Monday, February 15, 2010


Harper Pilot’s Steward and Canadian Treasury Rape
Cat Ballou tracks Cat Bond Contract Hit to Challengers’ Camp Mirage

Hanna offered up two industrial sized Captain Sherlock Martinis to Stone who was seated across an empty stool from his father Chips. “Stone, no need to be nervous, the Air Line Pilots Association has known about and done nothing to inert while United 93, Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Colgan Air 3407 and Air France 447 have been ‘vaporized’. Well, your old dad is going after the Cat Bond crowd like the old gunfighter working for Cat Ballou” KSM defense witness Gravedigger sent Clipper to PM Harper. 

Recently-arrested pilot Colonel Russell Williams and the Conservative M.P. Andrew Saxton equipped signatory investors in the $55 trillion Carbon Disclosure Project with an airborne internet to rape the Canadian Treasury. Evidence suggests they used illegally-modified Challenger aircraft remoted through Charlotte’s Web to trigger cat-bonds during a 9/11 war game between the U.S. and Canada. In 1986, Saxton started with Credit Suisse in Switzerland, later in New York and thereafter returned to Vancouver with the same firm. 

In 1994 he moved to Hong Kong with HSBC and in 1997 he was appointed Senior V-P of HSBC in Singapore. Check Olympic airborne security has not been compromised by Tillman’s association with rapes of women in Canada and Dubai. Check Saxton father/son apparent rape of Canadian Treasury ($80 billion stimulus, $7-10 billion of Olympic debt by CDP investors). Suggest you stay away from Vancouver Olympic Games. Natalya noted James Crosby intrigued by last two Clippers. Two F4s joined in combat spread right, the F3 Tornadoes joined in combat spread left and a contract-hit team operating out of Camp Mirage took down the FC-KU blocker while Challenger Air Patrol and ADT saboteurs resumed obstructing the Allied efforts.

Hanna, posing as a lady bartender, offered up two industrial sized Captain Sherlock Martini’s to the visibly shaken Stone who was seated across an empty stool from his father Chips. “Stone, no need to be nervous, a miss is as good as a mile and close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades; at least that was conventional wisdom before the Chicago Charlie Cabal deployed the fearsome foursome [ BUAP + QRS11 + SMACsonic + KU band ] a toxic suite of aviation weapons that the Air Line Pilots Association has known about and done nothing to inert while United 93, Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Colgan Air 3407 and Air France 447 have been ‘vaporized’ while ALPA sits on their asses collecting dues and tacitly condoning re-insurance revenue making in spite of the rising death toll. Well, your old dad is going after the Cat Bond crowd like the old gunfighter working for Cat Ballou”

“Dad, the explosion didn't bother me but I'd been drinking coffee all morning at Starbucks in Heathrow and then again at the Park Inn while awaiting a bill of lading there. It seems Thales had a very large item they wanted shipped to Toulouse as the electronic dragnet descends on 10 Downing Street and Sandor's hideout on Isle of Man. The only part of the explosion that got my attention is that I had a 10 ounce jar of Mezzeta Garlic Stuffed Olives in my lunch box along side the AQFB27T comm suite. I guess I should be happy I removed the comm suite but as you know the Mezzeta family of American Canyon in California's Napa Valley has been making martini olives since 1935 and I had doctored that particular bottle with some ‘special sauce’…”

Stone was interrupted as Hanna produced a 10 ounce jar of Mezzeta stuffed queens and speared two olives each on 2 plastic cocktail tooth picks in royal purple. As she placed them at the top of the 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martinis, Stone resumed thusly as to wit: "Hanna, how did you know that Dad prefers Mezzeta Stuffed queens and let me sample the fluid in the jar?" As Hanna passed the 10 ounce jar to Stone and he quaffed a sniff Hanna responded.

“Stone, your father and I worked the KGB-Uranium Swindle deal in Astana, the one that will put Clinton in a hospital if he finds out we have him by the balls, as well as Kazakh Defender in Karaganda, Aktau and Atyrau. As you know your father works hard and plays hard and one night after a nice dinner at the Line Brew in Astana he suggested we repair to the Okan Intercontinental for an in depth debriefing. Once in Room 1317, the room that looked out over the fire station, he poured me a 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini and that is about the last thing I recall from that debriefing except the sound your father makes when he is in REM sleep and the fire trucks roll. Suffice it to say it turns him on in a way that would make George Strait proud and any red blooded girl very happy, for hours.”

As Stone and Chips took their first pulls on the CSMs, Agent Bean came in the door from the lobby side and, passing the dart board, held up an envelope in her right hand as she pointed at the Merlot glass and gave a hand signal to Hanna indicating more capacity much like the 46EE over the shoulder boulder holder that was straining to keep her ample bounty from going into ambulation-induced-oscillation not to be confused with pilot-induced-oscillation or captain-seduced-undulation as was recently recalled by Hanna as her 29 year old non-Irish mind thought back to Room 1317 , the Kazakh Fire Brigade and the world renowned Irish Ham not to be confused with Brendan Behan, the Irish comic who would also have been considered a Ham as he was very thoughtful and dry just like Abel Danger's own Agent Del N. Pole, who is always right and has seen the future in Obamaland and correctly opines that it will not work. No shit.

As Agent Bean sat down she handed Chips a note that had been slid under the door to their room. She had a second copy that the Concierge had given her as she walked by the Reception area of the Arora International Hotel enroute from the elevator to Morgan's pub. Stone tried to be a gentleman but he was truly impressed by Bean's sweater and he hadn't seen headlights like that since his father had shown him a 1937 Bugatti at the annual auto auction in Phoenix where Chips and Stone annually migrate as a cover story to nocturnal visits to AMARC to ensure F4D 66-7478 is being kept ‘MR’.

Sensing Stone's appreciation for grand tetons Agent Bean intentionally dropped her room key on the floor and then bent over to retrieve. As cleavage was displayed Stone thought that his father perhaps had one of the better jobs out their for 60 year old pilots who enjoyed olives and pastel colors more than throttles, sticks and rudders or spending a lifetime in TSA lines so that Janet's dropouts could ensure that he didn't have more than 3 ounces of Stetson Sierra cologne in the 1.5 ounce green bottle with gold cap.

As Stone monitored the key retrieval exercise [ KRE ] Beans plum colored sweater separated from her tight fitting skirt and Stone could not help but see that she had a pastel royal plum IOC awaiting the touch of a little hand and the smile of a little face as he harked back to his father's favorite bed time poem Little Boy Blue by Eugene Field [ 1850-1895 Chicago ]. Eugene Field had posed as a newspaper man and poet but was, in truth, Chips' great grandfather and one of the 3 original members of Able Danger Chicago which formed shortly before Abe Lincoln's wife was double crossed by her dressmaker.

Stone wondered how anyone could be 46EE on the top and yet 28 inches around the middle. His father Chips sure knew how to pick 'em. And as Dolly Parton would have chimed in in 1985 when Chips, Jack Altree and Rod Baldinger hauled Dolly from Nashville to Memphis to LAX, “you ain't whistlin’ dixie”. Dolly had twice ridden with Chips and on both occasions she and her female body guard sat in seats 3C and 3D even though seats 52DD and 54DD might have made more sense.

by: Eugene Field (1850-1895)
The little toy dog is covered with dust,
But sturdy and stanch he stands;
And the little toy soldier is red with rust,
And his musket moulds in his hands.
Time was when the little toy dog was new,
And the soldier was passing fair;
And that was the time when our Little Boy Blue
Kissed them and put them there.

"Now, don't you go till I come," he said,
"And don't you make any noise!"
So, toddling off to his trundle-bed,
He dreamt of the pretty toys;
And, as he was dreaming, an angel song
Awakened our Little Boy Blue--
Oh! the years are many, the years are long,
But the little toy friends are true!

Ay, faithful to Little Boy Blue they stand,
Each in the same old place,
Awaiting the touch of a little hand,
The smile of a little face;
And they wonder, as waiting the long years through
In the dust of that little chair,
What has become of our Little Boy Blue,
Since he kissed them and put them there.

Stone's glare was not wasted on Hanna who slipped Stone a cocktail napkin with Room 1002 and 'in 20 minutes' written in Polish. Stone, a real block off the old Chips was picking up what she was laying down and took a strong pull on his CSM not so much for courage but to ensure he didn't have to leave too much on the table when it was time to do a little 'international intel exchange' with the ravishing leader of the Astana Irish Drinking Team who had pretty much drunk all the Astana pilots under the table with the exception of Aunt Frank who did himself in on diet cokes and Chips who never let his guard down in the interest of the Anglosphere and little people everywhere just like Abel Danger Agent Brad Gayle of Don's Car Wash, Moorhead or Agent Tina Ethan of Fry'n Pan Moorhead.

When Chips wasn't deployed 'abroad'...gee, I love English....he often could be found at the Fry'n Pan for lunch most weekdays and also at Don's Car Wash in Moorhead whenever anything important was shakin' in the world intel circles. Unbeknownst to FBI and CIA Chips never went thru the car wash alone as a 'briefer' would always ride through the car wash and update Chips while the loud sounds of the machinery drowned out any listening devices. In a similar manner the waitresses at Fry'n Pan would always leave intel updates appearing to be checks for lunch. In this manner Our Man Chips could look like just another geriatric with a stretch limo while he went about solving 9/11, Global Warming and preventing 9/11 Part Deux at Whistler, capeche?

It was at Don's Car Wash in Moorhead that Chips had his Purple Reign II Tea Party Limo washed, after a high speed run from Nashville through Waverly, Iowa, a short visit at 7900 International Drive, Bloomington MN 55425 and up to Fargo, when Agent Brad Gayle had suggested "Junior" ride through the carwash and brief Chips on intel chatter including 200 character plus messages containing contingent orders of battle for UK and US units 'in the field' in response to loose chatter from both Iran and Israel. It seemed that the OCTOpus financials were suffering and in the 2010 'resets' they expected to lose their financial asses so, as has been their custom dating back 146 years the OCTOpus R&R factions 1 and 2 were triggering an armed conflict to protect their investments. If the February fire mission could not be stopped by Abel Danger, a conflagration was imagined that would rival WWI in its carnage. Chips was focused and resolute; Hamish was informed and informing; Marquis d’Cartier was snapping photos with his ‘Clipper strap-on digi-wiener cam’, and FCI Colorado Springs was worried as to why Sidley-Austin, Clinton Rubin and the SES was fingering the Colorado office when the more corrupt parties were thought to be in Chantilly.

"Chips, I have a pair of surprises for you" whispered Bean as she gave Chips a quick status check and found him at TI of 90% or better causing her to start sudsing. "Agent Del N. Pole will be joining us in 20 minutes and he has been dispatched by the Daily Telegraph to attend the National Convention of the Tea Party coming up next week. Further, he will be bringing a friend from Norwich who knows Russian and has a cattle friend in Pennsylvania who follows professional hockey if you follow me."

Chips immediately knew he was being given a subliminal suggestion as Bean and Chips never led nor followed but always walked side by side, hand in hand, be it at Apache Junction, AMARC, Yellowstone, the FCI office in Colorado Springs, Whistler, or Morgan's Pub at the Arora International Hotel in Crawley, England just to the west of M23B that leads to Brighton where they once set an Abel Danger record of 9 hours and 37 minutes for an uninterrupted enduro although both had had supplemental water and protein during their record setting effort.

Chips had worn an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Peppercorn while Bean had shyly been pried loose from her IOC in pastel Lemon Meringue in the days before they coordinated colors in the interest of not looking foolish if the paparazzi that hounded John and Yoko might descend upon their love nest at the Metropole where Maureen hosted Tuesday night happy hours for TWA, Northwest and Continental crews.

Delta crews also stayed at the hotel but did not participate even when their 32 year old FA died of peanut poisoning in the second half of 1999. That was probably the time when Prince was playing Purple Rain prior to the acquisition in 2010 of Purple Reign II, the Limo that Agent Del N. Pole, Chips, The Moldavan Maven and Mother Moose would admire in February 2010 as it sat alone outside the Gaylord Opryland Hotel during the National Tea Party Convention. Not really alone as Homi and Duke were in the trunk with an M249 SAW, three bags of Doritos, and a tin containing doggie bones for Duke.

“Dad, I've got to get up to my room for an incoming from Swany,” said Stone as he left half a CSM within arm's reach of his father. His father, not a complete mental slouch noticed that Katherine had taken over bartending duties from Hanna who was gone without a trace not to conjure up missing children movies. As Stone left the bar, Bean gave Chips another 'status check' and found that his 110% was in keeping with her MI of ‘splendid’ so she thought that perhaps a return to the room might work. However, as her sudsing level hit 'tsunami like’ and she wanted a hunka hunka burning love, an incoming Clipper from Marquis d’Cartier put her plans for a power-boink on the back burner, as it were.
“Chatterbox Marquis d'Cartier priority clipper to Chips, Umbrellaman, Del N. Pole and Hamish, copy Thrasher: From our team at Isle of Man we have news that Canadian privy councilor David Emerson and Richard Sandor's Kellogg School of Management have developed MindBox algorithms which use unlawful debt to extort city governments into paying carbon taxes or facing cat-bond bomb attacks sponsored by their first-responder pension funds. We plan a full briefing in Nashville on 5 February at the Jack Daniels watering hole while the band plays, but not the JC Anderson Band will play on 3 and 4 February before leaving for the Carolinas. Suggest Del N. Pole attend ‘Lieper’s Fork’ home of the Judds, if I am not mistaken”. MdC.”

Chips and Bean had just speed read the previous Clipper when another was waiting in queue, this one from Abel Danger’s man in Vancouver BC who was hiding out from assassins in the US who didn’t believe he was simply an expert installer of Corian countertops and an expert finish carpenter after his service at Korat, Thailand where he worked as a radar technician on F4 C/D/E jets at about the time that a Navy LCdr from Hawaii crashed an EC121 into Tango’s hangar prior to Tango Whiskey arriving home on the very day of the Kent State Operation that spawned a major CSN hit. Some alphabet agents wondered if he might have done some ‘install’ work on the Raytheon A-3 Sky Warriors modified for treasonous duty on 9/11 on targets 3 and 4; Pentagon and Capitol but of course Tango’s military background was in airborne radars used for intercepts and bombing, not treasonous attacks on defenseless oath takers serving America.

“Blabbermouth Tango Whiskey priority Clipper to Chips, Hamish, Umbrellaman, Rico and Gravedigger, copy Surfer Girl: ” Chips, my sister the artist in Connecticut suggests that Middletown and Kleen Power might find the global reach of the OCTOpus ‘unsettling’ as the Global Elitists try and fill their coffers in response to dwindling mortgage income as foreclosures increase and 2010 ‘resets’ loom large. Her husband, who is a limp piece of work, suggests that what hits Connecticut first will hit Whistler second, Yellowstone third and he is ‘fouling his Depends’ as he thinks of the ‘certain al-Qaeda attack’ forecast for August 2010 less than a month after Holder gets Qui Tam #2. “Limpo” opines that prior to the untimely and statistically improbable deaths of 5 Raytheon Execs in 3 of the 4 Druyen Drones deployed on 9/11, those Execs must have been aware that their corporate counterparts in Phoenix and Burbank were ‘not in their corner’ not to be confused with ‘coroner’ whom they would have all met on 12 September, 2001 had their mortal remains not been incinerated by 5800 degree heat from SMACsonic insulation installed by Cascade Aero of Abbottsford. I am enroute to Nashville with a toothless trucker from Conway, Arkansas who has a photographic memory of the Little Rock landscape in the period -3 and +13 years from your C130 training commencing in November, 1973 at Little Rock AFB where your training partner Jim Cox of Texas blew the right rear main tire at Eaker AFB which of course had been Blytheville AFB during the height of the SAC experience and in fact is where in 1964 a B52H with the vertical stabilizer ripped off landing safely at Blytheville while Chips was with the 72nd C4ISR at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. I need 5 minutes of your time in Nashville, suggest a ride to Franklin, Brentwood or the area where the Judds call home, Lieper’s Fork is it? Tango.”
Chips responded to the subliminal trigger from Agent Bean and placed his left hand up her skirt to where a yellow sticky note had been held in place by body-wax. He gave Bean a courtesy ‘rub’ prior to withdrawing his hand to let her know that he had his mind on her mission and would complete Operation Intel Insert as soon as they could find some private time. Bean started to flush as she thought back to Operation Istanbul Thrust just in advance of Boo Boo’s pre-election trip to Turkey where he was considered to be one by the locals, capeche? Think about that, slowly.

Agent Bean was sudsing like a MayTag when both her clipper and Chip’s clipper took ‘immediate’ IMs from Hamish and Agent Del N. Pole in short order with Hamish’s arriving first by a nose, like the nose Chips wanted to stick in Bean’s business at his earliest opportunity.
“KSM Hamish clipper to Agent Bean, Chips and Del N. Pole: “ Just a reminder Chips, the word al-Qaeda is the name given to the database of Arab-American companies used by the U.S. Small Business Administration and the CIA Special Activities Division responsible for sabotage, assassination and deception [ propaganda] of which AGW is the principal component. Al-Qaeda was never Muslim, always Marxist; it is an example of what is known as virtual deception. Obama was recruited out of Columbia, given false papers and began working for BIC – a CIA-SAD front in New York – developing the al-Qaeda network in Pakistan with his Marxist mother Anne Dunham. Rip him a new one Chips, the Anglosphere is resting in your hands. Hamish”
Chips was tickled to think that the Anglosphere was resting in his hands just moments after Agent Bean’s monde venus had been resting in his hands, so to speak, while the future of a Canadian pilot named Russell Williams was soon to rest in his hands. Chips was indeed developing a ‘handful’ while Agent Bean adjusted herself on the middle stool and gave him an ‘eyeful’ of Royal Plum with an increasing MI exceeding splendid and heading for marvelous. Chips was at full battle strength while up in Room 1002 a fellow soldier was applying force abroad, in a manner of speaking. As the monster strained against the Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster Chips and Bean reluctantly cast their attention to an Immediate Clipper from Tango, enroute to Nashville in a HazMat truck heading southeast towards Nashville.
“Chatterbox Tango Immediate Clipper to Chips, Name Dropper, Umbrellaman and Corazon Dulce, copy Gravedigger: “ Captain Sherlock has forced Obama to move the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (Al-Qaeda Teachers’ bomb maker) trial out of New York City; we should push for it to come to Fargo re Civil Case 3:07-cv-49. N.B. David E. Klett, retired professor thermodynamics at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NCAT), had the real KSM in several of his classes. Asked about the photos of the person said to be the terror mastermind, Klett said, “I did not recognize that person. I never saw that face before. Suggest Chips deploy Corazon from Waxhah to NCAT/Klett. Nanny Piloti, Sasquatch and Thunder Thighs realize that Boo Boo and Horseholder are in over their heads in regards to KSM deception and are warning Boo Boo that Abel Danger will have their ass in court. Sadly, Boo Boo misinterpretated that to mean Biden. Tango, eastbound and down”

Chips saw a third Clipper arriving, this one from Name Dropper in West Florida but at the same time a man walked up to Bean and Chips wearing Groucho Marx nose, moustache and glasses and a denim ball cap with FARGO embroidered across the front just above the bill not to be confused with Mr. Clinton-Rodham-Rockefeller who has a gadget bent according to Gennifer Flowers whom he attempted to deflower before proving for the umpteenth time YOU CAN’T PUSH A ROPE. The slender gentleman who also was wearing a tan 1969 London Fog asked “is this stool available?” which struck Bean and Chips as unusual in that of the 32 stools at the bar only stools 1 and 3 where occupied and ‘groucho’ had selected the empty one between them. Chips noticed the man had a gold signet ring on his right pinkie and he motioned towards the ring so the Bean would be in the loop though Chips himself would rather be in her knickers as he had been once in the shrubs across from the 3 Magpies.

As ‘groucho’ sat down Katherine took his order, a Black and Tan, which of course calls for Guinness and Bass Ale in many areas of the world including Long’s Bar in Dubai and the Fur and Feather in Norwich, the Exhibition in Over and the Full Moon in Rudge. Chips was almost certain of who the ‘groucho’ impersonator was but he decided to play down to James Bond level for stimulation of Agent Bean who continued to suds like a Maytag and long for a private jet stateroom and 4 hours of focus from Oysterman.

“Have you seen my future?” enquired Chips of the stranger.

“Yes, and it doesn’t work” replied the Black and Tan consumer as he removed his disguise.

“Chips, Fargo and Bean, Phoenix, glad to make your acquaintance Del……”

“Please, call me James. Agent Bean, do you know our people in your state including Agent John Galt and Accuracy as well as the CIA U-2 guy who has flown east from Karaganda with Chips?”

Agent Bean hiked her skirt up above her right knee to where a temporary tattoo displayed YES as she took a lengthy pull on her 1983 Merlot wishing she were pulling on something lengthier. In response, James adjusted himself and dressed right. Chips attempted to adjust himself but the monster was not compliant due to TI of ‘tungsteen’ to which James took note and excused him from the Abel Danger ID protocol. James then pointed to the dart board and opened his Clipper Dart Case with the Abel Danger / Norwich logo.

As the case was opened Bean and Chips saw 6 darts, each with a yellow sticky note folded in half and held closed by the steely points of the darts not to be confused with Steely Dan the group for which Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter had played lead guitar with, including ‘Reeling in the Years’ prior to his become a aviation security expert in Washington. Chips and Skunk did some good work in Kingsville, Texas in the first six months of 1973. Perhaps the Kingsville PD would like to know who backed into the right rear door of their 1973 Plymouth Fury Squad Car with a 1971 Thunderbird. Loose lips sink ships. James indicated to Bean that she should ‘ready the darts’ and he pointed at a dart with black feathers. Bean opened the note: “Whistler-AMEC” was all that it contained.

James pointed to the red feather dart. Bean revealed “Kleen Connecticut”.

James pointed to the yellow feather dart. Bean revealed “Yellowstone-AMEC”

James pointed to the brown feather dart. Bean revealed “KSM trial cancel”

James pointed to the aqua feather dart. Bean revealed “Saudi Minister”

James pointed the rainbow feather dart. Bean revealed “August AQ FF”

Chips noticed the single dart hidden in a gold case. “James, is it the suggestion of our Brit Agents that Whistler has been pre-rigged by AMEC as were WT 1,2,7, Wall Street and Wedge One of the Pentagon AND that a shot across the bow may occur at Kleen Power to trigger Cat Bond profits AND that AMEC has pre-rigged Yellowstone to blow if Mt Rushmore fireworks are allowed on 4th of July AND that Boo Boo and Horseholder will cancel the KSM trial rather than move it to Fargo where Field and Fenstermaker await AND that the OCTOpus will down a Saudi state jet hauling a Saudi minister into Washington DC and then blame it on Mossad AND that the only way the OCTOpus could be 100% sure of an al-Qaeda attack will occur in August is that the OCTOpus is the sponsor, is that correct James.”

“I am stirred by not shaken by your acumen Chips” responded Agent Del N. Pole as he came to grips with why Chips was Intel Director of Abel Danger Global. Agent Bean was anxious to come to grips with the monster as her MI had now reached ‘saturation’ and she richly desired some private time as she had overcome her shyness once and for all and wished to do a pole dance on a certain Agent's temperature probe aka the purple tipped red champion.

“James, I see you have one last dart in a Gold Case with P2131 inscribed on it. I would bet my next million dollar advance that the dart therein has purple feathers. Am I correct in that assertion?” said Chips as Bean was dreaming of an insertion post haste.

31 The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the LORD.

James unscrewed the cap to the golden case and withdrew a 24 karat dart with purple feathers which had a single word written in Purple; JESUS. As Bean, James and Chips understood the gravity of Proverbs 21:31, Stone and Hanna appeared on stools 4 and 5 as Chips ate the second Mezzeta stuffed queen while Bean looked forward to impersonating a Mezzeta ASAP. Katherine asked if another round was desired to which Hanna commented “Not now Katherine, we have all been recalled to the Colonies and if you’d be so kind as to hand me my Mumbai leather bag I shall be abroad for 2 weeks if you can cover the bar."

Stone knew that when Hanna suggested she should be abroad she was well within her rights to stake such a claim. Stone was particularly impressed by Hanna’s Polish Piledriver technique she taught him. He was thinking of moving to Krakow.

As Katherine passed her the leather bag with recent bag tags from TSE and FRA a White Mercedes stretch pulled up outside the curb where Waste Management SERE employees removed the last bit of evidence of the 360 debris field that had wasted the DHL van and Stone’s cache of Mezzeta Garlic Stuffed Queens. Bean, Chips, James, Hanna and Stone went to the rear of the Limo as Hamish and his brother Diehard spoke in cheesy accents up front. As the 5 Abel Danger assets [ ass + sets, I love intel work ] settled in the rear of the ‘divided’ limo the opaque divider went up as Hoss offered them a beverage and two bobbies on BMW bikes escorted them away from the Arora International where Hanna had become a 2 generation supporter of Abel Danger’s selfless efforts to save the global commoners and distribute DNA, capeche?

Stone opened a cooler at the center of the Limo and handed Bean a Merlot, Hanna and James an Irish Depth Charge while grabbing a Grolsch Widebody for himself and his father Chips. Offering a Grolsch to Hoss Stone was pleased with Hoss’s pat answer.

“No thanks Stone, I’m flying the three holer to Nashville and you’re helping me in the right seat unless Buck Naked has sobered up. By the way, the gentleman beside me is Henry Cater of the CRU Leak generation team in Norwich. He raises cattle and knows of some Avalon Farm British Whites in Western Pennsylvania not far from the Mann Moron Hockey Stick fellow, capeche?”

“Good, that leaves more Grolsch for dad and I” responded Stone as over on the Isle of Man a prostate Buck Naked and a similarly prostate Skymaster were placed in a Bonanno Double Decker with a DHL rush tag to LGW. The BDD11 was configured with the AQFB27-Tango so if the recently crowned beer drinking champs of Port Erin awoke they could be briefed by Stone, Hamish or Uncle Ray who was joining the group after returning from a quick trip to Budapest and Geneva relating to Project Polanski Pervert.

In the front seat of the Mercedes stretch Diehard adjusted himself and grunted before placing the car in motion for the 12 minute drive to Gatwick’s car park. Hamish started to drone on in his cheesy accent so Stone pressed the up button and a clear and sound proofing divider went up again. Hamish, very competitive, although not very much so in chess as a school boy, started giving hand signals so Stone drove up the opaque divider also. As Chips thanked his son, in whom he was well pleased for the break from ‘firehose’, Agent Bean gave Chips a ‘free shot’ of pastel Royal Plum and Chips was thinking that was looking ‘plum delightful’ to him. He moved across the open area to seat himself between Stone and Bean so Stone could keep him supplied with Grolsch frosties while Bean could occasionally point at a distraction outside the limo and give him a quick TI check. She found him consistently ‘configured for duty’ which increased her anticipation while his TI had now reached the Thailand Blue Steel index.

During the short drive over Stone linked Chips’ Clipper Squirt gun to a DVD player via Bluetooth and a short stack of Clippers in queue appeared. Chips pointed at the third one down as Bean accessed the single one up, as it were.

Chips had selected the 3rd message for the title “Bush-Pilot” thinking it might have something to do with Agent Bean and himself. However, as was occasionally the case, he was wrong in his wishful thinking.
“Blabbermouth Name Dropper and Moxie G priority Clipper to Chips, Tango, Hoss, Uncle Ray and Buck Naked: “Abel Danger, remember we’re at war, so we must pay attention to what the enemy says when it is boasting after a successful attack and who it tries to ridicule. Bin Laden said after 9/11, ‘We have three independent networks to move al-Qaeda assets [e.g. the CUKC citizen Barry Soetoro] around the world and all the resources of the British and Americans cannot stop us’. Re comments about Bush; the reason these parasitical LGBT losers hate him is that he has the easy authority that comes to alpha males. Note that in November 1970, Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian, commander of the 111th Fighter Squadron, recommended that Bush be promoted to First Lieutenant, calling him “a dynamic outstanding young officer” who stood out as “a top notch fighter interceptor pilot.” He said that “Lt. Bush’s skills far exceed his contemporaries,” and that “he is a natural leader whom his contemporaries look to for leadership. Lt. Bush is also a good follower with outstanding disciplinary traits and an impeccable military bearing. It can be assumed that only Fargo’s Chips, who is a body double for GWB, has ever enjoyed a better standing among NORAD peer pilots including his 1986 performance at Willy Tell where he kicked ass against the CF18 weenies who would 15 years later attack America under orders of Gen Maurice Baril.”

Chips then pointed to the first message in queue somewhat disappointed that the Bush in the previous Clipper was a man’s name not a lady’s bounty. As the second Clipper came up on the DVD player the lead bobby on the black BMW ahead signaled for a left turn into the LSG Catering yard, not the public car park. Bean squeezed Chips’ blood pressure monitoring organ to indicate she understood.
“Chatterbox Vixen at Sidley Priority Clipper to Chips, Hamish and Stone, FYEO: “The Teachers’ had to position Bush at the school reading a goat story while they tested and triggered algorithms for the continuity of government (COG) exercise, Global Guardian wherein Chicago Charlie intended to displace Bush-Cheney and Bravo Channel.. The Teachers’ knew that if Bush had been participating as C-in-C in the bogus exercise which involved a live-fly hijacking scenario, he would have seen the decoy-and-drone maneuvers much earlier than Mrs. Cheney or her husband with the bull neck.. Global Guardian would then have been aborted before the Teachers’ strategic targets were destroyed. How many Americans know that the Teachers’ destroyed the Pentagon’s U.S. Naval Command Center on 9/11 and whacked the pilot of AA77 Chic Burlingame over a drop zone in the Atlantic? How many Americans know that Robert Hanssen (KSM ‘71) had stolen the public key infrastructure codes on behalf of the S.E.S. to take over government in the event the line of succession (Capitol Building United 93) had been obliterated? I know you were able to delay the departure of United 93 by 41 minutes, see Chapter 28 of Hunter’s Wingmen, and save the Capitol Building but we failed in many other areas; we won’t fail this time and we have to go macro on the al-Qaeda conspiracy. Al-Qaeda was never about Islam. It is about Blair Brown-Balls’s Fabian war room at 10 Downing Street launched December 4, 2000 for investors such as the BBC Pension Trust in the Carbon Disclosure Project ($55 trillion of assets under management!). The Brown-Balls Fabians are led by LSE alumnus Cherie Blair and they have three strategic goals for the CDP: Centralisation of credit, tax collection and spending; Global governance by USS-Teachers’ intellectual elite; Ghetto cleansing and eugenics to depopulate the earth. We, ‘The ‘English-Speaking Peoples’ will need to resurrect the Grand Jury system and use military tribunals and public hangings to stop this insurrection of Warmists. Chips, get face to face with Georgia and Tennessee Patriots ASAP. Avoid Eastern Tennessee. Dropper/Moxie G”
Diehard pulled up next to a Man truck chassis with a catering body on a scissor jack and LSG logo on both sides. Chips noticed the yellow flasher on the top was not flashing in the normal pattern but actually doing Morse code for A D which allowed airport security to know that Abel Danger was on the airport and security was ‘in them’ until the yellow flasher went back to normal.

As Diehard opened the catering van people-door a non-descript thin man in dungarees handed Diehard a small remote and Diehard handed the thin man a remote for the Mercedes stretch, which was idling with the hazard flashers on. Uncle Ray appeared at the catering van door and summonsed Stone, Chips, Bean, Hanna, Hoss, Hamish, James, Henry and Diehard to join her. As they entered the well lit but almost empty catering van she pointed at a BDD11 with a DHL rush tag from IOM to LGW. Bean, being an RN as well as entrepreneur, noticed sets of LED double blink reds follow by single blink greens.

Chips noticed Bean’s set of 46EE whoppers which he hoped to examine digitally at his earliest opportunity. She pointed out to Chips the red/green signal as he got the remote from Diehard who was adjusting himself and grunting. Pressing the 1995 GMC remote ‘trunk release’ logo the LEDs all went green and a metallic clunk was heard as a solenoid drive ram was powered up and retracted from it’s locked position. The top of the BDD11 double decker coffin opened and a haggard looking Buck Naked smiled sheepishly and asked Stone for a tin of Altoids and a Grolsch Wide Body. When Stone handed him two Grolsch beers, Buck put his hand over his lips and whispered “Skymaster is sleeping it off, so I will handle his beer while he gets his beauty rest.” Buck Naked was a team player who could always be counted on for carrying the ‘other guy’s’ load. Bean was thinking about a load of another nature she’d like to be carrying ASAP.

The LSG catering truck lumbered across the ramp and went to the north side of Runway 26L to a maintenance hangar where a B727 T-tail was moving backwards as a Thomas Cook logoed tug repositioned the Super 727-REW. When the jet reached it’s assigned spot, chocks were placed on either side of the left mains and the rotating beacon went off. At the same time that the rotating beacon went off the yellow light on the catering truck went back to ‘standard flash’ indicating to those aware that Abel Danger was surrendering security back to Gatwick Airport authorities. As that process was completed a Puma helicopter lifted from the air park at the northwest corner of the Gatwick Airport property and hovered facing southeast watching for any unusual advances from the blind side of the hangar.

Hoss and Stone went into the jet first and wishing that Skymaster was capable of functioning but realizing such was not the case Buck Naked fired up the APU as Hoss prepared the left seat and triple-mixed NavSets as Stone grabbed a flask disguised as a Maglight flashlight as he went to do a quick walk-around. As Stone reached the area of the tailskid a Land Rover with blue and white checker patterned reflective tape pulled up and discharged Dwarf, Sluggo, Homi and Duke. Dwarf and Sluggo went to the Boeing’s E&E compartment to set some codes and enable voice splicers while Homi and Duke set up a defensive perimeter for the 15 minutes it would take Hoss and crew to get ready to ride. Hoss was doing just the ‘starred items’ as his father had taught him when his father was flying DC8s for Delta and being photographed executing ‘low transition takeoffs’ more often performed by fighter pilots. Chips and Bean were placing their bags in the Head of State bedroom and fluffing the pillows when an ill timed Clipper came into Bean’s Clipper medical bag.
“Blabbermouth Mitch Stack Priority Clipper to Agent Bean and Del N. Pole: “ So now we know that anonymous investors in al-Qaeda share the same goals as signatory investors in the Carbon Disclosure Project (‘CDP’) launched by Blair Brown-Balls at 10 Downing Street on December 4, 2000. All we need to do now is prove that the al-Qaeda investors and the CDP investors are one and the same. Clue – Check out Yeslam bin Laden links to Carlyle Canada (Paul Desmarais) and Groupe AXA whose directors met on September 12, 2001 in Paris to confirm a Xshareholding cat-bond arrangement with Nadhmi Auchi of BNP Paribas, also a CDP investor and a former member of one of Saddam’s Ba’ath Party hit teams. They need to repeat after us the Abel Danger fight song …The Blair Brown-Balls CDP is a $55 trillion RICO. Hang’em high and hang’em slow. And when it comes to Thunder Thighs give her a Barzan al-Takriti modified rope”
At first Agent Bean wondered why the message had come from Mitch Stack embedded in FCI’s Colorado Springs office under the name Caine Dooper, no relation to Diane B. Cooper or D B Cooper of Northwest Airlines folklore, but she realized that Agent Del N. Pole had been working with Slade Lane, Hamish, Mitch Stack and Barmy Badger at the Fur and Feather Pub in Norwich with the CRU Leaker and Mitch was savvy enough to know that where Buxom Beanie was there Chips would be also in hot pursuit as it were, capeche?

Bean, feeling even more central to the Abel Danger mission to save America and the Anglosphere felt the low rumble of air being applied to the #3 engine start valve and she ensured the door was latched as she removed her Royal Plum sweater. “Chips, be a dear and help me unlatch the eight snaps on the back of this item of clothing” as she presented herself backwards in front of a willing Chips who thought he heard a low growl similar to what a Chihuahua might issue to a male Chihuahua when in heat. Chips, ever the gentleman, put down his Grolsch and gently released the ample bounty as a pair of 37 Bugatti headlights found freedom from a ‘cross your heart’ restraining device. As Agent Bean jiggled over to the Jacuzzi as if to fill it Chips admonished her thusly in a laconic, yet loving, fashion.

“Not until after takeoff and the slats are at “2” my little love muffin. The Jacuzzi would lose some water when Buck rotates. However, if you must have a relaxing shot of hot water the shower will recapture the water and not create a water problem for the cargo area below our love nest. As Agent Beanie changed gears, Chips excused himself for a quick mission briefing in the cockpit. Cock and pit, not flight and deck. Cockpit. Get it straight, like the straight eight.

Chips ensured the bedroom door was locked as he went through the open cockpit door and saw Hoss taxiing towards the departure end of 26L as Buck finished up the before takeoff checks and Stone attached the printed oceanic clearance on both his clipboard and Hoss’s clipboard. Buck pointed at the ACARS to indicate to Stone he did not need a copy. Chips noticed the ground speed display indicated 38 knots of taxi speed.

“Hoss, ALPA wouldn’t like the 38 knots as they always suggest taxiing no faster than a man can run”, quipped the ever affable and never flappable Chips.

“ALPA can shit in their hat; haven't they ever heard of Jesse Owens?” responded Hoss as he gave a signal to Stone to let tower know they were ready for blastoff, as was Bean.

“Banzai Zero Niner, cleared for takeoff 26L, delete SID proceed direct to first oceanic way point, delete speed, climb unrestricted to FL280, contact Departure on 123.6, fair winds and good hunting Abel Danger”. Stone was about to answer when Hoss, who had stood up the throttles at 1.6 epr across the board said “Your jet, I’ve got the radioes” to which Stone nodded and took a slow pull of Grolsch while advancing to takeoff power.

“Banzai Zero Niner, roger all, blessings” replied Hoss as he switched to 123.6 on VHF #1. Before checking in on departure Hoss when to VHF#2 and transmitted on 123.45 “Banzai in the blind to Roughrider and Dirtball, eta hack plus 18, hack, bring the Limeys”. From somewhere south and west of RAF Alconbury two double clicks of mics were heard as two QF4Ds with HO on the tails joined a flight of two long range air defence Tornado F3s and effected a lead change approaching international airspace.

As Stone called for “flaps 2” Chips grabbed a pair of Grolsch frosties from Buck’s open ice chest as he headed back to the head of state bedroom where he planned to give Agent Beanie a ‘straight eight’ and he wasn’t thinking of a 1951 Buick Roadmaster engine. However, before he was past the forward galley his KU band enabled Clipper took a call from Tango Whiskey aboard the eastbound HazMat semi driven by the Toothless Trucker:

“Blabbermouth Tango Clipper to Chips, Hamish, Agent Del N. Pole and Dropper: “Regarding “We have this jerk who says “Nope. Remember, son, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”” My personal knowledge of the over-the-top language routinely employed in American military officer’s fitness reports .. everything to do with the obvious understanding that you know diddly-squat on that subject, having neither written nor received such a report yourself .. Either what is posted is intrinsically sound or it is not, and there’s an end to it” I told the jerk that Abel Danger works with a worldwide team of counter-intelligence agents including you, on a strategy to dismantle the Warmist insurgency. We have studied the report on Bush and his comments and we have concluded that he is a dog and Bush isn’t. ‘So Field, oops I mean Chips, doesn’t hide his bio, I don’t hide mine, Bush didn’t hide his but you hide yours and Soetoro hides his. That’s at least two intrinsically worthless dogs. Chips and Hamish, our man in Phoenix, Agent John Galt has tracked the comment to a Toshiba Laptop at FCI Chantilly. It seems Sidley, SES and Clinton-Rubin are all pointing the finger at FCI as that must be their ‘weak sister branch. Phuc ‘em Chips, go for the jugular, Phoenix has your back and presume Beanie has your front. Tango, east bound and down’”

As Chips prepared to enter his key in the door lock cylinder he noticed a yellow sticky note: “Chips, Agent Del N. Pole and Agent Natalya Antonov have called a brief meeting at the conference room in front of the 38 first class leather seats behind the wing’s trailing edge. I have refreshments, Oysters and 3 Rodney Baldinger extend-o-peters in the gel caps you prefer. Code Pastel Jade Green. Bean.” Chips understood all but wanting to demonstrate who was in charge of the heavenly body fluid exchange he slipped into the Head of State Bedroom and removed his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster and placed it over hers on the lamp shade. Then he put his jeans back on hoping the briefing would not take long as he had another mission in mind.

As he came out of the bedroom Buck and Hoss were passing by enroute to the conference table. Hamish, Chips, Bean, Natalya, Del N. Pole, Hoss and Buck sat at their places as cabin service coordinator Maryanne MATS ensured each agent had a yellow legal pad, a pilot pen, a large refreshment and ample snacks. Agent Del N. Pole called the meeting to order as the Boeing was still in UK airspace prior to crossing 15 West.

“Our woman on Downing Street, our professor in Norwich, and our friends on Baker Street all agree that time is short. The cowards know that we have them dead to rights on the OCTOpus efforts to destroy national sovereignty and usurp private ownership of property. If we look out the right side of this jet we can see Roughrider and Dirtball in a pair of QF4Ds both painted to be 66-7478 which neither is. On the left side we see a pair of RAF Tornado F3 fighters that will hang with us to 40 West. Our mission has been authorized by Moose and Jackson and ‘Cowboy’ has the codes if Israel or Iran do anything unthinkable. However, the Global Guardians know that their ass is grass so we must move swiftly in exposing the main combatants. We have taken down Gore, Dorgan, Peter G. Peterson, Henry Bienen, Giuliani, McCain, Fred Thompson and Bruce McConnell but these guys are all bit players. I will now yield the floor to Natalya Antonov, from Poland, who will brief us on the next up on the hit parade. Recall what country the current Pope is from. Natalya, you have the floor..”

“Thank James, excuse me, Agent Del N. Pole, and to the rest of you let’s have a ‘sociable’” as she raised her 16 ounce tumbler of Jameson Irish Whiskey and ice. Taking a seaman like swig she inspired Bean to think of a semen like swig, but alas I digress. As she placed her drink on the conference table, she walked to a white dry board with colored markers.

“We need to raise eligibility issues with Hillary, ASAP. This will be done immediately following Nashville’s upcoming Drain the Swamp entrusted to Chips. Chips will liaise with Judicial Watch and WND and see what can be done. Further, we are getting some input from Boxer and FCI-C Springs that will help take down Pelosi for her linkage through Paul Junior and ADT/Air Patrol to the distraction recently at Ft. Hood where another Muslim patsy took the fall for the obese and morbidly poorly led Fabian Marxists who have been fucking up at the cyclic rate to borrow a term from our Marine representative Chips. We know that Hillary and Nancy signed off on the Non President Resident with the idea being that they, Hillary and Nancy, would allow eligibility questions to flow like a river from Orly Taitz in California, Walter Fitzgerald in Tennessee and Phil Berg in Filthadelphia…..”

“Excuse me Natalya, that is Philadelpia.”

“Thank you Chips, Philadelpia. In any regard during Operation Nashville Swamp Drain we will have Chips, Orly, Walter and Joseph Farah in the 43 acre compound called the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. We have plenty of OUR PEOPLE positioned to maintain a secure site and we believe that long before Palin preaches to the media, our REMEDY 3 will be deployed. I will be in close company with Agent Del N. Pole to represent UK and Eastern European interests. Uncle Ray, to my left, will be representing Western European and American Interests along with Umbrellaman, and Hamish and Lady Eagle will monitor non-French Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and Indian interests.

Dwarf and Sluggo, to my right will provide electronic and strong arm security while Homi and Duke, in the forward cargo bin, will deploy lethal force against any party triggering a 333# call on their Clipper. From this point forward if any of you need immediate lethal force, press 333# and then drop to the floor. The response will be sudden, loud and violent just the way we taught the Federal Air Marshals to respond prior to their takedown by FCI-Chantilly and SES. Our timeline has The Big Prize leaving Washington and redeploying to City of London, Brussels or Paris to lead the Muslims to believe he is the Second Coming and that America failed to recognize his anointing.

When The Big Prize leaves Washington, Dummy will be given a CIA medical retirement and the Joint Chiefs and 47 Adjutants General have a little surprise for Pelosi and Hillary as well as that powder puff with a feather duster Harry Reid. We need to break this meeting up and get into our working groups but before I surrender the floor to Chips, be advised that the November, 2010 deadline has been moved by The Big Prize to 8 August, 2010. Chips will be deploying our counter NLT 15 July. A sign of capitulation by the Prize, Pelosi and Clinton will be any announcement that the KSM Trial has been canceled or returned to a military tribunal.

We believe there is a greater than 50% chance they will take the cowardly way out. If not Attorney Fenstermaker of KSM defense knows how to contact Hamish and Chips via Clipper. Watch for three signs in the next fortnight: an explosion in Connecticut, an arrest close to PM Harper, and a sign of solidarity in Russia and Ukraine. The prorogued Parliament and snowbound Washington and New York are the last gasps of an exposed HAARP OCTOpus as Chips and Abel Danger remove two more tentacles and I suggest to Agent Bean that is tentacles, not testicles which, according to eyewitness Bean, are the size of melons not coconuts. Over to you Chips.”

As Natalya Antonov took her Jameson Irish Whiskey in her hand to rejoin Stone in the cockpit she thanked all at the table and left a note between Buck and Hoss: “Give us 20 minutes alone please” as she went forward to do some good work in the forward jump seat. As she entered the cockpit and engaged the solenoid, she hung her clothing on the hat rack next to Stone’s who sat in the right seat with only two items on, one of them a smile.

Chips rose to address the group and passed out briefing cards containing SMEAC instructions for each party at the table. As the briefing cards were scanned Chips mentioned that Agent John Galt in Phoenix had hoped to be aboard but was busy with Desert Pete, the SWADS which provided air sovereignty over McCain International Airport and AMARC not to mention Area 51. Because Agent John Galt had to remain in Phoenix he had sent his representative Agent James Crosby who walked out from behind an oriental screen where he had been listening and drinking a wee bit.

Chips introduced Agent James Crosby and told everyone to select V-3 on their Clippers. As all Clippers snatched the signal on Video 3, a taped briefing from Agent John Galt, was heard by all. After 8 minutes of history, Agent John Galt suggested 3 potential outcomes in Drain the Swamp and Whistler’s Mother which had not been cancelled by The Big Prize. From China and Colorado, Strong and Soros subverted The Big Prize’s authority and ensured AMEC’s efforts at Whistler would not be in vain. Following the video appearance by Agent John Galt, James Crosby called ‘sociable’ and every one took another healthy pull on their beverage of choice [ BOC ] As Bean double swallowed Merlot she looked forward to continuing the act later in the Head of State/Straight Eight command center except for the Merlot part.

“Just a word before I go to whom it may concern: During Nashville we will have concurrent Operations at Whistler, Trenton, Washington Dulles and FEMA-NY headquarters. HAARP Arecibo promises ‘hangar crushing snows in DC’, FEMA worthy snows in NYC, and NF snow at Whistler. If you are not picking up what NF snow is a hint, the N is no and the thought is from the people on the wrong side of the Cat Bond written by Goldman Sachs and Chicago Charlies over the unlikely prospect of no snow and subterranean explosions during the Winter Olympics.

I see that Chips has a bulge which undoubtedly is his P226 Sig Sauer but in any case let’s excuse Chips and Bean to the Command Center while the rest of us caucus on our locale AORs related to the global OOBs. “sociable””. As James Crosby called for a final sociable, Skymaster let himself out of the bottom of the BDD11 double decker and gave Chips a look like ‘did I miss anything?’. Chips handed him a Grolsch and an Altoid as he grabbed Agent Bean’s hand and walked alongside her forward to the HOS bedroom. As they entered Maryanne, MATS pointed at the Jacuzzi and whispered “140 degrees, enjoy the debriefing”. Bean noticed the two IOCs on the lampshade and, curious, opened Chips jeans to see if he had the right color. As she noticed a battle ready soldier reporting for duty with no uniform on she immediately joined Chips in the buff and as she tried to enter the Jacuzzi Chips gently lead her in another direction.

“Do you recall the air refueling video at Captain Sherlock Solves 9/11 Beanie?” whispered Chips as he positioned at ‘pre-contact’.

“I certainly do Chips you Wang and Wads expert, I am fully aware of WANG and WADS in Clinton’s weakened Air Defense framework, I am stabilized, and you are cleared to plug” as Beanie selected C240 and F4 on her Clipper Medical Bag, Chips realized that Agent Bean must also remember the nickname of the F4D 66-7478 as her 4 hour continuous loop of ELO’s monster hit regaled the lovemakers as they left the planning and execution to James Crosby, Hamish, Del N. Pole and Agent John Galt who was monitoring the progress west of Banzai 09 from his mobile unit outside Desert Pete’s GCI complex which was at March AFB, California until Clinton shuttered it in 1995 long after Dean Martin’s son Dino left March in an F4 never to return. Agent John Galt was linked to Agent Kui Longboard in Hawaii and Banzai Pipeline who was hacked into Japan’s Self Defense Force air defense Command Center where once he had briefed P2V crewman that had drank Saki and Sapporo on Midway Island with Chips in 1974 during the Pony Express Operation where Mike Clark, USNA ’69, had flown the EA3 Sky Warrior while Chips USNA ’71 flew the KC130F tanker plugging the Queer A 3 not unlike Chips was plugging away on an non-Queer cooperating Agent much to their mutual satisfaction some 4 hours off.

Back in the conference room Agent James Crosby called the session back to order as Agents around the table read their outgoing Clippers that would be dispatched once the B727 with JT8D-217 engines on 1 and 3 was west of Keflavik and committed to Narssasuaq or Gander as Goose was ‘infiltrated’ by perverts who had brokered Russell Williams into being part of the cowardly treason of 9/11.

“James, speaking for the Intel side of Abel Danger I plan to send out this Clipper pending committee inputs “KSM Defense Chatterbox Uncle Ray Clipper to Agent Del N Pole: “I believed being a “911 truther” referred to the people who thought 911 was planned and executed by the Bush Administration and/or Israel/Mossad, however that is wrong as 9/11 truther” refers to anyone who doesn’t believe in the first conspiracy theory of an external terrorist attack. The external terrorist theory was injected into the Internet within 14 minutes of the first weapons platform hitting WTC#1. This theory which would ultimately morph into an al-Qaeda attribution was injected by Teachers’ (TIAA-CREF) agents led by Bernardine Dohrn at Northwestern University’s School of Law where she lectures on Torture and the Rwanda Genocide, and Dohrn’s Warmist colleagues in the NU Kellogg School of Management, including Richard Sandor and Philip Ginsberg.

We now know that al-Qaeda scripts, simulations and visualizations for 9/11 were pre-prepared by Teachers’ agents using NU’s iCAIR/Internet2 facilities and injected via C-SPAN to establish a lock on the public psyche. NU’s Warmist Teachers’ – they wrote the 350 Cap-and-Kill Rule Set for Obama – made a huge strategic error though; they prepared an explanation of why the Twin Towers would come down days or weeks before they did and then injected this bogus explanation into a live broadcast over C-SPAN a mere two days after the collapse – September 13, 2001. The need for speed was obvious; the Teachers’ had to conceal Dohrn’s use of fuel-air explosives in the WTC HVAC systems and legitimize cat-bond insurance claims for the double occurrence where the kickbacks would be shared inter alia with saboteurs and members of the CDP including the BBC Pension Trust and USS-Teachers’ pension funds. Dead men tell no tales but algorithms never lie and the internet never dies. Uncle Ray.”

James Crosby twirled his moustache and smiled at Uncle Ray. “Committee, any objections to Uncle Ray sending the message to Agent Del N. Pole knowing it will be monitored by SES-FCI-Sidley and cause them gastrointestinal distress as well as urinary incontinence?” No hands were raised so Crosby authorized the Clipper and Dwarf loaded in the AQFB27-Tango auto dialer to be energized passing Prince Cristiansund, Greenland.

James Crosby then recognized Buck Naked who offered:
“KSM Defense Witness Buck Naked Clipper to Fenstermaker and Chips: “ Re Duckie’s possible connections to Kellogg 9/11 and Al-Gore-duh’s Al-Qaeda SWAT teams in Indonesia, our research suggests Kellogg alumnus Charlotte Bryan and her S.E.S. colleagues used a Canadian-built airborne internet (’Charlotte’s Web’) to destroy Adam Air Flight 574 (Boeing 737-400) on January 1, 2007.We have evidence that the S.E.S. commanders and Femme Comp Inc SWAT teams used Charlotte’s Web to backdoor QRS11 gyros illegally embedded in the plane’s Inertial Navigation System (INS) to put the plane through maneuvers sufficiently violent to rip off the tail ala Air France 447. Hillary Clinton brokered the development of the QRS11 gyro patents to provide a pitch, roll and yaw facility for Al-Goreduh’s al-Qaeda saboteurs. With AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Duckie parroting Peak Oil crap he is likely a witting or unwitting agent for Kellogg 9/11 and Al-Gore-duh or Al-Qaeda SWAT teams in Indonesia. “Welcome to the website for the Regional Affiliation Program of Indonesia. This program has been established to maintain Kellogg connections even in regions that do not have large constituencies of alumni, and you still have the opportunity to utilize the power of the Kellogg Alumni Network. Please do not hesitate to contact your Regional Affiliate to find what’s going on in your area. Lamtiurida Hutabarat (’04) ” “Indonesia’s support for anti-terrorism since Sept. 11 essentially amounts to laudable rhetoric and no implementation. Buck Naked representing Moxie G and Umbrellaman from SEUS Abel Danger Region.”
Agent Crosby canvassed the faces around the table and read their minds: “Passed,, authorized, cue it up Dwarf, next.” Dwarf read a message sent in from Agent Jam who was deployed aboard a marine tug vessel crewed by Neches Marine out of Orange, Texas where they are located at Mile 265 on the Sabine River. They fabricate things 24/7 much like Chips.
“KSM Defense witness Jam routine Clipper to Moxie G, Name Dropper and Chips: “Just in case you think the Rockefeller connection to al-Qaeda supported Warmism might be a bit flakey for investors, have a look at this .. “Solutions for Impact Investors: From Strategy to Implementation.. This publication was printed with soy-based ink on 100% post-consumer waste paper fiber, made with wind-generated electricity by a Forest Stewardship Council certified printer [hand cranked by al-Wankers or possibly hand wanked by al-Crankers] … Foreword .. Since we published Philanthropy’s New Passing Gear: Mission-Related Investing in early 2008, the investment and philanthropic landscape has changed dramatically .. Investors are creatively challenging the status quo in order to address major problems such as poverty, climate change and the inequality between rich and poor.” The BS factor of this item is such that I recommend Chips takes a trip to Lieper’s Fork near Franklin and Brentwood during his ‘convenient appearance’ at the Nashville event where Al Gore’s goose is to be cooked and his female counterparts fingered, capeche? Jam”
Agent James Crosby really did not need the inputs of the others to endorse Jam’s message, however, never wanting to violate Roberts’ Rule of Order he did a quick look around the table and announced “Passed, authorized, cue it up Dwarf, next” to wit:

Hamish stood and spoke as if addressing a combined assemblage of the Parliament in Canada, the combined houses of Capitol Hill and the Queen of England, herself, thusly: “Comes now one Hamish Charles Watson who asks ‘Does Harper’s pilot arrest signal Olympic coup d’etat?’ Hawks CAFE is asking if the recent arrest of Colonel Russell Williams (see below), your former pilot and the coordinator of airborne security for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, is a signal of a plan for an Olympic coup d'état to overthrow the government of Canada developed by JP Morgan Chase associates of Andre Desmarais, former Special Assistant to the Minister of Justice of Canada and a director of Bombardier on 9/11.

Our Abel Danger agents have evidence that Russell, Desmarais and JP Morgan insiders were involved in the flying events of 9/11 when it appears that they used illegally modified CC-144 Challenger aircraft sold by 412 (Transport) Squadron in Ottawa, in an electronic warfare role during an attempt to overthrow the United States government. But also please consider Hawks CAFE believes Col. Mark Tillman, the American pilot who flew President George Bush in Air Force One on 9/11, and Colonel Russell Williams, the Canadian pilot who has been flying Canadian prime ministers such as you in the VIP Challenger fleet, have allowed the collapse of airborne security for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Our Abel Danger agents have evidence that Col. Tillman and Col. Williams who was recently arrested on charges of murder, allowed their aircrafts’ manual controls to be bypassed by uninterruptible autopilots and ‘Charlotte’s Web’ – an airborne internet allegedly developed by Serco for Charlotte Bryan – to convert large passenger jets into remotely-guided drones such as was done on 9/11 when UA 175 and AA11 and AA77 were snatched by agents loyal not to America but to NATO and before discounting this fact please review the presence of NATO B707 version AWACS/ C&C jets at Jacksonville, Florida’s ANG Base on the very weekend when Chips was brokering a ‘cease fire’ with not only Sarah Palin and Orly Taitz but also the disenfranchised men of the lower 48 who cannot ascertain to whom their powers have been transferred. Stronger message and REMEDY 3 in queue. Arrests, please.”

James Crosby scan of the crowd enabled him to authorize Dwarf to ‘cue it up’ just as a KU enabled email from Agent John Galt near Imperial, California suggested:
“Chatterbox Desert Pete Immediate Clipper to Chips, Del N. Pole, Uncle Ray and Umbrellaman, copy Bean: Regarding Colonel Russell Williams it has crossed my radar that COIN technology suggests that Williams’ mindset has been fried by the consequences of his entrapment by Maurice Baril and Rick Findley as it pertains to his flying the ‘little white jet’ seen by Susan McElwain and others on September, 11th. Knowing if he squealed he would meet the Serco/Clinton Rubin treatment dealt to Dr. Thomas Hale [MIT Navajo] and Willie Card [SERCO entrapee/martyr] he went on a power trip killing spree desiring to be arrested publicly so he could blow the 9/11 whistle while in custody prior to any Thomas Barnett style snuff film. Fellow Canadian pilot Pierre Roachclip [ Willy Tell 1986 CF18 ] has not suggested this is not true. Talk to CSPAN in Nashville, the fellow has some video tape of the little white jet to hand you outside the Tennessee Room on Friday the 5th. John Galt out.”
James Crosby was advised by Dwarf that they were ‘within range’ of Greenland Relay so James authorized a ‘flush’ of the Clippers in queue. As Dwarf and Sluggo facilitated that transaction Buck and Hoss readied themselves to return to the cockpit now that Agent Natalya Antonov had returned with a smile on her face and a voice that seemed strangely more ‘velvet like’. As she approached James Crosby and Agent Del N. Pole she took a Clipper IM from Agent Herb E. Vore with whom she and Chips had worked with in Astana and Almaty during Kazakh Defender and 2005’s Clinton Uranium Swindle:
“Blabbermouth Herb E. Vore priority Clipper to Natalya Antonov, Chips, Grizz and Sonny Spanner: [Witness to crash of United 93 on 9/11 Susan Mcelwain]: “There's no way I imagined this plane - it was so low it was virtually on top of me. It was white with no markings but it was definitely military, it just had that look. "It had two rear engines, a big fin on the back like a spoiler on the back of a car and with two upright fins at the side. I haven't found one like it on the internet. It definitely wasn't one of those executive jets. The FBI came and talked to me and said there was no plane around. "Then they changed their story and tried to say it was a plane taking pictures of the crash 3,000ft up. "But I saw it and it was there before the crash and it was 40 feet above my head. They did not want my story - nobody here did. Thank God for Captain Sherlock, Abel Danger and Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) and Bill Balsamico signs at the Casa d’Ice in PA”. Herb E.”
James Crosby thanked Agent Antonov and authorized Dwarf to place it in cue for the next transaction as they would go ‘feet dry’ just north of Gander where in June of 1999 Chips had dropped off a passenger near death on his way from MSP to LGW as NWA Flight 44. The female passenger in her 30s had violated Doctor’s orders and took her prescription meds but washed them down with alcohol. When NW44 dropped her off she was alive. 36 hours later as NW45 returned to KMSP, a radio contact with Gander ground handling delivered the sad news that she passed away in the hospital. Natalya and James both realized how fragile human life could be. “Natalya, could you share your Jameson with me, I’m moved by our collective place in history and I need to strengthen my body for the battle that awaits in Whistler, Chicago, New York, Trenton but most of all Fargo if Boo Boo and the Horseholder don’t get real smart, real fast. They are PHUCing with the wrong guy this time ‘round.”

Natalya pulled her skirt up to show a Jameson pint holster and she handed the warm and unopened pint to James. “How can I ever thank you Natalya?” asked Agent Crosby.

Natalya pulled her skirt up a little further and exposed a future target area that James found more satisfactory than the pint which he was attacking with vigor, not vinegar, vigor.

As James’ third leg was becoming stronger and longer Hamish handed him a proposed Clipper to be delayed until after Operation Swamp Drain Nashville but to be delivered prior to Operation Whistler’s Mother:
“Dear Prime Minister Harper: “Andre Desmarais has been appointed as Co-Chairmen of the Board of Power Financial Corporation and Deputy Chairman (since 2008), President and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Power. Prior to joining Power in 1983, he was Special Assistant to the Minister of Justice of Canada and an institutional investment counsellor at Richardson Greenshields Securities Ltd. He has held a number of senior positions with Power group companies and was named President and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Power in 1996. He is a Director of many Power Financial group companies in North America, including Lifeco, The Great- West Life Assurance Company, Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company, London Life Insurance Company, Canada Life Financial Corporation, The Canada Life Assurance Company, Crown Life Insurance Company, Putnam Investments, LLC, IGM, Investors Group Inc. and Mackenzie Inc. He is also a Director of Power, of Pargesa in Europe, of CITIC Pacific Limited in Asia (in which Power holds a minority interest), and of Bellus Health Inc., a biopharmaceutical Montréal-based company. He was also a Director of Bombardier Inc. until 2004. Mr. Desmarais is Honorary Chairman of the Canada China Business Council and is a member of several China-based organizations ... He has received a Doctorate Honoris Causa from Concordia University and the Université de Montréal. I suggest that you as Prime Minister must check any linkage between Desmarais and Col. Williams, your pilot” "Col. Russell Williams, a high-ranking Canadian military commander who has met with senior Canadian politicians and been quoted extensively about the war in Afghanistan and the earthquake in Haiti, WILL BE facing first-degree murder charges in the deaths of two women from eastern Ontario. Williams, of Tweed, Ont., and the 8 Wing Commander of Canadian Forces Base Trenton, he WILL BE arrested on Superbowl Sunday in Ottawa and WILL BE charged with first-degree murder in the death of Jessica Lloyd, 27, and Cpl. Marie-France Comeau, 38. In addition to the murder charges, Williams WILL face counts of forcible confinement, breaking and entering, and sexual assault in relation to two home invasions in the Tweed area in September 2009” “Williams joined the Canadian Forces in 1987 after obtaining a degree in economics and political science from the University of Toronto. He received his pilot’s wings in 1990 and was posted to 3 Canadian Forces Flying Training School, Portage la Prairie, Man., where he served for two years as an instructor on the CT-134 Beech Musketeer. In 1992, he was posted to 434 (Combat Support) Squadron in Shearwater, N.S., where he flew the CC-144 Challenger in the electronic warfare/coastal patrol role, according to his official military biography. He was subsequently posted to 412 (Transport) Squadron in Ottawa where he continued to fly the Challenger, this time in a VIP transport role. Promoted to major in November 1999, he was posted to director general military careers where he served as the multi-engine pilot career manager. Mr. Harper, Agent Chips has identified Williams as a potentially entrapped pawn in the flying events of 9/11. Suggest you cancel the Olympics if Air Sovereignty is in question. Abel Danger, Vancouver”
Crosby agreed to hold Hamish's message for a delayed transmission. However, he thought it was uncanny how similar it was to a message he was holding for delayed transmission from Abel Danger Gravedigger, also of Vancouver, who many thought was a loyal servant of RCMP that knew 'too much' about the Pinkton Pig Farm and Camp Mirage. Folks from non-farm backgrounds, which is a majority of folks, do not know that pigs have powerful jaws and can consume humans completely, bones and all, leaving nothing but pig-poop just as the thermate accelerated crimes of 9/11 left nothing behind but pyroclastic dust and human teeth yielding DNA clues. At least that what was believed prior to the February 2, 2010 meeting at the Cartersville, Georgia Country Inn and Suites of North American's only Forensic Dentist and Chips, the world's second most well known Forensic Economist.
“KSM defense witness Gravedigger Delayed Clipper to PM Harper; We believe your recently-arrested pilot Colonel Russell Williams and the Conservative M.P. Andrew Saxton equipped signatory investors in the $55 trillion Carbon Disclosure Project with an airborne internet to rape the Canadian Treasury. Evidence suggests they used illegally-modified Challenger aircraft remoted through Charlotte’s Web to trigger cat-bonds during a 9/11 war game between the U.S. and Canada. Col Williams links to Toronto's Upper Canada College in 1982, while his parents were in Asia. He boarded at UCC - where he went by the name Russ Sovka - and rubbed elbows with the scions of Canada's wealthiest and most prominent business families. As a prefect, he reported to his house steward, Andrew Saxton, now a Conservative Member of Parliament for North Vancouver. In the mid-1980s, he studied politics and economics at the University of Toronto's Scarborough satellite - a campus that was haunted by a series of unsolved rapes at that time .. (Serial killer Paul Bernardo was later convicted of killing three schoolgirls in the early 1990s, has admitted to raping at least a dozen women in Scarborough at that time.) During his undergraduate years, Col. Williams first dabbled with flying. He took lessons at Toronto's Buttonville airport, and after graduating university in the late 1980s, joined the armed forces. One of his first jobs in the military was instructing pilots in Portage la Prairie, Man. Andrew Saxton was named Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board on November 7, 2008. He also serves on the Standing Committee on Public Accounts and the Joint Standing Committee on Scrutiny of Regulations. He attended Upper Canada College where he graduated with an Honours High School Diploma in 1982. In 1986, he started a career in finance with Credit Suisse in Switzerland. He later took a position with Credit Suisse in New York and thereafter returned to Vancouver with the same firm. In 1994 he moved to Hong Kong with HSBC and in 1997 he was appointed Senior Vice President of HSBC in Singapore. “The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) is a crown corporation of the Government of Canada that facilitates Canadian exports by negotiating and executing government-to-government (G2G) contracts. All liability for the performance of the contract is passed on to the Canadian company [MDA for Charlotte’s Web] The Board of Directors of the CCC includes Andrew Saxton [Father of Conservative M.P. Andrew Saxton]. More reference can be found at the links below but, until you have been assured that Olympic airborne security has not been compromised by Colonel Tillman’s association with rapes of women and Andrew Saxton’s apparent rape of the Canadian Treasury ($80 billion stimulus and $7-10 billion of Olympic debt by CDP investors) we suggest you stay away from the Vancouver Olympic Games.”
Natalya noted that James Crosby seemed intrigued by the last two delayed Clippers. She wondered if he was capable of delayed exploculation. As she raised the hem of her skirt, being careful to limit the view to Crosby, she caught his attention. He gave a 'cut' signal to the caucus groups indicating 'no more clippers' as he pointed to the rear galley where he knew there was a small crew rest facility. Natalya Antonov and James Crosby were halfway to the CRF when on the PA Hoss's voice sounded resolute as he announced "Seat belts ladies and gentleman, the F4s and Tornadoes have just left us at supersonic speed to ID a threat on our nose at 40 miles and closing..."

Hoss was interrupted by Dwarf who was monitoring the defensive sensors. "Hoss, push it up and take it down, crickets at 6 o'clock and closing fast, two radars at 12 miles, Dwarf out."

Hoss pushed the three throttles to the firewall and pushed the yoke forward to achieve .5G loading to accelerate the 1983 model three holer. In the cabin all Abel Danger Agents were seated with seat belts fastened. In the cockpit Hoss, Stone and Buck saw the two Tornadoes execute a level cross turn in reheat as they responded to the threats on the tail as the Phantoms brought radars and weapons to bear on the unknown riders now just 15 miles forward of Banzai 09. In the Head of State Bedroom Beanie called ‘switch’.

Dwarf listened intently on UHF guard for any news from J-Stars rumored to be hawking the B727 in emcon conditions and in visual contact with an MQ-9 Reaper controlled by Fargo’s 119th Wing. Dwarf spliced his radio into the PA just as Banzai Pipeline's calm voice announced "Banzai 09 copy Camp Mirage, Joint Stars Hammer, splash 4, knock it off".

“Camp Mirage, copy knock it off.”

“Roughrider flight, knock it off”

“Limey flight, knock it off”

As the two F4s joined in combat spread right, the F3 Tornadoes joined in combat spread left, Camp Mirage took down their KU blocker, Hoss leveled the 3-holer and handed it over to Stone in the right seat. In the Head of State Bedroom Beanie called
‘switch’ as ELO continued singing ‘Sweet Talkin’ Woman’ as Chips continued ‘hanging on the boom’ to put it in aviation refueling parlance.

At Camp Mirage, an RAF console commander issued thanks to Arecibo for the 4 HAARP contract hits as the FC-KU blocker was taken down and Challenger Air Patrol and ADT saboteurs resumed obstructing the Allied efforts.


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