Thursday, March 25, 2010


Gyro Chips with Fairy Dust in the ALPA Safety Fraud
Red Shield Spoke: Khazar Jews, NAG News, Harper Shoes, Baxter Flues

Chips took a Captain Sherlock Martini, with Vodka from Ukraine where Anna Louise Strong set up a famine for Ukrainian peasants similar to England’s famine for the Irish which foretold the genocide planned by Red Shield 2010. Chips released a salvo of methane that would have been a turn-on to Frank Davis’s shared love child. KSM Defense Witness sent a FYEO FLASH to Chips ‘The Bullingdon-SS [Sidley Saboteurs] are led by ‘The Red Shield Spoke’ and ‘The Blood Bank Cat Bond’; they have hijacked the ICAO’s Volcanic Ash (Fairy Dust) simulator. They can trick or treat ALPA-piloted ‘friends’ as ‘foes’ and fly with Hillary’s GyroChip and First Lady’s NAG through decoy and drone maneuvers. On 9/11 they tricked f’ed America with Met Office Virtual Weather. Warn ALPA – Clear the skies” Field McConnell warned ALPA Dec 10 21:59:10 2006 Director of Safety, Northwest Airlines, Eagan MN 55111 and Cc: Air Line Pilots Association .. ‘It has come to my attention over the last 96 hours that a QRS-11 GyroChip gyroscope with military applications exists; at least 96 passenger aircraft have been illegally modified with QRS-11 missile-guidance technology and at least 27 GyroChip-equipped flight boxes have been exported without licenses by Boeing without the knowledge or informed consent of airline companies, unions, or pilots .. On 9-11 an order was given to "clear the skies". I ask ALPA to consider issuing that order again within 72 hours if independent discovery cannot identify the threat’ McConnell sent another warning on Monday, March 26, 2007 to Cunningham, April D Maj USAF NORAD USNORTHCOM HQs PA Security threat to NORAD war games March 26-?, 2007. All messages ignored. Agent Chips realized he would have to administer some ‘Tough Love’ to Incumbents who supported the Fabian Marxist Red Shield attack of 23 March, 2010 and he harked back to Army troops he flew enroute to Elmendorf AFB in August, 2006 including a member of Army Intelligence assigned to the Governor of Alaska; same trip where a DC-10-30 asked for, and authorized, AN UNRESTRICTED TAKEOFF, much like the takeoff that will occur 27 March in Searchlight, Nevada. It is duly noted, on the record, that the smug PFers in the SAVAA show a WORLD DC-10-30 in a gray cloud of ASH while the world's most potent DC-10-30 Captain prepares to have ALPA's ASS. KSM Blabbermouth Slade Lane sent Immediate Clipper to Chips ‘I just had 71 minute conversation with a red headed lady at SAVAA. I enquired specifically about the 'gambling on the issue of safety of civilian airlines and airline passengers' and asked her if she knew what NPR meant in airline-lingo .. I then asked her "were the 7 arrested involved in any CAT Bond trading involving the issue of safety of civilian airliners and their SABRED passenger manifests such as AF447, Kenya 507, Adam Air 574, Colgan 3407 and THE NEXT ONE, ITEM V?” An agent tapped her left foot 4 times and left abruptly and returned to Baker Street. Chips’ noted nervous Khazar Jews fearing Iceland News regarding Harper’s Shoes who created Baxter Flues. Changes in ALPA staffing signaled power boink. Mattress Thrasher looked forward to one on Poop Deck.”

Before reading this gut-wrenching Chapter, please review Matthew 25:40 and the song “Love of the Common People” while Captain Sherlock dials in his loose cannon and Hamish sharpens his ‘reaper’s scythe’, capeche?
“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’”

As Chips and the Mermaids left State Room U235 and headed forward and up, the State Room Steward handed Chips a Captain Sherlock Martini, with Vodka from the Ukraine where in 1937 Chicago’s Anna Louise Strong had prescribed a famine for millions of Ukrainian peasants similar to England’s famine of millions of Irish which foretold the genocide planned by Red Shield 2010, and a fax that had come into the bridge of the Carnal Sensation while Chips had been pleasuring ‘the girls’.

Thrasher gave Chips a ‘no-no’ sign to indicate that his business day was over and his pleasure night was set to begin. Agents Bean and Corazon Dulce demonstrated their concurrence by handing Chips a tin of Smoked Oysters and a 2 gel tab pouch of Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters in the new enhanced ‘power punch’ dosage. Arriving on the poop deck just before the band was set to start Chips ordered drinks for the ladies, laid his dance card, which was full with M. Thrasher written in Pastel Flamingo on every line, on the table next to his Captain Sherlock Martini and excused himself saying he had to send a message to the Speaker of the House and her fellow KAPUTS and the ‘girls’ knew that what he meant was he had to release a 5 cubic foot methane cloud that, if detected, would cause Hot Air Al’s CO2 police to jack his tax bill up while Boo Boo and Facedrop were working with ‘Break Neck’ speed to ram health care down the throats of the American Sheeple and if seen by the Met Office in England could cause NPR airliners to be vectored around the offending methane cloud such as should have occurred with Air France 447 when the Lufthansa jets were vectored around the weather but the MSM indicates AF 447 was vectored into the weather. Not so fast, you PFers. Chips arrived in the men’s room off the poop deck and settled into the Larry Craig memorial pooper stall where once Donald Young, Larry Sinclair and Kid Kenya enjoyed a three way loaf pinching exercise [ LPE ]. Google Donald Young and Obama and read all about it, the internet does not lie according to its inventor Hot Air Al, Warren “Goldman Sachs Offutt AFB” Buffett or the Great Reneger pictured here in this Photo Shopped image where he is holding a black stick rather than a red shield:

As Chips dropped his trou and settled into the ‘launch’ posture he released a flutter blast as if to warn others in the men’s room that the ‘main bang’ was soon to be emitted. After hearing the shuffling of feet and a ‘see ya’ mate’ Chips sensed that he had a green range and released the main salvo of methane that would have caused Hot Air Al to bill him a $60 surcharge and would have been a turn-on to Frank Davis’s shared love child. Even the Bullingdon Khazars would never use a term so explicit as “Gash Gourmet” but then the Bullingdon Khazars were not known for the smarts, many being Oxford products of ‘indistinct’ lineage. The only difference between black Oxfords and black loafers is the strings. And Soros and the Khazars, brandishing their Red Shields, seemed to be pulling the strings to which Harry Feather Duster, Facedrop Nancy, Hillary Roadhog and Boo Boo danced while Barney Frank asked passers-by to pull his finger. As Chips let fly with a growler of immense proportion, a Brit in the neighboring stall tapped his left foot 4 times to signal a FLASH CLIPPER and passed Chips a printed Clipper:
“KSM Defense Witness Slade Lane FYEO FLASH to Chips and Umbrellaman: The Bullingdon-SS [Sidley Saboteurs] are led by ‘The Red Shield Spoke’ Nat Rothschild and ‘The Blood Bank Cat Bond’ who worked in Serbia, Northern Ireland and Canada, Robert Latham. The Red Shield and Bullingdon-SS have hijacked the ICAO’s Volcanic Ash (Fairy Dust) simulator. They can trick your defense force into treating ALPA-piloted passenger ‘friends’ as military ‘foes’ and fly with Hillary’s GyroChip and First Lady NAG algorithms through decoy and drone maneuvers. On 9/11 they tricked your ALPA civilian and USAF military pilots with Met Office Virtual Weather. In the confusion they got you to trigger the cat bond so they could file Guppy-style claims on Lloyd’s of London. The Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres are part of an international system set up by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) called the International Airways Volcano Watch (IAVW). The IAVW comprises observations of volcanic ash from volcano observatories and other organisations, satellites and aircraft in flight, the issue of warnings in the form of NOTAM and SIGMET messages and, since the mid 1990s, the issue of volcanic ash [fairy dust] advisory messages from the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres identifying areas of volcanic ash and their predicted movement. Warn ALPA – Clear the skies”
... before requesting “courtesy flush mate” thinking that the tugboat horn-like blast was a signal of a watery launch of a Georgetown law grad. When ‘Mumbai’ is revealed, a USMC general and his Georgetown Diploma may well be ‘flushed’ just like Boo Boo will be according to Rothschild’s Rules of Engagement, note subliminal ‘twilight zone’ which is where the RRE sends USA unless CAPTAIN AMERICA succeeds capeche?

The Rothschilds “saw neither peace nor war, neither death nor glory. They saw none of the things that blinded the world. They saw only Steppingstones. William had been one, Napoleon had been the next” ( The Rothschilds, pp 38, 39 ) Yes, they saw only opportunities—and people who could be used and then discarded! It would appear that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Roadhog Rockefeller and Boo Boo Davis did not read that much history while they were skipping school on their daddy's dime. Except for the ones whose Daddy was unknown according to Pastor David Manning of the ATLAH church which reveals much about the Mack Daddy in the Black Caddy.
Reid would signal surrender on a day following 27 March, Facedrop would finger Roadhog, and Roadhog would ‘Chicago Love’ Boo Boo with testimony of Blago, while in Miami, Florida Dion Di Mucci would re-engineer his 1968 hit with an updated title “Abraham, Martin and Chips” as Captain America took on the Rothschilds and turned them into buttermilk just as Little Black Sambo had experienced some 111 years earlier before Ellen Degenerate and Bill Makher were giving the moral keys to America’s soul and the long legged Mack Daddy was proven to be anything but Hope or Change:

Harry Reid would be learning on 27 March, 2010 what Agent Chips had learned on 1 February, 1994. It is true that while Professor Quigley was poisoning the minds of Georgetown Frogs in the 1960s up the road at Annapolis Professor Harley H. Hinrichs was teaching his prize pupil the economic principle of ‘hub and spoke’ with sub-lessons on how to build them and also how to dismantle them. Chips would go on to share with Michael E. Levin of Republic Airlines and MIT how to deploy the ‘hub and spoke’ airline model in the 1990s and to share with the United States Department of Justice, in 2010, how to bring down the ‘hub and spoke’ criminal enterprise, see JRW item here,

…that visited Waterloo in 1815, Mary Todd Lincoln in 1866, Cecil Rhodes and his BS scholarships in 1902 and the 1947 Fulbright Scholarships which, after scrutiny by Agent Chips and SOCA, appear to be not so bright after all. Quit dim actually. If Sidley Austin, Fulbright, Bullingdons, and Rhodes are the spokes only one name could be the hub. Rothschild. In 1815 a Rothschild made enormous profit from proprietary knowledge of the Waterloo future just as in 2001 another Rothschild would generate impressive plunder in orchestrating, as unseen Maestro, the attacks of 9/11. In true Rothschild MO numerous false perps would be cross-implicated: [ Muslim patsy pilots, Mossad Agents, the Papacy, Free Masons, Jesuits et. al. ] while behind a cloud of Octopus ink the Rothschilds counted their plunder exceeding 1 trillion dollars in the first 4 days alone as Wall Street was closed and the ‘informed elites’ traded freely at the Chicago market. Interesting to know which top execs of United and American profited from short selling immediately prior to the event of 9/11 that Goldman Sachs would ‘monitor’ from the security of Offutt AFB in Bellevue, Nebraska. God does not bless false measure or the bearing of false witness. American Sheeple grazed contently on C02 dependent lush pastures while in 2010’s ObamaCare the Red Shields would slip another one by the Sheeple while Chips would be slipping one by the Red Shields in Hanover with the Raven haired JRW.

On that note; Chips thanked God and Hamish’s intelligence network for an Immediate Clipper which ran up his spoke and into his hub and brought news of a war breaking out between Hillary Clinton’s dyke-connections into some Rothschild women and the heteropatriarchal society led by Nat Rothschild and Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild.
“Hamish Immediate Clipper to ecoslayer and Chips: Remember House of Rothschild always hedges both ends against the swindle. Lynn Forester, Lady de Rothschild is the CEO of E.L. Rothschild and she is not happy with her third husband, Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild in re their joint investment in The Economist and the Indian Pachauri kickbacks and the Tata smelter for WTC Blood and Steal. From 1980-1984, she was an associate at the Simpson Thacher & Bartlett law firm in New York City. This firm set up the private equity firm Blackstone Group whose Chairman Peter Peterson, sold the Bell & Howell camera which recorded money shot for JFK snuff film. They also set up the Blackstone WTC#7 cat-bond mortgage triggered on 9/11. They also fixed up JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and the United States Department of the Treasury for Maurice ‘Mau Mau’ Strong’s Oil-for-Food scam. Note that Nat's BLG buddy Grigg as in Goldman 'Sebastian' Sachs, ran the Treasury’s bail-out frauds. Lady de R. thinks they are getting exposed to too much risk from the Abel Danger team. She’s on the Board of Directors of Estée Lauder Companies and The Economist Group. She met Sir Evelyn de Rothschild at the 1998 Bilderberg Group conference in Scotland and they married on November 30, 2000 in London, England. She is his third wife. They were invited to spend their honeymoon at the White House and had a taste of Hillary which turned into support for her 2008 Presidential bid plus a two-ends against the swindle where she endorsed John McCain for President. She’s stepped down as a member of the Democratic National Committee platform committee but her head is spinning ‘cos we are in her OODA loop and she doesn’t trust ALPA flying her through the Volcanic Ash Advisory. Not sure if I have made this clear enough for you Chips but as the world’s second best forensic economist you have got the chance to run with the story in Chapter 12.”
Chips understood not only the sum of the story but also the reference to Chapter 12. In Bankrupting America the evil doers have pushed many airlines into Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings including United for which it appears USDOJ provided Judge Wedhoff [ see also McCook Metals BR ] with a 'slush fund' of some $40M. Chips, being from a farm state understood that Chapter 12 was the portion of the Bankruptcy Code which allowed the evil doers to remove God fearing Patriot farmers from their family farms. However, Chips knew very well that God never left His children begging bread in the streets. Our Man Chips had faithfully served his Oath as well as his 4 oaths [ Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, ‘xyz’ ] all in keeping with the promises of Romans 8:28-31
“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren. Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified. What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”
While all of the children of the saints will be well cared for by God, a painter whose works are displayed at foments the future for the progeny of the evil doers in this image:

“Corpse of a Congressional KAPUTS mourns her own child” is what I would have named this beautiful rendering of an evil doer’s health care monster realizing that the Health Care Scam crammed down on ‘we the little people’ will be repealed but perhaps too late for the children of the evil doers. While ‘we the people’ will pay for the evil doer's craftiness in the form of taxes, illness, and premature death their own offspring will be the destination of God's response if the evil ones do not turn from their evil and seek His face. This message will be delivered on 27 March, 2010 in the Show Down in Searchlight.

Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) is a case where the USDOJ had credible and precise information for more than 3 years [ DOJ had received a $615M ‘settlement’ from extorted Boeing in June ’06 ] and yet failed to act in the interest of the safety of the traveling public as the following hull losses were ‘engineered’: Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Colgan 3407 and Air France 447.

Senator Byron Dorgan failed to consider this information in his ‘dog and pony’ Senate Hearings of 10 and 17 June, 2009 while he served under West Virginia’s Rockefeller before announcing he would not seek another term of disservice in the US Senate. The first attorney of record in Case 1600 was disbarred and the second attorney of record was in jeopardy of sanctions. Therefore, when editing this Chapter it was considered helpful to ‘redact’ it for the pendency of the proceeding of the Civil Case herein enumerated.

However, on 23 March, 2010 it was realized that the next hull loss WOULD NOT be stopped so the second attorney was dismissed by the plaintiff due to the ‘awakening of the American citizens’ that would be visible in Searchlight, Nevada, at High Noon, 27 March, 2010 according to concerns expressed in the Banker’s Manifesto of 1892 which was penned in Omaha, Nebraska [ Warren Buffett-Goldman Sachs-Offutt AFB-9/11 ] and exposed by Congressman Charles A. Lindberg, senior, of Minnesota [ Michelle Bachmann, Agent Chips, Abel Danger ]. Michelle Bachmann was to have been ‘in the building’ at the National Convention of the Tea Party on 4 February to observe Sarah Palin roll out a strategy to drain the swamp in November, 2010. However, the 72nd C4ISR Wing Security personnel suggested physical distance should be maintained to frustrate the ‘one grenade can get them all’ mentality of those on the dark side. It was about this time when Agent Chips had returned to Hanover Germany to soothe the ruffled feathers of a jilted Rothschild woman as a U2 was photographed over Ramey AFB in March 2010 searching for elements of the 72nd C4ISR Wing.

The JRW had delivered to Chips a copy of the BM of 1892: The Bankers Manifesto of 1892:
Revealed by US Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. from Minnesota before the US Congress sometime during his term of office between the years of 1907 and 1917 to warn the citizens.

“We (the bankers) must proceed with caution and guard every move made, for the lower order of people are already showing signs of restless commotion. Prudence will therefore show a policy of apparently yielding to the popular will until our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance. The Farmers Alliance and Knights of Labor organizations in the United States should be carefully watched by our trusted men, and we must take immediate steps to control these organizations in our interest or disrupt them.

At the coming Omaha Convention to be held July 4th (1892), our men must attend and direct its movement, or else there will be set on foot such antagonism to our designs as may require force to overcome. This at the present time would be premature. We are not yet ready for such a crisis. Capital must protect itself in every possible manner through combination ( conspiracy) and legislation.

The courts must be called to our aid, debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.

When through the process of the law, the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of the government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders.

History repeats itself in regular cycles. This truth is well known among our principal men who are engaged in forming an imperialism of the world. While they are doing this, the people must be kept in a state of political antagonism.

The question of tariff reform must be urged through the organization known as the Democratic Party, and the question of protection with the reciprocity must be forced to view through the Republican Party.

By thus dividing voters, we can get them to expand their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us, except as teachers to the common herd. Thus, by discrete action, we can secure all that has been so generously planned and successfully accomplished.”
“Chips, you alone are positioned to thwart the evil plans of the males of my line. They have been up to no good since cheating William in 1815, Mary Todd Lincoln in 1866, the World in WWI, again the World in WWII, Korea, JFK, Viet Nam, both Desert Storms and the ‘arbitrage trigger’ for Desert Storm II, the patsied Muslim false flag Rockefeller/Rothschild enriching attacks of 9/11 utilizing Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilots, QRS11 Gyro Chips, SMACsonic insulation, KU Band ignition triggers and ITEM 5 [ redacted until ALPA caves in ]. You are the only man in America who can save your country from the men of my line who do not share their plunder with the JRWs; jilted Rothschild women. However, if we can bring down the men of my line it would be my pleasure to buy F4D 66-7478 in hopes of pleasuring you, Captain America”

"While what you say, my juicy kumquat is correct, the males of your line cannot anticipate the efforts of the Brit from Canada, Mother Moose from Wasilla or Bachmann Turner Over of Minnesota…..”

“Excuse me Chips, did you malaprop? You said Bachmann Turner Over, did you men Bachman Turner Overdrive who did the monster hit “Roll On Down the Highway” in 1974” queried the JRW as she accepted a large magnum of Merlot from the recently uncaged Chips and prepared to add her IOC in Pastel Royal Plum Metallic to his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in matching 1997 Ford color on top of the dim bed side nightstand that was not as dim as the Fulbrights of Arkansas whose ACORN was fading fast the day after Harry Reid’s insult to America disguised as health care but was really more of a wolf in sheep’s clothing which has been a Fabian trademark going back 120 years or more, not to discredit the brilliant military tactician Fabius or any of the other ‘Fabia’ which is one letter off of Chip’s favored ‘Labia’, capeche? Genocide would be more appropriate. Chips understood the symbolic ‘topping’ exercise. His JRW playmate was signaling she would start on top prior to his calling the first ‘switch’. Chips hit F4 and C60 on his Clipper Squirt Gun as the jilted Teutonic Titwillow from Frankfurt, London and Colorado began rolling on down the highway, in an awkward metaphor.

Chips referred to the bold and underlined portion of the BM of 1892 as he quipped "Did those evil doers in Omaha in 1892 consider that while the Kenyan's KAPUTS were consummating the destruction of America that the affable Chips would be consummating a trans-Atlantic tryst in a $2500 per night suite with the wife of one of their male line and doing it on their dime?”

"They are not that smart Chips, neither do they measure up to your Turgidity Index" cooed the Teutonic Titwillow as she was sudsing like a MayTag as those who monitor the world from Gatineau and Washington googled like mad trying to determine who the KAPUTS were. Perhaps had this edition used the term KAPUTS TRAB the evil ones and their lurkers and listeners [ see Tomoye ] could have drawn a bead on the evil-doers active in Washington on Sunday, 21 March who would be targeted by High Noon on Saturday, 27 March, 2010.

As the rocking and rolling continued unabated, in the back of a trailer painted to look like a J B Hunter dry van, just like Darleen Drunyan’s Boeing Drones had been painted to look like AA 11 and UA 175, a Purple Limousine was rolling on down the highway from Fargo to Searchlight to bring Glory to the Lamb as the baby killers in DC were about ready to meet stiff resistance. If you adjust those words meet-stiff-resistance you can visualize the synergy between our affable Man Chips and the JRW who, temporarily, held the high ground while back on the Poop Deck M. Thrasher wondered if Chips would ever emerge from the men’s room from which all except Chips had egressed while covering their mouth and nose as the American Citizens would be doing when they flush the mother of all underwater statues in the Election of 2010 if Chips, the Adjutants General, and the JCS could prevent Martial Law being imposed on America after another False Flag event such as Operation Steel Curtain 2010 not to be confused with Marshall Dillon who at 6 foot 6 was the first soldier ashore at Omaha Beach just as Chips would be the first Forensic Economist to tie Buffett and Goldman Sachs to the Offutt AFB Breech of 9/11, not to be confused with Creech which is where the UAVs, MQ-9 Reapers, not controlled from Fargo are controlled at what we spooks remember as KINS or Indian Springs or for the gullible [ see 20 ‘unnamed defendants, Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 ] Creech Air Base, Nevada.

To keep from an early exploculation Our Man Chips considered how the Rothschild women could demonstrate their power over the evil doers of the last 200 years. Knowing that the evil doers had created Femme Comp and SES in 1979 which was the ‘last class with balls’ at Gerald DeConto’s US Naval Academy at Annapolis, Chips made a mental note to assemble a group of heterosexual, content women willing to lead America back to God’s grace in accordance with His Promise written in II Chronicles 7:14 which was the block and parry to the evil doers activities in II Corinthians 4:4-10. Seeing on the LED alarm clock by the bed that a switch was eminent, he selected C6 and C60 as he whispered ‘switch, my lovely cumquat’. As the JRW maintained perfect rhythm in the opposing mode as BTO gave way to SOS and Chips realized only God could send the Rescuer needed in America in the spring of 2010 and the election to follow in November.

[ mandatory reading assignment: ABBA = Mark 14:6, Romans 8:15, Galatians 4:6 ]

Whereas the two women in ABBA were seeking men to rescue them; Mother Moose, Bachmann Turner Over and Chips knew their Rescuer would be coming for them from out of the clouds and not some HAARP projected image offered by FEMA. And not the clouds counterfeited by the Met Office in England who had wreaked havoc on the USA since the day before D-Day when James Arness, older brother of Peter Graves not to be confused with Boyd Graves, would be the first man ashore at Omaha Beach while on 9/11 Goldman Sachs bankers would hide out at Offutt AFB with Warren Buffett just south of Omaha in a location known as Belle Vue or is it ‘good view’? Perhaps they would enjoy a ‘God’s eye view’ of the carnage delivered at the WTC and Pentagon, but defensed by Abel Danger, at the Capitol from the comfort of a FEMA E4B flying low over Washington on 9/11 while in the back seat of an F16B New York FEMA Director Jacoby observed the evil from a Hooligan F16B jet flown by a future wing commander.

Speaking of evil and Boyd Ed Graves, Boyd is my Naval Academy Brother with a JD who discovered the United States secret patent [ 1971, as in USNA 1971 ] “Special Virus Research Logic Flow Chart in 1999 and changed the world’s understanding of AIDS forever. See also ACORN, Arkansas, Tainted Blood, Hepatitis-C and Clintons, plural.

As suggested in the Banker’s Manifesto of 1892 the evil doers felt at some point they could declare their plans with no fear of retribution. That point was the Sunday, 23 March, 2010, vote for Health Care abuse where they went back to their December, 1913 playbook where they authorized Rothschild’s and Woodrow Wilson’s Federal Reserve during a Christmas break of the Congress. However, these evil ‘mockers of God’ were about ready to incur the wrath of the ‘mother-mockers of the God mockers' including Mother Moose, Bachmann Turner Over and Chips. Perhaps it will come to pass that a day following Pelosi’s cram down of ‘health’ a Bachmann from Minnesota will move to ‘turn her over’, capeche?

While Bachman Turner Over man-handles Facedrop and while Mother Moose brings down Harry Reid at breakneck speed, Our Man Chips will continue pleasuring the JRW in a Suite fit for a Queen in Hanover, Germany just a Stone’s throw from Frankfurt. As Chips was holding up his end of the bargain in Hanover, Agents Sonny “Bill” Spanner, Pink Pamela Fluffy, and James Galt where driving around Nashville in a Purple Limo disguised as body doubles for some of the faces in this photo and reviewing the ‘open investigation’ of who had been the pilot, kicker, planner and ‘honeypot’ involved in November 26, 1986 cocaine abandonment that transpired at Laguna AAF near Yuma where Chips had been a PUI at VMFAT-101 prior to a lateral move on Labor Day, 1973. As soon as the statute of limitations for ‘implicating Oliver, Ronald, and George Sr by leaving 1400 pounds of cocaine in 17 duffel bags on a secure (?) military installation” expires Chips, Sonny ‘Bill’ Spanner, John Galt and Pink Pamela Fluffy will breathe a lot easier, except for Pink Pamela Fluffy who will breed a lot easier according to Chips’ AFQB27-X libido monitoring ‘hard’ ware. That Iran-Contra drug drop is recorded in Case Summary CR-87-130-PHX not to be confused with the C87s Chips father flew, the C-130 which Chips laterally moved to, or Phoenix where Chips met the man whose TAC NUC brought down Arrow Air in Gander in 1985.

At the end of the day it matters not who obstructs Facedrop, Feather Duster, Roadhog and Boo Boo, just that they are, in fact, stopped and dropped before I go off half-cocked, capeche. It appears that a classic showdown between Rothschild men and Rothschild women will be played out in a Court Room in Cuba, Puerto Rico, or Orlando as Abel Danger works to free the wrongfully accused KSM in the ill-conceived patsy trial which Eric and Boo Boo thought would be a cake-walk in New York which is not the home of MacArthur’s Park or for that matter Fort Marcy Park from where the allegedly suicided Vince Foster had started his 6 mile journey to the Capitol steps after solving a problem for Hillary Roadhog in 1993.

Eric should look forward to an Easter Egg after April Fool’s Day as Boo Boo’s yellow cotton dress falls like a wave around his knees, capeche? In what fighter pilots would call a 'classic sandwich' Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky would take down Reid-Pelosi while a supporting McConnell would thwart Roadhog and Boo Boo. With the exception of one McConnell USAF general, the McConnell surname is held in high regard in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and informed households throughout the Anglosphere and Global Commons [ see map at ], including the McConnell Farm in Northern Ireland where Richard breeds Irish Moiled Cattle at the Glenfield Farm. Glenfield Molly is one of the best breeders. McConnells generally have good genes in their jeans, ask Agent Bean.

In this email dated 11 December, 2006, Agent Chips advised ALPA and an airline company of numerous illegal modifications to Boeing airliners, the airline responded positively however ALPA did not.

“PFN/TRAC system FAA upgrades for accountable remote and robotics control to stop the unauthorized use of aircraft and to improve equipment management and public safety in transportation United States Patent 6965816 This invention, a Protected Primary Focal Node PFN is a Trusted Remote Activity Controller TRAC and mobile communication router platform that provides accountable remote and robotics control to transportation vehicles by interfacing with the vehicles E/E systems. It connects each vehicle either on the earth's surface or near the earth's surface with application specific intranets for air [Charlotte’s Web ], sea and land travel, via either host commercial servers or agency providers through wireless communication gateways and then further interfaces these vehicles in a larger machine messaging matrix via wireless and IP protocols to further coordinate movement assess and manage equipment use and impact on the world resources, societies infrastructure and the environment [Bullingdon-SS and Cisco Planetary Skin]. This filing focuses directly on PFN/TRAC System use to augment and upgrade public safety and security in the Airline Industry and restrict any unauthorized use of an aircraft. Additionally, this application and related filings teaches the PFN/TRAC System™ use for all vehicle platforms to increase safety and security in a free society like the United State of America. The other related filings instruct in the technology's use for robust and accountable remote control for personal applications, stationary equipment and standalone functions, and coordinates them and interfaces them within the communication matrix. The TRAC controller also performs translation and repeating functions across a wide variety of communication protocols to complete a more mobile flexible matrix or web. This connected communication matrix of computers and humans provides an enhanced Human Machine Interfacing HMI scenario both locally and systemically in real-time for improve equipment management and world stability [NWO = The Red Shield, Bullingdon-SS and Cisco Planetary Skin]”
From: Campbell, Tim P


Sent: Mon 12/11/06 5:26 AM

Did Andi F-N talk to you about him on Friday? Are we bringing him in for a review?


Tim Campbell 7-4236

----- Original Message -----

From: Field McConnell

To: Hylander, Ken J

Cc: Moore, Pete A; Campbell, Tim P

Sent: Sun Dec 10 21:59:10 2006

Subject: FW: Captain McConnell Says “Clear the Skies”

Field McConnell, 9223 50th Ave S, Glyndon MN 56547

Director of Safety, Northwest Airlines, Eagan MN 55111

Cc: Air Line Pilots Association, 1625 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC 20036

David Hawkins, Foundation Scholar, Cambridge University, Founder and Forensic Economist at Hawks CAFÉ

10 December, 2006


Re: Captain McConnell Says “Clear the Skies”

It has come to my attention over the last 96 hours that a QRS-11* GyroChip gyroscope with military applications exists. I understand that at least 96 passenger aircraft have been illegally modified with QRS-11 missile-guidance technology and at least 27 GyroChip-equipped flight boxes have been exported without licenses by Boeing without the knowledge or informed consent of airline companies, unions, or pilots.

Under the authority demanded of me on page 9.1.1. of the Flight Operations Manual, specifically bullet statement 4 "The Captain WILL make the FINAL decision as to whether the aircraft may be safely operated." I deem it impossible to comply with the requirement of 9.1.1. until any captain can know, without a doubt, that QRS-11 is not embedded on his particular jet.

In my experience, Northwest Airlines has always put safety first regardless of the costs. I suggest our company can address this issue and be the first airline in the world to be declared QRS-11 cleansed. The potential risk of not determining the existence, or lack thereof, of a threat may facilitate a second 9-11 style incident.

The body of evidence supporting my concern is established and vast. I assure you my interests are in keeping with the interests of NWA. I believe we can use this as a competitive advantage, however safety must come first. I am going to suggest that ALPA and IFALPA considering “standing down the fleets” until this possibility is resolved.

On 9-11 an order was given to “clear the skies”.

I ask ALPA to consider issuing that order again within 72 hours if independent discovery cannot identify the threat.

With grave concern and an eagerness to help,

Field McConnell

28 year airline employee, 22 year military pilot, 23,000+ hours of safety

From: Field McConnell

To: Cunningham, April D Maj USA NORAD USNORTHCOM HQs PA,;;

Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007 3:15 PM 

Subject: Security threat to NORAD war games March 26-?, 2007

Dear Major Cunningham:

I am attempting to establish the fact that you are stationed at NORAD.

On 10 December, 2006 I sent some safety related information to ADM Tim Keating, my USNA 71 classmate. The information was sent through [ ] and was received and it is my understanding that ADM Keating was briefed on the issue.

Two of his assistants contacted me via phone and an OSI agent also called me.

However, on 1-1-2007 a B737, Adam Air 574, was downed in Indonesia in a manner consistent with the issues I provided to ADM Keating.

I am concerned that the ADE scheduled for this week in Whitehorse has some similarities to “Global Guardian” and “Amalgam Virgo” which were together the practice for and the execution of the “events of 9-11”. I understand that David Hawkins has contacted your office and shared concerns from the perspective of a Canadian citizen. I am an American citizen and I share those concerns as well.

I would appreciate the courtesy of a response so that I might know that my concerns have been noted at Pete Field.


Field McConnell, USNA 1971, L/C retired, ND ANG

Security threat to NORAD war games March 26-?, 2007 Major April Cunningham, Tel: 1 719 554 9618,, NORAD Public Affairs - Media Relations

On 31 January, 2007 Agent Chips or his designee briefed the Northwest Airlines Safety Chairman and ALPA Attorney Rob Plunkett of other more sinister modifications including SMACsonic and KU band ‘destruct signals’. On 13 February, 2007, Agent Chips, or his designee, delivered this letter to Robert Swan Mueller III of FBI [ redacted until Chapter 12 ]. On 2 March, 2007 NWA wrongfully terminated employee 175454. In Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) the USDOJ, FBI, FAA, ALPA and a certain airline were reminded of the illegal modifications to airliners that have been perfected to the point where NWA 188 [ October 2009 ] and NWA 253 [ Christmas 2009 ] could have been flown remotely from push-back to shutdown if the American citizens and their global co-sojourners were ready to fly NPR aircraft such as those deployed by the evil-doers on 9-11-01 resulting in the death of my Classmate Captain Chic Burlingame aboard AA77 and my Shipmate Gerald DeConto in the US Naval Command Center whose office received an AGM65 arrival followed shortly thereafter by an aircraft that left behind a rectangular fuselage section, a straight air refueling probe, and a turbine wheel from a J52 turbojet engine such as those propelling DC9, B727, A4 and A3 jets. Of those 4 variants, only Raytheon A3s were modified at Fort Collins Colorado prior to the Treason of 9/11. What, pray tell, is the chance that a pair of inexperienced young foreigners could 'divine' the correct window of the 7,754 windows at the Pentagon and then fly a B757 through a 16 foot diameter hole without a 'clearing charge' such as a Raytheon AGM 65 launched by a Raytheon converted A3 Skywarrior.

Listeners to KHEN radio in Salida, Colorado understand that it is statistically improbable. Tune in to 106.9 FM when in the Arkansas River Valley area of Colorado. Needless to say 106.9 FM in Fargo Moorhead delivers not only the best oldies but also the best encrypted intel that even a fat oaf shill DJ at a competing AM station could understand. As Chips had avoided an early exploculation for over 2 hours a thoroughly engaged Cougar called “switch” in Turkish which led Chips to determine that this fiery mare had roots in Turkey, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, or Kazan, home of the Tartars, just as Chips had a root in her ‘honeypot’ not to be confused with Pink Pamela Fluffy’s song “A Taste of Honey” which tells the story of a young white woman seduced by a black sailor which is not dissimilar to the ‘line or lineage’ of an alleged US President. While a Taste of Honey is both a play and a song we don’t have time to listen or review the lyrics as Abel Danger puts the ‘cross hairs’ on the evil doers as they are ‘lined up’ to fall like dominos beginning at High Noon, 27 March, as Abel Danger’s ‘stealth limo’ escorts the Tea Party Express Tour from Searchlight, to Las Vegas, and on to Victory.

While in the song above ‘love you all summer long’ was sung, Agent Chips realized that his Trans-Atlantic tryst of late June, 2009 would give way to America’s second “Summer of Love” in 2010 as Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents and Joe the Plumber stood by to administer some ‘Tough Love’ to the Incumbents who had supported the Fabian Marxist Red Shield attack of 23 March, 2010. While Spirit’s music was still fresh in his mind, Chips prepared to “pour out The Spirit while wielding the Sword’ as his JRW crossed the finish line first and up on the Poop Deck M. Thrasher was trying to determine where Mack Daddy’s Hope and Change had flown off to. As she waited for her Oyster-powered Swordsman her Clipper, in vibrate mode and hidden near the golden triangle for security purposes, went off, as did she, with an immediate from somewhere in Merry Olde England, not to be confused with England AFB in Alexandria, Louisiana from where Chips had flown some Army troops enroute to Elmendorf AFB in August, 2006 including a member of Army Intelligence assigned to the Governor of Alaska. It was the same trip where a DC-10-30 asked for, and was authorized, AN UNRESTRICTED TAKEOFF, much like the takeoff that will occur 27 March in Searchlight, Nevada. It is duly noted, on the record, that the smug PFers in the SAVAA show a WORLD DC-10-30 in a gray cloud of ASH while the world's most potent DC-10-30 Captain prepares to have ALPA's ASS.
“KSM Blabbermouth Slade Lane Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Mother Moose, Bachmann Turner Over, Chips, Otto Pilot, Umbrellaman, John Galt and Namedropper, copy Thrasher: I just had 71 minute conversation with a red headed lady at SAVAA. I enquired specifically about the 'gambling on the issue of safety of civilian airlines and airline passengers' and asked her if she knew what NPR meant in airline-lingo. She gave me a direct answer on the condition of anonymity. I then asked her "were the 7 arrested involved in any CAT Bond trading involving the issue of safety of civilian airliners and their SABRED passenger manifests such as AF447, Kenya 507, Adam Air 574, Colgan 3407 and THE NEXT ONE, ITEM V?" I'd heard this information on KHEN radio, Salida, Colorado on Tuesday and again of The Micro Effect on Wednesday and mentioned a Civil Case in US District Court with "1600" in the Case Number. I said there were no reports of the details as to what the 7 arrested, and all the others, had been involved with, in any of the MSM Press but expected to read about it in the Iceland News and Russia Today. She did not mock my suggestion at all, not in the slightest. I told her I 'knew' Beverly Eckert and understood why her husband Sean was targeted and how it was made easy as reported in Michael Moore's movie involving Capitalism and Love. She looked nervous and passed me a hand written note suggesting a meeting in Hanover, Germany with a gentleman connected to 1600. She then tapped her left foot 4 times and left abruptly and returned to Baker Street prior to meeting me at the Exhibition Pub in Over, just south of Cambridge, Blabbermouth Slade from Norwich.”
As will be reported in the Wall Street Journal immediately following the dismissal of his attorney and the issuing of arrest warrants by SOCA in London, Chips was assured Victory as Promised in Proverbs 21:31.

Chips was also in receipt of knowledge that when the lid came off the Jeanie’s bottle, the Agents of Rothschild would be in fear of the reaper in a way that Abel Danger Agents and God’s Little People never need fear, capeche?

“My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work. Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the FIELDs! They are ripe for harvest. Even now the reaper draws his wages, even now he harvests the crop for eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together. Thus the saying 'One sows and another reaps' is true. I sent you to reap what you have not worked for. Others have done the hard work, and you have reaped the benefits of their labor.”

As Chips’ Purple Limo was made available to those leaving 1600 as well as Brett Favre for his delivery to the Vikings’ first home game there was some very nervous Khazar Jews fearing the Iceland News regarding those in Harper’s Shoes who had created the Baxter Flues. Changes in ALPA’s staffing were set to signal Chips return to flying in the USA sometime after his power boink that Mattress Thrasher was so looking forward to on the Poop Deck.

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