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Who is a 9/11 Truther


“9/11 truther” refers to anyone who doesn’t believe in the first conspiracy theory of an external terrorist attack.

The external terrorist theory was injected into the Internet within 14 minutes of the first weapons platform hitting the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

This theory which would ultimately morph into an al-Qaeda attribution was injected by Teachers’ (TIAA-CREF) agents led by Bernardine Dohrn at Northwestern University’s School of Law where she lectures on Torture and the Rwanda Genocide, and Dohrn’s Warmist colleagues in the NU Kellogg School of Management, including Richard Sandor and Philip Ginsberg.

We now know that al-Qaeda scripts, simulations and visualizations for 9/11 were pre-prepared by Teachers’ agents using NU’s iCAIR/Internet2 facilities and injected via C-SPAN to establish a lock on the public psyche.

NU’s Warmist Teachers’—they wrote the 350 Cap-and-Kill Rule Set for Obama—made a huge strategic error though; they prepared an explanation of why the Twin Towers would come down days or weeks before they did and then injected this bogus explanation into a live broadcast over C-SPAN a mere two days after the collapse—September 13, 2001.

The need for speed was obvious; the Teachers’ had to conceal Dohrn’s use of fuel-air explosives in the WTC HVAC systems and legitimize cat-bond insurance claims for the double occurrence where the kickbacks would be shared inter alia with saboteurs and members of the Carbon Disclosure Project including the BBC Pension Trust and USS-Teachers’ pension funds.

“Why did the World Trade Center towers collapse?
13 Sept 2001—Press Release—by Zdenek P. Bazant McCormick School Professor and Walter P. Murphy Professor Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Northwestern University. The towers of the World Trade Center were designed to withstand as a whole the horizontal impact of a large commercial aircraft. So why did a total collapse occur? The reason is the dynamic consequence of the prolonged heating of the steel columns to very high [a lie if heating was due to al-Qaeda jet fuel burning with black smoke, the truth if it was due to fuel air explosives pumped throught the HVAC systems] temperature. The heating caused creep buckling of the columns of the framed tube along the perimeter of the structure, which transmits the vertical load to the ground”
N.B. NU’s Bazant and Hani Mahmassani—Director of the al-Qaeda supply chain at the NU Transportation Center—worked together on crowd dynamics prior to the 9/11 collapse so that high-value Warmist deniers at eSpeed-CO2e, Aon and Marsh Mclennan could be herded into pods e.g. WTC elavators or stairwells prior to being vaporized with expert witness in the FDNY.

Dead men tell no tales but the internet never dies.

Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—13 January 2010 Hour 2

Source:, hawkscafe,

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan on Rumor Mill News
January 13, 2010 – Part 2 (Hour 2)

Rayelan Allan: And I have just been looking over that abel, a-b-e-l danger dot blogspot dot com and, and those hits at the bottom, and when I put my mouse over that map of the world at the bottom, I swear to God, I saw one that said ‘plane’ and before I could do anything about it, it was gone. Would that map be monitoring people in airplanes by saying ‘plane’ and then giving the city?

Field McConnell: If they’re logged into our ah, blogspot and that signal is going through a ku band enabler and that ku band ah, the reason the passengers like ku band is because it enables them to go online on the internet so that probably is in an airplane. However, what the passengers need to know about that ku band is also is the receiver for some signals you don’t want coming into your airplane ah, like signals that came into the airplane on nine-eleven Air France four forty-seven, Holden thirty-four-o-seven and one of your readers just said the bad guys are going down and that’s ah, Triplum - I think he’s absolutely right.

‘AGW is real!’ insists Al Gore's new soul mate Osama Bin Laden


“Discussing climate change is not an intellectual luxury, but a reality” from the audiotape

The word al-Qaeda is the name given to the database of Arab-American companies used by the U.S. Small Business Administration and the CIA Special Activities Division responsible for sabotage, assassination and propaganda of which Anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is the principal component.

Al-Qaeda agents are recruited and trained to trigger AGW cat bonds and they are rewarded for contract sabotage and killing through the elite (?) teachers pension funds (USS-TIAA-CREF) such as LSE’s Lord Stern.

The cat bonds are structured to be triggered by al-Qaeda SWAT teams using the Brown-Balls (Gordon Brown & Ed Balls) algorithms in the custody of the Carbon Disclosure Proejct at 10 Downing Street.

Al-Qaeda was never Muslim, always Marxist; it is an example of what is known as virtual deception.

Obama was recruited out of Columbia, given false papers and began working for Business International Corporation (BIC) – a CIA-SAD front in New York – developing the al-Qaeda network in Pakistan with his Marxist mother Anne Dunham.

Captain Sherlock Pushes for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Trail to move to Fargo


Captain Sherlock has forced Obama to move the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (Al-Qaeda Teachers’ bomb maker) trial out of New York; we are going to push for it to come to Fargo where we filed Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians.
David E. Klett, a retired professor of thermodynamics at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NCAT), had the real KSM in several of his classes. Asked about the photos of the person said to be the terror mastermind, Klett said, “I did not recognize that person. I never saw that face before.”
When you are at war, pay attention to what the enemy says when it is boasting after a successfull attack.

Bin Laden said after 9/11, ‘We have three independent networks to move al-Qaeda assets [e.g. the CUKC citizen Barry Soetoro] around the world and all the resources of the British and Americans cannot stop us.’

Dead or alive, OBL is a ‘virtual’ asset; information about him moves on an airborne (wireless) internet built in Canada for former FAA security boss, Charlotte Bryan (Charlotte’s Web!).

Charlotte’s Web was used to provide al-Qaeda guidance and control signals to illegally modified Boeings on 9/11 and trigger the Brown Balls cat bonds in London.

Bernadine Dohrn

Source: KURT SCHULZKE, defines terrorism:
  1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.
  2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
  3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.
Bernadine Dohrn's husband, Bill Ayers, redefines terrorism:

“I was not a terrorist. I never was a terrorist. And the idea that the Weather Underground carried out terrorism is nonsense. We never killed or hurt a person. We never intended to.”

4 Jul 2008—Today, Bernadine Dohrn is Director of the Children and Family Justice Center and Clinical Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern University Law School. This means, in part, that she trains young attorneys how to “collaborate” with Chicago Public School (CPS) System-like organizations to take children away from their parents.

But not that long ago, Bernadine had another vocation as a leader in a terror cult called Weatherman (later called Weather Underground) and, eventually, eleven-year resident on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. I don’t put much stock in FBI Most Wanted lists, but Weatherman plus “clinical professorship” in child-snatching gets my attention real fast.

“Dig it! First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. They even shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach! Wild!” Bernadine Dohrn, 1969

Dohrn, however, wants Northwestern students to believe that she is either a changed woman or never was the monster that uttered such a vile statement. Not that she’s ever paid any price for her work in Weatherman, but in a letter to the editor of The Daily Northwestern, May 8, 2005, Dohrn wrote:

. . . Since I speak publicly about the war in Iraq, racism, children’s rights, international law and human rights, Benson and all NU students are welcome to be part of the regular give-and-take I enjoy with students, audiences and activists. To clarify, I have never endorsed terrorism, the use of violence to intimidate or coerce a civilian (or any other) population. . .

QRS-11—Quartz Rate Sensor

The QRS-11 GyroChip sensor is used on commercial aircraft to rotate the antenna to receive signals from satellites for the in-flight entertainment system, radar tracking and flight controls. If the aircraft is equipped with an uninterruptable autopilot, signals can be received from a satellite to remotely fly the aircraft.

The sensor provides stabilization, flight control, and guidance. It also is used in missiles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV ) and other military as well as space and industrial applications. Because of the sensitive nature of its military applicatons, the export of the technology is regulated.

We allege that the QRS-11 can be used as part of a package of technology to guide aircraft equipped with uninterruptable autopilots turning them into weapons.

We believe that the patent for the device was originally obtained by the Rose Law Firm of Little Rock, AR, specifically by patent lawyer Hillary Clinton, for BEI Technologies, Inc. headquartered at that time in Arkansas.

BEI has deversifed many times since then and the QRS-11 is now Manufactured by CST Systron Donner Inertial.

Below is information from the CST Systron Donner Inertial website:

The Weather Underground Documentary - Google and Youtube documentary videos


2002—Thirty years ago a group of young American radicals announced their intention to overthrow the U.S. government. In THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND, former Underground members, including Bernardine Dohrn, Bill Ayers, Mark Rudd, David Gilbert and Brian Flanagan, speak publicly about their idealistic passion and the trajectory that placed them on the FBI's most wanted list. Extensive archival material, including, photographs, film footage and FBI documents are interwoven with modern-day interviews to trace the group's path, from its pitched battles with police on Chicago's streets, to its bombing of the U.S. Capitol, to its successful endeavor breaking acid-guru Timothy Leary out of prison.

Youtube version:

Direct Youtube Link here:

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Amazonian Custodians of a Year When World Caught Fire
NAG Murders by Numbers Kellogg, Femme Comp, Sidley Women, DOJ Pride

After almost reaching satiation early Chips imagined Sasquatch’s ugly mug and Thunder Thighs walrus like body and gave Beanie the 2 hours of T-Bone. KSM Chatterbox Hamish Clippers Chips with Precis on Amazons’ Year the Earth Caught Fire. He described how NAG algorithms for ‘Murder by Numbers’ and pre-insured burning of evidence of cat bond fraud had been taken into custody by the Amazonians. He listed the principal Amazonian member groups led by Kellogg and LSE Gay and Lesbian Management Association, DOJ Pride, Women @ Sidley and Femme Compromise Inc. He described how the Amazonians infiltrate LBGT students into social, academic and pre- and post-professional network; how the FEMME COMP NAGs cooked cattle futures in the U.K. and dead firefighters at Ground Zero.

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: January 2010

Source:, hawkscafe,

27 Jan 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

20 Jan 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

13 Jan 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

6 Jan 2010—Listen—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


20 Jan 2010 interview—

Read the transcript—Part 1

13 Jan 2010 interview—

Read the transcript—Part 1, Part 2

6 Jan 2010 interview—

Read the transcript—Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
Teachers Cat and The Dog That Didn't Bark

Catastrophe (Cat) Bonds are a wager placed by two sides. One side gambles that a catastrophe will not occur and the other gambles that it will. Each side places their bet. The money is held in escrow by a neutral (?) third party.

The party that wagers the catastrophe will occur is called the sponsor. The party betting that the catastrophe will not happen, is called the investor.

The amount of money placed by each party is not equal. The amount that the investors wager can be much greater than that wagered by the sponsor. What is the incentive for investors to participate to such a lopsided game?

Let's say that a group of institutions are insuring property and lives in the New Orleans area and would stand to loose a great deal of money if there is a 15 foot flood in the city within a certain time period.

Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—6 January 2010 Hour 3

Source:, hawkscafe,

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan on Rumor Mill News
January 6, 2010 – Part 3 (Hour 3)

David Hawkins: Let’s just stay with Obama, you know, the ah, notion of these catastrophe bonds being written…

Rayelan Allan: Yes.

David: …for the benefit of insiders of the Teachers Pension Fund.

Rayeal: Yes.

David: Now, let me – remember last week we talked about the fire fighters tooth?

Rayelan: Right:

David: And so Field, I think it was chapter ten of book one were his crazy team went over the fence of the Fresh Kills Land Fill…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and into the garbage hills one and nine on Stanton Island and came out with some evidence that he then took to a forensic laboratory to determine how the people who died on one - nine-one-one died and in particular, who was in the garbage hills and who wasn’t.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Obviously this is very important, this is our theory, right?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Because what we would expect to find is that the people who were on the wrong side of the catastrophe bond who don’t support the idea that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and causing extreme climate change…

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Did Mining and Oil Drilling Trigger the Haiti Earthquake?


“The UN, the US & the Canadians are not in Haiti for Humanitarian Goals or Because They Care about Haitian Rights…There is an Economic Track” Marguerite Laurent
Did the mining of Haiti’s riches since 2004 GW Bush regime change cause the earthquake?

Listen to Marguerite Laurent, known as Ezili Dantò, on mining Haiti’s riches and concern for environmental degradation by the foreign companies.

“The idea that human activity can cause seismic activity is widely accepted in the scientific community …the connection between oil production and earthquakes dates back to at least the 1920s, when geologists in South Texas noted faulting near the Goose Creek oil field…A 1967 human-triggered earthquake in western India linked to the Koyna Dam registered a 7.0 earthquake.”
Since the earthquake, I’ve had occasion to ponder, like many others, about what may have caused this heretofore-unknown natural disaster in Haiti? Was it a natural occurrence or man-made? Haiti has not had an earthquake in 270 years. Why now? The nation of Haiti is only 206 years old, so Haitians have no experience with earthquakes whatsoever. They did not know that for an earthquake you run away from the house. So, when the trembling started they did the worst possible thing—ran into their houses as they are used to, for protection, with hurricanes. The houses all collapsed on them.

How could this devastation happen? 200,000 dead in the capital alone, devastation in the South also, in Leogane, Les Cayes, Jacmel. In Port Au Prince everything collapse, 400,000 to be relocated, millions homeless, untold numbers with amputated limbs, hundreds of thousands right now dying without access to water, food, shelter and medical treatment.

Since the 2004 Bush Regime change Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) has been concerned about the digging up of Haiti without any regards to environmental degradation.

In an April 29, 2009 interview with Chris Scott of CKUT (90.3 FM) in Montreal, entitled Haiti’s Riches: Interview with Ezili Dantò on Mining in Haiti, I expressed concern that under the UN occupation which made the Haitian goverment a puppet government, Haitian lives and welfare were not priorities. The priorities were corporate exploitation of Haiti’s resources and cheap labor. Haiti’s emergency civil preparedness agency was destroyed during the Bush regime change and never rebuilt. (See, Earthquake in Haiti: Under Aristide, Haitians were prepared for disaster.)

We’ve had severe hurricanes in 2004, 2005 and then the four back-to-back hurricanes of 2008. The people’s living conditions has not improved in the 6-years the U.S., France and Canada have controlled Haiti through the U.N. proxy occupation. In fact, with clorox hunger, food riots, no money to send children to school, high food and fuel prices, no development in the 6-years the UN/US has been directly controlling Haiti, things, had gotten much worse since the coup against President Aristide. The people were simply slowly dying as UN Special Envoy Bill Clinton waxed on about the “good business climate” in Haiti prior to the earthquake. They died and there was no rebuilding of the institutions the Bush coup d’etat had helped destroy. But there were 9,000 UN troops in Haiti doing what?

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Catastrophe Capitalism


Naomi Klein explains how nations plan campaigns to profit at the expense of others and then create catastrophes to induce psychological trauma on nations, institutions or the public to accomplish their goals.

Strategists secretly initiate rules years in advance (usually with public funding although unknown by the public) and participate in ‘dictator games’ to hone their skills before actually implementing the new rules.

Man-made global warming was one example—a carefully thought out and well orchestrated psychological operation/protection racket. The idea was to create a new rule—the idea that the Earth was in grave danger from man-made CO2 emissions. The solution was a system of Carbon Trading Credits to be administered and controlled by the dictator who would reward those who were friendly to the dictator’s plan.

The rule of global warming is a lie created by the dictator and spread by the dictator’s loyalists. If allowed to continue, the result will be the biggest robbery in history—thievery on a global scale. The looting of very man, woman and child on Earth. “Your money or your life.”

In June, 2001, Thomas Barnett, strategist at the U.S. Naval War College, held a workshop—Cantor Fitzgerald/eSpeed Conference—in Windows on the World at the top of the North Tower of the World Trade Center directly above the Cantor Fitzgerald complex of offices.

Among those attending was Rajendra Pachauri currently chairman of the International Panel on Climate Change, IPCC. During the workshop the participants engaged in a game to exercise the new rules of Carbon Emissions Trading. Cantor Fitzgerald/eSpeed had developed software for the Carbon Trading used in the game, a system which did not exist at the time.

The game involved a 2010-2020 timeframe and the participants:
  • profiled how the world could develop regimes friendly to the idea of man-made global warming
  • developed headlines for media involving a global warming crisis
  • wrote private advisory emails to the national security advisors of presidents/premiers/prime ministers from the involved great powers, telling them why they should consider the global warming crisis a national security issue
  • suggested individuals who had successfully brought the global community together over the issue of global warming for the Nobel Prize and other awards
  • asked what they say to a key decision maker about global warming if they should they unexpectedly meet in an elevator, cocktail party or other venue
These individuals were planning a global warming scenario that would involve trillions of dollars of carbon trading credits years before the Chicago Climate Exchange opened for trading in 2003, years before the media began reporting on carbon credits and long before Al Gore released An Inconvenient Truth in 2006. Rajendra Pachauri participated in a game suggesting the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to himself and Al Gore.

Before corporate American and the public were aware of Carbon Emissions Trading, Rajendra Pachauri, Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, Richard Sandor (chairman and founder of the Chicago Climate Exchange) and other soldiers of the dictator were well positioned to buy up the carbon credits so that they can amass billions of dollars through a scheme to trade them to manufacturers who exhaust their limit. Some Dare Call This Treason.

Sneek Preview: Purple Reign II LImo

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—13 January 2010 Hour 1

Source:, hawkscafe,

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan on Rumor Mill News
January 13, 2010 – Part 1 (Hour 1)

Rayelan Allan: Today is Wednesday and you know what that means. *music* And we’re going to present our guests today because Wednesday is ‘Guest Star Day’, Field McConnel and David Hawks [Hawkins, Rayelan, that’s Hawkins] of Hawks Café and Captain Sherlock dot com. Welcome to Radio RMN and maybe is is Rayelan’s Mickey Mouse Club today. I thought before we got into some of the really awful things that are happening in the world that we needed a little lightness. I hope that brought back memories of childhood back from the fifties and I sincerely hope that I didn’t trigger any of the MKULTRA people that are listening to us, but who knows, we may have done that. Field and David are you there?

David Hawkins: Yes I am and nice to be with you, Rayelan.

Rayelan: I hope you liked your introduction?

David: *laugh* I’m an old guy, I happen to like that kind of stuff.

Rayelan: I do too. I think we’re all from the same generation and just brings back the happy days. Before we get started into what I know ah, is going to be an incredibly detailed ah, ah, show today, I want to talk about Haiti. Shortly after it happened I received a phone call and it was from one of my, you know, ex-intelligence agency people, he said that the first reporting was a ten point four earthquake. Have any of you or your sources heard that or are you heard anything about the quake?

David: A ten on the Richter Scale?

Rayelan: Ya, a ten on the Richter Scale is what he said.

David: Well…

Rayelan: Then he immediately shut it up.

David: When you go from seven to eight, it’s ten times, eight to nine is another ten times, so a ten would be a thousand times a highly damaging earthquake, so I think that would be nonsense, I mean, if it was a ten the island would have probably disappeared.

Rayelan: Disappeared, okay.

David: And if I may say so, this is typical of the, and I’m not alleging your friend is part or party to that, but with the media having total control over the way the news is presented to the public, the media is always interested in manipulating a tragedy into something beyond catastrophic because that allows them to ah, make a game of the insurance market.

Rayelan: Oh, isn’t that interesting. And that brings up another thing, what about the insurance market? Whose going to make a million, a trillion over this?

David: Well the people who are ah, involved in the biggest financial fraud in the history of the world which are the banks, pension funds and insurance companies that have organized themselves into a loan cartel with fifty-five trillion dollars worth of assets which they’re using to write reinsurance or catastrophe bonds on disasters and destroy western capitalism.

Airline Safety Alert: Warning! KU Band Antenna

Since 2006, Able Danger has reported that some Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, and Bombardier jets have been illegally modified with technology which can remove control from the pilot and allow the aircraft to be flown as a remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) as evidenced by bogus ‘al-Qaeda’ attacks during the 9/11 war games.

We have been asked for a simple method of determining if the aircraft that you are boarding has these modifications.

In order for the aircraft to receive and send signals which allow for remote operation, the aircraft must have a KU band antenna. The KU band is in the microwave frequency and is primarily used for satellite communications. When used on aircraft, it allows for in-flight entertainment and internet communication.

Below we encircled the KU band antenna on several aircraft. The jet at the very bottom, the one looking into the cockpit windows, has no KU band antenna and is what we recommend for your safety.

If you are traveling by commercial airlines, we suggest you ask the airlines if your flight contains the KU Band antenna. If enough passengers make their concerns known to the airlines, we believe the airlines will eventually remove the technology that takes away control of the aircraft from the pilot.

The technologies we have been reporting which allow the aircraft to be remotely piloted and in the case of sabotage—vaporized—are:
Field McConnell has a 26 year military pilot career [ USN, USMC, USAF fighter pilot ] and a 32 year airline pilot career [ NWA, Air Astana (Kazakhstan) etc. ]. He made this information known to Northwest Airlines, the Airline Pilots Association, the Dept of Defense and the FBI on 11 Dec 2006.

On 1 January 2007 Adam Air 574 was ‘vaporized’ in Indonesia in a manner exactly like McConnell's warning.

On 13 February 2007, McConnell sent a personal letter to FBI Director Mueller repeating the alert. He received no reply from the director and a few months later on 5 May 2007,  Kenya Airways (B737) was ‘vaporized’ in a manner consistent with his warning.

So far the following aircraft have been ‘vaporized’
  • Korean 007
  • UA175
  • AA77
  • Adam Air 574
  • Kenya 507
  • Colgan 3407
  • Air France 447
Field McConnell has filed Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) which received a status hearing on 19 Jan 2010 in District Court, District of Columbia and may or may not have an effect regarding the remote guidence technology illegally placed in commercial aircraft. 

Able Danger calls on the the airline industry to ground all of the modified planes and strip out the illegal modifications before the industries fiduciaries can guarantee the safety of the crews and the passengers.

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Brown-Balls Pachauri Cat Bonds


Numerical Algorithms Group LTD (NAG) applies its expertise in numerical engineering to deliver high performance computing services and high-quality computational software that underpin thousands of programs and applications around the globe in industries as diverse as finance, science, engineering, academia, and research.

Hawks CAFE alleges that Gordon Brown (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Ed Balls (Member of Parliament and adviser to Gordon Brown) and Rajendra Pachauri (the chairman of the International Panel on Climate Change—IPCC) have used the assets of the Universities Superanuation Scheme (USS) and Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association—College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF) to sponsor catastrophe bond frauds.

We allege that what appears to be the catastrophic destruction of life and property is being intentionally carried out to trigger the release of catastrophe bonds sponsored by Brown, Balls, Pachauri and Numerical Algorithms Group in partnership with USS and TIAA-CREF and/or other large pension funds. We call these financial instruments—Brown-Balls Pachauri Cat Bonds.

On 4 December 2000, Brown-Balls Pachauri launched the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), now a $56 trillion credit pool, with an algorithmic agenda designed to depopulate the earth to a cap of 500 million inhabitants achieved by using a cap in CO2 of 350 ppm (parts per million).

We believe that a dictator game is being played where CO2 caps are set by the dictator. Anyone exceeding the dictator's cap can be eliminated.

In order to protect the dictator and not trace loss of property and life back to the dictator, sophisticated technology is used to destroy property and kill individuals in a manner where evidence is often destroyed.

To fund these projects, catastrophe bonds are written using the extensive assets of large pension and retirement funds usually related to education, labor, police or firefighters. The individuals (teachers, laborers, police, firefighters) who contribute to these funds and depend on them for them retirement annuities are probably not aware that their financial contributions are being used in RICO operations.

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Bush Says ‘Just Send Your Cash [to Haiti]’


19 Jan 2010—In the video below, the Haitians themselves are saying they do not appreciate the military being there. They do not need guns, they need food, medical supplies, and help looking for those under the rubble. Instead, whose moving all the rubble and searching? The Haitians themselves.

The US military has taken over the airport and decides who lands in Haiti. They have turned back Mexican planes with life saving supplies on them.

The Haitians are looking for “action, not words.”

Those who want to help are told, “Just send your cash.” Just the kind of thing that could go missing and land in the pockets of people other than Haitians.

The mainstream media, owned by the multinational companies fleecing Haiti, certainly won't lay out for public consumption that the UN/US invasion and occupation of Haiti is to secure Haiti's oil, strategic position, cheap labor, deep water ports, mineral resources (iridium, gold, copper, uranium, diamond, gas reserves), lands, waterfronts, offshore resources for privatization or the exclusive use of the world's wealthy oligarchs and US big oil monopolies. from Flashback: Pillaging Haiti: US plan to turn Haiti into a tran-shipment terminal for oil supertankers

Thomas Barnett: The Pentagon’s New Map

Read the transcript of the video.

Here we see the new policy of the New Order laid out for all to see in this 2 hour 39 minute video (2 June 2004). Thomas Barnett* lectures on the “new” role of the United States as “Global Enforcer” for the Internationalist Bankers. Sometimes, the BEST info on what is happening in the world is NOT contained at the latest “conspiracy web site”. In fact most of the time it is contained in extremely boring “discussion papers” from Think Tanks - The Wall Street Journal - and the myriad of “in” magazines and periodicals that the Elite communicate with each other through.

*Thomas P.M. Barnett is a strategic planner who has worked in national security affairs since the end of the Cold War and has operated his own consulting practice (Barnett Consulting) since 1998.

“A system perturbation is an international security order thrown into a state of some confusion by a perversely shocking development—emphasize perverse. 

9-11 was the first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history. First opportunity in my life to watch several dozen people I knew die live on national television. I was meant to watch that. I was meant to be impressed. Same thing with Nick Berg. It was designed to get an emotional response.” Thomas Barnett, from the video

Below from Tom Barnett's glossary:

Rule Sets - A collection of rules that delineates how some activity normally unfolds. The Pentagon's New Map explores the new rule sets concerning conflict and violence in international affairs—or under what conditions governments decide it makes sense to switch from the rule set that defines peace to that which defines war. The events of 9/11 shocked the Pentagon and the rest of the world into the realization that we needed a new rule set concerning war and peace--one that replaces the old rule set that governed America's Cold War with the Soviet Union. Barnett explains how the new rule set will actually work in the years ahead, not just from America's perspective but from an international one.

Rule set reset - When you realize that your world is woefully lacking certain types of rules, you start making up those new rules with a vengeance (i.e. the Patriot Act, the doctrine of preemption). Such a rule set reset can be a very good thing. But it can also be a very dangerous time, because in your rush to fill in all the rule set gaps, your cure may end up being worse than your disease.

System perturbations - A system-level definition of crisis and instability in the age of globalization; a new ordering principle that has already begun to transform the military and U.S. security policy; also a particular event that forces us to rethink everything. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 served as the first great "existence proof" for this concept, but Barnett guarantees there will be others. 9/11, as a system perturbation, placed the world's security rule set in flux and created a demand for new rules. Preemption is the big new rule. By creating that new rule, 9/11 changed America forever and through that process altered global history.


Charlotte’s O’BlackBerry Web ‘We Have Some Planes’
Lady Eagle hunts BC Pension Cooper’s Balls in Olympic Cat Bond Bomb

LADY EAGLE INSPIRES FINAL CHAPTER. Stone rolled the B727 REW with winglets onto Runway 26 at the Ronaldsway Airport, formerly HMS Urley (Manx for Eagle) on Isle of Man. Chips’ thought of a favorite bar in the Keystone State. He received apologies from a court official who confirmed his sister was welcome to come and observe.

KSM Hamish had evidence that Charlotte Bryan used Charlotte’s Web command signals to lock passengers out of the AA Flight 77 cockpit, pump in CO2 to render pilot Chic Burlingame unconscious (a de facto lockout). KSM Lady Eagle warns that custodians of the B.C. pension fund (‘bcIMC’) are using U.K. Labour ministers Yvette Cooper and her husband Ed Balls, as escrow agents for 10 Downing Street’s Carbon Disclosure Project and catastrophe (cat) bond bomb attacks. Full Monty is apparently planned for Vancouver (2010) and London (2012) Olympic; kickbacks shared with CDP banks, pension funds and insurance companies with the distribution rules written by insiders such as Yvette Cooper and husband Ed Balls, Obama and Sandor.

As the music played, Transport Canada and Canadian Forces planned and Harper sweated ice cubes, Abel Danger C4ISR submarine received a KU transmission from Agent James Crosby, “if I do not call back with an ALL CLEAR FADEOUT within the hour, employ ‘remedy Charlie’, Crosby”.



[ disclaimer: This ‘final chapter’ will cause heads to continue rolling in Washington DC.  Please join us on the LOVE TRAIN, Draining the Swamp in 2010 ]

As Stone rolled the B727 REW with winglets onto Runway 26 at the Ronaldsway Airport, formerly HMS Urley (Manx for Eagle) on Isle of Man between Ireland and England as the souls of 1275 warriors were disturbed in their external rest by the minimal reversing of the low-time three-holer in the hands of the high time Captain Buck Naked, somewhere in Pennsylvania a corrupt academic Mann with a broken hockey stick was hoping he never would be dragged into Chips’ favorite bar in the Keystone State and that place is the politically accurate Casa d’Ice where a man with a big heart serves food, drink and his country and lots of BALSAMIC VINEGAR.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—30 December 2009 Hour 3

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan on Rumor Mill News 
December 30, 2009 – Part 3 (Hour 3)

Rayelan Allan: And ah, David you just mentioned the - we were talking about international passports and I said, who in the world could have issued an international passport and you said, “oh, it’s this group up in Canada that Maurice Strong created”, and I said, “how can they do that?” And you said, “they can do anything they want to do even put a guy with a crotch bomb on, on the plane”, so I’m going to let you…

David Hawkins: Without a passport.

Rayelan: Without a passport, or maybe with a passport, or, or, okay, he got on without a passport, isn’t that just amazing

David: Ya, so what they do of course, they don’t do the scrutiny of the guy carrying the bomb, but they use that to start scrutinizing little old ladies and children.

Rayelan: Absolutely.

David: Because what you’re in, it’s what’s called a ‘dictator game.’ The object of the exercise is for the dictator to have the power of life and death, particularly over Americans and remember, going back to the late sixties and seventies...

Transport Canada Designates Vancouver Olympics Airspace Security Measures


Photograph by: Maggie Wong, Vancouver Sun

20 Jan 2010—VANCOUVER—The Canadian Forces are ready to exercise "lethal force" in a worst-case scenario to defend new air space security restrictions being imposed during the 2010 Olympic Games.

NORAD spokesman Lieut. David Lavallee told the Vancouver Sun on Tuesday that the response to a violation of flight restrictions could range from simple radio contact with the pilot to the use of Canadian military CF-18 fighter jets and Griffon helicopters.

"There are many facets to a situation like that," he said. "Suffice to say we will have aircraft and people ready to respond to violations of the restricted air space.

"NORAD has a graduated response that can, if necessary, culminate in the use of lethal force."

Transport Canada, in concert with federal security agencies, has approved a comprehensive net of new transportation restrictions governing the movement of aircraft, marine vessels, and dangerous goods during the Olympics.

US SOUTHCOM on the Ground in Haiti Before the Earthquake Struck


20 Jan 2010—Every time Peggy Bourland watches another survivor get rescued from under a collapsed building in Haiti, she asks the same question: “Why can’t it be my husband?”

Air Force Maj. Ken Bourland is trapped under Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince after a Jan. 12 earthquake leveled the island nation’s capital. Bourland, a career UH-1 Huey pilot, is the Caribbean desk officer at Southern Command headquarters in Miami.

Bourland, 37, had flown into Haiti from the Dominican Republic the morning of the earthquake with Lt. Gen. Ken Keen, deputy director of U.S. Southern Command. He sent his wife an e-mail with “Wow Haiti” in the subject line just minutes before the earthquake hit at 5 p.m. He told her he had arrived safely and described how moved he was by the poverty he had already seen on the streets.

Peggy Bourland quickly replied to her husband’s e-mail, then moved on to finding cartoons for their sons to watch on television. Flipping through the channels, she saw a news report about the earthquake. She didn’t think much of it at first, assuming it was a report on an earlier California earthquake. Then she saw “Haiti” come up on the screen.

“I just stood there in shock at first so I went back to the computer and I e-mailed Ken and asked him if this was for real — ‘it just said on the news that you all had an earthquake.’ And when he didn’t respond back I replied again and said ‘please, tell me you are OK,’ ” Peggy Bourland said in a telephone interview from the family’s home in Weston, Fla.

“High Value Interrogation Group” (?)


Intelligence chief says FBI was too hasty in handling of attempted bombing

21 Jan 2010—The man accused of trying to blow up a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day should have been interrogated by special terrorism investigators instead of FBI agents, the nation's intelligence chief said Wednesday, adding that senior national security officials were not consulted before FBI and Justice Department authorities questioned him and pursued criminal charges.

Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair faulted the decision not to use the "High Value Interrogation Group" (HIG) to question alleged al-Qaeda operative Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

"That unit was created exactly for this purpose—to make a decision on whether a certain person who's detained should be treated as a case for federal prosecution or for some of the other means," Blair told the Senate homeland security committee.

The intelligence chief said the interrogation group was created by the White House last year to handle overseas cases but will be expanded now to domestic ones. "We did not invoke the HIG in this case; we should have," he added.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

C02 Bedtime Story—Obama faces emissions U-turn with new Congress challenge


Senator Lisa Murkowski is expected to put forward a proposal that would seek to prevent federal regulation of carbon emissions

The Obama administration faces a challenge in Congress that could strip it of its powers to cut greenhouse gas emissions, barely a month after committing to action at the Copenhagen climate change summit.

An Alaska Republican, Senator Lisa Murkowski, is expected to put forward a proposal for a vote as early as tomorrow that would seek to prevent the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

A show of support for Murkowski's proposal would be a personal humiliation for Obama who told the Copenhagen summit that America was committed to action on climate change. It also threatens to remove a fall-back position if Congress fails to pass a climate change law.

Climate law has stalled in the Senate and Democratic leaders had sought to use the possibility of EPA regulation as a prod to get Senate to start moving again. Democrats admit the underlying message of Murkowski's proposed vote – that action on climate is bad – could completely kill off its chances.

"It's a highly political move, and a highly hazardous one to our health and the environment," said Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader at a conference in New York. "If this senator succeeds, it could keep Congress from working constructively in a bipartisan manner to pass clean energy legislation this year."

Thirty-seven environmental and health organisations have condemned Murkowski's effort to block the EPA. The senator has also been widely criticised for calling on energy industry lobbyists to help draft her proposals.

But Robert Dillon, a spokesman for Murkowski, argued she was trying to stop Democrats from using the stick of EPA regulation to force through flawed measures. "What this vote means is that you can't use this to blackmail Congress to pass bad legislation. The whole approach has been the administration threatening Congress that if you don't pass bad legislation, we are going to pass worse regulation," he said.

The World's Most Recognized Limo in Process

The latest addition to the Abel Danger Transportation (ADT) motor pool is currently being transformed in a secret location by American craftsmen (yes, there are still some). Below is a preview of the work in progress.

The LT1 Powered Fleetwood Stretch Cadillac Limo is being disassembled and will be reborn as the “PURPLE REIGN 2” (see color on trunk lid right)—a globally recognized symbol of the rising within America of a force to take back our country in a civil manner and replace Ungodly servants. Agent Chips will debut the limousine in its first official appearance at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, February 4-6.

“Give me five and I’ll give you 8. As in OCTOpus.” Agent Chips

Abel Danger is seeking a Christian Patriot driver from Nashville Police Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol or Patriot Guard to drive the Purple Reign 2 so Special Agent Chips can be in the back talking to Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Jesse Ventura and ....drum roll....... MB...Michelle Bachman—Christian Patriot Congresswoman from Minnesota. If you are available for the driving position, contact Field McConnell—email—phone (218) 329-6190.

below: Michelle Bachman connects Obama with Saul Alinsky.

UPDATE: Field McConnell v.s. Airline Pilots’ Association International

At 10:15 AM, Tuesday, Jan 19, as Agent Chips was upending rocks and uncovering weasels in the District of Columbia, Field McConnell and attorney were present for a hearing in Judge Collyer's court for Field McConnell v.s. Airline Pilots’ Association International. The case is ongoing and while any outcome is possible, including the Judge dismissing the case, the case may have another result.

Agent Field reports that, “The longer the case remains ‘open’ the greater the risk of some ALPA officials eventually being charged as accessories to ______ after the fact. For ALPA was informed in writing of some specific and credible illegal modifications to 96+ Boeing airliners on 11 Dec 06 and here some 37 months later, and after Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Colgan 3407 and Air France 447 hull losses with 100% fatalities, both ALPA and International ALPA have not shared with their Union pilots the Truth of the existence of BOEING UNINTERRUPTIBLE AUTOPILOTS. Let the CHIPS fall where they may going forward.”

US was Running Haiti Disaster Relief Drill Day before Quake


15 Jan 2010—On Monday, Jean Demay, the Defense Information Systems Agency's technical manager for the agency's Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, happened to be at the headquarters of the U.S. Southern Command in Miami preparing for a test of the system in a scenario that involved providing relief to Haiti in the wake of a hurricane.

After the earthquake hit on Tuesday, Demay said SOUTHCOM decided to go live with the system. On Wednesday, DISA opened up its All Partners Access Network, supported by the Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, to any organization supporting Haiti relief efforts.

Chris Wilson, Chief of Staff of the Joint Forces Command's Joint Communications Support Element, said JCSE was able to get its gear into Haiti quickly because the systems already were loaded on pallets in Miami in preparation for an exercise that has been canceled.

The information sharing project, developed with backing from both SOUTHCOM and the Defense Department's European Command, has been in development for three years. It is designed to facilitate multilateral collaboration between federal and nongovernmental agencies. orginal article here

100’s of Surveillance Cameras Being Installed in Vancouver

Source: CBC News

18 Jan 2010—Security personnel are installing hundreds of closed circuit surveillance cameras around downtown Vancouver in preparation for the Olympics, but questions remain about whether or not many of the cameras will be removed after the Games.

By the time the installations are completed over the next 10 days, an estimated 900 RCMP cameras will be eyeing the crowds around Olympic venues like BC Place Stadium and GM Place.

Another 90 cameras are being set up by the city of Vancouver at the two LiveCity party sites at West Georgia and Cambie Streets and David Lam Park, and along the makeshift pedestrian malls on West Georgia, Granville and Robson Streets.

The RCMP said its cameras are rented and will be removed after the Games. But the city's plan for its monitoring equipment has not been finalized.

The city has said it plans to deactivate the cameras after the Paralympic Games end March 28, but whether or not they will be removed is not clear. "We need to approach it very cautiously," Mayor Gregor Robertson told CBC News.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—6 January 2010 Hour 2

Source:, hawkscafe,

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan on Rumor Mill News 
January 6, 2010 – Part 2 (Hour 2)

Rayelan Allen: And Field, you left us with the word ‘dying’, and so what were we dying to know?

Field McConnell: Well no, you're not dying to know anything, I’m just ah, we’ve just drawn a line in the sand and we just think that there have been too many around the globe dying in aviation incidents that were not accidents and we also think that there’s been far too many US and Canadian troops ah, dying in Afghanistan and Iraq and a lot of the stuff that’s killin’ ‘em is coming out of Canada RADARSAT and I gotta really important email here from someone in DC so I’m going to turn it over to David. If you want to handle that question David, and ah, I’ll email both of you with what I’ve got from D.C.

Rayelan: Okay.

Field: Thank you.

Rayelan: And so David, do you know what question it is ah, he wants you to handle because I think I…

David Hawkins: Well, I think Field is again, describing this technique using catastrophe bonds to kill people who might be flying around inside planes or getting inside an elevator in the North and South Towers.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: In a variety of places including up here in British Columbia when one of the BC ferries, the Queen of the North, didn’t make a course change and it - for fourteen it minutes it went hard full speed into a rock on Gill Island and sank.

Rayelan: Yea.

David: And then it would appear that the insurance money was laundered through the British Columbia Provincial Pension Fund…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: …through a cat bond. Now, ahm, let me just continue with the ah, the invitation for this, this show. We will describe how a citizens application in a court for injunctive relief can stop the use of the teacher’s cat bond rule.

Monday, January 18, 2010

DC Weasels Scampering for Cover

18 Jan 2010—UPDATE—Abel Danger's Special Agent (Redacted but seldom Retracted) has arrived in the District of Columbia and is busy overturning rocks (not necessarily in Rock Creek Park). Early reports indicate that there is a weasel under every rock in this city named for the former surveyor, planter, commander and president.

AMEX trucks have been observed unloading additional rocks for the frightened weasels to hid under but Agent 27C has called for reinforcements and is deploying Operation Swamp Drain while the two legal counsels started ‘talking’.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mr Chips Goes to Washington to Expose Warmist Weasels

17 Jan 2010—PRESS RELEASE—The Speaker of the House may want to start packing because Special Agent Chips of the CSI (Captain Sherlock Investigations) unit is being dispatched by the General Operations Director (GOD) from the Abel Danger Global Headquarters at the Full Moon Pub in Rudge UK to a hearing in Washington DC, US District Court, Civil Case 1:089-1600 (RMC)—Field McConnell v Air Line Pilots' Association, International.

Judge Rosemary M. Collyer presides at 10:15 AM on Tuesday, 19 January 2010. THE WORLD IS WATCHING.

Dear Abel Danger Agents and Captain Sherlocks, worldwide:

17 Jan 2010—In September, 2008 my [ then ] attorney filed the case highlighted below. He and his co-counsel set the settlement demand of $5m for damages and $5m for punitive. When Senator Dorgan refused to allow 4 whistleblowing pilots to appear at Senate Aviation Hearings on 10 June and 17 June, 2009 he did so after I advised himself and his staff that if the truth were suppressed on 17 June, 2009 I would cause a truthful Chapter 9 to be 'online' prior to midnight, 17 June. At 2345/17 June, 2009, as promised by me in writing to Senator Dorgan, Olympic Dept and Tontine Death Squad—Chapter 9 went up.

The following morning, at 1100 Fargo time, 18 June an offer of $1.3M was communicated to me to 'settle'. I responded that I would see ALPA in Court and I have in writing my suggestion that if ALPA did not reconsider my offer below to settle for $4.552M plus change by 1 September, then the amount would reset to $10M and we would still see them in court.

As many of you know, Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Colgan 3407, Air France 447, NWA 188 and NWA 253 all had 'incidents' related to the 4 rogue technologies I have advised ALPA and FAA regarding. If ALPA has a certified cashier's check for $10M in my hand before 1015, 19 Jan 2010, I will ask to dismiss the case and move on. Otherwise, a trial looms and we will let the chips fall where they may. See Proverbs 21:31.

The 4 technologies are [ BUAP + QRS11 + SMACsonic + KU band ]

My case is civil. I believe with all my heart there is a criminal case 'right around the corner', capeche?

in Annapolis with security detail

Hitler is informed about the Full-body Scanners

Detroit Auto Makers Reject Man-Made Global Warming


Before a Detroit Athletic Club audience in downtown Detroit, The Detroit News and WJR Radio brought together leaders from the fields of climatology, energy politics, and the auto industry to debate whether the so-called Climategate scandal has undermined auto regulations.

“ If we reduce our emissions 83% below 2005 levels by 2050 which is the law that was passed by the House on June 26, that will allow the average american (to have) the carbon dioxide emissions of the average american in 1867!” Pat Michaels a warming critic and target of some of the leaked East Anglia emails

Pat Michaels: Michaels is currently a Distinguished Senior Fellow in the School of Public Policy at George Mason University. During his 30-year tenure as professor of Environmental Sciences at University of Virginia, he was president of the American Association of State Climatologists and program chair for the Committee on Applied Climatology of the American Meteorological Society. His work has been published in many major scientific journals, and was awarded climate "Paper of the Year" by the Association of American Geographers in 2004.

Michaels, a warming critic, was the target of some of the leaked East Anglia emails apparently trying to marginalize dissent. Michaels holds degrees in biological sciences and plant ecology from the University of Chicago, and a Ph.D. in ecological climatology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Henry Pollack: Pollack is Professor of Geophysics (Emeritus) in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Michigan. Pollack has served on many advisory panels for the National Science Foundation, and provided briefings about climate change to Congress and the White House. He has published widely in scientific journals, is a Contributing Author to the Nobel Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Assessment Report, and a science advisor to former Vice-President Al Gore's Climate Project.

Several of the leaked East Anglia climate e-mails were authored by Mr. Pollack, and others discussed his research. He is the author of Uncertain Science...Uncertain World (Cambridge University Press, 2003).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cattlemen fight EPA with 'Climategate'

Source: TIM HEARDEN Capital Press

A national beef group is invoking the so-called "Climategate" controversy as it challenges a recent U.S. government ruling on climate change.

The National Cattlemen's Beef Association has filed a petition to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. to overturn the EPA's recent greenhouse gas "endangerment" ruling.

The ruling states that gases believed to cause global warming pose a human health risk and is the first step toward their regulation by the EPA under the Clean Air Act. The NCBA and other producer groups fear the ruling could lead to lawsuits and new restrictions on the nation's livestock industries.

The NCBA plans to argue the government's finding is based on faulty and incomplete science and that the Clean Air Act is the improper vehicle for regulating greenhouse gases, said Tamara Thies, the organization's chief environmental counsel.

"We are taking a position that we do not believe the science with regard to alleged manmade climate change is there," Thies said. "The EPA has a responsibility to conduct a rigorous scientific analysis and look at all the science out there instead of just cherry-picking certain studies that agree with its position about manmade climate change."

The cattle group points to Climategate, in which critics allege that e-mails stolen from Great Britain's University of East Anglia show bias and manipulation of data by scientists on the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The fact that the EPA relied on some of the IPCC's data to make its finding makes the ruling questionable, Thies said.

"The EPA has only considered some (evidence) and never really seriously considered that climate change could actually be caused by natural causes," she said.

In a statement to the Capital Press, an EPA spokeswoman said the agency is confident that it will prevail in court, adding that the Supreme Court had ordered the agency to answer the endangerment question.

There would be "no basis whatsoever" to deny "a fact that is recognized by overwhelming scientific consensus" that the earth is warming, the statement said. The spokeswoman would not comment on NCBA's references to Climategate.

Under the Clean Air Act, parties have 60 days after a rule has been promulgated to appeal to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Once the appeal period for this ruling ends Feb. 15, the parties will likely decide on a briefing schedule and a hearing date will be set, Thies said.

The time between the filing of petitions to a court decision can vary, but generally it takes about 18 months to 2 years, Thies said.

The appeal comes as Republicans in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have vowed to try to block the EPA's ruling. Thies argues that Congress, not the EPA, should be the body to enact legislation regarding climate change.

"When it's put in Congress' hands, the democratic process is at work and Congress can decide, 'Is it appropriate to regulate greenhouse gases or not?'" she said. "When the EPA decides in a dictatorial fashion that they should be regulated ... we're very concerned about that process."

Obama Rules of Cellar Boxing, Canadian Geithner Fraud


Climategate was never primarily a science fraud it was always a security and insider trading fraud with kickbacks to Teachers (TIAA-CREF) members such as Barack Obama and Michael Mann-Made AGW.

Hawks CAFE believes that Barack Obama and the Kellogg School of (Climate Change) Management, wrote the rules of ‘cellar boxing’ a form of naked short selling, allegedly used by Canadian private equity groups and the former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York—Timothy Geithner—to destroy the United States automobile industry and its banks, financial institutions and insurance companies.

Our KSM agents have evidence that Obama and Geithner conspired with insiders of the Canadian American Investors (CAI) private equity group to set up virtual (online) cellar boxes and process naked short sale orders out of Canada and other offshore locations.
Geithner faces demand for AIG phone records
By Tom Braithwaite, Financial Times

14 Jan 2010—The House oversight committee has submitted a legal demand for any phone records and e-mails from Tim Geithner that discuss payments from the New York Federal Reserve to AIG’s counterparties. Republicans on the committee are attempting to link the Treasury secretary to the bail-out of AIG’s counterparties – a list headed by Société Générale and Goldman Sachs – which were made while Mr Geithner was president of the New York Fed. The Treasury has said Mr Geithner recused himself from the case ahead of a move to the top economic job in Barack Obama’s new administration.

The New York Fed has emphasised that Mr Geithner played no part in a decision not to disclose details about the AIG payments. In 2008, with AIG under threat of collapse because of demands from counterparties that the insurance group pay increasing amounts of cash collateral on credit default swaps, the New York Fed stepped into avert what it believed could be an event that threatened the financial system. But its decision to pay $27.1bn to 16 institutions has been subject to scrutiny ever since, with both Democrats and Republicans asking why the New York Fed did not demand a discount from the banks and whether it improperly asked AIG to withhold details on the deal from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

History of Obama Family CIA Connections


New Details on Obama’s CIA-Front Employer

The Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) has obtained additional details on Business International Corporation (BIC), the CIA front company where President Obama spent a year working after graduating from Columbia University in 1983.

BIC used journalists as non-official cover agents around the world. The firm published weekly and fortnightly newsletters for business executives, including Business International, Business Europe, Business Latin America, and Business Asia.

On February 24, 2009, WMR reported: “For one year, Obama worked as a researcher in BIC’s financial services division where he wrote for two BIC publications: “Financing Foreign Operations” and “Business International Money Report”, a weekly newsletter.

An informed source has told WMR that Obama’s tuition debt at Columbia was paid off by BIC. In addition, WMR has learned that when Obama lived in Indonesia with his mother and his adoptive father Lolo Soetoro, the 20-year-old Obama, who was known as ‘Barry Soetoro,’ traveled to Pakistan in 1981. He was hosted by the family of Muhammadmian Soomro, a Pakistani “Sindhi” who became acting President of Pakistan after the resignation of General Pervez Musharraf on August 18, 2008.

Obama Goes Partridge Hunting in Pakistan on Spring Break

WMR was told that the Obama/Soetoro trip to Pakistan, ostensibly to go ‘partridge hunting’ with the Soomros, related to unknown CIA business. The covert CIA program to assist the Afghan mujaheddin was already well underway at the time and Pakistan was the major base of operations for the CIA’s support…BIC had long been associated with CIA activities. BIC was founded by Eldridge Haynes, a self-professed liberal Democrat. The BIC headquarters was located at the prestigious address of 1 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in Manhattan.

Through its contacts with leading liberals around the world, BIC sought to recruit those on the left as CIA agents and assets. BIC documents obtained by WMR describe a series of top level “round tables” between US business and intelligence chiefs and government leaders around the world, including
  • Ethiopia’s Emperor Haile Selassie, and 83 ministers and officials of 33 multinational organizations in Addis Ababa in 1969
  • Colombian President Carlos Lleras Restrepo and business and labor leaders of six Andean Bloc countries in 1968 and 1972
  • Argentine President General Juan Carlos Ongania and his junta in 1966
  • Spanish dictator Francisco Franco and his cabinet in 1962 and 1967
  • Brazilian President Emilio Medici in 1970
  • Indonesian dictator Suharto and his cabinet in 1968 and 1972
Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, and his father, Barack Obama, Sr., met at the University of Hawaii in 1960 in a Russian-language class. At the time, the CIA and Britain’s MI-6 were concerned about Soviet penetration of Kenya’s independence movement. Kenya became independent of Britain in 1963.

Lolo Soetoro and Ann Dunham pose with daughter Maya Soetoro and son Barack Obama in an undated photo. (Family photo via Bloomberg News)

After marrying Indonesian national Lolo Soetoro, Dunham moved with Barack Obama, Jr. to Indonesia in 1966, just as the Suharto dictatorship was consolidating its hold on power, which included the massacre of some 1 million Indonesian Communists. Dunham left Indonesia in 1972, returning to Hawaii with her son. Dunham periodically made trips back to Indonesia, as well as to Pakistan, while working for the Ford Foundation and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the latter commonly used by the CIA for official cover agents.
Wikipedia Peter F. Geithner (father of Timothy Geithner-US Treasury Secretary), was the director of the Asia program at the Ford Foundation in New York in the 1990s. During the early 1980s, Peter Geithner oversaw the Ford Foundation’s microfinance programs in Indonesia being developed by Ann Dunham, President Barack Obama’s mother, and they met in person at least once.
Dunham Soetoro was in Indonesia when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979. Barack Obama visited Lahore, Pakistan, where his mother worked as a “consultant,” in 1981. According to a declassified Top Secret CIA document titled “Worldwide Reaction to the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan”, dated February 1980, Indonesia became a hotbed of anti-Soviet students demonstrations after Moscow’s invasion of Afghanistan.

The Climate is Changing


13 Jan 2010—When I say the climate is changing, I do not mean, as many people do, that man-made global warming is destroying Planet Earth. I mean that the politics of climate change is changing rapidly all over the globe. Al Gore's moment has come and gone.

In the United States, Democrats, nervously facing midterm elections, are calling on President Obama to jettison the cap-and-trade bills before the Senate. In Canada, the emissions-trading scheme—another term for cap-and-trade—is stalled in legislative limbo. In Britain, Tories are coming out against David Cameron's green stance. In the European Union, cap-and-trade has been the victim of fraudulent traders and the carbon price has more than halved to $18.50 per ton. In France, the Constitutional Council has blocked President Nicolas Sarkozy's tax on carbon emissions that was set to take effect in the New Year.

In Copenhagen, meanwhile, the United Nations' climate-change summit went up in smoke. And in Mexico City later this year hopes for any verifiable, enforceable and legally binding agreement to reduce greenhouse gases—and to bring in developing nations such as China and India that were, insanely, omitted from the Kyoto protocol in 1997—are a chimera.

Add to this that Washington was buried by record-breaking snowfalls last month, that hurricane activity is at a 30-year low in the U.S., that London is bracing itself for its coldest winter in decades, and that there has still been no recorded global warming this century, and it is no wonder public skepticism is rising across the world.

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