Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Charlotte’s Web Cat With No Tail Cuts a Climate Exchange
Cellar Boxing Captain Sherlock Defeats OCTOpus to Derail America

Beanie assumed the position for an hour of ‘windmill’ and Chips gathered some ‘stuff’ including a vision impaired gerbil and his Ramey All Class Blast ID. Chips redeployed to the base of a triskelion statue where Tomoye had a dead letter box on the Isle of Man on schedule in advance of the 10 January ‘Stone Letter’ going to Prime Minister Harper of Canada, the country from whence the attack of 9/11 was hatched and launched.

He noted some words in a Jim Reeves song .. ‘Or souls that live within the past where sorrow plays all parts Where a living death is all that's left for men with broken hearts’. KSM Hamish Clippered Chips, Mitch Stack and Del N Pole on progress in re lawsuit to eventually nail Strong and Pachauri for wrongful deaths re racketeering with hazardous passenger bomb; he referenced Charlotte’s Web (Charlotte Bryan’s FAA Airborne Internet) with wireless links to CO2e sensors used to authorize a Section 25.831 hit on passengers deemed hazardous to the criminal enterprise because they were alive and exhaling.

Chips thought, "no shit sherlock" as this was old hat to the Punahou Graduate who learned Economics from the McConnell textbook prior to getting a perfect 4.0 in Economics at the US Naval Academy and wondered if Mr. T could advise Boo Boo and Dummy how to get some nuts while one of Chips' Truther Girls plays lead guitar as Chips and the Flying Circus sing along while PIPELINE-CHICCHI Play The Ventures”


Elvis opens for Sherlock before Elvis leaves the building,
Harper Prorogues Parliament and Chips 'drains the swamp'

As Beanie was assuming the position for an hour of ‘windmill’ Chips gathered the 10 foot length of garden hose ( ribbed ), the Redi Whip can, a pair of ‘hip-waders’ a small 3 step aluminum ladder, 4 D-cell batteries, a vision impaired gerbil, his Ramey All Class Blast ID and a hockey mask such as was worn by ‘Jason’ in the Chainsaw horror films. As Beanie was in position and ready to receive she took a mouthful of Merlot and gargled for 5 seconds which indicated she wanted to gargle, in effect, Chips for 5 minutes before they engaged in 2 hours of the ‘windmill’. Chips was pleased with the prospect and the world’s most famous ‘straight 8’ was ready for duty aFIELD, as it were.

In the windmill, penetration however slight, was sufficient to complete the act, according to UCMJ and DoD. Beanie, however, was a more cruel mistress and she thought any Insert Project should be a minimum of 2 hours with Redi-Whip, or 4 hours without. Chips was attempting to hide the Redi Whip can [ low-fat, reduced calorie ] and had just stuck the first four in when his Clipper Squirt Gun went off, pardon the expression, even though, according to Agent Beanie, Chips would not be going off for another 2 hours; or 4 if he could ditch the Redi Whip.

Seeing that it was a ‘Red Four Light Trip”, not to be confused with the very difficult ‘9-light trip’ that was the greatest fear of most B727 Flight Engineers, such as Skymaster, he asked Beanie to take over manually as he needed to speak to a head of state while she handled the head of eight. She complied and did a wonderful job manually. Think about it while Pelosi, Reid and the FAA Administrator, college drop-out Bandy Rabbitt, clear their desks as the BFM that has shrouded the USA is cleared by the most potent USMC Fighter Pilot in history, bar none, and Chips has been around bars his whole life, capeche? The 'smoke and mirrors' BFM that Al Gore and Larry King discussed where Larry asked Hot Air Al how much of what the American people knew was TRUE. Al Hot Air, recently rebuked by Captain Sherlock and Agent Del N. Pole in Oslo, suggested 1%.

Chips could see that it was Moose Wasilla calling with a REAL WORLD FLASH.

“Chips, Broadmoor, Secure, Go”

No one answered but his Clipper went to continuous vibrate. He transferred the call to Bean’s Clipper Plaintain in it's Abel Danger protective shroud in True Blue whereupon her Plaintain went off in ‘continuous vibrate'. As Chips withdrew, Beanie had the vibrating Clipper Plaintain fill in for him while he showered at the speed of heat. Chips was proficient at working fast whether it was intercepts with mach 4 closing speed or removing Corazons Obama pinkies.

In the shower he read the flash Clipper as he washed his body just as fast as he wanted. Now there is a brain teaser, think about it while I dry off.
“KSM-AD Moose Flash Clipper to Chips, copy Umbrellaman, QoE: Chips, the shit’s hitting the fan. TIAA-CREF, the Laborers Union, Sidley Austin, US Department of State, BEI-Raytheon-Clinton and Transport Canada are flooding your blog that went public less than 72 hours ago. 548 hits last hour. You need to get out of the country ASAP. Jackson and I have diverted N727AD into Peterson Field. Corazon Dulce, Hamish, Kui Longboard will join you there. Hoss, Buck, Skymaster and Stone are the front end crew, Mary Anne MATS has 9 of Eastern’s finest in the cabin. They are ‘carrying’. If you need any ‘custom work’, the one in the Kimono is Banzai Pipeline. He’s got the WEAPON. Marquis d’Cartier, Dr. Nano al-Umina and Uncle Ray are on a private G550 enroute Accomac at present time. Hoss relates ETD in 75 minutes, Pete Field to Accomac and filed on to Dublin. After you depart Accomac, Dwarf will impute a DRAFT to IOM and a change of call sign to Ascot 2010-AD, code 10. Do not respond. Do not delay. If you are knee deep in Beanie, finish your project and make the flight. The DRIVER is at the employees entrance with the silver Mercury with G-plates ready to go. Jackson, myself and QoE agree on Lethal Force. Will see you, Feather Boa, Gulf Bravo and your security asset in Nashville at the T-party 4-6 February after I announce the Fox deal. Don’t bring a known Limo. Suggest a 4 door stretch with Mark VII glass and run-flat Vogue P235-R15s. See if David and Jim in Canton can suggest a flashy color for our rendezvous at Opryland 4-6 Feb 2010. Godspeed, God Bless, Moose out.”

Chips had his mind on his mission. And his mission was to separate Corazon Dulce from her Rosita colored Obama panties ASAP after the non-modified B727-REW with winglets had the wheels up and the flaps/slats at ‘2’. Chips had not seen Corazon since their all-nighter in Destin that neither Dottie H. or Linda A. got wind of. To make it work, Chips had invited Dottie up to his room for a Grolsch so that those watching would think Dottie was the security detail for Chips. Wrong-o yak lips.

As Chips walked Dottie to the door after one 16 ounce Grolsch widebody, Corazon slipped in from the 7th floor balcony and 5 minutes later it was Chips who was slipping in, in a manner of speaking. Even though Corazon had come in the buff, she had a fanny pack with 6 18 packs of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oyster and 4 double gel tabs of Rodney Baldinger NDSU extend-o-peters. When Chips had flown F16s his call sign was 'Smoke' in reference to his day job as Director of Operations at the 72nd C4ISR which operated out of a Law Office in Fargo, Smoke and Mirrors PLC.

The physical Law Office was in Fargo but it was registered and funded out of Isle of Man. Quo Warranto, get some vaseline. When Corazon set them out for Chips he didn’t have the lack of foresight to tell her he already had ‘loaded’ up so he took another load which registered nurses, such as Agent Bean or Mo Libideaux, would characterize as a ‘loading dose’. Corazon was somewhat surprised when that enduro lasted 7 hours. Pleasantly surprised I might laconically opine while breaking my characteristic silence although breaking no wind so as not to violate Al Gore’s Nobel inspiring 350 ppm methane limit. Hey Gore, pull my finger. Or Boo Boo's inspirational telepromter, also worthy of a Nobel from Oslo where Chips frequents the British Pub out the door, left at the corner and half way down the block from the GRAND HOTEL.

Chips stuffed his ‘horn of plenty’ into a Pastel Pink Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster with ELP not to be confused with and ELT or and EEL. Extra large pouch is more useful than an emergency locater transmitter or a brain dead temporary FAA Director such as Bobby the Eel or Bandy Rabbitt. Chips had been told by an attorney inside the Sovereign District or Beltway, he couldn’t remember which because as ALPA spokesman Peter Junhanen opined ‘Field is a troubled guy’, that Bandy Rabbitt was on the hot-seat with BO after Abel Danger had obstructed the detonate signal of Flight 253 on Christmas Day just as Abel Danger had delayed UA93 on 9/11.

I think the Speaker of the House is packing up as I type. And don’t read anything into BO because it may or may not be BHO who is really BS and a subject of the Queen due to his birth in 1961 in the French speaking country north of Cameroon where Kenya Airways 507 was taken down on 5-5-07 exactly 145 days after Chips had shared the illegal modifications of Boeing jets with John Prater, President of ALPA [ for the time being ]. Kenya 507 occurred 81 days after Chips had shared the truth of modified airliners with Robert Swan Mueller III, Director of FBI. I can almost picture Bandy Rabbit, Prater and Mueller wishing I’d lend them a Limo to slip out of DC overnight while I slip into Corazon Dulce all night:

Chips left a note for sweet and shy little Agent Beanie who had fallen asleep with the Clipper Plaintain still vibrating. Chips thought about interrupting her slumber with his lumber but then remembered his mission, get into Corazon’s Obama Pinkies ASAP. As the monster strained against the ELP, he kissed her cheek, and then both sides of her face, and left. It reminded him of Peter, Paul and Mary’s 1969 hit ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ written by John Denver whose last name was really Deutchendorf and whose father was the first B58A Hustler AC to become MR about the same time as Chips’ father being the first B47 AC to gain 3000 hours in the Boeing B47E Stratojet, capeche?

As he exited the door, two Bellman with Abel Danger gold signet rings patted their left breasts and pointed toward the fire stairs. As the two Bellman with Sig Sauer P226 9mm friends went up the firestairs to the roof top, a body double for Chips slipped into the back seat of the silver Mercury fulminate, I say again, Mercury fulminate, and The Driver laid a patch of rubber 16 feet long while up at the heli-port Chips was planning to lay a patch of latex 2000 miles long with Corazon Dulce. Here, let me help you with the math. Ground speed 500 knots, enduro of 4 hours, 500 x 4 = 2000, capeche. And if you are a moronic ALPA attorney, pardon the redundancy, an FCI SES, or a Sidley Sow, considered yourself Phuc-ed. I’d recommend you follow Dorgan and Dodd who learned the hard way, Phuc with the Duck, and you’ll get the bill. Quack. As the majority of Congress and Senate lackies fall in line, the US Marine Corps band strikes up ‘The Pied Piper’ as Dodd and Dorgan play rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to lead the mass evacuation of Washington as the bedtime song that little Barry Soetero listened to as a 5 year old plays on in his head and teleprompter.

As the Bell Jet Ranger disguised as an EMT asset [ ass + set, hmmhhh ] hovered on the roof-top, Chips hopped into the left seat as Hoss brought in the cyclic and collective aggressively and went on a straight course to Pete Field, not to be confused with the straight 8 of Field’s repeater of much reknown aka his purple tipped red champion. Correct that to Chip’s repeater, almost blew my cover. I am such a troubled guy. My father's other B24 was Troublemaker, so I am CHIP off the old block, in common vernacular. Boeing learned their lesson in 4 days.

Four days after Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 was filed Boeing announced in London UK the existence of the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot. Gee, what heroes. The PRICs [ public relation intel confusers ] should have announced it before AA11, AA77, UA 175 and UA 93 were used by the Trojan Horse attack of 9-11 involving Rose Law's QRS-11 Gyro Chips, Raytheon Corporation A-3 Skywarriors modified in Ft. Collins-Loveland, Colorado, SMACsonic explosives installed in Abbottsford, BC by the Cascade Kid, and some really groovy KU Band signals delivered by Air Patrol, ADT or their ilk, perhaps Nancy from the Gay Bay can fill in the blanks or her son Pauly Boy.

If I were a skinny witch from the Gay Bay married to a mafia boss from B-M, how appropriate, I’d snag a ride in the “Rabbitt, Director, Prater” looser Limo that is following the Dorgan-Dodd-Doorknob ‘Smart Car’ which like the KC330 AWACS sitting off Washington and New York on 9/11 were built in Europe for the purpose of destroying America. If any Obama, Clinton, Soros or Strong surnamed perverts wish to take issue with that….come and get it, capeche?

Name one Marine that ever backed down from a pervert and I will give you one of my 4 limos but not the 1996 white limo with RAMEY BOMBERS, two green surfer stripes and with Chips, Hawk, Dropper, Moxie G, Bean and Thrasher written on the 6 doors with Homi, Duke and Sluggo on the trunk lid, providing security. Come to think of it, I could deliver it either at the hearing of 19 January [ Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) ] or at the T-Party National Convention on 4, 5 or 6 February, 2010. In fact, before I sign over the title, myself, Agent Feather Boa, or Mother Moose might reach down your throat and rip your heart out, if you have one.

Coming up with genocidal unachievable plans like H1N1 Swine, ClimateGate or the contrived terror level associated with NWA 253 makes it obvious you guys are not on the A team. I feel confident in saying that as I never see you at the A-Team meetings such as Destin FL, 22-25 October, 2009, Isle of Man 9-11 January, 2010 or the National Convention of the T Party in Nashville, Tennessee, 4-6 February, 2010 where Our Man Chips [ Mr. T as in Truth ] will confer with other Christian Patriots concerned for America while his Candy Apple Red Fleetwood stretch blends into the woodwork outside the Opryland Hotel. And BO, that is Candy Apple, not Candy Ass, capeche?

“Hoss, thanks for the pick-up. Are you still driving the three-holer across the pond for us?”

“No problem Chips, seems you have some folks in Colorado and Virginia, think FCI, who didn’t want you getting to Peterson AFB today. The Driver will lead the morons to a position 3000 feet short of the ‘point of impact’ and then he will stop in the center of a grazing, flanking interlocking FIELD of fire as black helicopters come like locusts simultaneous to James Crosby’s blocking of the KU DET signal. Stone is flying right seat, Skymaster is on the panel and Buck Naked is the ‘check pilot’ tonight, or from the perspective of the Octopus, ‘Check Six’. We are on a VFR flight plan to Loveland-Ft Collins to see Skurich and the mod-crew but that’s a head fake as when we reach the CPA to Pete I will autorotate into a hot LZ and Stone is there in the Arizona Limo to take us to the Three holer and Homi and Duke have the Black FLH Harley with Candy Apple red side car if things get hot. They all have FMG 9s. Please transmit a May Day call now on guard as I auto rotate to the LZ.”

As Hoss shut down both engines and began an aggressive autorotate Chips picked up the Mike and transmitted on 121.5 and 243.0 as well as 2828 mhz “Mayday, Mayday, Aspen 03 dual engine failure. Going down present position. Mark, hack.”

“Roger Aspen, Colorado Springs tower we have your position, response initiated. God Bless”.

As Hoss hauled up on the collective and flared to a comfortable right skid landing, Marquis d’Cartier came up from under a tarp in the back and handed Chips two Grolsch frosties. As Hoss was securing the whirlybird, Chips offered him a beer and Hoss nodded in the negative.

“Great that leaves more for me” said Chips in a laconic fashion as both a super trick, piss wicked LT1 1995 Limo pulled up on the left and on the right side of the helo Homi and Duke went into a three wheel slide to recover Marquis. Hoss and Chips got into the party pit of the Limo as Stone put the hammer down and the divider up. Homi did a wheelie and took off in a cardinal opposite vector causing anyone who might pursue to have to decide which on to pursue, like Chips often does as he is torn between two lovers and feeling like a fool. If anyone has not read Matthew 26:4, this would be a good time to 'start reading'.

As the limo emerged from the rough terrain two black Crown Vics took lead and trail positions leaving the Limo in ‘the rocking chair’. Perhaps the CB Savage in Washington can check his teleprompter for 'rocking chair'. Approaching the main gate of Peterson AFB not to be confused with Pete FIELD the tank traps blocking the ‘in gate’ and the Air Policeman pointing to the unblockaded ‘out gate’ caused the 3 vehicle package to enter the base through the base exit opening. Chips loved openings. And globes. And assets.

An Air Police Humvee with top turret assumed the lead and took the package of 3 direct to the Super 727 with JT8D-217s [ hushed ] on pods 1 and 3 while the center engine was the more slender JT8D-17 harvested from a DC9-50 parked at Marana and previously registered at NC, RC and NW airlines not to be confused with DELTA, as in DELTA FORCE, which does the light work for Abel Danger as opposed to Chips who works best in the dark.

Chips could see exhaust plumes from all 3 engines and the rotating beacons on top and bottom indicating that Buck Naked and Skymaster had the jet ready to haul ass as soon as Chips et. al. were aboard. Five minutes later Hoss was telling Stone “Thrust normal, your jet” to which the second generation laconic silent one opined ‘I got it’ as back in the Head of State bedroom Corazon was removing a pair of Obama Pinkies from the target area.

As Chips was unleashing the monster, an Abel Danger tap-tap was heard as Mary Anne MATS was delivering a magnum of Merlot, a quart sized CSM, and a pair of Altoids. As Chips was fully mission ready the incredulous Mary Anne commented “that is huge” as she withdrew in advance of Chips’ advance. “So I’ve been told” replied Chips to the closed door as he heard the sound of Redi Whip being deployed.

As the flaps and slats reached 2, meaning the flaps were at 2 and slats 2,3,6 and 7 were extended, Chips reached ‘inserted’ and he selected C120 knowing that after 2 hours Corazon Dulce would probably like to take the high ground, in tactical parlance. As Chips was entering Corazon’s web she cooed, “Play some Dwight Yoakam song including ‘once there was a spider in my bed, I got caught up in her web’ Chips.”

“Negative Corazon mi salsita caliente, I played that for Beanie. We only have 2 hours or so we need something ‘faster’, capeche?” Corazon indicated she got the thrust of his response.

As Chips was deploying turgidity against moisture, he thought of Charlotte’s Web and how Dorgan, Dodd, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Gore had all been entrapped by their collective greed, arrogance and ambition. Corazon started to moan in Spanish so Chips grabbed a Minnesota Vikings tube sock and, in a gentlemanly fashion, gagged her as the mattress thrashing continued unabated as the master baters in DC scratch their ass. Chips knew that the ice storm that engulfed the southeast USA on Elvis Presley's 75th birthday had put additional pressure on Abel Danger to arrive at the base of a triskelion statue where Tomoye had a dead letter box on the Isle of Man on schedule in advance of the 10 January ‘Stone Letter’ going to Prime Minister Harper of Canada, the country from whence the attack of 9/11 was hatched and launched. Sidebar to Boo Boo: don't count your chickens before they hatch. As if his Clipper was reading his mind an Immediate message lit up the LED of Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun as Chips lit up the ‘flushed level’ of Corazon’s angelic face as he continued hammering away just as Abel Danger, HawksCAFE and Captain Sherlock had been hammering PM Harper and Resident Obama regarding the sponsors of 9/11. Phuc 'em.
“Sent January 10, 2010 KSM Hamish Immediate Clipper to PM Harper, copy Chips, Umbrellaman and Uncle Ray: Mr. Harper, Abel Danger believes that FAA security expert Charlotte Bryan, procured an airborne internet (`Charlotte's Web') to process the Kellogg School of Management's rules for triggering catastrophe-(cat)-bond bombs to eliminate hostile passengers on illegally-modified aircraft and coordinate the destruction of evidence at FC-KU crime scenes. An alleged example of such an aircraft would be the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 of Colgan Airways Flight 3407 which was destroyed on February 12, 2009 and killed Beverly Eckert, the widow of a 9/11 victim [Sean Rooney] in the South Tower and herself an activist on behalf of victims' rights in the attack carrying on the work of Captain Chic Burlingame’s daughter Wendy who was ARSONED. Hamish, AD VBC.”
Chips continued pleasuring the gagged and gorgeous Corazon as he thought back to how he and Chic, working with Gerald DeConto, had imputed a 41 delay on United 93 so that TOPOFF America, 2001 would not succeed. Chips was hoping that Abel Danger’s current project to derail TOPOFF Canada, 2010, would be successful also as the cowards at AMEC, RADARSAT, MDA, Tomoye and ITEM 5 [ Sandor at Isle of Man? ] would see their fates were at risk. As Chips was reviewing geography with a pair of Spanish influenced globes, his LED lit up again as Corazon continued to burn brightly and tightly also.
“KSM Speaker of House Immediate Clipper to Chips: Your KSM agents have evidence that Kellogg alumnus Ms. Bryan, procured Charlotte's Web from Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates director David Emerson and tested it with FAA hostile-passenger rules written for 9/11 by the former Joyce Foundation director Barack Obama, in a racketeering joint venture with Chicago Climate Exchange chairman Richard Sandor. I can confirm this to be true in exchange for your no longer emailing Abel Danger updates to Perhaps you and your relative could delete future references to Air Patrol, ADT just like you did for McConnell International and Clinton Rubin and BEI-Rose Law and Senator Dorgan. WW-BM”
Chips was pleased that the cowards in both houses of DC were cross-implicating each other just as both defendants in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) would be doing on 19 January, 2010 as the DEADLINE LOOMED to prevent a DMI. [ note to slowthinkers in DC, pardon the redundancy, DMI is ‘domestic military intervention’ and will be civil and shouldn't be confused with the DMI car wash in Fargo or DNI intel office in Fargo ]. Chips knew fully well that by the end of business Wednesday, 13 January, 2010, there would be some high-profile visitors to the week old as they initiated ‘DISCOVERY IN EARNEST’ not to be confused with Ernest P. Worl. It would not be irresponsible to suggest Sidley Austin and TAIA-CREF would be the most worried readers as Barzan al-Takriti neck ties were being fitted for Thunder Thighs, Sasquatch and other morons deployed by George Soros and Maurice Strong.

Chips looked over the alarm clock and found Corazon’s Clipper Plaintain and selected ‘moderate, irregular, 15 minutes’ and switched so that he might repair to the biddette and send an immediate outgoing to Hamish.
“Blabbermouth Chips Immediate to KSM Hamish, copy Umbrellaman: Hamish, I believe Barack Obama should be impeached for his role in financing the development of a ‘Hazardous-Passenger Bombing’ network allegedly used by the FAA to destroy aircraft on 9/11 after cabin sensors had indicated CO2 in excess of 5,000 ppm. Please edit this item and deploy globally ASAP. Mitch Stack of Chicago and Burbank can assist: Our Abel Danger peers have evidence that former Joyce Foundation director Barack Obama financed the Kellogg School of Management’s development of a ‘Hazardous-Passenger Bombing’ rule set used by FAA air traffic controllers to authorize the murder of passengers on 9/11 and the subsequent spoliation of evidence at FC-KU* crime scenes. Suggest you and Mitch Stack create a Charlotte Bryan Solution while I have a Captain Sherlock Martini and finish an in depth debriefing of Corazon Dulce of Charlotte, NC and Abel Danger ICE.”
Chips wondered if James Bond ever sat on a bidette dreaming of PUSSY GALORE. Chips also wondered which CIA veteran had first found the link between Pussy Galore's Flying Circus and Captain Sherlock's Flying Circus neither to be confused with the CIRCUS FREAKS in Obama's temporary employ. As the melodic whirring of the Clipper Plaintain kept Corazon from missing Chips, Chips wondered if the Judge who signed off on the $615M settlement between Boeing and USDOJ had ever ordered the QRS11 ‘non-missing Chips’ to be removed from the Boeing jets modified, after 9/11 in Abbottsford BC, prior to their export to China in 2003. He mentally googled [ Adam Air 574 + Kenya 507 + Chips ] and believed the Judge had not been responsible. If USDOJ, FBI and FAA would google a search for that they might find ‘return #3’ helpful in draining the swamp in DC after the superbowl pitting tight end Heap #86 against tight end Kleinsasser #40 in Super Bowl 2010 in the same month that TOPOFF Canada was scheduled then delayed as the PHUCing sissies in DC announce their retirements. I heard from a bluebird that Pawlenty of Minnesota and Hoeven of North Dakota might end their public careers soon.

“... video productions including JFK, Sharon Tate, Valerie Percy, 9/11, and related productions such as Air France 447, Colgan Air 3407, Adam Air 574 and Kenya Airways 507. Chips had…

Chips enjoyed an 18 pack of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters and swallowed a pair of Rodney Baldinger NDSU extend-o-peters as he prepared to finish off Corazon. Before he could engage, another incoming Clipper caused him to reseat himself on the ‘world’s most dangerous biddette’ as he read:

“KSM Mitch Stack Immediate Clipper to Hamish, Chips, Banzai Pipeline and Umbrellaman: Suggested to me by AXA-Equitable and our snitch at Sidley I believe our decision to not beat them but join them will result in at least 5 more retirements in Congress by 19 January. We know their next move was to be at the Vancouver Olympics and the simultaneous downing of an SA executive jet, perhaps the SA Foreign Minister capeche? Our licensed insurance agents would love to expose the century-old Olympic insurance scams that have kept the disloyal DEMS in office since 1970. I have located a talkative friend at Chicago’s SEC and we will participate by AV linkup with the QoE meeting on IOM, s'il vous plaît, to sell a lot of policies to Sidley Austin operatives and then ‘track them’ for AD. Mitch Stack, not Robert Stack or Stacked Thrasher.”

Chips mentally rolodexed to the stacked Thrasher and decided it was time to get back to business. As Chips delicately removed the Plaintain and replaced it with the Monster, he missed several incoming Clippers as he had selected ‘Flash only vibrate’ on his Clipper Squirt Gun. Corazon indicated with her tongue that a switch was in order as the Clippers were put in queue as the Monster was put in play, so to speak.
“KSM Fox Lily Immediate Clipper to Chips: Chips the American leading man who attended the 2008 Astana Film Festival on 9-11-08 was at the hotel looking for you yesterday. Seems he and his Russian wife may wish to bid on your movie project to compensate for the ‘hit piece’ done on the US Marine Corps where Avatar equates Marines to murderers. Suggest you demonstrate what a Marine Aviator can do to the ACORN Abortionists squatting at 1600 PA NW. Saw an interesting piece on your drone work, please keep me ABREAST of the defection of cowards as the DoDo Doorknobs exit DC”
Chips would have been amused that a 21 year old girl in Kazakhstan, or Agent Bean disguised as one, knew more about drones, and Chips, than did Dorgan, Dodd and the other 5 Doorknobs slated to exit DC before 19 January, 2010. Perhaps after the Doorknobs are caused to exit, Chips can help Paetreus and McChrystal with another exit strategy as the Domestic Military Intervention rights our ship of state while Chips encourages the SoS to follow the DoDos and the witch. As Orly Taitz was appearing to gain thrust in Quo Warranto Chips knew any supposed progress regarding Aviation Safety and Boo-Boo would be a Croc, so let's have a photo of Agent Beanie in disguise training Chips' attack Crocs in Kazakhstan:

Of course Chips was busy hammering away on another project so saving America would have to wait until THE EXPLOCULATION HEARD ROUND THE WORLD had occurred.

Salsa Caliente was really getting into it as Chips was getting into her so to prevent himself from an early exploculation, Chips mentally reviewed the lyrics of “These Men With Broken Hearts” as sung by Jim Reeves, dictated by Elvis Presley and deployed by Chips and his HORN OF PLENTY:

You'll meet many just like me upon life's busy street,
With shoulders stooped and heads bowed down and eyes that stare in defeat
Or souls that live within the past where sorrow plays all parts
Where a living death is all that's left for men with broken hearts

Chips decided that in keeping with Matthew 25:40 and Isaiah 61:1, 2 he was being called to action and he recognized His Master’s Call:

Shortly after finishing the Corazon Dulce project Chips Clippered Umbrellaman and Moose with a CC to Hamish, Jackson and Uncle Ray:
“Blabbermouth Chips Immediate Clipper Moose Wasilla copy Hamish, Jackson, Uncle Ray: Please visit and as WE THE LITTLE PEOPLE engage Blood and Gore and cause them, with God’s power, to wither and fade pursuant to Isaiah 40:7,8 . Watch for NO NEGRO DIALECT Reed of Nevada to join the DoDo Doorknobs in the mass evacuation of both Houses of Congress prior to the Tea Party Convention in Nashville where I will debut Limo #3, aka the Little Switzerland Limo which is painted black today but will be a 'horse of another color' when Sarah P of Fox sees it. If NND doesn’t join the DoDos he may come to understand what a QF4D from Holloman can accomplish if it is IN GOOD HANDS or IN GOD’S HANDS and I refer not to State Farm Insurance or the Traveler’s Umbrella.”
Chips was enjoying the first of the two ‘stuffed queens’ in his CSM while Corazon was giving a visual suggestion that stuffing of another manner was preferred. Chips held up 4 fingers suggesting operation ‘plaintain placeholder' be invoked while he read a FLASH incoming from Uncle Ray:

“KSM Chatterbox Uncle Ray Flash Clipper to Chips, Hamish, Bean, Kui Longboard, Banzai Pipeline and ‘the snitch’: The disinfo generators are spewing the idea that the Octopus is dying and that Kissinger and 5 of his ilk are removed. While this may be true don’t bite on the chaff, the OCTOpus is 8 ugly women, 8 mega-banks and 4 effeminate males in Washington. They may be identified in Civil Case 1:089-1600 (RMC) if ALPA and the Judge want to go there. While BO and the dummy will be ousted, it will be Chips and DoD that replace them, not co-conspirators Nanny, Thunderthighs and Sasquatch. Stronger message to follow in Chapter 7. Chips, be in Washington ‘or the area’ no later than Monday, 18 Jan to honor MLK. Uncle Ray”

Chips could see that the vibrating plaintain was filling in for him so he checked several more Clippers sorted by status FLASH-Immediate-Priority-Routine [ ZOPR NCIS AD ] No more FLASHes were in queue but Chips saw an immediate from Bravo Hotel in DC entitled UMBRELLAMAN.
“KSM Chatterbox BH Immediate to Chips, copy JT3 and Bean: Chips, chat around the water cooler in DC this morning indicates DoDo Doorknobs ranks are swelling. I see that you have listed Umbrellaman as the Ace of Aces. Which of these Isaiah passages was it that you suggested would identify the Umbrellaman: 33:3, 40:22, 40:31, 55:11 or 61:1,2 Will be covering Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) as the Big Iron of the F-M Corral comes to town signaling WE THE PEOPLE seek a NEW SHERIFF, capeche?”
Not wanting to keep BH in the dark Chips sat on the bidette and commenced a rare FLASH outgoing Clipper as American voters were planning to FLUSH the swamp:
“Blabbermouth Chips Flash Clipper to BH, Bean, Hoss and Name Dropper: While 5 has significance as in ace and 3 has significance as in triad, trident, or Triunal, it is actually neither the 3rd or the 5th passages but rather the……….”
Thinking he had satisfied BH he went back to satisfy Corazon as the KU band antenna on the spine of the B727 defeated an assault from Air Patrol and FCI. As the KU system rebooted the entire message was resent to BH et. al.

“KSM Hamish to Chips, Mitch Stack and Del N Pole. Good progress in re lawsuit to eventually nail Strong and Pachauri for wrongful deaths re racketeering with hazardous passenger bomb. January 19th

We now know that Maurice Strong and the Kellogg alumni hired Pachauri to run the IPCC; not because he is a climate scientist but because he is a railway engineer with sufficient knowledge of rail-based command and control systems to set up CO2e cat bonds for the ‘hazardous-passenger’ bombs which killed 209 people in Mumbai in 2006. Think of Kellogg’s network as Charlotte’s Web (Charlotte Bryan’s FAA Airborne Internet) with wireless links to CO2e sensors used to authorize a Section 25.831 hit on passengers deemed hazardous to the criminal enterprise – nothing to do with climate at all. Kellogg agents hit the hazardous-passengers in the Otis elevators in the South Tower; same M.O. They are stuffed; let’s roll. “b) (2) is revised to read as follows: Sec. 25.831 Ventilation [of passenger space] (b) (2) Carbon dioxide in excess of 0.5 percent by volume (sea level equivalent) is considered hazardous. Issued in Washington, DC, on April 11, 1994. Remember the 11 July 2006 Mumbai train bombings were a series of seven bomb blasts that took place over a period of 11 minutes on the Suburban Railway in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra and the nation’s financial capital. The bombs were set off in pressure cookers on trains plying on the western line of the Suburban Railway network. 209 people lost their lives and over 700 were injured. According to Mumbai Police, the bombings were carried out by Lashkar-e-Toiba and Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). We now know that they were carried out by the Octopus at a number of FC-KU crime scenes.”

When it came to OCTOpi Chips knew more than James Bond. James Bond may have had Pussy Galore but he was a Piker when compared to our affable but never flapable master sausage stuffer, Chips. Speaking of Pikers, anyone seen Gore since Agent Del N. Pole beat him up?
“KSM Hamish to Chips, Mitch Stack and Del N Pole. Note input from theunbrainwashed “captainsherlock .. EXCELLENT! I was hoping you were busy off dealing with that scum!” Thanks; what’s really exciting is that Queen Hornet will probably come to the court as an observer; she is a charter member of the Senior Executive Service (S.E.S.) which runs the U.S. government because Odumbo doesn’t know how to. She promoted Soviet (?) spy Robert Hanssen to S.E.S. status in December 2000 to protect the 9/11 conspiracy being developed by S.E.S. contractor Femme Comp Inc. She is also the witting or unwitting woman who launched the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (ConAir) as a test bed for Charlotte’s Web (FAA Airborne Internet) and the Hazardous Passenger Bombing network used by Strong and Pachauri in wrongful deaths of nearly 3,000 CO2-spewing reactionaries on 9/11. She is also a central character in “Sister Abel, Brother Cain” Madam Lafarge start your needles! Question is where do we set up the guillotine? Ground Zero, Fresh Kills or the Tower of London?”
Chips had just finished reading Clippers when he could hear the power pulled to idle. Corazon, sensing 'top of descent' encouraged Chips to get on top for his ascent to her assets.

"Chips, the jet is starting down into Accomac, how about a little Rodeo sex?" As the Redi Whip can was evacuated, Chips assumed the position and said "Sounds good to me Beanie".

At the sound of another woman's name Corazaon fought like a fire snortin' red eyed bull as she bucked as hard as she could. To no avail, this was not Chips' first rodeo, capeche? Sidebar to Abel Danger Agents, TORO is Spanish for bull and Chips was at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro [ KNZJ ] in '73 and '74. Toro in English is a lawnmower from Minnesota. Perps of 9-11, your ass is grass and Chips is the lawnmower. You've been warned. All congressional culprits who announce they are retiring, and announcing it prior to HIGH NOON 4 February, 2010 will be taken off the Name Dropper list. Consider this a shot across you bows.

Corazon was starting to bark like a Chihuahua indicating 'doggie style' when Stone's voice over the PA announced, "In honor of Elvis' birthday Buck Naked had authorized a .87 IMN cruise. Therefore we overflew Accomac and will on the ground at Isle of Man in 15 minutes. As we overflew Dublin, Agent Natalya Antonov and KGB were waving red, white and blue thongs."

As Chips punctuated his latest effort with a 30 oyster salvo, the routine Clippers started piling up in queue.
“KSM Chatterbox JT3QR priority Clipper to Chips: “A public school teacher was arrested today at John F. Kennedy International Airport as he attempted to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a compass, a slide-rule and a calculator. At a morning press conference, Attorney General Eric Holder said he believes the man is a member of the notorious Al-Gebra movement. He did not identify the man, who has been charged by the FBI with carrying weapons of math instruction. "Al-Gebra is a problem for us", the Attorney General said. "They derive solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on tangents in search of absolute values. They use secret code names like 'X' and 'Y' and refer to themselves as 'unknowns', but we have determined that they belong to a common denominator of the axis of medieval with coordinates in every country." As the Greek philanderer Isosceles used to say, "There are 3 sides to every triangle." When asked to comment on the arrest, President Obama said, 'If God had wanted us to have better weapons of math instruction, he would have given us more fingers and toes." White House aides told reporters they could not recall a more intelligent or profound statement by the Resident. It is believed that the Nobel Prize for Physics will follow as Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) looms.!” John T”
“KSM Blabbermouth Gadget Bent in VBC: There are many suspicious things going on that lead us to question whether there may be an intention to carry out a false flag attack at the Vancouver Olympics in February 2010 as suggested by Abel Danger. Prime Minister Harper has mysteriously prorogued Parliament until after the Olympics, without giving any valid reason. The company in charge of security at the Vancouver airport also happens to be Verint, the same company that was in charge of security for the London Underground at the time of the 7/7 attacks, after which all video cameras were said to not be functioning during the incident just like the FBI film of the Raytheon Sky Warrior firing an AGM65 into Captain Gerald DeConto's window at the Pentagon is being 'tightly held' .. VIEW VIDEO: as Abel Danger sets terror level 'pinkie' til 3 Mar”

“KSM Chatterbox Mitch Stack, Sidley Austin London Immediate Clipper to Chips: Chips, go to the cellar box in the dead letter box under the Triskelion at the airport. Inside the cellar box, you will find a MindBox. Inside the MindBox you will find Sandor and Obama's rules for automatic debt recovery from a short selling process which they call hazardous-passenger cellar boxing. Very interesting term "Cellar Boxing" and it appears to be run through the MindBox automated debt recovery system out of Canada by David Emerson the guy who built Charlotte's Web (the FAA's Airborne Internet) for 9/11 and other cat-bond scams. I'll pass it on to the RCMP in Vancouver with a warning that they should prepare for a hazardous cellar boxing attack on the 2010 Olympics that will make the Munich ’72 hits look like a bout of slap and tickle. I’ll also alert Agent Kui 'cat bond' Longboard at Niihau Office. Here follows definition from our agent inside the Cat With No Tail.”
“GSM Glossary inside Cat with No Tail to Abel Danger: CELLAR BOXING .. There’s a form of the securities fraud known as naked short selling that is becoming very popular and lucrative to the market makers that practice it. It is known as “Cellar boxing” and it has to do with the fact that the NASD and the SEC had to arbitrarily set a minimum level at which a stock can trade. This level was set at $.0001 or one-one hundredth of a penny. This level is appropriately referred to as “the cellar”. This $.0001 level can be used as a "backstop" for all kinds of market maker and naked short selling manipulations. “Cellar boxing” has been one of the security frauds du jour since 1999 when the market went to a “decimalization” basis. In the pre-decimalization days the minimum market spread for most stocks was set at 1/8th of a dollar and the market makers were guaranteed a healthy “spread”. Since decimalization came into effect, those one-eighth of a dollar spreads now are often only a penny as you can see in Microsoft’s quote throughout the day. Where did the unscrupulous MMs go to make up for all of this lost income? They headed "south" to the OTCBB and Pink Sheets where the protective effects from naked short selling like Rule 10-a, and NASD Rules 3350, 3360, and 3370 are nonexistent .. As the weeks and months go by the market makers make a fortune with these huge percentage spreads but the net aggregate naked short positions become astronomical from all of this activity. This leads to some apprehension amongst the co-conspiring MMs. The predicament they find themselves in is that they can’t even stop naked short selling into every buy order that appears because if they do the share price will gap and this will put tremendous pressures on net capital reserves for the MMs and margin maintenance requirements for the co-conspiring hedge funds and others operating out of the more than 13,000 naked short selling margin accounts set up in Canada. And of course covering the naked short position is out of the question since they can’t even stop the day-to-day naked short selling in the first place and you can't be covering at the same time you continue to naked short sell. Banzai Pipeline is inside Goldman Sachs Honolulu and Omaha, Tora Tora Tora, Mitch Stack, Londonistan"

Chips thought, "no shit sherlock" as this was old hat to the Punahou Graduate who learned Economics from the McConnell textbook prior to getting a perfect 4.0 in Economics at the US Naval Academy. Apparently Boo Boo and Forest Fire didn't study as hard or learn as well. Phuc 'em. As the landing gear was going down Banzai Pipeline left a 3 by 5 index card under the Head of State door as Chips' Clipper was selected to F4 and MAX BLAST reminiscent of the All Class Blast that had covered for the D & C event in Destin, Florida on 24 October, 2009 which had Name Dropper, Chips, Secret Service and DHS all comparing notes. And nuts. Maybe Mr. T can advise Boo Boo and Dummy how to get some nuts while one of Chips' Truther Girls plays lead guitar as Chips and the Flying Circus sing along:

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