Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The World's Most Recognized Limo in Process

The latest addition to the Abel Danger Transportation (ADT) motor pool is currently being transformed in a secret location by American craftsmen (yes, there are still some). Below is a preview of the work in progress.

The LT1 Powered Fleetwood Stretch Cadillac Limo is being disassembled and will be reborn as the “PURPLE REIGN 2” (see color on trunk lid right)—a globally recognized symbol of the rising within America of a force to take back our country in a civil manner and replace Ungodly servants. Agent Chips will debut the limousine in its first official appearance at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, February 4-6.

“Give me five and I’ll give you 8. As in OCTOpus.” Agent Chips

Abel Danger is seeking a Christian Patriot driver from Nashville Police Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol or Patriot Guard to drive the Purple Reign 2 so Special Agent Chips can be in the back talking to Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Jesse Ventura and ....drum roll....... MB...Michelle Bachman—Christian Patriot Congresswoman from Minnesota. If you are available for the driving position, contact Field McConnell—email—phone (218) 329-6190.

below: Michelle Bachman connects Obama with Saul Alinsky.

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