Friday, January 22, 2010


Charlotte’s O’BlackBerry Web ‘We Have Some Planes’
Lady Eagle hunts BC Pension Cooper’s Balls in Olympic Cat Bond Bomb

LADY EAGLE INSPIRES FINAL CHAPTER. Stone rolled the B727 REW with winglets onto Runway 26 at the Ronaldsway Airport, formerly HMS Urley (Manx for Eagle) on Isle of Man. Chips’ thought of a favorite bar in the Keystone State. He received apologies from a court official who confirmed his sister was welcome to come and observe.

KSM Hamish had evidence that Charlotte Bryan used Charlotte’s Web command signals to lock passengers out of the AA Flight 77 cockpit, pump in CO2 to render pilot Chic Burlingame unconscious (a de facto lockout). KSM Lady Eagle warns that custodians of the B.C. pension fund (‘bcIMC’) are using U.K. Labour ministers Yvette Cooper and her husband Ed Balls, as escrow agents for 10 Downing Street’s Carbon Disclosure Project and catastrophe (cat) bond bomb attacks. Full Monty is apparently planned for Vancouver (2010) and London (2012) Olympic; kickbacks shared with CDP banks, pension funds and insurance companies with the distribution rules written by insiders such as Yvette Cooper and husband Ed Balls, Obama and Sandor.

As the music played, Transport Canada and Canadian Forces planned and Harper sweated ice cubes, Abel Danger C4ISR submarine received a KU transmission from Agent James Crosby, “if I do not call back with an ALL CLEAR FADEOUT within the hour, employ ‘remedy Charlie’, Crosby”.



[ disclaimer: This ‘final chapter’ will cause heads to continue rolling in Washington DC.  Please join us on the LOVE TRAIN, Draining the Swamp in 2010 ]

As Stone rolled the B727 REW with winglets onto Runway 26 at the Ronaldsway Airport, formerly HMS Urley (Manx for Eagle) on Isle of Man between Ireland and England as the souls of 1275 warriors were disturbed in their external rest by the minimal reversing of the low-time three-holer in the hands of the high time Captain Buck Naked, somewhere in Pennsylvania a corrupt academic Mann with a broken hockey stick was hoping he never would be dragged into Chips’ favorite bar in the Keystone State and that place is the politically accurate Casa d’Ice where a man with a big heart serves food, drink and his country and lots of BALSAMIC VINEGAR.

The Casa d’Ice may or may not have a tangential relationship to Chips’ favorite watering hole in Puerto Rico, Casa de Hielo.  It was in the back room of Casa de Hielo where Chips and Salsita Caliente had first swirled, so to speak, just like the cowboy and wicked Felita in Marty Robbin’s killer hit in 1959, El Paso not to be confused with Chips’ collection of 47 Piss Wicked and Super Trick 1994-1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Stretched Limos, generally black in color to honor the hit from the Rolling Stones “Paint it Black” to which the unpredictable, although fairly affable and never flappable Chips decided to Trick Phuc ‘em and paint it Royal Plum Metallic [ 1997 Ford Color ], or for the sloped heads at USDOJ, paint it purple to signal the Purple Reign 2 as Jesus comes soon to gather his flock AND TAKE US HOME.

Along that line of thinking, in the song “People Get Ready” by Curtis MayFIELD, when he speaks “Diesel’s Hummin’ it sounds like Jesus Comin’” and He is.  Speaking of bogus Global Warming, our Abel Danger Ass Set in Malmo, Sweden is suggesting that since the flaming pink Obama panties are not air-tight, sort of like Gorilla Woman’s 9-11 Commission as 9-11 Truth is becoming a current issue globally, all members of the current and soon to be extinct administration wear these lovely unisex bloomers so the extra flatulence that precedes their Takriti Necktie testing from Purple and Gold gallows at Fresh Kill hills one and nine will not violate Al ‘the Piker’ Gore 350ppm bogus limit.

Has any one heard from cowardly and flaccid Hot Air Al since he ran away from the Chicago book store like the little OCTOpussy that he is?  If Maurice Strong does not get extradited from China alive and George Soreass dies in Colorado or his robin-egg blue Gulfstream after a KU band transmission from a supposed unknown source, it is my suggestion that Fathead should be given the first male  Takriti  necktie test as the 9-11Gate, ClimateGate, SwineFluGate, KatrinaGate, HAARP-Gate  and JockBomberGate, collectively known as ITEM V,  MASTERGATE, are given fair and  fairly short, trials and a longer than necessary Takriti necktie so Thunder Thighs can get a taste of her own medicine at the same time Fathead violates the 350ppm limit that he held so queer, no strike that, dear as they prepare to enter the GATES OF HELL.

When General Patton talked about “crap through a Goose” he was probably thinking about Fathead Piker and the Canadians at the 5th Wing at Goose who enabled General Maurice Baril to attack and kill my Annapolis Shipmates Captains Gerald DeConto, USNA 1979 [ LCWB last class with balls ] and Chic Burlingame, USNA 1971 [ only class with Chips ] on 9-11 when Charlotte’s web attempted but failed in an attempt to TOPOFF America.  The Oysterman will be gaffing the OCTOpussies at 1015 on 19 January, 2010 in a courtroom in Washington DC while in 3 other Federal Court Buildings copies of the Qui Tam offer updating Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 to include the previously unknown 20 defendants, not to be confused the entertainer from Minnesota currently known as Prince recovers from Sunday's drubbing of the Dallas Cowboys by Brett Favre, Sidney Rice and the eventual Super Bowl Champs, The Vikings.

As Chips was thinking about Corazon’s ample bounty he saw 3 yellow lights blink twice on his Clipper Squirt Gun as her circuit breakers popped and her moisture level exceeded 'wet beyond measure' so Chips seeing the message was from Beanie's teammate, not Beanie Wells the Arizona Cardinal running back #26, but another Beanie rendition, he selected F4 on his Clipper Squirt Gun so both Corazon and Beanie would think George Straight was singing to them while straight 8 was data mining them; one physically and one mentally.

Chips had taken four separate oaths to protect America from foreign enemies or domestic weasels, and he noted the letters in Purple and realized no one on earth could ever love him enough as Jesus.  He recrossed his heart and redoubled his pledge to live up to Ephesians 5:11 and EXPOSE EVIL.  As George Straight sang Chips thought that Pelosi, Reid and Obama might be three of the first four to take a ride in PURPLE REIGN 2 Limo currently being ‘switched’ from black to Royal Plum Metallic, read purple, which is a color honoring God.  Pending input from other Abel Danger 'thinkers' he felt Gorillawoman a logical 4th Octopi to ride to the Purple and Gold gallows:

“KSM Arizona Morning Immediate Clipper to Blabbermouth Chips [ FYEO ]; Thanks so much, Chips, for getting me over my shyness.  I understand your mission and want to encourage you in your endeavors.  You are doing what you do with a pure heart and God knows that.  I love your heart and I know that you have placed your heart in His hands and He has control of the events as they unfold. I’ll look forward to my Victory plates so just bring it with you when you come to Arizona to warm me up but not in a way that violates 350 ppm.  Proverbs 21:31 is not a typo and God will not be mocked. In fact as a US Marine you will be remembered as the World’s most lethal weapon loosed on the Father Mockers by The Father himself. I met with Mensa Strait yesterday as you suggested. He definitely wants to hook up with you when you come to Yuma so James Crosby and I will make sure that happens..   God will protect and comfort you as well. Perhaps the trip will be more than a day or two?  I’m not sure what you are planning but I’ve checked with the hotel in Prescott and they have our Suite  available for ten days in April, not to be confused with 7 Days in May.. Just let me know what you need while in Phoenix and it will be provided in advance of Minnesota’s Chickenman’s assault on the GOP Triad of Dolts.. Not just oysters, redi-whip and maraschinos but NDSU extend-o-peters as well.  Abel Danger’s Arizona Ranger formerly known as the “little girl alone and so shy”, Beanie XOXOXO. Thanks again Field and God is Blessing you He’s got your back and I hope to have your front, capeche! Oops, I mean Chips. Hope NSA, FBI, NRA and the smart folks didn’t twig on that.”
The Canadian Forces probably cannot determine which of their Willy Tell 1986 CF18 pilots was helping Chips entertain two Tyndall AFB nurses in October of 1986, replete with maraschinos, Redi Whip, K-Y, a shoe horn and hip-waders.  Let me tighten that up for those in Washington and Montreal; female nurses.  I don’t want Pal Kenn or Larry Sinclair or Obama’s dead choir boy to get a ‘7 on the Richter Scale’ erection lasting more than 4 hours which would cause them to consult their physician, according to Cialis promos on TV.  Oops, gotta take an Immediate Clipper from Washington, DC, you guys listen to a song about the Big Iron of the Final Shootout at the F-M corral while Corazon buries a Plaintain and I handle a Clipper while AG Eric Holder capitulates and names a US Attorney for the District of North Dakota knowing full well he will receive a Qui Tam with the Final 20 defendants on the new US Attorney's first day on the job, bummer, a second Easter Egg for Eric.
“Lynn C. Jordheim, First Assistant United States Attorney, began serving as ACTING United States Attorney for the District of North Dakota on September 13, 2009, pursuant to the Vacancies Reform Act. Mr. Jordheim graduated from North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota School of Law. Mr. Jordheim, who has practiced law since 1978, became an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of North Dakota in 1987. He has served as Criminal Chief and was named First Assistant United States Attorney in 2001.”

“Mr. Chips, My apologies for the delayed response...I've been a little under the 
weather. Because the hearing is public, your sister is more than welcome to come and
 observe. Re the courthouse's cell phone policy, the guards will ask all non-attorneys to leave their phones at the entrance if the phone has a camera and/or recording feature. Your cell will be locked in a drawer for safe keeping until your business is concluded. You will be provided the key to that drawer. You can retrieve your phone when you're ready to exit the building. Best Regards, Honest American Courtroom Deputy for
Judge [ redacted ] 202-354-31xx (Direct) 202-354-31yy (Fax)”
The Canadian Forces on 8 January, 2010 sent a message around Harper and his Prorogue gang to let Chips, Umbrellaman, Uncle Ray and Agent Bean know that Agent James Crosby had done good work on Northwest 253 as it flew through Canadian Airspace en route to Detroit, home of North America’s biggest concentration of Muslims to whom our man Chips had provided a semi-load of goats [ review Matthew 25:22 ] in 1999 prior to his assignment to PURPLE REIGN 2.  Our conduits at both Goose and Gander have ensured Abel Danger that the PROTECTIVE UMBRELLA was bulletproof through at least 4 March, 2010 by which time it was entirely possible that the FCI-Sows on both sides of the 49th Parallel would remove Boo Boo and Hair Pair [ Reid and Pelosi ] as payback for the Abel Danger’s domination in Oslo over the OCTOpus [ by the Oysterman ].

Loyal military leaders in UK [ IOM is not in UK ], New Zealand, Australia, The United States, as well as the Adjutants Generals of 47 states and all of Canadian Forces excepting BC, Quebec and Transport Canada have re-sworn their oaths.  Adjutants General in Illinois, Hawaii and Arkansas are probably starting to look around their headquarters and at their ‘lieutenants’ in a different way as this goes to press wondering “who’ll be the next in line” not realizing it would probably be the most face-lifted female from gay bay who looks like this with no make, proving her loyalty to OCTOpus:

However, she may look a little less tentacled when one of our QRS11 remotely-guided attack alligators rips of a tentacle or two in her next skinny dip in the gay bay.

As Corazon pressed her ‘chaquitas grandisimas’ against Chips’ linebacker-like backbone, not to be confused with the Linebacker Operations during Viet Nam where America’s victory was blocked by Canada’s AMEC Corporation who did a little ‘tunneling’, not dissimilar to the ‘tunneling’ done at Yellowstone that has caused the cancellation of the fireworks at Mt. Rushmore for summer 2010 as the 3804+ Captain Sherlocks defeats OCTOpus in January of 2010, the tunneling AMEC has done at Whistler, or the VULNERABILITY TESTING AMEC did at Pentagon, WTC 7 and Wall Street trading floor to profit before, during and after the cowardly and treasonous Polish heart attack known as the TREASON of 2001; indictments please.  Gallow hangmen, prepare 4 ropes.

The B727's engines were shut down as a 1965 Leyland Double Decker pulled up to the airstairs similar to the airstairs that D B Cooper had parachuted from  in the dark of night over Washington State as the D C Poopers would be evacuating Washington District before March 4, 2010 if they wish to avoid the Purple and Yellow gallows at Fresh Kills Hills 1 and 9 as the Rider on the White Horse signals PURPLE REIGN 2.  Even in death the guilty shall not rest as God provides eternal fire for some and eternity in Paradise for others.  Read all about it. IT IS WRITTEN. [ Hold your thoughts, have to take a call from Pastor Seales in Nashville regarding a parking spot for the Purple Reign Limo, give me five and I’ll give you 8.  As in OCTOpus. ]

As Mary Anne MATS delivered an Abel Danger knock on the door, Corazon Dulce tried to hide some Abel Danger knockers in a Pastel Rosita bustier.   Not fast enough.  As Mary Anne opened the door she gasped.  “Emersom nice knockers Corazon, I am impressed and extreme knocker envy is causing me to get a case of the vapors, you are truly a Tutonic Titwillow.”

Chips could sense Corazon’s embarrassment at her ample bounty so to take attention onto himself in a manner not dissimilar to how Jesus Christ had taken the sins of the world on Himself, Chips said to Mary Anne MATS “Watch what they do if I fiddle down here”.  As Chips did some digital magic down low, circuit breakers were popping up high as Chips demonstrated how easily he could make people dance around with his trigger finger not unlike the triggerman Brett Favre who pulled the trigger on the Dallas 'who dem' on the Sunday before Martin Luther King Day, 2010, which Chips would observe by walking into Court in DC to lift the oppression off God's little people by the OCTOpus who killed Danny Casolaro.  Here kitty, kitty, kitty.  Next up on the dance card, Nanny Piloti, Hot Air Al, Harry Reid, Gorilla woman and DEFENDANT 5.  When it comes to dancing, Chips and Salsita or Salsera are a pair to draw to, much like Jesus is trying hard to draw you to Him, capeche?

Chips could divine an incoming Immediate Clipper, but he had some big boobs to attend to first, then save America and the Global Commoners next while speed reading The Gulag Archipelago and Amish Peace [ Suzanne Woods Fisher,  ISBN 978-0-8007 etc ] with his right hand while pleasuring Corazon Dulce with his left hand.  The right hand and the left hand should never know what the other one is doing.  Sort of like Jamie Gorelick and Randy Babbitt except different in that neither Gorilla Woman nor Bandy Rabbitt know what they are doing themselves, and to themselves, never mind to the innocent victims of 9-11, Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Colgan 3407 and Air France 447 and, by the Grace of my God, NWA 253 on Christmas Day, 2009.  Review Psalm 37 but alas I digress in a laconic manner while remaining affable.

Abel Danger Agents in Florida and Minnesota are considering the relationship between 5 persons supposedly responsible for aviation safety. Soon when anyone googles:

“Senator Dorgan +Jim Mica + Randy Babbitt + John Prater + James Oberstar”

that googling party will come to this Abel Danger snippet on ‘Defendant 1’:

“KSM Chatterbox J3 Flash Clipper to Chips: There has not been a single world force more destructive to transportation than Florida Congressman John Luigi Mica, since the Luftwaffe  yet John Mica still hypocritically sits as Ranking Republican Member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee of the United States House of Representatives. He even touts himself as a leading opponent of drunk-driving.  Congressman John Luigi Mica (R – FL, 7th District) is the quintessential corrupt politician. A gerrymandered district, a lever-pulling partisan constituent-base, and aero/transport campaign “contribution” funny-money, have all given venal perp John Mica a virtual strangle-hold on Florida’s 7th District for 17-plus years, since 1993: but Agents loyal to Abel Danger are going to end that now.  Dorgan, Mica, Babbitt, Prater, Oberstar; a fine kettle of FISH.  Their careers are soon to SWIM WITH THE FISHES. J3, Abel Danger, Harlem.”
“KSM Hamish Immediate Clipper to Blabbermouth  Chips, Kui Longboard, Umbrellaman, Agent Bean and Big Johnson, copy Uncle Ray: Emerson's private equity friends at CAI-Carlyle Canada and Charlotte Bryan’s buddies are using Charlotte's Web to move al-Qaeda drugs, weapons and money between Colombia, West Africa, Europe and the United States but unknown to them they are using ‘contract pilots’ paid offshore by banks on Jersey, Guernsey, IOM and India via Kazakhstan.. Here follows a long Clipper relayed from Conrad Black’s National Post journalists who are desperately trying to alert the public before the Obamarxist OCTOpussies  shut them down or up through a cellar box raid on the Asper Family interest in Canwest. Have alerted Harper that proceeds of al-Qaeda (?) drug trafficking are being laundered over Charlotte's Web through sham Olympic projects and cellar boxing cat bond frauds set up by Emerson [ emerson nice tits ] as senior consultant for CAI-Carlyle Canada groups.  Have asked him why airline passengers have to undergo body searches by people who appear to be moving tons of al-Qaeda cocaine and billions of al-Qaeda dollars through FC-KU* crimes scenes and Charlotte's Canadian Web. Also copied Sergeant Anthony Fozard  Integrated Market Enforcement Team, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for RCMP reference file# 20095675. Chips, withdraw from Corazon, bail out on April, get off IOM ASAP.  Meet Agent Bean at Arora International within 2 hours. Hamish”
And Chips was somewhat of an expert on things up high contrary to the opinion of Peter Junhanen of ALPA who would most likely be looking for a job after ‘David’ walks into ‘Goliath’s’ Courtroom on 19 January, 2010 at 1015 the first business day after Martin Luther King Day, 2010 and recall that Martin Luther King served the faceless commoners who were oppressed by the Global Elitists who sought to depopulate the earth in opposition to God’s desire that humankind multiply and prosper.

He, ALPA’s moronic mouthpiece Junhanen, would probably like to catch the 3:10 to Yuma if he were smart enough to get to the train station on time but alas I digress for who amongst us can name a single ‘smart enough attorney’ as their industry, as a hole, enjoys a 50% success rate, and regarding holes I know of what I speak.  If XXX airlines said they were 50% sure you’d get to Honolulu would you buy a ticket hoping to meet Chips at  Coconut Willies to see if his coconuts were as big and hairy as believed?  Speaking of believing, People Get Ready, There's a Train A-comin'. Faith.

The Air Line Pilots Association International has knowingly exposed airline passengers to risks, for over 37 months, that could have been excised if they would have heeded Chips’ CLEAR THE SKIES alert on 12-11-2006.  While the ALPA Safety, Security and Engineering representatives were serious and engaged, President John Prater and the mamby pamby sissy girls like the  ALPA Safety Rep in Minneapolis as well as Attorney RP of the ALPA Minneapolis FIELD Office were not and have potentially exposed themselves to criminal charges as have Bandy Rabbitt and Denator Sorgan.  Oh, excuse me, Senator Dorgan.

When I go into the Courtroom referred to in the “Mr. Chips goes to Washington” notice from District of Columbia District Court and also in the Lawsuit filed as McConnell v. ALPA or  Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC), the truthful history of ‘who knew what when regarding illegally modified airliners’ goes with me.

It appears FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt and ALPA President John Prater will be leaving their posts very soon as Criminal Charges are considered by Boo Boo who is trying to look like the White Knight 15 months after professing to be the Black Messiah knowing full well his Secretary of S and Speak of H want him gone, yesterday.  Only problem is that if Thunder Thighs and her pal from the gay back wish to torch Boo Boo and his wife, a failed patent attorney from Sidley-Austin, they cannot separate themselves from 9/11.

Two law firms, one in Washington DC and one in New York City know who to call as EXPERT WITNESSES in the ill-conceived KSM Trial, which may or may not precede  the FINAL SHOOTOUT AT THE F-M CORRAL [ Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 part 2 ], a Qui Tam that has been delivered, very recently, to Attorney General Eric Holder who if he is to avoid the Purple and Yellow gallows will have to review Matthew 26:4 and decide if he will serve his Oath of Office or serve  Onyadingo  of Kenya who cannot locate his Passport, his Social Security Number, or his ass without a TELEPROMPTER, stronger message to follow after I whammo an 18 pack of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters.
A note of advice from the ever affable and laconic Chips:  FOX II, Phuc Ewe, capeche?

As that AIM-9M front-stern heat seeker homes on their tightly puckering ovals, let’s listen to a soothing song as Chips lists 5 reasons why he will be safe and AT PEACE when he walks into the Courtroom on the first day of business after THE SHOT HEARD ROUND THE CYBERWORLD was fired with his finger on the trigger, so to speak, although he plans to wash his hands before he goes to Nashville driving PURPLE REIGN 2 to accept the mandate, capeche?

“I go in Peace as He who sends me has gone before me and made my path straight, and safe.  In this case, straight and safe refer not to the forms of sex that Washington narcissists refuse to practice [ see NY Gov Spitzer, SC Governor Sanford, Jonathan “Daddy” Edwards and Jesse Jackson ] but rather God’s promise in Psalms 37:23:

(Psa 37:20 NIV) But the wicked will perish: The Lord's enemies will be like the beauty of the fields, they will vanish--vanish like SMOKE.
(Psa 37:21 NIV) The wicked borrow and do not repay, but the righteous give generously;
(Psa 37:22 NIV) those the LORD blesses will inherit the land, but those he curses will be cut off.
(Psa 37:23 NIV) If the LORD delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm;
(Psa 37:24 NIV) though he stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand.”
Jeremiah 32 Jeremiah Buys a Field. Oops, sorry, I was meaning to review Jeremiah 33 so you all can learn of the restorative powers of God who has restored me and is willing to RESTORE AMERICA if Pastor Joe Seales [ average Joe ], Sarah Palin [ Mother Moose? ], Glenn Beck [ Golf Bravo ] and a gunslinger named Chips [ as in Mr. Chips goes to Washington ] conspire to circle their wagons and promise not to shoot inside the circle.
“Jeremiah 33 Promise of Restoration 1 While Jeremiah was still confined in the courtyard of the guard, the word of the LORD came to him a second time: 2 “This is what the LORD says, he who made the earth, the LORD who formed it and established it—the LORD is his name: 3 ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ 4 For this is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says about the houses in this city and the royal palaces of Judah that have been torn down to be used against the siege ramps and the sword 5 in the fight with the Babylonians [e] : ‘They will be filled with the dead bodies of the men I will slay in my anger and wrath. I will hide my face from this city because of all its wickedness.”
Chips was just ready to drive home a point with Corazon when a rare EMERGENCY CLIPPER came from an Abel Danger Agent in Wichita, Kansas where Chips had finished his F16 conversion from the F4D Phantom II to the F16ADF at MCCONNELL AFB, Kansas in April, 1990.  McConnell AFB was named after the 3 McConnell brothers of WWII just like the WWII McConnell featured in YouTube’s offering graciously  entitled  “A TRUE RAMEYITE”  father of Chips, not the Korean Ace Captain Joe McConnell on which the 1955 movie McConnell Story was based or Field McConnell, the Little Gunslinger who grew up to own 47s Limos including the PURPLE REIGN 2 to be in Nashville for the Tea Party.

Wanna picture?  Contact Base Photographer Agent Kui Longboard of Hickam AFB’s Mortuary Office or Agent Skymaster at McChord AFB’s PR department who is temporarily acting as Chips’ Press Secretary until a legitimate candidate can be attracted and ‘bought off’.  It’s not far from Joe McConnell’s is F86 parked outside PacAF Headquarters where THE TRUE RAMEYITE and General Hunter H. Harris IV had encouraged Punahou Senior Field McConnell “to not compromise his integrity but to stick to his guns knowing GOD HAS YOUR BACK so invoke Ephesians 5:11 against the evil ones and let ‘er rip potato chip”.  It seems Our Man Chips has been true to that order.
“FAA Emergency Clipper to Chips: Notice Number: NOTC2101 Emergency Notification The FAA has been made aware of an issue with an update to a navigation database that became effective on 14 January 2010 [ five days prior to Chip’s Court Date ].  To date, the known affected models are: Honeywell Bendix/King KLN 35, KLN 88, KLN 89, KLN 89B, KLN 90, KLN 90B, KLN 94, KLX 100, KLX 135, KLX 135A, KLN 900. Please refer to this Honeywell website. For more information, please contact: Jason Brys, FAA Flight Test Engineer in the Wichita ACO, at or (316) 946-4138.”

For faster service go to the world’s best intel service with orifices around the globe so that the sun never sinks on Abel Danger Assets even when the FAA, ALPA and USDOJ take a 3 day weekend: allowing Chips to travel from Fargo to Annapolis undisturbed although Peter Junhanen would probably take issue with the 'undisturbed' fact.  JuJu will be smoked as were Pete Moore, Tim Campbell, Rob Plunkett for failure to act responsibly with the information provided regarding illegally modified Boeings on 11 December, 2006.  If Ken Hylander is still in aviation safety we will address him in Chapter 9.

Following the incoming Emergency Clipper, Buck Naked and Stone came to Chips and relayed a message from Abel Danger’s Sluggo and Homi who were the boots on the ground at Isle of Man. Homi and Sluggo suggested, and Duke barked in agreement, that a trap had been set on the Isle of Man in the interest of saving Richard Sandor – the Chairman of Climate Exchange Plc., and co-author with Joyce Obama and Cooper’s Balls of NewRuleSet 9/11 – from his ‘just due’ not to be confused with Corazon’s desire that Chips ‘just do’ her.

As Chips was gauging the danger level in staying on the island, a Flash Clipper came from Agent Bean who had been cured of her shyness.
“KSM Agent Bean Flash Clipper to Blabbermouth Chips, copy Umbrellaman: Chips, Uncle Ray’s intel guru Mensa has picked up some chatter about a “Hit on Chips” brokered out of Chantilly’s FCI for benefit of Sidley Austin.  Our Agent Big John’s Son will fill in for you with Agent April Cunning at Port Erin on Isle of Man, he is cloned to look like you exactly, including your ‘you know what’. Dwarf in Churchill, Manitoba has filed a tower to tower clearance for NODAK 01 to depart IOM in 30 minutes for Dublin, Ireland however that is a ‘head fake for the haircuts’.  I await you at Arora International, Crawley, where after a session at Captain Morgan’s I hope to crawl all over you in a shy way.  Bean. Sadly, I failed to pack my jammies. Gatwick.”

Chips heard the APU fire up and realized that others had gotten the message from Dwarf.  As Hoss and Skymaster had to leave the B727 REW to ‘keep up appearances’, not to be confused with the British sit-com revolving around Hyacinth Bucket and her hen pecked husband Richard, Corazon gave him a peck on the cheek prior to leaving the jet.  Only Buck, Stone, Chips and Mary Anne MATS remained aboard and only Mary Anne remained a broad, capeche?

Mary Anne was contemplating how to get Chips out of the cockpit and into the rack when a priority clipper came into Chips from Captain Sonny Spanner of Dutch BVD remoted from Antalya, Turkey where he worked 'double duty' with Turkey's MIT not to be confused with the MIT which used Norm Crosby and Thomas Hale to enable the TREASON OF 9/11 later killing Dr. Thomas Hall in October, 2001 around the same time Serco/Clinton-Rubin/McConnell International failed to prevent the hit on Willie Card:

“KSM Chatterbox Sonny Spanner Priority Clipper to Chips, Herb E. Vore and Thrasher, copy Bean:, I don't know if you heard, but A/A terminated the over 60 crowd, Frank, Mike and myself. They gave as their reason that more locals passed the Level 3/4 exams than they expected, so they had 3 too many pilots.

Here's the kicker; Nickles and Dimes said he got rid of them because they couldn't fly over Iranian airspace because of Iran's age 62 pilot rule. What a crock of shit.. Mike and Paul are both age 60. More of  Moore, whom the FAA busted on a checkride, protecting his newly hired friends. I have gotten the message to Aruba Validation ladies in Miami and  Delta and other airlines to 'steer clear' of any entangling alliance with A/A.  Sonny Spanner, Antalya”
  As Chips let the message sink in he was drawn by the hand to the Head of State Bedroom as Stone and Buck were performing the before takeoff checklist.

Speaking of checklist, on 13 December, 2008 parties loyal to FCI, SES and Sidley Austin tried to do a number on our affable but never flappable man Chips as is annotated in this  Safety Report filed immediately after Chips saved the crew, passengers and hull from destruction through God’s power not his own.

As Mary Anne MATS removes her IOCs in Pastel Plum, review the report and consider what the Aruba authorities would do if they learned that Air Astana had had an A320 Captain flying around Kazakhstan with no A320 license in late July, 2009.  If Aruba were to get wind of it the bonehead at Air Astana would probably be removed from his [ temporary and ill served ] authority before any merger with a large US based airline, say, for instance Delta, Continental, United or Northwest all of whom do business with a shill shrink named Elliott in Los Angeles which makes for a nice kettle of RICO fish as recurring crimes are occurring across state lines.

Delta has enough on their plate so any issue in Kazakhstan would be nipped in the bud, or is that nipped in the butt.  Perhaps that transgender POS from Raytheon currently bending over for Boo Boo can correct my diction while Mary Anne MATS enjoys my fiction and lubricates my friction.  The caliber of leadership at Air Astana is such that it would not surprise anyone, me included, if BAE pulled the plug on their 49% ownership and AA’s business void would be filled by SCAT.  Keep in mind when it comes to filling voids Chips is not a light weight to be dismissed easily.  Perhaps Air Astana will complete their contractual obligations regarding my employment before I can get down to Miami in my Purple Reign Limo and bring another reign to an end in Almaty, capeche?

As the B727’s body angle rotated to 11 degrees nose up, Chips’ body angle rotated 90 degrees down as he got into an in depth debriefing of Agent Mary Anne MATS while she pictured Julio Iglesias in her lucid and capable mind.  Chips knew that the 'off to on' time would be less than an hour so rather than picture Madeline Albrecht or Amanda ‘guessmygender’ Simpson he thought of the very lovely Nellie Nosebush as the air refueling equipment was not retracted. Chips was hammering home his message with such urgency that he missed an Immediate Clipper from Name Dropper.

“KSM Dropper Immediate Clipper to Nellie Nosebush, Chips, Corazon, Bean and Dwarf, copy Umbrellaman:, Charlotte’s Web agent Bruce Bowen crosses my radar screen.He  has held senior leadership positions in government and the private sector for the past 40 years and is a recognized leader in the FIELDs of security, protection, and law enforcement training.  From 1997 to 1999 he served as the Deputy Director of the United States Secret Service (USSS) responsible for planning, developing, and implementing all major policies and programs of protective, investigative, and support activities within the Secret Service. Mr. Bowen began his career in federal law enforcement as a Secret Service Agent and before being named Deputy Director held several key positions including the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Presidential Protective Division (PPD), the Secret Service detail charged with the direct physical protection of the President of the United States, First Lady, and family members of Presidents George H. W. Bush and William Clinton. Mr. Bowen was also the Assistant Director, Office of Investigations and also led the Special Investigations and Security Division of the Secret Service, and my question for Corazon ICE and Chips DNIF is simply this: is he a white hat or a black hat and further, was he in Destin on 24 Oct? Dropper, Alexandria VA”
Chips was retrieving Clippers mentally with AQFB27-Y technology while still giving Mary Anne MATS the rated thrust of his horn of plenty while an errant Clipper came in from a corrupted KU transmission, perhaps redirected by the technologically skilled and quite humorous Agent James Crosby deployed in the JStars E-8 orbiting Brussels in a 20 mile racetrack orbit oriented east/west just like the two E330 Nato AWACS had done of the coasts of NY and DC on 9/11 while 300 Goldman Sachs bankers avoided the pyroclastic dust while watching the fun and making money with Warren Buffet at Offutt, AFB Nebraska where Chips once taxied an F4D backwards while in the back seat Larry Harringbone reached for his flask disguised as a camera.  The message sent to the wrong mailbox was from the whiners at the DNC regarding the seat vacated by Chappaquidick Kid and his submerged 1969 Oldsmobile near the gestation bridge.

“Friend—I just got up to Martha Coakley's campaign HQ to help her win Tuesday's crucial special erection. I have to tell you -- this isn't like anything Massachusetts has ever seen before including Barley Frankfurter or Chappaquiddick Cupid. It's happening right after the holidays, so a lot of people haven't even heard about it. Meanwhile, the same guys behind the Swift Boat ads are taking over the airwaves to distort Martha's record, and the same far-right tea-party crowd that's attacking responsibly President Obama is funding her opponent. Let’s endeavor to besmirch loyal Americans and mock God just as Massachusetts has done continually going back 50+ years.  They killed Joe Jr, they killed his two brothers and a grandson, but maybe we will get lucky. Thanks, PETA, ALCU, FCI, SES, Sidley Austin and the terminally flaccid”

Chips recognized the edits made by James Crosby and wondered if there were any citizens of  Assachusetts who made up part of Boo Boo’s 9% approval rating, he knew there were mental institutions in that state so it was quite possible.  As Chips called switch and Mary Anne took the high ground the Democrat Drivel continued to pour into his Clipper as he prepared to pour some DNA into Mary Anne, so to speak.

“….The stakes in this race are incredibly high. If we don't hold this seat, a right-wing Republican will hold Sen. Ted Kennedy's old seat until at least 2012 -- and we'll lose a crucial vote in the Senate for health reform and the agenda we fought so hard for last year.That's why we're going all out in Massachusetts with a massive effort to lock up a Democratic victory. But we can only afford to keep this battle up against the far right through Election Day if folks like you CHIP in.
Please donate $5 or more to help us make Martha Croaker the next mort from Massachusetts,”

Chips could sense a trembling in Mary Anne not dissimilar to the first trembling she dispensed on the second floor lanai at FO9 Cliff Road on 2 October, 1963 as she and Chips were working on mysteries without any clues.  As he worked hard to make her happy he caught a glimpse of incoming priority Clipper but unfortunately for Hamish and the Global Commoners taking care of Mary Anne MATS was the priority for Our Man Chips at the time.

“KSM Dr. Mo Libideaux Priority Clipper to Nellie Nosebush, Chips, Agent Bean and Moxie G:  Sherlocks, Charlotte’s Web agent is a Dr. Darling not to be confused with Boo Boo Raytheon expert test pilot [ or butt pirate? ] Amanda “Guess My Gender” Simpson ,was formerly Director of the Center for Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance Medicine (CDHAM) at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) in Bethesda, MD, and Director of the Navy Medicine Office of Homeland Security at the Headquarters of the Navy Surgeon General in Washington, DC. He also served as Medical Director and Flight Surgeon of the Aeromedical Isolation Team at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Sniff around the Navy, the DHS snitches in Phoenix and CDC and see what we find. Dr Mo.”

Chips had an excellent sniffer and in fact had helped develop the NCIS tool SNIPHer which any google search might prove to be the case.  Chips, Chic Burlingame, Nellie Nosebush and Fish had worked with the Crew Cuts at Quantico in the next generation tool, TASTR.  Any arm-chair sleuth would be familiar with Standard Naval Intel Profiler, Human but only the top tier were aware of Tactical Ass Symetric Tactile Recon and even among the 10 or so top shelf agents, Chips was one of only three [ Chips, Nellie Nosebush, and Name Dropper ] who was licensed to deploy SNIPHer and TASTR in the company of company ass sets.  Let me correct myself, top tier, not top shelf, I was thinking of Russian Standard Vodka [ RSV ] or if consumed in profuse dosages units, RSVP, capeche? Chips had his mind on his mission and had failed to see that Mary Anne MATS was doing a little TASTRing also, in a manner of speaking.  He was getting ready to return the favor when four more Clippers came in as evidenced by 4 blinking lights alternating amber to red.
“KSM Chatterbox Marquis d’Cartier Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Chips, Dr. Nano al-Umina, Kui Longboard and Chips; Charlotte’s Web agent Mr. Hagin, served as White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations from January, 2001 to August, 2008.  He was responsible for managing the overall operations, security, and military support structure surrounding the President of the United States, as well as the day to day administration and management of White House operations and the White House Complex. Mr. Hagin also served as the principal official in charge of continuity programs for the Executive Branch and coordinated emergency planning across multiple jurisdictions. Hagin had oversight responsibility for the Presidential Airlift Group / Air Force One (PAG / AF-1), the President’s Marine Helicopter Squadron (HMX-1), the White House Communications Agency (WHCA), the Presidential Protection Division (PPD) of the United States Secret Service (USSS), Presidential travel, and technology upgrade programs including the renovation and modernization of the White House Situation Room, classified communications and contingency systems, and the rehabilitation and modernization of White House facilities and systems including the historic Old Executive Office building. Hagin led the extensive post-September 11th effort to reorganize and modernize the structure and methodology for modern day Presidential support and was one of the principals responsible for planning the formation of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). He also chaired the Enduring Constitutional Government Coordinating Council (ECGCC), the inter-agency planning team responsible for dramatic upgrades in executive branch Continuity of Government (COG) and Continuity of Operations (COOP) programs, plans, and exercises. In preparation for the U.S.-hosted 2002 Winter Olympic Games, Mr. Hagin chaired the White House Task Force on the Olympics. He was also the Senior White House official with responsibility for planning the 2004 G-8 Summit in Sea Island, Georgia and the design and implementation of the 2005 and 2008 North American Leaders Summits. Mr. Hagin also oversaw the President’s participation in all Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summits, G8, NATO and Summits of the Americas. He was responsible for the planning and execution of the President’s covert trips to Iraq and Afghanistan. We need to see why this guy is ‘in Charlotte’s web and quickly before HMX-1 or Air Force One are modified like the Porky Princess’s C32. Bring M. ‘Two Beers’ DuMars on line re: the helos and Buck Naked is all over AF1, MdC, VBC.”

“KSM Hamish to Blabbermouth Chips copy Umbrellaman:  S.E.S. lockouts on 9/11 used Charlotte’s Canadian Web.  Evidence that the U.S. Senior Executive Service used Charlotte’s Canadian Web – an airborne internet built by Canada for a former FAA official, Charlotte Bryan – to coordinate the lockouts of USAF and other 'blue-team' defenders during a bogus Global Guardian war game on 9/11. By way of example, our KSM agents have evidence that S.E.S. member and KSM alumnus Charlotte Bryan, used Charlotte’s Web command signals to lock passengers out of the AA Flight 77 cockpit, pump in CO2 to render pilot Chic Burlingame unconscious (a de facto lockout) and trigger the bogus decoy and drone maneuvers on 9/11 which set up various FC-KU crime scenes at the Pentagon’s U.S. Naval Command Center.  KSM also has evidence that in 1949, the future Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau began to develop a revolutionary strategy of reverse lockouts where violent employees would lock out or kill their employers in government, industry and military command centers and replace the liberties of the sovereign state with a global francophone dictatorship. Asked Harper to explore links and help KSM to neutralize the S.E.S.’s threatened use of Charlotte’s Web for violent reverse lockouts at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Suggest you give S.E.S. charter member QH some tough love on Tuesday. Hamish Out.”

“KSM Uncle Ray Immediate Clipper to Nano al-Umina, Kenny G, Name Dropper and Chips: Obama’s BlackBerry, Charlotte’s Web and United 93. Evidence Obama transmitted signals from his BlackBerry on 9/11. Allegedly signals routed through Charlotte’s Web built by Canadian government and labor leaders for Charlotte Bryan’s associates in the U.S. Senior Executive Service. Allegedly Obama’s signals triggered incendiary bombs used in the automated destruction of United Airlines Flight 93. Looks like Obama, with S.E.S. alumni of the Kellogg School of Management and Canadian SWAT teams, manipulated public key escrow to secure communications over Charlotte’s Web; they attempted a coup d’etat on 9/11 during a continuity of government exercise which involved simulated spoliation of evidence at multiple FC-KU crime scenes such as the crater left by United 93 in Pennsylvania.”

“KSM Chatterbox James Crosby Priority Clipper to Rico Gambolino, Dwarf, Uncle Ray, Corazaon and Chips: to BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has a new model for Obama; a super-secure model designed to ensure calls and emails to and from the President stay out of unauthorized hands but it uses SecureVoice encryption software developed for QH’s S.E.S. double agents inside US security agency the NSA. Research In Motion Limited (RIM) is a Canadian wireless device company early development was financed by Canadian institutional and venture capital investors in 1995 through a private placement in the privately-held company. Working Ventures Canadian Fund Inc. led the first venture round with a $5,000,000 (CAD) investment with the proceeds being used to complete the development of RIM's two-way paging system hardware and software. A total of $30,000,000 (CAD) in pre-IPO financing was raised by the company prior to its initial public offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange in January, 1998 under the symbol RIM .. The second labour sponsored fund was the Working Ventures Fund, established in 1989 by the Canadian Federation of Labour, a small national labour body for the construction trades. Unlike Solidarity, this Ontario based fund was created with a national mandate under Federal legislation, and seeded with $15 million from the Federal government. Message to Harper: dismantle Charlotte’s Canadian Web and thwart plans developed by Obama’s agents in the Senior Executive Service to silence enemies [c.f. Beverley Eckert in the Bombardier Dash Q8] and attack the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and divert attention from what is alleged to be a second attempt to overthrow the United States government in Washington, D.C.”
Chips wanted to run these items by Mary Anne MATS but he decided against it as she had her hands full and he could hear the landing gear of the 1983 Super 727 REW originally ordered for Singapore Airlines descend into the down and locked position.  Mary Anne must have been somewhat telepathic as she went down but not locked simultaneously which did not displease our silent and laconic opiner with the 47 Limos.

Mary Anne finished off her project just as the three holer was clearing Runway 26L at London’s Gatwick Airport just south of the M1 and west of the M23.  As the curvaceous and proficient Mary Anne MATS stepped into the Master Bath to make herself presentable Chips took a ‘Marine Corps Shower’ and stuffed himself into an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Jade Green not to be confused with Shaq O’Neills untouched Shaqtus.  As the monster was being caged, a priority Clipper caused his Clipper Squirt Gun to vibrate as the globe equipped Ms MATS bent over to retrieve an IOC in Passionate Pastel Plum which caused Chips’ tent pole to initiate OTR [ ontime turgid reflex ] not to be confused with the REFLEX operations in the 1950s where nuclear loaded B47Es rotated in and out of Sidi Slimane, Morocco and  Wheelus, Libya from SAC bases including MacDill, McCoy, McClellan and McConnell but not Clinton-Sherman.  Happy googling.

I could give you more details but the recent OTR caused the monster to be loosed and Mary Anne MATS is helping me stuff it, so to speak.  Chips could feel the airstairs reach full down and unfortunately he had just reached full up so Mary Anne locked the door and grabbed her ankles as the Gay Bay Princess would be grabbing a cab to slip out of DC before the New Sheriff rides to town ahead of the World’s Largest Posse; read carefully.  As the new Sheriff rides into DC to kick ass and take names many Captains Sherlock would guess NEW KID IN TOWN by the Eagles might be coming up soon just like Chips' horn of plenty.  Sorry, had to run this one by again for 'strategic' impact as the monster was dishing out some tactical impact to the Monde Venus centered on Mary Anne MATS delightful and well preserved body to die for although Chips was very much alive and 'in play'.

Ms MATS had envisioned Julio Iglesias as Chips had visualized Agent Bean so mutually satisfactory objectives were achieved prior to the Abel Danger knock on the door.  Chips could see through the peephole some security agents dressed in English uniforms but paid out of Israeli accounts.  Having seen both Dancing With Wolves and No Way Out Chips pulled back the carpet, raised a door similar to the E&E compartment door in the DC10-30 and he led Mary Anne MATS to safety just moments after she had led him to 'satisfied'.

As Chips quietly closed the E&E compartment-like hatch he could hear the ‘cockpit key’ unlock the door to the Head of State Bed Room prior to Stone’s voice saying:  “Captain Buck Naked and I were not trying to delay you in anyway Chief Inspector Clouseau it’s just I couldn’t leave the cockpit until the parking check was completed and put on the CVR so the NTSB would be able to figure out what had happened if something had happened in keeping with your mantra to always expect the unexpected.  See, like Captain Naked told you, there are no passengers or ‘clients’ aboard this 1983 Super B727 REW with Royal Plum colored winglets, so if you’ll excuse me I need to supervise the refueling procedure while Captain Naked sends an underwater statue of the speaker of the house, lower case intentional, on a cruise.”


Mary Anne MATS was the first to arrive at the ‘transportation’ arranged by Agent Bean and as she climbed the ladder to the catering van body atop the truck chassis Chips got a quick shot of Passionate Pastel Royal Plum which caused him to be plum happy as his mind was way out in front of him and his purple tipped red champion was behind by a nose.  As Chips joined Ms MATS and the two catering agents, undocumented Somalians like those in the Minneapolis airport, his Clipper Squirt Gun vibrated as Mr. Happy was thinking about it.

“KSM Blabbermouth April Cunning Priority Clipper to Chips, Agent Bean and Rico Gambolino:   Charlotte’s Web agent Dr. Kiernan is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Terrorism subcommittee, an Intelligence Fellow and graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) National Executive Institute, Member of the Board of Regents of the Potomac Institute, the Director of National Intelligence’s (DNI) Summer Hard Problems Workshop (SHARP) (2006/7), and Chairman for 2008 of the National InfraGard Program, an FBI affiliated public private-partnership with over 30,000 volunteer members with expertise in all 18 critical infrastructures and key resources.  She has led training programs on critical incident management and explosives response protocol on a worldwide basis.  Dr. Kiernan led a nationwide Intelligence Community project involving the active interdiction of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) throughout the law enforcement and public safety communities, and led a team in the Quadrennial Intelligence Community Review. Dr. Kiernan is a Special Advisor to the Director of the Combating Terrorism Task Force in the Department of Defense and a faculty member at the Center for Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School. Please contact Agent Spanky McFarlane, the USCG Master Chief Armorer in the New England Region and have him look her over while a McConnell at DNI is queried regarding this woman, who Bill Clinton most assuredly did not have verbal intercourse with.  Tango Whiskey in VBC is drawing a damning conclusion to these types of folks and Nellie Nosebush in San Fran concurs”

Chips joined in the mental exercise by using his Clipper Squirt Gun to download the ‘members list’ from the PFT911 website and compare two ‘persons of interest’.  Chips had been invited to Operation Barcelona but shy little Agent Bean had offered him Operation Ring Bologna, so to speak, and Beanie got the nod, capeche?  The catering truck  pulled up to an A330 and a ‘friend’ from Gatwick with roots in Norwich handed him a Facsimile of a logbook write up and sign off which Chips thought of as a responsible Christmas gift.  To compensate for the gift Chips handed the gentleman a one hundred dollar bill and a 18 pack of Rodney Baldinger NDSU extendo-peters.

Once back in the catering truck Chips spoke tenderly to Ms MATS who was dropped back off at the three holer prior to Chips being driven out the 'service units only' gate so as to get Chips to the Arora so he could drive home and service Beanie's gate unit not knowing what gait she might prefer.  He was hoping for trot or cantor while saving gallop for the clubhouse turn which made a lot of horse sense to our cocksure Marine.  As the truck approached the catering office Chips slipped out of the van body and into a London cab with flashing purple lights behind the grill.  The former SAS driver adjusted himself and grunted.  Chips gave the driver 2 pounds of tiger meat and adjusted himself also.  As the driver chewed, Chips wondered if Agent Bean might also chew for a while.

The driver pulled up to the Crawley train station were Agent Bean was posing as April Cunning who was actually on the Isle of Man enjoying a big Johnson, excuse me, Big John’s Son at the normal B&B in Port Erin.  As Chips fell in trail of the lovely and shy Agent Bean he took note of negative VPLs which seemed to indicate any pre debriefing chit-chat prior would be short lived.  They walked through the station, over the pair of tracks and down to the landing where an electronically controlled turnstile prevents old ladies and children from getting through to the Arora International if they didn’t press the talk button and identify themselves although young athletic Muslim students in the UK have no trouble crawling over the chain link fence.

As Chips walked close behind Bean she backed into his front and sampled his turgidity index with a technique she had mastered in Fukuoka, Japan where the airport identifier is FUK.  Perhaps GoreGate, PelosiGate, and KenyaGate should head on over while Chips’ ever increasing mass of eagle eyed flying friends with sharp talons screamed into the fresh kills of the FC-KU crime scenes.  I guess to summarize I believe America may enjoy a 'leadership elevation' if  Boo Boo, Hot Air and Facedropper would take a flying FUK trip meaning no disrespect but just a suggestion that their 'diversity quotient' might rise when they learn of the skill and strength of the girls in Abel Danger's Fukuoka regional office which in Korea war time was the USAF Itizuke Air Base where Joe McConnell and others would sometimes fly in and out of without going through Chertoff FBS [ full body scan or frankly bull shit ] harassment.  Facedropper could learn from the second young lady how to get forked.

After keying 3-1-1-# on her Clipper Boringuen Brooch, Agent Bean made a beeline for the elevator to the right of reception.  As the elevator doors closed Bean gave Chips a TI inspection and had the elevator in the old section of the Arora International not had glass enclosure facing the lobby, Chips would have sampled the humidity level of the bright and beaming Agent Bean who undoubtedly was sudsing like a MayTag.  Either way, Chips’s reverie was interrupted by an incoming Clipper raising the temperature on the security threats to the Vancouver and London Olympics.

“KSM Lady Eagle .. Chips; We’ve warned Harper – more details in Chapter 9 – about BC Pension, Cooper’s Balls and Olympic Cat Bond Bombs.  Told him that the custodians of the B.C. pension fund (‘bcIMC’) are using U.K. Labour ministers Yvette Cooper and her husband Ed Balls, as escrow agents for 10 Downing Street’s  Carbon Disclosure Project and catastrophe (cat) bond bomb attacks. The Full Monty is apparently being planned for Vancouver (2010) and London (2012) Olympic. We know that bcIMC helped build Charlotte’s Web for escrows to trigger cat bonds at FC-KU crime scenes including Ground Zero and London Underground. They share kickbacks with CDP banks, pension funds and insurance companies with distribution rules written by insiders such as Yvette Cooper and husband Ed Balls. The City of Vancouver, The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) and the provincial government are installing video surveillance cameras in preparation for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic games; same bullshit as London’s 1 million such cameras. Cooper studied at Balliol College, Oxford where she was awarded a BA in PPE. She was awarded a Kennedy Scholarship in 1991 to Harvard University and finished her studies with an MSc in Economics at the LSE. Her husband Ed Balls said this,“ Socialism, as represented by the Labour Party, the Fabian Society, the Co-operative movement, is a tradition I can be proud of” Balls was  chief economic adviser to HM Treasury from 1999 to 2004 the 'most powerful unelected person in Britain'. We may be able to prove the Teachers’ and Cooper’s Balls set up naked-short selling positions on 9/11 where crony CDP pension funds (e.g. BBC Pension Trust and USS) cellar boxed U.S. corporations, killed nearly 3,000 people and sat on the winning side of cat bonds. Cooper was a groupie apologist for the 1992 U.S. presidential campaign of Bill Clinton. Clinton is the first Rhodes Scholar to get thrown out of Oxford for rape and drug trafficking and the first to spend time in Moscow (1969) briefing the KGB on how to subvert the United States. Hillary handled all aspects of Bill’s election campaign so she must have handled (?) Cooper. Cooper must therefore know about deaths from Arkancide and the Clinton’s sale of US military secrets to China (Google Hillary Rose Law GyroChip) Certainly Cooper is a woman with Balls, after all she married a pair, but she has never had a real job and is as much in the dark as to what drives unemployment down as temperature down. Of course that’s not the point with these fabianista parasites, they get their rocks off not by producing something for their friends but by stealing everything from their enemies. Lady S. Eagle [LSE] Out.”

As Chips latched the chain deal on the door to Room 1002 he wonder if LSE was indicative of London Stock Exchange, Lacrosse, Wisconsin Airport or London School of Economics as Agent Bean was demonstrating clearly that she’d gotten over her shyness as her dress dropped proving Chips correct in his visual assessment that suggested to him ‘no VPLs’ was for a good reason. Some of the morons intent on destroying America from the inside out of course don’t know if VPL is ‘visible panty lines’ or ‘vice-presidential limo’.  Pisser.  Chips could see that neither chit chat nor foreplay were her desires as she selected F4, and 360 on her Clipper.  Seeing 360 and knowing that meant 6 hours he was hoping rodeo sex wasn’t her first choice.

As Teddy Pendergrass’s 1972 standard began, Chip’s 1949 standard was put to good use as the mother of all Clippers went unnoticed by the consensual co-agents probing each other’s resources and recesses while planning an exploculation of Charlotte’s Web prior to the National Convention in Nashville on 4-6 February, 2010 where Mother Moose would be speaking while Chips was ‘in the area’ in the Purple Reign 2 campaign limo.  As Beanie joined with Chips in a synergetic synchronicity 2 of the 5 senior members of Ramey’s 72nd C4ISR Wing Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico where reacquainting after first getting to know each other in 1965 when there back yards abutted and young Chips frequently thought young Beanie's brassieres on the clothes line were spinnakers on attacking Men of War but as they became more firm in their knowledge he let the Don Quixote like fantasy fade as her ample bounty blossomed as his power woody achieved mission ready status.


Agent Bean had called for a switch after just over two hours of missionary style and in the 180 degree longitudinal roll she barked three times sounding much like a Whippet in 2nd position at the dog races and looking up some other Whippets tailpipe, in fighter pilot talk.  Knowing that any canine sounding utterance was a plea for doggie style [ think back to the Larry Craig memorial pooper on the Mezzanine deck of the MSP terminal, Larry Sinclair's Limo or the dead choir boy linked to Pastor Wright's Wrong church ] Chips decided he didn't mind playing Whippet with Beanie but hoped never to end up in our prison system where the lifers get together for 'drop the soap' parties every night, like Pal Kenn and Boo Boo probably will do tonight after they read each other goat stories but not in Harry Reid's negro dialect.

Chips was really getting close so as to forestall any premature exploculation Chips forced himself to think of Nanny Peloti, Thunder Thighs, Gorillawoman and Sasquatch in a Limo to their Gallow Slots at Fresh Kills Hills one and nine where the innocent, unidentified and co-mingled remains could find no rest until Justice was served.  If Chips were to be driving the four SOWS in his freshly painted Brilliant Metallic Purple Corvette powered Stretch Fleetwood he would enable "KU demo" on the AQFB27-C and see how the four traitors of 9-11 reacted to a demonstration of God's power which could easily be a brilliant or shimmering light.

Chips was probably the only Fighter Pilot in America that knew who had written the lyrics to BLINDED BY THE LIGHT but when God appeared he was brilliant and so much so that He could not been seen as anyone looking would be blinded by the light.  Also in the lyrics, a significant and prophetic line is "..dethrone the Dictaphone hitting him on his funny bone, that's where they expect it the least..." and I believe that sums up what 105 chapters of 5 books in the Captain Sherlock series have done; we've accurately described the crimes of Treason and Murder against the most evil and corrupt servants of the OCTOPUS who currently occupy many top offices in our ALPHA channel of government.

If Petraeus, McChrystal and the 47 Adjutants general are serious about removing SES 'blockers' and rounding up the suspects, Agents of Abel Danger are 'inside the beltway' now and always available by phone or email for 'coaching'.  As Beanine called switch early and showed Chips a new position called T-Bone, he found it so exciting he had to hit F4 on his Clipper Squirt Gun so the lyrics and irregularly directed music could help him hang in there until Beanie crossed the finish line and he could start on rebuilding Olympic security by having Transport Canada and Canadian Forces announce a defensive Umbrella over the upcoming Whistler Olympics.

As the music played, Transport Canada and Canadian Forces planned and Harper sweated ice cubes, below the surface 2 miles west of the Vancouver Airport Agents Jam and Namedropper in their S-4 Abel Danger C4ISR submarine received a KU transmission from Agent James Crosby overhead in the E-8C Joint Stars:  “Crosby to Jam; signal’s still hot for Air Patrol and ADT, if I do not call back with an ALL CLEAR FADEOUT within the hour, employ ‘remedy Charlie’, Crosby”.

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