control over an automated trading system that pools and sells credits for hard-to-quantify residential carbon reduction efforts (such as solar panels and high-efficiency appliances) to companies and utilities that don't meet emission reduction targets. Depending on where the Environmental Protection Agency sets arbitrary CO2 standards, that could be every company in America.

Mrs. Clegg—Law of al-Qaeda Unwritten Rules

Source: DAVID HAWKINS Yahoo Group

Hawks CAFE alleges that Mrs. Nick Clegg’s (Miriam González Durántez) law firm DLA Piper and its ‘unwritten rules’ apparently allow the SCRAP* Merchant cat-bond insurance broker (see below) to reward al-Qaeda saboteurs for the value of any reductions they make in the carbon footprint of utilities, oil companies or airlines, amongst many others.

We developed the ‘SCRAP Merchant’ name to describe a hybrid organization of principals who appear to use unwritten rules to justify the liquidation of their rivals.

SCRAP Merchant

Serco (RCA BBC Met Office MOD Virtual Floating Matrix)
Cameron (HSBC Bullingdon – $70 trillion CDP, IIGCC Serco)
Rothschild (RSA Carbon Ring 9/11 $4 billion Insurance Fraud)
Aviva (Lord Sharman KPMG Sidley Austin, Commercial Union)
Patent Office (Marconi Clinton FDNY Thales QRS11 Smacsonic)

Miriam González Durántez


Miriam González Durántez (born May 1968) is a partner of international legal practice DLA Piper and the wife of UK Liberal Democrat party leader Nick Clegg. She was born in Spain and has Spanish nationality, but lives and works in the United Kingdom with her husband and children. Having previously worked as an advisor on trade law, economic relations and the Middle East to both the European Union and the British Government, González Durántez now works as a partner of DLA Piper. She is the head of International Trade Law. She is considered an expert on EU law and co-authored the book Regulatory Aspects of the WTO Telecoms Agreements.

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Field McConnell Letter to Sir Richard Branson

From: Captain Field McConnell
To: Sir Richard Branson

Cc: LOT Polish Airlines
17 Stycnia 39
00-906 Warsaw

Subject: Financial Claim Resulting From Volcanic Dust Manipulation

25 April, 2010

Dear Sir Richard:

I am the retired Northwest Airlines Captain who suggested you name one of your Virgin America Airbus jets “Queen of the Slipstream”.

In the blogspot link below please note that the Abel Danger blog carried your story about government oversight of Volcanic Dust.

Virgin boss Branson criticises flight ban as ‘wrong decision’

Further, I encourage you and your Aviation Safety Officer and General Counsel to become familiar with Chapter 4, published prior to this past 19 January, which is linked here:


This was made available to ALPA and USDOJ prior to 19 January, 2010. It was temporarily ‘redacted’ as a courtesy to the Court and legal procedure, as my Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) was at a critical point on 19 January.


This is our most current chapter and it, also, includes coverage of the Met Office, Volcanic Dust manipulation, and USDOJ and ALPA relationships to these issues. Later this day, 25 April, 2010 our Chapter 14 will be up at both our website and the blogspot in the Pacific that monitors our investigations.


BP Booted, Suited and Buggered in Gulf of Mexico Blaze
Cherie Carbon Matrix – BBC Screws Rothschild with an Aviva Fire Brigade

The ‘all clear’ came in; Hoss turned aircraft over to Stone to check out Boeing 737 derivative; he noticed swept back wingtips. Chips finished off Agent Stevie R. Gowray and heard the re-route to Brize Norton. Blabbermouth clippered Chips ‘Honeywell has visited the trap, vermin taking bait and human teeth recovered from Fresh Kills confirm hypothesis Nano al Umina. Blabbermouth Banzai to Hamish ‘re Magic Circle in City of London and Tragic Rectum in Chicago ‘Commerical Union did it in Chicago when the Field & Leiter store burned; topical review to reveal MO of SCRAP Merchant’ Cherie Blair becomes Curtis Brown; tracked through Sir Ken Macdonald QC (former Director of Public Prosecutions) who defended terrorist suspects, fraudsters and major drug dealers; on defence team for the Matrix Churchill trial [iraqgate]. Hamish briefed Chips on payback hit on BP “‘.. suited, booted and buggered in Gulf of Mexico fire a) Browne victim of Bullingdon-OSS b) Blackmail in CO2e c) Saboteurs trigger cat bonds for SCRAP Merchant d) Cat-bond kickbacks shared by House of Lords e) Magic Circle law firms produce ‘fake-debate’. Elementary my dear Watson” A stranger asked when the BBC became a Pravda; he suggests 2001, when Peter Dunscombe, custodian of BBC Pension Trust and IIGCC triggered 9/11 cat bonds to strip Rothschilds’ RSA of assets after Twin Towers demolished in double-occurrence insurance fraud. He notes RSA delisted due to sale of U.S. operations and refusal by another (?) Rothschild stranger director [gerance a l’etranger] He was about to warn AD on the ‘Who’ when concussive blasts rocked Jagger’s club. Banzai authorized deadly force, Corazon called out “bake and switch!” Chips riposted “fake and swap”.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Computers at The Meteorological Office (MET) - Weather Simulation - Catastrophe Bonds - ‘Fairy Dust’ - Almost Like Game Theory


The ash cloud that never was: How volcanic plume over UK was only a twentieth of safe-flying limit and blunders led to ban

The Mail on Sunday can today reveal the full extent of the shambles behind the great airspace shutdown that cost the airlines £1.3 billion and left 150,000 Britons stranded - all for a supposed volcanic ash cloud that for most of the five-day flights ban was so thin it was invisible.

As the satellite images of the so-called 'aerosol index' published for the first time, right, demonstrate, the sky above Britain was totally clear of ash from Iceland's Eyjafjallajoekull volcano.

Open skies: A sequence of images taken from space showing the 'aerosol index', the concentration of particles of ash or other pollution in the atmosphere. On April 15, the Icelandic volcano plume is clearly visible as a streak of orange, or 4.0 on the scale. Scientists say that anything more than a 2.0 - shown here as yellow - could indicate ash. The maps make it clear that for most of the shutdown, ash was visible over only small parts of Britain, and on some days, there was none at all.

Inquiries by this newspaper have disclosed that:
  • Attempts to measure the ash's density were hampered because the main aircraft used by the Meteorological Office for this purpose had been grounded as it was due to be repainted.
  • Computers at the Met Office, which earlier forecast a 'barbecue summer' last year and a mild winter for this year, produced a stream of maps predicting the ash would cover a vast area, eventually stretching from Russia to Newfoundland. But across almost all of it, there was virtually no ash at all, and none visible to satellites.
  • Though there was some ash over Britain at times during the ban, the maximum density measured by scientists was only about one twentieth of the limit that scientists, the Government, and aircraft and engine manufacturers have now decided is safe.
'We never understood why a blanket ban had been imposed - something that would not have happened in other parts of the world,' a senior airline executive said yesterday.

Just a puff of smoke

Virgin boss Branson criticises flight ban as ‘wrong decision’


Virgin Atlantic boss, Sir Richard Branson, said the airline lost about £50 million in six days and called for compensation for the industry.

Sir Richard said: “We've never asked for Government help in 25 years. We didn't even ask for Government help after 9/11. We took it on the chin.

But I think on this occasion this was very much a Government decision to ground the planes and we would suggest that the Government should compensate the industry.

Behind the scenes our engineers and all the experts were telling us that there was no danger at all to flying and that the danger would have been if we had flown close to Iceland through the volcano.

There were plenty of corridors through which the airlines could have flown through which would have been quite safe, so I think the Government has accepted that there was overreaction.

Whether or not there was overreaction or not I think the correct thing in a situation like this would be for the industry to be helped.

The experts in the industry were saying it was safe to fly. A blanket ban of the whole of Europe was not the right decision.

The first few days the ash was up at 35,000ft, the planes could have flown below 35,000ft. There were plenty of ways of dealing with it.

But actually, planes have to put with sandstorms in Africa, the engines are designed to put up with a lot more than existed.” continue reading »

Air Security Expert Says Full-Body Scanners are ‘Useless’


Israeli tells Canadian MPs high-tech machines can be easily fooled

23 April 2010—Boasting he could easily slip through one of Canada’s new full-body scanners with enough explosives to blow up a jumbo jet, a leading Israeli airport security expert says the federal government has wasted millions of dollars to install “useless” imaging machines at airports across the country.

“I don't know why everybody is running to buy these expensive and useless machines. I can overcome the body scanners with enough explosives to bring down a Boeing 747,” Rafi Sela told parliamentarians probing the state of aviation safety in Canada on Thursday.

“That’s why we haven't put them in our airport.”

Sela, former chief security officer at the Israel Airport Authority and a 30-year veteran in airport security and defence technology, helped design the security apparatus at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport. He spoke to MPs on the House of Commons transport committee via video conference from Kfar Vradim, Israel.

Sela’s pronouncements on the imaging machines come on the heels of the purchase of 44 body scanners for major Canadian airports. Each machine cost $250,000 and is being used for secondary screening to detect non-metallic threats, unless the passenger prefers a physical pat-down.

“You are running after the incidents instead of being in front of them,” Sela said of Canadian airport security officials. continue reading »

below: Kentucky Representative Hal Rogers questions TSA Acting Commissioner Kay Rossides.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Field McConnell Letter to European Pilots

To: BALPA, V-Cockpit, SNPL, TALPA and IFALPA Pilots

Subject: Volcanic Dust and MET Office

21 April, 2010

Dear Brother Pilots in Germany, France, Turkey and England,

On 19 January, 2010, I appeared in US District Court, District of Washington, DC as the Plaintiff in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC). The Case is attached and the core issue is illegal modifications of civil airliners. As a courtesy to the Court, Chapter 4, linked below, was ‘redacted’ pending progress in the Civil Case. On 1 April, 2010 I requested that my attorney withdraw from the case, so that I might proceed PRO SE and Chapter 4 was ‘unredacted’. ALPA had been made aware of the contents of Chapter 4 prior to 19 January, 2010 [ MET Office Volcanic Dust Manipulation ].

Yesterday, April 20, 2010, Chapter 13 of the book went on line.

Chapter 13 has additional ‘content’ regarding the MET Office and Volcanic Ash.

Further, much additonal information is available at and that blogspot is updated 24/7 as additonal information becomes available.

Our investigators had previously communicated with SNPL regarding Air France 447. We got no response.

If any airline employees or union representatives have any questions regarding the MET Office and their capabilities relating to Volcanic Ash, do not hesitate to contact either myself or David Hawkins.

Warm Regards,

Captain Field McConnell & David Hawkins

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Canada in 9/11—$1 billion Volcanic Ash Advisory Frauds

Source: DAVID HAWKINS Yahoo Group

Maurice Strong
Hawks’ CAFE has evidence that Northwestern University and its Kellogg School of Management alumni used hypothetical model runs and weather simulations generated by the Montreal Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) network and an airborne internet—‘Charlotte's Web’—to disrupt security systems of U.S. command centers during the attacks of 9/11.

We allege that Maurice Strong and Colonel Russell Williams, the recently-arrested former commander of Camp Mirage, made fraudulent use of the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers to punish climate-change violators during the 9/11 attack on America.

Col Russell Williams
Hawks CAFE believes that Maurice Strong set up the VAAC to enforce climate change rules through the U.N. International Civil Aviation Organization.

Iceland’s volcanic ash: A class action lawsuit in the making


The Met Office has been accused of using a scientific model based on “probability” rather than fact to forecast the spread of the volcanic ash cloud that made Europe a no-fly zone.

Legal experts suggested passengers and airlines may be able to sue the Government for more than £1 billion in compensation.
“This may well open the way for wider litigation against the Met Office and other government agencies that are found to have failed in their duty of care. The damages and legal costs could break the £1 billion mark.” ~Jeff Zindani, Forum Law solicitors
Much of the blame was directed at the Met Office’s Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC). It provided the initial warning, which triggered the European-wide ban via Eurocontrol, the air traffic control centre in Brussels. continue reading »


Clinton Tunnels of Treason and Patents of Compound O
A City SCRAP Merchant’s Lying Spying Wives Link 9/11 WWI and Titanic

Pentagon 9/11
Ellen Tree
KSM Witness Tango advises Chips shut down of power might be due to fairy dust alert routed from MET Office in England; he had just asked Lord Pearson (UKIP) to stop the ‘madness’ at trading arm of the Ministry of Defence. Hamish suggests to Chips that Brad King former CEO of Serco P3, an Arkansas First Lady and QH had began procuring Femme Comp Inc virtual-tunnel technologies in 1979; the clue that SCRAP agents are behind ‘virtual-tunnel’ attacks is that the dogs never bark; c.f. 7/7. Chips wonders if higher hit rate by the German battle fleet on Beatty’s battle squadron in the Battle of Jutland might be thanks to possible lying, spying wife Ellen Tree; he asked for a backgrounder on the couple’s troubled relationship and some more information on the Marconi coverage of over-insured vessels traveling North Atlantic in those early years of the 20th Century when so much was owed and so many died for so few. Stone opened another Grolsch Wide Body and contacted Natalya who, though a Pole with a Russian sounding name, was actually in Dublin, Ireland. Chips learns of a Joint Services P3 where Serco bankers (IIGCC-HSBC) can fly the Phallacrocorax carbo to neutralize CO2e emissions in aerospace supply chains (Air France 447). Hamish warns Abel Danger about ‘9/11 Aircraft Attacks Generated By GPS-Guided Aircraft Autopilot Systems’. ALPA gets nervous looking into eyes of the Lone Wolf of Aviation Safety, son of a World War II B24 aircraft commander whose B24s were THE WOLF and SLEEPY TIME GAL. Chips remembers how Chic Burlingame died at the hands of a domestic enemy; see defendant lists of Civil Case 3:07-cv-49. Come back when you grow up, girls. Corazon sent a ‘love letter’ to Chips; an ALE 28 defensive barrage salvo lit up the night sky over the approach lights of Gatwick’s Runway 26L as Hoss commanded ‘.. talk to me Tango’. As Chips sensed the auto go-around, he suggested to Agent Stevie they had 10 minutes of play time.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Met Office ‘Fairy Dust’ in Bullingdon Insurance Fraud


In 1990, Bullingdon Club alumni ordered David Cameron (HSBC Family) and Norman Lamont (ex-Rothschild) to set up the Met Office as a weather derivative trading arm of the Ministry of Defence to simulate weather events and trigger cat-bond insurance frauds on Lloyd’s of London.

In 1996, Bullingdon alumni ordered Ed Balls (PPE) and Gordon Brown (USS) to set up the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center network to generate ‘fairy dust’ simulation of ash plumes for use in triggering cat-bond insurance frauds on Lloyd’s of London.

We believe that the Met Office forecasts are now directed by a Bullingdon Club crime syndicate which we have identified as ‘The SCRAP Merchant’, where the acronym has been derived from Serco, Cameron (HSBC), Rothschild, Aviva and Patents.

Peter Dunscombe, chairman of the BBC Pension Trust and the IIGCC has been buying volcanic ash simulations from Robert Napier’s Met Office—a trading arm of the Ministry of Defence—while selling fairy dust futures to Bullingdon cat-bond sponsors of Robert Napier’s $64 trillion Carbon Disclosure Project.

Volcanic Ash Cloud: MET Office Blamed For Unnecessary 6-Day Closure


19 April 2010—The Met Office has been blamed for triggering the “unnecessary” six-day closure of British airspace which has cost airlines, passengers and the economy more than £1.5 billion.

The government agency was accused of using a scientific model based on “probability” rather than fact to forecast the spread of the volcanic ash cloud that made Europe a no-fly zone and ruined the plans of more than 2.5 million travelers in and out of Britain.

A senior European official said there was no clear scientific evidence behind the model, which air traffic control services used to justify the unprecedented shutdown.

Eleven major British airlines joined forces last night to publicly criticise Nats, the air traffic control center, over the way it interpreted the Met Office’s “very limited empirical data”.

Much of the blame was directed at the Met Office’s Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC). It provided the initial warning, which triggered the European-wide ban via Eurocontrol, the air traffic control centre in Brussels.

Matthias Ruete, the European Commission’s director-general of transport, said air traffic authorities should not have relied on a single source of scientific evidence before imposing the widespread ban. He suggested the no-fly zone should have been restricted to a 20 to 30-mile limit around the volcano. “The science behind the model we are running at the moment is based on certain assumptions where we do not have clear scientific evidence,” he said.

“We don’t even know what density the cloud should be in order to affect jet engines. We have a model that runs on mathematical projections.

It is probability rather than actual things happening.”

Mr Ruete said the commission had to intervene to allow airlines to make test flights in order to check the VAAC data “to help us move on from the mathematical model”.

Of the 40 test flights across Europe, including a British Airways flight on Sunday, none found any evidence of ash in jet engines, windows or lubrication systems.

continue reading »

Airline Stocks Plunge


Engines of Lufthansa planes covered for protection from volcanic ash

19 April 2010—Travel experts say it could take up to a fortnight for flights to return to normal even after the ban is lifted. The ash began spewing from an Icelandic volcano on Wednesday and has drifted across most of Europe, shutting down airports as far south and east as Bulgaria.

The shutdown is estimated to have cost the European travel industry more than £1billion in cancelled flights and hotel rooms and the pilots' union Balpa warned that recession-hit airlines were 'staring bankruptcy in the face'.

The economic effect of the air ban was demonstrated this morning as shares in key airlines plummeted.

British Airways shares fell as much as six per cent, while budget rival Easyjet saw its stock plunge four per cent.

Furious airline officials yesterday shattered the safety consensus which has grounded their planes.

The German carrier Lufthansa said it was ‘scandalous’ that it was ordered on the basis of a single computer simulation of the effects of the ash cloud.

The executives believe the Met Office computer model is flawed and pointed to the 20 test flights completed safely over the weekend.

BA boss Mr Walsh boarded his own airline’s Boeing 747 test flight to demonstrate his belief in the safety of flying. His firm—still recovering from the effects of the cabin crew strike last month—is losing £25 million a day, around £1million an hour.

The Met Office defended its forecasts and said its own test flight had detected volcanic dust at levels which would cause aircraft damage.

Source: continue reading »

Report from Kraków on the Polish Plane Crash


18 April 2010—Jane Burgermeister reports from Kraków Poland, Poland on the plane crash and funeral of Polish President Lech Kaczynski.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Forensic Economic Inquiry into the RMS Titanic

Source: Rooster Cogburn

RMS Titanic - Marconi/RCA (now Serco) wireless patents - virtual tunnels - insurance/reinsurance - supply-chain patent pools

"We have a moral obligation to think hard." -- Blaise Pascal

This is an informal inquiry based upon recent discussions of the Hawks Cafe, Captain Sherlock and Abel Danger Global virtual association of forensic economic analysts related to the historical events surrounding the sinking of the RMS (Royal Mail Steamer) Titanic (Harland and Wolff and all parts stamped 401 re: the Titanic switch for the Olympic in an alleged "insurance fraud" is a false narrative) which hit an iceberg at the coordinates 41°43' N, 49°57'W on April 14, 1912 at 11:40PM approximately 300 miles from Lloyd's of London-owned Cape Race, Newfoundland Marconi wireless land station.

RMS Titanic (Royal Mail Service)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Cameron Safe, Sidley Ledger, Nazi Paperclip Passports
Watten Camp 165 – Snuff-Film Compound O – Chips’ Battle of Britain II

Abel Danger has Good News for all of God’s Little People. Agent Kaya’s defensive efforts deflected DEW targeting Chips’ Room G1014. Chatterbox MdC recommends Hamish asks Agent Del N. Pole to contact Pearson with the Scottish project. Chatterbox Dwarf priority ‘Dettwiler and Canadian privy councilors linked to Colonel Mirage have built a GIS system to claim AGW is true by jurisdiction, legislation or convention; they can ignore the physics’. KSM Witness ‘Limey’ explains Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers are using backdoor JPATS call sign to JUSTICE courtesy of Queen Hornet. Chatterbox N. Sukhoi warns that chatter from city of London and Blairmore indicates something unsavory to mark the Katyn Massacre. Blabbermouth Slade Lane reminds Chips that AXA/Equitable Life insured Jews in the Holocaust and Obama’s mates in the SEIU in the $55 trillion CDP; only City of London is known to possess more. Suggests a trip to Jekyll Island. Miss Tarrant County has a lucky morning with Abel Danger; she is one of six AD specialists heading to Dublin and Dorchester for briefings enroute to Watten, Scotland. Squealers at Sidley, Clinton Rubin and SERCO sign off on Sidley Ledger. Umbrellaman authorizes a May 6, 2010 release of Book Six the working title of which is “Cameron’s Safe and Sidley’s Ledger. In 1871 the Bullingdons torched Chicago and blamed it on Mrs. O’Malley’s cow. Godspeed to Abel Danger as use of deadly force was authorized. Hamish reads aloud some clues: Life in Compound O - reserved for "B-Category" hardline Nazis. De-Nazification programmes included repeated showings of newsreels and [snuff] films detailing the horrors committed under Third Reich. An inmate became adviser to the US Air Force, DR PAUL SCHRODER CHIEF OF THE BALLISTICS BRANCH THE WAFFENPRUFAMT – PEENEMUNDE worked for British and USAF and NASA. Gunter d’Alquen started his career in Hitler Youth. Himmler appointed him head of the Wehrmacht Propaganda Department. When Camp 165 was closed in 1948 he was “passed on” to the USA CIA for propaganda tactics during Korean War. Hamish asks Chips; Brits need your help to show UKIP how it can exit the EU to begin Battle for Britain. KSM Witness John Kenty FLASH Clipper copy Chips and Hamish “Will meet you at St. James Gate to discuss SCRAP Virtual Tunnel Project + RCA patents + Titanic telegraph operator + Paper Clip Nazis + Nagasaki thermal trigger. Every one of these tidbits leads to identity of MRS BIG and her agents in Compound O. Her name is .........” Suddenly all electrical power was 'shut down' aboard Wacker 02 and John Kenty's incomplete 'stacked' Clipper was lost in the shuffle while, in Pod A, a firecracker-hot Stevie R. Gowray called "switch".

Monday, April 12, 2010

Field McConnell: Letter Regarding Illegal Modifications to Boeing Airliners

Field McConnell
9223 50th Avenue South
Glyndon MN 56547

2 April, 2010

To Whom it may concern,

On 11 December, 2006, I reported to ALPA the existence of illegal modifications made to an undeterminable number of Boeing airliners. It was both my duty and obligation to make this report as mandated by Northwest Airlines Flight Operations Manual paragraph 9.1.1., Federal Aviation Regulation 121.533 and my Oaths of Office sworn by me in 3 separate capacities of service to the United States of America. I have not vacated those Oaths.

ALPA and Boeing did not respond appropriately to the reports of illegal modifications even though, unbeknownst to me, Boeing had paid a $615M 'settlement' to United States Department of Justice in June, 2006 related to illegal modifications and illegal export of Boeing airframes.

Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 [ Pro Se ] was filed by me on 27 February, 2007 in the United States District Court, District of North Dakota, in Fargo, North Dakota. Four days later Boeing acted responsibly and made public the existence of the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot. One day prior, Northwest Airlines violated the law by taking me off payroll without cause.

I sought the assistance of ALPA and was rebuffed. Though I had been wrongfully terminated and had asked ALPA to perform their contractual obligation, they did not. Specifically, when ALPA twice asked Northwest Airlines Counsel to produce a document critical to the issue, Northwest Airlines did not respond and ALPA did not pursue.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Polish President Lech Kaczynski dies in plane crash

Source: BBC News

Polish and Russian officials said no-one had survived after the plane apparently hit trees as it approached Smolensk's airport in thick fog. Poland's army chief, central bank governor, MPs and leading historians were among more than 80 passengers.

They were flying in from Warsaw to mark 70 years since the Katyn massacre of thousands of Poles by Soviet forces.

Polish President Lech Kaczynski
The BBC's Adam Easton, in Warsaw, says the crash is a catastrophe for the Polish people.

He says Prime Minister Donald Tusk was reportedly in tears when he was told.
Mr Tusk, who runs the day-to-day business of government, has called an emergency meeting of ministers.
"I would like to emphasise that I support very close collaboration between our countries. I am convinced that such collaboration is in our common interest and also in the interest of the whole region.”-- Lech Kaczyński.
The Official web site of the President of Poland

Friday, April 9, 2010

Field McConnell & David Hawkins w/August Dunning: Transcript—17 April 2009 Hour 2

Source:, hawkscafe,

Hawkins/McConnell/Dunning Interview with Rayelan Allan on Rumor Mill News—April 17, 2009—Part 2 (Hour 2)

Field McConnell: If we’re going to talk about China I’ll continue to throw in the microphone to August, but China seems to play a very big part of this going back even to President GHW Bush and the other guy…

Rayelan Allan: Right:

Field: …he’s spent some time in China and I’m sure August will cover that. Also, General Shalaskavelli which was a huge embarrassment to everyone in the military, he was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs under Clinton, and Clinton of course hated the military and if you don’t believe me, you can read a book called Dereliction of Duty where on of the Air Force pilots that carried the brick for the president and it talks about his treasonous behavior. But China has a very tight connection to nine-eleven although and apparently they didn’t want to be seen at the forefront which is what you will see when you go looking around. French speaking Canada first up in Quebec and Gaetano and Montreal. You see the French-speaking Canadians you see the French, and if you look with a microscope or if you just keep looking with your own vision you’ll reach China and maybe August would like to share some news about China with your listeners?

General Shalikashvili and President Bill Clinton

Rayelan: Yes, August, let’s follow up on this China thread.

August Dunning: Well, I think there’s several threads, you had the Department of – Food and Drug Administration with very few inspectors, we’ve had over a thousand different events where poisonous toxic contaminated foods coming into our food supply, toys, our children, you know, supply. All sorts of things from China and they’re only inspecting one out of a thousand cargo containers. Okay, so there’s stuff coming in that we’re being exposed to all the time from China. Is it ignorance, is it just no control over there, or is it an operation, a subversion and a military operation just seeing what they can do.

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